The Succubus

Hello, pretty one. Oh don’t panic, it won’t help. You’re not going mad… not yet. You aren’t hearing voices, I really am in your head.

Silly girl. You just wanted to be rebellious. Make your christian parents mad. Thats why you went out with the boys, burned some incense, and read lines out of that book. When they wanted you to toss a drop of your blood into the fire, you didn’t hesitate. And your curiosity just kept you reading, and reading, and reading.

You thought it was all a game. But it’s not. You summoned a succubus, just like you wanted. Aren’t you so proud?

Now don’t scream. It won’t help. No one can hear but me darling. You can scream and scream and scream but it will all be on the inside.

You try to look like a bad girl, but I know the truth. You’re a virgin still. Well don’t worry. This is my body. We can’t have that for long. I’m hungry… and we have so much work to do…

They’re lounging around drinking now. If I were to just… lay down… and pretend to pass out, half naked… do you think they could resist? I promise they won’t. I’ll make sure of it. They’ll rape every hole you have, over, and over, and over, and over… until they all drop dead. Until I have evertything I want from them.

It won’t be enough, but it will be a good start. One of them will knock you up, and that will start the process. The best life comes when men think they’re raping a girl… they never feel so alive as then. So I’m going to take you to every truck stop between here and Las Angeles. Feeding our baby. And by the time it’s ready to be born, it will be so swollen with lust and power that my lord will have a perfect body to enter this world with.

You are going to help me destroy the world. Aren’t you proud? You aren’t mad… yet… but by the time I’m finished with you, I won’t make any promises. Now, lets get you raped for the first time, shall we…

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