Frozen 1: War’s End

Queen Elsa had always intended the cessation of trade between Arendelle and Weaseltown and the Southern Isles to be a temporary thing; an appropriate punishment for the acts performed by Duke Elric and Prince Hans against her and her sister, Anna. She’d not anticipated the two forming an alliance and going to war with her. By the time it happened, it was already far too late for her to call off the trade embargo without coming across as weak willed. So she’d put on her bravest face and given her people an inspiring speech about perseverance and strength, knowing full well that Arendelle had not been to war since before she and her sister had been born. Their standing army had dwindled and lacked experience in killing anything more than a few ferocious wolves. Elsa tried to comfort herself with the knowledge that Arendelle had a weapon that Weaseltown and the Southern Isles could not contend with. They had her.

In the early days of the war, Elsa had truly believed her magical abilities would be enough to at least drag out the war long enough for her adversaries to calm and come to the negotiating table. Several months later, she was starting to lose faith. A fleet of ships from the Southern Isles had Arendelle’s waters blockaded and raiders had set up camp along the borders, keeping her people thoroughly trapped and constantly harassed. They’d not been able to advance into the city thanks to the vicious storm Elsa maintained as a billowing wall of protection, sending out soldiers constructed of snow to try to beat back the gradually constricting enemy surrounding her. But none of it was enough. And Elsa didn’t know how much longer she could keep it up.

In the months since she’d begun her frosty defense of her kingdom, Elsa had eaten and slept less and less. Dark circles had formed under her beautiful eyes and she’d lost a startling amount of weight. Her servants brought her food and pleaded with her to rest, but she pushed them aside, knowing that she was Arendelle’s only chance of victory. She was still determined, but that determination weakened with each passing day. Her people were worried. Even though they could not see the effects of the prolonged storm on Else herself, they had no trouble noticing her delayed response times to attacks and the way the snow soldiers fell apart more rapidly during skirmishes. The signs of nearing defeat were everywhere, but they were most clearly painted across the somber faces of the people of Arendelle. Their trust in their queen weakened as the fear for their lives and livelihoods grew.

None of them could fathom that the war would end without Arendelle a scorched ruin. That their defeat would not come as a result of sieging soldiers rampaging through the kingdom, slaughtering as they pleased, but through decidedly more subtle means. And although the people of Arendelle still loved their queen, they would be more than a little relieved for the reasonably bloodshed-free manner in which the war was decided.

The servant girl entered Queen Elsa’s private chambers with a worried expression. Her hands fumbled with the slip of paper she held as she scampered over to where the queen stood facing the large window looking out onto the kingdom of Arendelle. The servant girl had no way of knowing that Elsa had not moved from that spot in two days. She’d not even blinked in almost five minutes, eyes dry and stinging as she focused everything she had on maintaining the storm and controlling a small squad of snow soldiers as they traded blows with a clutch of raiders. She took slow, controlled breaths, trapped in a now mandatory meditative state. It was the only way she could keep fighting.

“Your highness,” the servant girl squeaked as she moved beside her queen. “You… you need to see this.” She held out the slip of paper to Elsa, hands trembling due to more than the frigid temperature in the chambers.

Elsa snapped out of her trance and felt one of her soldiers crumble into white powder. Rage surged up in her as her head snapped to fix an icy glare on the servant. The servant’s already worried expression shifted into stark fear as she saw the anger in Elsa’s eyes. The queen closed her eyes and forced her annoyance to melt away. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, voice hoarse. She’d not spoken in weeks. “What is it?”

“This message was found for you,” the servant told her, voice still shaking. “It’s… I’m so sorry, Queen Elsa.”

Elsa narrowed her eyes at the girl, confused by her timid behavior. Have I grown so cold that my people fear me more than my enemies? She took the note and unfolded it, reading across the words written on it and feeling her breath quicken. “Anna…” she whimpered before turning and rushing out of her chambers.

Christof’s bloody corpse lay sprawled just in front of Anna’s bed, sword still half-clenched in one hand. Elsa stood over him, tears in her eyes as she read the note again and again. She’d not wanted to believe it, but seeing the aftermath of her sister’s abduction laid before her, she had no other choice. At some point during the night, a team of assassins had slipped through her wavering defenses and infiltrated the castle. They’d killed Christof and taken Anna. The demand for her sister’s return was a simple but devastating one: complete and total surrender of Arendelle. The cost of disobeying the demand was spelled out clearly for her; Anna’s slaughter.

The note slipped from Elsa’s numb fingers, fluttering down to land on Christof’s blood-soaked chest. She clapped her hands over her face, unable to hold back the sobs as the months of effort came crashing in on her. Exhaustion and starving hunger came with it, weakening her knees and forcing her to crash to the floor. Dark spots fluttered into her vision as her eyes rolled about listlessly. The servant girl rushed to her side, barely able to catch Elsa as she passed out. She eased the queen down to the floor, tears in her worried eyes as she looked to the window to see the raging storm weakening and finally disappearing completely.

“Sweet, naïve, little Anna,” Prince Hans growled as he paced in front of the young woman. She stood defiantly before him, hands bound at the small of her back and angry eyes fixed on him. He’d had her brought to the warship he commanded after her abduction, eager to see her again now that he’d successfully turned the tables on her and her ice queen bitch of a sister. “You know, if you’d simply kept being your naïve self, none of this would have been necessary. But you had to go find yourself some true love. And now… now we have to do things the hard way. This is all your fault, you stupid tart. It’s only fair that you’ll be the key to ending this war once and for all.”

Anna tugged at the rough ropes binding her wrists. “Give it up, Hans,” she snapped back. “This plan of yours is even more pathetic than the last one. My sister will never surrender just to get me back. She’s stronger than that, stronger than any of you can imagine. If anything, this’ll just anger her enough to really come down hard on you and that jerk Duke from Weaseltown.” She jerked her shoulders from side to side, trying to get free of her bondage. “You’re just a scumbag coward. Untie me and let’s see how much of a man you really are.” She gathered a nice amount of saliva in her mouth and spat it at Hans, nailing him in the chest.

Hans chuckled as he tugged a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away Anna’s spit. He turned to one of his men with a smile as cold as the frigid weather. “Tie her to the mainmast,” he instructed before looking back to Anna. “And bring me my whip. It’s time for this petulant little girl to learn her place in the world.”

Anna’s face lit up with shocked horror. “You monster!” she screamed as a pair of men moved to either side of her and snagged her arms. She struggled against them as they dragged her over to the mainmast. The ropes binding her wrists loosened, but the men gripped her arms before she could try to break free, stretching them out and around the mast before rebinding them. Anna’s breathing quickened as she twisted her head from side to side, looking behind her as Hans received the coiled length of his whip. “When my sister hears of this, you will be in serious trouble. You just can’t – “ Her words ended in a sharp scream as Hans let loose with the whip, cracking it across her shoulders and leaving behind a stinging welt.

Hans grinned wickedly as he heard Anna’s scream. His cock fluttered in his pants as he watched the young woman squirming before him, helpless to defend herself against his assault. He proved as much by giving her another lash, this time just above her perky buttocks. She howled and as she turned her head back to glare at him, he saw the first of her tears breaking free and rolling down her face. Her misery only encouraged him to whip her again, putting a bit more force into the strike. Anna’s scream of pain was load enough to mask the sound of her dress fabric splitting apart, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her skin. Hans drew his whip back and cracked it against the deck a few times, enjoying how just the sound of it snapping made the girl jump and whimper. “Pathetic,” he growled before striking her again, further tearing her dress apart.

Anna wanted to stop crying – wanted to be strong for Elsa – but the pain streaking through her was worse than anything she’d ever experienced before. Even with everything she knew of Hans, she’d never expected him to be so ruthlessly terrible. The angry red welts crisscrossing her back burned even as the cold air caused her to shiver. The struggle between the temperatures only grew worse as Hans continued to whip her, stripping away more and more of her clothing. When the top of her dress fell away from her in tatters, she let out a squeal of embarrassed agony and pulled herself closer to the mast to hide her pert breasts from Hans and his men. The whistles of appreciation and catcalls ringing in her ears told her that she’d not done so fast enough. Anna wasn’t given long to dwell in her shame as the next crack of the whip lashed across her.

Hans chuckled as he finished whipping the last of Anna’s dress away from her, admiring her now welt-blemished buttocks trembling in the icy chill. He tilted his head to the side, surveying her soft blue panties for a few moments before striking out with the whip again. His aim proved true, snapping the waistband of her panties. The fabric fell half aside, revealing her rear to him fully but still clinging to one leg. Another well placed lash had the underwear dropping to the deck of the ship amidst the shredded remnants of the girl’s dress, leaving her fully nude against the mast. Hans slowly coiled his whip back up as he traced his eyes along every inch of her naked flesh. Dropping the whip at his feet, he unfastened his tented pants to free his throbbing member. The cold breeze washing across his exposed genitals caused his balls to tighten upwards, but he didn’t mind. He’d soon have a nice, warm place to sheath himself.

Anna tensed as a pair of rough hands slipped around her and grabbed hold of her breasts. She turned her head to see Hans leering at her. When she felt the head of his prick prodding against her ass cheeks, she let out a shriek and tried to pull herself through the mast in a futile attempt to get away from him. “No!” she yelled. “Hans, no! You can’t!” Her eyes scrunched shut as he lined himself up with her helpless snatch and drove forward. The thickness of his cock stretched the tight walls of her pussy, the dryness of her only making it hurt worse. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her tits, using them for leverage as he bucked his hips forward and slammed a few more stiff inches of dick inside her.

“What’s the matter, Anna?” Hans hissed into her ear as he finished penetrating her. “Not how you imagined it back when you were so in love with me?” He laughed, enjoying the feeling of her hot cunt clenching around him. He closed his fingers around her rigid nipples and gave them a hard pinch, drawing a fresh scream from her lips and causing her pussy to hug him even tighter. He drew back and slammed his cock forward again, forcing her body to accept him but keeping his movements reasonably slow. He wanted to savor their first time together and – more so – he wanted her to remember it just as vividly. “Y’know, originally, I’d planned on making you my bride before I violated you. But I think I like this way better.”

Anna replied with only sobs, resting her forehead against the mast and keeping her eyes squeezed tight. She tried to imagine herself anywhere else, conjuring up happy memories of her youth, playing with her sister. Her face winced as Hans hammered into her harder, forcing her body to react to the stimulation of his cock. The happy memories soured in her mind as they suddenly became associated with the terrible experience as opposed to saving her from dwelling on it. Anna hastily tried to push the thoughts away, but it was already too late. She opened her eyes, staring at the mast, trying instead to focus on the smallest details of the rough wood and the frost clinging to it. Her brow furrowed with confusion as she saw the frost beginning to melt. “No,” she gasped.

Hans let out a triumphant laugh as he watched the weather calming before the ship. His hands dropped down to Anna’s hips, gripping her firmly as he picked up his pace, no longer holding back. With a heavy grunt, his body tensed and his cock twitched within the vice-like grip of Anna’s cunt, firing stringy blasts of jizz deep into her. By the time he finished draining his balls into her, the storm was over. Hans leaned in close behind Anna’s quivering form, giving her right ear a quick nip with his teeth. “I guess your sister’s not as strong as you thought she was,” he whispered to her before stepping away. His flaccid prick slipped free of her messy snatch and he tucked it back into his pants, turning his attention to his men. “Alright, boys,” he called. “Let’s move in and secure the city.”

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