Metroid Chapter 3 – Ridley’s Revenge

Awash in adrenaline, Samus was hyper-aware of every tiny detail as the cybernetic member pressed into her recently raped folds. Even as she hung from his tail, suspended in the air, she was slowly impaled on the augmented weapon, her legs forced wide apart by the dragon’s wide hips. Her whip-reddened skin shone beautifully in the dim light, shimmering an attractive, tortured sheen from her sweat… but she was simply too exhausted to struggle further. Even if she had her weapon systems, her armor, she wouldn’t have been able to resist… she wouldn’t even have had the mental strength to keep them active.

Slowly, letting gravity do his work for him, the murdering creature let his blonde victim slide further down on his pole, her fists clenching in agony as she was stretched wider than a human body was designed to go. It was like Samus imagined birthing a child must feel like, but impossibly this mass was sliding into her, not out. As she was unwillingly mated, her thighs were stretched out at right angles to her torso, bending at the knees as they dangled limply from her posture.

“Ohhhhh, no…” Samus gasped, the pain overwhelming for the bounty hunter. “Ugh, oh, OW!” She could feel the dragon breathing on her, her eyes forced to stare at Ridley’s enormous form as she fell further onto his rape tool. He emitted low, quiet grunts until his cock had finished its initial, shallow penetration of the girl. Then, without the Space Pirate general needing to move at all, the cock thrust upward into her, seemingly of its own volition.

The metallic augmentation slammed through any resistance with the force of a mechanical piston, hydraulic pressure propelling it forward in a savage rush that ripped deep into Samus’s sore cunt. To the abused bounty hunter, it seemed like the object, already too large, was actually growing inside of her… getting both longer and thicker as it raped as deeply into her as anything had ever gone. The beautiful blonde gasped, and fought for breath. It hurt, oh god, it hurt! The pain intensified, rising to a crescendo of female agony, and despite her exhaustion the hunter let loose with another loud, soprano shriek of pain. “Aiiieee!”

The invading monster pushed in further still, stretching her completely until there was no slack in the girl’s folds at all. Samus screamed and screamed, but the sounds of her torment were lost in the empty ship, unappreciated by anyone who would want to help her. She was alone… alone and vulnerable among her enemies, with the most hated foe she had ever faced fucking his oversized cock deeper and deeper into her tight little cunt. Any human worthy of the name would have felt for the abused girl, wanted to help her… but not these beasts. They were oblivious to her as anything other than an obstacle in their path, and a set of pleasantly tight holes.

The cybernetic cock didn’t perform any kind of sexual intercourse as humans, or even the other pirates had performed it. Rather, using the mechanical and muscular strength of the massive member it extended deep into her before withdrawing, while Ridley remained still and could simply enjoy the sensation of penetrating the tight confines of the pain-racked girl. Pinned to the raping tool by gravity and her own exhaustion, hanging by her tail-wrapped wrists, Samus could not adjust her position to find any relief, let alone hope to escape… she could barely breathe.

It seemed like a half-hour of stretching and filling and more stretching, with no relief, as more and more of the dragon’s cock shoved its way into the blonde warrior. The unyielding metal shaft was now completely impaled in her, bottoming out with every pistoning movement. Ridley himself still made no body motions… He just lay still beneath and in front of the girl, all four or five tons of bone, muscle, and metal, holding his helpless captive atop him while his augmented body abused hers. He was breathing right into the bounty hunter’s face… she could feel his hot, fetid breath flowing against her cum-stained hair.

His cock, however, was not so passive, almost possessing a life of its own. Part of the metal phallus withdrew back into the larger shaft, and then the monstrous cybernetic appendage shot out immediately, right into her small cunt. It pulled back out, and re-entered, with the same precise, mechanical endurance and intensity of a well-made machine. It seemed to Samus that the abuse could go on forever — he was required to expend no energy to rape her at all, and she could hang here until she died, literally raped to death on the cock of her hated enemy.

She gasped over and over, the only expression of pain she still had the strength for, as the monster’s penis continued its own mechanical fucking rhythm, withdrawing and re-entering her again and again with hard, piston-like thrusts. Again and again it mercilessly shoved its way into her, stretching and deepening her vaginal cavity. It pounded away at her battered pussy as though it were hoping to enlarge her to accommodate its own beastly size. Adrenalin coursed though Samus’s brain as she endured the violent assault, the only thing keeping her from collapsing into shock. Her damned Chozo DNA was keeping her alive and active when another woman would be unconcious and dying… but it didn’t give her strength enough to resist. Instead, all it did for her was make her acutely sensitive to each and every painful motion inflicted on her.

Ridley’s cock attacked like it had a mind of its own, driving in and out with crushing jabs as it sought to enclose itself completely inside the diminutive girl’s tight hole. Samus figured she had to be bleeding somewhat from the abrasions inside her incredibly stretched cunt, but if that was the case she couldn’t feel it amid the other pains, and it didn’t help her any. Even with the blood and some natural secretions, even with the semen shot into her by the earlier pirate, the blonde woman had woefully insufficient lubrication for the general’s oversized prick.

Samus couldn’t even think anymore… her perception of the world around her was slipping. All she could think about was being a tiny, helpless child… watching in horrified fascination as the draconic monster burned everything she cared about to cinders. Coherent light and columns of fire rained from his sky as the Space Pirate Expansionary Force razed colony K-2L to the ground. Her parents were murdered before her eyes, turned to ashes by the monster she had tried to finally kill so many times, the monster who was raping her. She felt that helpless again now, a vulnerable and weak child who needed to be saved… but this time, there were no Chozo to rescue her. What little was left of their civilization had vanished into the stars, fleeing from the great poison of Phazon or exterminated by Mother Brain. This time, she was alone.

She hung there, weeping weakly and wishing that anything would happen to end her ordeal. She began hoping that, if she was to die anyway, that it could just come for her now and free her from the excruciating pain. Yet, even in the midst of her agony, she wanted so fiercely to live. She had duties, responsibilities, friends… and she had a growing, half-realized lust for vengeance. Somewhere deep inside her, buried so far beneath her anguish that she was not even consciously aware of it, she knew that she would revenge herself for this indignity. She knew that she had been only human… that she had not gone as far in her efforts against the alien race as it was possible to go.

Next time, however, there would be no hesitation, no regrets. God help her, but she would annihilate their entire species, swallow their entire murderous civilization in a one woman xenocide… and after she was done, she would obliterate this damned dragon once and for one. She would destroy him so completely that there would be nothing else but dust, and she would scatter those remains into the hearts of a thousand different stars. When she was finished with Ridley this next time, there would be no coming back.

Her fury, slowly boiling in the back of her mind, warred with her complete exhaustion that threatened to send her into unconsciousness every single second… although it had regretfully yet to do it. She was too weak now to strike at Ridley and his soldiers, but that would not last. Somewhere in her head at least, she realized that there was nothing she could do now…

But the time would come.

The rape of beautiful bounty hunter went on and on, until suddenly she was lifted from him and tossed across the room, landing heavily on the steel-grated floor. She barely had to strength to lift her head and see Ridley pick up her armor’s helmet, holding it in one hand as her positioned it in front of his crotch and grunted. Samus could hear the splash of liquid as he shot his filthy load into her precious suit, and anger warred with disgust inside her. In a way, this seemed even worse than if he had cum in her… instead, he was polluting her most prized possession, a gift given to her by her adopted parents and saviors.

A large smile cracked the hideous, saurion visage. “The metroid has been secured, yes?”

“Yes, general,” the Lieutenant responded crisply. Unlike the other pirates, Samus could see he was already back into his exosuit. This one took his responsibilities seriously, it seemed. “The last metroid is in containment and ready for the voyage back to Zebes.”

The smile on the dragon’s face grew wider. “Good,” he said, his bulk making ringing noises on the metal floor as he stepped towards the prone Samus. “It’s about time we finish up here then.”

A shadow loomed over Samus and when she looked up, Ridley was leering down at her, massive and threatening. His cock had already withdrawn into his body, which was a small relief, at least. He did not need rest due to his augmentations, but for the moment, he did not plan to rape her again, which was good. Even enhanced as she was, Samus wasn’t certain she would endure another go.

“Time for us to leave, my dear Hunter”, he snarled, reaching down to grab her wrists with his hands this time, pulling her to her feet. Samus could hear the other Pirates make their disturbing clicking chuckle sound as she whinced, renewed pain flashing between her legs now that she was forced to stand. For a brief moment, she considered fighting again, but now was not the time.

Her brutal rape had drained her of strength and will in equal measure and while she might disable one or two Pirates with strength gained from hatred alone, right now, she was no match for Ridley.

Ridley’s beady eyes gazed over her naked, bruised body, well abused by him and his underlings one more time before turning towards the lieutenant. “External environment?” he asked, nodding his massive skull towards the door, keeping Samus held up by the wrists almost as an afterthought.

“Oxygen levels at 16 %, not habitable for organic life. Temperature plummeting, internal emergency reactors attempting to keep up but failing”, came the immediate report. Ridley nodded. “Make sure your armor is sealed, then,” he remarked, turning back to Samus. “And speaking of armor…”

Keeping her in his grasp with one hand, he motioned something to the Pirates with the other. From her vantage point, her entire field of view eclipsed by the armored form of Ridley, she could not see what they were doing, but the sounds of clanging and rustling told her enough. “I…thought you…wanted me…dead?” she asked through parched, swollen lips.

Ridley chuckled. ” Of course we do, Hunter…but not yet. Not while there is still so much fun to be had…” He leaned in closer, hissing, ” Not until I have you begging for death.”

Turning again, not waiting for her response, he snarled, ” Remove all auxiliary and weapon systems. Just keep life support active long enough for us to get her to her ship.” A few muttered confirmations and more clanging followed. Samus winced, practically feeling how these butchers dismantled and tore apart her precious, one-of-a-kind armor, the most important thing she ever owned.

Ridley grinned at the glimpse of fresh tears forming in her eyes, but he did not say anything, his right claw tapping on the floor with impatience. “Hurry,” he hissed, “it doesn’t have to be absolutely airtight, she’ll only need it for a few minutes!”

The clanking resumed and a few moments later, Samus could hear footsteps behind her. A second after that, something cold and heavy was slammed into her back, then a Pirate pushed the front portion of the armor against her chest. Samus shuddered. Without the protective Zero Suit, the armor was cold and umcomfortable, especially now that it rested on her bruises.

Clawed hands grabbed her ankles and fitted the leg plates to her shapely thighs and shins. Next was the crotch protection, which at least meant that she was no longer fully exposed to their greedy eyes.

She could hear the armor sigh as it attempted to fully reconnect and failed due to vital components missing. They had torn the boosters from her soles and removed all but the most basic power sources, which meant that every single step would be hard and clumsy without the servos adding additional strength. Her cannon had, of course, also been removed, turning her right arm into a useless stump once they had forced her hand inside the protective casing.

The same armor that had helped her weather countless dangers and granted her power that surpassed that of her rival bounty hunters now became a hindrance, the very thing that would keep her from a swift flight.

“All done,” Kryzzk said, giving Samus a slap on the back of her head for good measure. “Not yet…” Ridley said, reaching down to grab her helmet. Samus grimaced, her nose picking up the stench of his cum already. “Hold her steady,” the dragonian cyborg ordered and while the Pirates grabbed her, holding her in place… he slammed the helmet on, putting it over her head in one swift motion, fast enough…so that all the cum splashed over her face!

Even during the darkest moments of her rape, the young bounty hunter had never felt as disgusted as she did now, with rivers of the foul dragon slime cascaded down her face. Ridley’s cum covered her, masking all of her features beneath a thick white curtain of filth beneath her helmet, gluing her eyes shut and clogging her noise. She had to open her mouth to breathe, allowing some of the disgusting alien semen to slip past her lips, and it tasted worse than anything she had ever imagined… worse than the other pirates, worse than the foul, committee designed MRE’s of the galactic federation, and even worse than some of her own attempts at cooking.

With her eyes sealed shut and her body weak, she couldn’t resist as she was dragged along. She felt the tug of cold at her body as her less-than-airtight suit fought against the partial atmosphere outside this storage area, the pirates tugging her behind them as they herded her to whatever destination they had in mind. As exhausted and weakened as she felt right now, she could hardly interface with her suit at all — the psychic connection would not form, and to his dismay she realized that even if her suit was perfectly functional she wouldn’t be able to use it to escape.

Hard muscles pulled at her, forcing her to walk. Without the connection to her mind, the suit did not work properly at all — none of the power was running, so rather than augment her movements by echoing them with more force, she instead had to plod along, dragging her heavy armor like training weights attached to her limbs. She felt every bit as weak and helpless now as she had beneath the pirates, raped and abused.

Samus felt disgraced.

She fought against the feeling, holding onto her anger. This feeling of uselessness would go away with time and distance, she knew. All she had to to was get out of here… and since the pirates had not yet killed her, there was still hope of that. The pirates had to know that not slaying her outright was a mistake — she was too dangerous of a captive to keep — but she supposed they wouldn’t be imperialist, jingoist, murdering monsters if their greed did not frequently overrule their common sense.

She would use that to kill them, someday. She would kill every last one of the beasts who had seen her like this, used her like this. Someday, even she herself would forget it… sometime after Ridley was atoms drifting through space in a dozen different quadrants, or compressed into a singularity. The bounty hunter passed the miserable time of her transit in fantasies of dismemberment and destruction, shivering in the cold and trundling along with the heavy weight as she killed each and every one of her rapists a dozen different ways in her imagination.

Then her hand was lifted up and pressed against something warm, and she heard a beeping noise… then she was pushed heavily forward. Without any pneumatics to help her arrest the momentum of that incredible weight, Samus toppled forward to the ground, the helmet falling from her face and clattering across the floor. She felt herself rising up into the air, a familiar fluttering sensation of temporary null gravity, her long-outdated mammilian instincts warning her that she had fallen from her perch in some tree.

Samus lifted her gauntleted hands to her face and wiped some tiny fraction of the cum from her eyes, allowing her at least to open them. She was inside her own Hunter-class gunship, escorted by two pirates holding her at weapon point. One of them was the Lieutenant Tsallit, and the other was another of the pirates. The second to rape her, she thought… although it was hard to tell one of the bugs from the other.

Yet another reason, as if she needed one, to wipe all of them out: To insure she had gotten the ones that had abused her.

Tsallit nudged her with the rifle. “Welcome back to your sanctuary, Hunter.”

He was right, too. This ship was the closest thing she had to a home, one of the few things in the universe she truly owned. It was her safe place, her house, and her treasure… and now they were defiling it with their presence as well.

Her fury must have shown on her face because the Lieutenant scowled and slapped her. “I’d hoped the general had fucked the defiance right out of you. I guess not yet…” The force of the blow send her head back down to the ground, rocking hard against the steel plating on the floor.

The bounty hunter tasted blood in her mouth, but that was suddenly much less important to her than it should have been. When she collapsed back down, in brought her face up near her flooded helmet… but now she could see part of the HUD, something she had been unable to see with her eyes glued shut.


Hope surged through the abused woman. She had to stall. The chozo construction was made of billions of nanomachines, and if given enough time, they could bring the armor back to at least functionality. Many of the systems would probably be unrestorable without new parts — her missile and boost system were almost certainly a lost cause — but it could at least restore power and perhaps even some weapon systems.

What she needed was time… and to stop them from noticing for a few days. She was grimly certain they’d be happy to keep raping her at least that long.

Behind her, she heard loud rumbling and, as she turned her head, saw a massive containment unit being rolled into the small cargo compartment in the back of her ship by the remaining Pirates. The glass tube was misty, the air inside frigid, but she could make out the vague shape of a round, jellyfish-like body with mandibles attached to its underside.

The Metroid. Not only had she lost this fight and a great part of her dignity, she also had allowed a powerful, devastating weapon to fall into the hands of her enemies. And that shame was hard to fight down, even with the purity of her hatred.

” Make sure you secure the Metroid properly. We cannot allow it to escape, it’d be our death”, the Lieutenant said, waiting patiently, his gun still trained on Samus. Once the others had finished their work, securing the Metroid’s containment pod with magnetic clamps, they grabbed Samus and literally tore off her armor, exposing her naked body to their greedy eyes once more. “You’re not going to need that in here”, Tsallit snarled.

Samus expected them to fall onto her and start a new round of rapes right there and then, but to her surprise, Tsallit grabbed her and pulled her to her feet instead, shoving her into the direction of the cockpit – though even he was not averse to grab and squeeze her ass as he did so.

Inside, he forced her down into the seat and Samus suddenly realized that none of the Pirates probably knew how to fly this ship. Their own crafts ran with bio-interface controls, whereas the Hunter class vessels still used somewhat old-fashioned control surfaces without the pilot having to use mind interface units or similar implants – which was good for Samus, for her Chozo DNA did not allow for much in the way of cybernetic enhancements. Just as she healed faster so did her body reject any larger foreign implantations quickly and efficiently.

Despite her predicament and the fact that cum was still dripping from her face in copious quantities, Samus allowed herself a slight smirk. This could be useful. “You will fly this ship to Zebes,” Tsallit commanded a moment later, confirming her suspicions.

“I doubt that,” Samus said, trying hard not to gag as new drops of cum slid past her lips the moment she started to speak. She really needed a shower and soon. ” I would rather steer this into the nearest sun.”

Tsallit snarled, his mandibles clicking in anger as he slammed the butt of his gun against her head. ” Either you do it or we will…”

“Will what, you dumb thug? Torture me? Rape me till I do as you say? Who do you think I am?” Samus spat, happy to finally find some way to vent her anger and hatred, if only by active disobedience. ” I’ve waded through acid streams, been drained by Metroids, nearly cooked alive…” she continued, glaring at him, actually seeing him grip his gun more tightly. He might have been the most competent one, but he was still a member of a race that attacked in overwhelming numbers, not exactly known for their bravery. “There is absolutely nothing you could do that would make me take this ship anywhere.”

The gun in his hands clicked as it powered up. “Then there is no need for us to keep you alive.”

Samus shook her head, grimacing as she felt her cum-encrusted hair smack onto her cheek. “Shoot me, then. Go ahead. And then you can spend the rest of your pathetic life telling your general that you disobeyed his orders. Not to mention that you still cannot fly this ship!”

“They do not have to,” Ridley’s voice suddenly echoed over the comm systems. The viewscreen flickered and then showed his monstrous visage. “I have interfaced with the controls from outside since I had an inkling how hard it would be to get your… cooperation. Nevertheless, the attempt could not hurt. While this way, I will not be able to join you, I am certain the others will keep you company. As you probably know, it will be a four-week flight at maximum FTL speed from here to Zebes. And your provisions will most likely be used by my men, so you are without food…unless you are willing to subsist on semen, that is…”

3 thoughts on “Metroid Chapter 3 – Ridley’s Revenge

  1. Well, things have started moving, both literally, in the sense that they’ve left the station, and figuratively, in that the plot would now appear to be underway. I was a little puzzled as to what model you were going with regarding how Samus interfaces with the Power Suit, since this early bit…

    Even if she had her weapon systems, her armor, she wouldn’t have been able to resist… she would even have had the mental strength to keep them active.

    …seemed like if Samus didn’t concentrate on the suit, it would dissolve into energy and go…wherever it goes. On the other hand, the suit itself is still on the floor, and the pirates are able to remove components, so perhaps the mental strength merely refers to what’s necessary for proper use of the neural interface.

    Nerdy, I know, but I’m one of those people who speculates about the workings of fictional technology.

    In other news, that helmet thing was unpleasant. The second Ridley ejaculated into it, I was like “Oh, God, that thing is going right back on her head, isn’t it?” Given the length of the trip to Zebes and what the pirates will probably do when they’re bored, I have no doubt more unpleasantness is to come. At any rate, I’ll check back in next week!

    Sorry if the formatting doesn’t work, by the way. I can’t preview a comment, so I have no choice but to test it out and see.

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    1. The later – I’m assuming a lot of the control of her suit systems is neural, so activating anything beyond what her muscles are capable of requires an element of willpower and being mentally aware.

      That will come up later when the pirates start again trying to copy her tech.

      The formatting is good, btw… thank you for the reviews! Samus is going to have an increasingly bad time until she arrives on Zebes.


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