Frozen 4: For the People

Hans whisked Anna away for a honeymoon as soon as their wedding ceremony came to an end. He left Duke Elric in charge of running Arendelle, far more interested in giving his new wife a thorough breaking in out on the open seas. The Duke was more than happy to shoulder Hans’ responsibilities, especially since it gave him an unlimited number of opportunities to continue tormenting Elsa. He kept the older sibling trapped in her smoldering room, her powers and strength sapped away from the constant barrage of heat as well as the frequent abuses Elric and the guards gave her.

Elric was in the midst of having a bit of fun with the worn out ex-queen when a messenger entered the cell, bringing over a slip of paper to the Duke. Elsa lay before him, legs splayed apart to give him free access to her aching, overused cunt. She panted heavily, releasing the occasional whine. Her half-lidded eyes stared out to the side, too exhausted to fully realize what was being done to her let alone put up a struggle. Her feistiness had vanished over the two long weeks she’d spent locked up in her sweat box. Her holes had lost a good deal of their firmness, as well, but Elric had no complaints. Even Elsa’s repeatedly raped snatch offered him more gripping pleasure than his wife’s loosened meat curtains.

The messenger handed the note over to the Duke. Elric’s thrusts maintained their speed and force as he unfolded the slip of paper and read the words scrawled onto it. His lips curled into a cruel smirk. “It appears as if your sister’s honeymoon is coming to an end,” he told Elsa. “She and King Hans will be returning to Arendelle tomorrow.” The mention of Anna cut through the fatigue eating away at Elsa. She let out a groan, turning her head to look up at the Duke, forcing her eyes to open further. Elric chuckled, slamming his hips forward harder and watching the ex-queen’s tits bounce. “And the new king has given quite specific instructions for you.” Handing the paper back to the messenger, he dropped down over Elsa, staring into her eyes and spotting the flickers of fear in them. His ass rose and fell, humping into her cunt with speedy pumps as he neared his climax. “Looks like you’re finally going to get the chance for some fresh air.”

Over the long days she’d spent locked in the sweltering room, Elsa had dreamed of being able to leave the fiery area. Now that she was finally being given that opportunity, she wasn’t sure if she truly wanted to leave. The tone of Elric’s words told her that whatever the reason she was being taken out of her cell was far from a good one. She was far too tired to use her powers, even if she was removed from the constant barrage of heat. She wasn’t even sure if she’d ever be able to conjure her abilities again. She’d always been able to feel a chilly little tickle deep within her and she’d know that it was the core of whatever magic she possessed. But that tickle had vanished days ago. Whether due to the heat finally extinguishing her powers or the near-constant rapes breaking her spirit, Elsa didn’t know, but she was certain the results were the same.

The Duke spotted the fear and misery in Elsa’s eyes. He laughed, clutching her tits and slamming his prick balls deep into her, letting himself cum. His cock pulsed within her as it spat out its creamy spunk. The pathetic former queen was right to be scared. He’d not shared King Hans’ entire message with her. It didn’t seem right to spoil the surprise for Elsa, although he suspected she might have an inkling of what was in store for her. He yanked his dick free of her messy slit and rose to his feet, turning to the messenger. “Thank you for your service, lad,” he told the young man, slapping him on the shoulder. “Feel free to have a go with her before I send the guards in to collect her.”

The messenger’s eyes lit up with excitement. He hopped over the circle of low-burning wood surrounding Elsa, tugging his stiffening member free of his pants as the Duke chuckled and left the room. He reached down, snagging a fistful of Elsa’s disheveled blonde hair and yanking her up into a seated position in front of him. “You look parched, old queen,” he told her as he jabbed the tip of his cock against her chin. “Why don’t you give my hose a suck and see if you can coax something refreshing from it?” Elsa let out a miserable sniffle, but she parted her lips and sucked the messenger’s dick into her mouth.

Any hope Elsa had that her people might attempt to overthrow Hans and his brothers died as the guards dragged her out of the castle and into the town square. She saw open hostility and disdain in more than a few of their eyes, but even the townsfolk who looked on her more kindly seemed embarrassed or sickened by her situation. None of them showed any signs of wanting to help her. They were too concerned with joining her in her misery. Elsa couldn’t really blame them. Given everything she’d been through, she wouldn’t have wished it upon any of her former subjects. But the hatred and perverted lust she saw on some of their faces saddened her.

Elsa’s bare flesh was reddened from the persistent heat she’d endured over the course of two long weeks. Her skin glistened with sweat, patches of grey smoky soot clinging to various areas of her body. Fresh jizz dribbled down the insides of her thighs and clung to her chin. She stumbled along between the guards, legs going weak and giving out underneath her. The guards tightened their grip on her arms, keeping her up and dragging her along. Her head dropped forward, whimpering as the tops of her bare feet scrapped across the stone path. She tried to resume walking on her own, but the guards were moving too quickly and her muscles were too tired.

The stockades in the center of Arendelle’s town square had been there as long as Elsa could remember. She’d never seen it used on anyone before. Prior to her short reign, Arendelle had been a largely peaceful place. There’d been crime, but none of it severe enough to deserve such extreme public punishment. Elsa didn’t think she deserved it, either, but she suspected the guards didn’t much care about her opinion. When they got to the stockades, one guard took her into his arms while the other pulled it open so she could be bent over and fitted into it. Elsa lifted her head as the top of the stockade was pushed into place and locked shut. A crowd of townsfolk were already gathering around her, curious to see what was in store for their former queen.

Duke Elric made his way out into the town square, smugly smiling as he admired Elsa’s rear. “King Hans has decreed that your misguided ex-queen be returned to you, the people of Arendelle. She is to be a symbol of the end of one era and the start of another, of unity between your newly joined kingdoms. And in the spirit of unity, I have been authorized to grant extra food rations to any of you willing to show your loyalty to the new king by violating your old queen.” He grinned as his eyes scanned across the gathered townspeople. “You fill this pathetic whore with your seed and the King will fill your bellies with food.” With a wave of his hand, Elric signaled his guards to roll out several carts filled with edibles.

Considering the number of people she’d seen with hatred in their eyes as she’d been brought out to the stockades, it didn’t surprise Elsa to feel the first cock prodding at her pussy. She groaned as her first public usage commenced. She’d become no stranger to being raped since her capture, but now that it was being done to her in public, surrounded by people she recognized, Elsa felt a whole new level of humiliation flowing through her. “P-please,” she whimpered, blinking tears from her eyes as she looked out at the townsfolk. “Help m-me…” She looked pleadingly at the people gathering in around her, wincing as the man behind her slammed the full length of his erection into her.

While the man behind her fucked Elsa’s cunt and slapped at her ass, the ex-queen looked out at the growing crowd surrounding her. Her cheeks blushed as she spotted the familiar face of the town’s baker, his wife and two small children beside him. Her arms tugged at the stockade, desperately trying to pull free so she could cover her swaying breasts, feeling growing discomfort as the family stared at her openly. The baker’s face was somber, clearly not happy with what was being done to her. But then she saw him look to one of the carts of food. He turned to his wife, whispering something to her and she nodded before gathering her children up and whisking them away. Elsa’s eyes widened with horror as the baker stepped towards her, fishing his dick out of his pants and stroking it to hardness.

Elsa clamped her mouth shut and shook her head as the baker stepped in front of her. She looked up at him with shocked eyes, unable to accept that he’d be willing to violate her. His jaw firmed as he looked down at her. “I don’t want to do this,” he whispered to her. “But King Hans’ soldiers come to my shop every day, collecting my goods and leaving only the standard rations. My children are hungry, my wife and I are starving ourselves so that they can stay fed, but it’s not enough. And since this occupation is your fault, this is the least you can do.” He pressed the tip of his prick against Elsa’s lips. “Now open your mouth,” he growled. When she still refused, he reached down and pinched her nose shut. Her face darkened as she lost the ability to breathe. When she could take no more and opened her mouth to suck in some much needed air, the baker thrust his erection down her throat.

Tears rolled down Elsa’s cheeks as hard cock plugged her at both ends. The stockades rattled and shifted as the men pounded into her from either side. The man fucking her from behind pulled free and shot his creamy spunk over her quivering buttocks before heading off to collect his extra food. Elsa gagged around the baker’s thick prick, drool spilling from her stretched lips. As shameful as the experience was, the baker’s words kept rattling around in her head. The plight of his family was a result of her poor choices. She wanted to hate the man for raping her, but the guilt weighing down on her made it difficult. If she’d not gone to war with the Seven Isles, her kingdom’s people would not be suffering. As the baker’s dick swelled in her mouth and his cum exploded down her throat, she began to wonder if she actually did deserve the punishment being bestowed upon her.

The town’s butcher was the next to make his way up behind Elsa. He had little use for the extra food. He’d struck a deal with the invading soldiers early on, offering them some private relaxation with his daughter in exchange for letting him keep more of his butchered meats. With the girl’s mother dead, he had more than enough to keep himself well fed. His daughter wasn’t exactly happy with the trade, but he’d made it perfectly clear to her that since she was now eighteen, she needed to earn her own way in the world. It was the same argument he gave her when he climbed into her bed each night to work out his own pent up lust, letting her know that she’d only get to keep eating if she continued to put out for him and the soldiers.

The butcher still had every intention of claiming his extra rations, but he was far more interested in scoring himself a piece of royal snatch. And just because Elsa wasn’t technically the queen anymore didn’t mean she wasn’t still royalty. He dragged the tip of his cock across her pussy lips a few times, chest heaving as his excitement grew. Lining himself up with her cum-leaking hole, he pushed forward slowly, feeling the warm walls of her cunt parting around his member. He groaned loudly, eyes rolling back as she took him in. If he really thought about it, he had to admit that Elsa’s cunt didn’t feel much different than his daughter’s, but the knowledge that he was plundering an orifice once considered sacred to the entire kingdom gave the experience an extra thrill.

Elsa had no way of knowing who was raping her cunt, let alone the man’s inclination towards prostituting and fucking his very own daughter. She was far too busy dwelling in her own misery to worry about such things. She let out a shocked gasp as she spotted one of the butlers from her castle approaching her. The man was old enough to be her father – or even her grandfather. Considering she’d known him since she was a child, he might as well have been related to her. But she saw no sign of the kindness in his eyes any longer. His lips were scrunched up with disdain and she even saw the hint of tears glistening in his eyes as he took up position in front of her.

“Bitch,” he growled before spitting a thick wad of saliva into her face. “My son joined your armies, wanting to do you proud in the hopeless war you threw us into. He died believing in you and now look what’s become of your kingdom. I’m so very glad your mother and father died before they could see what a failure you grew up to be.” As he tore into her verbally, he unfastened his pants and dropped them to his ankles, freeing an erection far larger than Elsa would have ever suspected from the old man. She tried to beg for his forgiveness, but he showed in interest in her words, cutting them off as he shoved his thick flesh into her mouth. Elsa sobbed as the butler clutched her head and drove his hips forward, slamming into her face with quick, brutal pumps.

The public gang-rape dragged on and on. Elsa lost track of the number of men – and even women – who stepped forward to use her. Some of them did so out of hatred for her. Others did so out of desperation and a need for the extra rations. Still more did so just to fit in so that the occupying forces of King Hans might look more favorably on them. It seemed that everyone in Arendelle had one reason or another to violate their former queen and the longer the event went on, the less they saw her as anything more than a helpless slut available for their pleasure. It wasn’t long before the incentive of extra food meant less than the opportunity to plunder Elsa’s holes and she could do nothing to stop it.

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