Chapter Six: Demoness

In which lines are crossed,
a war is waged,
and people have to decide who they want to be

The war was not going well for the dwarfs.

Stripped of their God’s leadership, any sense of central resistance collapsed within days. It was less than a week until Sanguinar’s armies entered the dark caverns beneath the sand, taking the fight directly to the largest cities of their empire. Stubborn and well armed, the dwarves made the demons pay for every step they took… but within another week, the armies had been ground to dust and routed.

Now the confines of the caverns worked against the dwarfs. They had nowhere to flee, nowhere to withdraw to, but back into civilian populations. Some forces surrendered, understanding that they could not resist. Others fell back into the cities themselves, seeking to blend in among noncombatants and resist the way the elves had before them.

But most, knowing what awaited their people if they failed, chose to fight until the last man. That was the state that Teheras, the subterranean capital of the Dwarven empire, found itself in found itself in as the demonic armies of Lahk advanced one step at a time, killing those who resisted and enslaving the rest. The remnants of the army fought continually, desperate to overcome this foe and save their lands, but the monsters were already within the walls. Not a one of them thought that they could be victorious.

Their only hope was to sell their lives dearly as they could.

Within the beach head inside the walls of Teheras, the battle raging all around him didn’t touch Lahk in the least. He had nothing to think about, save for the victim tied on the bed, waiting for him.

Kardas was naked before him, her armor having been discarded miles before and leaving her ice blonde hair exposes and laying around her head, like a halo of a martyred angel. The demoness was bound on the room’s bed, but the goddess was not restrained anything like a mortal woman would be. Her power was such that, given an unguarded moment, she would shatter her captivity and seek the vengeance she was so known for. While Lahk did not fear her power in a fight, not with his newfound strength, there were ways it could be turned against him… even a small blade can be dangerous if stabbed into his back. It was not something he was willing to risk.

Instead of the sort of bondage he would use a mortal, even a dangerous one, the Goddess of Revenge was wrapped in a dozen solid metal bands he had ordered forged in hellfire while she was held unconscious by his power. The bands had been made perfectly to size to wrap around her torso both above and below her large breasts, pinning her hands behind her back. Another trio of strong bands held the limbs together themselves. Two shining metal loops wrapped around her legs, start at mid thigh and working down until the final one was around her ankles. A pair further bands held her wings folded at the joint, unable to open, and a single circle of steel prevented them from even moving from her back, locking them in place completely. A single band was wrapped around her mouth, but it was unlike the others. Instead of covering her lips, it held them open, spread wide and vulnerable to whatever degrading thing Lahk decided to put inside her.

The final band of the twelve wrapped around her throat like a collar, and while it restrained nothing, it was simultaneously the most important of them all, for it was the magic Lahk had poured into it that held the bindings together. The spell on it energized the fel runes he had inscribed onto the metal bands, It was the final piece of the magic that the God of Suffering intended to use in order to turn the powerful demoness, the most feared warlord of hell that the world had ever known, into a helpless incubator for his child.

Lahk had thought long and hard about what form his revenge would take. Kardas had much to answer for… not only had she tried to kill him weeks earlier, but even before that she was the mistress of the Erinyes… and as such she was the real party to blame for the destruction of his church, and for the death of his brother. He had thought he had taken the only retribution available to him when he had destroyed Alissandra, but now fate had placed the Erinyes’s mistress into his hands.

He would take his vengeance on her for what she had done, what her agents had done, rape and abuse her like the demonic whore she was, before he tore his heir from her loins. After that, he could kill her with impunity, secure in the knowledge that her power would be his as soon as his child grew old enough for Lahk to take his body for his own. As the Goddess of Revenge, Lahk knew that it was certain that the demoness would, at some level, enjoy whatever he did to her. That was tragic, but inevitable… he would just have to make sure she hated it more.

As he stood over her bound, beautiful form, her pale blue eyes literally glowing with hatred, he didn’t expect that to be overly hard.

A hundred years after the creation of the Veil

Kardas laugh and laughed and laughed. She’d been this amused for days now, and she expected to still be entertained weeks from now. Her law had worked even better than she could have hoped for, and provided far more enjoyment that she had felt for a thousand years.

After a hundred years, the first of her revenants had been born when a man in the newly built city of Maithum Falls had felt wronged. Certain that his family was being stolen away by another man, wife and children and profession and all, he had asked for the power to set things right. Amused by the situation, Kardas had granted his request for revenancy, secure in the knowledge that she would claim his life in a year or upon the successful completion of her revenge… not that it had been necessary. He had died in the attempt… as had the would-be thief. His wife and children had also perished in the fire, as had the victim’s aging father.

But that wasn’t even the funny part.

The part that really entertained her was that the man had been wrong. Kardas had watched, and knew the fool had thought his wife to be sleeping with the wrong man. The true wrong doer escaped free, and everyone else was dead, delivered to Caer or to her.

All in all, amusing in the extreme.

“Time to put a child to you, whore,” Lahk growled, manhandling the demoness on the bed and throwing her slightly further back. He followed onto it himself, pinning her onto her back with his weight. She made a wordless scream of protest and hated, made unintelligable by the band holding her mouth open. Lahk much preferred hearing his victims, letting them scream and cry to their heart’s content, but Kardas was going to be untamable, he was sure. She would bite if given a moments chance, and while he had no intention of wasting any seed on her mouth until her belly began to swell, he had thought it best to make the bondage complete before then. Anyway, the thought of offering her lips to the group of Incubi who slaughtered the most dwarves in the battle was an arousing one, and it pleased him greatly.

“Now, let me get at those tits of yours…” He pushed her down firmly as she kept struggling, enjoying her helplessness. There was nothing she could do… he had the leverage and the strength. Lahk yanked her hair savagely as beautiful Kardas looked at him with hatred in her eyes, her chest heaving from her frustration and struggling. Kardas had a truly enormous pair of breasts, tits designed to seduce mortal men and bend them to the demoness’s will. He wondered how many men had ever gotten their hands on them before… but he was certain none used them as roughly as he was going to.

Lahk ginned wickedly as he crushed the woman’s large tits in his hands, kneading them, enjoying the feel of them and how her nipples were unwillingly hardening under his abuse. Perhaps the demon cunt even liked a little bit of pain, but he was sure she wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much as he would enjoy hurting her, or as much as he intended to give her. “I’m going to miss you when you’re gone,” he said, snickering. “The world will be less without a pair of tits like these.” He shifted his weight down a bit and grabbed her legs, driving a knee into her gut to weaken her resistance as he lifted her legs up. She was well bound enough that it was impossible to force her legs apart, but that didn’t matter.

Abruptly, Lahk flipped her over on the bed, pushing her breasts against the cushioned mattress, holding her ass up in the air, exposed as the godling leaned down to lick her face, biting down on her neck. His cock was throbbing, so eager to penetrate her. He needed to be inside of her, right now, right this second. He sat on top of the strictly bound demon and pushed hard, the head of my cock lined up with her dry pussy from behind.

“Ah, so this is the cunt of a goddess…” he mocked as he pressed in, hard, short thrusts to breach her tight, dry channel. Her pussy was unprepared and completely unwilling again my assault, unyielding at first. Her struggled helped, the way she tried to move her body back and forth, grunting and snarling through the gag as Lahk shoved harder, gripping her hips, holding her against him to gain the leverage he needed to violate her.

Finally she gasped, letting out a fierce scream as Lahk breached her, the head of his cock sliding into her hole. “This is the rest of your life, whore. The only thing you’re good for until you die.” He pushed harder, still with those short, savage strokes that had never failed him in violating a dry cunt. “You feel so good. So fucking tight, just like I knew you’d be.” He sheathed himself within her resisting body ever deeper, fucking instead of penetrating, slamming her down against the bed hard.

Kardas snarled, pulling hard against her bonds as she was pinned beneath him, but the magical runes inscribed on the metal bands were too strong around her pale flesh, and her attempts to break free or force the dark god out of her were futile. She hated the the feel of his hands on her, of him inside of her, and she grunted in pain and frustration, unable to do anything.

“You just might be the best cunt I’ve ever fucked,” he grunted as he used her, exactly the way he had used countless other women… taking exactly what he wanted from her without caring a shit about her, how much he was hurting her. More thorough revenge would come later,but right now, she was there to get him off, to have the child he was going to force on her to steal her power. Again and again, in and out of her, he raped her like there was nothing else in the entirety of the Veil he would rather do, driving himself steadily toward orgasm. Harder and harder, still holding her exactly how he wanted her, fighting her pointless struggles and enjoying every second of her. “Yes, yeeessss, take my child you whore!” he groaned as he came, legs bucking as his cock flooded her with the seed of a god. “Right inside of you!” Lahk shouted, mocking her efforts at keeping him out. Thick streams of semen filled her, and she howled in rage and frustration into her gag. Lahk shook, pleasure washing through him until he collapsed on top of her, sucking in deep breaths.

This was always the best part… it was always so satisfying, so thrilling, to cum inside of a girl when she didn’t want it. There was no better feeling in the world than to flood a woman’s womb with his hot seed against her will… but this time, it was more so. He’d never actually sought a child before, never caring if he created one except how it would impact one of his whore’s profitability. This was different… it was better. It was total, complete victory.

He pulled himself out of her, turning her around on the bed so he could see the hated blazing in her sexy eyes. He felt a mad desire to stick his cock in that mouth, to ride her until he was fully hard again and then force her throat to take everything he could make her take, but that was madness. The most important part was to make her with child, and until she was pregnant he wouldn’t waste any of his precious seed in her mouth or ass.

Still, that didn’t mean she couldn’t be made to suffer anyway. “Uthielle, come in here,” he called, a cruel grin on his face. “I require the services of my high priestess…”

One thousand years ago

This had been a master stroke.

Kardas watched the abuse of the supple, demonic flesh in the pit beneath her. It wasn’t such an uncommon sight, of course. The fiends of the hells turned on each other as easily as they did their enemies, and when there was no ready victim available they practiced their predations just as eagerly on each other. What was uncommon was that abusers this time were not demons at all.

They were celestials.

In the pit below, pristine white wings were sullied by the smoke and smoke of brimstone as it coursed through the air, staining them black as surely as the mist rising off the demons in lieu of blood as they tormented them. Seeing the darkness in such luminous being pleased Kardas greatly, and she smiled as she watched their revenge. In the eternal war raging in Acherus, atrocities were expected in such a realm of death and destruction… but rape was not. For millenia, it had not occurred.

Until last week, anyway, when a group of four demons had torn down a particularly beautiful and well loved celestial and raped her for hours, tearing out her hair and abusing her body for hours before leaving her to bleed on the ground. Her wings might never heal from the lacerations the group had put in them. She still had not spoken, by all reports, and some feared that it may have been more merciful for her to die that day rather than to survive afterward.

The angels below were her friends, the closest of those who cared for her. They, more than every other celestial in Elysium, had been made furious by the actions of the foul monsters who had destroyed their friend… and where very eager when Kardas came to them and identified which four of the fiends had committed the assault. They were the four currently in the pit, being gradually torn apart by the vengeful angels.

Of course, they didn’t know Kardas had told the demons to do it in the first place, and torn out their tongues before turning them over to the celestials. Had she known it would lead so beautifully to such vengeance in the heart of such pure creatures, she would have ordered it done thousands of years ago.

Kardas lay on the bed, bound still, unable to move and virtually boiling with frustration and fury as she watched the whore elf service that monster with her mouth. The darked haired Uthielle was on her knees, naked as she herself was, her tanned skin shining with sweat as she willingly raped her own through on his cock. She could clearly see the fear she had of him… it dripped from every bit of subservience she showed, but she had been beaten into submission until she would do anything for him.

And what he wanted now was a show. She was cleaning his cock, getting him nice and hard before he watched the elf start in on her… and the though of once again being a victim was more than she could stand. It made hate like no mortal had ever felt boil through her blood like flame, her body heating up like an oven. She half hoped that the metal bands restraining her would be damaged by the heat, but instead they seemed to grow cooler, not only keeping themselves intact but forcing her to cool down as well.

The magic was well made, worthy of a god though she hated to admit it more than anything. She was not going to be able to work her own way free.

Finally, but far too soon for the demoness’s tastes, the elf pulled herself off of her foul master’s cock and stood, grabbing a leather cat with barbed tails from the table before walking over to the bed. She growled menacingly, a growl that had frozen mortal’s blood in their vein before, but when compared with her mutual fear and devotion towards Lahk, it could find no purchase on her.

The beautiful elf drew her arm back, and Kardas could see she was already breathing hard. It wasn’t hard to guess why… she could sense the strength in this mortal easily enough. Lahk had done terrible things to her to turn her into this shell of herself — things that normally would have made Kardas wet to think about — and now, given the chance, she was eager to give some of that torment back to whomever was available. How could a Goddess of Revenge not understand that?

But that didn’t make it any easier to accept the lash. The first blow sliced against her vulnerable skin, harsh enough to draw blood even through the tougher than human flesh. Kardas’s entire body shuddered, but except for a quick intake of breath, she made no sound. She liked a little pain, and there really wasn’t too much difference for her between making someone else hurt and hurting herself. The second stroke made her gasp as it landed across her shoulder blades. Her pale skin opened as if it had been sliced apart with a knife. Already her back was marked with a dozen red stripes, and the elf was just beginning.

“Ugghh!” Kardas gave a grunt under the third stroke as it slashed across her back, taking some of her skin with it. Drops of blood splattered the floor about her feet. This was more pain that she enjoyed, more than she wanted. The cat would have ripped a mortal to shreds. To her, maybe one tendril of the dozens was drawing blood per stroke… but even that one stroke was agonizing. “Agghh!” Kardas let out a little cry as the fourth hit. The whip was enchanted somehow, it had to be… the pain was tremendous, as painful as anything she had ever experienced in thousands of years. No simple mortal tool could hurt so badly.

Kardas had to bite down on the gag to keep from screaming… but it failed on the next blow. “Aaaaggghh!” The cry was echoing, and tiny splatters of blood flew in every direction, splashing onto the walls, floor, and even the ceiling. Her arched back was now completely red where the band’s did not conceal her bloody skin.

The elf stopped for a second after two dozen strokes, her svelte, naked body was drenched in sweat. The bitch had put all of her strength into each stroke, and it showed. She reached out and gave the goddesses perfect left breast a slight squeeze. “We’ll have to use these next, see if we can make them all pretty and red for my lord…” she whispered, and the Kardas was infuriated to see that she could turn her over as easily as Lahk had been able to, despite her divine power. The bondage sapped her strength almost entirely… she had never been so helpless as she was then as the elf flipped her onto her back and raised the whip again.

“Aaaaaggghhh!” Uthielle had brought the flail down across Kardas’s right breast and shoulder. The helpless goddess jerked in her bondage as the elf around the bed to the opposite side. Thwack! Kardas screamed again as this time her left breast and shoulder were targeted. The high priestess moved again, trying the left side once more, creating a small laceration in the pale flesh.

Uthielle continued her strategic targeting of Kardas’s body, slowly painting her red in welts and blood. Much to the goddesses shame in herself, there was no interval between her screams now. She continued shrieking in pain even when she was not being flogged, for the first time even her hatred needing to bow down to the agony.

When at last the elf stopped to rest again, the pale skinned demoness was too exhausted to move, too weak to even writhe in her bonds. Lahk, across the room, wore a sickening smile of satisfaction, and so did his puppet elf. They were leering at her, she knew, enjoying the way her body was crisscrossed with bloody stripes. The black haired high priestess stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Kardas growled again, but it wasn’t half as threatening this time. The room was colored with her blood. Rivulets of red ran down her body and pooled on the bed. Her breathing was shallow and she no longer screamed. She was too exhausted and beaten to make the effort.

“Very sexy,” said Lahk, staring admiringly at his victim’s lacerated body. “Now fuck her face.”

Uthielle let the lash drop to the ground and she strode back to the table, a happy bounce to her steps that hadn’t been there before. The whore was enjoying this… the damned bitch. She grabbed a thick dildo with two ends and pranced back to the captive goddess, and gave an irritating, superior grin before she pressed it into Kardas’s open mouth. With her lips and teeth restrained by the gag, there was precious little she could do to resist as the thick shaft was forced to the back of her throat, making her gag on it. The demoness was certainly so stranger to oral sex, but this position she was forced into was impossible… flat on her back, there was no chance of her doing anything but gag on it, and her tongue beat uselessly against the fake cock in an effort to dislodge it.

Then the elf put herself over Kardas’s face and lowered her own pussy onto the long shaft, impaling herself deeply on the thick shaft. The weight of the elf as she pressed herself down forced the dildo deeper into Kardas’s throat, and she was in no way at the proper angle to be penetrated that way… it was agonizing that way it pressed into her. Uthielle forced herself down until her cunt rested on the bound goddesses face, the fake dick fully sheathed in her body, then she gripped it with one hand to hold it in place and began to pump herself down on it, fucking it, riding it like a horse. Each movement of her body pushed it against the back of her throat again, bruising her, brutalizing her… and then she felt Lahk raise up her legs, his huge cock sliding again into her rape-lubed sheath, fucking her anew…

One thousand years ago

“So they threw you out?”

Kardas sat on a throne of bone, looking down at the supplicant before her. She was beautiful, to be sure, but there was something more to her than just that, a darkness and rage that the demon warlord found every bit as lovely as the lines of her chin, the wave of her hair, the color of her eyes. Kardas felt that she could look at her all day and not grow bored… she was one of those being that seemed to wear their potential on the surface of their skin, plain to be seen by all.

“Not exactly. We chose to leave.” Her tone was even, and there seemed to be no pain in her words, much to the warlord’s surprise.

“You and your brothers and sisters all?” Kardas actually felt her breath catch in her throat. She couldn’t have ever imagined her scheme would end this well. Never in her thousands of years of life could she had imaged such a coup.

The woman nodded slowly, somberly, the first trace of emotion she had shown during this meeting. Slowly, the demoness smiled. “I think I can give you all a home with me, my sweet. If Caer no longer appreciates true justice, I would be happy to hold you in his stead, my dear…” she paused, voice seeking.

The angel, for the first time, seemed to hesitate. “I no longer have a name. We were stripped of them when we abandoned Elysium.”

“Well then,” the demon queen said as she rose to her feet, pale blonde hair cascading behind her as she stepped towards the dark haired beauty. “Welcome home, my lovely Alissandra.”

Uthielle had enjoyed herself more than she thought she would. Giving back a little of the pain she herself had felt for so long was… far more wonderful than she could have imagined. She had even managed to cum while she rode the demoness’s face.

Of course, Lahk’s use of the demoness hadn’t ended with that. With a powerful lunge of his hips he thrust fully into her in a single, and then kept on thrusting. She was certainly more than aware of the cruel size of his cock, and Kardas’s tight rape tunnel gripped it like a vise. If she weren’t so well lubricated by the seed of a dozen previous fucks, the pain would have been indescribable.

There must be something wrong with her. Her cunt was slick as she watched the woman suffer. To her, it seemed just that if she had needed to be abused, everyone else was equally fair game. Her god Lahk was relentless… He settled into a steady rhythm and pounded the goddess’s sex organ like a carpenter driving nails. She’d been reduced to tears somet time ago, tears of anguish, tears of humiliation, and tears of rage all flowed from her eyes. She had howled herself hoarse hours ago… now she was capable only of rasping whimpers.

Slowly, she put back on her armor. Her lord wanted her to return to the battle, to direct it and secure his victory… but she found herself looking forward to returning to help Lord Lahk with the cunt after the day was one. Relucantly, she grabbed her enchanted sword once again and walked from the room and back into the chaos of war.

Lahk, however, had no need to join himself. He had forever to ravish his captive goddess for as long as he wanted, to make this an ordeal she would never forget if she lived for another thousand years. He raped her almost nonstop for the next five hours. For the bound demoness, the pain mounted continually, growing worse over time as one injury was added on top of another and another. Several times the hapless woman teetered on the edge of unconsciousness, but each time she came close Lahk momentarily decreased the ferocity of his assult, allowing her to recover enough to suffer more.

By the time Lahk was tired of abusing her, Kardas felt more devastated than she had ever felt before in her long life, more exhausted and more injured than she imagined many of her captives in hell to be… and she knew it would only be a matter of time before he raped her again.

And again.

And again.

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