Chapter Seven: Serenity

Eleventh week of captivity, Caladwen

‘Who am I?’

Tears blurred her vision. She couldn’t see any longer and hadn’t been able to for days. The tears were always there, blinding her.

‘Where am I?’

She lay naked on the floor, sobbing uncontrollable. Two days worth of food sat unnoticed on the floor, a rat laying dead on the floor by the slop where the Astaria had killed it. Her body trembled uncontrollably with the withdrawal, but she didn’t even notice.

‘What am I supposed to be doing?’

She hadn’t moved for days — and no one had come for her. She hadn’t slept for days — sleep would not come when she called it. She had not eaten for days — she was not hungry. She had done nothing but weep like a pathetic whore.

She had betrayed everything she had known. Herself. Her people. Her goddess. Oh goddess…

Yesterday she had thought the not-goddess Sirae was in here with her, laughing at her, telling her how weak she was. Or was that today? Or last week? Tomorrow?


Eventually she had gone away, anyway. Left her alone.


“We have her sir!”

Cormac turned, his face filling with glee, as two of his soldiers walked out of one of the side rooms dragging a pale elf girl behind them. She was slight, even by the standards of elves, and her raven black hair was set off beautifully by the other half, which was a brilliant white. She wore an elegant white gown of silk, now slightly torn by the injuries the soldiers had inflicted upon her in the raid.

It could only be the famous Serenity.

Cormac smiled. “Take her back to the palace, boys.” He turned, raising his voice as he addressed the rest of the band that had raided the rebel hideout. “Take any other cunt you can find with you. We’re moving out.”

One of the soldiers who had come out with Serenity was holding the elf woman’s hands behind her back, while the other spread oil on the wooden floor. With a sadistic smile, he lit a match and dropped it, walking out beside the dwarf as the house burned while Serenity was dragged along beside them.

He licked his lips. He’d been hunting this rebel cunt a long time… he was going to enjoy this.

Three months earlier, Caladwen

She made no pretense of being human. She could have probably been human once, or if she tried, but her form had long since been corrupted beyond a merely mortal form. She was still a beautiful woman at least, beautiful brown hair flowing over her perfect face and down to large, succulent breasts that begged to be touched. Soft curves lay exposed, smooth and uncovered by clothing. Horns of grey bone, like blades, sprouted from her head like an exotic crown. A vast pair of black feathered wings stretched out from her back to wrap around the two lovers, cocooning them delicately together in privacy. Her mouth, beautiful and with lips that seemed soft as silk, sighed as she wrapped it worshipfully around a cock, stroking the hard member with her tongue as the boy gasped.

She made no pretense at being friendly, either. Her eyes made that perfectly clear, hard and clear and predatory. They were the eyes of a hungry animal, and they shined with a dangerous light that reminded an observer that only one letter separated “kiss” from “kill.”

“So,” Alissandra purred as she pulled her lips from the cock. “You will bring my message to your master?”

Dorn could get lost in the sound of that beautiful voice. A voice that blinded a listener to danger and promised a million pleasures, a voice like a Siren’s song. It might kill a man to listen to it… but it promised to make the process feel so good…

“Yes!” he gasped as her tongue again wrapped around her head.

“And,” she continued, pulling just far enough away that he could feel her hot breath on him. “You will keep my identity a secret, won’t you?”

“Yes!” he almost screamed as she drove her mouth deep down on him, and then he was erupting in that mouth, the repeated gulping noises driving him wild as she sucked like she were ripping the life from him through his cock and swallowing it whole. He collapsed, exhausted and panting, back to the bed.

The erinyes flexed, and slowly her wings began to retract, the vast wingspan impossibly vanishing into her slight body once more. “And,” she said, a smile on her voice, “You will see me again tomorrow.”

It was not a question. Nothing Alissandra asked was a question.

“Yes…” the apprentice wizard muttered.

By the time the two guards had dragged the elf back to a cell in the palace, Cormac’s cock had grown so stiff in his armor that it was causing the dwarf physical pain. There was something about this delicate elf that he just had to have… and since he needed to interrogate her and break the back of the rebellion anyway or Lahk would have his head, it meant he would get to enjoy the process.

In another city, a leader of the rebellion was unlikely to be a pretty young thing like this. Hell, Sanguinar alone knew how old she actually was… for all the dwarf could tell, she might be an ancient hag, but she still didn’t look a day over twenty and her looks could raise a cock at a mile away. ‘Life ‘n Caladwen,’ he thought to himself, ‘is pretty good.’

Then the pair of soldiers threw the elf woman roughly to the floor, her elegant dress spilling out around her delicate form as she looked up at her captors. The room was not precisely a cell but rather an office of some kind that they had converted into an interrogation room, complete with a table and chairs. The dwarf leered, his brain imagining how good Serenity would look stretched across any of the things in this room. “Ye two,” Cormac ordered, looking at the two men who had found the rebel leader in the raid. “Bring m’ inquiz’tors Brennen and John’a’ten. Then ye can sleep.”

As the two men saluted and left, Cormac turned back to admire his panicked prey. She was stunning, easily the most beautiful elf he had ever seen — and Cormac considered himself to have seen some prizes in his time. Standing tall for an elf, almost a foot taller than her captor at six feet, she nevertheless could not weigh too much more than a hundred pounds so slight was her figure. He ran his lustful gaze over her, starting at the bottom with her boot, tight clinging leather that wrapped her delicious calves tightly. Further up he caught a glace of her pale, delicate-looking porcelain skin before it vanished beneath the white silk of her dress halfway up her thighs. The slight fabric did little to hide her flat, narrow waist or restrain the firm breasts that the dwarf could see beneath the fiber. Her neck was a smooth, creamy white, leading up to full, pale, luscious lips and a face which could have made a year’s quota in a month in any brothel in the realm. The elf was crowned with a long mane of exotic two toned hair that reached past her shoulders, framing her face with black on the left and white on the right.

Big, beautiful, blue eyes seemed to shimmer in terror as she looked at the red bearded dwarf staring at her, rubbing his crotch in open lust as he approached the rebel leader. She saw the blow coming, but she couldn’t react so fast was the strike. An open-handed slap crossed the left side of that sexy face. She flinched and she cried out, her delicate skin already starting to bruise as Cormac launched himself at her, like a wild predator bringing down a doe. As she fell to the wooden floor an inhuman growl came from the dwarf’s throat and he lashed out, his foot burying itself into her perfect stomach and making her body jerk back, a horrible retching sound coming from her as she curled into a ball on the floor, grabbing her stomach with both hands. Her head hung as she gasped for air, her beautiful hair shrouding her face as the first of many sobs Cormac planned for her escaped her throat.

The dwarf grabbed that hair, veins standing out on the back of his rough hand as he jerked her head up and leaned over her. “Nah,” he said, other hand going down to grip the top of the gown “Ye ain’t done wit me yet.” The sexy elf with was still trying to catch her breath as Cormac ripped down savagely, tearing her silk gown off of her delicate body and exposing complete a wide expanse of smooth, creamy flesh. He smiled when he noticed her tits were bigger than he had given her credit for, standing out firmly from her naked body completely unsupported.

Her hands reached up to push his hand away as he gripped one of those full mounds of flesh. Rage flashed through the dwarf at her resistance, and he jerked her head by the hair with a growl, admiring the shock and fear filling those wide eyes. “Please… please…” she mewled pathetically.

Cormac slapped her again with a hard backhand, the sound ugly as the meaty hand struck her delicate cheek and jerked her face to the side. The strike would have no doubt knocked her back to the floor if the dwarf’s other hand were not still entwined in that beautiful, silky mane of hers. “Shu’ up,” he growled, slapping her again to draw another cry of pain from the girl. “Ye can talk wen I want ye to, an not a second b’for.

The sound of the door opening caught his attention as the door to the cell opened and the two subordinates he had summoned entered the room, two inquisitors of the church. The elf girl bucked against Cormac’s grip as he turned to greet the two men, her hands clawing at his wrists as she tried to stand. She got half way to her feet before the brutal dwarf had had enough and turned on her, his fist slamming into her straining body. The blow struck her directly in the sternum, making her wheeze horribly as the air was robbed from yet again, her bright blue eyes clouding with pain. She fell to her knees, then onto her hands despite the grip on her hair, kneeling on all fours while the two new men to enter admired the dwarf’s catch.

Johnathon was a small man — sharp, handsome, and completely amoral. It made him a perfect subordinate for the dwarf. Brennan was something altogether different — he looked more like a gladiator than torturer for the church, but Cormac knew he was almost certainly in the smartest man in the room. He had been instrumental in almost every success that the dwarf had had in his war against the rebels, and Cormac was not fool enough to think otherwise.

Their eyes fell over the elf girl like a heavy weight, eying her bare form appraisingly as she began to recover her breath. Serenity was all they could have hoped for — the young looking priestess on her knees, the tatters of her ruined gown hanging to either side of her body as her breasts swayed beneath her, hair shaking as she gulped in air. She was a perfect specimen, her bright skin already beginning to bruise beneath Cormac’s blows — No man wouldn’t want a piece of the girl right then, and a follower of Sanguinar would never refuse.

She looked up at them, big, bright beautiful blue eyes begging them for mercy as she wept, her face growing more pale when she saw the sadistic mask of hate on the two inquisitor’s faces. Cormac tore Serenity back to her feet, yanking at her exotic hair as she stumbled painfully up, legs askew. The dwarf twisted one of her wrists behind her back, pulling her firm ass against his armored groin. Slapping her pitiful struggles aside, Cormac found her other wrist and brought the two limbs together, encircling the slight arms with one hand as he pulled the sobbing elf girl against him rubbing her ass against his crotch.

Brennen came forward and grasped hold of her long hair, pulling her forward as her legs splayed apart for balance. Cormac held her firmly against his body, so she tilted rather than moved, her full breasts thrusting forward. The elf’s eyes brimmed with tears as Johnathon walked close to her. He stared into her eyes, and smiled, his eyes bright as he put his hands on her shoulders. The bare flesh was still shaking with fear and shock, but he grasped them firmly… and then a horrible shriek of pain exploded past her lips as the inquisitor brought his knee up hard, pounding into her between the legs.

Serenity’s legs wobbled, and Cormac strained to hold her up and still as she tried to jerk away, until her entire weight was practically supported by Brennan’s grip on her hair. His arms turned to steel as she tried to jerk away from him in her pain until he was practically supporting her whole body by her hair.

“So this is the rebel bitch?” Johnathon said, tilting his head to one side as he peered into Serenity’s tear-filled eyes. She slowly regained control of her body, still gagging with pain but at least her legs could support her now while she stared, terrified, into the man’s cruel face.

“Serenity,” Brennen said, stretching out the word as he savored it. “What a piece of ass.” He smiled, running his hand up along the back of her head, and her body started to shake as he stepped back from her. The inquisitor’s eyes devoured her breasts as they bulged from her chest, hanging slightly under their own weight and looking enormous on her slight body. Johnathon drowned out one of her sobs as he brought his lips to hers, pulling her head to him and smothering her with his mouth, his rough tongue raping its way into her unwilling mouth.

Cormac had seen enough. He slammed into Serenity with his shoulder, knocking her down hard onto her back. As soon as she hit the ground the three lustful interrogators were on her like crows on a corpse. The dwarf tore her boots from her feet as he eyed her beautiful body. He was out of his mind with lust as he imagined what it would be like to fuck the unbound girl, to tear her apart with his cock and hear her scream as his massive cock fucked her brains out of her skull. Shaking with adrenaline now, he knelt between her spread legs as he stripped off his own armor, Serenity struggling now in earnest while the other two men held her firmly against the floor.

Cormac had never, ever wanted a woman as badly as he wanted this elf cunt right now. The dwarf grabbed both her ankles, pinning her to the ground between him and Brennen as the inquisitor held her wrists above her head. His eyes wandered over the body before him, laying helpless on the ground with her tits heaving as she still struggled against the two captors. His eyes wandered down, taking in her flat stomach rippling with effort beneath her bruising, porcelain pale skin, her tight legs too firm and sexy as they bucked… and her cunt. Cormac felt like his cock was going to tear itself from his body and jump into that tight hole of its own free will if he waited a single second longer.

The only sound in the office now her sobs, horrible, wracking sobs of pain and despair which drove her captors insane with lust as Cormac fell on top of her, drawing a gasp between her sobs. The dwarf shivered as he felt Serenity’s long legs slide down his side, her breasts squashed beneath his chest. She turned her face away from him, her eyes clenched shut as her hair was strewn about wildly, wisps of white and black sticking to her tears.

Cormac wedged himself against her cunt, his precum the only lube as he pressed past her labia until his cock started to enter her. Serenity squirmed and struggled still, her teeth clenching as the dwarf reached up and grabbed her hair, that unique silky mane, and jerked her head back so he could smash his lips against her own, softer pair, tasting her screams as he jammed his cock into her dry cunt, savoring the taste of her tears as she wept in despair while the cruel dwarf raped his way into her snatch.

Cormac had never felt like this before — it was like his whole body was on fire as her cunt spasmed around his cock. He pressed desperately forward until the head was smashing against her cervix, until her legs drew up in pain and a whining echoing from her throat. Her whole body was taut with the struggle as he began fucking her hard, drawing his cock from her gripping cunt before driving it back in to pound into her depths. She was so unbelievably tight that Cormac could not believe he even fit, her slight body still struggling beneath him as she tried futilely to close her own legs. The dwarf could taste every emotion with his tongue as she sobbed and gasped and screamed.

Perhaps he had found some wetness deep within her cunt, or maybe she was bleeding, but suddenly the ride got easier for him if no less pleasant. His cock began to thrum inside her as she grunted with each drive into her soft body. Unsure exactly what he was doing even as he did it, Cormac slid his mouth from her soft lips and down to her neck, stopping his brutal rape for a moment as he sucked on that unblemished neck, wanting to feel her sobs on his cock while it was buried to the hilt in her steamily hot cunt.

Her body shook uncontrollably as he ground his cock around inside her, savoring both the pleasure and the sobs of defeat coming from Serenity. He started to fuck the elf again, brutally as he felt is pleasure start to build to a peak. The dwarf had no doubt that soon he would be filling the belly of this perfect girl with his seed, flooding her while she wept and screamed beneath him. Just the thought prompted Cormac to explode, letting out a guttural yell his cock throbbing deep within her clenching pussy as he spat wad after wad of hot cum into her.

Cormac had lost count of how many women he had raped, first during the war and then later in service to high priest Lahk, but he had never taken as much pride in having done so as he did right now, at having taken Serenity brutally and filled her with his rape seed. He lay atop her for long minutes, his body limp with pleasure as he was gently rocked by her sobs.

Three months ago, Caladwen.
Several days after their last meeting

Alissandra rested pleasantly atop Dorn’s limp form, the young man breathing hard as the erinyes’s perfect breasts pressed pleasantly against his chest. “You did well, Dorn,” she whispered into his ear, the husky voice causing him to shiver with renewed lust despite his exhaustion.

“Aren’t you… tired?” he gasped as the brunette began to lick at his ear, one flawless hand reaching beneath the covers and wrapping around his cock. Despite himself Dorn could feel it begin to grow aroused again beneath his warm touch.

“The plan went off perfectly,” she whispered as though he had not spoken, as though she were not playing with the boy beneath her in bed. “Your master Shevarn completely obliterated the garrison. I could practically hear the high priest’s fury from the docks.”

“He…” Dorn gasped again as her strong fingers firmed on him, beginning to slide up and down. “He w-wanted to know who had told me the p-patrol sch-schedule.”

She pulled his earlobe into her mouth for a second, nibbling on it with her fangs before answering. “And what did you tell him?”

“A m-member of the rebellion,” he moaned. It was growing harder and harder to concentrate beneath Alissandra’s attentions. “Just like you said to.”

The erinyes purred as she wrapped one black wing over the aroused boy like a blanket, cradling him in its warmth as she slid one of her legs over his prone form. “Good boy…” she said softly.

Cormac lifted himself off of Serenity, his cock still hard as he pulled it from her raped snatch. He stood, looking down at the beautiful, sexy body he had just taken, her legs now slightly parted, limp in defeat, her face wet with tears of pain and humiliation. Brennan smiled and lifted Serenity up by her arms. She staggered as he grabbed her by the forearm and led her over to a table in the interrogation room.

Serenity didn’t make a sound as Brennan bent her over, while Jonathon went to the other side and held her wrists. She didn’t even look at the inquisitor but just stood there, half bent over. He pulled them down on the other side of the table until Serenity’s head was hanging over the edge, her breasts pillowing themselves beneath her as they pressed into the still living wood of the elven crafted furniture.

“She’s got a nice ass,” Brennan said, running his hands over the twin mounds of her ass. Cormac agreed, especially for a woman that slender — shapely, full, and covered with the delicate skin of the perfect woman, the skin soft and white and smooth. The dwarf felt suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of jealousy as Brennan rubbed and pinched and slapped her ass, making her jerk against the table where the other inquisitor held her.

He shook his head to clear it. It made no sense to get possessive over a whore, and he had never felt this kind of sentimentality towards any other piece of ass… but still he felt it. The absolutely perfect woman inspired a sense of greed that was foreign to the cruel dwarf, and while he didn’t understand it he could still feel it.

While Cormac was banishing the feeling Brennan quickly stripped, staring at Serenity’s gorgeous ass. The cock that popped out was large, and she whimpered as the hard cock rested on the soft flesh of her body. Jonathon grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up so that he could look into her tear streaked face with those gorgeous lips and those gorgeous eyes. Her eyes were closed, but both he and Cormac could tell just by the expression on her face what Brennan was doing. They knew the exact moment when his head touched against her gaping cunt, and when he started to press. From the way Serenity twisted it must have hurt horribly when he put it in, even though Cormac had already stretched her out and lubed her cunt up. Her face twisted and she shuddered, a soft sob escaping her lips at the same time.

Brennan gasped as he entered her, the sound of flesh striking flesh filling the room as Serenity’s eyes filled with new tears. The feeling of possessiveness of the beautiful whore grew slowly in the dwarf as Brennan brutally fucked her abused cunt from behind, like an animal. Cormac stood with Jonathon, watching her pain and humiliation flash across her gorgeous features in expression after expression while she was raped again.

The two of them were almost lost, made drunk by the sight of her pitiful face when her eyes popped open in surprise and pain, those deep blue pools shiny with tears and so filled with pain and despair they were actually shimmering. Cormac shivered in pure lust, his cock growing harder and harder as he watched Serenity’s beautiful face twist itself into a mask of pain and shame while Brennan came inside her. The inquisitor grunted over and over as he flooded her again, her eyes running with tears and her body shaking.

Cormac thought then to take her sobbing mouth, driving himself into that precious face while she wept, but Johnathon beat him to it, throwing the pathetic elven girl off the table and to the floor, standing over her without releasing her dichromatic hair. His eyes never left her prostrate form while he dropped his pants, the room absolutely silent except for an occasional sob from Serenity.

When he had finished disrobing he sat down on a chair, slumping forward, holding his cock in one hand, straight up in the air. “Come over here, Serenity,” he said, the first words any of them had uttered in long minutes. “Come here you rebel whore, and suck my cock.” All three inquisitors waited as they watched her, half hoping that she would resist and give them another excuse to abuse and defile her perfect body, her porcelain skin already growing dark with many bruises. She sobbed once, and then began crawling on her knees toward Johnathon, her head down, that long hair sticking to the sweat on her shoulders and breasts and back.

Cormac watched jealously as she reached the inquisitor, as she opened those gorgeous, full pink lips and slid her mouth over his cock. By Sanguinar he wanted this elf woman so badly… it was almost unbelievably hot to watch this perfect elf slut kneeling like that, crying as her head bobbed up and down, her hair veiling her face as her cheeks hollowed out, working Johnathon’s cock. He wrapped his hands around her hair, gripping her head and pushing himself deeper. She made the most horrific gagging noise as his cock entered her throat for the first time, and Cormac almost came right then. The dwarf had no idea what was going on with him, but he knew that this was by far the hottest fuck he had ever gotten his hands on. Her head made small jerking motions as Johnathon shoved her head down on his cock, screaming in protest as she chocked, the inquisitor’s cock slipping deep into her throat.

Cormac looked on with envy as the cock was buried to the hilt in her mouth, her eyes wide and body bucking from lack of oxygen as her hands clawed uselessly in the air. Johnathon held her impaled on his cock, her throat bulging. Brennen drove his foot into her ass, savagely kicking the girl while he laughed, and both inquisitors reveled in the muffled scream she made as her straining body was beaten and fucked. Johnathon was brutal, his hands to either side of her head, anchored by her mane as he drove her head up and down on his cock. He slammed her face into his groin as he fucked deep into her throat. Brennen was still kicking her, slapping her, squeezing her breasts even as her throat was raped, torturing the sexy elf like a lithe piece of trembling meat. Serenity’s ass and thighs and back turning an ugly blue-black from the beating, her screaming getting louder even through the muffling provided by Johnathon’s cock. The screams were driving Cormac back into a frenzy as Johnathon slammed her face down onto his cock and held it there, leaving no doubt that he was cumming deep in her throat, pressing her face against his groin.

Cormac simply had to have her again, had to bury his cock deep into his prize captive again. The dwarf grabbed her by the hair, close to the scalp, and yanked her violently from Johnathon’s grasp and off of his cock as soon as the inquisitor stopped moaning, her spit and a strand of cum trailing out past her lips as he literally dragged her five feet across the floor. Without making a sound he threw her onto her stomach and dropped to his knees behind her, grabbing her hips and pulling her bruised, beaten ass high into the air as he pressed his cock against her abused, raped cunt once again.

He slammed into her hard, brutally, intent on banishing his lust and jealouys in one savage motion by hurting to bitch and tearing screams from her. He only gave her three strokes however, before he slid his cock form her gripping snatch and pressed it against the petite elf’s tiny asshole. Her reaction was everything the dwarf could have possibly hoped for. She opened her mouth in a desperate, wordless scream as she started struggling against his grip, harder than the dwarf had thought such a slight girl capable. None of it mattered once Cormac had decided to take her asshole, however. He held her steady, thews bulging in his arms as he suspended her all but in midair, pressing his rape-lubed cock into her asshole while her body writhed in his grip.

He pressed forward harder, stubby fingers leaving more bruises around her hips. Almost like they were hypnotized, both inquisitors watched as her ass began to give, a scream starting low in her chest as she tried to drag her body away from the dwarf, her tits scraping on the floor. Her scream reached its peak as the hard cock broke through into her ass, echoing through the palace. It was so tight it hurt, Cormac’s prick being strangled to death by her asshole as he pressed further and further into her. Her screams became a howl, and then finally broke into sobs of defeat and pain as he sank the final inch of his massive cock into her squeezing, unwilling ass.

Cormac dragged his cock out, taking comfort in the way her perfect, pale body tensed in agony, and then drove it hard back into her. He impaled himself again and again into the tight cocksheath of an ass, thinking about nothing else but the tight perfection of the elf whore on the ground before him as he slammed Serenity’s ass with all the brutality he could. The dwarf only barely noticed when Brennan knelt down in front of her, grabbing her hair to force her mouth open before driving his cock into her mouth, raping that hole as well.

The two followers of Sanguinar, mercenary and inquisitor, fucked her for what felt like years, her body quivering both tits swinging wildly between them as they filled her ass and throat, the only sounds that of slapping flesh and her pitiful moans of pain. Cormac’s mind was completely hazed over with lust and pleasure now, his entire existence focused on the sensation of his cock in between the two beaten mounds of flesh that were her ass until he jerked, his entire body going sore as he came deep inside the girl’s rectum, cock throbbing again and again he spewed his seed into her bowels, filling up sweet, lithe, beautiful Serenity with rape cum in all of her holes.

He pulled out, swaying with exhausted balance while the dwarf watched Brennan finish up in her abused throat and let her body slowly slide to the floor beside the dwarf. Cormac shook his head, trying to clear the exhaustion as he made his way to one of the rooms chairs and sat down heavily, and Brennan did the same. Johnathon, the only one of her tormentors not too exhausted to stand, was looking down at the captive elf. He kicked her a few times in the side, though not that hard, before he reached down and rolled her unresisting body over.

Serenity lay broken on the floor. Her arms, still unbound but unmoving, rested stretched over her head, making her body seem longer and taller. Her tits, reddened and bruised by the beating, rode high on her chest. Her throat worked painfully, swallowing and breathing in soft rasps. A tiny trickle of blood flowed from her nose and ass, and her lips were bruised black and blue. Cormac thought he had never seen a more beautiful woman. Her face was still slick with tears, her hair messy and sticking to her face in lines of black and white. She writhed slowly on the floor, unable to remain still, for the brutal rapes had taken even her ability to lie on the floor without new pain.

Cormac was mesmerized, and to his shock he felt his cock starting to grow hard again. He couldn’t look away from the beautiful elf priestess, drinking in that wonderful body as it did its slow dance of pain on the floor. At last Jonathon knelt by her by her feet and grabbed her by the ankles, ignoring her moan of pain as he pushed them up and back until her knees lay over his shoulders. He leaned over her, his cock aimed right at her gash, still gaping red and raw from her rapes. She didn’t open her eyes, only groaned when he pushed his cock into her raw cunt, burying it to the hilt. He left it there, staring down at her face before he started to fuck her, all the while she wept.

Two weeks ago, Caladwen

Dorn was exhausted. Utterly and completely. He had no energy left — he could barely twitch — but still his cock was hard.

“Are you listening, Dorn?” Alissandra’s silky voice called out. The sound of her words made a shudder of pleasure go down his spine. “Dorn? I’m trying to tell you something important.”

“Yes…” he moaned, doing his best to focus his mind on the maddeningly beautiful girl that, for some reason, was in bed with him, her smooth thigh resting inside his and against his crotch, her arm folded across his heaving chest. “Yes, I’m listening Alissandra.”

“Good, because it’s time. I’m going to be gone for a few weeks after tonight, and you are going to wait for me to get back like a good little puppy, won’t you?”

“Yes…” he moaned, pleasure coursing through him again at the words. He had no idea why he wasn’t insulted, but somehow, coming from the erinyes nothing seemed insulting.

“Good. Tell Shevarn that your source has another plan for him.”

“W-” he almost choked as her hand lightly brushed against his throat, making him swallow harshly to prevent himself from screaming in ecstasy. “What are we going to do?”

She smiled up at him, and that radient expression didn’t look at all predatory to him. He almost fainted. “We are going to kill high priest Lahk,” she said cheerfully, the smile never fading.

And she told him how.

At last, they could not possibly fuck her any longer.

Hot though they were for the elf bitch, they had been trying to rub another orgasm out of her abused, agonized, anguished body but they just could not cum again. They had no energy left, and although their cocks were still hard as steel they just didn’t have it in them to rape Serenity any longer.

Cormac and the two inquisitors staggered out of the room, leaving the rebel whore to cry on the floor as they stepped out into the hall. “She is ours alone,” Cormac said, speaking for the first time in hours. “No one touches her but us.”

The other two nodded in agreement.

Earlier that day

Elven screams filled the house, the sounds of bloody combat and death. The church had found this safe house, and the guards were dying to give the leader of the rebellion a chance to escape capture. They could not afford to lose their leader again — if the same fate befell her as had fallen on Elide, the spirit of the people would be crushed.

Alissandra, however, did not flee. She calmly plucked two feathers from her right wing, whispering to them softly before tossing them to the ground and turning to her mirror. Her body rippled and her flesh writhed as it stretched and shrank, her wings disappearing into her back somewhere as her face began to change shape. Her eyes widened and her mouth shrank, her hair changed color and her ears grew. Her breasts grew and the entire rest of her body shrank, and she gestured with her right hand. Strong male hands began draping an elegant gown of white silk over her form, and she smiled at herself in the mirror.

She turned. The two feathers had grown into two powerfully built men, constructs created by her own might, reflections of her will and power. One of the incubi still had his hand outstretched from where he had given her the dress, and the other casually watched the door while the sounds of fighting grew closer.

By the time the invaders reached the room she hid in, Alissandra stood alone in the center of the room. The two soldiers rushed in, mouths opened to yell… until two clawed hands tore their throats open from behind. The erinyes smiled, turning back to the mirror while her servants quickly stripped the bodies and began to don their armor, their faces changing to look like the two fallen servants of Sanguinar.

Beautiful, two colored hair looked back at her, all but covering her pointed ears, bright blue eyes shining behind her exotic mane.

Serenity smiled.

Finally dressed, one of the incubi grabbed her and pushed her out the door while she struggled.

“We have her, sir!”

Johnathon and Brennen slowly dragged themselves back towards their quarters, completely exhausted. That insanely sexy elf bitch had completely drained them, and they knew their cocks would be sore for a week after what they had put the woman through. They smiled to each other slightly, happy in the shared knowledge of the best fuck of their lives… high priest Lahk was so busy upstairs with his own little piece of cunt, and he had no idea what he was missing down here.

They rounded the corner and almost walked right into a pair of guards patrolling together down the hallway. Brennen tilted his head for a second in thought, then smiled at them. “Lerek and Daniel, right? I heard you’re the ones who captured the elf cunt… great job on that.” He smiled, thinking of exactly what he had to thank them for.

One of the soldiers tilted his head the exact same way the inquisitor just had and smiled. “Great job on that,” he said, in the exact same voice.

The exhausted inquisitors didn’t even realize they should be screaming until it was too late.

Back in her cell, Serenity’s bruises began to heal, disappearing as all the energy she had absorbed healed her body back to perfection.

And, struggling to keep the sound silent, she laughed, low and mocking and victorious.

She wasn’t alone anymore.

It took Uthielle a long time to realize that she was warm. Someone had wrapped a blanket around her while she sobbed into it, moaning like a whore all the while. His hands were brushing her face, wiping away her tears. How long had she been crying for?

Lahk was standing next to her, she knew. It had to be Lahk, there was never anyone else but Lahk.

Lahk showing her mercy.

He held out a glass of water to the dirty elf and she took it. The water was crystal clear, and felt like paradise in her dry mouth… even if it did emphasize just how bad her mouth tasted at the moment.

“Sleep well,” he said, then he left.

Uthielle did, and when she was woken every hour that night and forced to orgasm, she didn’t mind. At least she had a blanket to curl up in afterward.

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