Metroid Chapter 4 – Between the Stars

Four weeks. Four weeks trapped in this spaceship with four monsters, four days of them eating her food, sleeping in her bad, defiling her home and likely her body as well. The thought made her want to vomit, but she could see no way to stop them at present. Samus watched, worried, as the idiot Kryzzk picked up her armor and stowed it in a crate, breathing a sigh of relief as he didn’t notice that it was functioning and beginning to repair itself.

The Lieutenant, hearing the sigh and misinterpreting it, chuckled. “Don’t worry, hunter-whore. I’m sure we can find ways to make the time pass quickly.”

Samus would bet a small planet that the statement was the most damnable lie ever uttered. Every second with the pirates would seem like a year. She had little doubt that they were going to rape her again — they seemed to have little imagination for what else to do with a naked, vulnerable woman — and soon. Her only solace came from imagining what they would look like as she atomized them. Four weeks were a long time, after all… and without Ridley here to directly supervise them, who knew what idiocy they could get up to. Perhaps even her suit would be repaired by then… and there were other weapons secreted away on her ship. If their guard laxed for even a moment, she might have an opportunity to kill her captors and regain command of her ship before Ridley knew what had happened, and then…

And then what, exactly? Escape from him in her weaponless ship when he was faster, more agile, and could rip her hull to shards with his claws? No, she would have to make her move when she could get armed and be on solid ground, in an environment where she could confront his raw strength with greater mobility. She would need to wait until she reached Zebes.

But that meant enduring four weeks of abuse at the hands of the pirates, and she doubted she could do that. Just the past hours felt like a nightmare, a hell too hideous to possibly be real. Every day would be like that, or even worse. Her greatest worry, then, was not that they did not give her any opportunity to escape, but that they did and she could not stop herself from taking advantage of it and slaughtering the captors on her ship. It might be satisfying, but she would also be signing her own death warrant. No, she had to take advantage of any opportunity to arm herself she was presented with, but she couldn’t act until she had arrived on Zebes.

No matter how tempting it would be to blast Kryzzk into cinders.

Behind her, the Lieutenant made a sound like the shriek of twisting steel, and it took until it was echoed by the others to realize it was a yawn. She wanted to laugh. Was raping a helpless woman such hard work that they were tired? The pirates were such a useless race, producing nothing but soldiers and weapons to arm them with. Anything of value they had they stole, rather than produced… and if they were this lazy, this weak of fortitude, then the only surprise was how they had ever managed to master spaceflight in the first place and leave their toxic home world for the stars.

Samus felt a flash of pleasure as she thought of their homeworld, now under federation occupation. She had been directly responsible for exiling them from their own planet, and in her current circumstances she was all too eager to hold onto anything she felt proud of. No matter what they did to her, it wouldn’t reverse the damage she had done to them… and the blonde bounty hunter felt glad of it.

Tsallit yawned again before grabbing her blonde hair in his claw. Lifting her from the pilot’s chair, he began to drag the woman towards her cabin. Two of the pirates didn’t voice any objection except to watch her leave with lust in their eyes, but Kryzzk again proved himself an idiot. “You’re going to take the bed and the whore?”

The Lieutenant laughed, but before he could respond Ridley’s voice came over the intercom. “Privileges of rank. I don’t know how you managed to survive so long under the command of Captain Jary’x, but I promise you — if you question your superiors again, I’ll have you reassigned to my post out here. We’ll see how comfortable you are bunking in the vacuum.”

Samus smiled a little on the inside as she watched the idiotic insect shudder and gulp. The torment of one of her captors, even at the hands of the being she hated the most in the galaxy, couldn’t be anything but a good thing. She was still being swiftly dragged from the room, her last sight that of Kryzzk glaring at her before the door shut with a hydraulic hiss, cutting of her sight.

The bounty hunter’s cabin was not very large… the ship wasn’t big enough for a sizable sleeping room. Nevertheless, it was the only bunk on the ship, and it was more than large enough for the pirate to walk around, dragging his weakened captive along with him before flinging her onto the bed. Samus tried to resist as he fastened shackles to her arms and legs, but her electrocuted and exhausted muscles simply weren’t up to the challenge of resisting him. He quickly had her bound spread eagle to the tiny bed.

He looked down at her, glaring with open lust. “So, I don’t think I’m ready to go to sleep just yet. What shall we do together?”

” May I suggest a swift walk out of the nearest airlock for you?” Samus spat, not willing to play his game any more than she’d absolutely have to. They were going to rape her and she would have to endure their touches and their invading cocks, but, if at all possible, she would keep them from gloating at her fate as much as possible.

And, of course, even he was predictable. Samus grit her teeth and was prepared even before the slap hit her, throwing her head to the side and marking her cheek a bright red. “Let’s see you still giving us lip when the four weeks are over, cunt!” he hissed, slapping her again for good measure.

Samus did not dignify that with a comment, but her glare said enough. If there was any chance at all, she would hold on to her defiance, no matter the cost.

Looming over her, he ran his taloned fingers over her body, taking the time to painfully pinch her tits, then wandering lower, digging the sharp points of his claws into the sensitive flesh of her thighs, then her outer cuntlips, almost making her cry out in pain. “I was thinking of fucking your ass again…but I do not want this to get boring.”

“I could fuck your cunt instead…and I think both it and your ass will get my cock quite a few times in the next four weeks…”, he continued his musings, lightly slapping her sore cunt, loving how she grunted under her breath, minimally arching her back each time he hurt her like this. Her glare told him that she was definitely not looking forward to getting his cock again. And he got even more aroused knowing that.

” Or that sweet mouth of yours…”, he droned on, watching as her face scrunched up in disgust at the thought of being force-fed another cock. Any human rapist who’d try that with her would get bit, but she’d already been shown that this was not an option, not with their plated cocks.

” Or you could bore me to death with your prattling”, Samus snarled. The mere sound of his clicking, screeching voice was grating on her already tested nerves. His words were meant to make her nervous, to make her dread what was to come. But Samus was not afraid. She was disgusted and horrified at the prospect of being subjected to four weeks of rape after rape. But she did not fear her abusers. Not one bit. Her hatred kept her as far away from fear as was possible, given her situation.

And they needed to know that. Needed to know that she would not bow, would not bend and would most certainly not break.

“Hmmm…” he continued, seemingly ignoring her hateful, defiant words, but his expression was difficult to read anyway, even though she knew the Pirates well enough. The scar that marred his face, a scar she had given him according to him, made parts of his face immobile, further making his expression difficult to understand.

“I like your face… so strong, yet still pretty. For a human slut, you are the most beautiful I’ve had so far… and I’ve had quite a few…” He grabbed her chin, turning her head this way and that way, like he was inspecting lifestock, his gaze taking in her features, covered in sperm as they were.

“And I bet none of them were willing…because all you can do is take things by force. No surprise, given how inferior everything you create and do is…” she responded, the knowledge that he had raped others before her stoking the fires of hatred.

He made that grating chuckling sound again. “Our mating is so… dispassionate. Boring. No, fucking a human cunt is much more fun. They scream, they squeal, they cry… it is a much more rewarding experience.” He chuckled again, then climbed on top of the bed. “I think I know what to do first. Your face needs another coat of our semen…” he said, straddling her chest and placing his long, plated member right between her tits.

Samus was disgusted as the hard cock slipped slime onto her chest. It was the first real look at one of the cocks fully engorged, since they had previously been buried deep in her throat when near her face. Their semen looked like that of a human, but the pre-cum they dripped looking nothing alike – it was yellow, and smelled terrible. It was probably that which gave their cocks such a foul taste.

Above his cock, all the captive bounty hunter could see was the alien’s leering face as he wrapped his hands around her tits and squeezed them, pushing them like pillows against the cock between them. It felt hot and slimy between her sensitive flesh, and the chitin felt unnatural against her skin. She wanted to vomit, but she’d eaten nothing in… how long had it been now? At least 12 hours since she had left her ship. Perhaps as long as 18? She was no longer sure.

With a growl of pleasure, Tsallit began to slide himself back and forth across her chest, forming her tits into a tight channel for his cock to force its way through. Samus threw her head from side to side in disgusting protest, a tiny scream of raw hatred escaping her throat. The tiny ridges of the plates on his cock, so benign a moment earlier, were now scraping against her tightly pressed breasts, hurting her pale flesh and painting it with red, raw streaks.

“Get off of me!” she shouted, furious beyond her own beliefs. This was, in its own way, even more humiliating than being raped, even when they used her ass. This was just perverse, as if the orifices nature had given her were no longer sufficient for the space pirate, and he felt the need to create a new one for his pleasure. “Get of me you stupid, slimy bug!” She was thrashing in her bonds, her head shaking so hard that some spittle was flying from her mouth while she shouted at the alien lieutenant, but no matter how hard she struggled she could not dislodge her rapist.

Tsallit loved the sensation of his cock sliding between those wonderful orbs as he fucked her with long, low strokes. This was something he could never do to his own kind, and rarely even with slaves — most slavegirls didn’t have a rack sufficient to make it possible, or at least pleasurable — but the hunter was exceptional in many ways, and this was thankfully one of them. He was deeply enjoying the sensation as her soft skin tugged as the chitin plates of his cock, knowing how much it must hurt the hated bitch and added to the wonderful sensations of his thrusts.

“I’d bet you never thought this would be your fate, hunter,” he mocked her as his cock slid between her tits, increasing the pace of his thrusts slightly. “So strong, so tough, so dangerous… but not strong enough. Did you think you could defy us so many times and there would be no penalty? Did you honestly think you could try to deny the rightful rulers of the galaxy their birthright, federation slut?” Tsallit laughed, enjoying the sight as his cock creating a shiny slime of yellow precum in the valley between her abused tits. “Now, you’re not a hero anymore, and no longer will you haunt our troopers nightmares. Now, you’re just a whore.”

He was deeply enjoying the hateful glares that were the only defiance she could muster so strictly bound. He knew he would cum soon… abusing and humiliating this blonde bitch brought him even more pleasure than he would have expected, even if he still thought it was foolish to keep someone as dangerous as her alive. Nevertheless, he couldn’t argue with the results, nor the morale boost that would come when the word spread to the pirate battalions that the feared hunter was nothing more than a sex slave now.

He fucked her tits more franticly now, unwilling to wait any longer to spill his load across her face. His assault on both her body and dignity did little to calm her struggles, and Samus wanted desperately to pull her breasts from his clutches. By now they burned, the friction having taken a thin layer of her skin away by brute force. Her fists clenched helplessly, and her wrists bled as he tugged so viciously at the bonds holding her in place while he thrusted unceasingly, that foul yellow slime leaking steadily from his alien cock and pooling in the cavity of her throat, making her body shine… and then he was finally pushed over the edge.

Growling in sadistic excitement he crushed her tits so hard against them that his fingers left red marks in the soft globes, practically smashing her large breasts flat in his joy to be raping the most infamous bitch in the history of his civilization. His three balls churned with pleasurable release as he came, spraying her face white as it erupted from his cock my the cup. It stank horribly, and she was forced to close her eyes so as not to have them filled by the disgusting ooze.

“Well, that was wonderful, hunter-whore,” he said, slapping her tits contemptuously as he lifted himself off of her, as though he had not hurt them enough already. “But I’m afraid that after today’s festivities, I’m ready to go to sleep. We’ll resume your vacation when I awake.” Almost immediately after he spoke the lights were turned off, though she could barely see the difference through her shut eyes, covered with a thick layer of the pirate’s filth. Then his crushing weight was back, laying down on top of her as he seemed to almost instantly fall asleep.

Samus was not so fortunate. Her nose was clogged by cum, and the insect alien was too heavy — every moment of the night was a struggle for breath, and she couldn’t sleep at all but was instead left alone with her ruinous thoughts. Never in a million years could she have concieved of a fate for herself as bad as this. She was lost, adrift in a nightmare without any hope of rescue. No one had ever penetrated into a pirate stronghold like Zebes other than her, and to her knowledge no one even knew what had happened at the research station yet. There was no change that anyone else could free her from this hell… she would need to escape it herself, though she had no idea how she would manage it.

Her nightmare seemed to go on forever, and while she never managed to sleep, the effort required to breathe did become as routine as such a thing can become, and she managed to slip into a kind of dazed oblivion… up until the moment she felt the pirate stir above her… and to her lasting nightmare, she realized that his cock was stiff from the first second he awoke. She had no knowledge of it, but it was not morning yet as the ship’s cock read — Tsallit had merely woken up in the middle of the night, and he had done so horny. Unfortunately for Samus, she was going to be expected to take care of it… something she understood instantly as her captor slid between her legs, still bound and spread wide open, his monstrous cock already pressing as her abused cunt.

She could do little but squirm a bit, turning her head sideways in futile denial, gritting her teeth to keep from crying out as the head of his cock, plated like the rest of his shaft, forced its way past her sore cuntlips, stretching them, the small ridges on it tugging at her oversensitive flesh.

He grunted on top of her, half his weight still resting on her spread-eagled body while he shoved with his hips, drilling more inches of his considerable length into her. It was still nothing compared to Ridley, but given what she had already been through, it nevertheless absolutely agonized her.

The bounty hunter bit her lip hard to keep from crying out as he shoved. She could feel every inch of his ridged length push deep, tugging and scratching at her sore inner walls. A clawed hand gripped her chin and forced her cum-covered face back upward so that she had to look at her tormentor. “Open your eyes, cunt… and see your new master,” he snarled, his breath foetid and dank.

Samus did as she was told, but not to obey him, but to show him her absolute hatred and disgust for him and his entire people. Unfortunately, where it had worked on his underlings, he merely let out what passed for a soft laugh and kept on thrusting, eager to bury his entire length into her in one go, efforts that were successful in driving unwanted tears to her eyes and a cry from her throat.

“Yes… cry for me, hunter… cry and scream”, the Pirate said, his foul breath making her stomach churn. The entire bed rumbled under his thrusts as he, now fully impaling her, started a brutal rhythm that inflicted constant pain upon her cunt without any respite or rest, his heavy balls slapping against her skin each time he drove in, making her grunt, if not cry out, in torment.

He grunted and groaned in obvious pleasure, which pained her even more. If she had just known one way to deny him the joy he gained from abusing her, it would have been a victory. But he simply ravaged her, using her as a way to get himself off just as he had used her as a mattress only moments ago.

He fucked her for what must have been at least half an hour, slowing down whenever he felt himself approach climax, as interested in prolonging her pain as he was in achieving release. “I can do that all night…” he threatened while he pumped her cunt.

Eventually, Samus gave up her squirming. She had not slept. She had not eaten. She had been abused. And she was bound anyway. With a pained gasp, she slumped onto the mattress, allowing him to hump her cunt while hoping that she could conserve some strength.

“Giving up already? What a disappointment…” he laughed, then whispered, ” If you want to drink my cum, ask me for it…”

“Why… should I?” Samus hisses.

“Because it’s the only food you are going to get while on the trip…” he responded, not slowing down for one second.

“I’d rather starve.”

“We’ll see how you think about that in two weeks without food…, he said… then threw his head back, groaning loudly as his cock began to pump his foul seed into her cunt, making her cringe. He thrust in a few more times, making sure to spend all of his seed within her before finally freeing her from his shaft, pulling out and dragging the head of his rapetool over her flat belly, wiping it clean of sperm.

“Decent enough…but in time, you will become a better whore, I am certain of it”, he said, climbing off the bed. “And you will even beg us for our cum.”

Samus very much doubted that, but she didn’t have the mental fortitude at the moment to argue. Almost immediately the monstrous insect fell asleep again, his heavy, hard body resting atop her sore form. Her abused cunt felt like it was on fire, and the way the chitin plates on his leg rested against it did not help matters. At least if the plating was cold it might numb the pain, but instead it was a sickly lukewarm, and rough.

Still, a day of rapes was more than sufficient to tire out even a woman of Samus’s psychic strength. Faster than the blonde bounty hunter would have believed, she was asleep, dropping into an exhausted and thankfully dreamless oblivion for precious hours until she was woken up by the Lieutenant again crawling on top of her, his cock already hard in the morning.

He was wordless, seemingly half awake as he gave Samus her first rape of the day, only moments after it had begun. Barely a minute had passed since she had gained some precious sleep, and already the blonde girl was crying silently as the pirate’s cruel cock plowed through her, abusing her dry hole as painfully as possible before he pulled out, slowly stroking the hard member while he looked down at the anguished golden haired bounty hunter.

“Are you ready to beg for my cum yet, Hunter-whore?” he said, peering down into her face with multifaceted eyes, cold and alien.

“Never,” she whispered, her face set into a furious grimace.

“Suit yourself,” he said before stroking his cock harder until he erupted on her face, the three hard balls coating her visage in pale slime, making Samus wretch in disgust and hatred.

Mocking laughter filled the room as the abused blond coughed, bound on the bed with her nose clogged with cum. “You’ll learn your place eventually, hunter.” While Samus tried to keep breathing, Tsallit freed her from the bed and rebound her with her arms tied tightly behind her back and grabbed her by the hair, coated with his sticky slime. “I’ve enjoyed our time together, hunter-whore,” the Lieutenant said as he dragged the blonde across the room, throwing her into the cabin refresher unit. “But it’s time for someone else to have a shot at your holes.”

The door was shut on her just before steaming hot water began to pour over her bruised body. A warm shower would feel good right now, but the water was just one step short of scalding – her skin was being tinted bright pink as the stream cascaded down her body. She felt like she knew what a lobster must feel like – it felt like she was being burned, immersed in too-hot water, boiled alive. In truth, she understood that the water was nowhere near that hot – the refresher unit wouldn’t allow it – but it was significantly hotter than a human could find comfortable, and was extremely painful. Still, even while her body was screaming in agony, her mind relished the thought of the filth and cum being scoured from her form, practically sterilized away by the steaming water. She didn’t feel like she’d ever truly be clean again, but this was a good start. She worked to block out the pain and focus on the pleasure of the slime being wiped clean.

When the door opened, steam was rising from her skin… but Tsallit looked onto her form with open lust. The refresher had dried her completely, leaving her groomed and fresh, naked as the day she was born. Her hair was straightened and pulled back into her trademark ponytail once again, and he looked as fresh and attractive as she had the moment she had been pulled from her armor. Only the reddening of her skin and the swelling between her legs betrayed the abuses she had been made to suffer.

He smiled, the insectoid mouth twisting into a shape that seemed more like the precursor to an attack than an expression of happiness. “So, shall we see who gets you next, cunt?”

4 thoughts on “Metroid Chapter 4 – Between the Stars

  1. Halfway to being caught up!

    Samus does say something that interests me here, concerning the Space Pirates being a race that breeds nothing but soldiers, and that they steal all their stuff. I’m not disputing the second part since, well, they do tend to steal things and then slightly modify them, but the first part is something I always wonder about species like this. Statistically speaking, what portion of the population is military? Are there members of the species that object to their current drive for militaristic expansion, especially given what it’s cost them (they lost their home world, after all)? It’s always interesting to think about with regard to villain species in sci-fi and fantasy. Samus seems to think the whole species is evil, but given that one of her earliest memories is probably the massacre on K2L…yeah, that tracks.

    I like how you’ve used Ridley’s ability to survive in the vacuum, having him riding on the outside of the gunship. It’s a pretty cool idea, explains why Samus can’t make her move until they reach Zebes, and of course it’s just kind of practical since, given how big Ridley is, he wouldn’t really fit inside the ship. And it’s still fun (for me as well as Samus) to see Ridley put Kryzzk in his place.

    There’s also a really creepy detail regarding Tsallit here, how he rapes human females not necessarily because he finds them physically attractive (though he does seem to like Samus’s breasts and…I won’t argue with that), and not in spite of the fact that they’re unwilling, but specifically because they’re unwilling, how he likes hearing them scream and cry. It’s both deeply villainous and sort of resembles what I’ve heard about the psychology of some real-world rapists, that it’s not about sexual pleasure so much as it is about hurting someone else.


    1. The lore of metroid kinda seems to go back and forth on if the Space Pirates are a race, or just a nation of that race. A few places, most notably the lore about Mother Brain and High Command in the prime games, it seems to imply that the space pirates had some kind of partial hive-mind at least unifying their purpose if not their thoughts.

      It is interesting to consider, but for my own purposes, I am assuming any members of their race that disagree with the Goals of High Command aren’t a dissenting voice, they are exiles.

      Yeah… Tsallit is creepy and evil. If I did it well, each of the four surviving pirates should have a pretty distinct personality, one that leaders to them abusing poor Samus differently rather than making them interchangable dicks.


  2. A few places, most notably the lore about Mother Brain and High Command in the prime games, it seems to imply that the space pirates had some kind of partial hive-mind at least unifying their purpose if not their thoughts.

    Yeah, I read somewhere that after Mother Brain’s defeat the Space Pirates (or at least “Zebesian” Space Pirates) kind of went feral, implying that she/it was effectively coordinating them through their hive mind. This does beg the question of how they functioned as an organized force before Mother Brain took command, which I’m guessing is why Prime brought up High Command, as a form of authority distinct from Mother Brain. It’s also possible, given how obsessed the Space Pirates are with eugenics and altering themselves (leading to stuff like Elite Pirates and Berserker Knights), that there may be artificially created subspecies with greater or lesser degrees of hive mind connection.

    At any rate, I certainly wasn’t trying to be confusing; this is just a question I ask myself sometimes. I think the way you’re handling it in the story is working very well.

    If I did it well, each of the four surviving pirates should have a pretty distinct personality, one that leaders to them abusing poor Samus differently rather than making them interchangable dicks.

    Well, I can only name two of them off the top of my head at the moment (not counting Ridley, mind you), but I do think they have distinct characters. Kryzzk is the brute. He doesn’t have the respect of his peers and he knows it, and he vents his frustration over this on Samus. Tsallit, meanwhile, is the calmer, more sadistic type, who abuses Samus less out of anger and more for pure enjoyment. I’ll probably remember the other two better within a few chapters.


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