Frozen 5: The Fire

This is an especially brutal story, filled with torture, rape, and snuff. Be sure this is a thing you want to read before continuing.

Hans made sure to bring Anna into the castle via the rear entrance. He didn’t want to spoil his new wife’s surprise. Confining her to the bedroom, he headed out into the town to see how well things had gone in his absence. Duke Elric had prepared Elsa just as he’d demanded and he was happy to find that it had already started to improve relations between the citizens of Arendelle and the Seven Isles occupation forces. Despite their fundamental differences and the fact that they’d so recently been attempting to kill each other, they managed to find a common interest in abusing the former queen.

It was a common interest that would not last much longer, but Hans wasn’t concerned about a dip in Arendelle’s moral. Elsa had to be dealt with in a permanent manner. Just because she’d not regained her ability to freeze them all to death yet didn’t mean she’d maintain that level of helplessness forever. It was far better to put a definitive end to her now, when she was still weak, then to allow her to live and potentially recover. Beyond that, he thought Elsa’s public execution would make for a splendid wedding gift for his blushing bride. He’d had plenty of fun raping her during their honeymoon cruise, but every once in a while, he caught a spark of defiance and hope in her eyes. Once Elsa was gone for good, he suspected he’d not have to worry about that spark ever again.

Arriving at the town square, Hans was unsurprised to find Elric supervising Elsa’s usage and the dispensing of food. The short man turned to him with a wide grin. “King Hans,” he said. “I do hope your honeymoon went well.”

Hans nodded. “The most fun I’ve had on the open seas in quite a while. But you know what they say…” He motioned to Elsa. “There’s really no place like home.”

Elric chuckled. “Have you come to sample the town whore’s delights, sire?”

Shaking his head, Hans let out a scoffing laugh. “Duke Elric, I am the king of this land now. What would my subjects think of me if they saw me sullying myself with common street trash such as this pathetic whelp?”

“I suspect they wouldn’t mind so much,” Elric replied. “She is the latest sensation sweeping the nation, after all. They’d be more upset if you took some of the extra food rations afterwards, seeing as it’s far more precious to them than this miserable failure ever was.”

Hans gave Elsa a lingering look. He’d not yet sampled the older sister, but judging by the amount of cum splattered on the ground underneath her and the stringy lines of it drizzling from her gaping pussy and ass, he didn’t see much left to sample. The thought of sticking his dick anywhere near where countless of the townsfolk had sickened him. “A persuasive argument, Duke,” he said. “But I believe I’ll have to pass. What would my wife think, after all?” The two men shared a laugh at that. “Still, I suppose I should pay my respects to the old queen in some way.”

Stepping in front of Elsa, Hans unfastened his pants and pulled his cock free, stroking along its length until it stood firmly erect. He kept on stroking as he looked down at her. Her blonde hair was matted with spunk and her bloodshot eyes struggled to stay open. The occasional tremor ran through her as her exhausted muscles fought to keep her on her feet. “It’s been a while, Elsa,” he said with a smirk, enjoying the sparkle of fear and disgust she gave him as she looked up at him. “How does it feel to have had so much and fall so far? I bet you’re really kicking yourself for your nearsightedness, huh?”

Elsa groaned, keeping her mouth open for Hans. A dense fog had settled into her mind sometime around her hundredth consecutive rape. She wasn’t even entirely sure who it was standing before her. The voice sounded familiar, but she was far too tired to think clearly. The fact that the man didn’t seem interested in fucking her face confused her, but she had just enough sanity left to know that asking him to plug her throat with his dick was probably a less than desirable request to make. Her face winced as a muscle in her left thigh cramped, distracting her completely from the cock getting pumped in her face as she shifted the weight of her body onto her right leg and tried to work through the pain.

“Your sister sends her regards,” Hans said as he jerked his cock faster. “Or, I suppose she would if I’d bothered to ask her. You know, she may be younger and less experienced, but I already think she’s making a far better queen than you ever did. Unlike you, she knows to only open her mouth when I’m ready to shove my cock into it.” He noted how Elsa was doing exactly that for him and laughed. “Well, sure, you do that now, but it’s too late for that lesson to do you any good.” As his balls tightened, Hans stepped forward and pressed the head of his dick against Elsa’s forehead. When he came, the jizz blasted out from between where their skin touched and flowed down over her face. Hans flicked the last remnants of his cum into her hair before moving away from her. “Prepare the pyre,” he instructed Elric. “I’ll be bringing Anna out onto the balcony soon so she can enjoy the day’s festivities.”

Anna was nearly as exhausted as her sister. Hans had hardly given her a moment of rest over the two weeks since their unholy marriage. Her crotch ached from overuse, forcing her to limp along as her unwanted husband guided her through the castle she’d once loved so much but now found despicable. It felt less like a home and more like an extravagant prison to her. When she fell behind Hans, he gave the leash clipped to her slave collar a swift yank, pulling her along and making her catch up or risk getting strangled. Please, Elsa, she thought as tears stung her eyes. I don’t know where they’ve taken you, but please, find me and save me. She wouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out where her sister was.

“Come along, my dear,” Hans called back to her, giving her leash another tug. “You wouldn’t want to miss our welcome home ceremony, would you? The townspeople have been working so hard to prepare it for us. It would be downright impolite to make them wait any longer than they have to.” He looked back at his miserable wife. “You’re going to love it.”

Anna doubted that would be the case. She doubted she’d find love for anything so long as she remained his unwilling wife. As she shuffled along behind Hans, head lowered and staring at the floor forlornly, she didn’t notice the smugly smirking butler opening the doors to the castle’s grand balcony. She strolled past him, completely missing the way his eyes lingered on her exposed flesh as she stepped out onto the balcony and into the shining sun. It was a beautiful day, the likes of which Arendelle had seen few of since the war had begun. Squinting her eyes against the harsh light, Anna moved up to the railing alongside Hans, uncertain of what he had in store for her and a little afraid of what it might be.

The horde of townsfolk cheering for their new king gathered in the square below the balcony surprised Anna. She’d not expected the people of Arendelle to turn on her and her sister so swiftly, despite the hardships they’d all been through. As she looked down into the square, her eyes widened with surprised horror as she spotted Elsa, trapped within the stockades, naked, beaten, and glazed in cum. Seeing her sister in such a state made Anna’s heart ache, so much so that it took her several more moments to comprehend the chunks of oiled wood piled up around Elsa. Her head snapped to the side, staring in horror at Hans as her husband turned to give her a thin smile.

“What… what are you going to do to her?” Anna whimpered, her chest heaving as she felt the tickling of a panic attack stirring within her.

“Nothing, my dear,” Hans replied, extending an arm to wave out at the crowd and Elsa. “This was Duke Elric’s idea. After all, he demanded to be in charge of what happened to your sister in exchange for his assistance during the war. He’s had his fun with her and now he’s determined that she’s to be publically executed for the humiliation she’s brought him as well as to defend himself and the Seven Isles from any future meddling she might attempt.” It was technically a lie, but not much of one. Hans had signed Elsa’s death warrant, but Elric had insisted Elsa be put to death before the war even began.

“No!” Anna shrieked, moving close to Hans and grabbing hold of his shirt. She stared up at him with wide-eyed horror. “Please, you can’t! She… she doesn’t deserve this! She was just trying to protect me!” She glanced to Elsa, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Please, stop the Duke from doing this!”

“I’m not a monster, Anna,” Hans said. “I can be quite merciful. And since I rule this kingdom now, I could spare your sister’s life with ease.” He shrugged as he looked his naked, sobbing bride over. “But you’ve hardly been a very agreeable queen to me. I’m not sure you’ve earned my mercy.”

Anna’s panic rose as she spotted a guard out in the town square setting a torch aflame. “I… I can do better! I’m sorry for everything I’ve done wrong! Just, please, spare my sister’s life! I’ll do anything you want! Anything! Just… oh god, please, stop them!”

Hans had forced Anna to her knees plenty of times since their marriage. He hardly had to force her this time. He barely had to place his hands on her shoulders before she got the message and lowered herself in front of him. Her hands scrambled to pull open his pants and yank his dick out. He was hard in moments and she quickly slurped him into her mouth, wanting to show him how good a queen she could be. If it meant saving Elsa, she’d be the best queen in all of history. Hans’ prick tasted just as vile as it had every other time she’d had to suck him off, but she found it far easier to ignore the bitter flavor.

When Hans reached down and took hold of Anna’s head, shoving her face against his crotch, he was amazed to feel no resistance from her. The young woman certainly seemed to be sincere in her commitment to doing whatever it took to save Elsa. He grinned, feeling a surge of pleasure rush through him not only from Anna’s clenching throat squeezing around his manhood, but from the power he felt knowing he’d finally managed to break her spirit. He suspected that by the end of the ceremony, she’d never recover her will to fight back against him. Anna gagged repeatedly as he slammed his prick down her throat, fucking her face with swift strokes. Drool poured from her stretched lips, leaving his shaft and swaying balls drenched in her spit. Hans turned to look down at the gathered townsfolk, lifting one hand away from Anna’s head so he could give them a friendly wave.

Amidst the crowd, Elsa looked up at the balcony, watching her sister being viciously violated. She wanted to feel anger, to gather up her fury and use it to fuel her icy powers, but she was too tired. Her muscles ached and she felt utterly filthy with the sweat and jizz clinging to her skin. Seeing what had become of her younger sister, Elsa’s self-pity grew stronger. She regretted ever assuming the role of queen, wishing she’d simply stayed away from Arendelle. The people would have been far happier without her, and Anna would at least have been saved from the terribleness of Hans. Self-hatred and guilt numbed her, but all the same, she was happy that the crowd’s cheers mostly blocked out the sounds of her sister choking on Hans’ erection. If she averted her eyes, she could almost ignore the situation completely.

Hans shoved Anna’s head off of his throbbing member, grabbing hold of the stiff meat as he came. The young woman winced and squeezed her eyes shut but held still as he sprayed her face down with his creamy load. When Anna’s eyes opened, he saw her looking up at him with hope. Seeing the pathetic emotion paired with his fresh spunk dribbling over her cheeks, nose, and forehead kept Hans fully erect and eager to continue violating her. He yanked her up onto her feet and spun her around, pushing her up against the balcony’s railing as he tugged her ass towards him. He’d given his unwilling wife a significant amount of usage, but he’d left her asshole unviolated, aside from the night he’d spent tongue-fucking the orifice. He’d done it primarily to humiliate her and it had worked. Now, he intended to use the tight, virgin hole for nothing more than his own pleasure.

With his cock thoroughly soaked in Anna’s saliva, Hans saw no need for any further amount of lubrication. He pried his queen’s firm buttocks apart and pressed the tip of his erection against the puckered hole between them. He heard Anna release a whimper of fear, but even as the sound passed her lips, he felt her try to push her ass back onto him. The girl was certainly committed to saving her sister’s life, of that there could be no doubt. Gripping Anna’s shoulders, Hans bucked forward. Anna let out a shriek as her asshole strained to take his thick member, pain streaking across her face even as she continued to shove back against him. The head of his cock popped through her sphincter, drawing another yelp of pain from Anna. Once he had her anus wedged open, it wasn’t nearly as difficult for him to feed the remainder of his rigid length up her rear.

The crowd below cheered wildly as they watched their new queen getting roughly sodomized. Hans tightened his grip on Anna’s shoulders, keeping her pinned against the railing as he rammed his way into her ass. He locked eyes with the guard holding the lit torch and gave him a nod, signaling him to continue with the execution. He grinned sadistically as he prepared to keep Anna in place, expecting – rightfully so – her to freak out as soon as she realized her efforts were in vain. The young woman’s asshole clenched around his member, almost impossibly tight, but he resisted the urge to blast her bowels with cum, not wanting to miss out on the once in a lifetime moment.

The pain of Hans’ cock pounding into her ass again and again faded with amazing swiftness as Anna spotted the guard heading towards Elsa with the lit torch. “No!” she screamed, trying to lift herself up and twist her chest to the side to look back at Hans. “You promised! You promised you’d let her live!”

Hans laughed, keeping up the force of his thrusts as he felt Anna’s already gripping anal walls clamp down even harder around him. “I never said that. All I said was that I had the power to do so, and that you’ve been a disappointing queen thus far. You’re the one who assumed those two points were somehow related.” He moved a hand up from Anna’s shoulder, grabbing a fistful of her hair and forcing her to face front. “Now shut up and pay attention. I recall hearing your sister once say that the cold never bothered her. Time to find out what her feelings on heat are.”

The oil-soaked wood caught fire with ease and as the flames flowed over the stacks piled around and under Elsa, the heat licked at her bare flesh. The ex-queen’s eyes widened with horror as the flames flickered against her feet and up the length of her trembling legs. The burning pain cut through the fatigue and the guilt, filtering her life down to a singular point. She screamed as her feet blistered up and her calves reddened. Smoke billowed around her, transforming her panicked shrieks into heavy coughing. The flames rose higher, tickling against her slim belly before burning the skin. The heat wafted over her, far worse than her uniquely crafted cell had ever been. She wheezed and managed to scream again as the flickering fire diligently roasted her jiggling tits.

The stockades may not have been soaked in oil, but the contraption was still constructed of wood. Gradually, the pyre spread to that wood, helping to burn Elsa that much faster. When she could keep from coughing, she released hoarse screams, her throat already dried from the heat. Her once sexy legs blackened, skin cracking open as the fire travelled further upwards, curling across the curves of her perky posterior. Her pubic hair – grown out into an unruly blonde patch over the course of her captivity – erupted into a fiery flash, burning the skin underneath. Elsa took little notice of the unorthodox bit of grooming, too overwhelmed with the pure agony of feeling her cunt burning. The cum still dribbling from her snatch heated along with the rest of her, bubbling and sizzling as the flames brought the sticky fluid to a boil on her sensitive skin.

Elsa’s perky yet modest breasts swelled as the flames licking at them cooked the fat within the twin mounds of flesh. Her stiff nipples darkened as they were singed down to throbbing nubs. Tendons protruded against her neck as she strained her head forward, screeching through clenched teeth. Her eyes bulged, staring up at her sister being anally pounded on the balcony above her. The tears that dripped from her face became nothing more than small wisps of steam well before they reached the crackling fire beneath her. The pain rushing through Elsa was like nothing the young woman had ever felt before, made all the worse thanks to her preference for colder temperatures.

Elsa’s chest became blackened and cracked. Her legs, ass, and cunt were already lost to the inferno raging around her. Her eyes rolled back as her body shuddered within the confines of the burning stockades. The skin of her back rippled and bubbled, blistering up even before the flames rose high enough to consume her body completely. Her left tit burst, spraying molten fat and flaps of scorched skin into the flames below. She had no strength left to scream, throat partially roasted and lips cracked from the heat. Her head fell forward, unintentionally speeding her demise as her hair fluttered over her face and caught fire. Fresh flails of panicked horror coursed through Elsa as the flames engulfed her face, but they were short lived. With the extensive damage already done to her body, she only managed to survive a handful of seconds beyond the point of the fire chasing the oxygen through her nostrils and down her throat to scorch her lungs from within.

Elsa’s body slumped within the stockades, clearly dead as the flames rose higher, consuming her completely. She gave the occasional jerk and twitch as the heat forced her muscles to tighten and snap. The crowd cheered happily as they watched their old queen roasting away into a blackened carcass. Scorched chunks of flesh sloshed off of her, leaving behind burnt bone. When the fire ate through the muscle tissue of her belly, Elsa’s corpse split open, spilling out steaming innards onto the pyre where they quickly shriveled up. Her cum-stuffed uterus dangled out of her, roasting over the open fire for a couple minutes before that too split open to spill its bubbling contents into the fire.

Anna stared in shock down at the town square. She hardly felt Hans’ erection slamming it sway up her ass. Elsa’s blackened, fire-bathed corpse reflected in the young woman’s wide eyes as she felt every ounce of lingering hope within her die. The war was truly over. Hans and his family had won. And with Elsa dead, Anna had no reason to go on resisting. Even the slimmest chance of a rescue had been destroyed right before her. The tenseness of her muscles faded as she slumped against the railing, blank face not even wincing as Hans sped his thrusts into her. Anna wanted to break down, to sob for her dead sister, to pull herself over the balcony’s railing and smash her body against the stone road below so she could join Elsa in the afterlife. But she found she didn’t have the strength for any of that. The most she could manage was a single tear, slowly trickling down her cheek, as Hans filled her bowels with his seed and she silently accepted her new role in life as his fuck-slave.

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