Frozen 2: The Frying Pan

Elsa’s near comatose state had made her capture easy for the invading forces. They’d simply scooped her up and dragged her down to the castle’s dungeon, where a room was already being prepared for her. By the time she finally came around, Elsa’s cell was perfectly designed to handle her unique abilities. Chains rattled as she began to shift. The shackles binding her arms and legs kept her firmly secure. As her eyes drifted open, confusion wafted through her still hazy mind as she realized she wasn’t in a cell – as she’d assumed she would be – but instead left in a larger, open room. The heat struck her next and – with it – came the realization of why she’d been placed in the room.

A number of four-by-four planks were arranged around her in a reasonable approximation of a circle. The wood had been sufficiently oiled before being set ablaze, creating a ring of fiery heat around the dethroned queen. With more effort than she cared to admit, Elsa pushed herself up into a sitting position. The waves of heat crashing across her already had a thin layer of sweat glistening across her skin and soaking into her dress. She’d still not fully recovered from the months of strain she’d been under and the fire wasn’t helping. She smacked her lips, trying to work up enough saliva in her mouth to wet her dry throat. Her eyes scanned the circumference of the fire ring, looking for some way through it. Even if she could get to her feet – which she doubted she could – she’d to jump over the flickering flames – which she doubted she could do even more. And after completing the two seemingly impossible tasks, Elsa saw that she would still be trapped within the room.

With escape not an option, Elsa turned her attention to the possibilities of defending herself. She extended her hands and tried to conjure up her frigid powers. Her eyes slipped closed when nothing happened, then squeezed tight. Her fingers curled inwards and began to tremble with effort and her jaw clenched. With a cry, Elsa exerted as much energy as she could without so much as a hint of a snowflake to show for it. She collapsed forward onto the ground, resting her head against the backs of her hands and panting heavily, sucking in more of the hot air and feeling it sapping away her strength. As long as the fires continued to burn, she had no chance of regaining her powers.

The door to the dungeon opened and Elsa turned towards it. A group of men entered, led by a few soldiers. She recognized a couple of them as the pair that had attempted to murder her in her self-made ice palace. After the soldiers came the almost absurdly short Duke of Weaseltown, walking alongside a taller man. Elsa didn’t know who he was, but he bared enough of a resemblance to Hans that it didn’t take much to guess that he was one of his older brothers. His stern cold eyes fixed on her and – despite the pervasive heat surrounding her – Elsa felt a chill run down her spine. She saw no compassion in his eyes, only annoyance. Under his gaze, she didn’t even feel like a human being.

King Tybalt of the Southern Isles felt nothing for the unfortunate Queen Elsa. He’d not desired war, but his brother’s idiocy had demanded it. Hans’ plan to do away with Elsa and Anna had reeked of the typical nearsighted buffoonery Tybalt had come to expect of him, but the unsurprising consequences of his actions were not nearly as tolerable. When Hans’ actions brought dishonor to his family and the trade embargo jeopardized the continued economy of the Southern Isles, Tybalt had no choice but to clean up the mess. He took no pleasure in it and the only satisfaction he would feel when he concluded his business was that everything could return to the way they were supposed to be.

“What have you done to my sister?” Elsa asked, putting as much firmness into her words as she could.

A thin smile spread across Tybalt’s face. “Nothing that cannot heal,” he assured her. “For the moment, she is safe and she will continue to be so as long as you cooperate with us.” He slowly circled the burning wood, keeping his eyes fixed on the trapped queen. “You should know that I find this whole matter extremely distasteful. It is the unfortunate results of a queen rising to power before her time. The brashness of your actions has made this necessary. However, if you behave, your sister will be allowed to live and claim the title of Queen of Arendelle from you. If, instead, you choose to cause more trouble, I will have no choice but to dispose of the both of you.”

With her powers gone, Elsa saw no choice but to give in to Tybalt’s demands for Anna’s sake. “What of me?” she asked. “What do you intend to do to me?”

Tybalt turned and motioned to Duke Elric, standing by and staring at Elsa with a wicked grin. “I have left your fate in the hands of the Duke,” he told her. “It was a condition for his agreeance to our alliance.” He paused, considering Elric for a few moments before looking back to Elsa. “Unfortunate for you, I suspect, as I think the Duke will take pleasure in this situation.” He turned and strode from the dungeon, leaving Elsa to Elric and the group of thugs. He had no desire to witness the sorts of abuses Elsa had in store for her.

Duke Elric let out a little chuckle as he moved over to a table on the far side of the room. “You look quite parched, my dear,” he said, picking up a pitcher and a mug. He slowly poured water into the mug, making sure Elsa could see him. “I suspect you’d like something to quench your thirst.” Setting the pitcher back down, he brought to mug over to the ring of flames. Elsa rose to her knees and crept closer to him, ashamed of how desperate she was for the water, but unable to do anything about it. He guided the mug towards her trembling, outstretched hands only to yank it back towards himself and take a long drink. “That’s good, clean water. Far too good for such a spoiled bitch like you, I think.” He shook his head. “Queen Elsa,” he said with disdain, spitting off to the side. Some of his spittle landed on the burning wood, sizzling away in moments. “You are a disgrace to all those who’ve held that title before you. How could a pathetic shut in like you know the first thing about ruling a people?”

Elsa tried her best to hold back the whimper of dismay as she watched Elric drink the water, but it still crept past her lips. The Duke smirked at her. “Wouldn’t you agree?” he asked.

Elsa brow furrowed with confusion. “I’m sorry?”

“If you’d like a drink of water, you’ll tell me what a terrible queen you were,” he told her. “And you’ll make me believe it.”

Elsa’s lips tightened, instinctively resisting Elric’s demand. But her eyes couldn’t help fixing on the mug and the Duke was more than happy to pour a bit of the water out onto the ground to further tease her. “Alright,” she finally spurt out. “I was a bad queen. Please, let me drink.”

The Duke shook his head. “Not good enough. I did tell you to make me believe it. Right now, the only thing I believe is that you want some water.”

Elsa sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly, closing her eyes. “I was an awful queen,” she said, letting herself believe the words. “A spoiled bitch, like you said. I knew nothing of what my true duties were. I cut off trading because of what you and Hans did to me and my sister. It was selfish thing to do. I see that now.”

Elric nodded, somewhat satisfied. “Now apologize.”

“I’m sorry,” Elsa forced out, her words cracking as tears stung her eyes. “I’m sorry for everything, I swear. I… I wish I could take it all back. I wish I’d never been crowned queen. I’m nothing but a useless woman. I deserve to be nothing more than a pretty trophy for a proper king. And I’m so very sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused, now please, let me have some water.” She slumped on her knees, head rolling forward as heavier sobs worked their way through her body. She tried to tell herself that her words meant nothing, that she was merely giving the Duke what he wanted so she could get what she so desperately needed, but deep down, she could feel the truth in what she’d spoken and she hated herself for it.

Elric smiled proudly. “Very good, my dear,” he said, extending the mug towards her. “I think you’ve earned yourself that drink.” He brought the rim of the mug to her dry lips and titled it towards her, allowing a small trickle of water to pass into her mouth before yanking the mug away. He saw the relief the sip brought Elsa spread across her face immediately shift into shocked dismay as he poured the rest of the water onto the ground. Tossing the emptied mug aside, Elric motioned the thugs to her. “Alright, boys, I said you could have some fun with her. Now’s the time.”

Elsa turned towards the men now rushing towards her, eyes going wide with fear. “What?” she gasped. “No, you can’t!” The thugs hopped over the burning lumber and surrounded her, pulling her up onto her feet. She struggled against them, but she was far too weak to get away from their groping hands. They yanked the neck of her dress down, exposing her pale, pert breasts. Before Elsa could try to tug the dress back into place, the fabric gave way and split open down the front. The men continued to pull and rip at it, stripping her down to her panties in moments. She tried to bring her arms in to cover herself, but it did little good. Elsa let out a sharp yelp as one of the men slapped her across her perky ass before yanking her underwear halfway down her thighs, exposing her royal nether regions for all to see.

“Never boffed a Queen before,” one of the goons remarked, playfully slapping at Elsa’s tits.

“Reggie, you ain’t boffed anything you weren’t related to,” another shot back as he helped himself to a couple handfuls of her pliant buttocks. His remark gained a few laughs from the others and a noticeable blush across Reggie’s cheeks.

“Always heard a Queen’s cunnie tasted of honey,” another of the men said, clapping a hand over her genitals and rubbing across the folds of her cunt. He gave Elsa a wide grin and a wink. “That true, bitch?” He jabbed his middle finger into her folds and gave the tight orifice a teasing poke. “I’m gonna be real disappointed if it isn’t.”

Elsa had no idea what her sex tasted of, but seeing the dangerous glint in the man’s eyes, she found herself desperately hoping that it did indeed have a honey flavor. She shuddered, feeling a growing sense of disgust as the men pawed at her, rubbing across every inch of her naked skin. Reggie leaned forward to wrap his lips around one of her nipples, giving it a hard suck and drawing a whimper from her lips. Another guy knelt behind her, kissing and nipping at the smooth cheeks of her ass. As much as Elsa hated the heavy groping they gave her, she found herself wishing that it was the only thing they’d do to her as she saw them start to pull their stiff pricks free. She let out a squeal of disgust as one of the men guided her hands down to his throbbing member, forcing her to wrap her fingers around it and stroke along its length.

Elsa cried out, face scrunching up with discomfort as the men bent her forward. She wound up with her chest hovering over the low, flickering flames of the burning wood. Heat rose over her breasts, further sapping away her strength as her tormentors took the time to give her rear a few smacks. They spread her cheeks apart and tickled at her sphincter and rubbed against her pussy, forcing her body to respond. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to ignore the tingles of pleasure their terrible touching caused her, ashamed of the glistening moistness creeping from her slit. “Please, don’t do this,” she groaned as she felt the first man’s hard cockhead press against her cunt, knowing there was nothing she could do to prevent the impending rape.

The man looming behind Elsa took hold of the ex-queen’s hips and bucked forward. The damp lips of her pussy parted for him, but he met with resistance as he entered her body. Gritting his teeth, he kept on pushing, forcing her to accept him and letting out a laugh as the tip of his dick mashed against a spongy wall. “No wonder she was such a rubbish leader,” he called out. “Little bitch has never had a cock inside her.” He gripped her tighter and slammed forward, skewering his way through her hymen and invading her cunt fully. Elsa’s head shot back, eyes bulging as she howled out in pain. A small trickle of blood crept free of her cock-stuffed pussy, running along the inside of her left thigh.

Between struggling to control her magical abilities and running a kingdom, Elsa had never found any time or interest in becoming sexually active. She occasionally got urges, but they were mostly fleeting and the few times they had become a distraction, she’d been able to easily deal with them but lightly stroking the affected area until the urges were satisfied. She’d always assumed that she had more than enough time to find a partner she loved before she’d have to really give sex any sort of serious consideration. Now that possibility had been taken from her and as the man’s hard shaft hammered into her aching cunt, so was any possibility of her finding the act fun or enjoyable.

“Don’t worry, Queenie,” Reggie told her as he forced her shackled hands to jerk at his erection. “We’ll give you a nice, thorough breaking in.”

“Hey, what about you, Duke?” one of the men called to Elric. “Don’t you want a piece of her?”

Elric chuckled and shook his head. “I’m a married man, gentlemen. I couldn’t possibly.”

“Oh, come on,” the guy encouraged with a grin. “No one here’s going to tell.”

Elsa was sorry to see that it didn’t take much inspiration for Elric to give in. She cringed as she watched the short man unfasten his pants and pull his own rigid cock free. “Well, if you insist,” he purred as he stepped forward. “After all, I do like to show you lads that I’m no different.” Seeing that – even with Elsa bent over – he was too short to reach her, the Duke retrieved a small stool and climbed onto it. He thrust his prick into Elsa’s face, slapping it against her cheeks a few times. “Now do keep in mind King Tybalt’s requirement for your cooperation,” he warned. “I’d hate for your sister to suffer simply because you couldn’t keep your teeth from sinking into my cock.”

Closing her eyes, Elsa forced her mouth to open for Elric. She groaned as he shoved his prick past her lips. The man’s stature was a stark contrast to the size of his cock, something Elsa quickly grew to hate as he slammed his way down her throat, forcing her to gag. It took every ounce of strength she had to keep her jaw from snapping shut reflexively around him. She tried to pull her head back, but he was quick to grab hold of her hair and pull her forward along his length, humping her face with fast, brutal pumps. Her gripping snatch brought the man hammering her from behind to climax, thick globs of jizz blasting the inner walls of her pussy before he pulled free and squirted the last of his seed over her moist cunt lips.

Elsa barely had time to recover from her first rape before another hard cock slammed into her. She grunted around Elric’s dick, coughing up drool that dribbled from her chin and sizzled away into the fire beneath her. The flesh of her breasts had taken on a reddish hue from the sustained heat and sweat poured from her. Her cheeks ballooned outwards and her eyes bulged as Elric slammed his cock balls deep down her throat and came. Jizz flooded her mouth, spurting from her stretched lips before backing its way into her sinuses and squirting from her nostrils. The Duke pulled his sloppy member free of her mouth and hosed her face down with the remainder of his spunk, leaving her to cough and sob.

“How’s her mouth, Duke?” one of the men asked.

Elric chuckled as he gathered a clump of Elsa’s hair and used it to wipe his soiled member clean. “Dreadful,” he declared. “No technique, no passion. She’s nothing more than a rank amateur trying her best to pass as a professional.” He tapped his softening cockhead against her cum-smeared forehead. “Isn’t that right, my dear?”

Elsa’s dry throat had trouble choking down the Duke’s sticky cum, forcing her to hack it up and send it drooling down her chin. “Y-yes, Duke,” she stammered out, giving in to the degradation as much as she could for Anna’s sake. She let out a startled yell as the man fucking her from behind pulled her up and away from the fire. He dropped back onto his ass and pulled the naked, squirming blonde into his lap, forcing her to bounce on top of him. Another of the thugs quickly darted in front of her, slapping his dick against her tits a few times before sliding his way into her gasping mouth.

After the man underneath her packed her pussy with even more cum, Elsa was rolled off of him and pulled into the arms of two more eager rapists. One of them lay back onto the floor, forcing her to straddle him and slide down onto his throbbing prick. The second guy crouched behind her, spreading her buttocks apart and guiding the tip of his cock to her asshole. Elsa turned her head, looking back at the man from over her shoulder with panic filling her wide eyes. “No! Not there!”

The man who’d been fucking her face followed after her, forcing her to face him. “Shut up, bitch,” he growled. “You’ve got some unfinished business to attend to here.” He forced his way back into her mouth. Her throat vibrated pleasantly around him as her asshole was forced open, screaming out her agony. Elsa quickly found herself as nothing more than a fuckable meat puppet, guided and pounded by the men as they worked out all of their pent up lust on her helpless body. The heat in the room only got worse as the gang rape continued and Elsa soon grew woozy and disoriented as she was stretched and twisted into a variety of positions. Her loins ached terribly and her skin became slippery with cum and sweat before the thugs finally grew tired of using her.

Elsa was tossed to the floor, slumped onto her side and panting heavily as her eyes swayed about unsteadily. Duke Elric looked her over with a smirk. “Still thirsty, my dear?” he asked. “I have to imagine you are. It’s like a sauna in here. And after all that physical exertion, you must be quite dehydrated. Would you like something more to drink?”

“P-please,” Elsa gasped. “W-w-water…”

The Duke nodded and motioned for the rest of the men to join him. “Up on your knees, my dear. And open wide.” He waited for the disgraced queen to gather enough strength to rise up into a kneeling position before him and the other guys, tilting her head back and opening her mouth wide. “It may not be water,” he told her as he aimed his cock at her gaping mouth. “But you’re hardly in any position to complain.” He relaxed his bladder and let a spray of urine cascade into her mouth, soon followed by several more streams. Elsa’s eyes bulged and she coughed, spraying piss from her mouth as the pungent taste soaked into her tongue. The men laughed and continued to hose her down with their urine. She remained perched on her knees, mouth obediently held open, but despite her body’s demand for fluids, she couldn’t make herself swallow.

The men didn’t seem to care either way. When they finished draining their bladders onto her, they left her – soaked in various bodily fluids and dropping into a half-conscious heap – and headed out of the dungeon, cracking crude remarks at her expense along the way.

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