Angel 2: Death of an Angel

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Celestine’s feet shifted backwards across the floor. Her wide eyes remained fixed on Sara’s lifeless husk; a hollow void in the pit of her gut left behind in the wake of the saint-to-be’s death. The mortal girl had been destined for amazing things, a miracle worker for the new millennium. To see her so brutally and carelessly dispatched was nearly as shocking as the fact that Celestine – with all her heavenly power – could do nothing to stop the terrible deed from playing out. She couldn’t even hear Heaven, let alone communicate with them. The direness of that realization chilled Celestine’s bones as she watched Savos coming towards her. Trapped within the containment circle, she had all the strength and power of an average human being. A physically fit human being, but Celestine suspected she’d need more than that to beat Savos.

The twinkle of helpless fear in Celestine’s eyes had Savos rigid with excitement in moments. He stepped up to the edge of the containment circle, chuckling as the angel backed away from him. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “You’re an almighty servant of Heaven. I am merely a lowly mortal. Surely you can’t be scared.” He darted forward, laughing harder as Celestine flinched and backed further away from him. “Fucking pathetic.”

Celestine clenched her jaw, embarrassed by her behavior. Letting out a yell, she charged towards Savos, fists clinched and eyes promising pain. She cocked her arm back, ready to pound Savos’ face in. As she threw her punch, Savos stepped back. His feet crossed over the edge of the containment circle, leaving Celestine’s fist to smash into the invisible force keeping her trapped. Her knuckles cracked across the containment field and she cried out with surprised pain. Celestine’s horror rose as she looked at her hand to see the bloody scrapes left behind. She tried to remember ever having seen her own blood before, her blood chilling as she realized she hadn’t.

Savos could practically read Celestine’s thoughts as she stared at her scuffed knuckles. He stepped back into the circle, snatching hold of her shoulders. “Don’t worry,” he promised. “You’ll see plenty of it before I’m finished with you.” The angel’s muscles tensed and she managed to pull free of his grip, twisting and trying to shove him away. He ducked his head back to avoid her clawed fingers from scratching his face and followed up with a hard slap across her beautiful face. The stinging pain of the blow conjured another look of shock and fury. She launched herself at him again and he let her wrestle with him for a little bit before giving her another slap, followed by a solid punch to her slim belly.

The blow knocked the breath from Celestine’s longs. She stumbled backwards and nearly fell but Savos stepped after her and snagged hold of her wrists, holding her up long enough to give her a third, backhanded slap across the face. “Some fucking guardian,” he growled as he shoved her down onto her knees before forcing her fully to the floor. Celestine continued to struggle against him, but he easily pinned her down. “You know,” he mused as he tore open the front of her tunic to expose her firm breasts. “I’ve always heard that an angel must remain chaste for all of her long life. Sounds like a bit of a drag to me, but it does raise an interesting question.” He kept on tearing through the thin fabric of her clothing, stripping her bare beneath him. “Do you think you’ll still count as an angel after I’ve slammed every inch of my throbbing manhood into you?”

“No!” Celestine shrieked through clenched teeth, trying to scoot out from underneath Savos.

“Well, that’s certainly a possibility,” Savos said with a smirk. “But there’s really only one way to know for sure.” He pinned Celestine’s legs apart with his knees and guided the tip of his cock to her flawlessly crafted slit. Celestine screamed as if she were being jabbed with a hot poker as Savos’ prick touched against her sensitive pussy lips. She jerked backwards, managing to scoot several inches away from him. Savos’ eyes lit up with annoyed anger, one hand coming up to clamp around her slender throat. He gave Celestine’s neck a testing squeeze, promising a slow, agonizing death if she kept on fighting him.

Celestine wanted to keep fighting, but she’d never been more terrified in all of her long existence. The absence of her power and the silence from Heaven were like nothing she’d ever had to deal with before. The concept of death was not completely alien to her, but she’d never considered it in relation to herself. So she froze, grimacing as Savos pressed the head of his cock harder against her dry snatch. Her chaste body – although anatomically correct – had never been truly intended to experience physical pleasure. The only ecstasy Celestine had ever been privilege to was the everlasting love of her maker. Her body had no means of comprehending the carnal. Not that her lack of all experience was going to stop – or even slow – Savos.

Spitting into the palm of his hand, Savos smeared the saliva over Celestine’s cunt to give him at least some lubrication. He lined his stiff prick up with her hole and rammed his hips forward. Her virginal lips parted ever so gradually for the man’s thick member. Celestine’s eyes bulged, mouth gaping open with excruciating horror. Her scream of agony rang in Savos’ ears as he wedged his way deeper into the angel’s vice-like snatch. His cock slowly disappeared into Celestine’s spit-slickened cunt, the beautiful angel flailing about underneath him. She thrust her chest upwards, perky tits jiggling. Tears poured from her wide eyes as she shook her head back and forth, begging Savos to stop.

Savos grunted as he forced the head of his prick inside Celestine with a slurping pop. The angel’s screams kicked up a few notches, arms stretching out and pawing at the floor as she tried to slide away from the stinging pain of his penetration. The hot walls of her pussy clenched around Savos’ erection, simultaneously trying to pull him deeper and force him out. After centuries of disuse, Celestine’s body was slow to kick into gear. The minimal amount of self-lubrication did little to ease the pain of the angel’s first fucking. It took Savos several long minutes of effort to finally reach Celestine’s hymen. “I’m about to pop an angel’s cherry,” he said with a laugh. “Not too many men out there who can boast about that.”

“Please, don’t!” Celestine sobbed, planting her palms against Savos’ shoulders. Everything about him inside her felt wrong. His unholy filth burned her insides, tainting her in a way so deep that she knew even if she survived the encounter, she could never fully recover. But she wasn’t fully lost. Her purity remained – barely – intact. If she could stop him before he pierced her hymen, maybe –

Savos slammed his hips forward. His throbbing prick mercilessly punched through Celestine’s hymen, stealing her purity in one terrible moment. Celestine’s fingernails dug into Savos, scream after ear-shattering scream pouring from her lips. Savos groaned through his teeth as he felt every inch of his shaft hugged tightly within Celestine’s cunt. “Your pussy’s tighter than that big tittied virgin’s asshole I just finished plundering,” he remarked, needing to take a few moments to gather his strength before he started giving Celestine a proper fucking. He spent his time waiting for her pussy to stretch out some by slapping at her sweaty tits and pinching at her cherry nipples.

Savos’ cock felt huge within Celestine. Her nether region felt as if it had been split in half. She could feel the damp heat of her blood dribbling from her stuffed cunt. Each pinch of her nipples sent jolts of agony shooting through her chest. But the worst of it was Savos’ widely grinning face leering down at her, his hot breath washing over her. She managed to get her screams under control, but she couldn’t stop the sobs from shuddering through her. Her wings fluttered ineffectually beneath her, stretching and flapping. “Oh, God,” she wailed to her Creator. “Please, save me!”

Savos cackled at that, starting up a painful grinding against Celestine’s crotch. “No God here, bitch,” he growled. “Just you, me, and one dead as shit saint with an ass full of cum.” He leaned forward, dragging his tongue across Celestine’s tear-dampened cheek. “Must be quite the shock for you, going from a neigh-unstoppable vessel of Heaven’s might and fury to being nothing more than a helpless little fuck-hole. Don’t worry, it gets better. Because this isn’t just about getting some sweet angel pussy – although, I must say, that is certainly a pleasant enough reward.” He rammed his hips forward, spearing her fully on his erection again and drawing a fresh shriek of agony from her perfect lips. “No, just like poor dead Sara back there, you’re nothing more than a step along the path, a sexy ingredient to be used up and discarded.”

Celestine could only half-focus on Savos’ words. Her body was filled with shocks of pain and unnatural, unwanted pleasure. Her cunt grew wetter with each thrust he made into her, making the penetrations easier on her, but she found herself wishing that she’d remained dry. The burning agony was something that at least made sense to her. But her body’s more pleasant responses to Savos’ usage only further shamed her. Still, the bits of his taunting that she did pick up worried her. The dark arts were something kept from her, just another in a long list of topics that she – as an angel – was forbidden to know of. The thought that her capture and rape could be something more than just the cruelty of the human species taken to its extreme was disturbing.

“Do you know how demons are born?” Savos asked Celestine as he drove into her, feeling his orgasm building but holding himself back. “There’s the traditional way, of course. Their devilish forms copulating and breeding as nature intended. Then there’s the more interesting – and usually fatal for the mortal party – method of crossbreeding. That’s right, my dear angel. A human womb can gestate a demonic being. Seems like a factory defect, if you ask me, considering your master’s distaste for demons. Now, those half-breeds don’t command much respect in the lower realms. The sexier ones might earn their place as a Succubus or an Incubus, doing the dirty work up here and sending the souls they claim down to their rulers below. But what of the third way? How does a pathetic mortal skin bag earn himself a promotion of the most Satanic variety?”

“Well, that, you winged whore,” Savos continued. “Requires a very specific task. A mortal dead set on joining the ranks of Hell must first find themselves an angel. More than a little tricky by itself, but there’s even more to it than that. After finding their angelic sacrifice, they most then… well… sacrifice her. Extinguishing one of God’s chosen elite secures you a one way ticket to Hell, where the powers of the unholy will be bestowed upon the mortal cunning enough to accomplish the task.” He leaned in close, nibbling at Celestine’s earlobe before whispering to her. “This just isn’t your night. First you fail to defend your charge. Now you’re lending your assistance in creating a new demon. Can’t thank you enough for that, you useless fucking tart.”

Savos savored the shattering of Celestine’s sanity as he rammed his prick balls deep into her desperately clenching snatch and let himself go. The horror of failing so utterly seemed to be something she couldn’t comprehend. She was so focused on the evil spilling from his lips that she barely noticed the evil he was pumping into her violated cunt. The warm, shivering walls of her pussy kept him stiff within her snug orifice until his balls had finished draining into her. He pulled out of her messy slit and rolled off of her, leaving her to sob and clutch herself, muttering out an almost nonsensical stream of half-prayers to her deafened God.

Whatever resistance Celestine had left in her melted away as she stewed in her misery. She offered no struggle as Savos lifted her up into a seated position, kneeling behind her and running his fingers through her long, pale blonde hair. Her head slumped forward, staring between her splayed thighs and letting out a heavier sob as she watched the man’s jizz dribbling from her slightly gaping cunt lips. Her eyes flicked around, trying to look anywhere but at the signs of her brutal rape. She took no notice as Savos casually coiled her hair into a long, tight braid. In less than an hour, her simple but fulfilling holy life had been utterly destroyed.

Once he finished turning Celestine’s elegant hair into an effective rope, Savos drew his dagger free and brought the blade up to the base of her scalp. The sharp blade sliced through her hair with relative ease, leaving her with an odd, almost reverse mullet hair style, the back cropped short and her bangs left to cling to her sweaty forehead. The new look did compliment her angelic face nicely, but Savos had no interest in the woman’s aesthetics. He pulled Celestine’s arms behind her and crossed her wrists at the small of her back. She had no fight left in her and that amused him greatly as he easily wrapped the angel’s pilfered hair around her wrists and tied them together. There was more than enough hair left over to stretch it up her back and slip it around her slender neck.

Savos leaned forward and pressed a finger to the side of Celestine’s jaw, muttering a spell that left her ears stinging from the unholy power and her mouth completely paralyzed. Her whimpered prayers became muddied gibberish as her jaw slackened and hung open, tongue flopping against her bottom lip. Drool spilled over her chin freely as fresh terror sparked in her beautiful eyes. Savos stood and circled around in front of her, laughing at the half-paralyzed expression on Celestine’s face. “Dumbstruck and scared,” he said as he guided his stiff member to her open mouth. “I wonder how many other angels have gone out with that look on their face. I can tell you that you won’t be the last once I have my new powers.”

Celestine gagged hard around the rigid flesh of Savos’ cock as he slammed it down her throat. Her eyes bulged as she tried to breathe around the thick member, nostrils flaring as a gush of fresh saliva burst from her stretched lips. Her face scrunched as Savos’ thick bush of pubic hair tickled her nose each time he thrust his hips forward. The convulsing pleasure of the angel’s gagging throat was nice, although nowhere near as gripping as her cunt had been. With two orgasms out of the way, he was in no danger of blowing his third load very soon, giving him plenty of time to have his fun with the winged bitch and have some fun with her. He kept the pace of his face-fucking steady as he reached down to grip the loose end of her hair. Slowly, he pulled it snugly around Celestine’s throat, giving her even more trouble with breathing.

Desperate, pleading horror filled the angel’s eyes as her face reddened. A flood of saliva burst from her lips and rolled down her chin, drizzling in stringy lines across her jerking tits as she fought to suck hair through her stuffed and constricted throat. Savos grinned down at her, fucking her face harder, balls slapping wetly against her drool-soaked chin with each forward thrust he made. “Don’t blame me, sweet thing,” he grunted as he drove into her. “I wasn’t the one who decided to give you the need for oxygen. For an all-knowing creator, your God seems like a real fucking idiot.” Celestine responded with an urgent gurgling. It was possible she was voicing her offense at his cruel words for her maker, but Savos suspected she was more likely trying to beg him for some fresh air to fill her burning lungs.

Even without her spirit behind it, Celestine’s body still had enough survival instinct to do everything she could to fight against the oncoming fatality of her situation. Her shoulders cocked from side to side, arms tugging at the hair binding her wrists so thoroughly. Her perky breasts jumped and jiggled as her chest hitched. Her wings flapped wildly, cooling the sweat drenching both her and Savos but doing little else. Even her finely crafted buttocks joined the struggle, thrusting outwards as her thigh muscles twitched and her toes clenched up tightly. Celestine’s bloodshot eyes looked to be on the verge of popping free of their sockets, thumping veins protruding against her temples as her face shifted from red to purple.

Savos could see the consciousness flickering in Celestine’s eyes and it filled him with triumphant glory. After years of planning and searching, his plans had finally come together and he was mere moments away from achieving everything he’d sought out to do. He wasn’t sure if the tingle running through his body was the oncoming orgasm building in his loins or the first hint of demonic energy surging through his veins. Either way, he intended to give Celestine one final disgrace before she blinked out of the mortal realm forever. Pulling free of her mouth, he grabbed hold of his slippery prick with one hand while keeping the other fist clenched firmly around the braid of hair strangling the life out of the angel.

Celestine’s mind felt as if it had been set ablaze. A permanent darkness had crept into the edges of her vision and what little she could still see was glazed over with a fog of asphyxiation. Still, she could make out the throbbing head of Savos’ cock right before her, his hand pumping along the shaft at a breakneck pace. A slight wiggle fluttered along her tongue as the spell he’d cast on her gradually faded, far too late for it to do her any good. Savos grunted, spraying his milky seed over the angel’s sweaty, darkened face just as a final, wet crackle of humiliation worked its way through Celestine’s crushed esophagus. By the time the last spurt of Savos’ jizz splattered across the bridge of Celestine’s nose, the angel was nothing more than a beautiful, vacant husk.

The hand gripping Celestine’s hair flinched, releasing its hold. The dead angel slumped forward, face smacking against the sigil-painted floor as a few subtle death twitches rolled through her used up carcass. Savos back snapped rigid, arms shooting out to either side and sticky member standing at proud attention. A rumble ran through the abandoned warehouse and with a sharp crack, the cement floor split apart. Frantic laughter poured out of Savos as he felt the power he’d been searching for rushing into him even as the ground beneath him disappeared, impenetrable blackness and skin-scorching heat sucking him in like an old friend. He caught one last look of Celestine’s dead, slack face as he fell and gave her a wink, laughing harder as he watched her corpse slipping over the edge and dropping into the pit with him.

The fun had only just begun.

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