Chapter Twelve: Triumph

8 months ago, Caladwen

Elide could have kissed the church of Sanguinar… and she certainly never thought that she would ever feel that way, but it was exactly what she thought at the moment.

Word had begun to reach isolationist Caladwen of how strong the church had become once again, a dominant force in Silas… and people were scared. The thought of their old enemy ascendant again terrified them, and their fear gave her more power… every day she had more support. With only modest manipulation, she could turn it into a renewed surge towards Queen-hood for her within a few months.

Elide watched over the crater that houses Caladwen as the sun set, casting her slowly into shadows on her balcony. From up here, the world looked so tiny, like she could stretch out her hand and move the buildings and trees around to fit her whim. Like she could own everything, control everything, improve everything.

Of course, she knew that the fears were baseless. Without Sanguinar himself — his drive, his power — the church was no threat to Caladwen. Led by a mere boy, what risk could they be to security? The trick would be to cement her power as thoroughly as possible before the elven citizens realized this…

Thirteenth week of captivity

Uthielle’s world exploded into paid as the lash struck her sore breast once more, crying out uselessly into the gag she wore. She wasn’t hurt frequently anymore, and hadn’t been in many weeks, but when she was, it was always bad. Her dark skin burned badly with the sting of the welts, but she couldn’t complain even in her own mind — she knew she deserved it. If her lord wanted to beat her breasts until they bled, that was his business. The room was dark, lit only by a few candles against the far wall, and even as close as Lord Lahk was to her she could not see the strikes coming before they landed on her bare skin, giving her no opportunity to react.

And he was close to the bound girl… he had been fucking her for the last three days almost without stopping, since she had come out of isolation. Uthielle couldn’t think of it as rape any longer. Notwithstanding her bonds, she couldn’t imagine Lord Lahk not doing with her whatever he chose now. This wasn’t an attack on her… it was punishment for what she had done, punishment that she deserved. Who was she to object to her punishment? If she had the ability to refuse it, it would be no punishment at all…

The fact that she didn’t know what she was being punished for wasn’t important. She knew that she had earned it somehow.

Her arms felt like they were tearing so tightly were they tied, with no slack to account for Lord Lahk’s thrusts moving her. She lay face up on his bed, bound spread eagle and perfectly taut to make her perfectly toned, outstretched, and straining body gleam with sweat as it was stretched out just slightly too far for even her flexibility. He was holding onto her hips as the high priest drove his cock into her tight body again and again, making it shake uncontrollably with the pain that each pump brought to her limbs.

And all the time he did, the lash in his right hand was coming down on her body — her arms, her belly, her legs, her shoulders… but most of all, her pert, proud tits. The room was so dark she couldn’t see anything of even her own breasts but for the shine of the faint candlelight on moisture along their edge… sweat, or perhaps blood? Uthielle was glad she could not see what Lord Lahk was doing to her mounds, even as she cursed the darkness for making her unable to see the pain coming… and throughout all of it, he could not stop fucking her like a an inexhaustible machine, a force of nature.

Where did he get his stamina? He had been using her non-stop for hours since his last break, and that break hadn’t been long. It was like he was completely obsessed with her body, and could never get enough of it… Uthielle made no attempt to restrain her moans and tears anymore. Everything hurt too badly, inside and out, for her to even make the effort. She hurt from the tips of her toes to the extended fingers of her hands. Even her scalp hurt — some of her raven mane had matted, and was pinned beneath her, tugging at her every time Lord Lahk’s fucking shifted her body.

When she understood… the high priest said that she could rest when she understood, but it was so hard for her to think like this. What did Lord Lahk mean? “Your actions are inexcusable, but you are forgivable,” he had said. What did he want her to understand about that? He said he would protect her, be her guardian and savior from her deserved punishment, and somewhere, buried in her mind, Uthielle knew that he was doing just that, stretching out a hand to her in kindness and offering her rescue, offering her a kindness she had not earned but that was being graciously extended to her anyway…

If only she wasn’t too stupid of a whore to see where it was.

Warmth filled her as she came beneath Lord Lahk’s pounding cock, her orgasm hurting her all the more as it made her bound arms and legs stretch madly, thrashing in the immobile bonds. Her churning brought Lord Lahk off as well, because he was suddenly erupting into her, filling her twisting cunt with his seed again before sliding out of the elf and letting her leak pitifully onto the bed. For the first time since he had entered her the whipping stopped, and she wept harder with relief as he crawled over her taut form to crouch by her face.

“Time to suck your god, Uthielle,” he whispered as he removed her gag, and the noirette elf nodded eagerly. He moved to sit on her breasts, resting his weight on her abused tits completely as he helped her put her lips against his cock by pulling her tangled hair. Her body screamed in agony, her breasts blazing beneath the renewed torment, but the elf did nothing more than groan. She deserved it after all. As she slid the cock as deeply into her mouth as she could and began to suck her lord, she ran her tongue around it, trying to wrap the head in her tongue the way a snake constricts its prey.

After a month of constant practice and Lord Lahk’s brutal training, she had become a good cocksucker. Uthielle moved her face up and down, rushing forward on his cock before relaxing her head back down on the bed despite the pain the action caused her scalp and her breasts, moaning out the anguish around the cock she was trying her hardest to fit into her throat despite the angle.

And then, Uthielle finally understood.

7 years ago, Caladwen

Nessira was furious.

It had nothing to do with the smooth operation of her ship — the Viridian Dream had never been performing better. As much as the captain was loath to admit she had been wrong, Liriel had proved to be a tremendous asset, and despite still bearing the title of initiate druid, Nessira knew she didn’t deserve it. By rights she should have been made a full druid years ago, more than a decade ahead of schedule.

It had nothing to do with the work they were doing. With Caladwen growing increasingly isolationist in every other way, keeping up trade with the rest of Silas was of critical importance… even if they had to be very careful docking in cities in which the church of Sanguinar was slowly ascendant.

No, what infuriated her was that she hadn’t been home for more than a week at a time in the last two years. Nor had any other of the ships captains and crews… not since they had announced their lack of support for Elide in the wake of Lissa’s departure. Even with any hope of her taking the throne banished by the Archdruid’s warnings, the steward had proved vindictive and fully capable of using her role as Steward to lash out at everyone she could who had thwarted her.

The blond captain sighed as she stood on the ship’s tower, watching her crew work below. They deserved better than this treatment.

Nessira knew what despair felt like now.

Life as Helios’s possession was like something from the darkest nightmares made real. His magic was something she had no chance to possibly resist, and he used it to bring her to the very edge of insanity every single day, before ripping her back from that precipice while she wept and begged and screamed for the arrogant monster.

While she was dragged through the palace by a pair of inquisitors she did not recognize, the only pleasure she could take in the agonizing experience was that at least Helios wouldn’t be abusing her today.

The woman they threw her into a cell with was even worse off than Nessira was… the blond captain could see that instantly. Bruises covered her entire body until the pale skin was more purple and blue than white, and her lips were swollen and bleeding. She seemed almost see through she was so frail, and her hair…

Nessira blinked. “Priestess Serenity?” she gasped. New tears came to her now, to see another piece of Caladwen’s great society torn down by the invaders.

The abused priestess, astonishingly, chuckled. If Nessira’s body was in as bad of shape as the slender elf’s was, she would hardly be able to move, much less laugh. “I’m afraid not, my dear. Serenity died during the initial invasion, half a year ago.”

“But…” Nessira stammered in disbelief. “Your hair…” the blond elf warrior pointed to the distinctive, exotic mane the priestess wore, recognizable even through the stains of cum.

The elf who claimed not to be Serenity laughed, the sound cold enough to make the other elf shiver just before she was pushed to the ground by the inquisitors behind her, the door firmly shut. “It is a pretty good disguise, is it not?” the cruel elf smiled at her as she climbed on top of the other woman, her breasts sliding across her form as she wiggled towards the woman’s face. “You did well, my pets. This one will suffice.”

Her lips pressed against Nessira’s and a brief sensation of absolute bliss passed through her, a desire for more that she did not even begin to understand… and could hardly even question. “Wrong, wrong, wrong…” she muttered to herself as the mysterious elf crawled further up until her hips were above Nessira’s face, her abused cunt staring the captain right in her face. The pale elf looked down at her, smiling as she slowly lowered herself onto the blond’s face.

Nessira almost retched in disgust as her spread pussy touched her lips. Already she could taste the odor of the woman, the sweet scent of fruit contaminated by gallons of cum. “Lick, slut…” she moaned, cold eyes boring into the terrified orbs of the woman below her. Her slips remained shut. “I said…” the pale elf grabbed a hold of the golden hair below her and pulled upwards savagely, pressing Nessira’s face firmly against her crotch while the woman cried out. “Lick!”

Still the blonde elf resisted, shutting her eyes and looking away from her new abuser. She had no idea who the woman who looked like Serenity was or what she wanted, but she did know that she wasn’t going to debase herself for the elf.

“Spread her legs and whip her,” the woman commanded… and strangely, the two inquisitors moved to obey. Nessira had never seen anyone from the church obey the least thing a woman said… and once again the elf was sure that she didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on… but she was beginning to realize that this woman terrified her even more than Helios did. Somehow, the completely unknown quality was worse than knowing the kind of monster Helios was… because she could be even worse.

Unbelievable pain flowed from Nessira’s cunt as a whip struck her delicate flesh. The two inquisitors kept her legs spread and the woman on her face was pinning the blond elf to the floor completely, leaving her unable to resist as the men whipped her tender flesh again and again while “Serenity” stared down into Nessira’s wide, crying eyes, just poking out from between her bruised legs. “This stops when I cum, slut…” she moaned with a smile. “If you still want to have a cunt when we’re done with you, get to work!”

Sobbing, Nessira obeyed and spread her lips. Immediately she tasted cum, dripping out of the elf’s abused snatch and into her mouth, and then she screamed into the woman’s cunt as the whip landed again. Desperately she ignored the foul taste of the old semen and impaled her tongue in Serenity, trying to please her abuser. The whip lashed her again and again, and the pale elf seemed to take extreme pleasure at Nessira screaming into her crotch with each blow. “Lick me clean…” she commanded in a whisper, her eyes shining as she saw the fear and pain in the blonde captain’s pair.

Working frantically now, Nessira drove her tongue in and out of the dripping snatch, fucking the woman with her tongue while her own pussy was so horribly hurt by the inquisitors. To her horror she realized that the taste of cum was vanishing, to be replaced with more of the sweet taste — she truly had licked the woman clean of the cum inside her. Serenity was breathing hard now, rubbing her crotch against Nessira’s face with each stroke of her tongue, bashing her clit against the blond elf’s nose…

Her cries were high and loud, but suddenly they went silent as a new feeling overcame the elf… the feeling of her life energy draining out of her through the connection between the two of them, and even as she grew weaker she could see Serenity growing stronger. Her bruises vanished, slowly making her skin perfect again. Her cuts disappeared, her hair was again perfect.. Even the cunt her tongue was in clenched tighter on Nessira, restoring itself to perfect shape.

In that instant she felt she finally understood this creature above her… she knew what she was and was terrified all the more.

This was the sort of person who had kicked over piles of ants for fun, tore the wings off insects and turned turtles on their backs just to watch them struggle and laugh. But Nessira wasn’t an animal or a bug… she was a living, thinking being, and this dark creature was bathing in her pain, feasting on her very essence, raping her on a level she could never even approach physically.

Nessira passed out.

When she came to, she was alone on the floor. She was careful not to move, to give any sign she was awake. She was so sore, so tired… but she could hear voices, and tried to listen.

“Do we need to clean her up?” A male voice. One of the inquisitors.

“No need. She’ll probably live,” said a female voice. The creature posing as Serenity.

“You are fully recovered then, Mistress?” said another man. The other inquisitor… Mistress?

A cold laugh. “I am. Take me to Cormac… it’s time.”

“Yes mistress,” said both men together. Footsteps fading as they left the room.

There was no sound of a door closing.

Thirteen years ago
Sanguinar’s Temple in the countryside outside of Maithum Falls

“I swea’ to serve ye, milord, unti’ my body runs cold. Not for treasure no’ flesh wi’ I betray ye, an’ ye will be mine. I swea’ to serve ye as I did ye father b’for’ ya, loyal an’ true. I swea’ I shall die in yer place if ye ask it o’ me, and my life and death a’ yers to command, milord Lahk, High Priest and Son of the right’ful lord o’ Silas, Lord Sanguinar he’self.”

Lakh smiled. “I accept, Cormac. Rise.” The dwarf did, keenly aware that Blackwand rested just inches from his neck. The flat of the blade was on his shoulder, but even the slightest moment of either inattention or malice on the high priest’s part would mean a painful death for the dwarven soldier.

“You are my first servant, the first to recognize the rightful ruler of Silas. Always, you will be first among my followers, and your rewards will be likewise.” He gestured to the wall where Serena lay bound, bruised and bleeding.

The dwarf smiled at the raped teenager, his cock already growing hard.

Alissandra ran her hands softly through the dwarf’s coarse red hair as he rested on his knees, looking up at her. They were in a cell, the space that had been Cormac’s chamber for the past several days while she prepared. All that she had needed to do was suggest to the dwarf that he would be closer to her if he moved his quarters down here, and he had leaped at the chance. She had abandoned her disguise now, surrounding the pair of them with her black wings like a curtain, but she could still see his eyes stare at her with worship and blind devotions. She shivered with lust… it was exquisite to see such a broken toy of hers, ready to serve her in whatever way she chose…

“Wha’ ca’ I do fer ye, m’ love…”

Alissandra smiled. Love. So pathetic.

She plucked a single black feather from her left wing this time, placing it on the window sill outside the bars, waiting until the feather grew into another demon servant… a succubus this time, naked and beautiful. Bat wings flapped slowly from her back, holding her aloft in the air outside the palace. “Tell Dorn that it’s time. Sundown tonight.”

As the succubus flew off, Cormac asked again. “Plea’ milady. Wha’ ca’ I do?”

She smiled at him as she gave his beard an affectionate tug. “Why,” she said innocently. “You’re going to kill Lahk for me.”

Uthielle finally understood what Lord Lahk was truly offering her. Not just a helping hand or protection, but a new life free of punishment, free of guilt. She wasn’t a bad girl, he had all but said that. Her choices were bad, her beliefs were bad, and her people and goddess and country were bad, but she wasn’t.

And if she herself wasn’t bad…

He was giving her a choice to abandon her old beliefs and define herself by them no longer, or to stand beside them. A choice to be his friend or his enemy. A choice between service and rebellion, pleasure and pain.

Uthielle lovingly, devotedly, sucked on her god’s cock with all the effort she could muster, trying to swallow him whole despite her impossible alignment of her head and throat. She so badly wanted to please him anyway… she hoped he would find a way to force it into her deeper regardless of the reality. Her tongue slurped noisily on him as she sucked, spit shining on the shaft of the member as she repeatedly impaled her face as hard as she could on him.

It wasn’t even a choice, it was so obvious, and she could hardly wait until she had swallowed her new god’s cum to tell him so.

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