Frozen 3: The Slave Wife

Anna sucked in deep, controlled breaths, doing everything she could to keep the tremors running through her body. The sudden turn her life had taken shocked her to her core. She wasn’t exactly a stranger to hardships or life threatening danger, but things had gone so terribly wrong so quickly that she didn’t know what to do. There was no sign of the carefree, happy young woman left on her distressed face. The welts of Hans’ whip had healed somewhat, but still marred the backside of her body. She’d not been given the privilege of clothing since then and although the weather had warmed considerably since Elsa’s capture, she couldn’t stop shivering as she was forced to stroll about in the nude.

The guards had taken her from her cell and led her out into public. Anna did her best not to notice the lecherous looks the townspeople gave her, the open admiration of her bare flesh, or the crude comments they called out. She kept her arms at her sides, obeying Hans’ orders to not try to hide her nudity from onlookers. Anna blinked tears from her eyes as she looked up at the towering cathedral. Her sister’s crown weighed heavily on her head, the only bit of adornment she wore aside from the simple black leather slave collar. She’d spent countless hours fantasizing about getting married. In some fantasies, she had a grand ceremony with hundreds of guests. In others, it was a more intimate, private affair. The reality she faced was far from magical or romantic. Instead, it felt like just as much a violation as the forceful fucking Hans had given her on his ship.

As the guards led Anna in through the cathedral’s grand entrance, her ears rang as the organist started playing ‘Here Comes the Bride’. The music echoed off the cathedral walls and pounded down on her as she was forced to slowly stroll down the aisle. The pews were filled with townspeople. They cheered and cackled, their rowdiness unlike anything she’d witnessed in a wedding ceremony. The cracks about how nice her tits looked and how much they enjoyed the way her butt jiggled as she walked didn’t help. Hans stood at the front of the cathedral, wide grin on his face as he stared wickedly at his bride-to-be. The front his pants tented outwards, showing his rigid arousal. Behind him, his twelve older brothers stood – some of them just as hard as Hans.

Anna’s stomach churned with unease as she was forced up to the podium and made to stand beside Hans. The music came to an end and the townspeople more or less settled down as the priest went through an amended ceremony. The words went by in such a flash, drawing Anna ever closer to being legally bound to Hans. Her chest heaved as she watched the rest of her life rushing towards an inevitable and terrible conclusion. The priest turned to Hans, asking the Prince to recite his vows. Anna wasn’t given the option. It didn’t surprise her. The marriage was a legal formality, forced upon her. The ceremony meant nothing, it was merely meant to humiliate her, show her just how little control she had over her own life. Hans’ vows only hammered home that fact.

“My dearest Anna,” he said to her, words dripping with contempt. “How I’ve longed for this day, as I’m sure you have. From the moment we met, I knew you were my ticket to ruling a kingdom. I promise to hold you within my power for the rest of your life, to enslave you and bend you to my will, to violate you, humiliate you, make you into my pathetic little fuck puppet.” He stepped closer to her, slipping an arm around her waist and yanking her against him. She yelped, muscles tensing but not struggling too hard against him. His hand slid up, unclasping the collar and tugging it away. He dropped it to the floor and took a new collar from the priest. The new collar was a good deal fancier than the last, a metal ring mounted to the back of it and the word ‘WHORE’ etched into the front. “With this collar,” he said with a cruel smirk as he snapped the collar closed around her throat. “I thee enslave.”

The priest barely had time to pronounce Anna and Hans husband and wife before the Prince had her in his arms, twisting her around and shoving her up against the altar. Anna let out a heavy sob as his hands gripped her tits, squeezing them roughly and tugging at her nipples. He ground his bulging crotch against her rear, grunting into her ear. “Come now, wife,” he growled, dropping a hand down to his pants to unfasten them and pull his cock out. “We’re bound together now. There’s nothing you can deny me. I can fuck you in front of all these people and it’s perfectly legal.” He mashed the head of his prick against Anna’s pussy lips, driving into her dry snatch with hard, jabbing thrusts.

Anna winced, tears flowing down her cheeks as Hans’ cock skewered into her. She looked out into the cathedral, watching the townspeople cheering her freshly minted husband on. His fingers dug into her shoulders, yanking her back onto his erection as he thrust forward into her. Her crotch throbbed with agony, still almost virginally tight. The lack of lubrication didn’t help. Anna’s breasts bounced and jiggled as he pounded into her. Hans reached up to grab a fistful of Anna’s hair, yanking her head back and leaning in to drag his tongue across her cheek. She whimpered and shuddered with disgust, squeezing her eyes shut and begging for an end to the consummation of her unwanted marriage.

Considering he had the rest of his life to enjoy breaking in his new wife, Hans didn’t bother holding back. He hammered into Anna from behind, his movements growing smoother as her body naturally responded to his penetration. The young woman whimpered and sobbed, struggling weakly against him as the tingling in her loins grew. She squeezed her eyes shut and fought off the undesirable pleasure with ease. All it took was thinking of how awful her life had become in such a short period of time. As Hans tensed behind her and his cock shuddered within the gripping walls of her slit, firing creamy spunk deep into her, she breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that this current rape had at least come to an end.

Hans kept his prick stuffed into Anna as his balls drained. He leaned against her, playfully slapping at her tits as he nibbled on her earlobe. “You’re not just married to me, you know,” he growled into her ear. “In my family, we share our possessions. And my brothers can’t wait to give you a proper welcome.” He pulled out of Anna and stepped aside, giving her ass a quick slap as he went. “Have at her, boys. What’s mine is yours.”

Before Anna could lodge any formal protests – and she knew it wouldn’t do any good if she could – the twelve brothers moved in on her and pulled her into their arms. In moments, the brothers were arguing over who got to use her next, tugging Anna from side to side. King Tybalt did his best to stay out of the petty bickering; only partaking in the ceremony due to familial obligation. “Enough,” he barked, silencing his younger siblings in an instant. He pulled Anna away from them and pushed her onto her knees in front of him. “Alright, my dear,” he told her, words filled with mildly annoyed disinterest as he fished his flaccid dick from his pants. “Put your mouth to work and make it quick. Some of us have better things to do than play with whore queens.”

All it took was a single glance for Anna to know just how little Tybalt thought of her. She didn’t dare let her mind wander to the awful things he might do to her if he determined she was wasting his precious time. Choking down her ever diminishing self-respect, Anna took hold of Tybalt’s limp member and lifted it to her lips. She sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, tracing her tongue around the crown as she nimbly stroked along his length, teasing him to an erect state. Straining her eyes to look up at the older man as he hardened in her mouth, Anna could not see even the flicker of pleasure in his stern face. Whimpering, she bobbed her head forward, sucking him deeper down her throat, doing her best to get him off in as timely a manner as possible.

It was clear to Tybalt from Anna’s stilted, clumsy movements that she had little experience sucking dick. It meant nothing to him – Hans would have to endure that disappointment – but it did prolong the act. With a sigh, he decided to get more involved, reaching down to grip Anna’s head firmly and buck his hips forward. He fucked the young woman’s face with brutal pumps, forcing her to gag around his stiff flesh. Saliva burst from her stretched lips and bubbled from her flared nostrils as she choked on him. The instinctive clenching of her throat muscles helped to stir him to orgasm. He yanked her head fully onto his member, grunting softly as he filled her clenching gullet with his seed. As soon as his climax faded, he shoved the girl off of his spent prick and tucked himself away. “There,” he snapped, looking his siblings over. “Now you can fight over who gets her next all you like.” With that, Tybalt turned and strode from the cathedral.

After another brief bit of bickering, the next brother pulled Anna towards him. She was still coughing up Tybalt’s spunk as she was pulled up onto her feet. The brother turned her away from him and bent her forward, pulling her arms back as he pushed into her soft folds from behind. His forward thrusts forced her to stumble, but his grip on her wrists kept her from falling and allowed him to pull her right back onto his erection. Anna cried out as her ass rippled with each hip-shaking impact of his pelvis against her posterior. Her tits swayed underneath her, shimmering with the sweat pouring from her. The brother currently raping her wasn’t quite as thick as Hans, but Anna hated the feeling of him inside her all the same.

As the brother packed her quivering cunt full of his seed, Anna let out a heavy sob. She dropped to her knees as the brother released her, burying her face in her hands as she cried. Creamy cum dribbled from her abused snatch, dripping in stringy lines to the floor beneath her. Anna struggled to wake up from the nightmare of her life, certain that it could be the only explanation for what was happening to her. She’d known the world could be a cruel place, but nothing in her life could have prepared her for the cold reality of just how cruel it was. Her hands were yanked away from her face by the next brother stepped up in front of her, crouching down enough to slide his erection between her modest breasts. He forced her hands onto her tits, making her push them together against his cock so he could fuck his way through her cleavage.

Anna turned her head, staring at the nine remaining brothers eagerly waiting to take their turn with her. Fresh tears sprang to her bloodshot eyes as she knelt in front of the altar, having her tits fucked in front of a crowd of townsfolk. The crown perched on top of her head meant she was officially a queen. She’d never wanted the title, more than comfortable with letting Elsa go on ruling for the rest of her life. Now that she had it, she knew she would do no ruling. She was nothing more than an enslaved plaything for Hans and his equally despicable family to use. She tried to block out the feeling of the throbbing member sliding between her breasts and focus on the fact that she was doing all of this for Elsa, to ensure her sister’s safety. As much as she hated what her life had become, she could at least take solace in that fact.

After her tits received a thorough glazing of cum, Anna was pushed onto her hands and knees by the next brother. He lifted her pert rear into the air, high enough for him to kneel behind her and shove his way into her pussy. Anna lowered her head, softly sobbing as she tried to find some way to come to terms with her new role in life. She doubted she ever could. Her only hope was that somehow, she could be saved. Elsa was her greatest chance, but she had no idea where her sister was being kept, or what was being done to her. Anna clenched her jaw, groaning as she felt more blasts of jizz pumping into her, silently begging Elsa to gather her strength and bring icy death down on Hans and his terrible siblings.

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