Chapter Fourteen: The Sword of Mercy

Thousands of years ago

Zegadu supposed his gift for the crafting of enchantments wasn’t as bad as it could be. He still resented the need for taking life, to be certain, but ever since he had grown into a god, ever since Sirae had risen beside him, things had changed for the better. He had grown better at it… and changed his course. Now, he made his weapons with a purpose.

Now, as Zedagu lifted the black blade from his forge, he promised himself that things would be different.

The gangrape had been going on for an eternity now… to the demonic form writhing on the ground, battered between a thousand cocks in a pool of their shared filth, it seemed like a thousand years or more. It was neverending… Cerec understood that well enough. She would regain her power with time, but at the rate she was being beaten, abused, and injured her power was too busy keeping her alive to be allowed to grow, and her rapists were legion… a horde of souls that she had tortured for thousands of years prior, and they didn’t tire of returning her attentions back upon her. She had been slapped, slashed, cut, beaten, and raped… gods, had she been raped, in every hole and every way her immortal mind could conceive of.

Somewhere in the back of Cerec’s diseased mind, she realized that with so many, there was no chance to mob would ever tire… they had hours or possible days to wait between turns. She hadn’t rested, eaten, or slept since this started, what felt like ages ago… and she had no reason to expect that would change.

Her ability to resist had beugn to fail with time, as well. At first, she had fought tooth and nail, as much as her wounded body and sapped power would allow. Over time, however, that resistance had faded into a slow kind of despair. She would not heal, they wouldn’t let her ever regain her power. Maybe, someday, Blackwand would repair itself enough to accelerate her recovery… but without her harnassing souls to the blade to speed its own recovery, that might never happen. Resistance accomplished nothing but getting her beaten worse… so even an immortal torturess, a monstrous tormenter bound to the most evil blade ever forged, was reduced to little more than a hopeless sextoy for the mob of monsters and men.

A small, despairing laugh escaped her lips in between the cock pumping in and out of her mouth. The man raping her wasn’t a man at all… half beast if he was anything, more wolf than human. Perhaps a shapeshifter, perhaps a demon… for the life of her, she couldn’t even remember him, remember what he had been during her stay time as the Warden of this prison. It seemed so long ago. Whatever he was, the wolf-thing growled angrily at her as he begun to slam her skull against the rod. With the dick in her mouth she lounged her head forward onto the gray shaft as he frantically forced it down her gullet again and again. The unyieldingly head smashed against the back of her throat like a hammer, forcing her tight, recently healed through to expand violently around his raping cock as he went.

The wolf creature growled and reveled in the crushing pleasure, slamming himself deep into her and staying there as her spasming throat milked his cock. If she needed to breathe, he probably would have killed her by now. Perhaps dying that like, choking to death on her rapists cock, would be more merciful than continuing to live, but Cerec lacked even that option. As the monster pulled out and exited the conquered entrance to her mouth, Cerec braced herself in the instant before he violently shoved forward again, repeating his earlier attacks as he stuffed her madly convulsing insides with his cock before pulling back out again, using her throat as his personal plaything as she lay in the pool of her rapist’s cum.

Cerec couldn’t remember the last time she had cried, but she was crying now, her tears wiping away the dying layer of cum stuck to her face in bring, clean lines as she sobbed silently on her rapists cock while he took her. Her sorrows only got stronger as the wolf-thing yelled in triumph and firmly buried his cock in her windpipe as his dick began to throb. “UUUUHHHHGGG! Take that you filthy bitch!” he snarled, in a voice barely understandable. “Choke on it! Suffer like you made me suffer!” He roared in victory as his dick exploded in the tight confinement of Cerec’s flexing throat and shot salvo after salvo of jizz down her stuffed neck. Cerec felt the hot sperm join the crowd of it already inside her belly, enough that she felt uncomfortably full… and she would be forced to swallow far more before she lost her stomach again and it would all join the pool she was forced to exist it, the lake of cum that was staining the black sands of the arena that was her prison of depravity.

She didn’t have much time to think about, however, before the wolf was gone, slapping her face with his cock a few times even as another prisoner, some ugly monstrosity that looked like it came from beneath the surface of the world, was pushing into place before her bruised face.

“N-NO-HUUUU!” Cerec tried to plead, for the first time she could remember, before the thing’s thick cock pressed past her lips and deprived her of her speech yet again, instantly rutting into her as a cock the side of her forearm began to force its way into her burning throat. Unlike the wolf-thing, this barbaric creature didn’t even bother to toy with her first… he just wanted to rape her throat hard and fast, pumping the tight saliva-spewing hole for all it was worth. The wet, squelching and very audible noise of her laboring throat swallowing it all down over and over reverberated in her ears, urging the monster on with the lewdly erotic sound.

That wasn’t to be Cerec’s only trial, however… her cunt had been empty for far too long, perhaps the longest only one of her holes had been in use since her rape had begun… all of perhaps four minutes. The hands on her ass, however, told her that her break from having cock pressing into her pussy was coming to an end. Some other monster was behind her, although all the demons and angels alone knew what… all Cerec could feel was his glossy cock rubbing against her cum-lubed slut, hard as steel as the pressure aganst her built. Hands were on her shoulders now, shoving her backwards even as the monster before her slamming his hips against her face over and over again, her own spit messing her chin as she drooled on his huge cock.

Then she was slammed down onto the other man’s fuck-rod, the force of the thrust skewering her pussy completely as he impaled the full length of his raping cock into her rape-lubed cunt in a single shove. It didn’t matter how many times they raped her… to Cerec each time felt like the first time, a cruel joke of her regenerative powers. Only the cock in her mouth prevented the woman from shrieking as her body was stretched around her rapists cock, even as she felt someone else climbing on top of her body, clambering over her in his rush to find room for his own cock in the defeated demon, his hard cock starting to press against her cum-drenched asshole…

Zegadu examined the blade. The black steel of the sword glowed with blue with the soul within it, the power of the celestial harbinger who no longer longed for life. She had chosen an end of meaning, over the endless life that had lost its meaning for her. Her power now coursed with new purpose, eternal mercy… The blade of Baelshna.

He hefted the sword, testing its balance… perfect, the tang the entire weight of the blade in his hand… it moved as though little more than an extension to his arm. It was a gift, a present to honor the tenth year of rule of the Priest King Caliban, leader of the most enlightened kingdom of humans. The king had little choice in this realm of chaos but to enforce his rule with the blade, but it never stopped haunting the man… long had Caliban searched for a way to make it stop.

Zegadu smiled as he rested the sword against its sheath. The black steel slipped into it with barely a whisper of sound, even without oil. He had provided the Priest King with one. This word would not kill. Any soul defeated by this blade would be sentenced to purgatory, a chance to repent, a chance to grow and change and return a better man or beast. The angel’s soul would see to that, an eternal guardian of the blade.

An enchanted blade reflected both the soul that powered it, and the man that wielded it. The wisdom of the Priest King, combined with the guiding will of Cerec, would would ensure the swords destiny forever.

King Caliban was a wise man… for a human. Zegadu hoped he ruled long.

Of all the places she had been raped, of all the tortures the horde of former prisoners had inflicted on her, there was none that Cerec hated so much as being fucked up her ass… and there was nothing that they had done to her more often. Cerec tried to scream, tried to even beg if it would help, but a second later she felt the burning agony as her too tight ass was pried open yet again, plowed wide with the sheer size of the cock pressing her into. As tight as her asshole was, it slid it disgustingly easy… a horrifying reminder to Cerec how many men had cum in her ass already, how much seed had been dumped up there to ease his passage. The thought was almost as horrifying as the reality of her rape.

After only a few seconds of finding their leverage, getting used to sharing her both between the three of them, the three began to plunge their dicks viciously into her again, irregular thrusts slamming deep into her three holes. Thoroughly impaled on their cocks, Cerec had little choice but the suffer the triple reaming as she was hollowed out by her abusers, their cocks plowing her tight feminine orifices. The three monsters fucked her with reckless abundance of enthusiastic vigor. Cerec could feel their hot, panting breath on her neck and back as their cocks slammed deep into her, their hips and legs smashing into her over and over with bruising force as they defiled her utterly, using all of her body as a fuckhole for them to squeeze their girths into.

In between the slamming hips of the subterranean monster fucking her face, she could see more men gathering around her, their cocks hard in their hands as they stroked them, eager for their turns even as Cerec felt a geyser of cum erupt in her own stuffed fuck-holes. All three rapists came at almost the same time, their virile cocks throbbing within her as they flooded and overflowed her private hole. Cerec could feel every inch of her insides sullied all over again in heaps of slimy cum. Her already messy pussy was creamed further, cum leaking out of her over-full hole around the invader’s cock, and her asshole was even worse. More seed was pumped down her throat. Then the three men jacking off crammed around her and came as well.

Cerec shrieked around the cock in her mouth as the men aimed their hard rods against her tear-streaked face just as they came, shooting long ropes of white, gooey jizz directly into her pretty face even as the underground monster pulled out, opening her mouth as a target for them to let their cum splatter against her bruised lips. One of the men even reached forward and dragged his grubby fingers over her forehead and eyes, prying them open so that the cum could spray into her reddened stare to her agony. Behind the veil of sperm hugging her face Cerec screamed anew, barely sane in the turmoil of her rape.

Suddenly disinterested in the female sex toy now that they had cum inside her, the two unseen monsters behind her dismounted, sloshing off through the cum-soaked sand… but no mercy awaited her, for more then were already moving against her, their hard cocks sliding inside to take the recently vacated room inside the well-fucked slut. Seconds later, Cerec was in the same position she was before, all three of her holes filled with cock. This time, her holes offered even less resistance to her rapists, already being filled with fresh loads. The three fucked her as a team, one plowing into her as the other pulled out and then retreating as the other stabbed in again. The tempo was such that all Cerec heard was the constant thudding of them slapping into her lower body.

They came, and there were more. And more. And more. The rapists came onto Cerec over and over like a storm. Stuck in-between a thousand hateful men… the demon could feel her mind was going blank from the constant fucking, her holes so thoroughly ravaged and marauded that Cerec’s conscious grew hazy and her body numb. Dehydration, hyperventilation, sexual overstimulation, it all combined to make her brain boil away as she felt the dicks throb around inside her. Her rapists came in her holes again.. Overstuffed and already spermed tunnels utterly filled once again with their scalding hot seed, much of it escaping from her convulsing holes to coat her thighs and dripping down to the soaked sand with wet splashes.

Then abruptly, she wasn’t being touched. Her currently rapist pushed her cum-splattered body off of him, falling to the puddles of jizz that had pooled on the black sand, deep enough that her hands sank into it. No one was watching her anymore… Cerec caught a single glimpse of a blinding flare, a blue flash…

Then she felt nothing at all any longer.

The sword burned with blue flames as Sanguinare ripped it from the Priest King’s chest, his body dissolving around it. The blood burned off the blade, leaving it clean, black iron even after he had slaughtered the entire room with the sword. All around him, the bodies were burning, turning to ash in the blue flames that licked towards the black blade. There was no one left to oppose him… his coup had succeeded.

And to the victors, Sanguinare thought, holding up the sword, go the spoils.

Baelshna was legend among the humans. The sword of Mercy, that sword that never killed… a sword that imprisoned its victims until they repented. He had use for such a thing.

After all, a sword reflected its owner, did it not? Baelshna as it was didn’t much suit him… but with some guidance, he could turn the blade into something that people would tell stories of in hushed whispers for a thousand thousand years. The sword of Sanguinare.


The woman was tall, all long, bare limbs and slender curves as she slowly picked herself off the ground, moving as though she hadn’t moved in a thousand years. Slowly, she picked herself up from the ground, stretching aching limbs slowly as she did. Long, feathered wings stretched from her back the same way, yawning out to the sides, their tips straining as they eased the strain of centuries out from them.

Slowly, she pushed herself to her feet. The angel was naked, naked as the day a new child is born, but the cold wind raking down from the multicolored sky didn’t chill her. Her silver-eyed gaze raked over the blasted landscape, the ground that had been cooked to a single sheet of glass in a moment. She bent far enough to glide her fingertips across the smooth plane, brushing away the dust… the only evidence of recent destruction having formed this place…

For the life of her, Cerec, Angel of Mercy, Celestial the highest order, couldn’t remember how she had gotten here.

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