Angel 4: Her New God

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Several days or a thousand years later – Celestine had no hope of determining an accurate amount of time in Hell – the winged woman was lifted into the arms of a particularly huge demon who’d just finished boring out her asshole with his rocky cock. She’d suffered too much for too long to take much solace in the brief reprieve as she was carried. All it meant was that her body was given the time to fully heal back to a virginal state, which in turn would make her next round of abuses hurt that much more. It was a trick the demons had played on her more than a few times already. Celestine wanted desperately to pass out. She’d never known sleep as an angel, always remaining vigilant and filled with energy no matter what she endured. Hell had taken her to the limits of what she could endure and beyond, and she found herself cursing the inability to even nod off for a few precious moments.

The rock-demon had been given quite specific instructions for Celestine. He’d disobeyed them to a point – taking the time to plunder the sexy, lithe angel’s clenching rear – but he wasn’t nearly brazen enough to ignore his orders any further. He carried the lightly squirming woman to the nearest roasting pit. The bubbling fluid wasn’t lava, but it could have easily been mistaken for it. After the numerous gangbangs and tortures she’d been given, Celestine’s body was drenched in stale cum, half-clotted blood, chunks of white-yellow fat, sweat, bile, and numerous other bodily fluids. The orders had been specific about the desire to have Celestine pristinely cleaned before her ultimate delivery. The roasting pit would do that job quite efficiently. The fact that it would hurt the angel was simply a bonus.

Celestine heard the bubbling of the not-lava, but she didn’t think much of it. If anything, it was a pleasant distraction from the shrieks and moans of the numerous other damned women dwelling in the Pit. She was too far from the Rape Fields to truly hear the women any longer, but she couldn’t keep the sounds from echoing in her head again and again. Her eyes fluttered open as the rock-demon stopped walking. Her brow furrowed with confusion as she looked down into the bubbling vat of thick, boiling liquid beneath her. Suddenly, the screams of the other women were driven from her mind, replaced with her own howl of horror as the demon unceremoniously dumped her into the roasting pit.

The angel’s screams sputtered out for a few moments as she dipped beneath the surface of the roasting pit. The boiling liquid splashed across the rock-demon’s shins, blackening his rough outer shell. Celestine burst up from the pit, arms flailing about wildly as her long, sexy legs kicked out, keeping herself afloat amidst the scorching substance. The filth covering her body was washed away in moments, but the rock-demon let her continue to boil within the pit. Her skin reddened and blistered before sloshing off of her in long strips and leaving behind glistening muscle tissue. Her futilely flapping wings caught fire, feathers turning to ash and crumbling into the pit. Her long blonde hair fared little better, burnt away down to her scalp.

The rock-demon smirked as he watched Celestine taking her cruel bath. By the time he pulled her out, her entire body had been stripped of skin. He let her lay at his feet for a few minutes, sobbing heavily as she gradually regenerated. There would be no question as to whether or not the angel had been cleansed of the demonic filth that had covered her. Scooping her back up, the rock-demon continued the journey to deliver Celestine to her rightful master. He would find her just as he’d requested; as pure as she’d been before she’d fallen into the depths of Hell.

Much like time, space was equally limitless in the Pit. The Rape Field Celestine had awoken in was only one of thousands, each one spanning hundreds of miles across. Unending orgies of the damned for the always lustful demons in Satan’s employ. Much of the lesser beasts lived amidst the orgies, when they weren’t doing the bidding of higher order demons. And while it was not uncommon to find more than a few of the higher demons taking part in the orgies, none of them dwelt there long term. For those demons who had proven themselves valuable to the Devil, appropriate dwellings were given out, each one a hellish match for their particular sets of skills and accomplishments.

The dwelling the stone-demon carried Celestine to was little more than a slightly raised stone landing, surrounded on three sides by wrought iron fencing. A much smaller roasting pit bubbled just out front and the angel tensed with rising panic as she saw it. The stone-demon chuckled and held her tighter so she didn’t slip out of his grip. . There were a few bits of furniture littered across the platform, chief amongst them a bed. The frame was carved out of bone and the sheets were the still screaming skinned faces of an untold number of sinners. Near the bed was a modest throne; a grotesque blend of jutting bones and maggot-covered limbs along the arms and legs. The seat of the throne was cushioned by numerous stitched together cunts, all of them leaking juices, while the back was lined with breasts – small perky ones along the center and fatter ones along the edges, providing the occupant seated at the throne the utmost Satanic comfort.

The rock-demon ascended the small set of stairs leading onto the platform and approached the occupied throne. Celestine was too busy keeping her eyes squeezed shut, hyperventilating her way through a panic attack brought on by seeing the roasting pit, to take immediate notice of the freshly minted incubus leisurely seated on the throne. The stone-demon stopped and rolled the angel out of his arms, letting her drop into a crying heap at the incubus’s feet before turning away and heading towards the nearest Rape Field. Watching Celestine flail about in her not-lava bath had stirred his arousal and there was a relatively fresh batch of damned women scheduled to arrive soon. There was nothing more fun than breaking in the new ones.

Celestine lay at the foot of the throne, head down, whimpering pathetically. Her freshly regrown skin still tingled with the rawness of her newborn nerves. She was a good deal different from the defiant, righteous angel she had been such a short – or maybe long – time ago. Regardless of how much time had actually passed, that life seemed so far removed from what she’d been reduced to. She could sense the presence of the demon seated before her, but she couldn’t bring herself to lift her head. Celestine had seen all too much of Hell’s diverse horrors and she didn’t wish to see any further. But she knew that would be impossible. Slowly, hesitantly, the broken angel looked up to take in the sight of her newest abuser.

The demon was nude – just like every other one she’d seen. He wasn’t a grotesque abortion of unholy flesh, like some of the creatures she’d encountered since her arrival, but that didn’t help ease her nerves any. His skin was a deep shade of purple – shimmering in an almost metallic way that she found disturbingly hypnotizing. His genitals were completely hairless, thick cock standing at rigid attention. It looked mostly human – aside from the color and the dull pointed tip. He was lithe, but with well-toned muscle definition. His clawed fingers tapped eagerly at the arms of his monstrous chair as his thin tongue flickered against his lips with rising excitement.

Celestine didn’t want to look at the demon’s face. She was certain she would find it all too familiar. But she couldn’t stop her eyes from shifting further upwards, fixing on the smirking face waiting for her. He looked markedly different. His head had elongated somewhat, chin jutting out almost comically and cheek bones clearly defined. A pair of short black horns jutted from his brow. His eyes were a bright red with solid black irises, his ears had partially fused into his head, and his teeth were sharpened down to vicious points. But for all the changes he’d undergone, Celestine recognized the demon lounging before her as Savos.

“There’s my sweet angel cunt,” Savos growled down at her. “Not so high and mighty now, are you?” He leaned forward, pushing his head towards her and grinning widely. “Do you like what you see? I couldn’t be the demon I am today without your help. And, turns out, it gets even better. There’s a little surprise I neglected to tell you about when we were last together. Killing an angel gets you into the demonic inner circle, sure. But you also get to keep whatever angel bitch you manage to snuff out as your own personal pet for all eternity. How’s that for a delightful little bonus?”

Celestine let out a groan of dismay, lowering her face into her arms as a fresh series of sobs worked their way out of her.

Savos leaned back, laughing at Celestine’s misery as he reached down to lightly stroke his prick. He’d allowed her to spend her first week in Hell amidst the Rape Fields, just another common whore to be used and abused by the other demons. Seeing the state of her, he was glad he had. She was perfectly softened up for him. “Oh, quit your crying,” he hissed, lifting his hand and snapping his fingers. “I brought a friend to keep you company.”

At the snap of Savos’ fingers, a busty figure scrambled out from underneath the demon’s disturbing bed. Her full breasts dragged across the rough floor, throbbingly erect nipples scrapping the stone, but her dull, drugged eyes barely flinched. She lifted her head to her demon lord and smiled dumbly as she crawled her way over to him. She swayed her upraised rear from side to side. A black leather collar hugged her throat, the only bit of clothing she’d been given to wear. Celestine looked up and felt her sorrow rise to greater heights as she witnessed what had become of Sara the former Saint.

“Sara has adjusted quite nicely to her new station,” Savos told Celestine. Sara proved as much when she finished crawling her way to Savos and dropped her head low, kissing and licking across the tops of his feet. “She gave in fast. As if she had a wasted lifetime of celibacy and righteousness to make up for.” He reached down to stroke his fingers through Sara’s hair before moving his hand lower to run along her collar. “She accepted my ownership without question. But you… I figured you’d need to see what Hell truly has to offer before I could persuade you.” He pulled a second collar up from beside him, holding it up for Celestine to see. “The choice is simple. You submit to me, become my willing plaything for all time. Or, you refuse me. I still get to use you as often as I like, but there’s nothing I can do if a bigger, meaner demon comes along and decides to drag you off for a bit of sadistic fun.”

“What’s the difference?” Celestine groaned. She had no strength to fight Savos, but she didn’t think it mattered if he was the one to torture her or not.

“The difference is that to me you’re special,” Savos told her. “To them, you’re nothing more than the dumb cunt of an angel that got herself killed. But your former position as a Holy Warrior means you’re on everyone’s shit list. You’ve gotten a taste of what they can do. But, let me assure you, they were holding back. Imagine that. Timelessness spent suffering the very worst Hell can imagine. Or… you can simply be my pet.” He shook the collar at her. “This will take all the pain away.” He motioned to Sara. “I mean, look at her. Not a care in the world. Wear this and all those pesky memories of being an angel, of being righteous, of hating what’s become of you, all of it will simply melt away. You’ll hate to see what you become, but you won’t have to.”

Celestine’s very essence ached. Despite the fact that her newly grown skin had yet to be touched in a sexual manner, it couldn’t take away the vivid memories of all the things she’d endured since waking up in Hell. But more than that, she was tired. More tired than she’d ever been before. Her mind felt muddied and weak. The thought of giving in to Savos sickened her, but she couldn’t comprehend what refusing him would even mean for her. Feeling the last sliver of her holiness slipping away, she closed her eyes and nodded her head. “Fine,” she breathed, giving in completely and hating herself for it.

Savos snickered. “Well, I don’t really feel like your hearts in it, but it’s good enough for the Devil to consider it binding,” he said. He snagged a fistful of Celestine’s hair and pulled her up onto her knees in front of him. He pushed the collar into her hands. “But just to prove yourself, you have to put this on yourself.” He leaned back, grinning happily as he watched the naïve angel do as she was told. Sara kissed her way up his legs before dropping her head into his lap, slurping hungrily on his rigid erection. Her tongue flickered across the underside of his dick as she gagged around his pointed cockhead.

Celestine closed her eyes to avoid having to look at the whore Sara had become, doing her best to not think about how she’d soon be just like the busty redhead as she lifted the collar up to her throat. It pulled tightly against her skin as she stretched it around her neck and snapped it together. A jolt shot through her along her spine, curling around into her loins and burrowing deep into her brain. Warmth started to simmer between her legs, but even as it did, she realized that Savos had lied to her. She could remember all of her heavenly servitude. If anything, those memories, the vows she had made, the love she had given to her Maker, seemed amplified. She released a cry of horror as the full ramifications of what she’d allowed herself to do crashed into her. Her beautiful eyes snapped open, brimming with tears as she stared at her demonic master, waiting obediently for her first order.

Savos clapped his hands together joyously, laughing heartily as Sara sucked him off. “Stupid, goddamn angel bitch,” he hissed. “I can’t believe you actually trusted me. I’m a fucking demon.” He pulled Sara’s head off of his crotch and turned her so that Celestine could look into the ex-Saint’s eyes. Like the angel’s, there was a desperate horror looming there, revealing that she was far from the willing slut she’d initially seemed to be. Celestine wondered if the other women in the Rape Fields – the ones she’d heard moaning – had similar collars around their throats. She wasn’t sure if that was better or worse. And Savos had no intentions of giving her the time to focus on the misery of others.

“Heard a rumor you got your cherry back,” Savos said to Celestine, curling a finger at her, beckoning her closer. “And then you kept giving it up to some of the foulest beasts in the Pit.” He shook his head and clicked his tongue with disappointment. “I guess you forgot that cherry belongs to me.” He leaned back and wagged his stiff cock at her. “Go on then. Climb on board. Skewer yourself onto me. I want to feel that nice, tight cunt of yours wrapped around me again. I’ve missed it.”

Celestine felt rage rising up within her. Savos’ trick had stirred her beaten spirit back into defiance. She wanted to rip the collar from her neck and launch herself towards the smug demon sitting before her. She doubted she could kill him, but she desperately wanted to go down swinging, to take back all of the failure and concession she’d given. But – like Sara – she was now under his control, completely his in every way but her mind. So as her eyes screamed out with anger, her mouth curled into a flirtatious smile as she rose to her feet and sauntered over to him. Stop, she screamed internally, trying to force her will onto her body and finding it impossible. She kept on repeating the thought, over and over, as she crawled into the throne with Savos and straddled his waist.

The pointed tip of Savos’ cock slid easily into the damp crevasse of Celestine’s cunt. “I’m all yours, lover,” she purred, words strained and eyes filled with horror. But aside from that, there was no indication of resistance from the angel. She dropped herself down onto Savos’ erection, groaning as his thick member stretched the walls of her virgin pussy for the second time. His pointed tip skewered its way through her hymen, sending a jolt of pain shooting through her even as his unholy hold on her forced her to release a pleasured moan. She jammed herself further down, impaling herself fully onto his cock, eyes rolling back and body shuddering as she rammed him through her cervix. His oversized and uniquely shaped prick seemed perfectly suited for such things.

Celestine bounced happily on Savos’ lap, staring into his crimson eyes with hatred as her hands moved to her chest, cupping her small, perky tits and rolling her stiff nipples between her fingers. Savos laughed in her face before stretching an arm around her and snapping his fingers at Sara. One clawed finger pointed to the angel’s bouncing butt and the busty redhead obeyed her master’s command without question. She crawled up behind Celestine, spreading her alabaster ass cheeks apart before burying her face between them. Celestine whimpered as the ex-Saint’s slippery tongue wiggled its way up her asshole.

Savos took over playing with Celestine’s tits, freeing her hands up to stroke across his muscular chest. “You know,” he remarked, enjoying the way her pussy clenched around him each time she dropped down onto him. “When I was human, I raped a lot of bitches. I always loved the way they struggled, the way they fought back. It made claiming them all the more satisfying. But that was all short term. As a demon, with eternity spread out before me, I see how short-sighted that method is. This is far more fun. Trapping you, both sane and aware of what’s happening, in that pretty skull of yours, but forcing your body to bend to every whim I have. Now that’s true torture, true power. I wonder if your precious Creator ever does this with your kind? I bet he does.”

Celestine had no knowledge one way or another regarding God’s history with using his angels as sex toys, but she desperately wanted to deny it, to curse Savos for his blasphemy. But as her lips parted, the only thing she could mutter was how much she loved the feeling of his throbbing prick stuffed inside her. That earned her a laugh from her demon lord. She drove herself fully onto him and mashed her wet slit against his crotch, whimpering and groaning as the pleasure of an orgasm bubbled through her. She pushed her butt back against Sara’s energetic tongue, unable to deny how nice it felt having her lapping away at her asshole.

“I will say this much,” Savos continued. “You are, by far, the worst angel ever made. If your maker really is omnipotent and all-knowing, I bet he sobbed after he shit your useless ass out. Blundered stupidly into a trap, did nothing as her precious charge was raped and murdered right before her, let herself get raped and murdered and sent down below, and then willingly gave in to the gentle prodding of a common incubus, transforming herself into a helpless little fuck-slut.” He shook his head, smirking cruelly at the angel. “You’re just one epic failure after another, aren’t you? Well, at least you’re good at one thing…” His hands gripped Celestine’s hips, driving himself up into her and letting himself go. He sighed as his balls drained their molten seed into the angel’s quivering snatch. “Cum dumpster.”

“You’re right,” Celestine panted, hating to admit that it wasn’t just the collar making her agree with Savos. She let out a half-mad giggle, reaching down to rub at her aching clit. “It’s all I’m good for. Thank you for showing me, master.” She flexed her cunt muscles around Savos’ still-twitching member, trying to encourage him to keep on fucking her. “Give me more, please. I’m nothing without you inside me.” Tears of shame broke from her conflicted eyes even as she begged the incubus for more of his cum. She hated what he’d turned her into, but her guilt couldn’t place all of the blame on his shoulders.

Savos basked in the afterglow of his orgasm, but more satisfying was Celestine’s slowly crumbling will. Hell had already broken her body – and a good deal of her mind – but he was happy to see that there was still a bit of her left for him to shatter. His freshly granted demonic powers made that especially fun and significantly easier. The binding collars he’d given to Celestine and Sara were a big part of it, but the women would find themselves unable to resist him regardless thanks to the arousing pheromones seeping from his pores. The cum he poured into them was highly potent, helping to further their addiction to him. But the best ability he’d received was being able to feel their minds, feel their conflicted suffering as he forced them to please him, as well as feeling it slowly slipping away as they fell deeper and deeper under his spell.

But breaking the mind – especially the mind of an angel – was a good deal more complicated than breaking the body. Celestine was wavering, but she’d needed some very specific attention to push her fully into the role of willing, submissive whore. So instead of giving the bitch grinding against his cock what she wanted, Savos rose to his feet and shoved her off of him. His rigid erection slipped free of her messy slit as she fell. Celestine cried out, rolling over Sara’s back before landing in a heap on the floor. Her head lifted and she looked up at him with a twinkle of fear in her eyes. Savos could sense that even beyond the control he had over her, she was truly worried that she might have offended him. “Stupid, selfish twat,” he growled as he grabbed Sara by the hair and pulled her onto her feet. “You don’t want to make Sara feel neglected, do you? She has such a fragile mind. And she does have seniority. Just lay there and play with yourself. I’ll give you more when I’m ready.”

The sudden shock of being thrown to the ground, knocked some sense into Celestine’s mind, but it didn’t stop her from moving her hand down between her legs when Savos told her to. She watched, unable to look away, as the incubus pulled Sara around and bent her over the arm of his throne. Her plump tits slapped against the wet cunts making up the seat of the throne. The ex-Saint moaned and turned her head towards the multitude of tits sprouting from the back of the throne, wrapping her lips around the nearest nipple and giving it a hard suck as Savos lined himself up with her glistening pussy. He drove forward, sheathing himself within her with a single stroke. Sara’s lips popped away from the nipple, crying out in ecstasy. Celestine felt a terrible yearning in her loins even as her stomach churned with disgust when she noticed the nipple Sara had been sucking on had begun lactating.

Savos slapped at Sara’s plump rump, laughing as he watched her flesh jiggle. He hammered into her from behind, occasionally glancing over to Celestine. The angel remained where she had fallen, sitting on her perfect ass with her long legs spread wide for him. Two fingers jabbed into her wet slit, pumping deeply and drawing breathless moans from her parted lips as she watched him fucking Sara with misery in her eyes. Sara’s attention shifted back to the tit she’d been slurping on. She dragged her tongue along the firm flesh, lapping away the rivulets of creamy milk dribbling from the engorged nipple before going back to suckling at it. The mortal woman – despite her Saintly aura – was practically a vacant shell, given in almost completely to the horrific pleasures that Hell and Savos had to offer.

“How swiftly the innocent crumble, huh?” Savos commented to Celestine as he worked his way to another climax. He rammed himself balls deep within Sara’s snatch, pointed cockhead jabbing against the roof of her uterus before a flood of cum shot out of him and filled her up. His clawed fingers dug into the fat of Sara’s ass cheeks, scratching long, bloody gouges into her flesh as he rode out his orgasm. When he finished, Savos pulled free of her and yanked her off his throne. He turned his redheaded whore away from the angel, showcasing the gouges he’d left behind. “Another fun fact. I’m sure you’ve notice how you heal here. Well, now that you belong to me, I’m in charge of whether you get to enjoy that particular perk.” To prove his point, Savos snapped his fingers yet again. The wounds marring Sara’s buttocks stitched themselves back together, leaving her skin just as flawless as before. “Just another bit of incentive to keep me happy. Unless, of course, you get off on the pain.”

“I get off on the pain,” Sara whimpered with yearning as she wiggled her ass for him. “Please, tear me up! Feed me my own cunt! I love you!”

“Maybe later,” Savos growled back at her. “I’m showing the new girl how things work around here. Now go lie back on the bed and keep those legs of yours open.” He released his hold on Sara and the busty redhead turned towards him, unable to keep her lustful mindlessness from hindering her obedience. She leaned in and kissed along the side of Savos’ neck, grabbing his cock and giving it a few strokes before he slammed his elbow into the side of her head. Sara cried out and stumbled away, collapsing to the floor in a daze. She let out a half-laugh, half-moan, hugging herself as the pain of Savos’ blow washed through her. When she recovered, she crawled her way to the bed and climbed onto it, rolling onto her back and letting her legs fall open.

Savos grabbed hold of Celestine’s arm, yanking her sticky fingers free of her pussy and pulling them up to his mouth. He sucked the angel’s juices away before pulling her to her feet. Savos tugged her along with him towards the bed. He positioned his angelic whore in front of Sara, shoving her face down into the ex-Saint’s well-fucked snatch. “Eat it,” he growled and Celestine obeyed, lapping her tongue across the folds of Sara’s pussy, licking away a blend of the redhead’s honey and the demon’s seed. Savos took hold of Celestine’s buttocks, prying them apart so he could guide the tip of his erect member to her puckered sphincter. He teased the tiny orifice with the point tip of his cock for a little bit before lining himself up and slamming his hips forward.

Celestine’s face mashed against Sara’s crotch, crying out into her sex as every thick inch of Savos’ member speared its way into her ass. The pain shooting through her made her want to twist away and howl out in agony, but the binding collar kept those emotions in check. Instead, she wiggled her tongue deeper into Sara’s cunt and pushed her rear back to meet Savos’ thrusts. She shuddered as his clawed fingertips stroked across her sweaty skin, tracing along the sides of her abdomen and over the curves of her rippling buttocks before tracing their way along her spine towards her beautiful white wings.

Savos’ hands clamped down around the boney base of Celestine’s wings, using them for leverage as he hammered his way up the angel’s asshole. He listened to her muffled moans as she cried out into Sara’s pussy in between giving it a thorough licking. He couldn’t see her face, but he could sense the pain he was causing her, sense how her mind was struggling with the agony and the growing desire within her to please him with every action. He snickered at her struggle. She’d thought her holy purity had been destroyed the first time he’d penetrated her, but Savos could see her so much more clearly. He knew the pathetic little bitch didn’t give herself nearly enough credit. And that he’d only had a small part in her eternal damnation. Celestine’s own wavering faith – both in her God and in herself – had been what truly doomed her.

The harder Savos fucked Celestine’s ass, the harder he gripped her wings. The sharp pain of her wing-bones snapping within his hands managed to cut straight through the mind-dulling effects of his pheromones and the binding collar. Celestine’s head snapped up from Sara’s snatch, screaming through clenched teeth as he twisted her broken wings back and forth. Her eyes bulged, gasping for air and feeling tantalizingly close to passing out as the angel felt herself being brutally de-winged. Her feathers ruffled and the damaged wings flicked outwards spastically as Savos twisted the thin skin and jagged bone shards a few times before finally pulling backwards, ripping them away from her back completely.

Celestine collapsed into Sara’s crotch, sobbing freely as Savos’ power over her wavered. The loss of her wings left her with a hollow coldness. She barely noticed when Savos shot his sticky load into her battered bowels and pulled out of her gaping asshole. When the damp warmth of Sara’s cunt slid away from her, she lifted her head. A glistening smear of the ex-Saint’s cunt honey adorned her cheek as she turned to follow Sara’s movements, watching her join Savos. Savos grinned widely, holding up Celestine’s pilfered wings – still occasionally twitching – and walking over to the small roasting pit.

“Remember how I told you I’m the only one here who can hurt you and make it stick?” Savos said to Celestine. “Well, the way I figure it, you don’t deserve to have these anymore. After all, whores aren’t allowed to be angels.” He chuckled and glanced over at Sara. “Speaking of which, I think you’ve got some cleaning to do. I don’t know if angel’s shit, but if they do, I don’t want any of it left on my dick.” Sara nodded and knelt down, slobbering and sucking at Savos’ stiff member. Savos smirked and let her do her job as he dangled Celestine’s wings over the pit. “Every time a whore cums, an angel loses her wings,” he quipped before dropping them into the not-lava. The feathers lit up and burned down to ash and the thin layer of skin beneath bubbled away before the blackened bones sank out of sight.

As Celestine watched her wings destroyed before her, she felt the coldness seeping deeper into her bones. The numbness seemed all encompassing, with the exception of her loins. Those burned with shameful lust. Her eyes squeezed shut, fresh tears dribbling down her cheeks as she realized she’d only just begun her eternal existence as Savos’ obedient slave. She tried to guess how long it would take before she was just another of the mindless whores she’d seen in the Rape Fields. And although she hated herself a little more for it, Celestine hoped it would happen sooner rather than later.

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