Metroid Chapter 5 – A New Kind of Hell

Samus was less than eager to find out and her glare told the pirates clearly what she thought of being given to a new rapist, but there was little she could do as he quickly stepped around her, careful not to get within range of a possible kick, grabbed her by her ponytail and her bound wrists and shoved her out of the small room that had become her torture chamber during this night… and no doubt would remain a place of constant degradation as long as she was their captive.

Much to her dismay – but to little surprise – Samus noticed that the Pirates had thoroughly looted and ransacked her ship. Valuable equipment was strewn everywhere together with several sets of her clothes and foodstuffs. They truly were like vermin… wherever they showed up, everything went downhill.

Apparently, the others had awaited her arrival with bated breaths, each uttering a slight clicking of excitement upon seeing her forcibly led out of her room, trying to keep as neutral a face as possible, despite the fact that her cunt hurt terribly with every step. Oh, how she wished that looks could kill…right now, her glares would cut right through them and end their miserable, pathetic, vile lives.

“Lieutenant,” one of the others said, nodding, not taking his leering eyes off of Samus’s naked, bound form, “I hope you had a pleasant night…”

“Quit sucking up to me Quazzt,” her tormentor clicked and snarled back, “whoever gets her next will be determined at random, as decreed by the General.” With a swift kick to the back of her legs, Tsallit forced her down to her knees, one hand on her shoulder to make sure she stayed that way as the others gathered around her.

“But I have to say the night was wonderful. She’s an even better fuck than I thought possible after our first… session.” He patted her head, delighting in the death-glares she cast at them. “And still very much unbroken. Sadly, I could not even get her to ask for my cum… which means no breakfast for you, whore!”

Right now, Samus would rather have licked the slime from a Thulaxian Mold-Toad than willingly drink their cum for sustenance. She just hoped her resolve would hold during the trip. Her body could go without food for quite a while, thanks to hybrid genes and sheer willpower, but eventually she would have to decide between allowing herself to be weakened further by lack of food or preserving her dignity.

Samus hoped the trip would be over way before that moment.

“Hmmm,” the one called Quazzt made, turning around to grab something from a table, “would that not call for a bit of… disciplinary punishment? After all, she obviously still thinks she’s better than her new masters!” At that last sentence, Samus spat out loud and visibly… and screamed when a split second later, Quazzt raked her tits with her whip.

“Very true,” Tsallit agreed and Samus, to her horror, saw that they had found her replacement weapons… among them three more whip-modules. She knew what had to come now and, in expectation of it, grit her teeth, her lips closed so tightly they turned white.

And for the first ten strokes, she even managed to keep the screams boiled up. They did not stop at that, however, blow upon blow raining down upon her, unceasingly, mercilessly. Despite her strength and willpower, the relentless whipping had her weeping and screaming way before they finally tired of it, with Tsallit delivering the final blow across her tits with the hissed words, “That was for the hundreds of my people you slaughtered, cunt!”

Drawing a ragged breath, Samus glared up at him through teary eyes, her face red from screaming. “And I would execute them all over again. Only this time I would laugh doing it!” She had hoped to provoke Tsallit into rash action, but the Lieutenant stayed his wrath.

“In time, Hunter, in time… we will make you regret every single word. But now… time to choose who gets you next. First, however…” he motioned towards Kryzzk, who grabbed something from the floor. It was one of her shirts, dark blue… and dripping wet, it seemed.

“Couldn’t have you naked all the time… who knows what you might catch…” Tsallit said and next, Kryzzk threw her shirt at her… and as it stuck to her chest, she noticed it was not wet from water. The shirt had been soaked in the vile excretions of their three balls, cum soaked into the azure fabric until it was almost the color of the midnight sky.

They had to be joking. They didn’t really think she was going to wear this, did they?

Her glare hardened again, but her eyes turned to the plasma whips they all held, deactivated… but just a button press away from inflicting agony once more.

Was she?

Samus gulped, her throat dry as her blue eyes flicked back down to the heavy, soaked shirt. Humiliating, yes… but was it really worth feeling the lash over again? At the very least, it would cover her up, shielding her breasts from the leering eyes of those damned insects. It should even be long enough to partially cover her crotch, at least when she wasn’t moving.

She shook her head slightly in annoyance. Was she actually talking herself into this? Sure, it might be logical — in a twisted way, it might even be preferable to no shirt at all — but the thought of giving them what they wanted made the defiant young woman’s stomach go sour.

And yet… she turned her eyes to the whips again. ‘I need to stay alive, alive and uninjured,’ she reminded herself firmly. ‘My suit is repairing… I need to stay in one piece and keep them from noticing until it finishes, that’s all. This isn’t so bad…’

At last, disgusted with herself, she nodded in acquiescence, looking at the floor as the pirates laughed. Their plasma whips held at the ready, Tsallit unlocked her shackles before pushing the filthy cloth back into her hands. Slowly, her body resisting ever single movement, her hands turned the shirt until she found the bottom and spread it. The fabric stuck together and didn’t want to move, so she had to really pull to open it up, her hands seeking the short sleeves. It smelled foul, like the pirates themselves, but she lifted it up over and head and before she could think about what she was doing pulled it downward, trying to get her head and hair through it without touching the disgusting fabric more than necessary.

She shuddered as the wet, sticky shirt rested against her breast, the slime holding fast to her curves, her tits, her arms, turning the once comfortable piece of clothing into practically a skintight wetsuit. It really wasn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things, infinitely preferable to being raped, or whipped, or beaten.

But it felt like a piece of her soul had crawled away and died.

She was still debating this, unable to pay more than token attention when the pirates all drew from a deck that the Lieutenant held, holding up their cards and comparing to one another, but she definitely noticed when Quazzt walked over to her and grabbed for her hands, drawing the cuffs back together where they once more instantly locked into place. “You’re mine now, hunter slut,” he said, his voice a hideous, droning buzz like a fly hovering around the bounty hunter’s ear. “And we’re going to start simple. I want you to clean this fucking mess up.”

Samus’s eyes widened in confusion before narrowing, looking around the central room of her ship. She was no freak for cleanliness, but she had always kept her hunter-class gunship at least appropriately tidy. The pirate’s add hoc job of looting had managed to open every contained in sight, spilling their contents onto the floor haphazardly. Piles of belongings, her own, person belongings, were scattered about and broken in an ugly mess.

It was enough that they had invaded the only home she had left, and ruined it… and now they want her to clean it up as well?

The lieutenant looked askance at the pirate, his face unreadable. “That is your job.”

Without hesitation, Quazzt turned back to him, and his face turned up in their races hideous version of a smile that made her flesh crawl. “And now the bitch can do it… do I or do I not have her to do whatever I want for the day?”

While the stare-off between the two pirates continued, Samus knelt and started picking up piles of her clothing that were beneath her feet. The humiliation of needing to play maid to these worthless wastes of life aside, if she was given this task there was at least the happy hope that there would be no rape or painful punishment for a time, and combined with the ability to imagine she was putting everything back together after the pirates were vaporized it was enough to make her gleefully go about her work.

Picking up much of the mess was awkward with her hands bound, but she had solved far more difficult puzzles in her life than how to carry a box with her hands tied. After a few minutes, it became obvious that the Lieutenant wasn’t going to forbid her from doing this, so she proceeded while Quazzt sat down in one of the chairs and watched the beautiful blonde move around in her skin tight, cum soaked shirt. This soldier, clearly, knew how to balance his vices. He didn’t want to spend all his time on his lust, he wanted to save some of it to be slothful, and avoid work by making her do it for him.

She worked for at least an hour, possibly more, picking up private belongings and putting them away, finding room in the places the pirates hadn’t destroyed and throwing out what they had. A distressingly large amount of bags began to stack up to be vented into space, and she tried not to think about how many of her belongings were ruined. All the while she was keenly aware of the faceted eyes of the pirate following her, his vile attention focused completely on her vulnerable, half naked body. She knew every time she bent down, ever time she moved, she was exposing her ass and cunt to the monster. She tried to face to the side of him whenever possible, giving him the least view she could.

For an hour Quazzt was content to sit watching, listening to the rustling of clothing and papers, boxes and bags, hearing the padding of Samus’s bare feet across the steel floor. He was glad the work was being done, and happier that he didn’t need to do it, but watching her perform so humiliating a task was quickly getting to him, his cock sliding from his insectoid chitin in anticipation. “Hunter,” he snarled when the room was almost clean. “That’s good enough,” he hissed, hefting the handle of the energy whip. “Get over here.”

Samus sighed. So much for getting through the day without further abuse. The sight of his erect, chitin-plated cock alone made her nauseous and the idea of having this thing somewhere near her, let alone inside her would be enough to make her vomit, had she eaten anything. So, she forced her stomach to calm down and moved towards her “owner” for the day.

Of course, seeing the revulsion on her face only turned him on more and his cock twitched slightly as his arousal grew. “Kneel, whore,” he snarled, his expression once again showing that disgusting grin-equivalent. How much she longed to just bash his skull in…

But, of course, she did not do it, merely glared at him with hateful eyes as she knelt between his legs, his erect cock only inches away from her face, a few drops of precum glistening at the rubber-like head. He chuckled, grabbing the base of his cock and slapping it against her cheek, then her lips before she could move her head away, smearing the vile precum across her face.

A drop of it slid between her lips and Samus grimaced at the taste, immediately spitting it out, the droplet of spit and precum landing on the shirt right between her tits. “Stop playing around and get down on it!” Quazzk chittered at her, his clawed hand connecting to her cheek with a loud smack.

“Bastards”, Samus hissed through clenched teeth, hating her own impotence just as much as her captors. She could see Quazzk toy with the activation button of his whip, clearly intending to let her see it, making sure she knew what consequences disobedience would have. Glaring up at him, clamping down on the feeling of nausea growing deep within her belly, Samus parted her lips, sliding them over the disgusting prick presented to her.

Even after having been force-fed their cocks before, the taste still made her gag hard the moment his rubbery cockhead slid over her tongue, slathering her tastebuds in his vile precum. She could hear the others laugh at her discomfort, loving to have the Hunter at their mercy, kneeling there in nothing but a cum-soaked shirt, forced to pleasure one of their number with her mouth.

With his throbbing cockhead inside her mouth, the plating of his shaft rubbing against her full lips, Samus felt a hand on her hair, forcing her face backwards so she was forced to look at him, although Quazzk made sure his cock did not slide out of her mouth as he snarled, “Now, Hunter… you will do more work for me. I thought to fuck your face, but then I decided to let you do all the work this time. I want you to go down on my cock until it’s all in your mouth and throat.” Again, he slapped her face. “Go ahead!”

Samus blinked. He could not be serious! There was no way she was going to take this thing down her throat again. She remembered all too well the last time she had been throatfucked by one of them and it had been one of the most painful and uncomfortable experiences she’d ever had. And now they expected her to take it in her throat all on her own, making herself gag and choke on the prick? Emphatically, she shook her head, only his tight grip on her hair preventing her from moving far enough to let the cock slip out of her mouth.

Quazzk did not say anything. He did not need to. Before Samus had even finished shaking her head, denying his command, she already heard the fizzing sound of a whip powering up, a split second before pain flooded her lower body, radiating from her asscheeks, where the whip had struck.

Samus could not help but scream around the cock in her mouth, the pain from her previous whipping still fresh in her mind. Before the agony could even abate, the whip struck again, pain lancing across her ass…and again… and again. Tears shot into her eyes once more as the other Pirates used her ass for target practice.

“This will go on until my cock is in your throat, Hunter”, Quazzk almost casually remarked, making no true effort to hide the gleeful joy in his voice. Leaning back, he let go of Samus’ hair, content to watch the others beat the Hunter’s bare ass with the whips and feel her screams around his cock.

Samus screamed again. Her ass felt as if someone had poured hot lead onto it. If the whipping continued, she knew she would surely go mad. The whips were designed to cause the greatest possible amount of pain without causing actual bodily harm and they worked all too well. They could do this for hours, making her scream herself hoarse, without having to stop at all. And, given the whippings she had already received, Samus did not doubt for a moment that they wouldn’t follow through with the threat. For her, there was only one option at the moment, no matter how much she might hate herself for it.

Slowly, trying her very best to ignore the strokes from the whips, which kept raining down upon her ass, she moved her head further down on the disgusting cock, sliding her lips over the plating of the shaft, feeling the head press her tongue against the bottom of her mouth as it slid further in. The plates scraped against her lips and teeth, reminding her just how awful they’d feel in her throat…but she kept going on, letting the head hit the back of her throat, causing herself to gag.

Her hands had curled into tight fists, the knuckles white with tension, as she fought her own gag reflex, forcing her own throat to accommodate the dick, the head sliding into her constricting throat, the motion accompanied with a sickening gargle from her. Immediately, mercifully, the whipping stopped and all she could hear for a moment was her own gagging and Quazzt’s joyful groan. “Very good… glad you’re learning so fast,” he finally said to her.

“And now, you are going to throatfuck yourself onto my cock. You’re going to do it deep, hard and painful for yourself. I want you to choke yourself on my cock.” He slapped her again, grinning.

By all the stars in the universe, Samus yearned to bite that cock clean off… but she had already gone down that road. It was too tough, too flexible, too hard… she would only hurt herself again, to no avail. Tears of helplessness in her eyes, she slid her face away from the pirate before hatefully pushing herself forward again, her gags resuming as it was again stuck deep in her throat.

For long minutes she hatefully, pathetically assisted in her own rape, stroking off his cock like a well trained pet. She despised herself for not having the strength to stop this abuse, but at the same time she reminded herself again and again that she needed to stall, that she needed to stay alive and uninjured until she had an opportunity to escape. As she carefully fucked her own face on the hated insect, she tried to pay no attention to act, focusing instead of imagining painful deaths for her captors.

Quazzt, of course, noted the care she took in taking his cock, her determination to cause herself the least pain possible, and he wasn’t going to stand for it. His clawed hand again slapped the side of her face, cock buried deeper in her mouth as he pushed his hips forward roughly. “I said hard, you stupid human whore. Deep, fast, and fucking hard… or do you want to be whipped again?” he sneered, the sound containing an inhuman buzz. “I sure Kryzzk would love an excuse to beat you some more…”

The reminder of the plasma whips waiting all too eagerly to once again dig into her naked flesh was all the incentive the blonde bounty hunter needed. She might hate herself, she might cry, and she might gag and wretch and suffer, but she did what she was told. Moving quicker now, she moved her head back off his shaft and shoved it forward again, her throat aching as she impaled herself back onto her abuser. Over and over again she fucked herself, attempting to emulate her same careful movements, only faster. Sadly for her, it was not really working — already it hurt far more, bruising her own throat with every passing second.

For Quazzt, this was perfect. The enslaved little blonde bitch, kneeling before him and submissively fucking her own face, gagging and retching as she hurt herself on his cock out of fear. This was the life… and though he would never admit it, at this point he was happy that the hunter had slain every other member of their band and forced them to take her own ship back to their homeworld. Who knew if he would have a piece of this hot, hated slut otherwise?

Her unwilling, painful efforts were quickly driving him to the edge, and the sight of her golden hair bobbing up and down on his cock was a beautiful sight. As his excitement grew, he could no longer sit there and instead grabbed her blonde mane in his hands and tore at it, yanking her face back and forth on his cock like a maniac. He fucked her throat with all the ferocity that he would show in raping her cunt or ass, using her hole like its entire purpose was to give him pleasure.

Samus couldn’t breathe. The violence of the rape was pressing her nose against his cold chitin again and again, and it was a miracle he hadn’t broken it yet. Her hand pushed against him, but she was still bound, still weak from abuse… her Chozo blood couldn’t give her enough strength to fight back. Her struggles grew more and more desperate as the pirate grew increasingly brutal, using the poor blonde human like the lowest kind of whore until his cock swelled deep within the sheath of her throat and he erupted. He held her face against his crotch, never giving her an option of whether or not to swallow as he dumped his load directly down into her stomach, and she wanted to die to forget the humiliation as the cock swelled over and over, each pulse making her sick with the thought of that foul liquid sinking into her gullet.

When at last he released her, Samus practically threw herself backward and off of him, so desperate was she to be away. She gasped in huge lungful of badly needed air, trying to control the nausea in her stomach and keep herself from vomiting, sure that they would make her suffer if she threw up his seed. Quazzt watched, satisfied and smiling as she tried to recover, already planning what he would do to her next…

Samus would have liked to hope for some respite now, but she was too much of a realist to allow herself that kind of wishful thinking. She had witnessed their sexual prowess and stamina firsthand. All the bounty hunter could hope for was maybe something simply and relatively painless.

“So, what next?” Kryzzk asked and Samus could hear the excitement in his voice. “Are you done with her?”

Quazzt gave him a hard glare. “You’ll wait your turn. I got her for the whole day and I am not nearly done with the whore yet!” To Samus, he said, “And you, Hunter… get up!” To emphasize his words, he delivered a swift kick to her hip that hurt her pride more than her body. But still, trembling with fury, Samus stood up, wiping away a smudge of sperm from her lips in a minor act of defiance.

“Now get over to the wall,” he commanded, holding up the whip when he saw her hesitate. “Always remember who has the weapon here, whore. Do as I say or we’ll whip you for the next four hours or so. These things are really easy to use… and you won’t even faint from shock.”

As much as Samus hated to admit it, the threat worked. Stepping towards the spot indicated, she hoped they would not use the whips again. Few things compared to the agony of getting hit repeatedly by a plasma whip. She’d rather dive through the lava pools of Norfair again before undergoing this.

“Face the wall and lean forward, place your hands against the wall.” Samus did as she was told, feeling the cum-soaked shirt cling to her body, too short to cover her ass anymore in her position. Suddenly, a sharp pain raced through her ass, the suddenness of it making her cry out just as much as the pain.

“Oh, sorry… muscle spasm…” Quazzt said, laughing, deactivating the whip again. His cock was still hard and, given by its slow throbbing, causing her pain had aroused him further. Maybe he would be the last to die instead, Samus thought… but he would start dying before the others did. She would make sure of that. Unfortunately, that moment was still a long time away.

Samus watched over her shoulder as Quazzt came closer, his mandibles clicking in anticipation. Soon, she felt his clawed hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks. Samus sighed and closed her eyes. Of course… she should have known. Already, she felt her entire body tense up, her ass clenching.

“Oh, this will make it so much more fun…” the Pirate said, placing the tip of his rubbery, plated dick against her puckered opening, the only lubrication her spit from the brutal facerape. Samus knew what he meant, that her resistance would only make it more pain for her and more pleasant for him, but she could not bring herself to relax, not with her knowing what was about to happen. Her body still resisted, even though her mind knew the reasonable solution would be to try and relax and let it all happen.

When he began to push in, the pain was fierce, just as she had expected. Samus grunted, biting her lip hard to keep herself from screaming, at the same time desperately trying to relax her sphincter to make it easier for her, as well as for him. “So wonderfully tight… if I hadn’t seen your ass taken before I could have sworn you were saving yourself for me,” the vile insectoid snickered as he drilled deeper, his shaft pushing and pushing, stretching her anal cavity until a pained groan escaped her throat.

Then, he started fucking her in earnest, forcing the last few inches of his tool into her with short, brutal thrusts that slammed her forward and against the wall. “Take it… take it all in your filthy asshole, Hunter!” Quazzt hissed, grunting as he pushed and pushed, his hips slamming forward time and again, stabbing her asshole with his plated, rough cock, drawing grunts and finally cries of pain from the blonde hunter.

“Aaaargh!” Samus cried with torment as the terrible pain spread through the lower half of her body, radiating outward from her already raped and badly bruised anus while the space pirate sawed himself further and deeper into her. She wanted to weep from the pain and humiliation as his clawed hands rested on her hips and began to fuck her in earnest, abusing her with the frantic rhythm of the manic and sadistic.

“Ugh, so… tight… ugh… I could fuck you forever… you murdering cunt…” he managed to grunt out between his thrusts, leaning forward to grab Samus’s golden hair and push her face forward into the wall, his body slamming her against it by the blows of his hips against her raised ass, battering around her pretty, perfectly little face while he relentlessly squeezed his armored cock inside her abused, tight fuckhole.

Off to the side, Kryzzt was enjoying the show, his hand resting on his own cock to the bounty hunter’s disgust. His twin mouths still hadn’t healed from when she broke them… idly she wondered how long it would take. He seemed to be almost gaining sustenance from watching the obliteration of another shard of her dignity, and Samus was under no illusions that the worst was yet to come… her turn with the stupid, cruel sadist of a pirate would be the most nightmarish by far, given how badly he already wanted to punish her. “Show the whore what she’s good for,” the injured insect buzzed towards her, one hand cuffing the bounty hunter on the back of her head while he continued to stroke himself, gaze was hungry as he stared at the merciless rape of the woman he hated more that any other in the galaxy.

Completely uncaring about Kryzzt and his pleasure, the pirate behind her happily kept pounding Samus’s tightest hole, punishing her with his cock for each and every crime she had committed against his people’s destiny of rulership over the universe. Each time he thrust deep inside her, the blonde’s body tensed with a wave of pain, her fuckhole clenching around his dick to his great thrill.

Samus was growing dizzy, her head burning from how it kept being slammed against the bulkhead. It was almost a mercy when she was thrown to the floor, but any since of relief she went was only momentary — no longer than the brief pause if her rape Quazzt needed to reposition himself. Then, as soon as he was comfortable on the floor behind her, he grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards against him, his huge cock never leaving her ass, making sure she felt every twitch of his body through the massive shaft buried within her. Then, with a level brutality that new a tiny, high shriek of agony, he through all of his weight into a single thrust.

As he was violently buried into her ass completely, blinding-hot pain enveloping Samus’s world. She could swear she felt the ridges of the shaft’s chitin armor catch on something and tear, and her vision went dark as her tiny rosebud was stretched to the brink of breaking. She barely felt it when his knees pressed her legs wider, lowering her body and giving him a better angle to rape her even harder.

Quazzt laughed, the buzzing noise loud and dissonant in her ears. “Doesn’t the slut just look amazing when she’s in pain?” he asked no one in particular, pulling back on her hair so that Kryzzt, and anyone else watching, could see the raped woman’s face. His alien form was all but swelling with sexual excitement at the pleasure that Samus’s brutal torment brought him. The tormented bounty hunter could hear his strange moans of intense pleasure behind her, her suffering clearly exciting him to her great disgust while his cock rapidly reemerged from her ass before sliding in once more.

Finally, after far too long for the abused blonde’s taste, her body’s pained spasms were enough to push the space pirate over the edge, causing him to let out a loud, buzzing moan as he filled her ass with his flood of jism. She moaned in anguish as the pirate pushed the pretty blonde girl off of his dick and allowed her to fall to the floor, his pale cum leaking from her ravaged hole.

2 thoughts on “Metroid Chapter 5 – A New Kind of Hell

  1. Back for another chapter!

    I see we are now introduced to another of the four pirates you spoke about: Quazzt. While there is a resemblance to Tsallit in terms of personality, I would say the characters are distinct in how they abuse Samus. Tsallit just enjoys the rape, while Quazzt wants to make Samus a participant in it.


    And yet… she turned her eyes to the whips again. ‘I need to stay alive, alive and uninjured,’ she reminded herself firmly. ‘My suit is repairing… I need to stay in one piece and keep them from noticing until it finishes, that’s all. This isn’t so bad…’

    It really wasn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things, infinitely preferable to being raped, or whipped, or beaten.

    But it felt like a piece of her soul had crawled away and died.

    Hope flashbacks intensify. Rationalization is stage one.

    As we get more of the names of the pirates here, I noticed you’ve added in hints of a common language in their makeup. The names are all two syllables, with a double consonant (Tsallit, Kryzzk and Quazzt) near the end. It’s a little thing, one that a lot of readers might not notice, but cool nonetheless. We’ve seen the written form of the Space Pirate language in some of the games, a sort of hieroglyphics, but we’ve never really heard it spoken, and I like that you sort of hint at a linguistic structure using the names.


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