Last Edited – 4/4/19

Her captor, whom she learned was called Cieran, made good on his promise. After he finished with her in the woods, he had bound her up in his mysterious gray conveyance and taken her to a building. It stank of iron and fish and waste here, but the mattress he took her too was dirtier still. Meriel wondered how many other women he had abused on it. He certainly added one more when he threw her down onto it and proceeded to rape her again. The whole time, she was barely paying attention to him. Her cunt was so abused it felt numb, and over there, hanging off the door to the gray box – she could see her skin. Just ten or twenty feet away.

Meriel stared longingly at it as he pumped in and out of her. She couldn’t even plead since he had stuffed her mouth filled with a dirty, smelly rag. She could only take the dick pumping in and out of her and pray that he would be done with her soon – and that when he was, she could take her skin and be gone from this place. After she made it back to the sea, Meriel doubted that she’d be taking off her skin for years – not after what Cieran had done to her.

But when he finished, he didn’t set her free, unbind her, or give her her precious skin. Instead, he left her bound in place on the mattress, pacing around the room. He wasn’t paying attention to her, but she didn’t struggle or try to escape. It all just hurt – so bad. The collar around her neck burned. Her wrists felt raw where he had bound the bracelets around her, and they were too strong for her to break. Her shoulders, arms, legs, hips were all sore from straining to escape. Her skin was raw where she’d been whipped – and between her legs – by Brighid the pain between her legs –

Then someone banged on the door.

Cieran opened the door, and three men walked into the room. Taller than him and larger as well, the three men carried themselves heavily and dangerously. Each of them looked at her, and their grins made her shudder. She shrank away from them as much as she could, squirming as far away as she could within her bonds.

And then a woman entered.

Meriel felt her eyes go wide as she caught sight of the fourth person to enter the room. She was – gorgeous. The selkie had never seen a woman who looked like her. She was an exotic beauty, stunning – paler than even Meriel was, she resembled nothing so much as a perfect, porcelain doll – except for her eyes. Her eyes were blue. Not the blue of the ocean, or the sky – they were the blue of a seashell, of exotic fish, or a moonstone. Narrow, angry eyes, eyes that judged, eyes that took in her surroundings and didn’t forgive, and never forget.

She wasn’t very tall. Meriel was taller than her by at least a handspan, but her straight dark hair cascaded down to her butt, framing her face, making her look even paler. She walked into the room as if she owned it.

Her eyes found Meriel, eyes roaming over her – taking in her entire body at once, the marks, her hair. It was like being stared at by a fishmonger, or a butcher – like she was being appraised and about to be eaten.

“So,” she said, her voice as cold as ice. “You found one. And you haven’t ruined her – too badly.” She looked over to Cieran. “We’ll take her. Two million.”

“She’s worth twice that!” Cieran protested.

“Maybe before you whipped her,” the woman said. “And raped her. Now we’ll have to let her recover before we can use her for anything, and we can’t sell her for as much. So two million it is. Take it – or try to find someone else to sell a Selkie to.”

Cieran stood there with clenched fists. “Fine,” he growled finally. “I’ll take it. But I’m going to have the last laugh.” He turned to one of the men. “How much does your boss charge for a roll with her?”

The woman didn’t react at all, but the men started to laugh. “Yuki? You want a ride with Yuki?” He reached back to one of the other men and was handed a leather case. He opened it, seemed to count quickly, and then tossed to Cieran. “You’re going to need a much bigger suitcase.”

Winter itself seemed to boil out of the blue-eyed girl’s gaze. “You can’t afford me, boy,” he said softly. “Now get out. We’ll prepare her for travel.”

Cieran spat in fury, opening the case and revealing rows and rows of bills. Then he turned to Meriel. “Thanks for the cunt, love. Have a nice life.” He started to climb into his gray box.

Panic flooded through Meriel as she saw her skin still inside that box. He couldn’t take it! He couldn’t leave her behind and take her skin away! She’d never find it!

“The skin, too, fool,” Yuki said coldly. “We’ll need that.” Wordlessly, he tossed it out of the back of his box. A moment later, it started moving. One of the men picked up her skin, brushed it off, and put it into a black bag. Her icy glare turned back onto Meriel, sighing as she looked at the bruises and welts. “Get her boxed up for transport,” the woman said. “I’ll let Master know that we have the new girl.” Then she strode out of the room, leaving her with the three men.

The three men crowded over her. “She’s a pretty one. Red hair. She’ll be popular.” He reached down and pulled the rag out of her mouth. “There you go, sweetheart.”

Meriel swallowed. Her mouth was dry – it made it hard to talk. “Thank you sir – thank you. My skin! Can you please give m-”

While she spoke, the man leaned down, took a handful of her red hair, and pulled up. As she gasped, he pushed a black, smooth ball between her jaws. It’s texture – it felt almost like her skin. It was attached to some kind of strap, and he quickly wound it around her head, encircling her cheeks and slipping beneath her crimson hair before buckling together behind her neck. “That’s so much better,” he said as her eyes widened in new panic, realizing for the first time that perhaps Cieran hadn’t been the world thing that could happen to her.

He pushed hard on a ball, forcing it deep into her mouth, so deep that her lips could almost close on the other side of it, tightening the strap as he did. She tried to scream, but it vibrated uselessly within her, almost soundless. Almost immediately the Selkie started to drool with her mouth held partially open by the gag. “There. That should keep you nice and quiet.”

While he did that, the second man had a case on the ground and was pulling additional tools out of it, handing them to the first man. He held – it looked like a cock – in his hand, except black as the night, and thicker. Bigger than Cieran, for sure. She tried to keep her legs closed, but the man just rolled her eyes and gestured to his companions. Together, they overpowered her as easily as if she were but a child as he rubbed some clear liquid onto the fake cock and pressed it against the lips of her pussy. The blunt tip parted her lips instantly, and the huge thing began to tunnel into her. She squirmed helplessly in the men’s grasp as the lubricated rod sank deeper and deeper under the relentless force of the man’s arm. She could do nothing to stop it, nothing at all but to moan into her gag as the object hilted itself all the way into her, only stopping when the flared bare rested against her lips.

One of the men handed the first something else, a smaller, egg-shaped thing of similar construction. He spread the liquid over that as well before gesturing to the others, and together they began to turn Meriel over so that she rested on her face and breasts on the mattress. Then he started working his way between her legs again, and her efforts to stop him were no more effective this time than the last. This time, though – he lined the tip of the thing up with the tight and closed entrance to her asshole.

“NNNNN!” She tried to protest through the gag. “NNnNNN!” That wasn’t supposed to go there. It wasn’t! It couldn’t! It…

The tip forced its way in through the creased entryway, spreading Meriel open. To Meriel, it felt like being shocked, like being struck by lightning as her ass was stretched open. And as he pushed and it went in further, the girth increased, and so did the pain with it. She screamed and moaned and begged and pleaded and struggled, but the men heeded none of it, could barely hear it. Instead, working without a care in the world, they continued holding the drooling, raped girl down as they pushed the second shaft into her. The pain increased and increased and increased until Meriel wanted to plead for them to kill her instead, and then the thickest part of it passed, and her ass seemed to clench shut around the narrower stem. Like this, it was more uncomfortable than painful, but she felt so – full. So incredibly full.

“Go get the box,” the first man ordered as he stood over her, looking down at his work and smiling. The third man left the room, and while he did the first man fastened some kind of clothing over her legs and crotch. Peering back, it seemed like whatever it was see-through, but she felt it pressing against both of the intrusions into her holes, holding them in place. Meriel had to moan again in discomfort as she felt the two objects inside her shift a bit deeper.

They flipped her over again, staring down into Meriel’s wide, panicked eyes as the man who had been binding and filling her up sat down on her stomach, knees on either side of her. Grinning down at her, he grabbed her tits, making her wince when his hands dug into the welted mounds of flesh. His cock came free of his pants, and in just moments the dick was nestled between her breasts, his hands crushing her tits around his length. It hurt more than it should have – the whipping she had suffered just hours ago made sure of that. Her new captor grunted as he thrust upward and Meriel couldn’t stop herself from looking down in horrified fascination, watching as the slimy head of his cock made its way through tight valley created by her firm jugs, appearing briefly in front of her eyes before vanishing back into the tunnel of her pale flesh.

It hurt, but the shame was almost greater. In a strange way, raping her like this was – impersonal. Even more objectifying. It brought on a sense of horror and despair with it she hadn’t expected. He groaned, more precum leaking from his cock and over the firm orbs. She shook from side to side, trying to dislodge him, begging with him in helpless silence to stop – not like he was going to care, she feared. Still, she kept looking down at him as he began to pump his hips back and forth, fucking the massive orbs violently.

“Sexy bitch,” he hissed, his teeth clenched, his eyes half-closed, rapidly nearing his climax, his cock making squishing sounds as it slid up and down between Meriel’s tits on a slick trail of precum. “Cumming…” he muttered, groaning. Meriel shuddered as she felt a hot rush on her skin as warm, fresh sperm splattered onto her chin, her neck, her throat and, of course, the top of her tits. He did not stop, of course, thrusting up and down until his entire load was on her, on her chin, lips, tits and cheeks, his filth covering her, making her flinch away from the gross violation.

“Just had to have your fun first?” the third man said as he walked into the room, dragging a large, rough pine box behind him on a cart.

“Privileges of rank,” he said, grinning as he climbed off her. “Box her up.”

The other two men unchained the collar from the mattress and carried Meriel across the room. The box was filled with something, something black and firm, but there was a gap in it – a person-shaped gap. Meriel did not want to go into that box. It was like – vanishing into the void. The thought horrified her – but she was too weak, too restrained, to struggle effectively. They had little difficulty fitting her into the body-shaped hole. Once inside it, she found the material that the hole was cut out of had some strange give to it, but let her move very, very little. The scent of cum filled her nose as she was forced to breathe through it as the man who had fucked her breasts walked up to her, holding a black, block-like slab.

“See you in the new world, slut,” he said with a grin. Then he put the cover down on top of Meriel, casting her completely into darkness and silence. She screamed, panicked, but the tiny sound she was capable of making echoed inside her small prison. Specks of light showed her that there were holes in the cover so that air could come in, but she still felt like she was suffocating. Then a moment later, the light from those holes went out as the lid was closed, and she heard the muted, hard sounds as the lid was hammered into place, nailed shut.

And she then she was trapped, immobile, in perfect silence. Meriel screamed and screamed into her gag, begging to be set free, begging for her skin back – but no one could hear her.

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