The Auction Chapter 1

An atmosphere of agitated expectation filled the enormous amphitheater-like chamber as more and more guests took their allotted seats, with a lot of grumbling, roaring and shoving involved. It was only thanks to the presence of the guard-bots that no further acts of violence occurred. For the clientele of this place was manifold, composed of the worst of the worst from billions of universes, each with their own nothings of right and wrong and codes of honor or dishonor, as it were.

Only their lust united them and they would soon find it sated, they knew. This place offered satisfaction and pleasure to anyone with the currency to pay. Beyond the small station, no stars were visible in the reddish emptiness stretching into infinity beyond them. This was N-Space, the barrier that not only separated universes but multiverses from each other, an infinite void, beyond the grasp of any law known to man or alien.

Which was a good thing, for the only thing peddled here was illegal in most places: sex slaves.

For years upon years, the owners of this establishment had been hounded from universe to universe, opposed by the Guardians of the Universe and their Green Lanterns, the Coalition of Planets, the Authority and many more.

Until they had finally found this place, reachable from all universes but impossible to find, unless one knew where it was. And when they had put the word out that they were back in business once again, their old customers had returned in droves.

Which was good, for tonight, a very special show was in the words, had been for the last six Earth-months. A show unlike any other. And as the secret owners of this place already counted the imaginary money they would soon enjoy, the audience had other dreams…of a much darker and violent nature.

Which was exactly the point.

Suddenly, just as patience was beginning to wear thin, the huge screen above the raised metal dais in the center of the room lit up, announcing in big letters the beginning of “ HEROFEST”, as the owners had decided to call it. Not imaginative but easy to understand for all of their clientele.

Light speared down from the ceiling, a concentrated beam of brilliance and when it was gone, there stood a man in the middle of the room. He was tall, but clearly human, dressed into an earth-style suit, his face hidden behind a mask that obscured his features behind a blank holographic facade. Not that anyone minded – they were not here to see him, after all.

Still, a great cheer went up as the crowd saw him, for they knew it was time for the fun to start!

“Greetings, greetings, esteemed customers!”, the man’s voice boomed across the room, “ Welcome to HeroFest! As you may already know from our advertisements, we have the finest morsels from across the multiverse here for your pleasure! Superheroines, warrior queens, mutants! And, of course, a few villainesses as well…though that may make our title misleading, we all know that evil has its own thrills…” he paused for the crowd to laugh, then stepped back, allowing four beams of light to fall upon hitherto-obscured holes in the ground. “ The rules are all known to you so no need to repeat them. Instead, I think we should get right to it!”

There was a whirr and a platform rose from within the hole on the floor. The crowd began to cheer, for it was not unoccupied. On it sat a muscular woman dressed in a tight white costume, her short hair the colour of wheat on a summer day. Her mouth had been stuffed with a black ballgag and her arms had been tied together with shackles which emitted a pale green glow. Another chain tied those shackles to the floor, making it impossible for her to rise from her kneeling position. A small “window”-like cut in front of her costume allowed everyone to see her massive cleavage, which was even more accentuated by the rip that had been torn further down below, exposing the lower curves of her impressive tits. She glared out from pale blue eyes but seemed impotent to free herself from her predicament.

“Number one! Power Girl, alias Karen Starr! I doubt there is any need to describe this kryptonian beauty’s charms!” The crowd went wild at the sight and his words, nearly drowning out his enhanced voice. “Do not worry about her strength, though… the shackles are laced with kryptonite. Just enough to keep her where she is while allowing her to remain feisty… because here we know what our customers like!”

While the crowd was still roaring, the second platform began to rise. It bore a metal scaffolding inside which was bound a red-haired beauty of firm body and furious eyes. She wore only what could best be described as a chainmail bikini that had been shoved aside in places, allowing everyone to see between her legs. Her nipples were also exposed, the cups of her flimsy metal bra having been pushed down. She, too, was gagged, but her gag was a ring that held her mouth wide open and forced her to drool. Thick leather straps bound her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the scaffolding, rendering her completely helpless – without leverage to use her strength.

“ Number Two! Red Sonja, drawn from the dawn of time in the Hyborian, a mystical age of heroes and monsters! This fierce beauty may not have superpowers but she is feared throughout her homeland for a reason!”

A third platform reached the top of the stage and it held the the most elaborate bondage yet. A beautiful woman with green skin and hair such a dark green it was nearly black stared out at the assembled audience with furious eyes, snarling around the shining steel bar gag in her mouth. Her legs and arms were both encased in large shackles of the same shining metal, embedded firmly in the platform as she was restrained held down on her knees and elbows. She wore a white and violet dancing leotard but it had been ripped at some point, and one of her enormous breasts popped free and dangled beneath her body.

“Number Three, ladies and foulmen! I present Jennifer Walters, better known to some of you as the She-Hulk and the cousin of Bruce Banner, who I believe most of you have met before.” Satisfied mumbled filled the audience as the masked man drew his index finger across the small of the bound woman’s back, provoking her to twitch and thrash the tiny amount her bonds allowed her. “This lady is strong enough to pick most of you up and throw you through enough bulkheads to vent you into space. Fear not my friends, those shackles are made from the core of dying star, and not even the Gamma radiation can give her the strength to break them!”

While the auction master was talking the fourth platform had reached the stage, revealing a young Asian girl stretched taunt from a high frame. Her pale skin gleamed in contrast with the completely intact violet leotard she wore, broken only by a scarlet sash across her waist. Her hands tied behind her back with coarse rope that must hurt her skin, even with the drops of sweat that ran down her form from the strain of her position. Her midnight black hair dangled over her exotic face, and the collar around her throat was attached the frame far overhead, forcing the girl to stand on the very tips of her toes or begin to choke.

“And last but not least, Number four! This lovely piece of flesh is the mutant Betsy Braddock, alias Psylocke, in her most recent body. She comes to you completely helpless, courtesy of that Genoshan technology around her tiny little neck.”

The masked man stepped between the four girls. “You all know how this works. The screen above my head will keep track of the current bids, which you are permitted to make at any time. The auction closes in five hours.” He smiled at the assembled beings from throughout the multiverse. “Feel free to sample the merchandise… just remember: If you break it, you bought it, and some of you…” he his eyes narrowed as he looked around the amphitheater, “can’t afford the prices I’d make you pay.”

He smiled again and waved his hands. “Four hours and fifty nine minutes left.”

Power Girl

Karen Starr – Kara Zor-L to those who knew her true name – twisted in her bonds, a frustrated growl escaping her throat for the seemingly hundredth time ever since she’d woken up in this predicament. The bonds held her tightly, which infuriated her. It was ordinary iron, not even steel, but she could barely move a muscle, yet alone free her hands. Under normal circumstances, it would have taken her but a shrug to shred her shackles like paper. But the thin line of kryptonite dust sprinkled into the grooves on her bindings were enough to reduce her strength to that of a woman of her build and size. Which was still considerable, but not nearly enough for her to break free.

What was worse, it disabled her special abilities. Right now, she would have loved to have her heat vision back, if only to blast these greedy fiends converging upon her back into their own universes. But apparently, whoever had abducted her had done their homework and the proud, strong woman was left to simply glare at them.

Some of them she knew – somewhere among the frightfully large crowd there lumbered the simian form of the Ultra-Humanite, one of her arch-enemies and she was fairly certain to have seen one of Darkseid’s cronies somewhere in between – but many were unknown to her. And the first man to reach her was actually ordinary. Average height, light brown hair, expensive but not showy clothing and a face that might have been attractive in a nondescript way if not for the greedy leer.

“ Hey there, PG”, he said, reaching down to run his hand through her short golden hair, “ I’m a big fan…” And he was telling the truth, at least going by the impressive bulge in his pants. Already, she could hear grunting and the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping against flesh and she held no illusions about what was about to happen. Karen was quite sure she would soon get to know how ‘big’ a fan he was…

“ Hmmmph…hnnnh…” was all that escaped through the gag, ruining a perfect and devastating insult she wanted to hurl at the pathetic man who’d decided that rape was obviously his favourite pastime. “ I know, I know…you have no idea how excited I am…yes, yes, it’s a big day for you…but I have been waiting for this my entire life!” He was obviously quite unhinged…unfortunately, that made him more dangerous, not less so.

Again, Power Girl narrowed her eyes, trying to focus some of the energy that granted her her superhuman abilities into the special organs kryptonians enjoyed within their oculus…but all her strength was sapped by the thin layer of kryptonite on her bindings and all she managed was a reddish glow within her blue irises.

He seemed completely unperturbed by this, smiling happily as he began to pull his zipper down, soon presenting her with his cock, which had already begun to swell to impressive size. It seemed that at least one thing about him was not ordinary. Her protests grew louder as he started to slap her cheeks with his leaking head, leaving drops of precum stick to her skin. Karen could feel someone else slip behind her, reach around and undo the small red belt she wore, but her attention was focused on the man in front of her. “ No worries, PG…you don’t have to do anything at all…just stay like this.”

Grinning happily, he grabbed her massive tits and aimed his cock at the underside of them, where someone had torn her costume apart – exactly for this purpose, that much was obvious. He grunted as he thrust upward and Karen’s face scrunched up in disgust as she felt the slimy head make its way upwards, through the tight valley created by her firm orbs, barely held in check by the white fabric, sticking out between them just underneath her chin.

He groaned, more precum leaking from his cock and over the firm orbs. “ Hmmmphhhh!!!” she yelled, telling him, no, commanding him to stop…but the thrice-damned gag still kept her from uttering anything remotely like language. And he did not seem like he would even care, she feared. Still, she kept glaring at him, not acknowledging the presence of his cock between her tits, as he began to pump his hips back and forth, fucking the massive orbs violently.

It did hurt since, in all his sexual greed, he did not at all pay attention to her well-being and comfort, but that was far less of consequence than the wound to her pride. Karen Starr had always been very proud and sure of her looks, even making a clear statement with her costume and the small window that allowed everyone to see her cleavage, but right now she wished she could have chosen something a bit more…modest, if only to spare her this indignity…

“Isn’t this fun? I’m having a blast!” the obnoxious man exclaimed between groans of pleasure. Karen hoped he would cum soon before he got any other “fun” ideas.

“Isn’t that nice?”, a female voice hissed into her ear suddenly and she felt herself go rigid for a moment. That one she knew…Satanna, the insane scientist/criminal mastermind. Once a lover to the Ultra-Humanite, she had lost an arm in an accident that Karen had been involved in. And even though her arm had been replaced with a modified leopard’s claw, she had never forgiven Karen her wound.

“So much enthusiasm…it’s admirable. I’m just as excited, though…when I heard you were to be auctioned off, I did everything I could to get an invitation”, the tall, beautiful woman with the raven-black hair whispered, her clawed left hand idly ripping open the costume over Karen’s flat belly. “ And now I am here…and it will all pay off. I am just not sure…”, she continued, after taking a long lick along Karen’s neck, “ where to put this here first…your cunt or your asshole?” Reaching around her with the other hand, she held up a wickedly twisted and ribbed dildo.

One look at it was enough to convince Karen that she did not want it anywhere near her. It was an ugly toy, bumpy and twisted into a corkscrew-like shape. She was no stranger to sex toys, but this one was not meant to bring anyone pleasure. This dildo was meant to hurt. And while, under normal circumstances, even the muscles in her pussy would be enough to simply crush it were it inserted into her, she was now forced to consider how painful its intrusion would be.

Her body was rocked back and forth by the ever-more violent and ecstatic thrusts of the man in front of her, wildly pumping his cock between her heaving tits, staring down at her face with that horrible leering expression. Her chin now shone with precum as well, his cockhead bumping against it every now and then. It made her skin feel soiled, defiled.

Satanna seemed to have come to some sort of decision, her hand snaking down into Karen’s crotch, tuggling the thin fabric of her costume aside to expose the superheroine’s perfect mound and slit, a tuft of golden hair atop it all. Power Girl grit her teeth into the gag, the idea of being exposed to so many leering glances making her sick to the bone.

“ Oh yes, this will do for a start…this will do”, the villainess whispered into her ear, reaching down with her other hand, placing the tip of the dildo against her dry outer lips. Karen tried to bring her muscular thighs closer together, but again, the bonds held, mocking her strength as it was sapped away by just a tiny layer of dust on them.

A few times, the villainess rubbed the thick head of the dildo against Karen’s outer lips, delighting in the way the heroine’s muscles tightened visibly whenever she was touched in that intimate spot, even if it was only by the toy. “ I really couldn’t be happier about this”, she said. The man in front nodded eagerly. “ M-me too…”, he hissed, his teeth clenched, his eyes half-closed, rapidly nearing his climax, his cock making disgusting fleshy sounds as it slid up and down between Karen’s tits on a slick trail of precum.

“ Isn’t it nice to have such devoted fans?” Satanna asked mockingly, laughing…before her face set into an expression of hateful, grim determination…and she rammed the tip of the dildo right into Karen’s tight, dry and unprepared cunt.

Power Girl screamed into the gag, more out of surprise than pain, though the sensation of her cuntlips stretching to accomodate that unwanted invader was far from painless. “ Hnngh…ghh….gmmmph…” was all that escaped the gag-sealed prison of her mouth as she shook her head in helpless denial. Satanna giggled..and drove in another inch, twisting the dildo so Karen would be forced to feel every imperfection on its surface, every twist in its length, every bump and ridge on it.

“ Good…so goood…”, the man in front of her muttered, groaning, his head thrown back as he finally came. Karen felt a hot rush on her skin as warm, fresh sperm splattered onto her chin, her neck, her throat and, of course, the top of her tits. He did not stop, of course, thrusting up and down until his entire load was on her, on her chin, lips, tits and cheeks, his filth covering her, making her tremble with contempt and disgust at this violation.

As he withdrew, Satanna cursed under her breath. An errant drop of semen had hit the black-haired beauty on her cheek. “Filthy pig”, she muttered, stopping her assault on Karen’s cunt for a moment to wipe the cum off her own skin. Grinning, she held up the sperm-covered finger before forcing it into Karen’s mouth, pushing beside the gag to wipe it off on Power Girl’s tongue, laughing mockingly once more as she heard the gagging from the trapped heroine.

“Do you have any idea,” she said, smiling at the continued retching from behind the restrictive gag, “how long I’ve waited to see you like this you stupid little cunt?” She slapped Karen harshly with her animal arm, and only her kryptonian skin kept her from being rended to the bone. “Did you think you could meddle forever in other people’s affairs and there would be no consequences?”

The scientist brought her hand back down to the super-heroine’s cunt and twisted the dildo again, driving it in further and straining the dry orifice with its cruel size and shape. Even as she did, trying her hardest to cram the entire thing into Power Girl’s tight pussy, another man walked in front of her. She didn’t recognize him either, and her straw blonde hair shook with her head as she begged him not to do what she knew he was going to… just before he slid his cock between her massive breasts as well.

Karen couldn’t decide which she hated more. On one hand, the intrusion into her pussy was both painful and embarassing, and having Satanna abusing her was an indignity that could not be borne… but at the same time, her attacking being the woman helped her hide behind anger. On the other hand, the cock raping her breasts was not especially painful… but it was absolutely humiliating. Another man, only slightly less disgusting than the first man, was using her own outfit as an aid to rape her, allow it to crush her own tits around his cock and turn them into another tight hole for the men to fuck. She could look down and see the head of his cock appearing and vanishing through the open window to her cleavage in the costume, and even the thought of being used this way was so disgraceful she wanted to weep.

Karen had always been so proud of her breasts, and had enjoyed people looking at her. She loved how she felt beautiful when men stared at her, desired her… now that desire seemed an ugly thing. When her power was removed, when she was rendered helpless by the kryptonite, she was no better able to resist what they wanted from her than any other athletic woman… and no one, bound as strictly as she was, could have offered any real fight against a group of rapists such as the ones before her.

With a cry of victory, Satanna at last sunk the last inch of the huge dildo into the heroine’s tight pussy, leaving the dry membrane stretched obscenely around the rubber cock. She had never had anything half that size in her before, and the huge invader was raping virgin territory deep within her, where she had never been touched. Now, her entire body felt painfully stretched and distended, her form distorted by the unnatural shaft in her.

“Ok… she’s as tight as she’s ever going to be now…” the scientist said, a hint of a chuckle in her voice. “Oh, poor Karen…” she whispered in the blonde’s ear, flexing her leopard arm and causing claws to pop from their sheaths. “You have such a lovely body… just like I did once, but you are so much more durable…” Slowly, she sank the claws as deeply into the flesh of Power Girl’s side as possible and slowly dragged down. Her skin was too hard to be pierced, but it bent painfully inward as it was raked at by the sharp claws, and Karen screamed beneath her gag. “I don’t think anything we can do to you will break your perfect skin…”

Satanna smiled even as two huge, pale simian hand grabbed her breasts from behind and crushed them even tighter around the man’s cock. Karen looked down at Ultra-Humanite’s huge, alino ape hands in horror as she felt him press against her from behind, a tiny growl in his throat. “In a moment, you will wish that you could tear.”

Power Girl shrieked, the noise loud even through the gag, as the villain’s huge cock tore a hole right through the pathetic fabric of her costume and started to press against her asshole. Never in her life, not a single time, had Kara Zor-L even thought about getting fucked like this. No descendant of Krypton would ever, ever sink so low. It was disgusting to even think about, even more disgusting than the rape of her breasts, worse than the cum on the bottom of her face. Karen prided herself on being sexually forward thinking… very aware of and happy with her own sexuality… but there were limits, damnit. Never, if she lived to be a thousand years old, would she have allowed a lover to do this to her.

Ultra-Humanite, however, was not at all interested in what she was going to permit. He only knew what he wanted, and that he had the power to take it and she did not have the power to stop him. Fucking a girl’s asshole like this was most uncivilized, but he consoled himself with the knowledge that it would hurt Power Girl as much as it was possible for his cock to hurt her. For someone as smart as him, being wrong about anything was a cruel pain in and off itself, and every single time one of his plans was foiled by some “hero,” the agony of failure was extreme… and after the number of times the little tart had gotten in his way, he was very eager to cause her a fraction of the pain he caused him.

Besides, if his calculations were correct — and his calculations were always correct — women from krypton must have some of the absolute smallest, tightest assholes in the universe. With her cunt plugged up so thoroughly by his kind assistant, there would be no slack… her hole would be already clenched as tightly as it could be. Ultra-Humanite was looking forward to seeing how it felt.

Karen screamed and screamed as the pressure mounted. Her body was bent unnaturally in her bonds, the pressure on her hips and her chest being kept in the perfect position to be fucked causing her back to arch uncomfortably. No amount of training, of discipline, could have allowed her to be ready for the pain that erupted when the ape began to force his huge and thick member into her virgin hole. She wailed like a dying cat, tears finally erupting from her eyes as the villain pushed himself further in, slowly but steadily pressing his cock inside her ass. The act made her cunt squeeze so tightly on the dildo that she was bruising herself, all but impaling her flesh on every bump and groove of the cock plugging her dry hole. It felt to Power Girl like her asshole was being ripped in two as the simian rapist found a steady rhythm and began to pound her hole.

Her entire existence collapses into a hurricane of agony. Her screaming and thrashing brought the man between her tits off, and she hardly even noticed as the hot jizz splashed on her face, covering her lips and dripping back down onto her perfect breasts, further lubricating them for the next man who walked up to the agonized girl and started to use her cleavage as another hole to rape. Her legs trembled, uselessly straining at her bonds as Ultra-Humanite buried himself deep into her body.

“Oh fantastic,” the ape said, his voice cultured despite the brutal assault. “She is every bit as tight as I could have possibly hoped.”

Satanna laughed as her ally began to fuck Power Girl’s sore hole in earnest now. “I’m so pleased to know that it’s everything you wanted.” The scientist dropped to her knees and slid below the sobbing blonde heroine, dragging her lips across the kryptonian’s clit for an instant before bitting it. “I know you had your doubts,” she said, listening to Karen’s screams as her anal rape continued, “But don’t you think I was right to suggest this whore to them?”

His hands were crushing the blonde’s tits so hard now that he must be leaving permanent indentations in the shape of his strong fingers, wrapping them around the third cock between those perfect orbs almost as hard as her ass was wrapped around his own. “Yes, dear doctor,” he admitted, “you did very well.”

If she was not gagged, Karen would have thrown her pride to the wind by now and would have begged and pleaded, anything to make the pain stop for even a second. She was sobbing in agony and shame as her archenemy continued to abuse her perfect body in the most painful way she could have ever imagined. Every thrust of the rampaging ape cock sent wave after wave of pain, radiating from her ass to her whole body. The monster’s fingers wrapped around her nipples now, hard beneath the fabric of her torn costume, creating yet another source of pain on her already brutalized body. White Satanna did her level best to rip the bitch’s impervious clit from her body with her teeth, the albino ape used her tits as handled to pull her back onto him, straining her already arched back as he moved faster and faster, thrusting his cock even deeper into her dry, unwilling hole.

Even gagged, everyone in the auditorium could hear the long, drawn-out wail of agony that escaped Karen’s lips. All eyes on her were transfixed as he began to pound into her ass with every bit of strength his augmented body could offer to him. Although he was nowhere near as strong as the girl would be should the kryptonite be removed, he was still mighty… and even though her ass was almost incredibly small and forced to stretch beyond the real of reason around his raping cock, he nevertheless managed to force his entire length into Power Girl with each thrust. The intrusions were making her ass clench hard around him, adding to his pleasure even as it made the girl’s pain so much very much worse.

The man between her tits was spitting on her face, his hands wrapped in her blonde hair to keep her from moving as he spat directly into her clenched eye sockets, onto her gag, onto her cheek. The entire time he never stopped fucking the tight valley of breasts. Ever since he had first seen her, first fought against her at his lord Darkseid’s command, he had lusted after this perfect bitch’s tits. He was obviously not the only one… the organizers of this auction had clearly set her up this way to allow the maximum number of people to fuck her rack like a cunt, and to make it as humiliating for the heroine as possible. In between spitting on the arrogant power girl, streaking her beautiful face with his spit, he slapped her hard enough to make some of the accumulated cum fly from her pale skin… and each time he struck her she made the hottest noises of protest.

Ultra-Humanite pulled on her sensitive nipples hard, crushing them between his fingers as he rode her ass. Power Girl tried to throw her head from side to side, tried to tear herself from the grip of the man before her and to escape the cock attacking her from behind, but there was nothing she could do. She was completely helpless against her rapists. She could even find a way to deal with or even reduce the horrible pain, to escaping the burning agony, the humiliation, or the revulsion. She wished she could just pass out rather than feel her ass stretching unnaturally wide, feel her tits scrape against the rough flesh of the cock between them. Her entire body was being buffeted between them, rocked back and forth by the force of his violent ass rape, much to the pleasure of the second man.

Karen could barely feel individual agonies anymore… the pain from her ass was destroying her. All her senses were completely overwhelmed by the pain she was feeling. Ultra-Humanite’s powerful thrusts into her tight, unlubricated asshole were spikes of torment delivered directly into her brain. The scraping, burning feeling of the cock sliding against her unused anal walls were the background pain, and Satanna’s teeth on her sensitive clit sent warbling sine waves of anguish through her. The utter degradation she felt at her rape was the topping to the horrible experience. She desperately wanted not to scream, but her self control was abandoning her. She clenched her teeth against the hard rubber of the gag in her mouth, but a moment later was again crying out her anguish as the ape pulled entirely from her, leaving her abused anus to gape for an instant before he lammed his entire length back into her. She howled as he did this again and again, his hips slapping loudly against her asscheeks with every thrust.

The man was still slapping her, still rocking her head back and forth, and Karen was desperate enough that she hoped the repeated trauma wold make her pass out. Anything that could let her escape the agony for even a short time could only be a blessing to the punished heroine. There was not even that slight mercy for her, however — Power Girl had to feel ever instant of her rape, experience ever soul rending sensation of pain the three abusers forced onto her.

At last, just when she was completely certain that she could take no more and she would go completely insane if she tried, Ultra-Humanite groaned and drove himself in a few final times before burying himself as deeply as he could and came, boiling seed flooding her stretched bowels until she felt swollen and filled, like she had eaten too much. “She’s an even better fuck than I had hoped,” the archvillian taunted, pulling his cock out from her and allowing her ass to quickly shrink back down to size, leaking while slime even as Satanna slid out from beneath her.

“I’m glad you enjoyed her as much as I did…” she whispered. “Should we try out someone else next?”

Now, at last as the cruel villians walked away, Karen allowed herself to relax slightly. The man was still raping her tits, defiling and befouling her further, but at least the incredible pain was over now. Trying to bite back her tears, Power Girl allowed herself to feel some relief… right up until another cock started to press against her recently vacated asshole, and the anguished young heroine remembered just how many men were crowded around her and waiting their turn.

Her pitifully wailing continued for a very long time after that.

Red Sonya

A group of men took now time in crowding around the bound form of Sonja, her scarlet hair shaking as she thrashed helplessly in her bonds. The assembled beings, human and alien alike, looked on her flawless form with open appreciation of her beauty, in complete anticipation of the abuses they planned to heap on her. She was a skilled warrior, strong and fast, but the majority of the men here were stronger and faster. Of all the women in this room, the Hyborian female was the only one that they could risk untying… once she had been taught the price of resistance, anyway.

She rested suspended in the air, her back to the ground and her face craning about to glare at each of the men in turn. Fully half of them were warriors or magician from her own time, thrilling at seeing the great warrior brought so low. Furious, threatening snarls emerging from her open mouth even as the gag kept her from articulating at all. She was already all but naked… only the flimsy chain loincloth covered any of her body… and with unrepentant glee, one of the men, a Hyborian necromancer himself, pulled the dubious armor away from her smooth flesh and gave the assembled crowd an unobstructed view of her perfect little pussy. The completely bare warrior, laying beneath them and completely at their mercy, was as erotic a sight as any of them had ever seen.

With nothing more but a glace at each other to plan, the group of men closest to her grabbed the whips hanging from the scaffolding and, moving with terrible strength, the leather lashed began to crack down onto her muscled body. Sonja tried to clench her teeth on the ring, fighting a scream of anguish, but robbed of the ability to keep her mouth shut she couldn’t resist letting out a tiny shout no matter how much she hated herself for it.

The men wielded short, nasty whips of twisted sinew, which could be wielded in the crowded space among the other abusers and the constricting frame of metal. Using the hardened and brained leather they now lashed her exposed flesh all over. The blows, chaotic and apparently at random, nevertheless formed part of an effective torture as each whip independently sought to find the most effective spots to bite into. Whenever Sonja’s body jerked under the whip, the strain on her arms and legs increased, the ropes holding her suspended digging deeper into the tender flesh of her ankles and wrists.

Well aware of this, her captor started to try and make her spasm as hard as possible. One man, with obscenely bulging muscles and dark skin, concentrated his lashing on the spots which would make her swing slightly, targeting her lower back, the underside of her thighs and the exposed soles of her feet. Others brought the pain more directly, the leather of their whips striking as her bound wrists directly. Still others, uncaring of such complexities, drove the tendrils of their torturous tool into her breasts. Sonja’s glistening body flexed and contracted under the assault, her panting often turning into hisses and gasps as she still held out, determined not to scream for her captors’ foul pleasures.

There was to be no pause to this torment as long as the warrior seemed to be enduring it. Grinning wickedly, one of the magicians drove the lash directly between her legs, and a scream escaped the red maned warrior as her labia turned the same color as her hair, burning beneath the whipstroke.

While others continued to beat the girl with their whips, one man knelt next to her and grapped the bright red nipple on her right breast, where it stood out plainly from the soft flesh of the beautiful barbarian. He could imagine the creaking of the steel gag between her teeth as she ground herself against it, and smile he started to pull at the nipple. As he did, he squeezed harder and harder, crushing it flat. She was watching what he was doing, tiny tears starting to appear in her eyes from the pain regardless of her wishes otherwise. Meeting those wet green eyes, he put his other hand on her breast and crushed it flat, and then yanked cruelly at her teet as though he meant to rip it from her chest.

A full scream of agony escaped her, the pain in her tits compounded by the welts being raised all across her body by the other men. Never before since her childhood had she felt so helpless, so alone and vulnerable. In the depths of her own mind she was frantically praying to the goddess Scáthach, begging the red goddess to deliver her and kill her tormentors… but if her deity was even able to reach her here, she remained completely silent.

The twisted whips took to her thighs, as upon each lash her legs distended and a new lance of white hot pain surged from her tortured extremities, crisscrossed the flesh with welts from the bite of the studded bands. There was no waiting, no order to when they took their strikes… the pain was allowed to sink in for only as long as it took for the assailant to draw back his whip and strike again… and still Sonja made her bravest effort to hold back her screams, despite the agony evident on her beautiful face.

Finally she hung limp in her bonds, no longer responsive to the kiss of the whips. Her attackers had managed to tear several screams from the battle hardened warrior… but nowhere near as many as they hoped. Dumping a bucket of water on her head quickly brought her back to herself, just in time for the men to lay down their whips and crowd closer around her, all of their hands reaching and grabbing at her naked flesh.

“Out of my way!” an authoritative voice from Sonja’s nightmares called, and the crowd parted enough to reveal a warped old man in a black robe and a tall, pointed hat. Kulan Gath… an immortal sorceress thousands of years old. Sonja had killed him twice, but only with the assistance of Conan and a dozen other allies besides… but the last time she had cut out his heart. The cruel monster should be dead for all time, now.

Apparently not… and as Sonja looked into his glowing red eyes, she knew that he had not taken her defiance of him well at all.

“She is mine first!” he said, sweeping his gaze across the assembled mob. Several men seemed determined to defy him, but every single Hyborian in the crowd refused to so much as look at Kulan Gath, and their obvious fear at last convinced the other villain that perhaps, in this matter, discretion was wiser.

The sorcerer quickly took control of the group, circling until Sonja had to turn her head upside down to follow him with her green eyes. Meanwhile the groping of her body resumed, a dozen pairs of hands rubbing and exploring her body, roaming over her whip-ruined flesh. One man, another sorcerer, ran his fingers through the thin nest of crimson pubic hair and over her bare cunt lips, red and swollen from the abusive leather lashes. The red maned warrior flinched away from the touch, but it did not stop him from sliding first one, then a second finger into her tight snatch. He slowly finger fucked her, easing another of his finger into her tiny rosebud of an asshole while he continued grinding away at her crotch.

“You are going to pay, barbarian whore!” Kulan Gath said, grabbing her hair and pulling sharply downward towards the floor. It gave the girl a clear view of his cock where the robes had parted, and while the dark mage’s form may have been withered by his unhallowed power, his member had been equally engorged by it instead. His cruel tug pulled her face backwards, and in an instantly where her upside-down face was perfectly lined up with his crotch, he plunged into Sonja’s gagged mouth. His cock slid easily through the wide ring that help her lips parted, and despite her muffled protests he began to fuck the she-devils face like a he were a hammering a nail, forcing her to take his entire length with every thrust. Her nose was getting hammered by his balls with every thrust, the smelling orbs slapping into her precious face as he slammed his weight down upon her. Bound and helpless, her mouth held open and her martial skills useless, Sonja was completely unable to resist the brutal attack and was forced to lay before him like a submissive whore while he savagely violated her like she had been in her home village, so long ago…

“Yes, you are mine now you arrogant cunt!” he yelled, slamming his hips forward in selfish abandon.

Meanwhile, the other men were still abusing Sonja’s pussy and tits as the dark sorcerer raped her mouth. Everyone watched with rapt attention as the beautiful, dangerous woman suffered under Kulan Gath’s cock, her body shuddering in her bonds as she tried desperately to escape the hated monster. “Scáthach can not help you here, you stupid fucking cunt…” he growled between thrusts, one of his hands gripping her throat and practically masturbating his own enormous cock while it was in her esophagus. “She set you up for this… the condition for her to give you power was that the only way you can fuck now is to be raped again and again…” He yelled out a loud deep growl and plunged his dick down her throat forcing her lips into his groin as he exploded. “Take it you whore! You will never know the embrace one who doesn’t not want to hurt you… your body cannot be given, but from this point on it will be frequently taken!”

His first wave of cum went right into her stomach but his second and third filled her mouth, making her cough and choke. He forced her to swallow it all before he pulled himself from her mouth, leaving her to retch in abject disgust and humiliation. Finally pulling away from the barbarian warrior, he gestured at last for the others to continue.

The men fell on her like a pack of jackals, and within moments a cock was buried in each of her three holes while her body thrashed in the unbreakable bonds. Her tight and and glorious cunt, virtually unused since her rape in her childhood, were now being put to full use. She was dry and perfectly unwilling… which was precisely the way the men wanted her, especially those from her own world. Each had feared her, woken from many dreams where she or her allies, including the feared Conan, had taken their heads. Now she was in their clutches and helpless, and they took care to return their fear to her a thousand times over in vicious torment and abuse.

It wasn’t long before one man, a necromancer, had an idea to make her suffering even more cruel. He straddled her suspended body and sat on her abdomen, his weight making it all but impossible to draw breath. The problem was exacerbated by the plunging cock in her throat, and together she was practically robbed completely of oxygen. Then, uncaring for the bitch’s welfare, her wrapped his hands around the girl’s tight tits and spat into the valley they created until it shined, then slid his cock between them. With every thrust he pressed harder against her lungs, driving Sonja all but insane in her instinctual and hopeless struggle to breathe until one of the men came… and then she was allowed to recovered for barely a minute before another man took the place.

The masked man watched this with joy, pleased by the sight of the powerless, mortal woman taking as harsh of abuse as the nearly impervious heroines around her. The red haired barbarian was quickly being covered with filthy cum… already her hair was beginning to seem more pink that red. He loved the sight of Sonja being made completely air tight by her rapists. Even so, though, he was continually distracted by the sight of Kulan Gath circling around her, muttering in some strange language and spreading something around the ongoing gangrape.

He laid a hand on the sorcerer’s shoulder. “What are you doing.”

“Do not presume to TOUCH ME!” he yelled turning… and the paling slightly when he saw that it was not another of the guests here, but their mysterious host. “My apologizes…” he mumbled, barely contrite.

Though annoyed, the masked man did not take visable offense. “I ask you again. What are you doing conducting one of your foul rituals here?”

“I am…” he gulped, afraid despite himself. This man in front of him, benign as he seemed… something about him told the sorcerer that he had true power, and was extremely used to being obeyed implicitly. “I am bringing in my master to bid… is this acceptable?”

The man’s mouth, the only feature visible behind the holographic mask, smiled. “Of course. Carry on then.”

Kulan Gath continued, setting up a ritual that would capture the collected agony and suffering of the red haired whore and funnel it back to the underworld, to the place where his god waited impatiently for his servant to summon him. Every bit of torment Sonja suffered was collected and used to bridge the gap between the underworld and this station…

With no warning, Fire overwhelmed Kulan Gath’s conscious mind. His own intelligence, his own will, were dismissed, cast off to be returned at a later point… and instead, simmering like cruel embers within the time aged body, something else lurked now. “LEAVE HER!” he said, and although his tone was calm the voice seemed to echo like a thunderstorm through the large amphitheater. All every went to the frail sorcerer, and every single being took a step backwards away from him. Even the masked man flinched slightly before the terrible presence.

Quickly, everyone between him and Sonja had moved, leaving a clear path between the monster wrapped in human flesh and the defeated warrior. She just laid there hanging in her bonds, her legs spread wide open and cum dripping out of her battered pussy and ass hole. Sonja looked on in uncomprehending horror at the flames blazing in the eyes of the powerful sorcerer. She had seem those flames once before, in a brazier of an interrupted ritual that Conan had stopped… and even in defeat, even so contained, that heat had haunted her nightmares for years.

It was the burning visage of Khosatral Khel. The Ancient from the Abyss, the Devil in Iron, Khel had been worshiped as the principle god of Dagonia for thousands of years. He was revered by fell magicians of all kinds as the providing of all the most potent magics in Hyboria… and he fed off of human misery and suffering, off of everything bad that befell a human being. Seeing him in the material words, even cloaked in the body of a servant, his mere existence was nearly enough to blast her mind to splinters.

“I AM TOLD,” he said as he stepped between her spread legs, his body seeming to glow in the dim light with inner heat, “THAT YOU REFUSE TO SCREAM. THAT YOU THINK YOURSELF STRONG.”

He smiled… a monstrous, terrible expression that promised agony and destruction and pain… but she could not avert her eyes. It was like they were glued to his horrible form. “WE SHALL SEE ABOUT THAT.”

Bereft of any choice in the matter, Sonja kept silent, watching in abject horror as the creature wrapped in the desiccated flesh of man stepped towards her, the warlock’s cock out in the open. Something…seemed to move under his skin now, something not wholly of this world…or any other sane dimension. Just staring at his form made her skin crawl, almost as much as the thought of any man sinking so low as to allow such a… thing to take residence within him. For all his might, the sorcerer still deserved nothing but contempt and she was more than willing to give him that…except that, at the moment, the red-haired she-devil was too terrified to feel anything else but horror and revulsion.

When his hands grabbed her thighs, she could not help but shudder. His very touch felt…wrong, as if thousands of tiny slugs slithered over her skin. His body emanated a disgusting scent, like that of a man in feverish madness, an unnatural heat seeping from it and making her sweat just by his proximity. Her struggles increased again, as she, now fueled by true panic, sought to free herself from her bonds, but once again, they held, leaving her utterly impotent at the mercy of this unclean god-thing.

With one quick grasp, he undid the straps that held the gag in place. “NO NEED TO SILENCE YOUR PLEAS,” Khel muttered as she was finally able to move her mouth again. “NOW YOU WILL KNOW TRUE TERROR,” the creature announced, positioning its cock between her legs, the head bumping against her ravaged folds.

The touch, vile as it was, seemed to lift some of the fear-induced paralysis from her and she spat, “I’ve been raped only moments ago… do you think I’m scared of another defilement?”

“NOT YET… BUT YOU WILL!” Khosatral Khel laughed, his hips pumping forward, burying his cock deep within her sore, abused folds. Sonja grit her teeth, throwing her head back and arching her back as pain and absolute revulsion assaulted her. His cock was no bigger than before – though, given how sore her throat was, his size was more than enough, but the wrongness of his intimate touch made the experience much worse. Only with superior effort of will was she able to keep from vomiting.

Without much further ado, he began to thrust his massive length deeper into her, his girth rasping against her sore, soft insides, barely lubricated by the cum shot inside her by her previous rapists. While his cock did not appear to change form, there was a…slithering to its motions inside her, as if it was twisting of its own volition, that horrified and repulsed her beyond words.

At least while he fucked her, none of the other would-be rapists dared to come closer, some of them simply watching while others amused themselves with the other three girls on display. Their grunts and screams echoed across the room, accompanied by the cheers of their abusers and the myriad watchers. Sonja still refused to grant any one of them the satisfaction of making her scream. Gritting her teeth so hard they ached, she closed her eyes tightly, hoping to find some solace in her memories of famous and glorious battles.

For a moment, it seemed as if she had been successful, the faint scent of ash tickling her nose. There were screams around her and the unmistakable sound of metal rending flesh and bone. And she was among the fighters and the fallen, dancing, her blade a flash of lightning…

Only that it wasn’t true.

She was no fighter… she was not even a fully grown woman yet. No… she was barely 16… and weeping as around her, her homes were burnt to cinders by a gang of bandits, the men slaughtered like cattle, the children thrown into the flames while the women were used by the depraved men…

And she, a young, red-haired beauty of sixteen winters, was one of them. Tears spilled from her eyes as above her, the leader of the bandits worked, his hips pounding forward, driving his length deeply into her no-longer virgin pussy, defiling her while he laughed and grunted and cursed, his calloused hand slapping her crying face again and again, taking his pleasure from her as his men took goods and lives from her people.

Feebly, she tried to kick at him, screaming for help, but no one came. No one could come to her aid, for they were all dead. No matter where she looked, she could see the people she had known her entire life, now lying in the snow, their eyes broken and empty as death had claimed their souls. Squeezing her eyes shut, she could do nothing but weep and wail as he raped her, grunting in triumph as finally, he shot his load into her, standing up and giving her another kick in the side for good measure before leaving her there, crying in the snow to die.

And when the final memory assaulted her, drawn into her conscious mind by Khel’s machinations, that was when she finally opened her mouth and screamed, screamed out all the pain and anguish the last moments had brought her, fuelled by a deeper agony she had felt all her life, ever since that fateful night when her old life had been torn from her.

The godling laughed at her howl of anguish, keeping up his violent rape to the sound of her cries until he felt his own climax near. Grunting loudly, he shot the first load into her before pulling out, painting her flat stomach and heaving tits with his seed, infused with his ungodly might, stinging where it landed.

“NOW SHE IS PERFECT!” the abomination shouted, stepping back to allow the others to assault her… and now, finally, she screamed all the way until her very last rape had ended.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the platform, the green shape of the She-hulk was being buried beneath flesh. Men quickly crowded around her, and Jennifer Walters thrashed in her bonds, furiously trying to tear free of the starsteel or even to move enough that she could slam her hips or elbows against one of them. She was quickly realizing that her bonds were too tight, however… the shackles held the green woman too completely in place, and prevented her from moving more than a centimeter or so. In that short of a distance, not even her vast strength could garner enough momentum to hurt any of the men surrounding her, running them hands over her flesh and through her hair, grabbing her cheeks and groping her exposed breasts.

She snarled with rage, indignant fury leaking from her Gamma infused cells and beginning to overwhelm her brain. She imagined this is what Bruce must feel like… a complete loss of control, an overwhelming fury and a desire for violence. Only this time, her loss of control was even more completely — she was bound so completely she could not even struggle while man after man that she couldn’t even see ran greedy fingers over her green skin, helpless to do anything as they took advantage of her in a way she would never have imagined. She was not a victim! She was a hero, an educated woman and a liberated one… how captive the lawyer felt at the moment, as if none of her accomplishments meant anything.

Fingers dug into her skin, finding it wonderful supple and soft even as it was completely impenetrable. Nails traced lightly over the taut and trembling shapes of her muscle as she strained against the star-forged bonds, screaming and shouting obscenities and objections through her bond, biting on the unyielding bar of metal until she felt her teeth would shatter beneath the conflicting strengths. When one hand pushed her leotard’s crotch to the side it was finally too much for her, and a crimson blush flew across her viridian cheeks as a finger pressed into her dry snatch.

Jennifer tried to pull her ass away from the man, or failing that to lunge backwards at him and hope to break the finger, but her long, strong body was already stretched as tightly as it could go and there was no give for her to push against him. All she could do was snarl and make inarticulate threats through her gag, promising these fiends death once she finally got out of this place. A second finger slid into her, feeling rough against tight, stretched flesh of her dry hole. Then they were gone, and something else was prodding at the entrance to her pussy… one of their cocks, rubbing against her soft flesh until it was rock hard and ready for rape. The bastards didn’t waste any time…

Unlike Jennifer Walters who had never, even, been less ready for sex since she had learned what it was — furious and in pain and dry as the Sahara. Her affliction with Gamma radiation had latently shaped her body into a the amazonian form she now wore, her own idealized version of feminine strength, but she had never imaged that perfection being despoiled like this. She was indignant, murderous with rage, and… in a small corner of her mind, terrified. Not in a decade, not since she lay dying in a hospital bed after being shot, had she felt so helpless and so scared.

None of this mattered to the man behind her in the slightest… he was perfectly prepared to take out decades of frustration on the She-Hulk’s sexy body. Holding his cock like a weapon he attacked, determined to take the clenching Jennifer in a single lunge… only to be stopped dead just past the very entrance to her unwilling cunt. She was too dry, clenched too tightly with too great of strength. Growling his anger he pushed further, squirming his hips as he pressed another centimeter into her. “Stop resist, you dumb whore!” he yelled, even as another five men pawed at her struggling flesh.

Jennifer frozen, recognizing the voice of the man raping her. General John Ryker, a renegade US Army Science Corps officer. The bastard had been after her cousin since the original accident, wanting him locked up for her experimentation and research. To her horror, she realized her own blood and cells would work just as well, and she would be far easier to control than Bruce… hell, she couldn’t move now!

Ryker thought about slathering some lube on his dick to ease the assault, but he dismissed the idea. He wanted this bitch to hurt… her family had cost him his wife a decade ago in their stubborn refusal to let him put them in a cage and test them, and he wanted the bitch to hurt as badly as possible… he was going to mount the green whore dry and force his way in, causing her the greatest possible amount of pain. He shoved again, he pounding his way into Jennifer’s dry fuck-hole a quarter inch at a time, never backing up at all even though the moment could only have made it easier. He was going to force his way entirely into her, and he was going to show the slut what her defiance had cost her inch by fucking inch.

But he had had no idea about how stubborn an unwilling cunt could be, especially one clenching with the strength of the She-Hulk. Jennifer screamed into her gag — the protective mutation of her gamma-infused blood did precious little to fortify her inner, tenderest skin against the pain. It felt like he was rubbing sandpaper against the walls of her pussy… if it were not for the toughness given to her by her cousin’s DNA, he would be ripping her open, staining his cock with her blood with each new inch. For the general, the pain of the rape was not inconsiderable either, but watching the arrogant Jennifer Walter writhing on his dick, screaming into her gag in pain and humiliation… it made it more than worthwhile. He wanted her to hurt, to really, truly hurt — and compared to the pain she was obviously feeling, his was nothing to the vindictive officer.

Other men were tearing into her breasts, their fingers sinking deep into her soft but unbreakable flesh. She was not as good at ignoring the pain as her cousin was, she knew, but by god she wished she had the skill now as a different man grabbed each huge tits in both hands and began to pull her backwards, trying to slide her more fully onto the general’s cock while she pointlessly struggled in her bonds. Once their combined efforts had forced about half of his cock in the battle was lost for the green skinned heroine. With his member so firmly implanted, the general could now grip her hips in his hands, using the leverage to properly thrust into her and fuck her properly, cramming the barest bit more into her with each movement while her tight clenched pussy was unable to stop him, despite her superhuman strength. She complained loudly into the gag with every new piece of him sliding into her, at the vicious rape of another tiny piece of her cunt — the sound of agony music to his ears.

Finally the general was all the way in and he laughed. “There we go, bitch!” he yelled at her, finally willing to spit a tiny bit of lube on his cock now that he had forced his way entirely it without it, now that he was pulling slowly out in preparing it rape the green whore in earnest. Basking in the sound of her whimpers, he braced himself against the shiny blocks of metal that bound her legs and thrust back into her, sliding back in to the hilt in one brutal motion that caused Jennifer to scream so loudly into the gag that the metal rattled, clicking against her teeth loudly. General Ryker rape was incredibly painful, but her resilient body could take the abuse and heal from it… what truly hurt the proud woman was the humiliation, and emotional hell of her abuse. As he slide into her again and again, the heroine had nothing to do but bathe in the pain and thinking about what was being done to her.

Jennifer felt no fear, not anymore. There was nothing left for her to be afraid of — the worst possible thing was already happening to her. A lifetime of fear, of being careful, was now entirely useless — her worst fears were real, they were happening, and they were worse than she could have ever imagined. No, it was not fear she was feeling any longer, it was humiliation.

The She-Hulk knew, like all woman knew, that men objectified her and she couldn’t complain because she knew she had objectified herself, subconsciously made herself as attractive and perfect as she could imagine. She had always found it strangely empowering to be able to make men do something so automatically, so without any rational thought, as look at her and admire her appearance. Never, ever, had that trait made Jennifer Walters feel so completely like a piece of meat. Not a person, not even an animal… but instead an object, a blow up sex doll that could be bought online for a few hundreds bucks. An inanimate thing that could be owned, one that was made to be stared at, played with, abused, and fucked. She felt like her entire life had been a lie.

Jennifer had always though herself the equal of anyone, able to stand up among others regardless of sex and be counted as one one of them. Now, bound by escapable metal somewhere beyond the world she knew, surrounded by men who were free of what society expected them to behave like, she could see the truth — she was not an equal, or even a lesser. She was just a set of holes and a pair of tits — a fuck toy to be raped and hurt. Graduated college with honors, Law degree and a high paying job, a place on any superhero team she wished to join… and all for what? So she could be a well educated, high profile rape toy?

They did not care about who Jennifer Walters was, what she was. General Ryker, thrusting himself deeply into the woman as he came and flooded her with hot slime that splashed against her womb, did not care if she was smart, stupid, happy, sad, horny, fearful, amused or tearfully humiliated, or even alive or dead… just that she had a tight hole to fuck and large breasts. The utter degradation of being taken, used, mounted like an animal had her wanting to bawl.

She was wrong, of course. The generally preferred her the way she was — unwilling and helpless, raped and abused. As he slid out of the tightest hole he had ever fucked, he walked to the nearby console and pressed the button that read “1.”

Jennifer felt suddenly like a weight had handed on her back, trying to flatten her against the ground. Her shoulders and back tensed automatically to hold it up, and she did so without serious effort. The general came up to whisper in her ears even as another man began to belly up to her, his cock already sliding against her raped slit while she trembled and tried futilely to escape. “I know you can hold that up Jen…” he said, his voice low, conspiratorial. “That’s why every one who used her is going to increase the weight as they cum in your slutty body, until you can’t hold it anymore. And then…” he grabbed her green hair and, with surprise as his ally, managed to wrench her head down far enough for her to see the cruel spikes beneath her… right beneath her breasts! “Then, when you can’t hold it anymore, that’s what’s waiting for you.”

Her eyes went wide as she looked at the torturous metal waiting below her. She knew they were sharp, but not sharp enough to pierce her gamma infused skin. No, instead she would grind against the point, them forcing their way deeper and deeper into her skin as she was crushed against them by intolerable weight, stretching more and more painfully against her skin as it refused to break and let her be killed by those merciless spikes. At that exact moment, the moment of her horror and despair, the man behind her slid his cock into her with a single thrust, taking advantage of the lubrication had filled her tight cunt with. He was not human, that much was plain… his cock was ribbed, and she thought she could feel bumps on its surface like some obscene sex toy.

She could not take her eyes off of the waiting spikes beneath her as she was raped again, her horror growing as she considered the fate waiting for her. She wanted to weep at her absolute, complete helplessness; she wanted to fight back, to beat her rapists off of her and through them through wall after wall, shattering their soft bodies, but she couldn’t move a single inch. She was forced to remain unwilling still and compliant while the alien behind her grunted with satisfaction at his conquest. She was fighting back tears when he finally came, filling her… and then the weight on her doubled. She clenched tighter, holding her body rigid.

“Two tons on you now…” the general whispered to her, smiling.

A third man quickly stepped up behind her, and he was huge… she could feel the platform shake under his weight. His cock slid into her easily, despite its painful size… but to her horror he only fucked her for a few strokes before he took his cock out and began to press it against her asshole! She tensed herself completely, the fear returning as she realized that things could still get worse for her, so much worse. Her entire body’s vast strength seemed, to her assailant, to be completely focused on holding her ass tight, and he couldn’t fit himself into her… hell, he couldn’t even slip a finger into her!

Kang the Conquerer, the ruler of a galactic empire than spanned thousands of worlds, had fought Jennifer before along with the other Avengers of Earth several times, and always they had stopped his expansion towards their world cold. He was not used to being denied, and was furious at their repeated resistance against his conquest… and now the bitch was denying him again! In outrage he began hitting her, repeatedly bashing his blue fists into her round, green ass.

The masked man lay a hand on his arms, stopping his momentum completely on the third blow without any apparent effort. “If I may make a suggestion, mighty Kang?” he said, voice cultured and polite. Kang, torn between his fury at being so stopped by an apparent human and shock at the man’s unbelievable strength, reluctantly nodded. The man stepped behind Jennifer and took a tiny clear plastic tube from his pocket and, despite the woman’s strenuous clenching, slid the tiny, rounded object past the clenched sphincter. He promptly pressed a button on the little gadget and the tube went rigid as the air began to flow in, ballooning up like a catheter. Jennifer screamed as the tube began to expand inside her, slowly swelling and spreading her rectum with irresistible force until her muscles could no longer hold against the sustained pressure applied from within. After a few second the back end swelled out from the ring of her anal muscles. “There, that should be loose enough…”

“Let’s see,” Kang growled as he regained his place behind the green bitch. He reached out and pressed the button again, causing the device to deflate with a sudden hiss of air and he ripped it from her rectum. Then, before she had a the time to tighten her muscles again, his cock was there — pushing slowly into the incredibly tight fuckhole. In his conquests of a thousand worlds the intergalactic tyrant had raped many a woman, and Jennifer Walter’s had the single tightest asshole he had ever experienced. Her ring continuously clenched on him, trying to force his raping cock out until it almost felt like her tremendous strength would crush him. Instead, it massaged his cock, being him unbelievable pleasure as he raped the She-Hulk’s virgin ass with his brutal cock.

As her ass was used for the first time, Jennifer began to cry, the tears escaping her eyes. She wept because of the pain, the humiliation, because all the men around her were laughing at the little ass-raped slut, because they were calling her stupid, and a cunt, and horny and ugly and a whore and pathetic. She certainly felt pathetic. She wept because she felt so disappointed in herself, that she had fallen so far and become so helpless…

But most of all, she sobbed because she was crying… and Jennifer wanted so desperately not to cry. She didn’t want to show these men, to show John Ryker, how much anguish they were succeeding in causing her, to give them the satisfaction. She didn’t want to let them see that they were causing every bit sorrow, humiliation, and debasement of the heroine that they could have ever hoped for… but she did anyway. Her wailing tears were an anthem of triumph to the ears of her rapists as Kang roared in victory and filled the girl with blisteringly hot cum. Immediately the weight of a third ton landed on her back, and she grunted under the effort of continuing to hold herself up.

As Kang slipped from her ass, he slid a fat dildo into her, holding her ass open and prepared for the next of her rapists. Watching the huge alien using the incredibly tight backdoor of the green heroine inspired everyone, and the next man tore the fake cock from the almost unused hole before replacing it with the his real one… and then the next man did the same, and the man after him, and the man after him, until her asshole was so slick with cum that even her furious strength could no longer clench hard enough to keep a man from fucking her in the ass unassisted.

10 tons now. 11. 12, as a another load was emptied into her dry, swollen cunt. 13, now in her ass again. Sweat was beading Jennifer’s brow now, and every single thrust into her body threatened to make her control slip and lead to her collapsing. The strain of the crushing weight was unbelievable and it was continuous… there was no way she could throw it off, or even change what muscles she was using to hold it up. She had no leverage, but was rather forced to continuously trunk lift the weight of several cars even while man after man raped the sexy lawyer, making a cum dump of the heroine.

Heat flooded her ass again, tearing at the friction burns that covered ever surface, and the weight increased again. Jennifer’s arms trembled, and then with a shriek of terror they gave out, pushing the woman to the floor and directly onto the sharp bed of spikes. The agony was unbelievable as they sank into her, some of them bending the flesh of her tits more than an inch inward before being stopped. Jennifer let out a heart-rending scream that shook the room, and for a second every abuse in the room stopped to look at the green whore who was suffering so completely. None of the spikes broke her impermeable skin, but the pain… it was like nothing she had ever felt before. She wished that her resilience would abandon her and that the spikes would be allowed to pierce through her heart, ending her torment in an instant… but instead she knew that it could continue forever because the intensely sharp shards of metal would never be able to cause her lethal injury, even as they caused her incredible pain.

General Ryker laughed, running his hands over her crushed-flat tits as thirteen tons of weight continued pressing her flat, even while a fourteen man took his turn with the green whore, his cock slamming into her abused pussy and pressing her breasts move savagely against the driving spikes with every thrust. “How do you like that, Jen?” he whispered while the crowd laughed at the debased heroine. “Is that comfortable?”

She could only continue to shriek through the gag. She reminded herself of nothing so much as an insect pinned to a board by a scientist, squirming and flailing, desperate to get away, but hopelessly impaled. Completely helpless.

“Do you want us to let you up, Jen?” he asked, and god help her she did. She nodded her head frantically, willing to humiliate herself in begging for mercy if only they would take her away from the painful spikes, if only they would show her the slightest bit of mercy. The man in her cunt came then, and another ton of weight crashed down on her, digging her even deeper into the nest of anguish beneath her, and the She-Hulk nodded harder, more pathetically while the general laughed and laughed.

“Fine, whore, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to take that gag off you now…” he said, kneeling on the ground right before her prone face, “and you are going to suck on my cock like a good little slave. Then, after you’ve sucked off everyone here, we’ll let you up… does that sound fair?”

Sobbing and hating herself, Jennifer nodded.

Ryker’s grin widened. “That’s a good girl! I thought you’d be smart enough!” He said, laughing, watching how her firm tits pressed into the spikes. If more weight would be added, they would eventually break under her weight, creating an uneven surface that would scrape and sting even more, despite her tits being invulnerable… and she definitely couldn’t want that.

Quickly, eager to feel those hot, full lips around his cock, he reached behind her head and undid the gag, letting the drool-slick thing fall to the floor. Jennifer gasped, her mouth feeling numb after having this thing between her teeth for so long. Having the gag out also allowed everyone to hear her sobs clearly and it seemed to turn them on even more than just making her suffer. Already, she felt rough hands on her asscheeks again, spreading them. Reflexively, she tried to clench her anus, but it was so slick with cum by now she could not prevent yet another cock from slamming into her asshole, ripping another desperate sob from the formerly-proud heroine.

But before all her attention could be taken up by the renewed assrape, Ryker grabbed a fistful of her hair, forcing her head back so she had to look at him through teary, pleading eyes. “Now, stick out your tongue and don’t move it until I tell you to.” When Jennifer hesitated, he delivered a light slap to her face – not to hurt her, for he had no chance of doing that with his bare hands – but to remind her of her position and who held the power here.

The crying heroine understood well enough and her dark green lips parted. Surprisingly, her tongue was mostly pink, with only a slight hue of green. Not that he cared much about colour, though. Gripping the back of her head to keep her where she was, he grabbed his cock with the other hand and started rubbing the head over her tongue, watching her face as she was forced to taste his precum for the first time. There was also a slight trace of cum left from when he’d first raped her and the general took great care rubbing it off onto her trembling tongue.

The taste was absolutely awful. Jennifer had never particularly liked the taste of sperm, but either his cum was especially bad or the entire sensation was exacerbated by the fact that she was being raped and had been for the last hour or so. The athletic heroine gagged so hard her entire body bucked backwards, much to the enjoyment of the man currently ramming his cock up her asshole. Immediately, she withdrew her tongue, much to Ryker’s chagrin.

“So, you want to be a bad girl after all?” he snarled, nodding to one of the other men who went towards the console and simply added another ton. The new weight made her whimper with pain, the spikes digging even more deeply into her tits, still without any chance of possibly breaking the skin.

“You disobey, you get another ton,” he hissed, grabbing her cheek, “understood?” Letting out another heart-wrenching sob, Jennifer nodded again, sticking out her tongue once more. Her face was already scrunched with disgust in anticipation of what was to come.

Gleefully, he resumed rubbing his leaking cockhead over her tongue. The general enjoying the texture and the sensation just as much as he did her gagging, her sobs and her expression of absolute disgust and misery. With every new degradation, every thrust into her abused holes, every new weight, they chipped away at her dignity and self-esteem bit by bit. If this wasn’t triumph, the word would have to be redefined.

For a while, he kept this up before deciding he wanted more. “Now open up, Jennifer…” he said, sliding his cock along her tongue and past her lips, forcing it into her warm, wet and perfectly unwilling mouth. It felt amazing, having these full, dark green lips wrapped around his shaft, his cockhead nestled warmly in her, her lips slightly sliding up and down along his cock while her body was rocked back and forth by the man raping her anus.

“And now, suck it… I know you must be good at it”, he said, grinning down at her. For a while, he did not move, simply watched as she started servicing him, fat tears running down her cheeks which had hollowed out as she applied careful suction. Teasing the underside of his shaft with her tongue. “Oh yes… good… so very gooood…” he groaned, “you might actually earn your freedom from these weights eventually…”

Just as he said that, the man in her ass came, shooting his first few spurts into her rectum before pulling out and painting her firm ass white. “But it might be some time till then…” Ryker added when he saw the man push the button, adding yet another ton to the weights.

Ryker could hear Jennifer groan, the sound sending vibrations of the most delightful kind through his cock. “Keep up the good work…” he commanded, stroking her hair while she worked on his length, weeping silently as yet another cock plunged into her asshole. Underneath her, the spikes had dug in really deep now and it was only a matter of time before they would break, making it even more painful for her…


Betsey Braddock was uncomfortable in the extreme, but that was nothing new to the psychic. Her posture, bound to stand on the tips of her toes or be choked by the collar around her neck, hurt badly and she knew that it would hurt worse as time went on, but she was determined to endure it. In the course of her training, she had been through far worse.

Still, it did entirely rob of her any realistic means of struggling as men began to approach her. With her hands bound behind her back, she couldn’t hit them, and her balance would collapse entirely if she tried to kick… and likely to absolutely no effect, given her lack of leverage. Her long, bare legs had to strain to keep her from dangling by the throat as it was, and she was already shivering with the effort.

But she was not helpless. Her powers might be gone, stripped by the suppressing collar around her neck, but she had never relied upon them. She had spent most of her life in the company of being of nearly godlike power and beside them with honor, or against them without flinching. She didn’t recognize the blond girl in white, but she understood her type: Someone who is used to being invulnerable. The She-Hulk was the same. The pair of them had either forgotten what real pain was like, or had never known it before. Betsey, Psylocke, was used to being mortal, to being able to be hurt at will by being stronger than her, with advantages over her… and she knew that she could win regardless.

Neither of the two of them had ever been trained for something like this, their bodies conditioned. The red haired girl, she knew immediately, was more like her in that way. She had fought on a daily basis for years, and forged herself into a weapon of sheer skill and indomitable willpower. Even so, as she was beaten by the men surrounding her, more that one scream was torn from the great warrior regardless of her best efforts.

Psylocke would not let that happen to her.

She had never backed down to a foe before in her life, and she would not now. She was far to dedicated, too determined, and completely filled with a never-say-die attitude that prevented her from even contemplating defeat. She was completely in control of her own body, and was determined to never give in to these monsters…

Which it why it was so especially unnerving to be almost completely ignored.

Almost immediately dozens of men crowded around the other samples in the room, but no one approached her… though many looked on with open lust. No one came within ten paces of her… and for the kunoichi mutant, the confusion over why she was being ignored combined with the anticipation of when the draught would end to form a torture of its own.

“Hello again little doll,” a voice whispered from behind her, and an uncontrollable shudder ran through Betsey before she could stop it. No, not him… it couldn’t possible be him…

But it was. Walking around her, steady and calm like he had not a care in the universe, a well muscled Chinese man with silver white hair walked around her and into sight. His right hand, covered with one ring per finger, gently traced an outline around the outside of the scarlet scar on Psylocke’s eye. “Did you miss me, Lady Braddock? Because I missed you when you left…” Without warning, the man’s right hand slammed into her gut, hard enough to wrench her from her feet and send her swinging by her neck. “Treacherous whore!”

It was several long, frantic seconds before the mutant managed to get her feet back beneath her and stop herself from dangling by the throat. Even the brief robbery of her air was enough to make her gasp for it now, heaving as she tried to refill her lungs. The man was someone out of the darkest memories of Psylocke’s life, a part of her existence she had thought had been left behind years ago. Now, however, it was back to haunt her again and more cruel than ever.

Betsey didn’t fear being raped. She had endured it before, and much worse, when both her body and her mind were in a far worse state. Her mind and body had been stolen from her, and her very soul had been fractured. Moments earlier the heroine felt confident that she could endure anything that was to be done to her… but now she had doubts. She had no idea what the man’s real name was, but she knew him well enough — The Mandarin.

He was the leader of the ten rings, the man who believed it to be his destiny to rule the world, and who had the technological, physical, and magic might to do so. For years after she had first been put into this body, Kwannon’s body, she had been the man’s slave, his consort, and his servant… and frequently, his whore. She had served him for years as Lady Mandarin, brainwashed and programed completely into subservience to her rapist and owner.

After she had been rescued by Wolverine and Jubilee, Professor Xavier had taken months to systematically strip away those memories, and to take away the parts of her that he had created to make Psylocke into the perfect little fucktoy, while leaving her still with all the skills and martial abilities he had taught her. And now he was back, and clearly meant to undo all that the professor had kindly done for her.

The man was behind her now, his ringed fingers wrapping gently around Betsey’s throat as she stood on her tiptoes, unable to budge or struggle. “I know just how tough you are, girl. I made you that way, after all…” he said, the hint of a chuckle in his voice. “…but I also know something else about you, Psylocke. You are, and have always been, my slut.”

With a brutal shove, he again sent the girl swinging in agony, her oxygen cut off by the choking collar. “And I’m going to prove it to you, dumb bitch.” As the girl swung, her black hair swinging, her heard the cries of the other raped heroines as they were taken by one potential buyer after another. Her misery and struggle to get her feet to support her again was aborted when Mandarin grabbed her legs and with enormous strength, lifted her up and gave her enough lift to stop suffocating. Rudely, he pulled at the blue leotard, sliding the crotch of it just a few inches to the side until her cunt and ass were exposed.

Betsey could feel his breath against her ear as he whispered to her. “I hope you haven’t forgotten what this is like, you sex-crazed whore,” he said, holding up an object in her vision. Psylocke looked up to see that it was an large rubber object, with rather sharp tip and a flanged base with a short stem… and she recognized it. It was a butt-plug that he had used on her before, years ago in china. She started to struggling actively against his grip, but restrained as she was, the efforts were completely useless. Returning to the point between the beautiful mutant’s legs, he stretched them wide open again despite the woman’s futile attempts to draw her legs closer together.

With merciless precision, he aimed the tip of the plug at the tight and closed entry of her dry asshole. The tip slid in through the creased entryway, spreading it open. Psylocke felt as if a shock of electricity was running up her from her anus as the sphincter was stretched wide. She had been fucked in her ass before, and repeatedly, but since her liberation from this man’s clutches she had never performed the vile act again… and now her tightness was making her pay for it. She had only the natural smoothness of the rubber for ‘lubrication,’ but Mandarin was completely unconcerned with her comfort. As the plug made its way into her its girth increased, spreading the elastic band of muscle around it wider and wider. The process greatly increased the discomfort in the bound heroine, but she could only groan into the ball-gag around which her mouth, and begin to drool uncontrollably.

The man worked slowly, pushing the plug in at a pace that seemed to stretch the ordeal out, increasing the sensation of the insertion as the rubbery surface of the plug rubbed past her anus. Finally, she felt the thickest part of the plug pass, and the plug seemed to leap forward a little as her ass’s mouth closed around the plug’s stem, pushing it into position, with the flanged base resting against her crotch.

“You know what’s coming next whore, don’t you?” he whispered again, and despite herself another shudder ran down the mutant’s spine. She did, and when he brought the other dildo into view it only confirmed what was to come. The monstrous black rubber phallus was a huge thing, and would stretch her tight pussy agonizingly far… but to her former owner, that was preferable to the lack of pain for his pet. Again her legs were spread.

Mandarin knelt down between her thighs, and inserted first a finger, then another through the hem of the leotard and pulled it again aside to reveal her cunt mound, with its two rows of raven black hair lining her Asian cunt. He smiled as he brushed the lips of her sex, eliciting a gagged moan of protest from the mutant… which he paid absolutely to attention to. Pressing his left hand down on her buttock, he placed the blunt tip of the dildo against the lips, and pushed.

The blunt tip parted the lips instantly and tunneled into Psylocke. The heroine squirmed sluggishly, partly from a futile attempt to deny entry to the dildo and partly from the shock of the entry of the instrument into her dry sex. The generously sized tube would not be denied, however, and it slid in under the relentless propulsion of the man’s guiding hand. Betsey Braddock could only moan into her gag as the object made its way into her, before finally coming to a stop when its flared base touched her crouch.

The Mandarin knelt back to look at the sight of the two rubber bases covering her crotch. Then, he pulled the crotch piece of Psylocke’s outside back over the two objects protruding from her, using it as an improvised chastity belt to keep the two rubbery intruders in place. As the fabric stretched over the bases, she let out another soft moan as she felt the two rubber objects within her shaft a bit deeper into her.

Moving with deliberation, the man took a roll of medical sticky tape. Mandarin stripped four pieces from the tape in full view of his captive before he pinched her right eyelid, and peeled it back up against skin over the top of the eye socket, just below the eyebrow. Using two pieces of tape, he anchored the eyelid in this position to the face. Then he did the same with the other eyes, leaving Psylocke staring helplessly, unable to close her eyes.

“You are going to watch what happens to your fellows, slave,” he informed her, his voice quiet and threatening as he walked away from her… and as he did the dildo and anal plug inserted into the raven haired mutant’s pussy and ass sprung to life, shaking her with their powerful vibrations. She was forced to watch as her fellow heroines, the one she recognized and the two she didn’t were raped over and over, made helpless under the torments of the men who sampled them. No matter which way Psylocke turned her face, at least one of the other girls was in sight.

All the while the powerful ministrations of her rubber intruders did their work very well and very quickly. She had been very quickly brought up to the point of orgasm. Then, to her immense frustration, the vibrations had stopped, leaving her just at the edge of release. She was certain that the Mandarin, technical genius that he was, had devised some sort of mechanism by which her stage of arousal was monitored, so that the two objects would stop just before she was allowed the relief of release.

That was not the end of the matter, though. After what seemed like a long period of her witnessing the violent orgy in the room around her, the two objects suddenly sprung to life again. Once more Psylocke was forced slowly but surely towards a climax, a climax that was once again cruelly denied her. As she hung, panting with difficulty from the exertion, the frustration built within her, like a dam waiting to burst, adding greater and greater sexual pressure within her.

This happened again and again as the mutant girl endured her imprisonment, her toes growing more and more agonized the longer she had to stay in this position. The tension within her built and built as there was no way for her to trigger the release herself, and yet the dildo and plug would never let her climax. She pulled and tug at the bondage sleeve binding her arms in an insane attempt to pull her hands round to the front where she could touch herself, but her struggles were futile, and only succeeded in making sway from her toes and choke herself from her own collar, and even more exhausted that she had been before making the attempt.

Indeed, Psylocke could feel herself weakening bit by bit as she become more and more tired in her struggles against her bondage, in the sight of others even stronger than her being abused and tormented, and in the sexual hunger within herself that the constant stimulation and then denial was building within her.

Eventually, after several hours, even the iron willed mutant reached a point where her mind could think of nothing else except for attaining that release. With each burst of activity, she craved the release even more, wanted that climax even more desperately. It was a sexual hunger that she had never felt before, yet it was constantly denied her just when she was so tantalizingly close. It was a deliberate and humiliating cruelty. She became increasingly exhausted, and drifted in and out of periods where she wasn’t sure if she was awake or asleep, and if the images before her eyes were real or imagined. Even these fantasies provided little distraction from her torment, however, as in her dreams memories of her previous slavery returned to her, breaking through the blocks that Xavier had created around her. They served no distraction from her discomfort and sexual hunger, and frequently, she would be rudely shaken from them by the powerful vibrations within her nether tracts. The sensations would cause her to moan almost soundlessly into the gag, and then the vibrations would die down, leaving her in a semi-conscious state of exhaustion again.

Psylocke understood well what was happening. As memories fought their way back into her brain, she knew that she had experienced something much like this under Mandarin before. She was being expertly brought to a stage of such sexual hunger that she would do anything to achieve a release, even acquiescing to abuse and sexual slavery. However, understanding the mechanics of the situation did not make help the mutant to prevent the effects of the technique, reliant as it was on her perfectly normal and healthy mind and sex drive.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the vibrations finally lasted long enough to drive Betsey over the edge. She felt her own body within the rubber shudder as she reached orgasm. Betsey could feel the fluid drip from her vagina and flow down the length of her legs, and for a moment, she felt relief. Then, to her horror, she realized that the vibrations were not stopping. Before she knew it, she felt another orgasm begin to build within her, and she was brought up to another climax.

Once more, the kunoichi juiced, and once more the dildo and plug did not stop. They drove her onward towards yet another climax. It happened again and again. The first scream of her torment escaped her them, almost soundless beneath the thick gag. What had been a relief was now suddenly a curse, and she became desperate for the batteries of the vibrators inserted into her to run out. But it was not to be, and she climaxed again and again until thick streams of her own juices were streaming down her limbs in a humiliating river. She screamed and screamed and screamed until her throat was raw, and she could not scream any more. She had become empty within, and with the last few climax, she had no further wetness to offer… yet the vibrations did not stop.

“How are you doing, my little whore?”

Mandarin’s voice came from behind her again and his hands wiped the tears from her eyes. She hadn’t even realized she was sobbing, and she was so ashamed. His hands next ran through the wetness that soaked her lower leotard, laughing as he touched the sopping wet fabric. “I guess you were doing alright. Good… it has been a few hours. I think it’s about time we open your holes up for business, Psylocke.”

Her taped open eyes suddenly focused at those words, finding a group of men in front of her, their eyes glowing with lust and smiles on their faces.

The Mandarin’s hands were underneath her leotard again, gripping both dildos and rapidly pulling them out, the sensation making her cringe, especially since it made it very clear how vulnerable and sore her pussy was now that she had repeatedly orgasmed…which filled her with shame despite the manipulation involved, given that she had screamed in climax after climax while watching the disgusting, degrading rapes of other helpless victims.

She was still too exhausted to offer much in the way of resistance, even as he brought the dildo to her lips and forced it into her mouth, wiping it clean against her tongue and the inside of her cheeks, even pushing it into her throat a bit, if only to see and hear her gag in response. She’d experienced worse tastes than her own juices…but the circumstances gave the whole experience a much darker tone.

Then, he was finally gone and quickly pulled the dildo out of her mouth, stepping back and motioning for the others to come close.

“ I think she’s had enough…pleasure for now. Please, make her earn what she just went through.” Betsy could hear him chuckle as the men crowded around her.

None of them had his refinement or his self-control. Within moments, greedy hands had torn her leotard to shreds, exposing her proud, round tits, her perfect, toned ass and her glistening, over-sensitive cunt to their greedy eyes. Again, this was nothing too new to her, but the knowledge of being so utterly, completely powerless against them right now, exhausted as she was, filled her with dread in no small measure.

Hands were everywhere, squeezing her asscheeks, mauling her tits, touching her face, slapping her, punching and pinching her, grabbing her between the legs, which always brought a new whimper from between her lips, every single touch there causing her fresh pain, the climaxes having heightened the sensitivity beyond what would be normal even after climaxing once.

And it was too obvious it would not stop with their hands.

All too soon did she feel hands spread her asscheeks and something hard and slimy touch her puckered opening. Psylocke closed her eyes. Of course there would be more than enough men just waiting to fuck not only her cunt but her much tighter asshole as well. And she would hate every second of it.

A heartbeat later, the cock pushed in, the flare of pain not sharp enough to make her scream, though she could not help another pained sob escape her lips, tears running from her eyes, eyes which she still could not close, meaning that she was forced to watch their eyes wandering over her body, watch their hands, see their cocks, hard and waiting for a chance at her holes…

The man behind her immediately started to drill his cock in, fucking her anus with hard, deep strokes, eager to take his pleasure from her tight hole, his hips slamming into her asscheeks while he drove his cock as deep into her bowels as he could, filling her lower body with fresh pain.

From somewhere to her right, she heard loud moans…right before a cascade of sticky cum splattered across her side, thick drops landing on her hips and dribbling down her legs as those who could not touch or fuck her right away took their pleasure watching her writhing, exhausted form be violated. This, too, added to her shame and anger, though it was tempered by the certain knowledge that she could not do anything about it. She was not to blame. They were. That knowledge, at least, allowed her to somehow withstand the violence being done to her body and her dignity.

It did not help much against the first cock driven into her cunt, however. She was still well-lubricated…but her cunt was swollen and sore and way too overstimulated to even try to enjoy the penetration. All Psylocke felt was a wave of white-hot pain that made her howl in agony, much to the enjoyment of her rapists. Driven on by her pain, both the one in her ass and the one now pounding her cunt gave their best to make the rape as painful as possible.

Eventually, the one in her ass came, but Betsy barely noticed it, her entire mind overwhelmed by the awfulness of her cunt being raped in the state it was in. There simply was no way to shut out the agony, not after what Mandarin had done to her. And now she realized that this had been his plan all along, to make her even more vulnerable to the rapes that would follow, to undermine the resistance she was certain to offer.

Only a second after her ass was empty again, another cock was slammed into her rectum, the anal rape starting anew. The man who was sliding his cock into her cunt took his time, enjoying the pain she felt…and when the other rapist started kicking her in the knees each time she tried to stand, making her choke on the collar until she finally, driven out of options, wrapped her legs around the man raping her cunt, allowing for much deeper penetration and even greater pain, it became worse than she could have imagined it…and it would not end, not for quite a while…

After what must have felt like years to the punished, abused heroines, the five hours were at last finished. At five minutes until the end, a buzzer sounded to alert everyone that the final chances to bid on the women was now, and if they wished to make an offer there would soon not be another chance. Any rapes in progress continued, but no new abuses were begun — the man in the mask ensured that as he watched the proceedings with a stern eye.

Reluctantly, the crowd of potential buyers backed away from the cum-covered heroines, returning to their seats as all eyes turned to the monitor that was reporting the bids and who had made them. Of course, they were not offering money, not really. Nothing so crude was useful enough to being of the power that frequented this station. Instead, what they spent was power. Favors, planets, weapons, technology, magic, slaves, and yes, even money, were all assigned a value by the crew of the station so one payment to could compared to another, and it was in this value that the bids were placed.

Bids had rolled in on all of the heroines throughout the past hours, but now at the final call they came furiously as one villain attempted to outbid the others for their favored piece of flesh… all of them except for Red Sonja, that is. Certainly more than one men her lusted for the beautiful red-haired screamer enough to bid, but Khastral Khel, still wearing the body of the ancient sorcerer Gath, stood by her, glaring with his burning eyes at anyone who even looked at the whore. At this time, his bid of a single credit was still the high bid… no one seemed willing to risk the god’s anger in an attempt to possess the beauty.

The masked man was not pleased to see one of his choices whores going for so little, but it was a matter of little concern. It was much more important to him that she be removed from play as permanently as possible, and Khostral Khel would certainly never let go of her. Besides, all of the women could see what the current bid of them was, and it amused and pleased him that Sonja would know just how worthless she was, sold for less than a cheap glass of the station’s beer. Even at a glace the warrior was clearly humiliated, her throat raw and silent from her constant screams and her beautiful body a whip marked ruin.

Besides, the auction over Power Girl would more than make up for the lost money. There was an intense bidding war taking place, as one villain outbid another time and time again to be the one to possess the Kryptonian slut. She was already going for more than the other three slaves combined, and the price was rising still higher with every passing moment.

In the amphitheater, Satanna was wheedling her ape-bodied lover. Ultra-Humanite was one of the top bidders, but he was not the current leader… and every time he raised the price, it was raised again on him until the slave’s sale price was beginning to outstrip the whore’s worth, even to him. He made one last bid as the clock ran down, and sighed as he was outbid one last time.

“She got away…” Satanna muttered, disappointedly.

Ultra-Humanite, however, was not so sure. He was smiling as he looked at the name of the final winner, smiling and all but glowing with happiness. “Oh, I don’t know about that my dear…” he said, pointing at the name to bring the dark haired woman’s attention to it “I think we can arrange for you to visit her frequently, no?”

Satanna smiled as well, even as Karen Star mumbled plea after plea into her gag, silently begging for it to be anyone else, anyone at all else but him.

Across the room, Mandarin was almost casually outbidding anyone who showed interest in the dark haired mutant whore, making it clear with his intense personal arrogance that no one had more stake in Psylocke’s fate than he, and attempting to outbid him was simply futile. It was working — as time wound down, few villain even bothered to try, so sure were they that Mandarin would pay more than they would wish to. Psylocke was left to stare at the screen in horror as Mandarin’s name remained at the top, knowing for certain that soon she would be th cruel terrorist’s possession again even as she feared it more than death.

Jennifer at least benefitted from having very few personal enemies… and those that she had were not especially powerful in any way that would give them coin here. Usually they were just strong, or possessed of vast durability and fighting prowess. It was unusual aboard this station to see a normal human able to compete, but General Riker had just barely enough coin from favors and offered information to maintain control of the bidding. The United States military would scarcely have a secret left after this sale. Since no one here but him had a personal score to settle with the green whore, all were content to allow the human to possess the slave as his own.

And then, with surprising quickness, it was over. Another tone sounded, and all information vanished from the display screen save for the 4 names of the newly sold heroines, and of their top bidders. The masked man waited patiently while while they paid, turning it the correct amount of credits, and then he joyously turned the sex slaves over to their masters.

Power Girl was not picked up by her top bidder, bur rather by a retained. He fastened a coller around her neck, flecked with a familiar green dust, and then hooked a leash to it. The masked man had his guards help hobble the blonde slut, and then she was forced to crawl from the room behind the retainer, on hands and knees, dragged by her leash and the tugging of her collar.

Red Sonja tried to struggle against her fate, but she was weak, breathless, helpless, hopeless. Her pitiful struggles amounted to nothing as the fiery god released her from her bonds and held her aloft by a wreath of flame around her throat, the burning heat almost as agonizing as the lack of air. Her feet helplessly kicked in the air as she was dragged from the room by her neck, trying to scream but unable as the cruel god took her to a far worse fate than she had just endured.

Still restrained by the power-suppressant collar around her neck, Psylocke didn’t need to be otherwise restrained. Her hope had already fled her, her will shrinking to nothing beneath the weight of the Mandarin’s. When the Chinese terrorist had her released from her bonds, she lowered her head and docilely followed him, terrified of what he would do to her if she showed any slight resistance… and knowing that against his power and intelligence, she had no prayer of success or salvation. Already she was his again, and they both knew it.

The only slave not to follow her new master from the room was She-Hulk. Jennifer Walters was much too strong to be escorted freely by a mere human, and from his many, many experiences with her cousin the General knew it well. Instead, he had arranged for the staff of the station to deliver her to him, still in her star-forged shackles in which she would spend the rest of her existence, used as an invulnerable sex slave for the rest of her life.

The masked man clapped once, bringing attention back to him. “This concludes the festivities for today. I trust you all know that the next auction is one week from today… you may gain access the same way you did today.” He smiled, the predatory expression all that could be seen of his face beneath the holographic mask. “I believe it is customary to give a clue as to who the next crop of slaves will be…”

He stepped to the center of the room, all eyes on him, their attention rapt. “Next week’s guests are all connected… we have two pairs, two women that it will surely be fun to abuse together, and who will hate to see what happens to the other… but the two pairs have their own connections, even spread across the multiverse from one another. Our first pair are friends… and after today, I think you all want another Kryptonian beauty, no? As for her friend, well, who’s afraid of bats anyway?”

He whirling, showmanship at its finest as he reveled in the attention of the crowd. He was born to be the center of attention, the top of the world, and he knew it. This was but a taste of the destiny that would be his soon. “Our second pair are friends, I suppose… but more of rivals. The first is a Kree heroine some of you have crossed paths with before… and the other is the woman who once ruined her, and a particular challenge for the lot of you, because only the strongest, toughest, and most powerful have even a chance to fuck her… and keep your life, anyway.”

The platform he was standing on began to sink down into the floor again, and the crowd of villains began to rise and head for the exits. “Until next week,” the masked man announce just before slipping out of sight.

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