Metroid Chapter 2 – A Hunter Defiled

Samus gagged helplessly as the armor plated cock slid easily into her throat, her tongue and jaw working furiously to resist the pirate but her efforts completely in vain. If anything, her constant biting just gave the pirate a tighter hole to use, her mouth narrowing and compressing on him like a snake crushing its prey. Her tongue was battered out of the way with no more effort than it took to swat a gnat, the course scales of chitin grinding away at the tough muscle as it fought him.

The choking cock was sliding entirely into her with every thrust of his disjointed hips, the hard shell of his body bashing painfully against her pert nose and cheeks. She couldn’t breathe around his raping member, had to fight for every single breath of air between thrusts, when he wasn’t fully impaled on her for a brief second, and the effort was quickly making the blonde woman dizzy. She hadn’t had a chance to recover her breath from when Ridley’s tail had robbed her of it, and her lack of oxygen was quickly rendering her unable to effectively fight.

His clawed hand was wrapped in her hair, tugging at her ponytail like a handle while his other claw idly played across her breasts. Her own hands batted helplessly at him, pounding weakly at his chitinous hide in air-deprived weakness until another set of hands grabbed them and held them together behind her back. The pirate was tugging so hard that her arms came together above the elbow, and she had to bend as only a truly flexible woman could to keep her shoulders from dislocating.

The furious pirate Kryzzk then grasped her head with both insectile hand hands and buried himself as deeply in her throat he could, holding there while her tight tunnel spasmed around his cock in a vain attempt to clear the blockage. He was making some kind of pleased buzzing noise from his throat, grinding himself against her soft lips and squishing her nose until it was almost pressed flat, on the very verge of breaking.

The pirate clearly loved the look of her naked, sweating body writhing before him, her tits unconsciously rubbing against his legs in her struggle for hair. A scream that Samus did not have air to voice built in her agonized lungs, her throat going through spasm after spasm in sheer desperation until her blue eyes began to glaze over, the light behind them fading.

Only then did the Space Pirate slide his cock back enough for the blonde Bounty Hunter to gasp a breath of air. He allowed only a single gasp though, before he shoved his fat pole deep into her throat again, relishing the feeling of her soft, hot, moist flesh spasm around his alien rod.

Again and again Kryzzk did this, tearing his vengeance from the blonde whore as blood dripped from his mouth into her hair, staining it with tiny black steaks until the occasional breath of air was no longer enough to keep Samus awake and he had to pull back, allowing the girl to catch her breath or begin to fuck a corpse… and he did not want to think what the dragonic Ridley would do to him if he killed the hunter already. Coughing, gasping, Samus slowly caught her breath, her eyes lighting up again as her brain began to work, even as the pirate slammed back into her yet again, impatient to abuse the slut further.

But now the hunter’s eyes were narrowed, and glowing with a dangerous light as she met the alien orbs above her. Samus was humiliated… she was hurt, she was embarrassed, and she was completely disgusted… but more than that, so much more than any of that, she was furious.

Long ago, when she had survived Ridley destroying the space station where she had been born, when the dragon had murdered her parents right in front of her eyes, Samus had decided that she was done being a victim.

No, as she stared into the eyes of her rapist, she did not show her fear, disgust, or humiliation… her eyes only promised death… and Samus ingrained his name and face into her memory, carving it into her mind like it was stone as she vowed that this one, Kryzzk, would die last.

The pirate began to tire of his breath games with the Hunter and start to shove his cock in and out with rough and casual brutality, savagely fucking the throat of the slender young girl beneath his narrow, insectile form. Her throat was bringing him pleasure, the slight hint of a blush on her face pleasing him… but even as he enjoyed her, he could see his eyes, and their meaning was beginning to register to him.

The blonde whore, naked and helpless beneath him, was starting to scare him.

And Kryzzk did not like that at all.

Snarling, he burrowed his entire length down her choking, constricting throat again, his hand slapping her cheek hard, leaving a red imprint. “Close your eyes, bitch!” His command was easy to understand, but Samus, once again gagging and fighting for breath as her throat and mouth were stuffed with foul alien cock, did nothing to heed it. Instead, the angry glare intensified, if such a thing was even possible.

“I said close your eyes!” He withdrew his cock a bit, then slammed it down again, his triple balls slapping her drool-slick chin with a wet, disgusting sound. Samus’s only reaction was to twist her hand in the grip of the Pirate behind her, nearly pulling a muscle…to give him a finger gesture that was as offensive as it was universally understood.

Much to his chagrin, Kryzzk noticed that, despite the fact that she was forced to take his thick, long cock down her throat time and again, she was not a crying, helpless victim. Even now, she held a certain amount of power…even if it only helped to make HIM look weak. Already, the two others chittered with amusement.

“Gllrp…gllp…grrlll…” she made, the noises arousing him, his cock pounding her throat wetly, sending another flood of saliva drooling over her chin and dropping down onto her heaving, trembling tits. Her cheeks were red and flushed with exhaustion and lack of breath, beads of sweat on her pretty breasts and her belly as she knelt before him. But still, he was not fully in control here. And that fact infuriated and embarrassed him in equal parts.

“Stop looking at me! Or you will not see the end of this night!” he said, pulling back until only the head of his cock was in her mouth, teased by her unwilling tongue trying to avoid it.

“Oh…armh…you afrthhh phhhff mee?” she made around his cock, unable to fully escape from it due to his grip on her head. But her meaning was clear enough and in response she received a series of brutal backhanded slaps that left her cheeks almost purple.

The slaps made her dizzy, even more so with his cock still in her mouth and now suddenly down her throat again. No matter how unnerved he might be, he never lost his objective, which was to use her mouth to get himself off, it seemed. Just as he went balls-deep into her again, her throat gripping his long tool hard, despite her best efforts to relax it, making her gag so hard she nearly fainted again, his one hand released her head and went to her throat, closing around the bulge that his cock made within her and squeezed.

Now her airways were completely and utterly blocked. Still keeping a tight grip on her throat, he began to lightly move his cock up and down…jerking off with her throat in the middle! The bizarreness of the situation came second, however, after the very serious threat of being choked by his cock again! “Close your eyes or you will die right here!”

Through the haze of choking, Samus attempted to find out if his intention truly was to kill her, but his face was hard to read and she could not say whether he was just threatening her or had become so desperate to save face that he no longer cared about killing their new catch before the others could have a turn with her. If the latter was true, he could easily kill her now…and she would die, with his cock down her throat, naked and helpless, covered in her own drool…this was no way to go out! Samus had always imagined going down fighting, not being used like a toy.

She would obey, for now. But he would die. Maybe not now, but the promise her eyes had made to him remained. He would die last…and most painful. Shuddering, already swaying with oxygen deprivation, she closed her eyes…and was rewarded by a slight withdrawal of his hard shaft and his claw, which went back to grasp her head fully, allowing him to continue the rape of her face in earnest.

And now that he had asserted his authority over her, at least in his simple mind, it did not take too long for him to cum, her constricting, rebelling throat milking his shaft against Samus’s will as he kept on raping her face as hard and deep as he could. Suddenly, he threw his head back, uttering a pitched chittering sound…and his cock started spewing a huge torrent of sperm right down Samus’s throat.

The bounty hunter had little choice but to try and swallow, even as he slowly pulled back, his cock shooting more and more wads down her throat and into her mouth. The taste made her heave again immediately. Samus was not fond of tasting human cum, but this was a hundred times worthy, salty and bitter and somehow… sour and rotten, and there was way too much of it.

Apparently, the Pirate’s three balls produced at least four times the amount of sperm a human male could coax forth from his cock, filling her mouth several times, cum leaking out over her lips and dangling from her chin in long, gooey strands. Finally, he pulled out, but just as Samus thought he was finished, he shot another huge load all over her face, covering her cheeks, lips and nose as well as a portion of her hair in his sticky white seed.

Samus coughed, retching up great globs of the slimy liquid as she rested on her knees. She stared at the ground, feeling gravity slowly drag the pirate’s cream from her face to drip to the ground while the chittering sounds of laughter filled the room… but she could barely hear it over the buzzing that filled her ears. Rage completely filled her senses, tinting her vision red and narrowing her focus to a tiny sliver. She looked up at the gloating pirate above her, her eyes tiny slits that glared at him with intense fury.

Perhaps the pirate thought her eyes were narrowed to protect her from the mask of cum, or perhaps he was either too flushed with power or too stupid to realize the danger she promised. “So much better, Hunter slut!” he said, that insectoid laughter in his voice. “Finally learning your place, aren’t you?”

She felt the Space Pirates behind her shift, changing positions and no doubt jostling to be the next to rape her… and in the process, for an instant, their grip was less than solid on her arms. It was a fleeting thing, a single instant of weakness. It would have been gone almost before it had begun… but Samus had been expecting it. She had been waiting for it, and was more than ready to take advantage.

Her legs uncoiled like wound springs, driving her upwards and tearing her arm free of the claws of the aliens behind her, her hair pulling free of the tight ponytail as she did. Samus felt one of the talons rake painfully along her arm as she tore it from the grasp with her momentum, and opened a shallow slash on her forearm against the sharp edge… but she payed it no more mind than a momentary grimace. Her entire body continued upwards as the bounty hunter launched herself to her feet and drove her skull into the bottom of Kryzzk’s jaw with all the strength in her body, feeling chitin crack above her scalp.

The impact dizzied her slightly, but the strong blonde woman shook it off. The pirate was staggering backward, flesh blood dripping from his wounded jaw, but Samus had no intention of letting that bug off that lightly. She let her launch drive her slightly into the air before gravity pulled her back down, planting a single foot and used it to pivot, rotating her body as she brought her other bare foot down into a hammering kick. Sped by gravity and the entire weight of her tall body, her heel impacted savagely against the narrowest point of the pirate’s double jointed leg, striking into the middle segment with crushing effect.

The crack echoed through the room like a thunderbolt, muffled only by the high pitched screech from Kyrzzk as he collapsed heavily. His own weight landed on his broken leg as he fell, and a second crack sounded, like a lobster’s claw being crushed. Samus smiled tightly, narrowly, her long free hair sticking to the cum on her face as she thrashed through the air and away from the hands even now trying to grasp her again.

Ridley’s massive claw batted her aside, his furious roar shaking boxes loose from their precarious perch as the blonde woman was sent flying like a missile from a cannon. Samus tumbled helplessly, unable to control her momentum as she struck a pile of crates with brusing force, causing the heavy mountain to collapse around her and on top of her. The heavy impacts hurt badly, worse than she had been hurt in years and she cried out, the sound of pain all but lost in the roar of the collapsing steal.

“DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF!” the dragon roared, the bellow powerful enough that it caused to rubble to shift even before her wrapped one huge talon around the bounty hunter’s legs and dragged her out from beneath the debris, crying out in pain as her bruised body was torn from under the weight. “SHACKLE HER YOU INCOMPETENT SLUGS!” Ridley slapped her down on top of one of the steel crates, and the dazed blonde felt hands on her, wrapping steel around her ankles and wrists.

Still, at the edge of her vision she could see Kryzzk curled on the ground, unconscious and unable to stand. She couldn’t help but feel it was worth it.

The pirates clearly thought so too… they were treating her with much more care now, much more reverence. Their hands raked over her body almost professionally now, testing the strength of her bonds and unwilling to risk her breaking free once more. Her hands were now bound together behind her back, and her she felt her legs being spread and shackled while she was still too dazed to put up much of a struggle. She was exposed completely, more vulnerable than she had felt since a tiny child. When the pirate finally backed away from her, she could hardly move… bent at the knees over the steel frame, legs wide. She could lift her bare breasts off of the cold metal if she strained, but little more.

“What about him?”

A snarling sound. “Let the fool sleep it off.”

“Who’s next?”

“Wait,” Ridley voice called, no longer a room-shaking roar but still loud, and full of fury. “Teach the hunter a lesson first…” Chittering noises of laugher filled the room as feet moved around behind Samus, and then the bounty hunter heard a horribly familiar snap-hiss as her plasma whip sprang to life, coating the room in a bright amber glow…

She tried to turn her head in order to see who was holding the whip, but the bonds would not allow her to move enough. This time, they were not taking any chances with her. Samus closed her eyes, biting her lip in bitter anticipation as her mind insisted on bringing up the technical facts about her emergency weapon… something that might help in situations where she could actually move but was less than useful now.

The plasma whip, worn as a bracelet on the wrist, was, of course, not an actual plasma weapon. It had gotten its nickname from the hissing, snapping sound it made, similar to the sounds traditional plasma rifles uttered when fired. In actuality, it was a nanite-weapon, made up of millions of tiny hypercharged little machines held together by a forcefield. When the whip-shape struck a living target, the nanites emitted a high-energy shock that caused excruciating pain in living organisms while leaving the target intact. Also, they could be used by anyone, their effect not depending on the strength of their bearer at all.

They were very useful when gathering bounties on subjects meant to be still alive. They were also used to herd Gorox and other thick-skinned farm animals. Or for slave-keepers…

For a few agonizingly long moments, Samus waited, every muscle tight in dread expectation of that first strike…but the Pirates kept her waiting, no doubt thinking that not knowing when she’d receive the first lash would enhance her torment. And it worked, though Samus successfully fought down the first true rushes of panic.

They meant to cause her pain. They meant to rape her. She knew their intentions and she knew she would find a way through it and get her revenge. She always had. And this time she would take Ridley’s entire corpse and throw it into the nearest black hole so he would never…

The first strike hit her just as she had relaxed a tiny bit. The sharp crackle of the force field came only a fraction of a second before the whip struck across her exposed buttocks. Pain engulfed her lower body, racing up her spine, her vision turning black for a second as the signal reached her brain. Before she had realized what was happening, Samus had opened her mouth to scream, her back arched as every single muscle in her body tightened and cramped.

Tittering, chittering noises from behind her responded to her cry of pain. Soon – too soon – the next lash came, this time across her back and her arms, sending new lances of agony coursing through her body.

Amidst the haze, Samus realized that she had never ever been the target of a plasma-whip before, forcing her to face this new agony unprepared. Knowing that her body would remain in perfect shape did not help much at all, not when the pain was worse than stepping into an acid pit on Zebes. At least this time she managed to close her mouth fast enough to turn the howl into a muffled, albeit still loud, grunt. Right now, she wished for something to bite onto to keep herself from screaming, for she was still determined to make subduing her as hard as she could for the Pirates. But even more, of course, she wished she could wrap the whip around the neck of one of those bastards and just squeeze.

Unfortunately, her fantasy did not prevent the Pirates from tormenting her further. After she had somewhat recovered from the second blow, there was a longer pause, as the Pirates laughed at Kryzzk, who was just getting up again. “Next time you fuck her, better wear your helmet,” one of the others mockingly clacked with his mandibles.

“Shut your trap and give me that!” Kryzzk snarled, rushing over to the others and grabbing the whip. “Time for payback, you worthless cunt!”

Of course, the insult barely touched Samus. The rain of blows with the whip, however did. No matter how hard she tried, by the time the sixth blow struck, she was screaming again, venting the pain by crying out and screaming herself hoarse.

In a corner of her mind, she almost wished he might have a traditional whip instead… there he would need to pause or kill her eventually…but a plasma whip did not harm the target…he could, in theory, do this all day and he certainly seemed to like that prospect, whipping at her thighs, ass and back with wild abandon, eventually even trying to strike her tits and then between her legs.

His aim with the whip was no better than his aim with his rifle, which was good…yet he still managed to strike at her cunt once…and Samus thought she’d die from the pain, screaming and screaming until her voice was almost gone and she slumped onto the crate, tears of exhaustion and sheer agony running down her face, mixing with the mask of cum already drying on her beautiful, strong features.

Kryzzk was pummeling her mercilessly, sending her battled body unable to buck or thrash any further in her bonds, the pain overwhelming her until she simply could not move anymore. To her shame, incoherent pleas and cries poured from her mouth, anything to make them stop.

“I’ve waited long enough,” one of the pirates said. “If we’re going to do this, I want a piece of the pitiful hunter now!” Just like that the whipping stopped, and Samus was allowed to catch her breath, eyes still leaking over her slime strewn face. Rough, sharp edged hands, the chitinous claws of a Space Pirate, gripped at her hips, and she couldn’t even make herself twitch as fire lanced through her pussy, the hard cock pressing insistently at her dry opening. She could barely scream, her voice so weak and raw, as he forced his cock head into her cunt.

It felt to the bounty hunter like a ring of fire burning up her insides as it pressed further into her. She was no virgin, no prude… but none of her own previous lovers could have prepared her for something like this. Her body simply was not ready for sex, as dry as the depths of Brinstar where the Chozo had raised her. Her wail petered out into a grunt as he forced himself all the way into her, his bony pelvis slamming painfully into her whipped ass.

Raped, she thought dizzily. She was being raped by aliens, the scum that had methodically ruined her life like it was their purpose. Brutally, mercilessly, they had beaten her until she could hardly think anymore, completely losing herself to the pain, and then they raped her. Samus felt like she was being torn apart down there as the Space Pirate began taking short stabs into the her, grinding his cock inside the blonde’s tight hole until she screamed once again. “By the holy mother, this human is amazing…” she heard him say, as other pirates laughed.

Over and over the monstrous alien slide his unnaturally cruel cock deep into her dry, battered pussy. Samus gasped as the monster’s chitinous body rubbed over her sensitive flesh, inflamed and hot from her beating. “Wake up, whore!” he yelled, grabbing the bounty hunter’s breasts in his bony hands, sliding them between her and the cold crate. He brutally twisted them, holding on tightly as he shoved deep into her hot, raw cunt. Samus began to scream over and over again, arching her back and up as far as she could in agony. It felt to the injured blonde as though the killer insect was going to twist her proud tits completely off her body, and all the time his hard shaft was inflicting new pain on her raw hole.

With his next drive deep into her cunt, the Space Pirate pinched his sharp nails down hard on her large nipple, hard against the cold metal. Samus shrieked, the loudest sound they had forced from her since the whipping. “That’s right… take it you stupid hunter-whore!” Kryzzk snarled from somewhere behind her. The pirate in her began to really ram Samus now, violently fucking her helpless nude body over and over again.

Her head was jerked up violently by her hair. “Give me that smart little mouth of yours, bitch” another of the insectoid abusers snarled as he pressed his alien prick against her lips. Her mouth opened with a grunt as her rapist slammed hard into her cunt, and the tiny distraction allowed the new cock to slip into her mouth and distend her lips around the invading weapon. He forced it quickly down her throat, bruising her nose painfully with hard shell of skin and began to vigorously rape her mouth.

Samus was awash in a nightmare of pain, her whole body shaking with tension. Sweat stood out on her smooth skin as she trembled in agony. Her entire body felt like someone had set her on fire while she choked, and the only thing that helped her was to think about what she would do to these monsters the instant she was free. She would blast them out the nearest airlock, that was it. Kryzzk… he liked choking her? Samus would love to see how much he liked it when she locked him in an airless room, watching as his suit’s life support numbers slowly fell digit by digit until he started to asphyxiate. Then she would blast the remains of their entire corrupt, worthless, evil civilization off the face of every starmap in the galaxy, just to make sure.

Finally the pain began to recede as the two rapists worked up a rhythm, fucking her face and cunt like a pair of trained workmen. One after the other they drove into her violated body evenly, fighting to prolong their pleasure. Samus’s mind could no longer sort out the overwhelming sensations being forced upon her body as it was slammed again and again into the cold crate, the metal creaking under the force of her abuse. Her pussy was a burning mass of swollen flesh, while her face and throat were sharp jagged edges of sensation. Agony throbbed in time with the thrust into her cunt, each flare so powerful it sent made her vision fade slightly to black.

A clawed finger found pressed into her tiny, unused asshole, and she groaned with the fresh pain. Her lithe, slender body was shaking uncontrollably now, flinching microscopically away from the thousands of pain signals her nerves were sending her. No human woman, not even one as strong and formidable as Samus, was built to withstand the crushing assault by cock of this size, and as brutally shaped and hardened as these monstrous members were.

Suddenly she screamed as the plasma whip fell directly into the middle of her back.

She screamed, her voice vibrating the alien cock raping her tight throat and her jerking causing the crate to slide an inch across the floor with a dull squeal. The impact of the nanite-laden weapon sent stabbing pain shooting through her nerves. “Careful, you idiot,” the pirate from behind her said. “Don’t hit one of us.”

“Shut up!” Kryzzk responded, enraged. He was staring directly into her pretty face, meeting her agonized blue eyes. “Not so tough now are you, whipped cunt!” He lashed down again and again. His aim was terrible, but even the terrible angles of attack he had to use to make sure he didn’t hit one of the other pirates didn’t aid the bounty hunter… even the slightest brush of the whip brought horrific anguish to her tight body and caused her to spasm uncontrollably on the pair of cocks raping her. She screamed again as her own stun-weapon landed across her slender shoulders, then her lower back. New, fat tears slid down her throat as the whim crashed almost on the back of her neck, seeming to send scalding nails deep into her flesh.

“Little whip raped bitch is making me cum!” the alien in her cunt howled, screeching pleased sounds as he rammed deep and shot his unnaturally enormous load of alien seed into her. The convulsions in her throat were dragging the second alien to climax too, the thought and sensation of her suffering driving his pleasure to a peak as she screamed on his cock, driving himself as deeply as he could and spurting the river of hot slime directly down into her gullet.

The alien behind her all but collapsed on top of Samus’s trembling body. Her once flawless, creamy flesh was painted red by inflamed skin, the results of agonizing collision with the devastating whip. Sperm leaked from around his cock, flowing down her legs from her well ravaged cunt even as a tiny trickle of blood dripped from her left nipple. Uncontrolled tears coursed down her cheeks, wiping away the sticky cum on her face and drawing clean lines down her filthy face, her messed mane sticking wetly to the damp surface. She stayed down on the crate once the pirates finally pulled out from her, drawing raggedly breaths as she fought to fill her lungs once more, her body shaking with involuntary paroxysms as she forced more of the massive loud of cum in her pussy to escape.

A mere human she may be, but her suffering made her one of the most arousing sights the alien raiders had ever seen.

“For you, my Lieutenant,” Ridley said, “I’ve saved the best for last.”

“I am grateful, General,” came the chittering response, the voice deeper and more resonant, if such a thing could be said of the insectoid voice box. Now, Samus remembered that there had been a fourth Pirate, one who had stayed behind and studied her while she was first abused and then tried to flee. And just when she’d thought it was over, at least for now…

Chitinous claws clicked on the metallic tiles making up the floor as the Lieutenant stepped closer, a grating, metallic sound escaping his throat as he let his eyes roam over her abused, helpless body. the creature mused, one hand running over her shapely back, still covered in red stripes from the plasma whip.

Samus forced herself not to shudder again at the unwanted touch. Strands of sperm connected her lips as she spat, “How am I supposed to remember… just one mindless grunt among thousands? I killed and crippled hundreds… and it’s still not nearly enough!” While the words were calculated to enrage him, maybe drive him and the others to make mistakes, the hatred within them was true and pure, like the flame of a newborn sun.

But with him, her efforts seemed to have been in vain. “There will be a time when you will regret every single word, hunter. Maybe not now… but it will come!” Using his one hand to push her down, he stepped fully behind her, the head of his hard cock sliding against her asscheeks, his other hand grabbing her hip.

Samus swallowed, trying to keep the panic from rising. She’d taken their hard, ridged, plated cocks down her throat and into her cunt. And they had hurt! She could count herself lucky that she was only partially human or they might have actually damaged her. And to think about taking another cock…there…it was something she definitely dreaded.

It was also something she could not prevent. Samus did not fool herself into believing she could get him to actually change his mind by begging. All it would do was to give him a sense of power and control even more whole than what he would already get by raping her ass. And she was going to deny it to him as much as possible.

For a moment, he waited, his cock resting between her buttocks, as if waiting. She could already feel a few drops of precum dribble onto her skin and slide between the cheeks…but apparently, he wanted to relish the moment. “I never thought this moment would come…the moment when I defile the hunter-whore!”

“And if you wait any longer”, Ridley snarled, a hint of impatience coloring his metallic, screeching voice, ” it will never come! Get on with it and fuck her already!”

And he obeyed. Without further ado, the Lieutenant grabbed her ass, using his thumbs to spread the cheeks, his cockhead pointing at her sphincter…and pressing in! Samus curled her hands into fists, biting her lips as she squeezed as hard as she could, attempting to bar him entry.

But he was merciless. With a loud grunt, he slammed his hips forward, driving part of the head into her, stretching her sphincter around the ridge in the middle of it. Samus gasped, barely managing to keep the cry of pain locked in her throat. As he pushed onward, she forced herself to think of worse things that had happened to her…acid pits, blaster fire, spores, hard vaccum exposure…these had all hurt…sometimes more than having a thick, armored alien cock drill into her hitherto-virgin anus.

But none of them had hurt so intimately. Feeling her insides stretch to accomodate his girth while he fed inch after inch into her clenching hole was worse because this time, it was inner pain. It was a violation not just of her body but her very soul…and she had never been hurt so much…not since that day her parents had died…died at the hands of those who now used her body.

“You are…pathetic!” she spat amidst grunts of pain while he forced half his cock into her asshole in one brutal thrust, pulling back just as rapidly to give her the impression he was tearing at her insides. “Attacking me… hnngh… four to… one.. .and then… raping me… like common… thugs!”

“Says the one with my cock up her ass, hunter…just shut up and take it!” was his only reply… followed by a shriek of triumph as he finally forced his entire length into her, impaling her anus fully!

He roared as the last inch of him slid home into the famous bounty hunter’s ass. A thin, despairing wail escaped her as tears grew in the corners of her eyes, unwilling to fall down her face.

Her ass strained with tension as a tiny scream escaped her, her throat unwilling to conceal her pain completely as the huge alien cock assaulted her, pushing her straining buttocks apart as it plundered into her tightly puckered virgin asshole. A tiny trickle of blood ran down her thigh all the way down to the shackles on her ankles as he rutted himself completely into her, his narrow chitin-plated hips flat against her red, abused ass.

“Hurt her!” Kryzzk said, his tone furious. “Don’t let the bitch take it easy… remember how many of our friends have died because of the hunter-whore here!” He snarled, and the sound came out like a cat’s scream from the insect’s throat. “Tear her apart!”

The pirate lieutenant nodded as he pulled back, letting his cock almost pop free of the tightly squeezing hole, admiring the way it clung around him. His rape tool was at least twice the size of the opening it was inserted into, and the thought of how much pain it must be causing the bounty hunter made his insides glow with glee. His three jaws shifting in anticipation, he gripped her hips savagely in his sharp claws and slammed back into her, hilting himself in her unlubricated ass in a single instant of sadistic movement.

Samus’s head jerked from side to side in desperate denial as the pain of his stroke hit her. Abject humiliation warred with agony as she had her ass fucked for the first time in her life, gasping and crying out in turn as her last virginity was raped away from her by the hated aliens. Her dazzling blonde hair, even matted with cum, shined like rays of sunlight as her struggles flicked it back and forth over her back.

She would never have allowed someone to fuck her ass, not ever. She had no problem with sex — sex she loved — but this was demeaning and dirty and cruel, and it hurt so god damned much. Samus had always imagined that it must be painful, but if being fucked up the ass normally hurt even a tenth as much as this anal rape did, she couldn’t imagine why anyone would ever do it willingly.

“This is for my people, you cunt!” her rapist said, “I hope this hurts you… I hope you bleed while I rip your bowels apart!” He pulled back a couple of inches and shoved himself forward again. The slap of his armor plates against her ass, her thighs against the crate, echoed through the room, surprisingly loud. Samus stopped her own wailing as she bit hard on her own tongue, a tiny stream of red flowing from her mouth.

Digging his sharp talons into her flesh, he began to pound her in a slow rhythm, but harder and harder. He was determined to enjoy this rape of the hated hunter as much as he possibly could, to make her hate it as much as her pitiful human brain could hope to feel. With every bit of tightness he robbed from her virgin ass, with every tremble of her agonized body, he felt he was avenging the death of another pirate.

Samus had her eyes tightly shut in anguish her teeth clenched as her body was shaken by the sadistic thrusts. God she wanted this to be over… to her humiliated, pain addled mind even the whipping seemed preferable to this disgrace. One of the pirates cuffed her across the face, and although she let out a groan she refused to open her blue eyes.

“Look at me, hunter whore!” Kryzzk said, but Samus had no intention of doing so. She didn’t want to look at the ugly monster any longer, she just wanted this to be over.

Her head rocked as his hand slapped her face again. “I said look at me!” he roared, and reluctantly the bounty hunter opened her eyes. Tears, no longer restrained by her eyelids, pour down over her reddened cheek.

Her eyes opened, a flood of tears pouring over her cheek, where a bruise was just beginning to form. “That’s right, whore… look me in the eyes while you get your ass raped. This is all your good for you dumb cunt, serving the rightful rulers of the universe.”

Slapping her ass hard and repeatedly, the Lieutenant started to thrust faster, his cock sliding into her with bruising force once a second now. “Come on, Tssalit,” Kryzzk yelled, his wounded mandibles twitching in excitement. “Ruin the bitch! Tear her to pieces!”

“That is lieutenant Tsallit to you…” he hissed he as slammed into Samus the hardest yet, causing her to scream out as her unwilling ass was wounded by the savage assault. The bestial slapping and grunting filled the sealed room as the space pirate officer tore into the bounty hunter’s ass like a cheap whore in an interstellar brothel.

“Keep screaming for us bitch!” Ridley laughed from out of sight as Samus was abused before his eyes, the athletic blonde girl shaking in pain as the Lieutenant stole his pleasure from her ass. “Scream for the death of the hunter, and the birth of the greatest slut in the galaxy. Scream for your own failure, and for the future fall of the federation.”

Kryzzk kept slapping her, his hard fists punishing the bounty hunter’s beautiful face as Tsallit came. His raping cock pumped jet of jet of hot alien seed into her asshole, flooding her bruised and bleeding colon. Her tiny cries of agony were music to the Space Pirate’s ears as more tears escaped her reddening face.

The Lieutenant pulled out as abruptly and harshly as he could, smearing a tiny trail of pink cum over the skin of her ass as he stepped back. The quiet pop that her ass made as he withdrew gave a clear sight how how tight the bounty hunter remained, despite the brutal best he had done to ruin her. Samus laid on the sobbing, her breathing ragged as she worked to get her tears under control. She felt unbelievably miserable, but as she sobbed her last tear, she took solace in that, at least for the moment, her abuse was over.

…Except that it was not, as Samus discovered very quickly when Ridley’s tail lashed across her form, making her cry out in both surprise and pain. Once again, he had taken care not to actually wound her, merely to hurt. Nevertheless, his tail left a huge red bruise across her back and ass that kept on stinging horribly.

“Did you think I was just going to watch without getting my fair share?” Ridley asked, his voice turned down to a low, metallic growl. Behind her, his footsteps echoed, titanium talons digging furrows into the metal floor of the lab as he came closer, one of his claws rubbing over her bruised back, making her flinch.

“Oh no, hunter… after all those years, after you killing me again and again… and again… I can finally get even!” Though his voice was not produced by anything even remotely anatomically human, it was easy to hear the unrestrained, sadistic joy in these words.

Samus looked back at him, peering through cum-plastered strands of hair, her eyes flashing with a hint of the old hatred… though it was pretty obvious she was too exhausted to fight at the moment. Nevertheless, she was not beyond tossing a few verbal barbs his way. “You sound like a child… did they forget to put a brain into your skull when they remade you? Seems I killed you one time too few…” Samus wasn’t finished, but her remaining words were washed away in a flood of pain when Ridley’s tail lashed her back again, several times.

Despite biting her lip, Samus could not keep the screams in for long, the pain being just too fierce, administered with great care for maximum effect. After the tenth lash, when he was satisfied with the result, her back criss-crossed by fresh bruises, his tail lashed forward and, with surgical precision, snapped the cuffs and shackles holding her bent over the crate apart.

Now no longer held in her degrading position, Samus slumped, first onto the crate, then off of it, landing on the floor, exhausted. Her breaths ragged, her chest heaving as she panted, trying to regain strength to defend herself.

In spite of the pain and the humiliation of what she had just undergone, her instincts worked well enough to allow her a quick check-up of herself. The results were disheartening. While she seemed to have received mostly internal and external bruising as a result of the whipping and the rapes, she felt utterly exhausted, sapped of strength. Without her suit to assist her, she would not really stand a chance.

Further thoughts were interrupted rather quickly and rudely when Kryzzk, apparently not yet satisfied with his revenge, brutally kicked her in the side, making her cough and groan with renewed pain. The Pirate cocked his taloned foot back again, but Ridley growled, “Stop it! Or do you really wish to deny me MY prize?” Making a conciliatory gesture, the Pirate stepped away, muttering something about finally getting a med-pack for his bruised face.

Again, Ridley’s tail sneaked out, grabbing her arms and pulling her upwards until she hung by her wrists alone, Ridley’s sauroid face only inches away from hers. “I will not make the same mistake twice, hunter. The tail is custom-made, without any failsafe or other weaknesses. No wriggling out of this one!”

Samus flinched away without conscious will. His breath stank of rancid oil and old meat, his entire body radiating a sickly heat, like the body of a feverish man. “Seems your people did a shoddy job putting you back together,” Samus spat in his face, “or did they simply try to get as close to the original as they could?”

Ridley did not even acknowledge her sarcastic intent, merely nodding downward while a soft hissing and whirring sound echoed from below. “They made quite a few… improvements,” the Pirate general said and even though he had no facial expression, the grin was obvious in his voice. Between his massive legs, a plate had slid away, allowing what was inside to push outward.

A cybernetic cock. Samus knew that some manhood-obsessed male colleagues of hers had had their dicks augmented and she knew of at least one lesbian in the military who kept a detachable one in her locker…but she had never seen one of this size. Thickness-wise, it looked more like a small industrial piston with a rounded head while its length equaled that of her forearm or at least came close to.

“Well, I guess, in your case, they had to,” she muttered, though seeing this thing had taken some of the fight out of her. If he started to fuck her with that… it would be bad.

“I do not care what you say, hunter. I am going to fuck you until you beg me for mercy. I am going to take your sweet human cunt as deep and hard as I possibly can. And after that…” he paused, clearly for dramatic effect, “it will get worse.”

About that, Samus had little doubt. She only hoped she would have regained some strength to fight back by then. Right now, however, as he slowly lowered her down, his clawed hands grabbing her legs and irresistibly forcing them apart, she had little choice but to allow this to happen.

Gritting her teeth, she closed her eyes as she felt the round head of his artificial cock touch her sore cuntlips… and push in, stretching her around its girth, already tearing a little pained whimper from her throat…

4 thoughts on “Metroid Chapter 2 – A Hunter Defiled

  1. Another week, another chapter!

    So I’m going to get the criticism out of the way up front: this chapter has something up with it; several lines of dialogue appear to be missing. A lot of paragraphs begin with “he said”, “Kryzzk said”, “was his only reply” and stuff like that, indicating that there should be lines of dialogue in front of that, but they got deleted somehow. Maybe, due to the way you’re bracketing the Space Pirate dialogue, the editing software thought those were supposed to be deleted?

    Aside from that…how does one critique a rape scene? Well, I can say that I did feel bad for Samus, but I also love her spirit throughout. I love that early bit with Kryzzk, where even though Samus is completely powerless, she actually manages to intimidate him purely with her eyes. The part where she briefly gains enough freedom to break his knee was pretty awesome too.

    When you first mentioned the plasma whip, I actually thought you were talking about that thing that comes out of the stun pistol in Super Smash Bros., and was a little puzzled that you’d included it. When you actually explained what it was though, it was not only a fairly horrific torture device but also something that made sense in universe, which was pretty cool.


    1. …uh oh.

      I’ll take another look at the dialogue. See if I can figure out what is going on. I think you may be right about the bracketing dialogue, I do abandon that idea later because it got annoying.


  2. Oh god damnit… these were originally posted elsewhere, and some of the alien dialogue was in < brackets to show that it was in another language. WordPress, however, looks at that like its code, so it removed it.

    I think I fixed it. Take a look how. Thanks for your interest.


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