Nineteen – Leaving Town

When he finally decreed he was done with them for the night, they were thrown into a cell, there to wait until they would be taken to the arena. Exhausted and degraded beyond words, they immediately fell asleep…only to be awoken a few hours later with several buckets of cold water thrown over them.

Two guards stood inside the cell, leering down at the three naked girls. “Get up, slaves! Time for the arena!”

“No ple…” Nephele’s first instinctive reaction was to plead, to beg for leaving her daughters alone… but by now she knew better than that. She didn’t know if Therion’s word can be trusted… but if there was even a tiniest spark of hope for getting out of this hellhole it lied unfortunately not with her adventuring skills or the favour of her goddess but with pleasing this cruel being.

“Get ready, whores!” a third guard, the one they called “Kyon,” appeared at the door, whip in his hand “You’re gonna be the main entertainment today!” he said, cracking his whip above their heads.

“Just… just please… let us cover ourselves with something… with anything…” Lina found the courage to ask.

Kyon, of course, only laughed… and swang the whip at Alora, leaving a red whelt on the halfling’s skin and causing the thief to jump and shriek in pain.

“Don’t bore me, whores!” he said “And get ready! As usual, if one of you causes problems, the other gets punished… or both of them in case of you, momma,” he smirked at Nephele, who just barely managed not to curse at him.

Obeying, the girls left the cells and led by Kyon and the guards went towards the arena. The two young halfling’s knew the place, having been forced to “perform” there if they were disobedient… an act they soon thought to be much worse than their “standard” torture and rapes.

They entered the arena and heard whistles and shouts from the audience – conveniently and discreetely hidden by illusions from both the “performers” and other spectators. To their terror however, they were soon split-up, with Nephele being led to a fighting pit and her two daughters dragged towards something that looked as a maze – illusionary or conjured, but no less ominous by that.

“My dear audience,” Therion’s booming voice echoed through the arena, making the three girls shudder with preternatural dread, “I am grateful to be able to present to you today three halfling whores! The younger ones are sisters, the older one is their mother… they believed that they could steal from me!”

Most faces in the audience turned towards where Therion was standing, a large, opulently decorated lounge. The demigod was standing and while he spoke, Viconia knelt before him, naked, his cock between her lips. Relishing the slurping sounds and her hateful glare as she bobbed p and down on his massive member, he kept on speaking, „ But I am not without mercy! The mother pleaded so nicely that I will allow them to go free! But only if they performed in the arena…out of their own free will!“

There were cheers and catcalls from the audience and Therion grinned. The three whores would not run, would not need to be chained. This performance was indeed special…he could feel the self-loathing from Nephele and the dread of her daughters and it gave him just as much pleasure as Viconia’s unwilling ministrations on his cock.

“Did I thank you today, brother?” he asked Sarevok, who was sitting on one of the seats in the lounge, Ssatha in his lap. With a hateful groan, the Yuan-ti lifted herself up from his lap, allowing everyone to see that his cock was buried deep inside her asshole, then moved down again, impaling herself fully. The large warrior grinned, groping the snake-woman’s tits.

“No, but I enjoy hearing it,” he said. There was not a hint of envy in his voice. He would never be able to usurp his brother’s power and knew it… but there were massive perks to being Therion’s favored servant and he would never tire of them.

“The mother, a priestess of that halfling whore-goddess Yondalla,” he continued, smirking at the infrequent booing from his most ardent followers among the audience, “will submit to one of your favorites, the famous Whiteclaw!” A roar escaped the audience, eclipsed only by the roar coming from the steel door leading into the arena, where Nephele already waited with bated breath, unable to hide her trembling.

There were cheers from the audience, choruses of “Whiteclaw, Whiteclaw,” as he door opened and a massive, four-armed beast lumbered out. The girallon’s beady eyes focused on the halfling priestess and a lustful roar escaped its throat. Nearly driven crazy with lust by Therion’s presence, the beast stroked its massive cock as it stepped closer to Nephele.

“The other two sluts will be able to show us how good they really are at the art of stealth and thievery. They will run our maze, hoping to get to the finish line before getting caught by Onehorn and Leatherback!” The illusionary maze’s walls parted at one point, allowing two huge, naked minotaurs to step through. The creatures roared and immediately set off to search for the two halfling girls, who had started running inside the maze as soon as they’d heard the roar. Therion grinned. Of course, the game was rigged. The minotaurs knew the maze in and out… and the reward for capturing the halflings was something neither of them would pass up… for they, too, were nearly crazy with vicious lust.

“Of course… I am not without mercy,” Therion said and chuckled slightly which brought an obedient wave of laughter from the audience. “The older halfling whore will be armed…” he said and a sword was thrown to the arena. Nephele reached it in one leap and then froze, immediately recognizing mockery.

Not only as a cleric she was less than proficient using swords but also it was a tourney one – with a dull blade. For a moment she thought about shouting or yelling at Therion… but she knew all too well that it wouldn’t make much good… in fact probably he counted on it, hoping to give that disgusting audience another reason to be entertained. No, she would not give him that satisfaction. Instead she would use the sword and fight the best she could. Already there was a plan forming in her mind…

Though she didn’t have time to finish it as the girallon leaped towards her. Although older than her daughters, Nephele was in perfect shape – which was another reason that got Therion interested in her. It wasn’t hard to notice where her daughters get their agility from, as Nephele dodged girallon’s hands and then brought her sword on the only weak spot she noticed – the beast’s engorged cock. 

The creature roared in pain and fear, a sound echoed by the surprised audience. Still, one of his frantic blows hit Nephele, making the small halfling go flying in the air and land on the arena stunned, with her sword far beyond her reach. The beast gave another roar of fury and lust and jumped at his victim…

Lina chuckled nervously as she could hear the pain in the girallon’s voice… but soon her smile died as her mother’s scream was heard.

“Mum…” she whispered.

“No time to worry now, dear” Alora tried to make her sister focus on the problem at hand “Listen to me carefully. We need to get out of him. Follow me, hide where I tell you and move when I tell you. Those minotaurs may know the labyrinth but the don’t know what we’re capable of.” she tried to sound reassuring but even in her own ears, her words sounded hollow.

Therion smirked. Of course, he heard every word spoken or whimpered in the arena.The halfling whores were not the first ones thinking they could outsmart the minotaurs. And they certainly would not be the last. Of course, the game was rigged, allowing the captives no other option than to eventually submit to the lusts of his minions.

Still, the hope building up in Lina was delicious and would be even more so when it was shattered. Grunting in pleasure, he grabbed Viconia’s head and slammed her face into his crotch, his massive cock pushing violently down her throat, the drow gagging hard on his meat.

” If you have trouble breathing… better pray to me so I will cum quick,” he hissed to her, knowing how every bit of her soul rebelled against her calling on him, her tormentor, for divine mercy. This wasn’t the first time he had played this game with her and it always worked.

Ignoring the frantic gargling of the drow slowly choking on his cock, he turned his attention back to the arena, watching as Nephele shook her head to clear it and leaped up just in time to avoid a grab from the girallon’s lower arms. The beast howled in frustration and proceeded to lunge at her again. Scrambling for the sword, Nephele turned around to strike at the creature’s cock again, but this time, it turned to the side, a sweep of his hand knocking the weapon away.

Another sweep knocked the halfling cleric off her feet again and this time, she was too dazed to get up in time. The hairy ape-like creature was on top of her before she could even see straight again…and without any further ado, it turned her onto her belly…and rammed its massive cock into her tiny asshole.

Her shriek filled the air, making both her daughters freeze for another moment while the minotaurs bellowed happily, knowing that they, too, could earn a set of holes for their cocks to slide in.

Sensing no prayer from Viconia yet, Therion grabbed her head and began to violently thrust into her mouth, fucking her face as hard and fast as he could. “Pray to me, you elvish cunt… pray to your new god and you can breathe again…”

Viconia at first didn’t want to comply. Every fibre of her being was against praying to this filthy beast, to worshiping it as her god. It wasn’t out of respect for Shar… she has all but forgotten about her goddess… and her goddess forgot about her. No, after the endless and escalating abuses from Therion, the drow thought this to be the only resistance she can pose against her captor… not that it did much good.

Even as her body jerked fighting to get the tiniest bit of air, her struggling arousing Therion even more, she tried to gather all her willpower to deny Therion this one final way of breaking her… Even dying here wouldn’t be such a bad thing… considering the alternative of spending the rest of her life serving this monster in more and more depraved ways.

However what won in the end what won was not her sense of preservation but her drow’s pride – pride forbiding her from dying in such a way – choking to death on a giant, monstrous, demi-divine dick. And still she held to that tiniest spark of hope that one day she may free herself and take revenge on all those who abused her.

“Oh god… oh Therion… please… let me breathe…” she whispered in her mind.

Therion waited a heartbeat longer, just to taunt her and then pushed her head off his cock, laughing out loud as the pretty drow began gasping for air… and at the same time his cock exploded with jism, painting her dark face almost white with it.

“See whore? I am a merciful god… if you pray, I will grant you your wish… some of them at least,” he said but before he could add something more, something on the arena caught his attention. “Go crawl to someone else… I’m sure there is a lot of cocks here that need to be sucked.” he said, not paying any more attention to Viconia… which in a way was even more degrading.

“Get over here, you filthy whore!” one of the other spectators close to Therion barked at Viconia and the drow, knowing what Therion would do to her if she didn’t obey, began to crawl towards him, tits swaying and thick strands of Therion’s cum dangling disgustingly from her chin. As she crawled away from the demigod, she heard him say, ” Her mouth, tits and hands are free to use today!” Viconia shuddered, knowing what this would mean…

But before she could even think any more, she was grabbed by the spectator – a large half-orc and his cock was shoved into her mouth. Grabbing her head in a firm grip, he then proceeded to slam her head up and down on his member at a frantic pace that had her gag and drool around his cock.

Therion had already stopped to pay close attention to her. Since she was already being raped again, she was providing him with another burst of fresh energy, just as Ssatha was, for Sarevok still made her ride his cock with her ass.

In the arena, much to his delight, the girallon was still pumping his cock into Nephele’s asshole, making the halfling scream with each thrust, her hole stretched painfully wide. And each time she screamed, her pain was delightfully shared by her daughters. Therion chuckled. He loved tormenting them this way.

In the labyrinth, hearing that the minotaurs were on their way, Alora had hidden behind a corner while Lina was deliberately making noise a few metres further ahead. Therion chuckled. She was using her own sister as bait. How quaint…and what a testament to how desperate they were.

Attracted by the sound, one of the minotaurs indeed lumbered around a nearby corner and, seeing Lina ahead, bellowed out in lust, its cock already rock-hard from the mere prospect of getting to fuck the girls.

“My lord?” he heard from behind him, seeing Kyon step up to his throne. His most fanatical priest had been tasked with meeting the slave hunters this evening, which he had agreed to even though it meant he would not get to see this. Such loyalty was what Therion greatly admired, even though Kyon lacked in imagination at times.

“What did the hunters say, priest?” Therion asked, half his attention still focused on the goings-on in the arena below.

“We will have a crop of new whores coming in next tenday. The usual, a few elves, a dozen humans…nothing too exotic this time except for one… but they could not get her.”

Therion frowned. ” Why not?” It would not be mercy, that was for certain, for his hunters had no conscience to speak of.

“Derth said he had been to the great forests near Trademeet. And there he has happened upon a copse of trees that had dryads bond to them. One of them was fresh, quite young…he said you would just love to have her. But if he’d caught her she would have died away from her tree. So, he just sends word to you.”

Therion nodded. For a moment, he was silent while he watched what went on in the arena. The minotaur had passed Alora, who was now stepping up behind him. A swift kick to his kidneys brought a bellow of pain from the horned bull-man. ” Rogue’s tricks”, Therion sneered.

“Get him, sis!” Lina exclaimed… before the wall next to her slid aside to reveal the other minotaur.

“GET AWAY!” Alora cried out, but it was too late. Not having seen the secret door, Lina was taken by surprise and before she could run, the minotaur had grabbed her and pulled her close, his massive dick slapping into her face. ” SUCK!” it bellowed and soon, the crying blonde halfling’s lips were stretched painfully wide around the massive head of the beast’s cock.

Therion chuckled. Alora had turned and run, not wanting to share her sister’s fate, but he knew it would only be a matter of time before she, too, would suffer from yet another rape.

“Maybe Edwin can find a way to make the dryad survive being apart from her tree…thank you, priest. I shall go and see these dryads for myself. Ready everything for our departure tomorrow, after we free these whores as per the agreement. And once you are done…” Therion grinned. ” Take two whores. Maybe that blonde from the north, Solveig… and that younger girl from Calimshan. I know you wanted to try them out ever since they came in. I’ll make sure you’ll last the entire night.”

Smirking, he turned his attention back to the arena, where Alora had joined her mother and her sister in their chorus of screams. The other minotaur had caught up to her and while his comrade was still trying to cram his overlarge cock into her sister’s mouth, he had lifted her up and pushed her down on his cock, impaling her cunt, thoroughly sore from Therion’s abuse the night before, on his massive rod.

The wave of pain radiating from below him made Therion shiver with pleasure and power. This was, as always, beyond any drug or pleasure a mortal could experience. He almost pitied the poor creatures all around him. The pleasure they felt raping a helpless girl was nothing compared to what their efforts brought him and what he felt whenever he had a screaming victim before him.

The girallon had finished pumping its seed into Nephele’s ass, but was not done with her. Growling, it turned her around and, before she could recover, rammed its cock into her pussy, humping away at her while she cringed and whimpered. Therion chuckled. They were buying their freedom tonight, but it would not come cheap…

When finally, the creatures were done and the three girls were reduced to cum-covered, shivering wrecks, Therion had his guards take them away into one of the unused cells, together with Akara, who was told to clean them up and tend to their bruises. As always, the whore-priestess did as she was ordered and by morning, the three halfling women were somewhat presentable.

Without much ado, he had them thrown out onto the street, albeit without most of their possessions and without most of their clothing, leaving them in merely a few rags that barely covered their small but delightful bodies. After all, he had not promised anything but their freedom.

He also had not promised them that they would remain free. Gleefully, he had ordered Edwin to send a message to the owners of the Bloody Rose, informing them of the location of three prime victims. If their hunters were only half as good as his, the three sluts would never taste the sweet air of freedom again.

Once he had taken care of it, he assembled the group, telling them to bring with them their whores, for it was once again time to venture out and sample what wonders the world had to offer. He had to admit, he was quite excited about this. Therion felt as if sitting around in the Coronet all day was dulling his senses.

And, although he would not exactly call them his friends, being around the group which he had built before chancing upon the Coronet felt good to what remained of his human side. Even the presence of the girls brought a familiar rush of pleasure as he felt their terror. Aerie, completely broken, simply stared at the ground, unwilling to look anyone in the eyes. She was once again wearing a thin gown, ripped and torn so that, whenever she moved, her intimate parts were exposed – and so were her bruises. Korgan had taken to using a leash to lead her around whenever he was not beating or raping her.

Imoen, wearing her old leather armor, although torn over her tits and in her groin, stared blankly as Sarevok pushed the small chest into her hands, the chest that contained all the numerous toys and tools she and the others were to be tormented with whenever the men felt like it.

And Viconia still glared hatefully at the men, her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her outfit consisted only of a few leather straps that barely covered her nipples and slit. Therion gave her an amused wink. He really wished she would never lose that final spark of defiance.

Seeing that, with the girls in such outfits, he could not exit the city normally, he and the others took to the tunnels, eventually stepping outside into the fresh morning air beyond the walls of Athkatla.

“Onwards, my friends…”, Therion said, grinning wolfishly, ” let us see what poor sluts might cross our path…”

Not long after Therion’s party left Athkatla, a woman has entered the city. Hendak has posted lookouts at the gates, paying them to spot attractive females entering the city – especially if they were alone – that could be later grabbed and added to the brothel. This woman was definitely attractive – a high-elf  of beautiful, fit body and with long, silky blonde hair and proud, aristocratic features. Marius, the thief who was the spotter this evening couldn’t believe his luck. For noticing such a piece of ass, if she would be caught of course, he would get a hefty reward – including the honor of being one of the first to rape her.

Already imagining how he would be driving his cock into her mouth-watering ass, obviously hot even despite being covered by a druid’s robe, he decided to follow her. He was surprised when he saw her enter an orange building in the docks, then go to the headquarters of the shadow thieves and then to the barracks of the city watch. Was she more important than he imagined? He decided to follow her a bit longer.

He was never seen afterwards.

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