Eighteen – Family Bonding

“Please…stop…” Nephele whimpered, much to Shandra’s delight. The halfling woman did not even care so much about the pain the priestess could inflict upon her, but she just could not bear to witness the degradation and torture of her daughters any longer.

“You agreed to serve, didn’t you?” Therion snarled, not stopping for one moment in raping Alora’s tight throat. Ever since he’d become a semi-deity, he’d acquired great skill in paying attention to many things at the same time. Given that he was keenly aware of any acts of sexual violation within his immediate surroundings and occasionally beyond that, it was a must.

“So stop your whining. Shandra said it… you want this to stop, then tell your thieving daughters to perform for me. Otherwise, we’ll make you watch their assrape next.”

Nephele gasped. The idea of this inhumanly thick tool going into… she could not think further. This was monstrous…of course, she did not know that Therion’s power allowed him to do these things easily and without permanently harming the girl in question, although the pain was still very much the same.

She also had no idea that he would do it to them later anyway. But breaking Nephele was currently more important than just having his cock up Lina’s asshole again.

“No…please…I’ll…do it…” she whimpered. Therion nodded, smirking. Grabbing a fistful of Alora’s hair, he pulled her off his cock, thick strands of saliva and precum connecting it to her lips as the poor halfling gasped.

“Listen to your mother, whores,” he snarled, slapping Lina’s face and pulling her away from his crotch. Just watching her two daughters so full of fear and misery, Alora with tears in her eyes, her face red from exertion and the constant gagging Therion had forced upon her and Lina, trembling slightly, paralyzed with mind-numbing terror, it broke her heart.

How could such evil be allowed to exist?

Nephele tried to force herself to remember that she did this for their freedom, that only this night and the arena was what kept them from being free of their abuser forever.

“Speak, then!” Shandra snarled when Nephele hesitated, ramming her fingers into the halfling’s cunt as deep as they would go, drawing a pained shriek from the woman.

“Please…Lina…Alora…they will stop…whipping you if you…lick each other…down there…” Both girls looked at her, their expressions as miserable as before but, to Nephele’s surprise, not as shocked as she’d feared.

It was not the first time they had forced the girls to perform such acts for the amusement of others. Usually, it was only the prelude to a brutal gangrape from a group of sailors of mercenaries. Here, it was meant to degrade their own mother…neither girl could say if that was worse.
But they both knew that performing this task would not stop further abuses. Saddened beyond belief, Lina opened her mouth to speak but before she could do so, the belt hit her square across her tits, turning the words about to form into a cry of pain.

” You heard your mother!” Sarevok barked and both girls nodded demurely.

Sighing, the girls begin to arrange themselves. Alora lies down on her back, spreading her legs while Lina positions herself on top of her, her groin over Alora’s face, her head over her sister’s cunt. Grinning, Sarevok lashes at them with the belt twice in quick succession. ” Get licking!”

With a barely-swallowed sob, Lina leans down, her small tongue snaking out, lapping along Alora’s shaven slit. The other halfling girl feels no pleasure at all from the act, her face reddening in shame as she reaches up, hands cupping Lina’s delectable asscheeks as she draws the halfling to her mouth, starting to lick her sister’s slit as well.

” Good girls…and just so I won’t get bored… bring me the mother!”

Nephele at first wanted to protest but just bit her lips instead. As horrible as it sounded she made a deal and offered her body – and that of her daughters – to that monster. She had no way of knowing if that beast would keep his end of the deal, but then again she was smart enough to know that regardless of her – even forced – consent there was nothing she could do to stop him from using her body. Her only hope was that this… this creature, as she could not think of Therion as a man, would keep his end – even if just for some dark amusement on his part.

When Shandra withdrew her fingers and slapped Nephele’s enticing ass, the halfling cleric felt the power dominating her will withdraw and she went towards Therion – towards Lord Therion. Even despite the distracting view she was forced to watch, she did remember his command and moved towards the cruel demigod on her hands and knees. She knew that there was a long night in store for her – and not only her – and she had to use all of her strength and not tempt any of those cruel monsters into punishing her for disobedience.

She was crawling past her two girls, her two – once – innocent, beautiful, playful girls, who were now sobbing and whimpering into each other’s pussies to the amusement of this monster. She could feel her head turning around, controlled by Shandra’s spell, so that she could keep on watching the disgusting, shameful scene.

“Don’t you worry, whore,” Therion said “I won’t be so cruel to deny you that view. Turn around whore.”

Nephele hesitated again and once again she felt her body respond to the evil female cleric’s mental command turning her back towards Therion. This time however Therion did make an impatient grunt and looked first at Sarevok and then at Shandra.

The huge man reacted almost immediately, turning around, his whip cutting the air as it hit the cleric across her breasts.

“Aiee!” she cried, both from surprise and from pain as she flinched.

“Don’t force her!” Therion snarled, looking at the cleric of Loviatar. “The whole point behind this agreement was to make the whore do whatever I want on her own… forcing her own body to obey what she must deem horrible and disgusting.” His voice echoed, as he spoke about Nephele as if she wasn’t even there.

“And you whores?” Sarevok spat at the two young Halflings who stopped for a moment the licking and kissing, distracted by what was happening “Did we tell you to stop? Did your mother tell you to stop?” he barked as he hit them with the whip, forcing them to return to their shameful task.

“That said, whore,” Therion focused his attention back at Nephele “Turn around and present me your ass. Don’t stop watching those two whores, even for a second… if you don’t want my brother to flay the flesh of their back with his whip.”

Nephele swallowed down a bitter comment and nodded. Just watching this scene before her, her sweet daughters crying softly as they lapped at each other’s pussies, their bodies trembling in open fear, broke her heart. She had brought this onto them…and even though she knew that their fate would have been no better had she not agreed to this deal, the thought that she was responsible for this pained her beyond belief.

And Therion knew and loved it.

Blinking away the tears that came unbidden, she slowly turned around, keeping her eyes trained on the scene in front of her. “Very good, whore…” Therion said, positioning himself behind her. Nephele felt something thick and hard brush against her bare asscheeks and immediately knew what it was. Fear gripped her heart and she let out a little whimper, gripping the sheets tightly.

The priestess had quickly recovered from the whip lash and cast a submissive glance paired with a coy smile at Therion. “Please forgive me, my lord…I am always so eager to please…”

Therion grunted in affirmation, though there was a hint of annoyance in his tone. “Brother… she’s getting on my nerves. Shut her up.”

“You heard him,” Sarevok barked, a hint of dark amusement in his voice, “Get down on your knees and open your mouth!” The priestess immediately dropped down onto her knees, casting one more longing glance at Therion before Sarevok grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged loudly before she managed to relax her throat enough to take the brutal fucking he immediately started to give her face.

Therion smirked. He knew Shandra would have preferred to be throatfucked by him and could feel her annoyance at his order even as she took his brother’s cock…but right now, her eagerness could very well spoil his own enjoyment and he would have none of that.

Looking down at the trembling halfling in front of him, he gave her bubbly, round ass a hard smack that had her yelp in pain. ” Grab your ass and spread your cheeks!” he snarled, watching with pleasure as she reached behind herself and spread her asscheeks, exposing her puckered opening. It looked ridiculously tiny compared to his cock already and he was just in human form. For a brief moment, he considered turning into the Ravager, but then decided against it.

Being the Ravager had its advantages, but with it came a nearly mind-numbing lust that left little in the way of planning or careful execution of his slaves’ humiliations. The Ravager could only rape, but it could not degrade his victims any further. And right now, this was what he wanted the most.

“It will be easier if you relax…” he said with mocking softness as he placed the tip of his huge member against her asshole, hearing her gasp as she became acutely aware of his size. “But it will not matter…for, in the end, I will go in either way.”

With that, he began to push. He went slow, allowing her the illusion of resistance for a tiny moment…before his cockhead stretched her sphincter wide and slid into her anus. Nephele’s eyes widened and she let out a shrill scream as pain flooded her lower body. Therion basked in the sound and the pain he felt radiating from her. This was what he lived for.

“Brother, make sure the young whores don’t forget their task over all that screaming!” he said to Sarevok, who was still holding Shandra’s head while he fucked her throat furiously.

“Do not worry, brother…” the huge man said, letting the whip crack across Lina’s back again, ” My attention is undivided.”

” And you…” Therion snarled at the two girls, his voice somehow audible even over Nephele’s screams which became louder as he began to thrust more of his member into her tiny asshole, “more enthusiasm!”

Lina, on whom the lash fell moaned into her sister’s pussy, which was immediately echoed by Alora’s scream as Sarevok’s lashes fell on her.

“See? Seems, they are screaming in pleasure all ready?” Therion mocked “They are real screamers when they come!”

“Leave them alone, pleaseeeeee!!!” Nephele had to beg, needed to beg just so she felt she was doing something but her pleading turned into a tormented scream as Therion rammed his cock even further into her ass, the blazing agony overcoming the halfing’s tiny body.

Sarevok only chuckled, not stopping the whipping even for one second, almost idly face-fucking Shandra. This utter lack of interest in fucking her was more insulting and degrading for the priestess than the actual activity she was doing. She wanted to be used by Therion, she desired his attention, even if what he felt was anger or disgust… but now? She was given to his brother – at least no some ordinary drunk customer – and he didn’t even pay attention as he was using her.

Meanwhile Nephele’s screams still echoed in the room, silencing even the sounds of two sisters crying and sobbing into each other’s cunts.
“Why so loud?” Therion kept mocking the halfling priestess “Are you coming as well? Did your whore daughters get those screaming orgasms from you?”

“Nooooeee!” she cried, using her entire willpower not to escape the agonizing intrusion on her anus.

“I guess you were jealous,” the demi-god continued, “The treatment you are getting now… well, they had been receiving it on regular basis. And more. You’d be surprised to see how many big things can fit even into a tight halfling’s ass or cunt. We checked that thoroughly!” he laughed.

“Aaaaieee!” Nephele could only scream in response as Therion began fucking her more brutally… before finally slowing down.

“Well, I guess your daughters became whores and sluts after you… so show them how it is done. Fuck me back!” he ordered.

“Wha…” she tried to protest but decided against it. But how was she supposed to obey that command? She was using all her control not to escape from the invading tool, how could she force her body to participate in that rape. Still, she knew she had to do it if she and her daughters – her sweet, innocent, once-cheerful daughters that were now mercilessly whipped while being forced to perform the most degrading incestuous show a sick mind could image – to ever leave this place. At least this way she could control the pace of the rape…

Bracing herself against pain, she pushed her ass back, against the massive organ splitting her anus, feeling every painful each of Therion’s vile cock disappearing in her hole.

“Good,” he sighed in pleasure. “Now faster, whore!”

Nephele grit her teeth, the pain making her eyes water. She did not know that she could be stretched so wide, that such a massive member would fit inside her asshole…but he had managed to get it inside…and now, every single motion caused her indescribable agony as his thick member shifted inside her tight, clenching anus. Tears ran down her cheeks in a steady river and she prayed to Yondalla for deliverance.

But the demigod’s presence blocked any of her mental pleas from even reaching any divine ears. Right now, for the first time in her life, the cute halfling cleric was on her own…and that, the pain of being cut off from her goddess, that was almost as bad as the pain that radiated from her stretched asshole.

“Seems you don’t care much about your daughters’ fate,” Therion mused when he noticed her reluctance to push back a second time. “Brother…” he calmly stated and Sarevok, still using one hand to hold Shandra’s head while he pushed his cock down her throat, began to rain down a vicious series of blows upon the two halfling girls, ripping new screams from them even as they tried to continue their task, too afraid to stop even in such terrible pain.

” No…stop…please…” Nephele shrieked, the screams of her daughters ripping her out of her own self-pity. Groaning and whimpering, she moved forward, then pushed back again, driving his entire length into her asshole again. The pain was so intense she did not even scream, merely opened her mouth in breathless agony.

“That’s better…show me what a whore you are….faster!” Nodding to Sarevok, he half-closed his eyes, drinking in the misery, shame and agony radiating from Nephele even as he watched her round, cute ass move back and forth on his cock, the enormous member disappearing between those bubbly cheeks.

Sarevok lessened his punishment of the two halfling girls. Instead, he turned the whip around, reaching out and slowly worked it into Lina’s asshole, eliciting a soft whimper from the blonde halfling. “Keep on licking, I did not allow you to stop!” he growled, all the time fucking Shandra’s face with an idle, lazy pace, just to degrade her further.

Therion concentrated on the sensation of Nephele’s tight ass gripping his cock. He had to admit, she was almost as tight as Mazzy and her dedication to her daughters was amusing. Oh yes, he would have a lot of fun with her tonight…

The demigod let her continue, listening to her whimpers and moans as she fucked herself onto his cock. He could fully control his orgasms and if he’d wanted he could have easily fucked her ass all night. But he had other plans…so, after a while, he grabbed her hips and rammed his cock all the way in again, shortly before his cock began to spew his load, filling her bowels. Nephele cried out in shame as his hot cum splashed into her. “Yes…you made me cum with your little asshole!” he groaned, slowly pulling his cock out. The last few spurts splattered across her asscheeks, soiling them with his sticky sperm.

Laughing, he smacked her ass, then looked over at the two halfling girls. “I know you two have nimble tongues, so put them to work! Lick your mother’s ass clean!”

It was really amusing to watch the expressions of the girls’ faces. It seemed as if they couldn’t decide whether they should be disgusted and revolted that they are forced to lick their own mother’s ass… or grateful that they at least can stop licking each others cunts. Still, whatever their feelings they knew better than to hesitate and resist. The got on their hands and knees so fast that it was almost pathetic… and served as another proof for their mother, showing how much the spirits of her two innocent girls were broken.

Lina made the mistake of reaching towards her ass, to remove the handle of the whip, sticking out of her ass. Sarevok, almost reflexively, pushed Shandra’s head away of his crotch, allowing the woman to take a deep breath and kicked Lina at her side. “Did I say you can remove it?” he barked.

“No… master…” she whimpered.

“So leave it alone!” he said, “And get to cleaning that whore!” he ordered at reached for Shandra, with one swift motion impaling her throat on his dick again, this time ramming his cock so hard that he could feel even her well-trained throat gagging and constricting around his cock.

Obediently, on all fours, the two girls crawled towards their mother, who was still on the floor, almost paralyzed by the searing pain emanating from her raped asshole… and even though she assisted this monster in fucking her, she could not think of the act as other than rape. She could not imagine her daughter, her precious daughters, being subjected towards the same fate, she could not imagine that anyone could withstand THAT more than once and remain sane… but in her heart she knew they both suffered this fate – and others, far worse – more than once.

“Spread your fucking ass!” Therion barked at her “Don’t you want to help your daughters in licking your ass? What kind of mother are you?”
Obediently she spread her asscheeks, exposing her tightest, all sore, fuckhole.

“I’ve asked you a question?” Therion said, enjoying himself immensely.

At first she did not understand what question did he mean but didn’t ask, knowing that most probably it would bring more punishment on her or her daughters.

“Yes… I want to help… my daughters in licking my ass” she said finally.

“Lovely! So you two get to it!” He watched with obvious glee as the two halfling girls approached their mother, still on all fours, and leaned their heads towards her asshole. It was not the first time they had been made to do this, and quite often they#d had to do this to each other. So, it was no surprise that both stuck out their tongue after only a moment of disgusted hesitation and a frightful glance at him, and began to slowly lap at the cum sliding down Nephele’s asscrack.

The halfling cleric shuddered at the unwanted intimate touch, feeling their soft, wet tongues slide along her asscrack and over her round, firm cheeks, the tips tickling over her puckered, sore opening. Her cheeks red from shame, she lowered her head, unable to bear the thought that she had gotten them all into this, that this was her own fault…

Therion would not allow her to simply remain there and wallow in her self-pity, however, as much fun as watching her like this was. He intended to make this night as taxing and degrading as possible. Stepping around her and getting down on his knees in front of her, he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back painfully, his cock only inches away from her face. ” Let’s see if you can do better than your two whores…I want you to lick my cock…just lick it…but do it as if I was your lover..” He grinned as he saw her disgusted expression, slapping her across the face with his massive cock.

” And keep looking up at me…after all, you want to please me, don’t you?” When she did not immediately respond, he slapped her again, snarling, “DON’T YOU?”

Slowly, hating herself for it, Nephele mumbled, ” Yes…”

“Good…then why isn’t your tongue on my cock yet?” Growling, he watched as Nephele parted her lips and began to hesitantly run her small tongue up his massive shaft.

“What wonderful little slaves you make…” he mused, enjoying the sensations of her tongue on his cock, knowing that they all would be taxed to their limit during the night and the next day…

During their degrading task, all three of the halfling girls hoped that their torment would end afterwards, despite knowing that their hope was no doubt a futile one. And, of course, that hope was brutally shattered when, after he had once more sprayed his cum, this time all over Nephele’s face, Therion called for Kyon and two more guards to join in. The rest of the night was a nightmare of a gangrape that left all three of them weeping, cum-covered wrecks, with not one of their holes being spared for more than a heartbeat.

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