The Wedding

It was a nice wedding… Everyone said so. That was only to be expected for the wedding of Layla Storm. Daughter of the late Thomas Storm, she was the heiress of one of the richest families in the city of course… It only stood to reason that her wedding would be in the nicest church in town, have amazing music, beautiful decorations. Some very important people were in attendance… One of the mayors aids, several paragons of high society, a deputy police chief, and every surviving member of the Storm family… Layla’s mother Karen, and her younger sister Sara, along with assorted cousins and an uncle or two.

It was the kind of ceremonies that made the papers, filled with all the beautiful people.

It went to hell without warning.

Brian was waiting for his bride by the altar, beginning to grow visibly uncomfortable as the silence stretched on… Where was his bride? Shouldn’t she be walking by now? His obvious discomfort faded into relief as “Here comes the bride” began to play, and the doors opened, and Layla walked in, absolutely radiant in her angelic white dress. The assembly barely had time to notice that she was crying before the men with guns followed her in, walking her down the aisle.

These men weren’t simple thugs. They had the look of mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, and armed to the teeth… Automatic rifles and pistols both. Two dozen of them. Guests quickly found their phone not working, jammed by the men who were obviously now running the show. Four of them stayed by the only doors to the sanctuary, while four more moved among the guests, robbing the beautiful and the rich of their money, their jewels, anything of worth.

Then as the crying Layla Storm reached the altar, the main event started as one of the men pistol whipped the groom out of the way and held him as gunpoint as he watched his bride be stripped. Her expensive white dress was slowly cut from the gorgeous blonde by the men in front of the entire crowd and her family… Leave just tatters. The bodice has the entire cup cut away, so that the fishbones of the corset did nothing but make her huge tits more visible still, bare and nearly as pale as her dress. Her veil was pulled back to hang over her shoulders and back, clearly revealing her tears and her terror. Her skirts and bridal train were left in tatters and her stockings torn, until her still being dressed was more of a technicality than a fact.

Then, in front of the entire audience and to the sound of her mothers screams, Layla Storm was raped.

The man who had undressed her was the first. Smirking, he pushed the blushing bride down onto the altar, shoving the protesting priest down the stairs to get him out of the way as he shoved the beautiful blonde down into the holy slab. The he held her wrists while two men each held one of her legs, letting him between them… And the sudden, shrieking wail of despair told the entire room that he had skewered her cunt. The rapist drove himself into her in a single thrust, violent as possible, and before he grunted and came inside her, small streaks of crimson were already staining her white gown. Then another man was on top of her, raping her again, then another, then another… Seeming to compete to make her screams louder then her mother’s horrified screeches, trying to fuck her more and more violently.

Finally the train of men waiting to rape the bride got impatient. Instead of fucking her one at a time, one of the men lay down on the altar and two other laughing mercenaries lowered her virgin ass down onto him, letting gravity do the work of impaling her painfully tight fuckhole onto his dick. Layla was screaming hard as her ass was hollowed out by a thick cock, but those screamed choked off abruptly as another man yanked her head back by her long hair and crammed his cock in her mouth. A new dick slamming into her pussy wasn’t too long behind, but now that the bride was being triple teamed, the men seemed even less patient and restrained.

Within a minute, the bride’s screaming mother was brought onto stage and stripped, and soon the legendary Karen Storm, a former magazine model, was being raped on the floor of the church as well. Attention soon turned to the cowering bridesmaids, nearly as dazzling as Layla herself in their lowcut red gowns. One by one, most of them were dragged out of the crowd to be violated by the waiting gang. Some of the lucky ones only had to suck their captors cocks… Keeping them hard and entertained while they waited for an opportunity to rape the bride of her mother. Others, like the beautiful red-haired maid of honor, weren’t so lucky, and joined the gang rape in progress around he church’s altar.

Soon Layla’s sister gorgeous sister Sara was being dragged out to join the party, but the leader, the first man to rape the bride, stopped his men with a grin. He said that it was unfair that poor Brian should have to watch this, watch two dozen men rape his bride while he’d never get to get his dick in her as a married woman. He said that it was a shame, but he was going to give a consolation prize. Sara was tied up on her knees and her dress cut off of her. With a gun to her head, she took off the grooms pants and swallows his dick, sucking him off while he watches Layla and her mother and the other girls get raped.

The gangbang lasted for hours, and before it was done half a dozen of the prettier girl from the audience, including the daughter of the Police Chief, lost their luck and ended up gang raped on the floor. Most of the girls, the gang got tired with after a half an hour or an hour of abusing them. Even Karen got to curl up into a helpless ball after a few hours, no longer defending her daughter. Only the poor bride was raped the whole time… Ever since her gangbang started she never had less than two cocks in her.

Eventually, though, the mercenaries were finished. Gathering up the valuables, they then grabbed the cum-drenched bride and her mother, the maid of honor, the police chief’s daughter, and a pair of the prettier bridesmaids and bound them up. Then they took them, leaving the sanctuary with their captives and tens of thousands of dollars in valuables. When the last soldier left, sweeping his rifle over the pews one last time, they left behind a shells hockey audience, a weeping priest, and the bride’s sister still sucking on the groom’s cock, too terrified to stop.

One month later, Brian’s black eye had mostly healed. From what the police had told him, they had linked the mercenaries to one of Thomas Storm’s disgruntled business partners. They were looking for him now. They had no idea that he had died three years ago in a Bolivian prison under a fake name, after he had been found with cocaine in an airport.

When he opened the door, he was pleased to see Sara right where she was supposed to be, kneeling naked in the hall, holding her hands behind her back. He didn’t hesitate after closing the door… He pulled out his cock, and smiled as the pretty blonde crawled to it, taking him into her mouth and almost instantly down her throat.

“So, I saw today that you transferred your family assets to me, like you were told. That’s a good little whore. The cops are following the trail you laid… That’s even better. Your sister and your mother are going to spend the rest of their lives as whores in Rio because you did what you were told… Aren’t you proud?”

A single tear went down Sara’s face, but she didn’t stop sucking him… Not for a second.

“Do you remember what you said to me when we first met, at your sister’s house? I haven’t forgotten what you called me, how much you hated me. That’s why I took you. You were half right… I wanted was your sisters money, but I never gave a shit about her pussy. A slut is a slut. How long has it been since I started raping you now? Six months?” Brian shook his head. “And you know the funny part? I know you think, somewhere in that empty head of yours, that I stopped those men from raping you at the wedding to protect you. I didn’t. I just didn’t want them to fuck your stupid cunt. Six months of being raped and your still a virgin, Sara… Wouldn’t want you accidentally enjoying any of this, would we?”

He snapped his fingers, and for the first time she showed some sign of reluctance as she pulled off his cock, slowly sinking to the ground and raising his ass toward him. “Please Master, please… You got what you wanted. You got the money, you got my sister, you have me… Please don’t rape my ass again. Please just fuck me face, or take my pussy… My poor ass can’t take any more…” Even as she protested, she wasn’t dumb enough to rebel, not anymore… Her hands reached around to grab her asscheeks, to spread her asshole wide for him.

Brian laughed. “Do you know what a Donkey show is, Sara? Down in Brazil, they teach Donkeys to fuck their rebellious whores as entertainment. I hear it’s quite a show to hear a girl wailing while I foot long cock as thick as my arm plows their snatch. That’s what Layla is going through right now… They probably have her and your mother strapped down side by side, a thick cock up both of their cunts. They pay extra for virgins, you know… If you want to have your pussy fucked so badly, I could send you to join them?”

Sobbing in earnest now, Sara shook her head violently, and the screeched as Brian slamming his cock into her ass all the way in a single thrust. “I didn’t think so,” he said with a grin as his slave sobbed.

5 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. You have very good writing skills and your scenes are very vivid. Still unsure if it is my thing or not but you definitely know how to write. Though if I wanted a plot-heavy story, I probably shouldn’t have started with a one-shot written for someone.

    Also, probably it’s just me, but your story index is very confusing.


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