All in the Mind 2

Dull pain. Everything was dark. What was happening? Where was she? Kiira’s mind was numb. Somewhere in the back of it, she could feel a dull thud, but she couldn’t focus on it long enough to figure out what it was. Everything hurt. Everything.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t stopping. Her ears were ringing, her skull pounding, and it felt like somebody had tossed her body off a cliff. Something was shaking her pretty hard. She tried to move her limbs, but nothing was responding to her. Opening her eyes, everything was a dark blur, and her tongue tasted like ash.

She felt groggy, exhausted for some reason. Kiira wasn’t even sure if she was still alive. That dull, pounding sound followed each rough jerk of her body, and as her senses were slowly returning to her, it was growing higher pitched, more like a wet slap. And it hurt, more and more…

Kiira let out a guttural moan as more and more feeling returned to her. Her vision cleared a bit, but all she could see was shades of gray in the darkness. Her arms and legs still weren’t answering her, but she could feel stone underneath her, the smooth, sharp edges of the rock as she was rocked against it. Electricity coursed up her spine as more the numbness faded, and oh God! What had been a dull pounding was now a searing pain. It felt like her guts were on fire.

Her hips were up in the air, and something wet was slapping against her behind. No, her rump was what was wet. She was completely drenched in something. Sweat? Mostly, but there was more. She felt warm, hot even. Something was beating against her firm, cushy cheeks, leaving bruises across the round globes from the force. Her eyes opening wide, Kiira’s red pupils dilated as she tried to remember where she was, how she’d gotten here. She groaned, gagged, and heaved, lifting her head and coughing up a thick, wad of white from her lungs. She tried to use her hands to lift herself up, but something was yanking them back roughly. Her knees were folded and pinned under her. Suddenly, she could feel someone’s weight against her, something soft, warm, and slicked with sweat mashing against her spine.

“Oh, awake again, are we sister? I’m glad… it’s so much less fun when you’re asleep.”

Kiira recognized that voice, that hissing, raspy, growling voice. Her brother. But… she had killed him. Killed him as part of the power struggle between her and her sister Talia years ago… Why couldn’t she remember? Why was it all so fuzzy? The pain grew more intense as her mind returned to full consciousness. Something was pounding at her behind, and her asshole burned, forced to stretch wide as her opening was being used for something other than its intended purpose. A hard thick rod of flesh was scraping away at her innards.

Kiira screamed in fresh agony as her brain finally processed what was happening. The man… her fucking spider-shit stain of a brother, was raping her ass!

“I was getting worried you might not wake up. Afraid we hit you too hard. Not worried enough to stop fucking you, of course… but still. I was worried,” Karthas chuckled darkly into whispering into the priestess’s ear as he viciously plowed her backdoor.

She was naked, disarmed completely. Her silks, her armor, her holy symbol… all gone. Sometime, perhaps while she was passed out, the drow man had stripped it all off her, freeing her tits to scrape against the stone. “Talia left you to me… isn’t that nice of her? Of course, she thinks your dead. No drow woman would ever LET a man do something like this, even to her mortal enemy. It might give one of us ideas. But you know what I think this?” He said as he continued to lunge forward into her. “I think what Talia doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

“Get off me!” Kiira moaned. Why was she so weak? What had they done to her? Why was she so helpless to resist.

Karthas laughed. “You always were a tight-ass, Kiira. Glad to see it can benefit me eventually.” He groaned with pleasure as he gripped Kiira tightly around her wrists and yanking on them harshly, until the priestess was forced to arch her back, lifting her upper body off the ground so her brother could use her arms as leverage to fuck her harder. She really was so tight. Despite a health disregard for the pain he was killing her, it took a lot of effort to rape her… he needed to really work to squeeze himself past her clenched pucker. The hole resisting his advances more now that Kiira was awake.

Of course, that just made it a more pleasurable fuck…

Her body felt so weak, so exhausted. Why… how had she gotten here? The air surrounding them absolutely reeked of sex, the musky scent of Karthas’s body, his lust and the scent of his cum feeling the air. Finally, belatedly, Kiira began to struggle. Sex between the drow was always a power struggle, always a fight. Especially between women, but even when fucking the inferior men. Now though… this was another struggle, a bigger struggle. No man could be permitted to do this to a woman and not pay with their life. “Kill… you…” she hissed. “Kill… you… for this…”

Her brother only chuckled. “And here I thought you already did.”

Confusion. “Wha-”

Karthas cut off her ability to speak by abruptly gripping her harm hard enough that his nails drew blood on her dark skin, yanking hard, and beginning to slam into Kiira as hard as he possibly could. Over and over, raping her ass harder and harder. With each thrust, Kiira’s ass was forced that much looser, and her rapist’s pace increased, reaming her forbidden hole mercilessly as her breasts bounced wildly from each impact, the sweaty dark jugs wobbling obscenely as she was pounded. It hurt. Goddess, it hurt. Kiira was screaming herself hoarse, occasionally succumbing to hacking coughs as her raw through gave out. To her shame, she just wished she could pass out again, to feel that comforting numbness overtake her and block out the pain.

The way he was pounding her, it hurt so bad she couldn’t even think to fight. She was too weak to escape, too battered and abused to fight. It felt like his cock was tearing her open each time it slid past her anal ring. Karthas was like a machine, ruthlessly pistoning in and out of her, driving his hips into her ass cheeks as hard and fast as she could… their bodies colliding into one another with enough force to bruise her perfect, smooth ass.

Grunting from the exertion and the tight sleeve gripping his cock, Karthas was building towards a load of cum to fill his screaming fucktoy. No words were spoken now. Just grunts of lustful, violent pleasure, and screams of pain… moans punctuated by loud smacks of flesh colliding and the lewd squish of her ass being stuffed full of cock. And then he came. Kiira screamed in fury and horror as bubbling cream shooting into her, filling her ass to the brim with disgusting, hot seed… and still he slammed into her over and over. He didn’t ease up on his hard thrusting until Kiira could feel his disgusting jizz oozing out of her taut hole each time he pulled back, the viscous, white syrup spilling down Kiira crack and soaking her thighs.

For just a moment… just a single moment she wasn’t being attacked, wasn’t having her insides rearranged by a cock… and it didn’t hurt enough to stop her from thinking. This is wrong. This was wrong. Her brother was dead. She had killed him. And… and… she wasn’t in Menzoberranzan, was she?

Her head… her head!

Pain, Overwhelming, catastrophic pain. Worse than anything she had ever felt. It was like someone was driving a sword right into her brain. Goddess, it hurt! By Lolth, what was happening to her…

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