Finding Avalon 1

“Please!” Merielle cried out, her musical voice gone slightly shrill with panic. “Please, stop! Come back!” She scrambled up the face of the rock, her fingernails scrabbling against the slick surface of the sea-washed stone. “Please sir, you can’t!”

The man, however, did not stop. He was a big man, tall with dark hair on his head and face, and his booted feet moved across the rocks with confident speed, carrying a brown, grey and black bundle in the crook of one arm as he moved across the rocky beach. “Please! Please stop!” she cried out to him, but he didn’t even look back. He wasn’t walking all that quickly, not exactly fleeing – but he was moving without pause and wasn’t stopping for her calls or anything else.

He was getting away! Damning her frail body, Merielle tried to move across the stones, but her bare feet kept on slipping, and she had to walk carefully over the jagged rocks. In the space of five minutes, her day had gone from a pleasant, private, and relaxing affair in the warm sun to a worse nightmare than she could have ever imagined. She must have looked ridiculous – a beautiful, naked redhead, climbing over the stony beach and moving through sea spray in an effort to follow after a man. Her skin was too soft and vulnerable, her breasts too heavy, and her panic too great for her to be very graceful as she chased after the man. It was undignified, painful, humiliating – and Merielle couldn’t afford to care. If she lost sight of him, she might as well be dead!

Merielle’s fear was too great for her to think – if she could, she would have realized that if he wanted to get away from her, he easily could have. She wasn’t very fast, and she was awkward and more than a little clumsy in her desperate chase, and the man in boots wasn’t even trying to move quickly. Occasionally, he glanced over his shoulder, as if checking to see how far away she was, but otherwise he just kept walking until he reached a small, boxy building on wheels – Merielle didn’t know the name of the building, but she would later learn it was called a “van.”

The red-haired beauty lost sight of him for a few moments behind the gray structure and was nearly overwhelmed with panic once she could no longer see the man. It brought on a new surge of speed from her, ignoring the way the cruel gravel dug into her soft feet as she hurried after him and around the corner of the van.

The man stood there, waiting for her. She didn’t recognize the tiny red bauble he held in his left hand, but she certainly did recognize the now unbundled skin he held in his right – a seal skin, the fur beautiful and slick and smooth. And it was hers.

Crying out, she reached for it, but the man backed up a step. There was a clicking sound, and by some mortal magic the man produced fire from the hand holding the crimson bauble, waving it closer to the fur – and Merielle froze, her green eyes wide and terrified. “Woah there,” the man said, a small smile on his face. “Let’s not to be hasty here, brasser. You wouldn’t want me to get a touch concerned now, would you? You might lose something, ya?”

Other than her trembling, Merielle was so still she might as well be a statue. She wanted so, so, so badly to reach out and grab her skin… but she didn’t dare. She was a selkie – if her skin were destroyed, she would never be able to return to the sea, be able to get back into her natural form. If it burned… Merielle shuddered. She might look like a girl just over the cusp of maturity, beautiful and built with a nearly perfect balance of lean and lush proportions that a mortal would be lucky to possess for a mere year or two of youth, but while she had no idea how old she was she knew it was at least centuries. If nothing ended her life early, she could expect at least centuries more of such perfect youth, and a nearly eternal natural lifespan – and the thought of living it all on land, without access to her home in the sea, was so much worse than the mere fear of death.

“That’s what I thought,” the man said, his smile widening as he looked at her, his eyes running over her human body lasciviously. “I can’t believe the Petrov bitch was telling the truth, it really was as easy as she said. Get into the car,” he commanded her, nodding his head towards the open rear doors of the grey box-thing.

Merielle had no idea what he was talking about, but that didn’t matter… she took a deep breath. “There’s no need for this…” she whispered, trying to keep the panic out of her voice and keep it sweet instead, and she pushed as much glamour into her words as she could, wrapping them around the man like a string of seaweed. “I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement – you don’t really want to…”

The man barely even blinked to push through her honeyed words. “You don’t get to tell me what I want, you dumb ride.” He lifted the flame threateningly again, and the wind coming off the sea blew the flame almost right against the skin, making her eyes go wide and horrified. “Get. In.” He commanded, and this time Merielle didn’t dare disobey. She would do anything – anything at all – to get her skin back. The pretty girl almost tripped over herself in her haste to get inside, crawling into the strange, small house.

The man nodded down to the floor, and Merielle saw what he was gesturing to: a pair of metal bracelets linked by a chain. “Put them on,” he commanded. She hesitated, but not for long. It was fairly simple to figure out how the jewelry worked, but after she fastened the bracelets on her wrists she found that she could not open them again – they kept her hands together. The man tossed her skin to the ground, but before she could try to lunge for it, he was on top of her, his weight pressing her down to the floor of the van as he reached above his head to a hook and brought down a metal circlet, a collar.

Before he could even bring it near her, she flinched away, able to feel the danger it represented. Cold forged iron – the collar was iron, the scent and sight of it horrifying to her. Like all of the fae, iron was her bane. Some fae would simply be killed just by touching it for too long, but selkies lived most of their lives in the real world – to them, it merely stripped away her glamour all but completely. She strained, struggling away from him – but he was taller, bigger, stronger, and heavier, and she had bound herself in the strange bracelets. “No no no no no no please no please, let me go,” Merielle cried, thrashing her head from left to right as she poured glamour after glamour into her voice – and her magic slid off of him just as easily as last time. Then the burning sensation of cold metal closed around her neck, and Merielle felt herself begin to weep.

“When she told me to buy one of the vampire’s collars, I was annoyed at the cost… but I’m glad I did. Now you’re mine, faerie slut,” her captor hissed. “You’d be worth more if I didn’t touch you – but where’s the fun in that? Just so some rich fucker can have the first go at your cunny? I don’t think so.” He tossed the seal skin – her skin, her poor skin – through a gap in the wall, onto some kind of cushioned chair. “Let’s go find somewhere a little more private – what do you say, faerie slut?”

“Please let me go…” she begged. “Have decency. I’ve never done anything to you.”

He laughed. “You made me rich is what you’ve done to me,” he said with a chuckle.

“But I…” She was confused. “Rich? But I haven’t…”

“I promise, little selkie, you’ll understand what’s so funny soon. Oh yes. But first – let’s take you somewhere far enough from the sea that even if that iron collar came off you’d never find your way back and your weak magic wouldn’t even touch me.” Humming to himself, he climbed into one of those padded chairs, and somehow the gray box-building began to move, like magic – and Merielle cried as she could feel the sea growing further and further away with each passing second.

The man took her away from the sea, and while she wouldn’t know it until much later, far from civilization as well. By the time he took her from the moving grey-box, she was in the forest. Grabbing the chain, he flung it over a tree, hoisting her up into the air. The poor, naked selkie was yanked up and up until only the tips of her toes reached the ground. Balanced such, most of her weight was focused on either her toes or her shoulders, and Merielle was already whimpering and moaning from the painful position by the time her captor came out out of the grey box-thing with a corded length of leather – a whip? A whip?!

“I had to get wet taking your damn skin, ride,” he hissed, “And do you know how cold it gets around the sea here for real folk? You’re just lucky I don’t want to mark you too badly – otherwise, I’d whip you until you’d feel it for the rest of your life.” Merielle began to protest, but she didn’t get more than a word out before the first kiss from the whip hit her naked flesh and the protests became cries of pain. A second strike followed, and a third. Again and again, her captor let the lash fall, each strike landing hard, intending to teach this sexy faerie the cost of being a pain in his ass. Angry red welts arose on Merielle’s pale back and her cries resonated around the forest.

“Please, stop… I will… agggggh… I’m sorry – I’ll do whatever you want – just please stop… please… aahhhh!” Merielle cried and sobbed as he whipped her, but the cruel man only sneered and laughed as she did.

He stopped before his vicious beating would have finally drawn blood from her back, but her skin burned like a fire – so badly that even the collar stopped hurting for a time, so great was the distraction. She could imagine the red, blue, and purple welts that must be covering her back, ass, and thighs, crisscrossing her pale skin. To her horror, he seemed annoyed. “Barely a mark,” he said with a growl. “Fucking faeries.” Weeping, she hoped that if he wasn’t getting what he wanted, he would stop… instead, he simply moved on to whipping her elsewhere as he walked around to the front of her, showing her a cruel smirk before he began to rain blows down onto her other side. Merielle screamed and sobbed and begged and pleaded but to no avail, as he first let his whip kiss the front of Merielle’s thighs, then her belly and then finally he began to whip her breasts. The poor selkie screamed like she was possessed when the crop left red marks across her tender breasts, until her screams became sore sobs and whimpers.

She wasn’t sure when it ended – Merielle was pretty sure she must have blacked out because the next thing she knew she was being slapped across the face. “Wake up, faerie slut. Wake up. Almost done now…” He let his voice trail off with a cruel smile. He walked up close to the sobbing, helpless selkie – and without warning, swung up to land the lash right between Merielle’s legs. Her broken sobs suddenly turned to the screams of the mad as the captive fae cried out in agony. Before she could clench her legs shut, he swung again, landing a second strike right on her pussy.

“Aggg…no…no!” she cried. Closing her legs meant shouldering even more of her weight, and it hurt – but nothing compared to the pain now radiating from between her thighs. She whimpered and screamed as the man grabbed her sore, whipped thighs and spread them by hand, beginning to kick her legs apart once he had them separated, and swung again, and again, and again…

Merielle wasn’t sure how many more times he swung because with an inhuman scream the darkness swallowed her whole.

When Merielle woke again, she no longer hanging from the tree. He had let her down, and pushed the girl up against it, something rubbing against her poor, whipped ass, something warm, something –

The selkie screamed again as her captor rammed forward, jamming a thick cock directly into her cunt, forcing its way into her womanly hole. She felt her virginity inside, the barrier of her purity – felt the man push against it, strain – and felt it snap. Merielle howled in agony as her dry cunt was washed with her virgin blood, flowing out of her agonized hole and dripping down her leg. Holding her against the tree like this gave her captor the ability to handle her like a rag doll, letting her fall down to meet each thrust of his huge, eager cock.

Merielle moaned and screamed the whole time as she was ripped open by the cruel man’s huge manhood, muttering pleas for mercy between screams of pain as she was raped. “Fuck yes,” he sneered. “They would have charged a man thousands for this. Maybe as much as I’ll get for you in total. Someone like me couldn’t afford to buy a cherry like you where you’re going – but here, alone with me, I can take it for free.” He growled in pleasure as he hammered in and out of her, churning her tight, aching hole as he pumped into her from different angles. “I can see why they like selling your bodies so much across the pond. You selkie bitches have the sweetest holes I’ve ever fucked!”

He was vicious, relentless, raping her with steady, hard strokes that tore screams from her lips, filling the forest with the sounds of her agony – but no one was there to hear her, no one was there to help. She was helpless in the hands of a cruel madman, and she was bleeding, and she still didn’t have her skin! Merielle sobbed for her fate. Luckily for the selkie, the man couldn’t keep the vicious pounding up for long. It was too fast, too hard, she was too tight and whipping her had turned him on far too much. Soon he buried himself to the hilt in the selkie’s bleeding cunt and howled his pleasure and domination as his throbbing cock filled his prisoner with burning, hot seed.

It felt so foul within her, stinging her bleeding insides. The warmth was spreading around like it was oozing into her. Like oil on the surface of the water, slithering everywhere, unwanted, hated, but impossible to get rid of. Merielle sobbed brokenly, horrified by the sensation.

Spent, her captor sagged down, and Merielle slid off his softening cock and curled into a ball as best she could, sobbing. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t quite done with her yet. She wasn’t sure how long he let her cry in self-pity before he grunted and stood over the sobbing selkie prisoner yet again. “You’ve made quite the mess, ride,” he mocked her. “Best clean that up.”

Merielle looked up at him, eyes wide, angry, pained, horrified… defiant. She hated him… the monster. His own eyes narrowed. “Open your mouth, whore, and take my cock. Or would you prefer the whip again?”

Her defiance vanished in a flash. “No!” Merielle said, horrified. More would kill her! “No please! Mercy, my lord. Mercy!”

The man grinned. “My lord… I like that. Get on your knees, subhuman whore, and clean your lord’s cock with your tongue.”

Moving slowly, painfully, Merielle forced her aching body up onto her knees, hoping against hope that this would be the end. That after she served him, he would give her back her skin, and let her go back to the sea. She had heard tales of selkies being kept as wives by the men of the land for years – if she had to spend years with this man, he would kill her!

The fae girl hesitantly opened her lips, and her “lord” thrust his softened cock inside. It didn’t stay that way for long, however. As Merielle winced at the horrible taste of blood on his dick, his rod soon hardened thanks to the warm softness of Merielle’s mouth and tongue around him. Slowly, the man began to fuck the selkie’s face – not quickly. He was in no hurry anymore – he wanted to enjoy this.

“That is right, ride… lick it, suck on it, ahhh… just like that. Right. Open wide,” her captor moaned as he thrust forward, forcing his length all the way down into her throat just to watch the faerie girl gag. Once Merielle began to retch against the cock in her mouth, she didn’t stop. It felt like she couldn’t breathe – like she was always about to choke. Slowly the man increased his speed until he was violently fucking Merielle’s mouth, holding her by her fiery locks so he could drive himself to the hilt in her throat with every thrust. Merielle moaned and gagged, and fresh tears began to stream down her pretty face as she felt his cock grow harder and harder until he came.

Merielle choked as the first spurt of hot cum hit the back of her throat. It occurred to her, briefly, that this is what it must feel like to drown – something she had never once considered before. She had to swallow frantically so that she could breathe as his cock continued to jerk in her mouth, spitting out more and more and more foul tasting, salty seed onto her tongue.

At last, at last, he pulled out, letting her sag down to the ground, weeping.

“That will do for now ride… but we have all night. Give me a few minutes, and I’m sure I’ll be more than happy to give your tight holes another go.”

Merielle could only look up with horror.


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