Chapter Four: Unbalance of Power

The dwarven empire was every bit as ancient as Caladwen had been. It had stood for thousands of years before the creation of the Veil, hiding safely beneath the sands of the great southern desert, protected first from the predation of immortals and then, more recently, from the might of Sanguinar’s church. If it had a weakness at all, it was that it had grown too complacent… since few forces worth considering would even venture into the barrier desert, let alone down into the sheltered earth beneath it, the civilization had faced no real threat in a very, very long time.

They had become a civilization of artisans, of traders, of builders. They created beauty of all kinds, aesthetic and functional both — such crafting had become the focus of their lives. Still, while they were nowhere near as militaristic of a people as the elves had been, they knew their tunnels well and were accustomed to living and moving in the tight spaces. An invader would need to take the fight down beneath the earth, where the dwarves would make them pay for each and every step.

The kingdom, however, had colonies on the surface of the desert as well… and they were not as fortunate.

Twenty five years ago
During the War of Ascension

Caer had never considered himself naive, but that was what he felt like now.

He had never considered that Sanguinar might understand perfectly what he was doing, and not care. Waging war was one thing. Even if the point of the Veil had been to protect mortals from the machinations of immortal being precisely like him, nothing prevented him from seeking conflict with one of his fellows… but the Caer had never expected the human to take it so far as to take Sirae as his own, to force himself upon her and claim her progeny for his own.

He had thought the man unaware of how chaotic his actions had made things, how they brought the Royal family and thus all of Silas into the conflict, how it hurt the Veil they had all labored to build… but he had to consider that when he warned Sanguinar of the consequences of his action, when he had cautioned the man, that he had given him too little credit.

Sanguinar knew. He just didn’t care.

The force protecting the small city fell easily before the army of Lahk, lead by Uthielle. There was no finer force in Silas than the combined army of Demons and soldiers of the church, and there was no commander living who had as much experience in directing a battle as the dark god’s new high priestess. The dwarven army fell almost pathetically easily, and that evening, the army of Lahk entered the town

Almost every man had perishing in the battle. Women and children were all that remained.

“Here, dwarfie dwarfie dwarfie,” one of the priests was calling as the men marched through the streats. They could see movement at some windows, but no one was on the street. They were waiting in their homes and shops, terrified, and with good reason. They were about to get a lesson in the realities of war, what it meant to be conquered.

On the man road, a door was kicked in in a house and several soldiers went inside. Soon a woman’s screams could be heard in the house. The men entering the town just laughed coldly among themselves. Help wasn’t coming, no matter how hard she cried for it. Suddenly a woman burst from the house, crying as she tried to hold her torn dress together. She went to the men, obviously begging for help, but they laughed and pushed her away.

Then a group of demons she approached didn’t laugh. Instead they grabbed her, and continued to strip off her clothes. The soldiers nearby loved the sight of her hopefulness being ignored, then abused. They watched as the Incubi stripped her naked, then pushed her to the sandy street, spreading her legs wide apart and fondling her. Then she was being raped, screaming as one of the demons brutally violated her.

That was the first rape and the reaction by the soldiers was laughter and a sense of urgency. They wanted cunt too, and the town was full of vulnerable women. They began to hurry, picking houses and businesses to invade and search for women to assault, always escorted by the true muscle of the army, Lahk’s Incubi and Succubi.

One such force marched right into the town square. It was eerily silent, since all the town’s inhabitants were hiding indoors. Laughing to themselves, they picked a big house and went up the steps. A statue near the door was shoved over by one of the men, shattering it into a thousand pieces on the marble steps before they battered down the door, smashing the finely carved wood carelessly. The place was huge, a mansion, but it was the dwarf girl in the hallway, staring at us with her hand to her mouth, that got the soldiers’ attention. They headed toward her, but she turned and began to run up the ornate stairway, her skirt flowing as she fled.

Taking wing, one of the Succubi flew after he, catching her about half way up by an ankle and slamming her down to the stairs, her skirt up around her waist. She moaned in pain and terror as the demoness knelt, sticking a hand between her slender legs. Then she was thrown down to the men and the demoness continued upwards towards an older dwarf, the girls mother screaming on the landing. One of the succubi’s sisters joined her, and together they unceremoniously tore the dress from her form, revealing her large breasts to the sight of Lahk’s soldiers.

Below, the soldiers ignored the young dwarf’s pleas for mercy as they groped her little cunt. One forced a finger inside her tight twat, then two.

An incubus had joined his sisters on the landing and was already raping the woman upstairs, forcing her back over the banister as a cock was shoved inside of her. The sound of her cries, louder when he slammed into her cunt and softer and almost whimpering as he went back for another attack, were intoxicating to the men below.

Finally one of the soldiers below overpowered the others, climbing on top of the young dwarf as she lay at the base of the stairs. He pulled down his pants, and put his cock against her little gash, shoving hard as he could. She screamed and writhed, trying to get away as her first cock tore it’s way inside of her. The cruel fucked her to the cheers of his fellows, slapping her and twisting her nipples so hard they began to bleed.

The woman at the top of the stairs was screaming again as one of the men had lost patience waiting for the daughter and joined the demons on the landing. The woman had been turned around, and the new arrival was taking her ass. It must have really hurt, judging from her screams as he forced her cock into her. Further into the house, men were tearing down the curtains and smashing furniture upstairs as they looked for other women. Cries of terror signaled when the search was successful.

Below, the soldier pulled himself from the girl’s swollen and bleeding cunt, forcing her onto her belly. Another soldier spread her slender ass cheeks, enjoying her mortified sobs and her feeble attempts to protect herself with her small hands. The first forced two fingers in her tight ass while she cried and begged for him to stop, her pleading only urging him on. Now there were three fingers in her, her asshole wrapped impossible tight around him, but it didn’t matter if it wouldn’t fit. He could kill this girl, he knew, and no one would even care. If he shoved his entire fist into her ass and she bled to death, no one would even think twice.

He withdrew his fingers, balling up his fist and shoving it against her ass, pushing as hard as he could and slamming against her smooth flesh. His efforts forced her further and further open with every second while she bled and screamed, only exciting him more. He shoved, feeling the flesh of her ass give away and eliciting a scream of sheet agony as his fist popped into her, the dwarf’s tiny asshole gaping wide as he drove into her flesh, tearing his way inside as she wailed in pain.

Upstairs, the woman was fairing little better. Another cock was in her ass now, and one of the succubi was gnawing at her huge tits, her sharp teeth drawing blood from her soft flesh. It was getting crazy, but the soldiers only cheered louder. This town was theirs now, after all — theirs to do with what they wanted. No boundaries, no rules, no laws. The only law was the word of the Dark God Lahk, to cause the maximum of pain and suffering.

Downstairs, two men had a women corner, a maid or cook perhaps by the way she was dressed. The men didn’t care whether she was servant or master, however — all they cared about was her pretty face and her fat tits. She was calling out for help, but the men were groping her and laughing, and the servant started to weep as she saw the other two women’s fate.

If anything, her tears made the men want her more. They were pulling up her skirts and shoving their hands underneath. Her clothing tore as they forced their way beneath it. She was fighting, but they were much stronger and just ignored her struggles. They raped her standing, one of the men just lifting her as she struggled and begged him to stop and forcing her down onto his cock.

Upstairs, in a private room, a really pretty blonde was screaming, her full boobs bouncing around as her legs were forced apart. Two demons watched, uncaring, as one of Lahk’s soldiers forced a cock between her legs and into her cunt. She was screaming about being virgin, and that just seemed to make the whole thing a little better as the soldier’s cock force it’s way into her.

Something about the way her lips looked, pulled back as she screamed in pain, went right to one of the demons’ dick. He wanted to get his cock sucked, and wanted the woman doing it to be crying and begging for anything else to happen. The incubus went in search of a good candidate, walking by where three soldiers had a woman pushed down across a heavy sideboard in the hall, her naked boobs pressed flat on the top of it. Her skirt was up and her panties hung in ruins on one full thigh. Her pussy was full and darkly haired, with her gash very red and obscenely exposed. One of the men had a whisky bottle, and he was pushing the neck of it into her slit, forcing the bottle up into her pussy as she cried.

Then he began to push harder, forcing it deeper. His expression became angrier as he shoved the bottle deeper, pulling it back so he could drive it again even harder. The other guys laughed as he brutally raped the woman, her cunt beginning to bleed as her pussy was forcibly violated. Her body writhed with each thrust.

Eventually, he found the girl he was looking for, hiding in the back of a closet, in a bedroom that had already been ransacked by soldiers looking for good jewelry and other loot. The only loot he was interested in, however, was the cunt hiding in the back of the closet, huddled beneath a pile of clothing. He didn’t pull her out, and instead slid in with her, smiling as she moaned softly in terror.

He didn’t try to make nice with her. The demons cock was already exposed, and hard as a stone as he looked at the beautiful young dwarf, with her very slender body and long dark hair. She even wore a little lipstick, rubbing off onto the demon’s cock as he rubbed it against those red lips.

“Suck it,” he ordered, voice vicious. She looked up at him, shaking her head slowly. The incubus didn’t know if this bitch knew what he wanted or not, but he really didn’t care. He pushed his cock against her lips, forcing them open with the head

“Suck it,” he repeated. She moaned, big tears beginning to fill her eyes and run down her face. She moaned again, trying to shake her head. As soon as she did, the demon grabbed her hair and pulled, making her gasp with pain. Her mouth opened slightly and he shoved, forcing his unholy cock between her teeth, just daring her to bite it. Then I was in her hot, wet mouth and she was salivating heavily, probably at the taste of his filthy cock.

The demon rested one sharp closed hand at her throat, and she whimpered around his cock as she felt the point of the claws at her jugular. “Suck it, whore,” he said. “Get your fucking tongue going on the head of my prick or you will never make it out of this room alive.

Whimpering, she started running her wet tongue along his cock, causing the incubus to moan. She gagged at the taste, but as far as the demon was concerned, that was her problem. He pushed the cock deeper, forcing her to suck it harder. His other hand was at her dress, feeling up her surprisingly full tits through her top. She was sobbing softly now, but obediently sucking on the demonic cock like a little whore. She winced at the treatment while he rubbed her large tits roughly, like he would the world’s cheapest whore.

Because that was what she was now. No matter what she had been this morning, as of this evening she was conquered property, one of Lahk’s whores now. She was sobbing, but that just made the blow job better. He pulled his cock from her abused mouth and moved over onto her, forcing her legs spread with his knees.

“Please…” she moaned, shaking her head, her eyes tightly closed. “Oh, please…” The incubus smiled — this bitch knew she was getting raped and she was trying to cooperate, but it was never going to help. She was crying in terror and completely helpless. He put his cock between her legs, pushing up into her heavy bush and finding her slit. Then I shoved, and her eyes went wide with pain as his cock jammed into her cunt, ripping deep into her dry little twat. He felt wetness and realized that he’d torn her: her virgin blood was hot and made her easier to fuck.

And fuck her he did, roughly, shoving deep inside of her, treating her like the whore he was forcing her to be. She was crying openly now as she was raped, raped by a monster from beyond the Veil, without a prayer of salvation. “Turn over,” he snarled. “I’m not done yet.” She looked at him in horror and the tears flowed even more heavily as she began to turn onto her belly. The demon pushed her up onto her knees, ripping off the rest of her panties before spreading her ass cheeks, putting his red stained cock to her tiny ass.

She cried and moaned, biting her hand to keep from screaming aloud as I forced my cock up into her ass. She was smart enough to know if she screamed, others would hear. Other would come… and her life would get even worse. To the demon, it felt great, so tight and then so smooth and slick as my cock head penetrated her and began to slide inside. She sobbed as he fucked her, sliding well out and then slamming deep inside of her again, feeling her anus tight against his cock as he raped her. She was moaning and writhing in pain as she was taken and the incubus was having a wonderful time.

Then he pulled out and moved up on her body. His cock with filthy, but it didn’t matter to him — he forced to her take it in her mouth anyway, gagging and retching as he cleaned himself on her whoring tongue. He choked her since he slammed her face down on his cock, digging his fingers deep into the delicate flesh of her young tits, twisting them until she screamed despite her best efforts.

That was enough to send him over the edge and he came, shoving deep enough into her throat that she couldn’t breath. Her struggled for air just made him cum harder, shooting off deep in her throat while she struggled and sobbed. He got up and she fell away from his, gasping for air and crying pitifully… but the demon felt no pity. In fact, he wanted to find a fresh bitch and do it all again. He grabbed the young dwarf slut by the hair and dragged her from the closet, tossing her into the hallway where, to her horror, three other soldiers quickly fell on top of her.

Elsewhere, the town was going mad. Almost untouched an hour earlier, several buildings were now in flames and the streets were littered with broken rubble. An ornate chest smashed through a window, shattering in pieces on the street below and screams could be heard through the broken window as another woman learned the new order of things under Lahk’s rule. Inside a girl was on a bench, weeping as a soldier forced her legs apart and began to rape her. Another woman was on the dining room table, held spreadeagled as her clothes were torn off. One of the soldiers had a poker, hot from the fireplace, and he put it between her legs and shoved. The dwarf woman’s screams of agony damned near shook the walls of the house, but that didn’t stop her assailant from shoving it even deeper inside of her.

It was like a vision from hell.

In a bedroom several women and girls were huddled together, watching the torment of their friends in horror. A new soldier arrived, walking over to check them out, deciding which to take. One caught his eye, a beautiful dark haired dwarf in her teens, and he reached out and grabbed her arm, dragging him after her out into what was once a living room, where a second guy had joined the soldier on the bench. He was just beating the hell out of the woman as she was raped, beating her face beyond recognition, pummeling her breasts and face into a giant bruise.

The new soldier thought that was an excellent idea. He slamming his new plaything up against a chest of drawers, then slamming his fist into her thin belly. She doubled over, gagging, and he jerked up her dress, exposing her ass and pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties, and her cunt was smooth and naked. he grabbed her cunt, taking a handful of her smooth meat and twisting viciously, making her scream in pain. The rape was brutal as he dropped her to the wooden floor, landing his entire weight on her crotch and making her scream before he forced his fingers into that tight pussy, pulling her open more and more as she cried in helpless pain and horror.

Then he fucked her, right in her bruised, abused cunt, all the while he beat her, slapping her tits and her face, showing the bitch who was the boss, who was in charge. He bruises her face and tits, splitting her lips as he raped the small dwarf.

A few dwarves in the tower were chosen to just give blow jobs, and they were soon soaked with the cum of the soldiers and demons that they had serviced. Others were dragged off for private parties, often with five or ten men involved. Homes were set on fire for no particular reason, treasures were stolen or just smashed into garbage.

Lahk watched the whole thing.

From a cliff above the town, he watched, his succubi honor guard surrounding him as he watched the rape of the city. He wondered what Uthielle thought of it. Likely she thought it distasteful, but her obedience was what he cared about, not her enthusiasm. As long as she led his armies loyally in conquest, Lahk could not care less whether or not she enjoyed the spoils.


Still, Lahk was uneasy, and he had no idea why. The invasion was proceeding well, the town completely conquered, and there was no further threat to his forces here… yet he felt uneasy, a chill up his spine.

Without warning, both Succubi were slain. They weren’t cut, or stuck by arrows. They simply exploded, breaking into a shower of gore in an instant, their blood searing hot. A tiny seed of fire merged from within them, hovering in the air before Lahk and landing on the ground, beginning to spread into a wall.

Lahk smiled. This should be interesting.

Twenty five years ago
During the War of Ascension

Zegadu was… not frightened, precise, but concerned. Deeply, deeply concerned.

Sanguinar’s madness was quite plain to him. The human had been mad even when they had created Silas together, and he had clearly not grown more rational with the passing of time. Rather, he had just grown more dangerous, more dangerous. Zegadu was no fool — if he was willing to wage war on Sirae, he was willing to do the same against the dwarves. What else could the god of creation do but to prepare his people, to try and turn a civilization he had shaped into a society of artisans into a people that could repel the bloodthirsty advance of a mad god…

But when Sirae was taken, Zegadu knew deep in his bones that there was more to this then conquest, more to it than a fight for survival. He didn’t know what the stakes were yet, but he knew they were higher… he just didn’t know quite how high yet.

Lahk snarled as the blaze before him began to grow, turning into a circle of fire that put him inside a ring. His hands dropped down to the weapons on his belt, knuckles growing white as he squeezed the hilt of his two swords. What impertinence was this? Who dared stand against the Lord of Suffering, mightiest of the gods? Moving with slow, implacable grace, Lahk draw both weapons, the dark steel of Blackwand shining in the flickering flame.

“Reveal yourself,” he commanded in a harsh whispered, and it was not an idle command. He laced the words with all the authority he could muster, all the divine heritage he had known for decades and the combined power of both his claimed birthrights. When Lahk spoke, he expected to be obeyed, and the universe should comply.

Comply it did. Shapes became visible as a concealing enchantment bled away, the make stripped as Lahk’s command honed his Grace to a fine point. Three beings stood between him and the edge of the circle, spread equally around him. A dwarf, wearing ornate, golden armor, and wielding a two handed broadaxe. An angel, grasping a curving blade in each hand. A demon in armor of bone, holding a whip of lashing fire, segmented tail slashing back and worth in agitation. Lahk had never seen any of them before… but he knew who they must be.

“So, it has come to this already?” he said, but there was no dismay in his tone, no fear. A wide smile graced his face. From his shadow, a dark form rose, coalescing into the form of an incubus as Caleb formed out of thin air, coming to his master’s defense. “I suppose it is easier this way,” Lahk said, just the tiniest hint of a laugh on his voice. “I had expected to need to hunt you each down, one at a time. Much faster to conquer all of Silas at once.”

Twenty five years ago
During the War of Ascension

“What do you think you are doing, human?”

Sanguinar rose from his bed in the temple of Accida Ridge, his eyes opening to fix on the door. A woman stood in the portal, little but her silhouette visible in the darkness… but just the image of her curves against the torchlight was pleasant enough. “Kardas,” he said, his tone pleasant. “Come to join me in my bed chamber?”

She sneered. Sanguinar could tell because her face lit up, her eyes glowing like twin coals with her furious rage. “Do you think I do not know what became of the last woman foolish enough to be alone with you?” She took one more step into the room, closing the door behind her so that the only light were the sullen flames in her eyes. “You are destroying all that we have labored to build. I will no stand for it.”

He chuckled. “Why Kardas, I did not know you cared so much for your sister goddess.”

Her eyes flashed hot. “Sirae writes her own fate. I care not for her.” Kardas’s voice took on a snarling tone. “But the chaos you are causing is damaging the Veil itself. I will not stand for it. End this madness, or I will end it for you.”

He scoffed, half in amusement and half in disbelief. “Are you threatening me, demon?”


Even seconds into the fight, it was clear that the odds were not as bad as Lahk had initially assumed. Zegadu was the weakest combatant of the five within the circle. He had strength, he had power, and he was armed with some of the finest weapons and armor ever to be created, but his skills were for creation, not destruction. As a combatant, he was an amateur. Caleb faced him off without notable difficulty, unable to land a blow through the Dwarf’s mighty armor, but more than capable of keeping the bearded god occupied.

Kardas and Caer, however, presented a very different challenge. The arts of war were as natural to the pair of them as breathing to a mortal, and they had studied the art for more than ten times his lifespan… but their advantage of numbers was an illusion. Unless two warriors are perfectly coordinated, a pair of combatants are in some ways weaker than a lone fighter, and the pair of immortals did not work well together at all. Here, their hatred for one another worked against them, distrupting their cooperation against Lahk… and the newborn god was far stronger than they gave him credit for.

Within his form, he contained the power of not only his father, but his mother as well — Sirae, the lady of life, the Elven God Queen. There had never been a god of his strength, a foe of his power. Both of the combatants he fought had spent their existence being the strongest, or at least the equal of their opponent.

Neither had ever needed to be concerned with being weaker than their adversary.

Lahk had to fight harder than he had ever done before, but the speed and strength he needed to do so were readily available. His wrist pumped again and again, defeating blow after blow from the twin swords of the God of Justice while Blackwand brushed aside the flame lash. His feet danced to the side as he rotated, putting the angel between him and Kardas, insuring he only had to fight one of the combatants at a time. He saw the demon’s jaw set in frustration as she rotated for the uptenth time…

Only this time, she made a mistake.

As she rotated around Caer, she went the same way Lahk was even now spinning… and for a brief second they were nearly face to face. The demoness struck out with her whip, attempting to created space between the two of them, but it lacked speed this time. Lahk dropped his offhand sword and caught the lash near its base without great effort, the flame burning as his hand even as his grace repelled its killing magic. He pulled, and Kardas made her second mistake by not immediately releasing the weapon, but pausing a second. The tiny moment of imparted force was enough to send her stumbling into Lahk, off balance… and his main hand lashed out, striking her across the face with Blackwand’s hilt had enough to shatter a mountain.

Kardas dropped like a puppet with her strings cut, falling to the ground even as Lahk spun and put Blackward between himself and Caer’s next attack. The angel’s eyes widened. The entire exchange had taken less than a pair of seconds, and the most powerful Demon warlord in history was out of the fight. Lahk stomped on the ground hard enough to shake rocks loose from the hillside, and his second sword bounced high enough off the ground for him to catch it.

Caer’s arms rung with the force of repeated parries. He was too strong… impossibly strong. In the angel’s heart, he knew the battle was lost, that Silas was lost. There had been an opportunity to move against the monster when he was still only nascent, before he had come into his strength… but they had delayed, and bickered, and fought, and now it was too late.

Silas would fall.

Inexorably, Lahk drove Caer back towards the ring of flames, pressing him closer to that heat with every thrust of a sword, every step of the intricate dance of battle. With a cry of despair, Caer threw himself from the ring. Lahk lost sight of the angel for just a moment as the blaze grew higher… and when he regained vision beyond the ring the angel was gone.

A triumphant smirk on his face, Lahk spun to face the dwarf, still locked in a hopeless duel with his Incubus bodyguard.

Twenty five years ago
During the War of Ascension

Sanguinar stood amid the blood of the ruined throne room, surveying the torn bodies around him. He absently licked the blood from his knife. Blackwand, of course, had no blood upon it, but the ashes blowing through the room flew in mute testimony to its deadly work.

The backstabbing Royal family was dead, dead at last.

Sanguinar smiled. The rulership of Silas was gone, a vacuum waiting for him to fill it now, after he had finished the obliteration of Caladwen. His body still shivered with the memory of the queen beneath him, weeping as he took while while her family was rended apart by his demons, crushed and torn and slain just before…

“Do you have any idea what you have done?” For the first time in the human’s memory, Xith’s voice was not calm, not controlled. The Lord of Change sounded furious, angry beyond reason. He appeared before Sanguinar, his face seemingly almost human except for the rictus of pure fury the god wore. It covered every other feature, every other emotion of his face, covering it like a mask.

“I have ended one of the two wars I began.”

“YOU HAVE DESTROYED SILAS,” Xith roared, the force of his voice almost blasting the human a step backwards. “Did you think about the laws of the Veil? Did you think at all?” He spat, the spittle changing color rapidly on the way to strike Sanguinar’s boot. “What could have persuaded you to pursue this madness… you reek of chaos.”

“You would know, friend.” Sanguinar retorted, his voice tight with anger he was barely restraining. He idly wondered what Blackwand would do to a being like Xith. “What will do you, slay me? Without me, there is no one left to lead the kingdom.”

“And that,” Xith said, his voice abruptly tranquil once more, “is all that spares your miserably life, scum.” The god pushed the Lord of Suffering backwards, taking a step forward and growing to titanic proportions as he loomed over Sanguinar. “You will fall one day, Sanguinar. One day soon… and not one of us will lift a finger to save you.”

Lahk decided that Zegadu would live to see the fall of his kingdom. There wasn’t too much risk involved, really. Compared to the skill and power of his captors, the dwarf was but an ant — no real threat. Kardas was another issue. The demoness was dangerous… far too dangerous to be kept alive. Lahk looked down at the beautiful demoness as she lay unconscious on the ground. He should kill her right away, and remove the obstacle to his rule she represented immediately.

And yet…

His eyes were drawn her the curves of her hips, the tiny gap in her bone mail where her tail came out the base of her spine. His punch had broken her helmet, showing him her entire face, wreathed in ice blonde hair like a lion’s mane.

He was so strong now, the strongest god there had ever been. None of the others were anything before him, not even combined — he had just proved his might against them moments earlier, to their own destruction. How much more power, he wondered, might we be with the power of a third god?

Namely, Kardas.

As he looked down at the helpless, defeated form of the goddess of revenge, a smile started to come over his face, and his eyes began to literally glow with sadistic glee.

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