Chapter Nine: Retribution

Twelfth week of Captivity, Caladwen

“I can continue this forever, you know.”

Uthielle, moving with great care, dragged her lips up and down on the holy cock before her, bathing the hard rod with her tongue. Her black hair shined in the dim light of the cell, shimmering in the faint traces of illumination through the open door. She did not weep any longer, but instead knelt passively, obediently sucking her captors cock with her hands bond behind her back.

“There is no end to this. You will die here, and there is no one to protect you.”

The elf, formerly a warrior, formerly the steward of Caladwen, slid the invading cock down her own throat like a whore, hardly even gagging any longer as she performed the same humiliating act that Lahk put her through every single day. Uthielle pressed herself onto him with vigor, allowing her throat to massage the head of the prick while she swallowed it whole. If she did a good enough job, if she made him cum quickly enough, perhaps she would be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep before being woken again.

At least she was being tortured less frequently these days. In the elf’s mind, that was a vast improvement.

“You have denounced your people, your fake goddess. None of them want a worthless whore like you. Who will protect you now?”

Uthielle buried her own nose in his pubic hair, her cheeks hollowing as sweat glistened on her tanned skin. Now she began to weep, his words sinking into her and bringing new tears to her eyes. She squeezed her lips down on the member in her mouth as hard as she could, pressing against it like the entrance to another of her holes, and she swirled her tongue along the bottom of Lahk’s cock: Anything to make this better for the high priest, anything to bring him pleasure as quickly as possible… that was what her mouth was for after all.

“I can protect you,” Lahk said, smiling down at her crying face as her brown eyes came up to submissively meet his own.

Three months earlier, Caladwen

Alissandra licked her lips as she walked out in the dark of Caladwen, leaving Dorn to slumber hard behind her. She was still hungry — it was difficult to take only enough from the kid to put him completely under her spell but not enough to actually hurt him… and it was hardly satisfying for her. Her form cloaked into the appearance of a slight elf, the erinyes wandered the city, her eyes scanning the night.

She could still taste the apprentice mage’s cum on her tongue and she savored the feeling, rolling the salty taste around her mouth as if trying to suck out any remaining nutrition it might have for her. Pointless, of course: her sustenance came from the person’s lust and their energy, not from something pitiful like digestion. Nevertheless, the taste allowed her to relive the feeling of Dorn’s energy as she had pulled it from him, intoxicating him with pleasure as she did so.

Two guards stepped out of the black in front of Alissandra. “Why hello there…” one of them drawled, his tone drunken. “Whats a pretty thing like you doing out after curfew?”

She stared into the shining rings of Sanguinar on the armor, a spot of bright metal against the darkness. “Oh, uh, I’m sorry,” the erinyes stammered, “I didn’t realize…” She did her best to look terrified in order to hide her smile, or prevent her from licking her lips as her body started to heat up.

The universe had provided her food after all.

There was no need to bind Serenity in any way, not anymore. The beautiful, perfect elf had proved incapable of any kind of resistance whatsoever, the very picture of a meek little rapetoy. Cormac appreciated that fact because he didn’t want her bound, or restrained. The very idea of marring her flawless, naked beauty by forcing her to needlessly wear restraints was appalling.

Johnathon and Brennen stood against the carved wood wall, resting by the door while the dwarf raped the unbelievably tight, unbelievably hot elf for the fifth time today. He had no idea where he got the stamina from, but somehow Cormac felt he could fuck this elf in all her holes forever and he would never, ever sate himself. His own body would fall apart before he had enough of her to be satisfied… and the red bearded dwarf looked forward to testing that theory on Serenity for the next hundred years or so.

His cock slid in and out of the battered woman, her easily bruised porcelain skin battered almost to oblivion by the savagery of his assault. Her body lay almost completely limp on the floor, sobbing in helpless defeat as she was slid across the living wooden floor by the force of the dwarf’s thrusts. Cormac locked both of his hands on Serenity’s tits and was crushing them beneath him, supporting his body weight on her chest while he raped her cunt.

The two inquisitors just watched the scene, staring impassively as their captive was abused by the dwarf. They hadn’t taken a turn with her since the first day — not in the dwarf’s presence anyway — but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He wanted Serenity all to himself, wanted her entirely and only for his use… to possess her and own her and rape her until she prayed to her dead goddess for her eternal life to end, and knowing that Cormac would never permit it while he still drew breath.

A feeling of pleasure so intense it was almost pain shot down his spine as he came into her tight, churning hole again, flooding it once more with his seed. Cormac lay atop the sobbing elf, running his hands through her twin toned mane while he caught his breath. All the time she never stopped weeping, never seemed to even recognize that anything had changed. If she hadn’t been so obviously miserable, the dwarf could have almost thought her bored.

Groaning, he pulled out of her, enjoying the wet noises she made as her tiny cunt started to leak. He smiled, wondering how long her hole would stay that perfectly tight. After all, the dwarf had been raping her numerous times a day for the last two weeks since her capture… her elven resilience could only protect her so much, just as it had only protected Athuum to a point. Still, Cormac intended to be far more careful with his toy than Lahk had been with the fire haired elf. There would be no whoring for precious Serenity, no torture to the very edge of death. The beautiful, perfect elf would remain as beautiful and perfect as possible right up until Cormac was too old and feeble to properly fuck her anymore.

As Cormac pulled Serenity’s sobbing face to his cock by her black and white hair he smiled. At times like now, with the raped elf’s lips closed around his cock while she cried and cried, the dwarf could not be happier with his place in life. He hoped Lahk would be successful in breaking that other rebel whore so he could go away and take his destructive nature elsewhere, leaving Cormac is charge of the church he had served for seventy years of his life. Sanguinar, the priest’s father, had been a menace… but he had at least known the value of keeping something intact. Once you had broken a toy it could not suffer anymore, and the god had been unwilling to allow anything so foolish as that. Lahk, on the other hand…

Cormac guided Serenity’s mouth deeper on his cock while he thought, forcing the brutalized image of perfection to impale her own throat on his length. Where ever Lahk had gained his tendency to destroy everything he touched, it had not been from his father. Nor, almost certain, had it come from his mother… but it unquestionably existed in the high priest, nevertheless. He could not be satisfied with something as slight as the suffering of every man and woman in Silas… to his view, everything had to be a piece of himself, and if it could not be turned into an extension of the high priest then it had to be destroyed.

As the beautiful Serenity brought him to another wracking orgasm Cormac shouted and ripped her head from his groin, allowing him to paint her bruised face with the slimy cum.

Four weeks ago, Caladwen

Alissandra slowly lowered her body down onto Dorn’s prone form, sheathing him inside her pulsing pussy while the young apprentice groaned in pleasure. “I don’t just want to kill Lahk,” she whispered, and waited until Dorn had locked his eyes into hers to continue, ensuring that the boy was listening. “I want to destroy him, tear him down.” With one smooth motion of her hips she raised herself off the bed and slammed back down, the black sheets trembling under the force of the motion. Her vast wings swept down to curl protectively around the pair of lovers, veiling them from sight almost completely.

Dorn was almost maddened by the pleasure as the erinyes rode him. He needed to do nothing but stare into those hypnotizing eyes and remain passive while she brought him such bliss as he could not have believed. After several long minutes she stopped, lowering herself until she was fully impaled and sliding her body down against his, her hard nipples scraping across this chest as she unfolded her perfect body on top of him. “I want him,” she said, her voice a purr of pleasure, “to be completely alone. All of his allies taken from him, all of his works stripped away.”

Even when the erinyes was stationary, Dorn was almost panting from the feeling of ecstasy. Her hips not moving an inch from where they rested on him, her cunt nevertheless clenched and unclenched on him rapidly, in an up and down rhythm as her body fought to bring him off. He could see the smile on her face as she watched him try to contain an orgasm, but the expression didn’t seem predatory to him in his current state, as she continued to speak low and directly into his throat while she nibbled at the soft flesh.

“And then… then we can kill him. When the time is right…” she said, bringing her hips up and down one final time. The movement pushed Dorn over the edge and he was erupting into her, unable to contain himself any longer. “When Lahk is alone and vulnerable, I will throw his doors wide open for you my pet.” She smiled down at the exhausted young wizard. “Tell Shevarn to be prepared. A month from now, a month and a half at the latest…”

Her smile widened, revealing her fangs. “…and then Lahk will be dead.”

Johnathon and Brennen had long since left, allowing Cormac to enjoy the past hours with Serenity alone. Serenity wailed as her torment began anew, the dwarf plunging into her sex, sopping wet with cum, for another go. His eyes alight with lust Cormac drilled the girl mercilessly, rocking her body with each thrust as the day turned into night outside the tiny window. Her fingers attempted to dig deep grooves into the hard wood as her body bounced about like a ragdoll. In some kind of pathetic attempt to protect herself the woman had locked her legs around Cormac’s waist, trying to please him, keep him from pulling too far out. Serenity’s surrender brought a smile to the dwarf’s face.

This went on for hours. Every time Cormac reached his peak and filled the girl with his seed, he simply flipped Serenity over and took her again in a different position. Sometimes the dwarf would rut her for as long as an hour before he finally hit release, other times it would be as little as five minutes. No matter how much the dwarf came though, his seemingly boundless stamina never wavered and he was able to fuck the precious, perfect elf again, though he felt exhausted every second regardless.

Lying on her side, Serenity’s eyes were tightly screwed shut. She had to be losing her mind under the continuous assault, Cormac was sure. The dwarf was straddling one of her legs, his arms wrapped around one of the elf’s legs and holding it high in the air, bucking his hips and thrusting into her snatch as he unloaded straight into Serenity’s womb for the fifth time. Without even pausing to let his captive catch her breath, Cormac climbed off of her and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her head towards the red bearded dwarf’s waiting cock. Serenity knew what was expected of her, opening wide to take it into her mouth yet again. She slurped and suckled on it almost eagerly, cleaning the foul-tasting goo from Cormac’s length with enthusiasm, already knowing the consequences of fighting back. The dwarf stroked her exotic hair affectionately as he fed the girl his slimy shaft, already thinking of how he’d take her next.

Bit by bit, Serenity’s dignity was stripped from her. With every anguished cry, Cormac almost felt her pride vanishing. The body she prized for years, had dedicated completely to the service of her goddess, had been reduced to nothing but a fuckdoll for his inexhaustible appetite. The scarred dwarf forced himself upon her time and again, punishing her harshly for even the most minor resistance, until Serenity was so thoroughly broken that she seemed eager to suck his cock rather than suffer another rape of her swollen holes.

Of course, as insatiable as he was feeling the dwarf was of no mind to comply. Cormac grunted, laying overtop of his prisoner and slamming his hips down, hilting his hard cock deep into her ass. Serenity was pinned face down on the ground, flat on her belly. Her body jerked with one of the dwarf’s hard thrusts, the strong soldier using Serenity’s shapely ass to cushion the blow of his fierce hips. His beard scraping against Serenity’s back, the dwarf pressed all his weight against the elf priestess, forcing the whore’s bosom flat against the smooth wood as he pinned her by her delicate wrists. With a bellowing roar, the dwarf unloaded yet again, adding even more to the sticky, gooey mix churning in her gut, her thirteenth load overflowing almost as quickly as it was pumped into her rear and oozing back out from her sore, stretched backdoor the moment Cormac pulled his cock free with a sickening pop.

Cormac used and abused the elf’s flawless body for his own amusement for hours, ravaging her until Serenity’s entire body was so bruised that if it were not for the cum covering her, she could pass for having dark skin. Every degrading position he could think of, he took Serenity in aggressively. In the end though, even the dwarf’s energy wasn’t infinite. Soaked in sweat and stained with his own jism, his juices gushing from Serenity’s every orifice, Cormac finally hit a wall of exhaustion that had eluded him for so long. Overwhelmed by carnal bliss, the fury that had driven him to ravage Serenity for hours abandoned him, and with it went the last of his energy. Standing upright, he grabbed a fistful of Serenity’s beautiful twin colored locks with her left hand, the coarse fingers of his right taking a tight hold around his pulsating shaft and furiously stroking it. With one last cry of delight, Cormac leaned his head back. One final orgasm wracked his body, the force of it striking so hard that the dwarf’s knees trembled and he nearly fell.

Serenity was too weak and tired to protest as the dwarf took careful aim at her beautiful visage, the pointed tip of his well used spear staring her right between the eyes as it throbbed, swelled, and then unleashed its steaming, hot cargo. The first, thick wad forced Serenity to shut her eyes quickly, just narrowly managing to shield them in time as it plastered her eyelids and glued her lashes together once again, the sticky cream making a mess of her eyebrows even. A second volley quickly followed, splattering the bridge of her nose, followed by a third and a fourth. Each rope of cum seemed perfectly aimed, landing upon an unmarred portion of her face. One particularly gooey jet sprayed across the scar that crossed her otherwise unblemished cheek, masking it beneath a viscous layer of semen. One spurt even managed to clog her nose, so Serenity’s mouth was forced open to breathe only to get a strong taste of her rapist’s seed as Cormac blasted another wad straight onto her tongue. By the time the dwarf was finished, Serenity’s entire face was hidden beneath several layers of paste, and several more strands were stuck to her hair.

Cormac gasped weakly and released his hold on the elf, staggering backwards as he sought to catch his breath. Doubling over and panting heavily, he rested his sticky hands on her knees, sucking in one deep lungful of air after another. Staring down at Serenity in hypnotized fascination, the cum-soaked woman having collapsed in a sticky heap, Cormac shrugged. He stared at the wheezing, coughing, gasping woman, marveling as his loins twitched as he eyed the girl writhing in a puddle of his seed. Maybe just one more…

“I thin’ I ‘ove you.”

Cormac had no idea where the words had come from, but even as he spoke them he was sure they were true. This elf, this single, perfect being, was precious to him in a way nothing else ever had been. He would kill to keep her from anyone else, and he would die for her affection. Before his eyes the cum-wrecked ruin of a woman stood smoothly to her feet, the fluids vanishing from her skin to reveal it as flawless, unblemished as the bruises melted away, leaving Serenity as clean and perfect as she had been the first time Cormac had seen her. Her hair straightened, falling back into a well-groomed shape as a smile graced her lips, pulling them into an expression of pure pleasure.

One of the woman’s fingers rested under his throat and she tilted his head up to meet her eyes… and Cormac nearly fell to the ground. He had heard foolish people spout nonsense about getting lost in a person’s eyes, and he had dismissed it as stupid, romantic tripe, but now he understood what they meant. Her eyes were now a deep brown, and seemed to swirl hypnotically as the dwarf looked into them… and the longer he looked, the less sure he was that he knew how to do anything else but keep staring at them. They were so beautiful…

“Please…” he whispered, his coarse voice lowered into a pathetic whisper. “I do anyt-”

The woman kissed him then, pressing her lips against his. He nearly passed out at the simple pleasure — her kiss was as intense as any of his orgasms had been.

She smiled at him, and her voice cut through the silent room. Cormac tried to remember if he had ever heard her speak before… had she always sounded so strong, so imperious, so full of authority? He couldn’t remember…

“Yes, I know you will, my pet.” Alissandra said.

Thirteenth week of captivity, Caladwen

Uthielle had wanted rest, but this was too far the other direction.

After she had blown Lahk, he had allowed her to sleep through the night. She had been almost crushingly grateful for the small favor, the tiny mercy that the priest had shown her by doing that… but then he hadn’t come for her that day. Nor had he come the day after that. Whenever she fell asleep there was already food waiting for her, but otherwise she saw no evidence of another living being.

Fourteen meals. For fourteen meals she had not been abused, but she also had not been spoken to, had not been touched. Uthielle was left completely alone with her thoughts… the last place the elf wanted to be.

She felt crushingly guilty the entire time, and the worst part was that she could no longer identify what she felt guilty about. It wasn’t for turning on the goddess, or for anything she had done in ruling over Caladwen. It wasn’t for her actions in the war or since, nor for what had happened to Lissa. She didn’t even think it was for whatever she had done to make Lahk no longer visit her.

The vague, sourceless guilt was a crushing weight on the woman, smothering her beneath the veil of her misery. Everyone had abandoned her. Her people and her goddess both had turned their back on her. Lissa, too, had turned her back of the former steward, had been the first to declare just how worthless she was. Now, it seemed, even Lahk had at last abandoned her, and the elf was finally and completely alone.

When Lahk entered her cell on the end of the seventh day of her isolation, she practically threw herself at his feet, sobbing all the while.

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