Twenty – Target of Opportunity

Meanwhile Therion was getting restless. It was the third day of the journey and he didn’t come across any opportunity to indulge in his tastes. Since his transformation, he learned that it was increasingly hard for him to think and concentrate after prolonged periods in which he didn’t have any female to abuse.

Of course, he vented his frustrations on his slavegirls, but he craved new victims. Of the three slaves that traveled with him, he could be seen raping Viconia most often as the fact that she still had a glimmer of hope for escape was what he needed. He took great pleasure in hurting her hot body, driving his large cock into tight holes, as she screamed in pain…

Aerie on the other hand was too terrified for his tastes and though he loved her fear, humiliation and disgust, her resignation to her fate annoying. Imoen also didn’t have much hope at ever escaping his lusts, but he still enjoyed her savoring remembering her as his first victim, childhood friend and fellow ward of Gorion.

Still even brutal session of vicious rape inflicted on Viconia’s beautifully suffering body sated his lust for shorter and shorter periods of time. He was finally beginning to notice that becoming a half-god of rape did has its drawbacks as well… not that he regretted it. Still, knowing his anger, the rest of the party tried to avoid much contact with their leader, with even Edwin knowing better than to keep his annoying mumbling. 

Fortunately, around the midday of the third day, Sarevok who was scouting, returned with news of a group of monks being pinned down by hobgoblin archers in nearby.

“We can let them slaughter each other,” Edwin said.

“Did I forgot to mention that one of the monks is a woman?” the black knight said which immediately got Therion’s attention.

“Wonderful… then let’s play heroes… for a moment,” he said with a smile, his hand guiding Imoen’s head as she kept sucking on his cock, her mouth open uncomfortably wide to take the entire thick cock “And then… we’ll make them pay for the rescue.” 

The others were all too happy to agree. After forcing Imoen to take his entire cock down her throat again, keeping her head pressed against his crotch until she nearly fainted from lack of air, he finally allowed her to pull back, spraying his load onto her tearful face as soon as his cock popped from her mouth. Then, without even giving her any chance to clean herself, she was tied against a nearby tree, together with Viconia and Aerie.

Therion grinned as he and the others made their way to where the battle was taking place. The mere prospect of a fresh victim invigorated him. He really had been cooped up in the Coronet for far too long. ” How many monks and how many goblins?” he asked Sarevok.

“Seven monks and about twenty hobgoblins… although the monks are formidable. Still, they won’t last too long. So, unless you have learned how to raise the dead, brother, I suggest we hurry if we want this girl alive.”

“Hah! A fine day it is! I get to sink me axe into some fool’s head and then me cock into some poor girl’s ass!” Korgan cheered. A crooked grin spread across the dwarf’s ugly face. “Remember,” Therion said as he settled into a jog, his heavy armor no longer encumbering him in the slightest, “I get to have her first. Then, I decide if any one of you can have a go at her holes.”

He heard Korgan spit out behind him. “Ach, whatever… you’re the boss. But remember, that elf bitch is getting boring after a while!”

“Stop complaining!” Sarevok bellowed. “Keep it for after the battle!”

Behind them, Edwin wheezed. He wasn’t used to such sudden sprints anymore. ” Bloody… hell… chasing… after… a fresh girl… and right into danger… seems nothing… has changed… half a god and not one iota of sense…”

“Keep your trap shut or I promise you this morning’s go at the drow will have been your last rape ever,” Therion growled. “And now, focus on the battle! Keep the whore alive!”

A moment later, they headed over the hill and could see the scene of battle. Of the seven monks, two lay dead on the ground, arrows sticking out of their chests. The other five, however, had already made their way to the group of hobgoblins and were fighting them bare-handed.

Any normal warrior would be impressed by the fluidity and economy of motion, of the power behind every punch, elbow strike or kick. The hobgoblins were all battle-hardened, but the monks were holding their own for the moment. Four of the hobgoblins had already collapsed, bones broken.

But Therion barely cared about the battle. He only had eyes for the woman. Athletic, young, with blonde hair tied into a tight ponytail. Her breasts, hidden by a simple tunic, did not seem too large, but her entire body seemed tight and fit. Already, Therion knew that raping her would be very, very enjoyable.

As they arrived, she had just jumped up, clamped her legs around one of the hobgoblin’s necks and then twisted, breaking it while she gracefully landed again.

Therion laughed. “Keep her alive at all costs! And now… attack!”

With that, the group charged in – except Edwin, who stood back and began to work his magic. His bolts of energy struck before Therion arrived, felling one of the goblinoids. Sarevok cleaved another in two while Korgan took out another with a chop to the stomach.

Therion moved without care. Their weapons, though kept in good shape, just bounced off of him, being ordinary weapons without any magic to them. Like an avalanche, he moved, unstoppable, hewing left and right, leaving dead and dying goblinoids in his wake. It was not too long before they were all dead, killed by blade and spell, a testament to the power of him and his companions.

“Filthy beasts!” Sarevok grumbled, spitting out while cleaning his blade.

“As filthy as me own soul,” Korgan laughed, already eyeing the woman.

“Thank you, good sirs,” one of the male monks stepped forward. ” Without your help, we might not have survived. Surely, it was providence that brought you here. Lathander bless you and your friends.”

Therion grimaced at the name of the sun deity. The more he became their antithesis, the names of the gods of good began to ring wrong to him. But still, it was nothing debilitating. With a smile, he said, “We saw you in distress and thought we should help. But please, tell me…” With that, he ignored the male monk and turned to the woman, who was still panting with exertion, ” what is your name?”

“Mine?” she seemed surprised that he had adressed her. ” Cyndra, good sir.”

“A nice name. Fits you. Now… Cyndra… would you mind… offering us some recompense for your rescue? We did save your life, after all.”

Cyndra frowned. “We do not have much…” Her disappointment was obvious. Apparently, she and the others had thought them better people than they were.

“Oh, we only want something you have. Cyndra… you will come with us and we will keep you for a bit. I and maybe the others will stick our cocks up your holes and cover you in cum, maybe whip you a bit… and when we are done, we will send you back here so you and your comrades can go your merry way. What say you?”

“What..?!” even the monk wasn’t able to remain completely stoic as she heard the cruel words. Almost reflexively she looked at the male monk – which amused Therion even more.

“Oh, so he is your pimp?” he snarled then turned to the male. “So tell me, my good sir,” he said with mock courtesy, “would you allow us to fuck your underling in the most depraved ways possible?”

“You may have saved our lives but that does not give you the right to jest in that way!” the monk said sternly.

“You think I am joking?” Therion shook his head. “You’re… adorable.” he said and with a move so fast that it was almost invisible to a naked eye, he drew his sword and pierced the monk’s heart with it.

“Prelate!” Cyndra said and jumped towards Therion. She was quick as a lightning but still not enough to surprise the demigod, who avoided her blow and knocked her out cold, with one hit of the grip of his sword.

“Kill the rest!” he ordered as the monk’s unconscious body fell to the ground.

Immediately his comrades jumped at the remaining monks. The monks, even surprised by this new attack and tired after battling the hobgoblins, proved to be formidable adversaries… though nothing that Therion’s party couldn’t handle. Still, they did manage to dodge out of the way of Edwin’s spells and one even knocked him out cold before Sarevok took his head. Still as the battle ended, the victor was clear.

“So… now we’re fucking her?” Korgan said, as he leered at the unconscious monk “When she’s out cold like that?”

“Now I fuck her,” Therion said “As for you… your turn comes when I say so!”

“Fine be me! Blondie, come here!” the dwarf turned to Aerie who, despite their slave for sometime, was still looking at the site of the slaughter with fear and sadness in her large, beautiful eyes “Blondie!” Korgan yelled again, hitting Aerie so hard that she fell to the ground. “Since I have time until we do her…” he pointed towards Cyndra “spread your fucking legs!” he ordered.

Meanwhile Therion loomed over the unconscious monk. “Seems I’ve hit her a bit too hard,” he said. “Darkie, heal her so we may fuck her! Then you can help the wizard.”

Viconia looked at her “master” but only knelt next to the monk and put her hands onto her. Allowing her healing power to seep into the woman’s body, she also had to take some of her pain. She thought bitterly that at least Therion’s priorities were clear – she was supposed to heal his new victim first and only then his comrades. She wondered if they realized that as well and if she could use it somehow to stage a coup against her master. As senseless as she predicted it would be, she still had the tiniest glimmer of hope that she will be able to free herself one day.

“Rise and shine!” Therion greeted the monk as she finally opened her eyes to see the battle site around her.

For a moment, confusion filled her eyes and she blinked, unable to comprehend what she saw around her. But that moment only lasted for a heartbeat, certainly a testament to her mental discipline. “You… you killed the prelate,” she said, her voice surprisingly firm.

“Yes… him and the others. They simply refused to give you up to us. And I do not take lightly to being denied my prize.” Cyndra blinked once…and then, suddenly, was on her feet again, her foot lashing out, aiming straight for his midsection.

Therion felt the force behind the attack and raised a brow. “Impressive… but not enough,” he then calmly remarked… and backhanded her across the face with enough force to send her sprawling back to the ground, right next to Aerie, who was staring to the side with empty eyes while Korgan pumped his cock into her pussy, grunting with pleasure.

“Enough with these games…” he snarled, nodding to Sarevok, who grabbed the monk before she could fully recover. Iron shackles snapped shut around her wrists, restraining her arms behind her back in a tight and certainly uncomfortable position. But any pain in her arms and shoulders would soon be of little concern to her.

Still, her fighting spirit was not broken. Twisting her body, she pivoted out of Sarevok’s grip, then whirled around, using the momentum to power a windmill kick that would have felled many a lesser enemy. Sarevok, struck square in the face, merely grunted, stepping back.

“You want to be difficult, whore?” he growled, his fist shooting forward. But he did not connect. Fueled by a mixture of panic and sheer anger, she moved like a snake, dodging under his blow, stepping in close to hook her leg behind his, attempting to trip him.

“A’kahech me’khadunn!“ From behind her, Edwin’s voice boomed across the battlefield. A small metallic ball flew from his hand, bursting into several rings that quickly settled upon her, ensnaring her fully.

“It appears you awoke me just in time,” the red wizard grumbled. “And, as always, I am happy to help when brawn fails. No amount of muscle can, after all, compare to the mastery of magic.”

“Whatever, wizard…” Sarevok responded dismissively.

“Brother, you have been careless. So, yes, right now you have to thank Edwin. She made you look like a fool,” Therion snapped, then turned his attention towards Cyndra, who had fallen to the ground, now that her legs were bound. “That was amusing, but the games are over. Now, you are ours.” He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up effortlessly, casually displaying his inhuman strength.

“Who… are you?” she managed to say, still surprisingly calm, though he could sense the anger and abject fear inside her.

“Therion is my name. You may have heard of me.” When he met her gaze, there was no recognition, so he shrugged. “If you have not… suffice to say for the next hours, I will be the closest thing to a god there is for you.”

Without waiting for her response to that, he grabbed her tunic and tore it apart, exposing firm, if not especially large, tits. “Hmmm…nice…” he commented, reaching out to fondle them lightly.

“Let me go…or the Morninglord will punish you for this!”

Therion chuckled. “Oh, please…I have raped so many servants of other gods…and not one of them has shown up to punish me.” Leaning in close, he whispered, “They do not care one bit what happens to you. Unlike me…I do care…in fact, I will make sure that you will not enjoy one moment of what is going to happen to you…”

Grabbing her left nipple in his gauntleted hand, he twisted it sharply, relishing in the yelp of pain from the athletic girl. Then, he reached down…and tore away her pants. She wore nothing underneath and, with some satisfaction, he noticed that she was meticulously shaven. “Hmmm…I like it when they pay attention to how they look down there,” Sarevok chuckled.

“Hrrm…yes…I will really enjoy taking her…” Therion rumbled, his body slowly twisting. He heard her gasp in horror as his armor began to retreat into his growing body until he stood before her in his full Ravager form, his massive cock already hard.

“You are going to take her like that?” Sarevok asked, smirking. “Yes,” Therion growled, “I have heard of monks. Their discipline and training makes them resistant to pain. And I need to feed….”

He felt how the monk tried to curb her panic, tried to calm her breathing, but the aura of menace that exuded from the Ravager made it hard for her to recall her training. Slowly, he ran one finger down her body, not piercing the skin but applying enough pressure with his talon to leave a welt.

“How about we see how flexible you are, monk…” he snarled. Still holding her up, he nodded to Edwin, who, understanding what his lord wanted, slightly loosened the restraints around her legs. Allowing her thighs to be spread far enough so that his cock could get between them and push against the entrance to her dry cunt.

“Come here, Edwin. Since you put an end to her ridiculous attempts to free herself, you can have her mouth.” Grinning, drool dripping onto her struggling body, he adjusted his grip to hold her up at the hips. His other hand forced her upper body backwards further and further, making her arch her spine backwards.

Now, her struggles meant nothing to him as he forced her to double over backwards in a position that must be extremely painful, given the way her arms were tied. Indeed, the first wave of pain already washed over him, filling him with both energy and delight.

Eagerly, Edwin stepped closer, pushing aside his robes to reveal his own erect cock. When the monk’s face was at the same height as his cock, he pushed it against her lips. “You know what to do!” he hissed… just as Therion pushed the head of his massive cock into her pussy…

Cyndra was determined to prevent the mage from… from using her mouth in this disgusting way. Therion, whoever he really was, was right – the monks were resistant to pain and even though she was still quite young, her threshold of pain was impressive. 

Still not amount of meditation could prepare her for the blazing agony that almost instantly overwhelmed her body as Therion pushed his hips forward, ramming his large, hard, monstrous cock into her most private part.

“Nnnn…” she groaned, trying to muster all her strength not to scream. 

The surge of suffering that radiated from the woman even after one push felt to Therion as a cold rain has to feel to someone dying of thirst on a hot desert. And the best part was that he has barely managed to push half of his shift into his new victim’s cunt. 

Still he remained motionless for a few moments more, relishing in the suffering even his still cock caused in the beautiful monk. Still, his impatience, lust and need for suffering taking better of him he grabbed the woman’s hips in his clawed hands, his fingers digging hard enough into her skin to cause pain, but not enough to cause any real damage.

It was a wonder really – when he was overcame with lust and the need to rape he could barely think about anything else… but he always managed to take care he doesn’t accidentally kill his victim. Was it also some form of divine forsight making sure he doesn’t run out of rapemeat? Raping corpses was not only disgusting but more importantly he was certain that with no suffering on the victim’s side it wouldn’t replenish his power.

Grinning evilly which on his monstrous form looked even more terrifying, he slammed his hips forward, then withdrew his cock so just the tip was in… and pushed once again, in this third push finally burying almost the entirety of his cock in his victim.

“Aieeeeeee!” Cyndra couldn’t stop herself from screaming now as the pain erupting from her nether regions enveloped her entire body, destroying the walls of discipline she was trying to create in her mind “aaieee… mpffff!”
 she tried to scream once more but, as she predicted, Edwin used the fact that she’s opened her mouth to ram his cock past her lips, cutting her scream short.

” Hmmm…nice and sweet and warm…” Edwin remarked, grinning as he pushed his cock in deeper, not just muffling her cries but forcing her to gag around his meat. Slowly, the wizard began to fuck her face, thrusting back and forth, force-feeding her his cock even while Therion did the same to her cunt.

The demigod looked down at where her shaven cunt stretched wide around his massive tool, his forked tongue licking his sharp teeth. ” I will make sure I will always be remembered as your worst nightmare, whore!” he snarled, pulling back until only the head of his cock remained inside, then rammed his entire length into her.

Cyndra’s eyes widened and she let out a howl of pain around Edwin’s cock – much to his delight. Halfway through it, the wizard thrust forward, burying his cock down her throat and turning her scream into a loud, pathetic gargle.  “Yes…suffer for me…” Therion rumbled, knowing that she did indeed suffer greatly.

For the young monk, this was the worst thing that had ever happened to her and Therion could feel it. As her cunt, dry and unwilling, clenched around his invading cock, he felt her pain and fear rise up from her like a red mist, to be greedily inhaled by him. ” Edwin…do you have any spells left?”

The wizard nodded. ” Of course…these I always keep for special occasions…”, he said, grinning, casting a sideglance to Viconia, who had come to dread and hate his magic with a passion. Right now, however, the drow did not really pay attention, for Sarevok, unwilling to just stand idly by, had forced her on hands and knees and was pounding her cunt, every now and then switching to her asshole for a few thrusts before plunging his cock into her pussy again.

While Cyndra helplessly drooled around his cock, her position putting enormous strain on her spine, adding to her pain, the wizard reached out and cupped her breasts in his hands. Muttering a few words, he let his hands flare up with greenish fire…bathing her chest in pure agony. Therion groaned in pleasure as she shrieked around Edwin’s cock, her body bucking between them. ” Tonight, you feed a god! You should feel honored!”

Cyndra definitely didn’t feel honored. Sandwiched between the two men, in a position that even for her trained and flexible body was beyond uncomfortable, she didn’t even to give a muffled protest or two struggle.

“Mmmmpfff!” she tried to scream, with cry completely gagged by the cock in her mouth.

“Oh yes, you whore, yes, scream for me, you stupid whore!” Edwin muttered, either to himself or to his victims as his hands wandered on her breasts, grabbing her shapely tits, twisting the nipples… though the pain from that was secondary to the terrible agony caused by the green flames. 

She was almost glad that in her position, she couldn’t see her breasts as she was sure that they must be irreparably destroyed. She felt as if she was being roasted alive.

Edwin chuckled to himself. He could guess what she was thinking. He was so proud of this spell… the pain of being burned and flayed alive and no damage to the body.

“Whore!” Therion growled with his mighty voice “You don’t feel honored! You are being raped by a god! Treated as all women have to be treated! Even if you do not worship me with you mind and soul… you still worship me with your fuckholes!” he barked, starting to fuck her even more rapidly, forcing his cock into her faster and rougher than before without any regards for her feeling – or rather hoping to cause the greatest suffering he could.

And at that he succeeded.

Feeling the enormous hard cock being plunged into her dry, unprepared, sore and tight cunt, was causing an agony comparable to that caused by the wizard’s spell. Cyndra felt as if no inch of the body was free of this mind-numbing pain. Each time the cock was pushed in it felt as if a fist wrapped in sandpaper was pushed inside her most intimate place, each further push making her already sore fuckhole hurt even more…

And Therion greedily drank her suffering. Yes, this trip had already been worth it. He had found that each individual female’s torments had a unique taste and the fare at the Coronet had slowly gotten stale, despite the influx of fresh slaves every now and then. But here, he had an unbroken girl with a body made to suffer…pretty much trained to endure.

He grunted happily as he kept on pounding his oversized cock into her, clawed hands holding her in place while Edwin raped her mouth and tormented her with magic, drowning her mind in a sea of suffering. Almost instinctively, he granted the mage a portion of his power, allowing him to last far longer than he ordinary would have with his cock inside a screaming girl’s mouth.

Still, it would have to end eventually, if only to serve as a final degradation for her. And so, after a while, Edwin closed his eyes, feeling his balls tighten. ” Hmmm…I am close…and you better swallow, cunt!” When he came, however, he made sure to grab her head firmly, not even giving her any other option but to take his sperm into her mouth and swallow it, despite the retching and gagging sounds she made.

When the mage stepped back, finally freeing her mouth, Therion laughed, hearing her whimper and cry out as he plunged his dick deeply into her again, stretching her cunt wide. ” I am making sure that, henceforth, you will never be with a man again without thinking of me”, he growled, reaching out to grab her firm tits and give them a hearty squeeze, drawing another whimper from her.

” Hrrrm…your cunt bores me”, he snarled, though at this point, he was not certain she even heard his words, too caught in her own pain and despair. Growling, Therion delivered a brutal backhanded slap to her tear-streaked face before pushing her off his cock and to the ground. To her credit, the moment she was free of his grip, she tried to scramble away from him, although it did not do her any good.

Sarevok simply stepped forward, placing a foot on her shoulders, pushing her down. ” Please…”, they heard her whisper, the dismay in her voice making Therion’s cock twitch. ” Ah…you want more? Happy to oblige”, the demigod responded, laughing. Replacing Sarevok’s foot with his own clawed hand, he kept pushing her face-first onto the hard ground, got on top of her…and, without any preparation, shoved his massive cock into her tiny asshole.

For a second she became completely still, as if her body, mind and soul were unable to comprehend the full agony that exploded in her tiny ass. Second later her terrible scream cut through the air, accompanied by Therion’s heartless, evil laughter.

How he loved when whores suffered! When they screamed, fought and begged! He didn’t care that someone could hear the cries of the raped woman… in fact he wanted everyone to hear it, to know how he was raping her. And if anyone decided to intervene… well, the males and women would join the monk in her torment.

This time, however, no one was there to intrude. Cyndra kept screaming, writhing, trying to crawl away, both from Sarevok’s leg pinning her and from Therion’s cock impaling her. All the while, as she suffered Therion… did absolutely nothing. He remained unnaturally still, with his cock halfway burried in her tiny, clenching ass.

He sniffed the air, almost savouring the suffering emanating from the abused, raped woman. Finally, after a while, he grabbed her hips with his powerful hands… and used it to ram his cock further, overcoming any resistance her muscles presented.

“Aieee! Stop!” Cyndra cried, all remains of her dignity, all conscious thoughts, all plans to liberate herself annihilated by the mind-rending agony that filled her body. 

The terrible pain started at her impaled ass and sore pussy but from there it radiated to her entire body, making her body spasm uncontrollably as she wept and writhed, each move on her part uncomfortably shifting the monstrous cock in her… though that only mattered when Therion wasn’t ramming his cock into her, as when he did, the agony of his brutal thrusts eclipsed everything else.

“Yes! Yesss!” he growled, the suffering of his victim, the suffering of all the abused women around him, adding him strength to keep on pounding this exceptionally tight ass as hard as he could. 

With his clawed hand, he easily held her down while she suffered, pinned to the ground by his weight and his hand while he kept on driving every inch of his monstrous cock into her hole again and again, ripping scream after scream from her.

He loved the feel of her muscles tensing and flexing underneath his scaled body as she tried to wiggle out from under him and away from his driving cock. Of course, her efforts were in vain, but every time she moved, his cock inside her shifted, granting him even more pleasure while she suffered more.

Her pleas had turned into cries and pained howls interrupted by loud sobs and unintelligible blabbering, but her suffering and her desire to be away from him and his cock, to be done with this nightmare, to stop the pain radiating from her raped asshole, were all too obvious to him.

” Yes…suffer….suffer under the cock of your new god!” he growled, dripping foamy saliva onto her shapely back while his cock worked its way into her again, driving into her tiny anus in one powerful thrust. And suffer, she did. He knew that nothing had prepared her for this, nothing could have prepared her for this…and her horror at her own helplessness made her torments all the sweeter.

Dimly, Therion was aware of the suffering of Viconia, Imoen and Aerie, who were currently used by the others since, with him easily holding Cyndra down, their services were not needed.

Aerie, her face a mask of utter degradation, was currently licking Edwin’s balls to help the mage get hard again. Imoen was on her hands and knees, face pressed into the dirt while Korgan rutted away at her asshole and Viconia was caressing Sarevok’s cock with her nimble tongue.

But their suffering was not relevant right now. He focused all his attention on the monk, fucking her tiny asshole harder than she thought possible. He grinned, knowing that she must wonder how much longer he could last, given how tight her asshole was.

” I am beyond your ken, mortal…and I will keep raping your ass until I grow bored of it…which can be a very long time, given how…tight…you are!” To emphasize his words, he smacked her asscheeks hard, driving himself fully into her for what must have been the hundredth time at least.

At this point, Cyndra couldn’t even focus on Therion’s voice. Her entire world shrunk to this terrible pain, radiating from her abused asshole and engulfing her entire body. She didn’t even notice that she was screaming right now, she just kept praying that the torment finally ends.

True to his word however, Therion was able to go on fucking her in what seemed to be an enternity – especially for the poor, raped monk. Again and again he plunged his cock in her ass, ripping another tormented scream from her mouth, making her body buck and tense and writhe with each thrust. Time also lost its hold over Cyndra, the woman wouldn’t be surprised if she was told that her ordeal is going on for day, weeks or even months. At this point, with her mind screaming in a cage of pain, she couldn’t even recall if she was ever free from this cock or was this ordeal occuring through her entire life.

At another time she would feel symphathy for the other girls – she has just encountered Therion and they have been serving his cock for much, much longer. However, now Cyndra completely forgot about their existence. The only things that mattered to her was her pain-filled body and the huge cock being rammed up her exceptionally tight ass.

Finally, even through the fog of pain, surrounding her mind, she heard Therion howl triumphally and then, as his thrusts became slower and longer, she felt some disgusting liquid being pumped between her asscheeks. For a moment the monk couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her. Then, with terror, she thought that something in her body was irrepairably damaged and that it is her blood… but she immediately realized that the disgusting liquid is Therion’s cum… and that thought didn’t bring her any relief just more humiliation.

Eventually Therion withdrew his cock and, for a moment, left the exhausted moment alone. However, when he grabbed her short hair in his clawed hand and made her look at him, she realized that his cock hasn’t gotten soft at all.

“Now… serve me with your mouth whore!” he growled.

“No… please… no more… I cannot…” Cyndra whimpered.

“Suck me off or I take your ass again!” he ordered.

This time Cyndra knew better than to resist. No matter how low did she have to sink to satisfy the beast, she knew she would go crazy if she was subjected to another ass rape.

Therion leered down at Cyndra, his cock still hard and ready for her. By now, he had absorbed so much of her pain that he practically glowed from within, his monstrous demigod-form sending out ripples of dread or strength…depending on whether one was a rapist or a victim. Around him, the abuses the three other slaves suffered grew more brutal.

Korgan had taken to using his belt on Imoen’s shapely back while Aerie was subjected to a barrage of pain-inducing spells from Edwin’s roving hands and Viconia was violently throatraped by Sarevok. But Therion barely felt those all-too-familiar scents of pain. The humiliation radiating from the monk was far too overwhelming at the moment.

“What are you waiting for? Or do you really want my cock up your tiny ass again?” he asked, his fangs bared in a cruel grin. He could see the resolve in her eyes evaporate like rain on a hot day. Her soul cracked and through the cracks seeped beautiful motes of mental anguish. Oh, how he delighted in taking down those whores who deemed themselves strong!

Hesitantly, she reached for his cock, barely able to wrap her fingers around the massive girth. Up close, Cyndra could not truly believe that this monstrous thing had been up her ass only a few moments ago…but the pain still throbbing inside her body and the sensation of cum seeping from her abused anus told her that it had happened…and that it would happen again if she did not do as this monster demanded.

Leaning forward, she parted her lips, closing her eyes, fighting down the disgust she felt. The monstrous cock was throbbing in her hand. Cyndra gagged the moment she felt the head push against her lips and onto her tongue. But the fear of his anger was too great and so, she took the entire head into her mouth, it alone almost enough to fill her mouth completely.

” That is better…and now, I want you to behave like the whore you are. Pleasure me. Degrade yourself. Do that and I will refrain from just pounding your throat….”

At this point Cyndra was too terrified to resist. All her willpower and discipline, trained in the monastery was obliterated in the face of the rape by this… creature. Shame of submitting to Therion’s disgusting demands was more bearable than the thought of him fucking her face. With the corner of her eye she could see the petite drow being orally raped, she could hear her desperate coughing and gargling and feared of being subjected to the same fate. Therion’s monstrous cock was much larger than even that of the man who was raping the drow and the monk was afraid that it could tear her throat during such rape.

The thought of being forced to take this disgusting member into her tight, sore ass was even worse and she was willing to do anything not to let that happen… no matter how degrading it was. Sighing in defeat the beautiful monk began sucking on the member in her mouth. Even with her almost nonexistent experience in sucking cocks she could clearly tell that Therion’s cock tasted… off. She almost retched each time her tongue caressed the thick shaft, her revulsion being caused not only by the disgusting task she was forced to do but by the feeling of wrongness emanating from the creature standing before her.

Therion was truly and completely evil, she could clearly sense that now. When he was raping her, the pain she was suffering made it impossible to focus on this sensation but now she could feel… she could taste the evil radiating from him.

“If you don’t want me to facefuck you, you should do a better job” the demigod ordered, grabbing one of Cyndra’s breasts in his clawed hand and squeezing it hard enough to make her moan in pain around his member.

Cyndra tried to quickly learn how to suck cock, desperately tried to pleasure him to the best of her poor skills. She ran her tongue against the shaft, even started moving her head up and down, her lips stretching widely around his cock as she took him deeper in her mouth, all the while fearing him going as far as to the back of her throat.

“Aaieeee!” One of the other women – was it the blonde elf – gave a piercing scream somewhere behind the monk but she couldn’t afford to lose concentration and kept her administrations, servicing the cock in her mouth.

Therion chuckled, amused by her clumsy, yet very eager efforts to pleasure him. It was always easiest to make the whores do whatever he wanted after they’d already suffered under his cock. Lightly, he rested his hand on Cyndra’s head, but did not intensify his grip yet. He felt her humiliation and her fear like a sweet scent on the air.

Fear was a delicacy he could not get enough of. While all his slaves still feared him, the sheer terror at the prospect of being violated by him eventually dulled to become a nagging, underlying sense of unavoidable doom…which was fine on its own…but the fear of a freshly raped whore was beyond compare.

Every now and then, the monk cast a fearful glance at him and whenever she did, he would thrust his cock in just a tiny bit, just to scare her. Other than that, he was content to make her degrade herself for a bit longer, although her feeble, clumsy attentions were slowly boring him.

After all, physical satisfaction went hand in hand with spiritual fulfillment.

” You are trying to serve your new god and I approve”, Therion rumbled eventually, after her lips had begun to feel numb from the constant exertion, ” but you do not know what you are doing. Let me…make this quick.” And with that, he grabbed the back of her head…and shoved. Cyndra’s eyes widened in pure panic as his cock slammed against the back of her throat and then went down.

Contrary to her fear, it did not tear her throat…but the sensation was horrible enough. Suddenly unable to breathe, Cyndra gagged and gargled around the massive member…which Therion pulled out after a few moments…only to slam it back in, beginning a brutal facerape that lasted for at least half an hour.

By the end of it, Cyndra was barely conscious anymore, unable to breathe except in those rare moments when he decided to let her have a quick breath before his cock would slide down her throat again. Spittle ran down her chin, mixing with his awful-tasting precum. So, when he finally groaned and came, she barely noticed, her throat swallowing down the first two loads automatically…

Only then did the sheer amount of cum overwhelm her and it spilled out of her mouth, sliding down her chin in long, sticky drops, dangling from it in disgusting strands before splattering onto her naked tits. Therion kept her head in place until he had shot almost all of his load, laughing at her feeble attempts to breathe.

Only when he was almost spent did he pull out, shooting the last three massive spurts onto her gasping, teary face, his cum landing all over her lips, nose and cheeks. Then, with a grunt of satisfaction, he pushed her away with enough force to send her to the ground where she remained, coughing and desperately trying to wipe the disgusting sperm off her face and tits.

Satisfied for the moment, Therion shrunk back into his fully human form. Looking to his comrades, who were still busying themselves with the other slaves, he said, ” Now you can have her. Enjoy the whore in my name!” Opening a bottle of spirits, he took a drink for pure enjoyment while he watched as the monk, too weak to resist, was assaulted by his men.

The first one to get to her was Sarevok, who grabbed the girl, ignoring her weak attempts to fight back, and slammed her over a rock. A moment later, his cock was balls-deep inside her pussy and he began to rape her with brutal strokes. She whimpered and cried out, but those sounds were quickly muffled as Edwin decided to once again plunge his cock down her throat.

That left only Korgan, who grumbled curses as he made Aerie suck his cock until Sarevok was finally done, having shot his load into the crying monk’s cunt. He had barely left his position behind her when Korgan’s cock was already between Cyndra’s asscheeks, the dwarf subjecting her to another violent assrape.

Meanwhile, Edwin, still burying his cock inside the monk’s gagging throat, began using his spells again, groping Cyndra’s tits with hands surrounded by green flames, making his victim scream and buck between the two men, much to their enjoyment.

When they were finally done, Cyndra was a wreck, trembling and covered in sperm, sobbing quietly to herself. With a wide grin, Therion stepped towards her and yanked her up by her short hair. ” Be proud, whore…for your agony has fed a god! Now, go! And for the rest of your life, remember this moment…when you screamed around the cock of a god!” 

Cyndra could only sob in response, too overwhelmed by pain and degradation to pay any attention to Therion’s cruel words. All her training, all her willpower, all her discipline… nothing could have prepared her for the agony of this rape. Right now she only cared that finally there was no cock spearing her sore holes. She wouldn’t have cared if they killed her but when, after a long while, she opened her eyes she realized she was alone, surrounded only by the bodies of her comrades.

With all the suffering she has endured, to her utmost shame, she couldn’t even bring herself to cry for them.

By then, Therion’s group was well on their way to their destination – the dryads grove. Despite all of them dumping numerous loads inside the beautiful monk’s unwilling body, when the party set camp for the night they already recovered their strength again – a side effect of spending time in Therion’s divine aura. Viconia and the other girls didn’t expect anything different and soon they found themselves serving their cruel masters with their bodies yet again.

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