All in the Mind 3

Sethis crouched over the robed form of the drow priestess in the darkness of the tunnel. Much as he hated physical labor, he had dragged her and the rest of the bodies to a secluded area of the tunnels, making sure no secondary patrols could stumble onto them. None of the drow were dead… Sethis had blasted them into a coma. They might wake up… eventually. If he let them.

The Illithid wouldn’t. They were food for him. He was going to need the energy for what he had in mind.

The drow priestess’s dress had ridden up as he dragged her, leaving her naked from the waist down. The drow female, the only one of her sort here, was a marvelous example of her species. Most would have stopped and stared. Sethis did not. His interests in the drow were very different. One by one, he had fed on the other drow, hollowing out their skulls and consuming their minds, adding their energy and their knowledge and memories to his own. Then, he turned to the reason that he was here.

Kneeling over the half naked priestess, his let his tentacles flow over her pretty skull. One, almost tenderly, brushed a lock of her white hair out of her face. As his did, his sensitive organs brushing over her temples, he read her thoughts, began to alter them, to lock her in a further nightmare, deeper, darker, more degrading. A hell her mind wouldn’t escape, that would keep her helpless and away from her dangerous magic. And as he did, something unexpected happened.

His cock began to grow hard.

Illithids weren’t born, traditionally. They were created. Each Illithid hatched eggs that matured in the central pool of a colony, to eat and fight and fuck until they matured. Then a mature one would be placed into the ear of a sentient being, beginning a process called ceremorphosis, turning the creature over time into an Illithid. Illithids, by nature, were genderless and asexual… but their original host bodies were not. Sethis’s body had once been a male drow elf… and a fraction of the original hosts mind and and memories remained in him. The vision that he was reading from the mentally tortured priestess turned on that male elf inside him still… a lot.

Sethis looked down at the unexpected hardness between his legs. Then he shrugged and parted his robes. So be it then. He was curious to see what nightmares the drow had that were worse than being owned by her brother…

Every one of the drow cities were dominated by female rule, as demanded by the worship of Lolth. In every single city, the men were second class citizens at best. Often, they were treated as one step above slaves. In a city of hundred thousand drow, no male could ever rank higher than 50,001st. In such an atmosphere, it was obvious that no drow female would ever sell her body. And given that even the lowliest of drow through themselves far above a lesser race, the females of most of the slave races were little above beasts to them. It could lead for a lot of sexually frustrated men.

But just because no woman would ever sell her body didn’t mean there weren’t options.

While strictly forbidden, most cities had a dark secret. Any female prisoner captured in a battle between drow cities were supposed to be ransomed back, or executed. But occasionally, one managed to get on the bad side of the one of the capturing overlords, or she would be greedy enough to risk discovery and sell her. And most city had a brothel filled with these captives… unwilling female prisoners of war. The mothers of the city knew of its existence, of course… they didn’t sanction it exactly. And yet… it was a way to let the males vent, a source of income from prisoners… and a reminder to their daughters why it was important to keep the men in their place.

In Faelis, the drow had always had a saying among the women… don’t be taken alive. Kiira wished that she had listened.

“Welcome to your new home,” the guard mocked a he dragged the bound female through a heavy stone door. He shoved the drow woman down to the dirty, hard stone floor. It was cold on her tattered clothing, and her fall caused a pair of rats the escape from beneath the pile of straw she was obviously expected to sleep on and vanish between a crack in the wall. The room was empty besides a small hole in the corner, obviously the only luxury she was given for the necessary, and the four chains hanging from one of the walls.

The guard shut the door with a heavy thud, then walked over to the wall he had tossed her against, grabbing one of the chains. She was too weak to resist as his strong arms lifted Kiira up, pushing her against he cold wall and fastening one of the chains around her wrist. The priestess was not trained to fight without her magic, had never trained with arms and armor, and her holy symbol had been taken from her, her magic stripped away. Still, she tried to fight… and for that, the guard slapped her across her face, hard. She collapsed further back to her knees, chained hand hanging above her head while her cheek burned. Then he crabbed her other hand and chained it as well.

Kiira didn’t make it easy for him. She kicked out at him. “Let go of me!” she spat.

“Don’t struggle, bitch,” the drow jailer sneered, and punched Kiira’s stomach hard with his fist. The drow priestess let out a pained cry and gasped for breath. She felt his rough hand grab face hard by the chin. He moved his face only few inches in front of hers. “Shut. Up.” He spat. “No one wants to hear your voice any more, priestess. The only thing you have anyone cares about is between your legs.” Kiira smelled his foul breath and alcohol. “Only sound I want from you is your screaming.”

Then he grabbed the front of her already torn and tattered dress and ripped hard, tearing a thick strip of fabric from her chest and exposing one of her dark, perfect breasts. She shrieked with a outrage as her exposed tit and squeezed it hard. “Damn… you’re going to make your first customer happy. But first, you need to learn your place.”

He stepped back… and raised a whip. She had had a whip of her own, a viper whip that she was very proud off. It was gone now… destroyed. The warrior who had defeated her had hacked the heads off… she had watched. Now the whip in front of her was just a cat of nine tails, no magical whip of snakes, but the memory hurt regardless. He raised his whip, and Kiira grit her teeth and closed her eyes, mentally preparing for the pain to come, determined not to give him any satisfaction.

Then it crashed down on her skin, and nothing could have prepared her for the blazing agony that flared up across her chest. Her determination abandoned her immediately for the sheer surprise of the pain. Kiira raised her voice in a pained cry as an angry red welt began to form right across her exposed breast. He had aimed well and Kiira was suddenly, painfully, aware that he would have plenty more tries to practice. The drow priestess saw saw him raising the whip again, right before another stroke hit her chest, this time aimed for her other breast. Her worn, already ripped fabric tore like a spiderweb, and a new welt formed on her perfect, smooth dark. She screamed again, rattling her chains as she sought to escape her bonds against her better knowledge.

“Let’s get you out of those old rags,” he said with a sneer… then he whipped again. The pain took Kira’s breath away, the stroke aimed right between her tits and further down, ripping more of her dress away. He didn’t give her any time to recover. Again and again he whipped the captured priestess, whip descending on her tits again, hitting both, sending the fat, firm orbs bouncing. She hadn’t realized that she had started crying, but her vision was blurry. She would have probably collapsed if the chains weren’t holding her up. Her clothing was ripped and torn off of her, bit by bit, bruising her chest, her tits, her stomach, even her shoulders and upper arms. The cloth was all around her legs now, having been torn off and left to fall to the ground.

Then it finally stopped. Panting, Kiira looked at the guard, shaking her hair free from where it had stuck to the sweat on her dark face. Kiira hoped desperately that it was over… but her hopes were instantly crushed as the guard turned back towards the door, laughing. “Your first buyer will be here soon, priestess whore. Have a nice life.”


Kiira wasn’t left hanging in her chains for long. After just a few minutes, the door opened again… and the drow warrior who had captured her, who had beheaded her whip, walked in. Forgetting herself, Kiira tried to lunge at him, not thinking about how she was chained, not thinking about how much it would hurt her wrists. “YOU!” She spat.

He stood, sneering, in the doorway while she futilely struggled to reach him. “Of course, me. Did you think I wouldn’t pay attention to what happened to you after I captured you? It’s a tradition around here… the one responsible for capturing one of you sluts gets the first ride. Last time in your life you’ll be giving it up for free.” He stepped forward, catching one of her legs as she tried to kick at him, and slid between her legs, and in one swift moton shoved two fingers brutally into Kiira’s dry cunt.

“Ugh!” Kiira cried out in pain as she felt the warrior’s stiff fingers spread open her unwilling slit. “You can’t do this t-”

He slapped her, just like the guard had. Kiira actually bit her tongue he slapped her so hard. “My name is Reshan. Remember that when you’re whoring your body for the next two hundred years. Remember that, and know that it was me who did that to you.” The warrior unbuckled his belt with rough, eager motions, pulling a thick, hard cock out from his pants before grabbing onto both of her nipples and twisting hard.

It hurt far worse that Kiira had expected, the welts making it burn brutally as he squeezed and twisted her sensitive flesh. Kiira cried out. Reshan then grabbed onto her ass, lifting her up, raising her legs off the ground so that her weight was now supported only by her wrists and him pinning her to the wall. Then he rammed his hard cock into her. “NO!” Kiira wailed as she felt his hard dick begin sawing in and out of her snatch, taking her, raping her.

Pain filled her, from her abused tits, from her wrists and arms, but most of all from her mercilessly raped cunt. She wasn’t wet at all, and she had probably never been less ready or eager to take a cock. She tried to twist her body away or to push her rapist away from her, but her struggles did nothing. Her squirming and writhing just made her a better fuck, entertaining him as she was raped. “You like that cock?” Reshan mocked her. “You fit it well. A perfect hole for me to plow. You’re just like the rest of your bitches… made for taking cock. You’ve all forgotten your place,” he mocked as he bit at her neck.

Kiira wasn’t able to fight, wasn’t able to resist, not chained up, without her magic, with her rapist already between her legs. She felt miserable, hanging by the wrists and raped by one of the miserable males as his cock forced its way in and out of her, reducing the proud priestess to a piece of fuckmeat that could only whimper and scream as she was taken. She could feel every single inch of his hard, throbbing cock as it forced its way in and out of her dry, unwilling cunt, making her bleed, using her like the whore he had turned her into.

His teeth sank deeper into her neck where he was biting, her, drawing a bit of blood, leaving behind an ugly mark. “I’ll have to pay for that,” he said with a sneer. “But it will be worth it to leave you with a scar to remember me by. The first one to ruin you perfect, precious whore body.” He thrusted into her harder, shaking her tits with the force of it. “I know most of you cunt prefer the company of women. I’m going to rape that right out of you… fuck you until you can’t remember what its like to be fucked by anything but a thick cock.”

It was just so humiliating. Why had Lolth forsaken her like this? Tears streamed down Kiira’s face as she was banged into the wall again and again, crying out with each thrust into her sore cunt. “Stop it…” she eventually managed to whimper when his pace had decreased somewhat and his tongue was licking at her neck, “Get off me… you’re disgusting!”

The only answer she got was Reshan’s laugher, and an especially hard thrust into her cunt as he reached town to twist one of her nipples. “Is that what you think?” he mocked. “You’re the disgusting one, slut. I’ll prove it to you.”

He twisted her nipple again, paused, and then punched her in the stomach. Her breath left her in a rush, and her cunt squeezed on him clenching hard. “Drow women are all whores. Say it.”

Kiira’s eyes were wide. “FUCK YOU!” she snarled.

He didn’t seem surprised by he reaction. He certainly didn’t pause in raping her. His fist slammed into her stomach again, and some spittle flew from her lips as she did. “Drow women are all whores. Say it.”

“Stop… it…” she gasped out. He paused to twist her nipples again for a second, before punching her again, savoring her cries and her pain.

“Drow women are all whores. Say it.”

“NO!” She screamed. He punched again. “FUCK YOU!” she cried.

He slapped her across the face and punched her stomach again. “I can keep this up all day.”

“D… Drow…” she started, more tears flowing down her face. “N… no! Never!”

He punched again, and Kiira thought she felt something break. She screamed, but it was a pathetic thing, she had no breath for a proper one. “I can beat you to a pulp for all I care,” he mocked. “Say it.”

“All..” She swallowed, both her spit and what little felt like it was left of her pride. “All drow women are whores,” she said, and sobbed.

But then he punched her again. Her eyes went wide in shock. “I couldn’t hear you, whore! Louder!”

“All drow women are whores.” Kiira screamed.

“Damn right you are,” he laughed as he slammed himself forward into Kiira’s tight, warm pussy even faster and faster. He was clearly enjoying himself, fucking the vulnerable, hurting, degraded girl, her cunt clenching on him every time he hurt her. “Now, prove you’ve learned something. Say… I was born to be raped.”

Kiira felt like there was no strength left in her.

“I was… born… to… ugh, stop… to be…” Kiira slowly began to say, whimpering and groaning and the increased force of her rapists thrusts into her as he took her harder and harder. “To be raped!” she sobbed out. “To be raped! Leave me alone!”

The cell was filled with the wet slapping sounds of his cock as it drilled into Kiira unwilling hole, his dick seeming to throb in her to the rhythm of her sobs. Reshan twisted her nipples. “I. Can’t. Hear. You. Cunt,” he spat out one syllable at a time.

Kiira shook her head as his cock slid in and out of her rapidly, wanting to forget it all… she didn’t want to be here, she didn’t want this… she just wanted to go back to her city, go back home. “I was born to be raped!” she choked out, as loudly as her breathless body could.

Seeing the proud Drow priestess breaking into sobs over and over as she was degraded, feeling the tight embrace of her pussy wrapped around him, was too much. He grabbed her ass and slammed as deeply into her as he could. “Then fulfill your purpose cunt,” he snarled as he came. She wept as she felt his throbbing cock release wave after wave of hot jizz into her raped hole, and never once in her life as she felt so humiliated, so dirty, so… low. This soldier, this filthy male, had raped her… made her a toy, made her degrade herself for him. Made her powerless. That was what she hated most… she sheer helplessness of it all. Lolth…

“What a fantastic fuck you were,” Reshan laughed as he fucked her for a few most soft,slow thrusts to milk out the last drops of his cum before he pulled out, legging out of her. Kiira gasped with pain as she fell, her wrists abruptly holding her entire weight up, her legs too weak to catch her. A tickle of his cum was already slipping out of her fuckhole, slipping down her thighs.

Her head… god, her head…

This… this wasn’t right. How did she get here? The war between Faelis and Menzoberranzan had passed decades ago. And hadn’t her brother just been… no, no, her brother was dead. She had been… she had been on patrol. She had been outside the city, hadn’t she?

As her head throbbed, the room seemed to melt away, the brothel, Reshan, the chains, all vanishing. Because they didn’t actually exist. Because they weren’t real.

What was going on?

The pain in her head intensified, and she screamed into the void, helpless, senseless, agonized… and utterly lost.

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