All in the Mind 4

The suffering of the woman in her mind did wonderful things for the drow who’s memories still lived somewhere in the depths of Sethis mind and body. The idea of the drow priestess being reduced to a whore was inspiring his cock to never-before-considered hardness. Leaned over the half naked woman, his dick rubbed against her bare pussy as his tentacles roamed over her face. Then he began to push IN to her.

Her nose, her ears, her mouth… his squirming tentacles began to push their way into all of them at once. Her skull would have stopped most things… but illithid tendrils were created for exactly this purpose. Forming tiny points, he began to push it, the bone cracking without any pressure, enough to begin slipping into her head. He did the same in three places beneath her hair as well, bloodlessly opening up her skull, and slipping a dozen tentacles into her brain.

One by one, his tentacles sank into the soft tissue of her brain. He could have consumed the whole thing then… could have finished her right now. But he didn’t. Instead held his cock in his hands and began to push it into the priestess. Lust was an alien concept to him, but all the necessary emotion was contained within Kiira’s memories and those of the drow that was his host body. There was nothing that seemed more appropriate than filling this girl up with cock while he finished with her. It just seemed right.

Slowly he began to pump in and out of her. It was pleasant… but the Illithid didn’t much care about the physical pleasure. The real thrill for him came from the new memories and emotions her being impaled by his cock added to her brain. Sethis could taste them, could feel them… and he began to push his tendrils deeper into her brain, eager to taste what new nightmares her rape inspired…


The drow had an… interesting relationship with Demons. Technically one of their number, the Spider Queen Lolth, the Bitch Queen of the Demonweb Pits, had numerous demons as her servants, and sometimes the Drow bargained with the fiends for goods and services. There was always payment though. Sacrifices. For most things, a sacrifice of slave lives would be sufficient, but often it requires more. Prime captives. Humans and Elves and other hated surface creatures. Those were required for more serious tasks.

Sometimes, though… sometimes they asked for a large favor. And for that, there was only one sacrifice they would accept. Drow lives. And not just any drow lives… a male, of course, was barely better than a slave, or a captive. A woman. A woman of noble birth. And every noble drow feared being called on… among their worst nightmare. They usually wouldn’t be told. They would have the fiend collect their own sacrifice.

And that was how Kiira had been chosen, ripped out of bed by a demon hand and dragged down through the floor like it was immaterial. Kiira, unsure of what was going on, waking in panic and surprise, screamed as she fell, down, down, down.

The demonweb pits were a huge inverted cone of webbing, stretching into infinity. The realm consisted of black emptiness with an acrid smell and giant spider web, and it was very hot, as if the flames of hell burned somewhere just out of sight, where their light could not carry. The webbing was covered in the corpses of monsters and demons and dead souls, trapped in the webbing and drained dry. Off in the distance, A black temple hung suspended in the web… the temple of Lolth herself, covered in a black effigy of the beautiful goddess.

Kiira’s legs were hopelessly tangled in the web already where the demon Ki’thy’lyx had dragged her, struggling for her life, pure terror filling the drow priestess. No bravado, no arrogance. She knew that she was screwed… that she was in serious trouble. The demon loomed over her, covered in black and red chitin… like a spider walking on two legs. Smooth and slick, he was enormous, and filled with hatred. Grabbing hold of a fistful of her white hair, dragging her head closed to him, striking her across the face with his other hand… drawing three scratches of blood across her cheek with his sharp talon. The strike would have knocked her down into the entangling webbing if he wasn’t holding onto her hair so tightly.

Dragging Kiira closer by her hair, the demon gripped the base of his slowly hardening cock in hisr other hand, guiding it towards his sacrifice’s prey’s face. Ki’thy’lyx’s palm had left a handprint across her cheek. Kiira ground her teeth together and clawed at demons’s hand trying to pry her hair free of its grip a few strands at a time. A bit of drow defiance flashed across her eyes. “If you even try sticking that filthy thing in my mouth, I’ll bite it off!” She spat, glaring up at her captor with fury in her eyes.

“If I feel even a single tooth,” the demon hissed menacingly, its voice like a chorus of steam trills and insect calls all happening at once, “Then you will lose all your teeth. Ki’thy’lyx slapped Kiira’s face with the slimy, chitinous cock. “I’ll rip the teeth out of your mouth and use your throat for my cocksleeve until you choke. So think carefully before you make any rash decisions.” The dark colored demon rasped furiously, her eyes burning like small embers in its skull.

Kiira didn’t answer, and as far as Ki’thy’lyx was concerned, that was all the co-operation the demon needed. The drow was barely half the demon’s height on her knees, her legs helplessly bound, but still the drow tried to turn her head away, keeping her mouth shut. The demon’s grip on her hair kept her from turning her head too far away. He rubbed her hand over her face, slapping her over and over with it. The moment her lips parted even a crack, the demon forced the tapered, pointed head of its cock past her lips.

Kiira readied herself to bite down, every instinct in the drow telling her to hurt the demon… but as humiliated as she was, she was more terrified, and she was terrified of what the demon might do to her if she resisted. She could feel that thick, ribbed shaft resting against her tongue, and the taste of it made her eyes water. The taste of Ki’thy’lyx’s rough, ashen chitin, smeared with Lolth only knew what, seemed to steam on her tongue. The oily taste made her want to gag, and the taste burned on her tongue more the longer it stayed on her tongue.

Kiira’s eyes welled with tears as she was forced to polish the demon’s prick with her lips and tongue, her mouth scooping out whatever foulness was stuck between the plates of its chitin. The demon growled, voice low and dangerous as Kiira was forced to take every inch of its cock, slowly hardening as the demon ground its armored pelvis into Kiira’s face, the priestess’s nose crushed against its belly.

Looking up at her hated foe, glaring at her through narrowed, angry eyes, Kiira did her best to swallow her pride along her the demon’s dick. Her head bobbing, trying not to retch from the bitterness of it. His large cock grew thicker as it hardened, her wet tongue increasingly forced to grind against her tongue. The veins flowing over and around the chitin were hot to the touch of her tongue, the demon’s molten blood flowing through them and giving her length that unbearably hot feeling in her mouth.

Before long, Ki’thy’lyx’s tool had grown too huge for Kiira to swallow the whole thing comfortably, and inch by inch it slid back out past her lips, the wide plates of chitin forcing her lips taut and the whole thing glistening with her spit. The white haired drow strained, feeling like the sheer width of it might dislocate her jaw. Resting her palms against the demon’s thighs, she tried to use that for leverage, to push herself away from the demon before she choked on the thick, black spear. Ki’thy’lyx let her ease him back until just the pointed tip was still resting on her tongue, spitting out a fresh glob of precum for her to taste. When Kiira tried to pull back even further, Ki’thy’lyx leered a dark grin down at the drow, shook his head no, and fastened both his hands on the sides of Kiira’s skull, holding her scarred face steady. The captive drow looked up wide, crimson eyes, trying to plead for some speck of mercy with his gaze… but the demon just laughed and dragged her head forward, fucking his dick deep into her wet mouth.

It was barely halfway in and already Kiira was gagging, the tip jabbing at the back of her throat and making her convulse. She pounded her fists against Ki’thy’lyx’s legs and tried to fight back, but the cruel demon just kept sliding her face forward, unstoppable, completely unphased by the drow woman’s resistance. The head was pushing inside of her throat now, the otherwise rigid, steely pole bending at an awkward angle to continue traveling down her gullet. The incredible girth of it forced the girl’s neck to bulge slightly, making it look like she had an lump the shape of his strange cocktip sliding down her throat. The ridges scraped at her esophagus painfully and the veins burned, making it feel as though she was swallowing a newly forged sword whole. The killer tried to breathe through her nose, but her airways were completely blocked. She was going to suffocate to death on the demon cock and Ki’thy’lyx didn’t even seem to care!

Just as her vision was starting to go dark around the edges, Ki’thy’lyx reversed course, dragging her heavy, misshapen staff back out. The ridges in the chitin scooped out Kiira’s spit as they popped back out of her mouth, spilling her drool all down her chin and making a sticky, wet mess. Gooey strands of it tethering her lips and chin to various different bumps and ribs. Kiira sucked in air through her nose once her throat was cleared, trying to cough and gasp, but she’d barely had time to suck in a single breath before the demon thrust his hips forward, cramming his dick back down her throat. The scarred prisoner’s gagging, constricting throat only squeezed Ki’thy’lyx’s prick harder, sliding it down into her neck like it was a sleeve perfectly formed for the huge extra limb of a cock, coaxing even greater quantities of pre-cum from itand straight into Kiira’s turning stomach.

Kiira was in a full fledged panic, certain she’d die if she didn’t do something. Left with no other option, the drow did the only thing she felt like she could, and tried to bite down on Ki’thy’lyx’s monstrous malehood… And nearly chipped a tooth on the chitinous rod. Kiira’s eyes widened in terror, while Ki’thy’lyx’s narrowed in amused triumph. The unforgiving rod was as hard as stone, the rough, almost scaly texture feeling suddenly more pronounced, like natural armor plating protecting the cock beneath. With Kiira’s teeth still locked around his shaft, Ki’thy’lyx just kept thrusting away, utterly uncaring, driving the chitinous ridges hard into Kiira’s jaw. The ribs in the armored plates slammed into the gagging sextoy’s mouth, clipping her teeth and nearly breaking them. The ringing pain forced Kiira to try and strain her mouth wider to avoid losing her teeth, while Ki’thy’lyx just moaned mockingly, briefly enjoying the way her clenched jaw had made a nice, tight barrier for her to fuck through.

Ki’thy’lyx’s warning to the drow, Kiira realized, had been accurate… just not the way she had expected. If she tried to bite, those hard ridges in the armored chitin would rip her teeth out. Realizing just how helpless she was, Kiira sobbed, having nothing left she could do to defend herself.

Tilting his head back, Ki’thy’lyx gripped his victim’s skull tightly, holding her head still on either side. Growling with burning desire and lust and demonic rage, he lunged forward, his pelvis pummeling the little cocksucker’s face. All Kiira could see through her blurry, teary vision was the demon’s crotch pistoning towards her. The inside of her throat felt like it was being scraped raw, and her tongue burned, demonic pre-seed burning the inside of her mouth.

Ki’thy’lyx was deeply entertained by Kiira suffocating on his cock. Nothing could beat the sight of Kiira’s purple-black lips slurping on his pole, sliding up and down her shaft as he fucked in and out of her mouth. Forcing her to swallow the entire length over and over, she ground her scaled nuts up against her chin, giving short, hard little humps to feel her sack slapping the woman. It was exactly the kind of payment he wanted for his aid to her mother.

The demon facefucked the suffocating priestess for what felt like ages to the drow, cutting off her air and relishing the way she gagged and squeezed the demonic cock with her throat muscles. Kiira’s eyes rolled back up into her skull, and her face growing darker from its dusky hue at her oxygen was cut off. That site did nothing to inspire pity from the demon, however… it only inspired him to rape her harder. Kiira’s weak, exhausted tongue ground and rubbed itself against the thick shaft… desperate to make the demon cum before she died, focusing all of her effort on pleasing the cruel demon.

“Mmnf! Nnm, nmf mf mmmn!” The wretching, protesting sounds coming out of Kiira’s throat were too undignified to come from a drow noble, but they did anyway… any protest muffled completely by the demon’s thick cock in her mouth. Those protests sent the final vibrations coursing through Ki’thy’lyx’s ashen cock, and that was the final straw that pushed the demon’s lusts over the edge.

“Take it whooooore,” the demon hissed in the chorus of whistles and shrieks, gritting its thousand teeth as he jackhammered the shaft down Kiira’s throat, making her deepthroat every last pockmarked inch of the demon’s chitinous cock, balls erupting and spewing his load straight down the woman’s gullet. The demon’s molten, volcanic cum fired off in thick, powerful jets, pumped straight into Kiira’s stomach. The one saving grace for the raped drow was that she didn’t have to taste any of it, though she could feel it filling her belly with its disgusting warmth.

Kiira’s eyes watered, tears spilling down her cheeks as her face reddened from lack of air. Ki’thy’lyx was holding himself steady, lodged deep in the girl’s throat until he was completely empty, but the flow of his seed seemed endless. The flood of cum was so overwhelming that even her stomach couldn’t take it all, and it started to back-up in her throat, making her gag and try to cough. So much bitter, bubbling, rich, white jism rose like the tide in the back of her throat. Kiira gurgled and sputtered, overflowing and pooling underneath her tongue, filling her mouth.

She was going to die. This was the end. She was going to be just one more dead body in the Demonweb pits, wrapped in web, drowned by demon cum. White cream spilled from the corners of her dark lips and even gushed from her nose, coating her face in a fresh mask of cum. Beneath the sticky layer of white, her face turned darker still, and her lungs burned until it felt like they were going to explode, and her heart pounded in her chest, demanding air to keep pumping blood. Looking up at Ki’thy’lyx with a pitiable expression, she clawed weakly at her thighs, but the demon cared at all he was ignorant to her pleas.

Kiira’s eyelids fluttered even as her brain grew fuzzy, and her head pounded… and she knew. She remembered everything.

She remembered the Illithid. She remembered being captured, losing her fight. She remembered the rape by her brother, the rape in the brothel, the rape in the demonweb pits. All of it in her mind. All of it not real. She was dying… and she knew it. Her head burned. He was in her head, in her head. Lolth… Lolth, grand me power, set me free…

Then her oxygen ran out, and her vision went black.


Sethis fucked his way in and out of Kiira’s cunt as the same rate that his tentacles fucked their way into her brain through a half a dozen holes. He didn’t need to hold her down, but her eyes were wide now… but unseeing. He fucked her like the drow in his mind wanted to, pounding her the way that he had always wanted to nail one of the snooty elf bitches. He could have eaten her mind then… and he might have even enjoyed that. He was enjoying the feeling of lust. The elf had her mind filled with thoughts of rape and sex, and he could have consumed they all, condemned what parts of her mind he could consume to a lifetime inside him, suffering through them…

But he had better in mind. He wasn’t going to kill her… he needed her. He had come all this way for her.

His inhuman, mishapen cock slammed into her over and over while her body convulsively spasmed as he raped her brain. She was gagging on the tentacle down her throat, twitching at the impulses his violent intrusion was inspiring, but it was all involuntary, nothing conscious. Her mind was elsewhere, trapped in some new hell. A slave having been thrown down to the goblins and orc slaves that filled the slave pens. Becoming a living condom for one of the shadow dragons that flew through the underdark. Being tortured by her goddess’s son himself, Vhaerun.

He didn’t care so long as she kept squeezing his cock.

One bit at a time, he began to eat away part of her mind with the precision of an artist. Motor function. Conscious thought. Logic and rational thought. Problem solving. All gone, all lobotomized away to feed her Illithid captor. He didn’t take any of her unconscious functions… including her subconscious, though. He needed her to stay alive. It would defy the point otherwise…

Groaning in an alien tongue, his tentacles squirming inside the new, hollow holes he had bored in her helpless brain, Sethis came… but not like a human. His cock swelled and then spat egg after egg after egg deep into her, piling into her womb… infecting her with hundreds of Illithid tadpools.

Normally, Illithids would reproduce at the pool of the elder brain… but he didn’t have a pool anymore. He was creating a new Illithid warren. They needed a new pool… and to do that, he needed a new place to store the eggs. It meant that he needed an environment designed to keep life alive… he needed a womb. And not just any womb would do. It would take a century or more for the pool to mature enough. He needed a womb that would survive that long with his eggs inside of it. A long lived woman. One of the drow.

Slowly, he withdrew from the raped priestess, both his cock and his tentacles. The holes in her skull didn’t bleed, or leak. Neither did the swollen, fucked slit between her legs. What was left of her dress had been ripped to shreds, however, torn against the stone below. Without a second though he took it off her, leaving her perfectly naked and never really bothering to think why he preferred it that way.

Her whip still writhed on the ground, but it was wild not… the psychic connection between Kiira and the whip destroyed when her mind was. He mentally blasted the snakes into submission. And then, idly, he grabbed the whip and shoved the handle violently into Kiira’s ass, letting it drape behind the priestess like a tail. He hoped that filtered into her nightmares… some parts of his brain were eager to see what other twisted fantasies of hell the priestesses subconscious could come up with as she was slowly bred for the next hundred years. Without a further word, he lifted one hand, mentally lifting her off the ground with psychic force, and began to walk off into the darkness of the Underdark, Kiira trapped in her own permanent mental hell of rape drifting along behind him.


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