Angel 3: Welcome Wagon

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Celestine awoke screaming. The impenetrable darkness that had met her at the end of her life had been more terrifying than any of the horrors bestowed upon her by Savos leading up to it. She’d had no idea where she would wind up after dying. She’d lost angelic brothers and sisters in the past, so she knew she wasn’t going back to Heaven. The brief emptiness had been incredibly cold. She’d thought she’d been cut off from God’s love and the incessant but largely idle chatter of Heaven within Savos’ containment circle, but a fraction of a moment in the dark beyond was more than enough to show her what a true lack of the Heavenly felt like. When her eyes snapped open and she found herself once again whole and seemingly alive, it had come has a tremendous but relieved shock.

That relief only lasted for scant seconds. Just long enough for Celestine to realize exactly where she was. The temperature shift was the first indicator. She’d gone from below freezing to near boiling heat. Her skin – still stripped bare – immediately beaded up with perspiration. The sky above was not the beautiful blue and wispy white of clouds seen from Earth, nor the pure whiteness of Heaven’s landscape. There seemed to be no true source of light, but there was still a reddish glow to everything. The sky – if it even was a sky – was obsidian with thin crimson veins criss-crossing along it. The rough blackened stone beneath her radiated with a blistering heat that inspired the angel to spring to her feet and hop from one to the other. And then there were the multitude of beings surrounding her. She needed no further evidence to know where she was, but they were eager to give it to her all the same.

Celestine had never seen such a diverse range of demons before in all her many years. Their skin tones and sizes varied. Some had multiple heads, others had none. Their limbs were no different. Some looked to have been stitched and stapled together from multiple sources while others looked as if they’d come tearing from the womb fully formed. Beady yellow eyes, bulbous vomit-green ones, and startlingly human ones all fixed on her lithe, perfect form. But despite all the variance within the horde of demonic entities, they all shared one common trait. Each and every one of the creatures was fully hard. Dozens of stiff pricks pointed out at her accusingly, and dozens upon dozens more waited for her just behind the front row.

Before the angel could even try to spread her impressive wings and fly to safety – as if such a thing existed for her in Hell – the horde of demons rushed her. Celestine screamed as she was tackled back to the steaming ground by a smaller demon. He clung to her chest, claws digging into her sides and scrapping across her ribs as he buried his face against her breasts, licking and biting at them. Celestine had little time to focus on the tit-mauling demon as another snatched her kicking legs and yanked them upwards and outwards, forcing her legs into a split as he slapped the club-like protrusion he called a cock against her vulnerable pussy. Celestine twisted her head from side to side, screaming to her God for salvation.

The stinging of her holy words offended the demons and they worked fast to silence her. Another demon – more snake than humanoid – coiled the tendril of his prehensile member around her throat before jamming it into her gaping mouth. Celestine’s eyes bulged as she choked on the thing’s cock, feeling it drive down her throat with rough plunges. A muffled scream ripped up through her phallus-stuffed throat as the demon between her legs rammed the head of his thick prick into her once again virginal slit. The lips of her cunt stretched obscenely wide to allow the demon entrance. Savos had penetrated her hymen. The demon obliterated it, fucking his way through her vaginal canal in seconds before bashing against the tiny orifice of her cervix.

The club-cocked demon smirked cruelly as he watched Celestine’s slim belly distend each time he thrust forward. Tightening his grip on her legs, he crushed her ankles to dust as his hips drove forward with greater force, tearing her cervix open and filling her uterus with his rigid meat. Celestine’s cheeks ballooned outwards as she retched up saliva and bile around the snake-like cock fucking her face. The smaller demon on her chest bit at her tits, tearing chunks of delicious angel flesh away and swallowing it down only to find her breasts perfectly restored each time he went back for more. The little demon snickered through a mouthful of breast meat, tongue flicking across a pilfered nipple before swallowing it down.

Celestine couldn’t see the destruction and regeneration of her breasts, but she could feel it. Considering her modest endowment, her mind struggled to comprehend how the demon could keep on feasting on her in such a ravenous way. She squeezed her eyes shut, begging for the mercy of the freezing darkness again. She winced as the snake-demon’s wiggling member shivered within her convulsing throat before pouring its molten seed into her stomach. A backwash of the thick fluid worked its way back up her throat and sputtered from her stretched lips before squirting from her nostrils. When the snake finally left her mouth, she was too busy gasping, sobbing, and coughing to think to pray any further. Not that it meant her mouth was going to be left free for very long.

With his belly full of savory angel tit-flesh, the smaller demon scrambled upwards. The tip of his erection knocked across Celestine’s chin before he shoved it past her lips. His arms and legs circled around the angel’s head, hugging her tightly as his hips jerked forward and back, ruthlessly face-fucking her. The smaller demon’s cock was proportioned appropriately, saving Celestine from another gag-inducing humiliation. She tried to fight back, reaching up to tug on the thing as she clenched her jaw to bite through the thing’s thin member. Tears sprang to her eyes as her teeth scrapped across the demon’s rock-hard erection. His sharp fingers dug into her scalp, holding her head tighter as she tried to pull him off, humping even faster and enjoying the wiggling of her tongue and the roof of her mouth against his sensitive prick until his balls tightened and he flooded the angel’s mouth with a surprising amount of jizz.

Milky cum sprayed from Celestine’s lips as the smaller demon came. She closed her throat, trying not to swallow any of the spunk, but not feeling any better about herself as it poured down her chin and into the hollow of her throat. After he finished cumming, the smaller demon released his hold on Celestine’s head and sprang back into the crowd. Coughing up the cum clogging her mouth, Celestine groaned as she saw the flat-faced, club-cocked demon stuffing her pussy. The thing gave her a toothless grin before reaching down and grabbing hold of her shoulders. He pulled Celestine up from the floor, mashing her chest against his and shoving her further onto his erection. The angel’s head flew back, shrieking as the club-cock ripped through her uterus and bashed into her coiled innards. Hot blood flowed from her stretched cunt, down the remaining length of the demon’s erection.

With the angel’s finely sculpted, alabaster ass – now slightly red thanks to the heat of the ground – exposed to the demon horde, it didn’t take long for one of them – a jigsaw monstrosity sporting two throbbing erections – to move up behind her. With two sets of arms to work with, he used one set to spread Celestine’s buttocks apart and the other pair to hold his two veiny pricks together as he lined himself up with the angel’s puckered sphincter. He released his hold on her ass cheeks and wrapped his arms around her body, cupping her breasts and digging his ragged fingernails into her smooth skin. He pressed his two cockheads against her asshole firmly, keeping the pressure steady until he felt the small hole gradually parting for him.

Celestine’s face lit up with fresh agony as the double-dicked monstrosity behind her slammed six inches of his paired members straight up her virgin ass. The tiny ring of muscle strained to its limits before snapping. Her asshole clenched painfully tight around the demon’s cocks, only encouraging him to drive deeper into her. The two demons fucked her lower holes with merciless cruelty, splitting her open on their members and battering her internal organs. Celestine’s wings stretched out and fluttered, futilely trying to catch the air and lift her up and away from the abuse. She screamed again and again, slender midsection bulging obscenely with the three cocks shifting within her. The jigsaw demon yanked at her stiff nipples, stretching the nubs outwards before releasing them over and over again.

The angel stared in pained awe at her flawless chest. She couldn’t see any sign of the smaller demon’s ravenous appetite. Before the strangeness of that could fully sink in, she felt the club-cocked demon’s erection rumbling within her. She howled as a torrent of the demon’s creamy seed erupted within her. Her belly expanded further, filling with the thick spunk. It bubbled from her obscenely stretched cunt and – after a few moments – came shooting from her gaping mouth. The club-cocked demon released his hold on Celestine, letting the firehose force of his ejaculation send her shooting up and off of his twitching prick. A backwash of crimson-tinged cum drained from her broken pussy and only the jigsaw demon’s grip kept her from dropping back to the ground.

Once the cum finished draining from Celestine’s cunt, the only thing left distending her belly were the double-heads of the jigsaw demon’s cocks. They pressed her skin outwards with each forward thrust he gave her. He stretched his lower set of arms forward to grab hold of the angel’s leg just behind her knees, hoisting them up into the air to leave her spread open and vulnerable to the next eager demon. The next demon came speedily crawling up to Celestine and it drew a fresh scream of horror to her lips. It had a long, fleshy body with twisted arms jutting from its shoulders and hips. Its palms scuttled across the ground. One end of it – the end on the far end of Celestine – looked like a pulsing maw of jagged teeth sprouting from a massive cunt. But as disturbing as all of it was, the growth sprouting from the other end of the demon was even worse.

Between the front set of arm-legs, a full-sized human head emerged, complete with drooling mouth, bloodshot eyes, and stringy hair. From the top of the first head emerged a second, somewhat smaller head. There were six in total, each one smaller than the last. The final head at the top was completely bald and the tower of heads arched so that it could fix its dead eyes on Celestine’s gaping pussy. It grinned a blood-stained smile at the angel’s violated snatch as it hopped up and latched its front hands onto her thighs before driving the head tower inside her. The tapered nature of the head tower paired with the utterly destroyed state of Celestine’s cunt saved her from any further painful stretching, but she could feel her sanity swiftly shredding as six bloated, squirming tongues waggled across the cum-soaked inner walls of her sex.

Celestine wasn’t sure which frightened her more; the fact that she seemed to be growing used to the stabbing agony of the double-cocks stuffing her ass or that it felt like the head-tower was swelling to a larger size within her. The head right at the entrance of her cunt faced the opposite direction of the others, giving it the freedom to snake its tongue out and wiggle it against the small bud of her clitoris. The jolts of ecstasy that shot through her loins was nothing compared to the pain which only seemed to be growing worse. Celestine gasped with sudden realization when it dawned on her that the head-tower wasn’t growing larger, but her cunt was tightening around it. The fresh memory of the smaller demon tearing into her breasts came crashing back and she let out a wail of dismay as everything clicked into place.

She couldn’t die because she was already dead. And whatever injuries she suffered were undone within minutes. Her tear-filled eyes scanned the demons pushing in close around her, seeing no end to their numbers. An eternity of being a gangbanged whore of the unholy; the thought alone broke her heart. And in one graphic moment, everything became so much worse. The head-tower demon shoved itself forward, into a handstand. Celestine’s body was hoisted high into the air, riding on the multiple heads. Her own head rose high enough to see out across the literally hellish landscape before her. There was no end to the demons as far as she could see, but they weren’t all focused on her. She saw multiple little pits of them and at the center of each pit was a damned woman with every hole stuffed full of demonic cock. Almost as soon as she saw them, she found she could hear them, every single one of them, sobbing and screaming. A few – more than she would have liked – seemed to have completely given in to the constant abuse, moaning for more as they vigorously drove themselves onto as many pricks as they could.

The weight of the doomed women’s suffering added a whole new level of torture to Celestine’s experience. She wept for them, even as the double-dicked demon yanked her back down onto his members and exploded into her bowels. The peak of the head-tower popped through her reformed cervix and the smallest head was quick to start giving the inner lining of her uterus a thorough tongue bath. The head-tower demon’s bony spine arched as the whole form went into a fit of spasms before vomiting up creamy ejaculate from its six mouths. The two demons drained themselves into their angelic fuck-doll before withdrawing, letting her flop face first to the stony ground.

Celestine’s body shuddered against the hot stone. She hacked up thick wads of bloody cum. Her twitching asshole and pulsing pussy expelled even more of the demonic seed, squirting it in thick streaks out onto the ground where it sizzled and steamed. The demons gave her a minute or two to stitch back together so that they could fall upon her again. The second round of her mass rape wasn’t any easier than the first. She released a weak groan as one of the beasts lifted her perky rump into the air, mounting her from behind. Her reformed asshole was broken all over again in a matter of moments by the demon’s thick, bulbous prick. The thing looked a bit like a fat toad with furred claws. The tips of his claws dug into her slender belly, scratching deep gouges through her perfect skin again and again as he jammed up her rear. His thin tongue shot from his mouth and looped around her neck, yanking her head back to its limits and squeezing her windpipe mostly closed.

Frantic wheezing poured from Celestine’s lips as she fought to breathe around the constricting tongue. She managed a half-strangled groan of misery as she watched the bull-headed demon with the broad chest and the thick cock lumbering towards her. The bull demon lifted his heavy slab of dick to the angel’s lips, finding her mouth just a bit too small to handle his girth. Sliding his fat fingers through her soft hair, the bull demon gripped Celestine’s head firmly and pressed his cock forward. The angel moaned with discomfort as her jaw strained, crying out as it unhinged with a sharp snap. Her jaw stretched open impossibly wide, letting the bull demon slide into the moist warmth of her resistant mouth. The toad-demon’s tongue loosened around her throat so that the bull-demon’s prick could plunge down it. Celestine’s neck stretched obscenely with the massive intrusion. Her eyes bulged and rolled back, tears flowing down her cheeks as she choked hopelessly on the rigid erection.

The toad-demon slid his hands from Celestine’s sides up to her wings. He tore into them, ripping away fistfuls of bloody feathers and flinging them into the air. The angel’s screams of agony transformed into desperate gagging as the bull-headed demon fucked her face. Her sensitive wings twitched, trying to pull away from the toad-demon’s vicious hands. The bloody feathers clung to her sweaty skin as she was double-stuffed at either end. The feathers regrew almost as fast as the toad-demon could tear them free, giving the monster a never-ending means of tormenting the angel. He didn’t lose interest until he blew his load into her battered bowels, pulling free of the gaping orifice and stomping away.

A whip cracked through the air, lashing across Celestine’s upraised, cum-leaking ass, drawing an urgent, wet gurgle of pain from her stuffed throat. Before the stinging pain even began to fade, another whip strike crossed her rump. She couldn’t see the tall, rod-like demon with the whip arms standing behind her, but it wouldn’t have surprised her to find a creature designed exclusively to torture the damned. Some of the whips sprouting from the rod-like demon’s arms were barbed with hooks and nails, digging bloody gouges through her angelic flesh with each blow. The demon focused on Celestine’s ass, but her upper thighs and the small of her back got a fair bit of abuse, too.

After she was forced to chug down the bull-demon’s creamy spunk, Celestine was allowed the opportunity to breathe again. Her mouth hung open awkwardly thanks to her broken jaw, drooling out jizz and saliva as she hacked and screamed. Winces crossed her face as the whips kept cutting away at her and her bones snapped back together and clicked into their proper places. The whipping ended temporarily as the bull-demon yanked the angel up onto unsteady feet and spun her around. He pulled her up against his firm chest, hooking his arms around hers to keep her pinned. Her naked chest became the choice target of the whip-armed demon. He ruthlessly lashed away at her perky tits. Angry red welts and thin gashes opened up across them, blood and fat dribbling down her slim belly.

Once the whip-demon tired of abusing her ever-healing flesh, the bull-demon released her. Celestine dropped to the ground in a heap, clutching herself and sobbing. She let out a sharp cry as another pack of the hellish creatures moved in on her, kicking and punching her. Her skin bruised and her bones shattered under the assault, but as bad as the pain got, she couldn’t lose consciousness or die. The persistent abuse seemed especially cruel. Celestine struggled to comprehend any human soul – no matter how corrupt and sinful – deserving of such endless torture. She certainly couldn’t believe that she – a soldier of righteousness – deserved such a fate. She tried to understand how her benevolent Maker could allow such cruelty and it horrified her faithful mind to even consider the notion that perhaps her undying love may not have been entirely justified.

At some point, the pack of demons beating Celestine stopped throwing their fists and feet at her and instead slammed their cocks into her, starting the cycle of repeated rapes all over again. With no shortage of rigid erections or sadistic temperaments, Celestine soon lost all track of time. One abuse melted into another, and although she couldn’t die or black out, her mind grew hazy with the constant torture. The feeling of hard shafts pumping into one or more of her holes grew terribly common for her. The worst was when her body and mind began to betray her, transforming the pain into something that felt oddly pleasant. She fought against the shift, but she could tell that it was a losing battle. The occasional slutty moan she caught from one of the other numerous damned women around her told her that much. But Celestine held on as hard as she could – although she could no longer truly recall why she was trying so hard to resist the blissful release of utter madness.

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