The Dragon’s Harem

Commission for Kimbra Ailis

The Kingdom of Ascalonn was a large, sprawling domain blessed with a mild climate, rich soil, and rivers teeming with fish and dotted with trade posts. Of course, like any kingdom, there was always the occasional war or plague, and while there were some who would argue that the monarchy was corrupt… that King Augustus VII was far too focused on filling his coffers and taxing his subjects… but no country was immune to such affairs.

Overall, Ascalonn was an almost idyllic place to live, but there were rumors coming from the north… dark rumors of people going missing, never to be seen again, missing livestock, of monsters prowling the night for victims to sate their terrible appetites. For a long while, these tales were considered nothing more than tall tales spun by bored peasants looking to frighten travelers. That all changed with the disappearance of Princess Kiana.

The princess was a beauty, the gem of Ascalonn, barely eighteen with curly blond hair, bright green eyes, and a haughty demeanor born only from a life of extreme wealth and privilege. She was to marry the price of Gethrin shortly after her eighteenth birthday. Everyone knew that King Temri was sick, that soon she would be the Queen. She, her entourage, and a bevy of guards had all headed north on a mission to deliver Princess Kiana, and her sizable dowry, the her betrothed.

They never made it to their destination.

That had been months ago. The king sent out knight after knight to find his daughter, or even to discover what had happened to her and his fortune. No one found her… but more tellingly, many never returned. Stories had returned to the capital of hundreds of peasant girls going missing over the last few decades. Of entire villages burning down in the night. Of merchants and towns afraid to open their doors after the sun was down. But none of the tales of monsters were sufficient to explain… his knights had slain hundreds of monsters. Giant snakes and ogres and lizardmen, basilisks and many more, killed by the dozens.

But knights kept vanishing.

All of this, and more, went through Lady Amara’s head as she rode through the forest with her fellow knights. Like many of the knights, she was a minor noble… the Brightblade family had long since fallen into obscurity. Her golden eyes, the signature of her heritage, narrowed as if trying to peer past the thick foliage, her tightly-braided black hair bouncing with her horse’s movement.

She closed her eyes for a moment, but the break did nothing to fight against her weariness. No matter her fitness and youth, there was no way to really get good at moving through woods on horseback, and up and down mountains in armor, and five days of doing it had left her exhausted… especially wearing heavy armor the whole time. The heavy plate had been forged in the capital, mighty plates hammed out from star iron and inscribed with blessings to the Sky Gods, and all five of them were wearing it.

Her party were all knights she had worked with before. Gara, Saoirse, Lucian, and San were all capable warriors, ever bit her equal or better with the blade. Gara had been her teacher in years past, Saoirse a frequent rival. San and Lucian were brothers who had been fighting in concert since they were boys.

Despite her best efforts, one who looked at Amara couldn’t help but call her beautiful at first glance. Years ago, as a noble’s daughter, she had already had plenty of suitors seeking after her… but that had been when she cared deeply for her appearance, what people thought of her. It was when her black hair had been long and luscious, her body soft and supple. Those days were gone now. The sun hadn’t yet set on her twenty first year but she had been transformed, more than five years of learning to fight, to hunt, and to slay the most dangerous monsters the world had to offer had changed her. Her hair was constantly braided now into a fighting braid, and rarely maintained. Her body wasn’t soft now… lean and hard muscle covered her arms, legs, and chest, muscle well gained from years of fighting in armor and marching. More athletic that traditionally lovely. Still, she was beautiful. Tall, lithe, and fit, her breasts were significantly too large for a warrior to want, but had always attracted a man’s gaze. She could do little about them but bind them as tightly as possible to prevent their swell from making her armor uncomfortable. Amara’s face, however, was as lovely as ever. Narrower and harder than it had been in her youth perhaps, but the slightly feral cast of her features only made her more appealing to many than the polish of the capital. She was still impossibly fair and lovely, with the unique golden eyes of her family giving her exotic appeal.

Then the monsters came.

It was absolutely silent in the woods… not an animal stirred, nor a bird sung. Everything that lived had long since fled this area, driven away by the evil that lurked here. The unearthly cry that came boiling from the throats of each and every one of the hundred lizardmen as they spilled from the darkness, charging the assembled group of knights.

As outnumbered as they were, the knight were a match for the horde. Lizardmen were strong and tough and fearless, their bodies protected by scales as hard as steel armor, but they were still slower than a human, and none-too-bright. They attempted to pull their horses into a circle as best they could, the animal’s rumps facing each other in an effort to keep from being taken by surprise. The sound of swords being loosed from sheaths filled the air just as they were set upon by the creatures.

There was no time to think, much less map out a strategy. The creatures set upon them like a tidal wave, and it was all Amara could do to keep up with the onslaught. Her sword flashed in the scarce light, before it became too covered with the reeking, tar-like blood that sprayed from the lizards with each cut of her sword.

The problem was, there were too many of them. The knights, fighting together, were nearly unstoppable… but they lizardmen mobbed them, forcing them to fight alone, keep them apart. Lady Saoirse and her mount disappear under a dark mass of the creatures as she was overwhelmed. “Focus!” One of hte other knights screamed.

Alyce’s forehead was soon covered with a sheen of sweat. It seemed as if there was no end to the army of lizards. As soon as she cut one down, two more took its place. But she grit her teeth, reminding herself of their mission.

She would not fail her king.

Then another of the knights screamed in the instant before a shadow seemed to strike him off his horse, and he vanished in a flash, his scream suddenly cut off. The trees were blocking was little was left of the light, and in the darkness she only caught a glimpse of something moving in the darkness, something huge.

But she could do nothing. She was surrounded by too many of the monsters. If she turned her back on them… she’d be killed in a heartbeat.

Her horse screamed as a lizard’s claw ripped out its throat, and it bucked, casting her to the ground. She crawled up, stabbing and slashing furiously, murdering each lizard in turn, driving them back. Only after she got to her feet did she realize that there was only one other knight left. Another had vanished into the darkness.

And then a huge, winged beast dove out of the sky and smashed down into her teacher Gara, crushing him in a second. The ground where he and his horse had been standing barely a second earlier was now shattered and broken earth, staining with blood and the bodies of dozens of lizards.

The dragon wasn’t as large as some that Amara had heard of… closer to the size of an especially large wagon, rather than a building. It’s scales were sheer black, matte with no trace of shine on them, and even in the darkness she could see the beast’s crimson eyes, narrow and tight and intelligent, focused tightly on her. Amara winced, tightening her grip on her sword. A dragon… here. No one had heard of a dragon in these parts in a thousand years… but she had heard the legends.

This one must be young… perhaps only twenty or thirty years old, but already a nearly perfect killing machine. Nothing she wanted to get within arms reach of… he was more than capable of crushing her beneath his strength. Would her sword even be able to pierce the scales of such a monster?

The dragon moved left, its legs crossing, and Amara saw the spin coming almost before it started. Before the monster had completed more than a quarter of its turn, she had taken three steps forward, dropping into a rapid roll across the forest floor as the dragon’s tail cut through the air just inches above her. She had to get in close… too close for the other remaining lizards to mob her. She needed to find a killing blow immediately, or she would die.

By the time she came to her feet, she was beneath the black behemoth, and held her sword in white knuckles as she look for a place to drive it in. It’s legs were pounding as the dragon finished its tail sweep, and she waited for them to stop so they wouldn’t foul her thrust before he aimed for a seem in the scales and stabbed upward. The blade slide… from below, she just didn’t have the strength to penetrate the dragon’s scales with a sword.

Above her, the dragon’s chest expanded, and with a horrible flash of intuition Amara knew what was coming… Fire. The dragon had realized where she had ended up when he attacked, and was drawing in his fire… finding his tail, the slayer put her head down and ran towards it and to the left, towards his right leg and out behind… just as the dragon shoved his face low and blasted the floor beneath him with flame. Amara just barely made it out in, the blaze cone stopping just a foot from her, blocked by the dragon’s own body from proceeding further.

She was almost driven from her feet a second later as the beast beat its wings, propelling it into a short hop to reposition itself, but she put her shoulder against the wind and fought for her footing, idly slashing her sword through the neck of one of the lizardmen she had ended up near. She got the glimpse of its red eyes… amusement dancing in them. It was playing with her… could it have killed her already?

And then the monster was rushing her, its four legs throwing up earth as it raced across the ground and roots, jaws gaping wide. Amara had no time to get out of the way. Instead, the only thing she could do was twirl out of the path of the dragon’s jaws, plant her feet, and using all her own momentum, all her strength, and the power of the dragons own run to bring her sword spinning down on its outstretched neck.

And hit the edge of a armored scale and slid. Amara barely had time for her heart to sink before the dragons shoulder smashed into her, and as her head lashed backward, darkness swallowed her vision whole.

Slowly, black began to replace itself with dark grey, they grey, and finally a kind of pink red of light through her eyelashes as Amara regained consciousness slowly. The moment she woke up, she almost wished she hadn’t, and her face twisted into a wince, her eyes closing more tightly shut. Everything hurt… especially her head. It felt like someone had hollowed out her skull, and the light through her eyelids felt like someone was stabbing needles into her eyeballs.

Memories came back in a flash. Despite the pain, she forced her eyes open, blinking rapidly to adjust to the light. It wasn’t bright really… a rather dim light reflected many hundreds of times off of a pile of gold and gems like Amara had never seen before. The wealthy of entire kingdoms was in a pile before her, and while she had never sought real wealth for herself the sheer scale of it made her eyes boggle regardless. More than the princesses dowry… so much more. Light glittered off the wealth like the sun off of snow, filling the cavern with a vague, sourceless light. The dragon lay atop the pile, his black body like an ink blot upon the sun of the stolen treasure.

Amara caught sight of her own weapons and armor in the pile, among dozens of others, and it made her blood boil. She tried to rise, only for the clink of metal to alert her to the golden chain attached to a collar around her own throat, holding her in place on a stone slab. The noise also caused the dragon to open one of its malicious red eyes and stare at her.

Amara felt an unknightly flash of sheer terror at her helplessness. She tried to scramble away, but the chain was too short… She wrapped her hands around the golden chain and yanked, hoping desperately that it would come free. Belatedly, the dragonslayer realized that she was naked, her armor and clothing having disappeared at some point after her fight. She continued to tug at the chain, trying to pull it free in sheer terror as the black dragon rose, rolling its shoulders as it shook off its slumber and slowly began to walk towards her.

“No!” she shouted, furious horror in her voice. “No! No! Not like this!” She didn’t want to be eaten alive! Why didn’t it just kill her while she was unconscious? Why did it keep her and wait for her to wake up? Her hands rose up to grip at its claw as the dragon reached for her… pathetically. She had no chance of overcoming the creature’s strength, and it easily forced her back to the stone as hot tears stained her cheek.

Then the creature was above her and Amara closed her eyes. She wasn’t a coward, but she didn’t need to watch the end coming…

Then she felt the sudden heat against her rear.

Confusion reigned for a second. She had expected to feel the bite of dagger-like teeth. What was going on? Then the pressure began to build against her crotch, and a new dawning sense of horror began to grow inside her. “No, you can’t!” she shouted, beginning to struggle again… just as uselessly against the claw still holding her down. “You can’t possibly! It’ll never fit!”

A growl shook above her, and the pressure grew. It hurt now, like leaning too hard against an unyielding anvil or a building. The pressure wasn’t staying steady, even… it was building, like balancing on a spike… it grew worse with every passing second. It… he… was trying to… was trying to…

Something abruptly gave, and Amara shrieked in pain as the dragon’s cock, it’s fucking cock, slid deep into her in a sudden rush. Once the resistance of her entrance had been bested by the too-large tool, the rest of her pussy had precious little resistance to give against the dragons strength, and it stretched her to the absolute limit in a sheer second. Amara screamed and screamed until she ran out of breath, then she breathed deep and screamed again. The dark haired woman hadn’t made a habit of sex, but she wasn’t a virgin… and it didn’t matter in the slightest because what the dragon’s cock was doing to her wasn’t sex by any human definition. The shaft raping her was more like a man’s arm than a man’s cock, far too long for her to possibly fit the whole thing inside of her, far too thick for her to ever accept it. “Please, no…” the proud knight begged in agony, her voice a pathetic whisper.

The dragon began to pull back, and the cock impaling her actually dragged Amara along with it some, grinding her breasts down against the stone until the dragon held her more still with his clawed hand, drawing the cock out… then forcing it back in, forcing himself even deeper into her again. She could feel the pressure against her cervix, and it felt like it was crushing her diaphram, forcing her scream of disgrace and pain to die in agony as she was raped. To Amara, it felt less like a “mere” fucking and more like the dragon was hollowing her out with a spike… whenever his shaft pulled free of her, her body felt vacant and open and empty, and then when he shoved back in she felt stuffed and stretched, like a sack overfull of grain. She couldn’t even scream anymore… she didn’t have the voice for it. She could only whimper and began, tears flowing harshly down her face. “Please… please…” It was like he was suffocating her with his cock from the other side. The size of him inside her was forcing the air out of her, crushing it out from beneath.

Then the dragon came with a roar. Heat filled her ruined cunt, and the pressure… already so much more than Amara thought she would have been able to take, abruptly doubled. She felt cramped and somehow even more full… and more heat poured into her like it was pouring from a tap, drooling out over her ass, her limp legs, and onto the stone beneath her as the dragon’s balls pumped seed out into her over and over. Then the dragon abruptly yanked his cock free of her, and the wet, sucking sound that her own body made filled Amara with nausea. She felt hollow inside with the dragon gone… like there was something that was supposed to be there, somewhere inside her abdomen, but had been ripped out by his monstrous cock. The dragon stomped off back to the pile of gold, and Amara felt the gold chain in her hands. She tugged at it a few more times before stomach rolled. She wretched onto the floor before collapsing back into the puddle of dragon cum, limp and exhausted once again.

She woke next to the pain in her scalp as she was dragged across the floor by her hair, one of the dragon’s talons holding onto her head and hair as he dragged her cum-covered body across the floor. It hurt, but she felt too weak to move, to weak to even think coherently.

She could hear other sounds now, other voices. Hisses and snarls. Growls. Barking. And female cries. She looked around weakly… and her eyes widened. “… no…” She whispered.

There were hundreds of naked women here. Perhaps even thousands.

The cavern was enormous… and it was filled with women, bound and helpless, with monsters moving among them. An enormous, inter-species gang-bang rape-feast of ungodly and monstrous proportions. Every race of monster that had been plaguing the kingdom for the last few decades were represented her, burrowing their monstrous cocks into the tight assholes and mewling mouths of beautiful and nubile women captured from across the nearby counties. Everywhere the black-haired woman looked she saw with wide, disbelieving eyes some poor female in horrible condition being sexually manhandled by a group of battle-thralls in furious rut.

There was so much depravity here… There had to be more than three hundred of the lizardmen here, but there was so much more. She saw orcs, ogres, minotaurs, gnolls, goatmen, trolls, and even centaurs bang into the orifices of human women in teams of two or three or four from all different sexual positions imaginable… and plenty of monsters that she had no name to attach to. All over the sealed cavern boomed the extremely loud noises of women screaming uncontrollably at the top of their lungs with hoarse, exhausted voices; the guttural sex-grunting of the ferociously fucking monsters, and the constant thudding of bodies slapping together at rapid speeds and powerful impacts.

And this desecration wasn’t a recent thing. Many of the women… were pregnant. Very pregnant. Plenty of their belies were swollen, filled for months with the growing spawn of monsters… and there were young monsters around as well. Baby lizarden. Tiny orcs. The filth.

There wasn’t a woman in here who wasn’t physically worn out. Their skin was all battered and bruised, butts and breasts covered in welts, and their faces terribly reddened and cringing in pain and over-exhaustion. But it was their fuck-holes that had gone through the most vicious reaming. Not a single orifices hadn’t been befouled with dicks spurting semen in them. Everywhere she looked, they had fuckholes filled with cock, but while every cunt she saw was bruised and ruined, she didn’t see a single monster fucking one of them. They all had their asses and mouth had been filled into multiple times, their bodies overfilled with sperm until started leaking the vile matter back out again. The thick, white spunk had also been blasted onto their bodies from the outside, horrendously decorating them in creamy liquid. The quantity of it was so great that even the cavern rock was filled with it. The stony floor was dotted with puddles and wads of monsters glutinous, white spunk.

Along the walls of the circular cavern the stone had been carved out to make thousands of tiny niches… filled with women. Monsters relaxed among them as they fucked the unwilling female captives. Not even the pregnant women were spared.

“This can’t be happening…” she mumbled as the dragon dragged her into the room. The orgy of rape barely stopped as the monsters turned to see the black dragon enter the room, tossing the lithe knight roughly into the chamber. She landed in a puddle of squishy, chunky cum on all fours, feeling the monster’s filth against her soft skin. Too weak to run. Too weak to fight. She was trapped inside this place… and the monsters were going to be unleashed on her too!

But what she saw next was worse. As the dragon walked off, she caught a glimpse of what he was walking towards. At the end of the room the corpses of beautiful women fucked to death, or killed in childbirth. Once merchants, peasants, nobles, warriors… people. Now they were discarded fucktoys, laying stacked together on top of each other. The macabre pile of bodies was flooded with torrents of white cum. The girls assholes, cunts, and mouths gaping open and even in death still leaking jizz – evidence of the ferocious reaming they had taken in life and after its end. The women had been in constant agony even up until the point of their demise. Their faces frozen in expressions of exhausted pain and horror testified to that, along with the myriad of discoloring bruises decorating their pale bodies. Eyes wide and bulging, mouth open in silent screams, expressions twisted with pain. Even in death they were allowed no honor.

To her horror, the dragon picked up one of the women and swallowed her whole. The woman was devoured in an instant. The monster reached for a second one, and in a moment of horrified recognition… she realized she knew her. “Fatinah!!!” Amara shrieked. She saw the corpse of another knight… one of her first teachers… laying amidst the pile, her eyes vacant in horror. She had been one of the kindest, strongest women Amara had ever known… and she had been one of the knights to go missing, several months ago.

She clearly heard the bones break and crunch as the dragon bit down on her body before swallowing.

Looking around in shock, she saw others. Saoirse, her fellow knight, had her arms clearly broken… but that didn’t stop her from been used like a sex puppet. Saoirse ass was spread wide around the scaled cock of the green lizard, face-to-face with her violator. Her large, white breasts dangling in front of his coarse face. The monster held Saoirse by her waist and hips as he bounced her voluptuous body up-and-down on his enormous, plundering cock-stick. Her hectic screaming as her broken arms flailing did not dissuade him from rocking her torso at full-speed. She was a masturbation-tool without feelings or opinions of her own. Her only purpose in life was providing a tight hole for him to push down upon his erect cock so the dick could receive a nice squeeze.

Right next to Saoirse was a girl she vaguely recognized… only realizing after a few seconds that she had been a shepherd in one of the towns they had passed. She was being fucked bent over, her rapist a minotaur… holding her down as he slammed her curvaceous body down upon his thick, brutal cock. Her face cringed and convulsed and shrieked as the monster hammered her ass into his large meat-stick while she had to watch the rest of the room be brutally raped just like she was. Her huge, ample breasts swung and wobbled all over her shaking frame as she was bounced like a ball down the full-length of his sex-rod. Her tits vibrated back and forth as each boob was chaotically tossed back-and-forth on its own from the wild mating. Suddenly the burly minotaur planted her ass firmly down on his lap and grabbed the massive globes on her chest in the palm of his huge hands. With strong fingers he squeezed and kneaded the white jug-meat like dough in orgasmic fury. Cum was spilling out of the corners of the unknown shepherd’s soar pussy while the women screamed as her melons where mauled and crushed beneath his grip and her ass was filled with yet more cum… the poor girl convulsing in pain, her sweat and sperm drenched face screamed through the entirety of her rapist orgasm. Even after his cock had finally subsided and he released his grip of the breast-meat it had been so roughly tenderized that they would probably never hold the same shape again.

Rebekah’s fate was even worse. Another female knight that she had known for years, she had been the Princesses personal guard. Now, Amara spotted the once-great knight prone under the weight of a vile centaur! She was placed on a slab on stone with the monster’s huge body smothered all over her back. From where she lay on the ground, his huge, equine body over her back. From her vantage point Amara could not see the torso of the other knight. All that popped out from the front of the altar was her limp head and arms. The centaur was grunting as he humped into her backside. His lengthy, bark-like horse-cock had to be jammed inside her rear impossibly deep. Using short jabs and pokes with his equine dick he moved his buried dick around inside Rebekah’s well hollowed hole. The small thrusts where however made very powerful by his huge horse muscles. Each little thrust were like a battering-rams pounding against the gate for the hole he was ripping open.

The poor knight looked to be barely alive. The only definitive life signs were how her arms and head vibrated dully from each power-thrust the centaurs pumped into her crushed ass… and even then, it could just be the force of the impact that made her frame shake so. Her tanned face was plastered with the remains of dried, translucent cum. Behind the layer of spunk Amara saw that her eyes where alarmingly vacant. Yet her yawning mouth – where the tongue stuck out and lolled freely in the air – still leaked and caught up chunks of runny, white sperm from the depths of her gut. Previously the knight had clearly been facefucked as roughly as she was now being assraped.

Amara barely recognized Princess Kiana. Even compeered to the others she had truly been through a long, arduous fuck. The princess’ entire body was coated in several layers of fresh and dried beast spunk. Not even her long, luxurious blonde hair showed any of its original color beneath the gooey masses of white. If it were not for the distinctive, royal shape of her face, Amara would have missed her completely. Kiana had been the jewel of their kingdom, the single most beautiful woman in the world. Her father had once had her honored as one who’s beauty was a gift from the gods, a gift that brought humanity closer to appreciating the divine… and no one had been able to rightly disagree.

In her current state, nothing of that attractiveness remained. She was spoiled, looted, impregnated and swollen, totally deprived of the immense beauty she once possessed… but the gallons of cum all over her had not dissuade the lizardmen and gnolls surrounding her from continuing to rape her. On her arms and knees, the princess was roughly double-teamed by two humping gnolls as Isha watched her. They were in a deep crouch, holding her nearly inanimate body up by her skull and hips as they drove their bulbous cocks all the way into her throat and asshole. Her unoccupied but ruined pussy sputtered dragon cum every time the cock forced its way deeper into her ass. As if that wasn’t enough, pairs of monstrous creatures stood by the side waiting their turn and masturbating their huge cocks as they watched the show. A few blew one of the many loads they could muster all over her back, curvy ass and long hair.

The gnoll’s howled and shot even more sperm into her body. A couple of lizardmen took their place. Just like their predecessors the monsters crouched down and begun to ream her orifices with their enraged hard-on’s. They showed no consideration of the state she was in. Jamming and stuffing their cocks into her with such abundance that they did not care if she died or not. Just like Rebekah, the princess’ green eyes where vacant and unfocused. Emotionless as her womanly body was violated. Absolutely battered and beyond fatigue.

Whatever small bit of Kaida’s skin that Isha could see was discolored, bruised… but even more worrying, even the instinctual, muscle contractions her orifices automatically should be making to squeeze out the big intrusive dicks from her flesh-tunnels had succumbed to exhaustion and simply stopped fighting it. The monsters got off purely from the friction their dicks caused and the limited tightness of her overstretched fuck-holes. It didn’t matter through, the continued drilling her with uncaring speed and reckless power. The body between them was just a tool to make them orgasm.

All of it was too much for Amara to take in. Too much madness and violation. The painful realization of her own vulnerability filled her with a shivering sensation of dreadful, horrendous foreboding. Her pussy still burned with her own rape, shuddering, like her cunt itself was shrieking in terror and pleading for her to escape.

Amara turned to try to flee towards the mouth of the cave, but she could only look as the muscular torso of a gnoll standing right behind her, his jackel face salivating with lust as he looked down at her naked body. Grabbing both of her arms, she was dragged backwards, further into the room… and the monsters fell onto her like fresh meat.

Amara had all but lost hope completely by the end of the second week. The constant gangrape of the monsters was bad enough… but every day the dragon raped her… sometimes more than once. Not just her either. The cunt of every woman here was for him alone… and she had seen enough monsters born in the last two weeks to understand.

He was breeding them. All of them. All the monsters that rampaged through their kingdom for her lifetime… they had all been bred here, by this dragon. Capturing slaves himself, or having his minions do it… bringing women here, to breed for their rest of their lives. Until they died, raped to death or killed in childbirth. Then they became food for the dragon.

Already she could feel the sickness, thought she could feel her belly swelling. Most of the women here were pregnant, but if the dragon wasn’t sure yet, he made sure to rape them every day until it was certain. She was still chained, day and night. Most of the women weren’t, but any of them, like Saoirse, who still seemed strong and healthy enough were kept chained until they were too battered, too pregnant, to raped to resist any longer.

Princess Kaida was kept in the hole in the rock next to her. Watching the princess be raped everyday was painful… but it wasn’t really any worse than what was done to her. Her fate was clear. She would spend the rest of her life been knocked up by the dragon, being raped and bred and delivering clutch after clutch of monsters to rape and ruin the kingdom, over and over…

Until she died.

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