The song that inspired it all

AGE – 22
HEIGHT – 167.6 CM (5’5”)

Generally considered the founder of K/DA, Ahri is the glue that holds the band together. She started at only seventeen as a rising solo artist. She was labeled the most talented new Kpop artist in the 2013 Pop Shine Awards. After releasing five hit singles, she disappeared from the public eye for a time, spending her time to reinvent herself. Leaving behind her image as a teen pop star, Ahri discarded her girly look to reveal her new self: a high fashion, elegant, and stunning celebrity. Ahri’s sleek new look attracts top fashion designers… many of them can’t seem to stop having her show of their newest clothing. During fashion week, Ahri graces runways around the world in finale gowns. She is the face of FOXY cosmetics and launched her own fragrance, Charmed last year. When she isn’t with K/DA or training, Ahri is shopping, drinking tea with designers, and testing out new beauty products.

Widely considered the most beautiful woman in South Korea, it is said that no one else would be able to keep Evelynn in a group.

AGE – 35
HEIGHT – 161 CM (5’2”)

Evelynn’s entirely deserved reputation paints her as a demanding diva, well known for her uncompromising vision, rich vocals, and “bad girl” attitude. She told Pop Shine, “I’m an artist, not a socialite. I won’t apologize for high standards.” Eve once walked off the stage of a live performance when her vocals were backed by an audio track she didn’t approve. Though her presence in the industry is turbulent, she has a diehard fan base who call themselves “Deeva.” Significantly older than the other members of K/DA, Evelynn is nevertheless one of the most popular members. A sex symbol in South Korea for more than 20 years at this point, her enduring popularity and fame have inspired no small amount of jealousy.

After disagreements in other musical groups, Evelynn worked alone to write her own music for the last several years before reconnecting with Ahri, the latter convincing her to join her new project.

AGE – 21
HEIGHT – 169.6 CM (5’6”)

Korean by descent but not by birth, Kai’sa was born in the United States to a pair of first-generation immigrants. She moved frequently as a child, living in ten different countries and learning to speak English, Korean, Chinese, German, and French fluently before moving to South Korea as an adult to pursue her dreams of becoming a pop star. She immediately made a splash, competing and winning in Hong Kong’s Can You Dance in 2018, Next Pop Idol later that same year before she met Ahri and was asked to join her new project.

A dedicated dancer, she spends hours in the studio creating choreography for K/DA. She believes each step must convey vulnerability and power through movement.

AGE – 18
HEIGHT – 163 CM (5’3”)

The youngest and newest member of K/DA, Akali was discovered at the age of 15 in an infamous rap battle that went viral. She mostly made her living in the club scene in Busan, never signing with a label until Ahri publicly reached out to her on social media, recruiting her to a new project.

Combining dancing with the beat of her own rap lyrics, she delights audiences with her bold lyrical rap and a punk, almost martial style. She started practicing on the streets before rising to fame and returns to her roots whenever she can… Akali makes a habit of appearing with other street performers in cities she is visiting. Her unruly hair and untamed style made the young rapper an instant K/DA fan favorite.

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