Angel 1: Virgin Bait

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

After years of teaching himself the darkest of magic, Savos’ master plan was nearing completion. More than a few people had died along the way – spectacularly so, as far as Savos was concerned – and it would require two more deaths before he achieved his goal. He cherished those lives probably more than those he intended to kill. They were his for the taking and he only had to arrange things so that his plan worked out in his favor; an easy task, considering the naivety of one and the predictability of the other. He’d been tracking his bait – a young redheaded healer and emerging saint by the name of Sara – for a week and if her guardian angel was even half as gorgeous as she was, Savos had a good deal of fun ahead of him.

Sara spent the majority of her free time attending to the needs of the homeless. The shelter she volunteered at wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, but she seemed to neither mind nor notice. To her credit, the homeless people she worked with seemed to like her. She was nice, gave them food and money, and – maybe most importantly – incapable of finding a top that detracted from her impressive bust size. Sara may have been an innocent, but she had the body of a whore. If that didn’t offer some insight into the Man Upstairs’ sadistic streak, Savos didn’t know what would. But the homeless men largely kept their hands and comments to themselves and Sara offered the few who didn’t kind words of understanding before summarily turning down whatever advances they made.

The busty redheaded bitch was just begging to be Savos’ victim.

During the week of following Sara, Savos had picked the perfect spot to snatch her. She used public transit to get from her modest apartment to the homeless shelter and back. The bus stop she used was a decent walk from the shelter, but she never complained about the extra exercise and – unfortunately for her – she never noticed the desolate section of the city it took her through. Savos was certain that if he hadn’t picked her for his ritual, she’d have eventually been the target for a gang rape or maybe kidnapped and sold off as a sex slave. As clueless as she was to the ways of the real world, he imagined she’d happily hop right into a stranger’s car, but he had no desire to take such a risk with so much at stake so he’d parked the unmarked van he’d obtained on the side of the road before ducking into a shadowy alleyway to wait for his prey.

Savos waited anxiously for Sara to pass by, teeth on edge and cock tingling with mild arousal. Soon he would ascend – or descend, rather – from his mortal form and take his rightful place as a demon, furthering his already impressive abilities and securing everlasting life. His eyes lit up with sadistic joy as he finally spotted Sara’s busty form crossing the opening to the alleyway. His body sprang forward with blinding speed. She glanced his way, catching the movement out of the corner of her eye, but she had no time to react as Savos wrapped his arms around her, clamping one palm over her mouth to muffle whatever screams she might try to expel.

Sara struggled. Savos grinned. He was genuinely surprised that she even knew how to fight back. Less surprising was the fact that she wasn’t very good at it, as if she was doing her best not to hurt him even though she desperately wanted to escape him. Sara would never get to learn that half-measures when trying to escape a kidnapping rarely worked out and that was just fine with Savos. He wasn’t interested in teaching her life lessons. She was an ingredient, a catalyst, a disposable bit of fluff leading to incredible power. Nothing more.

Guiding Sara over to his van, Savos opened the vehicle’s rear loading doors with a flick of his wrist. He spun Sara around to face him and shoved her inside. She stumbled and landed hard on her perky rump, still too shocked by her abduction to think to try and run or scream for help. With a snap of his fingers, the lengths of rope he’d left within the van sprang to animated life, coiling around Sara’s limbs and binding her firmly. One length coiled around her head, forcing its way into her mouth to gag her. Sara whimpered and shook her head as Savos leaned down to grab her bound ankles, lifting her up and flipping her fully into the van.

“One tasty bit of bait,” Savos said with a chuckle. “Check.”

The warehouse he’d prepared was only a short distance away, but Savos hurried all the same. It wouldn’t be long before Sara’s guardian angel rushed in to save her charge and he needed to make sure everything was set before that happened. An unchecked guardian angel could wipe him out with a single blink. The sounds of Sara’s muffled sobs and screams made the short trip a good deal more pleasurable. By the time he pulled into the warehouse, she was hysterical, shifting and struggling against the ropes binding her. “Don’t worry,” Savos reassured her as he threw the van into park. “It’ll all be over soon enough.”

His words didn’t seem to give Sara much comfort as he yanked her out of the back of the van and dragged her squirming form deeper into the warehouse – careful to avoid a particular section of the floor. Spinning her around, he moved up close behind her, grinding his bulging crotch against her ass and slipping his arms around to cup her sizeable tits. “I must admit,” he growled into her ear before giving it a quick lick. “They’re making saints far more fuckable these days.” Sara shrieked through the drool-soaked rope filling her mouth as he clamped his fingers down on her stiffening nipples.

Savos slid his hands up to the neck of Sara’s top, hooking his fingers inside before yanking downwards. The fabric shredded with ease, allowing her large breasts to come bouncing free. He left the tattered top and tugged down the cups of Sara’s bra so he could get a far more intimate feel of the young woman. He tilted his head to the side, kissing and nibbling at her neck as he went back to groping her. The ropes loosened and shifted as he twirled his finger around the outline of Sara’s areola, freeing her up and rebinding her in a much more manageable way. With a smirk, Savos guided one length of rope to Sara’s expansive chest, looping it around both plump mounds of flesh and forcing them to mash together.

“Please, sir,” Sara groaned as the rope slipped out of her mouth. “I don’t know what this is about, but I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. I don’t have much money, but it’s yours. Just, please, let me go.” She had a very good idea of why the man was interested in her. Her ability to heal the ailments of others had been the thing of miracles when it had first manifested, but she’d done her best to keep the power a secret. The fact that the stranger who’d grabbed her possessed his own strange abilities seemed too convenient to be a coincidence. But the man seemed less interested in what she could do and instead on what her body could provide him. The tingles of unwanted pleasure coursing through her stimulated nipples brought a blush of shame to her face and tears to her eyes.

“You’re fucking adorable,” Savos chuckled. “You actually think you matter in all this.” He bounced her bound tits against each other, making the flesh ripple while glancing towards the center of the warehouse. Savos frowned. “Seems like the Pearly Gates are having a bit of a connection issue. Let’s boost the signal, shall we?” He moved his hands lower, unfastening Sara’s pants and shoving them halfway down her legs. His fingers slipped underneath the waistband of her panties, feeling through her coarse patch of pubic hair before dipping into the warm, mildly damp crevasse of her cunt. “I suspect the impending threat of one of their precious new saints getting de-virginized will get someone’s attention.”

“No!” Sara screamed, twisting and jerking within Savos’ grip as she tried to escape his uninvited touch. “Get away! Please!” She shifted her hips backwards to get her crotch as far from him as she could, only to feel one of his digits stroke across her clit, sending a jolt of ecstasy shooting through her. She stifled the moan wanting to creep up her throat, but it did nothing to stop the tidal wave of humiliation.

A crackle of energy shot through the warehouse, along with what sounded like a distant rumble of thunder. Sara’s stomach lurched as the air in front of her shivered and twisted. A deafening cacophony of whispers rattled through her brain for a fraction of a second before everything snapped suddenly, impossibly still. She gasped, unsure of when the pissed off warrior woman standing before had arrived or if she’d always been there. She was tall – easily over six feet – and possessed a dancer’s physique. Her blonde hair was so bright it seemed almost white underneath the warehouse lightning. But most striking were the woman’s wings; huge and majestic, stretching out from her back, feathers ruffling with a fury that was matched by the icy death in her eyes.

“Step away from the Pure One,” the pale winged woman demanded, her voice a gentle roar promising utter destruction. Celestine had heard Sara’s distress through the veil of reality. The young saint-to-be’s spiritual being had only rarely called out to her in the years since the angel had been charged with her protection. The previous times had been minor occurrences brought on by the mundane stresses of daily mortal life. Celestine didn’t make a habit of questioning the directives of the Creator, but she could not hide the fact that she’d grown frustrated with her uneventful duty. All the same, she was far from pleased to find Sara being molested by the dark haired man with the cruel features. He smelled wrong, unholy even. His smug smirk only helped to stir her desire to lay waste to his fleshy vessel.

But rules were rules and the rules demanded that she at least offer him the chance to stand down before using force. The Creator does love his apes, Celeste thought, with more bitterness than she liked.

Savos laughed. “If this strumpet means so much to you, come make me.”

Celestine’s wicked smile looked all the more disturbing on her angelic face. She took a step forwards, confident in the safety of her charge and the imminent destruction of the man threatening her. Her smile melted into a look of utter confusion as she struck an unseen but impenetrable force. “What?”

Savos clutched Sara closer to him, cackling as he watched the impotent angel trying to comprehend her situation. “What’s the matter?” he mocked. “Having some performance issues?” He lifted a hand from Sara’s chest and snapped his fingers. The lights in the warehouse clicked off, replaced with a purple-ish hue as the blacklights clicked on. The containment sigil surrounding Celestine glowed under the lights, showing her the trap she’d blundered into. “I guess you didn’t see that coming. Tell me, what’s the point of having an all-knowing celestial being as a boss when he doesn’t bother to let you in on how your story’s eventually going to end?”

“Please, just let me go!” Sara screamed, cowering in Savos’ grip. “I don’t understand any of this!”

Savos clicked his tongue against his teeth, amused by the trembling slab of disposable fuck-flesh’s total lack of knowledge. Considering how important she’d been deemed, it was truly pathetic. “That’s how they work Upstairs,” he told her as he pushed her down onto her knees and bent her forward. “They do love their mysteries.” He stroked his fingers through her red locks before yanking her panties down to reveal the pale plumpness of her buttocks. He gave her rump a swift smack. “But don’t worry, sweet thing. I’ll let you in on the cosmic joke that is your existence.”

“Keep your hands off her, you filth!” Celestine growled, making another attempt to break through the containment barrier and meeting with no success.

Savos ignored Celestine, rubbing Sara’s ass cheeks before pulling his pants open and letting his stiff cock spring free. He slapped the thick slab of flesh between the redheaded almost-saint’s buttocks, sliding between the smooth flesh and enjoying the way she shuddered with revulsion. “You see, my dear, Heaven and Hell are real. And, as you might expect, Heaven is a real bore. All rules and guidelines and chastity and bullshit. Hell, on the contrary, is a real party. But it’s very exclusive. If you want in, you have to prove you’ve got what it takes to hang with the truly evil. Now, killing an angel, that’s a VIP ticket straight to the front of the line. It’s no small task. You have to lure one in and make sure you’ve got a trap ready. Otherwise, you’ll be turned inside out before you can blink. The good news – well, not for you or Her Holy Paleness over there – is that once you’ve got em hooked, they’re not so tough.”

Celestine paced within her containment circle, sympathetic eyes fixed on Sara’s sobbing form. “You can’t do this,” she insisted. “You have no idea the powers you’re meddling with, the plans you’re disrupting.”

Adjusting the angle of his erection, Savos slapped his cockhead against Sara’s pussy lips. “You hear that? Do you even comprehend it? You’re more special than you ever realized. You see, the best way to find an angel is to find a saint, or a saint-to-be, in your case. They’ve always got a guardian angel assigned to them to make sure nothing terrible happens to them. Securing an angel to slaughter was as easy as snatching you up and putting you in a bad spot. Now what our winged friend is referring to is your role in the Almighty Grand Scheme. The problem is, I don’t give a good goddamn fuck about the Grand Scheme. And since my VIP ticket has arrived, it pretty much means you’re just about beyond useless to me.”

“Don’t!” Celestine and Sara begged in unison. Despite her helplessness, Celestine still managed to put a hard edge to her voice. Sara’s exclamation was nothing but a panicked sob. They were about equally effective in stopping Savos from moving things along.

Sara’s face scrunched up with revulsion as Savos’ dick dragged across the lips of her cunt. “Oh, please! I’m a virgin!”

Savos rolled his eyes. “I know that, you naïve little dingbat,” he growled. “You wouldn’t be eligible for proper sainthood if you weren’t. Don’t worry. Your precious little pussy is safe. If a woman choses to never experience the raw pleasures of having a man’s prick stuffed inside her out of fear or service or whatever to God, who am I to question that? I’m not a monster, Sara.” Between the redhead’s sobs and Celestine’s glare, he could tell neither of the women were buying it. He laughed. “This cute little asshole you’ve got back here, on the other hand…” He spread Sara’s buttocks apart and spat a wad of saliva into the crack, using his thumbs to gently lube up her sphincter.

Sara screamed, wiggling her ass in an attempt to keep it away from him but only managing to give him a sexy performance. He added some more spit to his hand, rubbing it along his rigid shaft before lining himself up with the redhead’s asshole. He looked up at Celestine with a smug smile. “Ready to see your dear charge get turned into a fuck-puppet?” he asked. “I know I am.” He slammed his hips forward, thick cockhead battering its way into Sara’s rear. The young woman’s screams shifted to a higher pitch as the small orifice of her asshole stretched painfully to take Savos’ thick girth. Savos groaned as the hot, clenching pleasure of Sara’s ass unwillingly encompassed him.

The wails of pain pouring from the mortal she was charged to defend spurred Celestine to action. She charged the containment barrier, striking the invisible force at speed and stumbling back, landing hard on her ass. Savos laughed at the guardian angel’s brute force attempt to save the day. He reached down and grabbed a fistful of Sara’s hair, yanking her head up so she could see Celestine. “Isn’t that adorable?” he asked the sobbing young woman as he plunged another couple stiff inches of cock-meat up her rear. “She still thinks she can save you. She thinks that just because she has God on her side, no one can stand against her.”

“You don’t know how right you are, scum,” Celestine growled as she sprang back to her feet. Her wings flicked with growing rage. “When Heaven hears of what you’ve done, they will bring their full attention to you. There will be no place on this orb of mud and shit that you can hide.”

“Oh, that’s cute,” Savos growled. “Threats. I do love the threats. By all means, keep slinging them. It’s the only thing your pathetic ass can do in that cage I painted for you.” He gave Sara’s rump a hard swat. “This pathetic ass, on the other hand, can do so much more.” He hammered his hips forward, sheathing himself fully within the shrieking young woman. The inner muscles of Sara’s ass reflexively convulsed around him, working diligently to milk him to a satisfying climax. “I can’t believe you pious lot are so against sodomy. With the sticks you’ve got so firmly wedged up your asses, it just makes the experience so much more delightful.” He chuckled as he gave Celestine a wink. “Of course, a fair number of your priests have already figured that one out, am I right?”

Celestine didn’t reply – not with words – but the pained helplessness in her eyes as she glanced from Sara’s tear-soaked face to Savos gave him all the response he needed. He pounded Sara’s gripping asshole harder, feeling the stirring of an orgasm in the base of his crotch. Gripping the redhead’s hair tighter, he yanked her head further up. “Open your eyes, bitch,” he hissed. “Take a look at your holy guardian. Look how fucking useless she is. She had one fucking job. Keep you safe.” He reached down and drew a vicious dagger from a sheath strapped to his side, moving it around so that Sara could take a look at it. “Tell me, Sara… how do you think she’s doing?”

Sara’s body snapped rigid and a hysterical shriek escaped her lips as her bulging eyes fixed on the dagger’s sharp blade. Celestine made another futile jump towards the woman she’d sworn to defend, only to bounce off the invisible barrier again. Savos laughed and turned Sara’s persistent screams into wet gurgles with a single casual swipe of the dagger across her exposed throat. Her skin parted for the blade like the legs of a prostitute for a customer; eager and willing. A geyser of crimson erupted from the deep gash, arching into the air before Sara’s face as she suddenly found herself struggling to avoid drowning in her own blood. Her wild eyes watched her lifeblood spraying from her severed arteries, busty body twisting and jerking within Savos’ grip as he kept on riding her aching ass.

Celestine frantically pounded her clenched fists against the nothingness keeping her contained. As Sara’s guardian, she could feel the young woman’s life rapidly draining out of her on a spiritual level. Each gush of blood brought the mortally wounded saint-to-be a moment closer to death and each one of those moments dragged out into eternity for Celestine, each one signaling her failure again and again. Tears broke free from her eyes and rolled leisurely down her cheeks as she watched Sara gargle and wheeze. The girl’s eyes bulged and fixed on Celestine, begging to be saved. Celestine desperately wanted to turn away from her failure, but she couldn’t. To turn her back on Sara at her final moments would hurt even more than watching the inevitable play out.

Savos released his hold on Sara’s hair. The weakened young woman’s head dropped forward, forehead smacking against the blood-soaked cement in front of her. Her struggles faded into occasional jerks. As her heart slowed, the force of blood pouring out of her slacked off. The last, ragged breath of her life created a few meager bubbles within the thick pool and then she was gone. Celestine cried out as she felt Sara’s soul torn from her body and out of her range. She could only hope the unfortunate young woman was heading up, mostly for Sara’s benefit, but Sara could also inform Heaven of the circumstances down below. They could send help before Celestine faced an equally terrible fate.

The speed of Savos’ thrusts picked up, savoring the occasional death twitch of Sara’s asshole around him. He groaned loudly as he came, pumping his creamy spunk deep into her dead bowels. He slid his dagger back into its sheath so that he could rub Sara’s buttocks, squeezing the cooling flesh and giving it a few slaps before pulling his wilting member free of the young woman’s now gaping orifice. Panting, he hoisted the dead weight of Sara’s head back up so that Celestine could see the slackened face and vacant eyes of her charge. “Don’t you think it’s funny?” he asked, reaching around to finger the gash he’d opened up in Sara’s throat. “It doesn’t take much to go from Holy Saint to used up slab of fuck-flesh, does it?” He let Sara’s head drop again, standing and popping his bloody finger into his mouth to suck clean. “I mean, you’d think the Almighty would offer these worthless sacks of meat some sort of protection.”

Celestine said nothing. Her tear-filled eyes remained fixed on Sara’s carcass, horrified that she’d been unable to help the young woman in even the slightest of ways.

“Oh well,” Savos said with a shrug as he stepped around Sara’s body, leaving the girl with her head down and her cum-leaking ass raised into the air. “No point lamenting the loss of one pathetic little bitch when we’ve got the main event prepared and ready to go.” He advanced on Celestine, a wide grin spreading across his face.

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