POP/STARS – 2 – Akali

The first day

[“Let go of me!”] Akali shrieked at the top of her lungs as she was half carried, half dragged into the old country club. “Help!” she cried in accented English. “Help!” She fought, kicking and screaming, but the three men were each stronger and bigger than her. They effortlessly lifted her up off the ground and dragged the struggling girl further into building and away from her friends and fellow band members. [”Stop it! Stop it! Get off me!”]

Akali wished she had paid better attention in classes. She wished her English was better. The men were talking, but there were more than two dozen men here, laughing, shouting, talking, on top of the other three girls screaming. She could barely make it out. If only she could plead with them… but she just sounded pathetic when she did. “Please,” she got out in English. “Please.” She knew her lyrics well enough, but more complex sentences and words seemed to elude the panicked eighteen year old.

One of the men grabbed onto Akali’s neck, silencing her while one of the others opened a door to a room. “Shut up,” he said right into her face. “You’re going to take whatever we decide to give you.”

The second man laughed. “We’re just the first, sweetheart. We just want to get our piece of you before you’re all used up.” Akali could only partially understand him, but the meaning behind his words was clear to her. Cold shivers ran down her spine as they confirmed she was in as much trouble as she suspected. The young rapper began fighting harder.

“Feisty little one,” the third man said with a grin. The room they had taken her into confirmed that this used to be some kind of club… this had once been a locker room. The benches were gone, and someone had covered most of the center of the room with a filthy mattress. The first man shoved her down onto it, she she hit the pad and bounced.

Immediately Akali tried to spring up to her feet and run, but four hands caught her and threw her down again. “Lucky us,” the first one said. “We got the youngest one of the bunch. What’s this slut’s name again?”

“Akali,” said the second as he gazed lustfully as her squirming legs and ass, covered by the almost skintight denim of her jeans. “She just turned 18 last week.”

The third man laughed. “Wonderful!” he said with a chuckle. “So fucking her is legal then. Good… we wouldn’t want to break any laws.” All three of them laughed darkly at that.

Akali had a reputation as a fighter, as having serious attitude… but right now, held down by two men on a dirty mattress who were undressing her with their eyes, it was hard to be her spunky self. Her long hair was tied back up and up, but even so, her thrashing managed to spill it all over the place, her hat struggling to contain it… only how tightly she had her ball cap strapped on kept it on her head.

“God but she’s a tiny thing,” the first man said as he looked down at her, lust all but glowing in his eyes. “Think we’re going to fit?”

Akali wasn’t really all that small. She was fairly average height, but the men were huge by comparison. None of them was less than a head taller than her, and they all must have outweighed her by at least twice.

“Don’t worry about that,” the third said. “We’ll make it fit. No problem.”

[“Let go of me!”] Akali protested. She hated how weak her voice sounded, how wide her blue eyes were. [Stop, you’re hurting me!”]

The first man drove a fist into her belly, and Akali gasped out a breathless scream. “No more gook talk,” he snarled. “I know you speak English slut, I’ve heard your song.”

Akali choked in enough hair to breathe “Please… please…” she whispered. Then she heard a piercing wail of pain from outside… she thought it was Kai’sa. Oh gods, what were they doing to her?

“Please?” said the first man, laughing. “I think the K-slut is begging for it.”

“Please what?” the second man asked, holding her chin, forcing her to look up into his face. “Please rape me? Please cum in my tight pussy? Please sell my ass to a rich pervert so no one will ever save me?” He smiled. “With pleasure, bitch.” He grabbed her white t-shirt and yanked, ripping the thin fabric and exposing just the bra beneath.

“Not bad,” the first man said. “These chink sluts seem to always have no tits at all, or god damn balloons. Glad we got one of the latter.” He slapped her ass, making Akali cry out in surprise at a hand on her rounded butt.

“No, please… don’t!” Akali cried, tears clearly visible in her eyes, her voice weak from fear and breathlessness and dread. She understood the men well enough. She had always been embarrassed of her breasts… too large for her. It always made clothing a bit difficult, always needed something extra to keep them from popping and shaking. Her jacket in her performing outfit had been to help with that, and the way she had worn her leggings was to help distract. She had always been afraid they would pop on out during a set some day, her tits waving free during one dance moves. Now they were about to be exposed to some “fans” of hers anyway… and she doubted that they would let her cover them back up in shame.

One of the men ran his hands over her tits through the bra, and the young rapper could tremble and shudder as she felt the revolting touch of the man on her, the thin, white fabric the only remaining defense against their eyes and hands. “Oh yes, you’re gonna get fucked so raw you’d think your cunt took one of those bullet trains!” the first man said as he grabbed the front of her bra and unceremoniously ripped it off of her chest, exposing her tits completely to the chill air. Of course he wasted no time and immediately began mauling and kneading them, often squeezing them hard enough for Akali to cry in pain… which aroused him even more.

“No! Get me off!” Akali screamed out in broken English.

They laughed. “Oh, I didn’t know she was that big a slut,” the third man said chuckling. Akali didn’t see what was so funny, but two of the men started yanking at her pants while the third held her down by the shoulders. The pants were tight, resisting… but not enough for their strength, even when Akali kicked and struggled. She wore only a pair of panties and her hat now, and one man reached between her legs to cup her pussy through the thin fabric.

Akali winced and closed her eyes in horror. She was… she was a virgin. It was an important part of her image, of being a celebrity. She was the youngest, the maknae. She couldn’t even date. It was important that she be… available… in the eyes of her fans. Innocent. Hell, she couldn’t even be seen with a man alone, lest the papers start talking about it. It was silly, and it was gross, but that was the way the game had to be played in the public eye. She couldn’t… they couldn’t…

Akali knew that some day, it would be different. That she’d be able to have a boyfriend, to date, to fall in love. Find someone who would love her for her talent and her mind, not just the body she put on display… and only then, when she didn’t need to hide any longer, she could give her virginity to such a person.

Now the K-pop star shuddered as she winced beneath the hands and glares of the three men, grabbing onto Akali’s panties as they prepared to rip her virginity away from her in the most cruel way possible. [“No…! Leave me alone! Please!”] Akali cried, “Let me alone!”

The men laughed. “Well now that you asked so nicely,” the first man said. “We’d certainly be happy to let you go without raping the shit out of you,” he chuckled. “Isn’t that right King?”

The third man, King, kept staring at her as he yanked her panties down to her ankles. He didn’t want to take his eyes off the beautiful popstar’s naked body, watching as her eyes filled with panic as her last bit of clothing was removed. “All I heard was a whore asking to get fucked. That’s what she was saying, wasn’t it? Sounded like it to me…” He cruelly pushed the tips of his fingers into the girls untouched pussy.

“No! Not there!” The girl cried out loud, panicked eyed widening further as she felt the unwanted intrusion in her most private parts.

“Not there?” King asked “So where would you like? Maybe you want to be fucked in that tight ass of yours instead?” he asked as he grabbed the girl’s asscheeks and squeezed while running his tongue all over the trembling girl’s neck.

“Sure, that would be a nice thing!” the second man laughed. “Though I’d also like to see her lips wrapped around my dick! See how talented her mouth really is. What you think about that?”

“All in due time,” King said and whispered to Akali’s ear “I’ll let you on a secret. You’ll get fucked in the ass too… and everywhere else. For the rest of your life, over and over you sexy chink bitch. But first… I’m going to be the one to pop that fucking cherry of yours.”

[“You can’t do this to me, you can’t, oh god you can’t!”] Akali cried, terrified by the prospect of what was coming.

“I thought I told you no more of that dumb fuck tongue,” King barked and drove his fist into the poor girl’s belly, making her cry out in shock and gasp for air. For all her tough attitude, her “street cred,” Akali was a novice to pain… the girl had never really had to suffer in her young life. With the pain from the blow almost paralyzing her, Akali could do little for gather tears in her wide, beautiful eyes as King slipped between her legs, beginning to unbuckle his pants. He didn’t bother undressing… just pulled down his pants enough to pull out his hard cock.

When she recovered her breath she started to fight as hard as she could, desperate to avoid what he clearly had in mind. Her hands raked at his chest, pawing at him. King laughed. “I’m gonna enjoy ripping into that tight pussy of yours,” he sneered, grabbing her hands, effortlessly pinning her to the mattress.

[“No! Get off me!”] Akali cried, trying to fight with as much force as she could muster. Quickly her efforts were rewarded with a hard slap to the face which stunned her, made her gasp. She could feel the man’s body forcing itself between her knees, spreading her legs wide, presenting her exposed pussy.

“Noo! Nnnn!” she cried out. Her face moved down towards the swelling mounds of her tits, and soon his hands and tongue and teeth were all over her. “Aieee!” she cried out in pain as King sank his teeth on one of her tits, explosion of pain arcing through her body as he kept gnawing her nipple.

“Yess…” he muttered, feeling as the girl’s body bucked under him, her pussy almost touching his cock. “Take it!” he said as his dick touched her pussy lips and he began to push.

Akali shrieked, the sensation even worse than she had imagined just a moment ago. Of course, the young popstar was well aware that a girls first time could be painful, but this was well beyond her imagination. The man’s hard cock practically speared her, stretching her unprepared cunt wide and tearing her virginity away from her with a single, brutal thrust. It burned terribly, her hole not able to accommodate his size easily, not with her lack of experience… And to her horror, he wasn’t even halfway inside her yet.

The pain was intense. The moment his cock slammed into her tight and absolutely dry cunt, it felt as if he had just thrust a knife into her lower body. Akali thrashed about, trying to squirm away from him, but his grip was too tight and she was being held down by three men. All she could do was take his cock into her pussy, feeling it slide deeper and then, suddenly, a sharp pang of even hotter pain. And Akali, knowing that he had just taken her virginity, her innocence, wept.

King did not stop to enjoy his triumph, though. Not planning on giving the beautiful popstar any time to get used to him, he smiled cruelly as he pushed through and fully into her cunt, not resting until his cock was buried to the hilt inside the warm, unused hole. “Bitch was a virgin,” he sneered, laughing, smiling as she bled down onto the already dirty mattress, squeaking out around his cock to drip down his balls. “I love fucking virgins!” He bragged to the other men as they watched weeping, writhing young rapper get raped beneath him. “When you rape a virgin, you always know you are always leaving a lasting impression.” Leaning over, he licked Akali’s pain-scrunched face as he raped her cunt with hard, deep strokes. “No matter how many cocks she takes into her holes from now on, this cunt is never going to forget mine. Isn’t that right, whore?”

“Please… stop… no more! Oh god, oh god… it hurts…” Akali was whimpering in response. Any pretense at being a tough girl was lost. The pain in her lower body was unbelievable. The pretty popstar shook her head in despair and agony, both physical and mental. Each thrust was a bitter reminder of what had just happened. He had deflowered her. Torn away her innocence. Stolen her virginity.

She had stayed a virgin so long that it was a part of her identity. Something shew as used to. Since she knew she wasn’t allowed to see men, to date, to have a boyfriend, she hadn’t even thought about it. Knew that she was going to stay a virgin for a long time. She had internalized that about herself, gotten used to the idea. And none of that mattered anymore. Today, in the backroom of some old, shitty country club in a foreign country, this monster of a man had taken it all away to the tune of the screams of her band-members.

[Please… leave me alone,”] she whimpered, though she was not sure whom exactly she was talking to. Certainly not this man, her cruel rapist, because he obviously could not care less about her well-being even if he could understand her. He merely cared about how tight her pussy was as it gripped his cock.

He leaned over her, his hips slamming down onto her, driving his cock back into her before pulling almost all the way out, then slamming down again. King had begun to change his speed at random, alternating between short, rapid strokes and hard, deep pushes all the way into the sobbing girl.

Desperate to be rid of the burning pain between her legs, Akali put her hands against his chest, trying to push him off, but it was like trying to move a mountain. King stayed where he was, irresistible, happily pounding away at her sore cunt, each stab at the hole producing another cry or wail from her.

“What? You don’t like me fucking your cunt?” he asked mockingly, “Hm, maybe this virgin wants a little bit of romance for her first time,” he sneered. “Lets see what we can do about that…” Then he leaned down and pushed his lips against Akali’s, kissing her deeply, his tongue invading her mouth, raping it with his tongue even as he did worse to her cunt.

“Hmmmph! Hmmm!” Akali cried out, muffled by his mouth as she tried to push him off of her, squirm away, do anything to avoid his “affection.” His tongue invaded her mouth, probing, pushing, demanding and utterly unwanted. It made Akali feel sick to her very soul, almost as much as raped did. She tried to scream, but the sound was muffled by King’s mouth… but she could feel his cock twitch inside her as she tried. Her misery was truly an aphrodisiac to him, encouraging this monster to plunge his cock into her even deeper and harder than before.

“Such an amazing fuck,” King exclaimed, backing off of kissing her for a moment. His grip on her wrists tightened painfully. Already his cock was growing harder and harder at the sensation of being in this squirming, screaming girl, of forcing her to take his cock no matter what she might want. Looking down into her pain-scrunched, teary face, he felt another surge of lust and proceeded to thrust deeper into her, an action that was rewarded immediately by yet another pitiful scream.

“Make her scream louder!” The man named Les exclaimed, stroking his erect cock rapidly at the sight of the beautiful girl suffering beneath his friend while he plunged his dick deeper into her formerly-virgin cunt.

“Doing my best!” King responded, laughing as he leaned down, kissed her again, his hot, foul breath on her crying face. When he pulled back, he spat on her. “How does it feel, bitch? How do you like finally having a real man inside you?” As he spoke, he kept on thrusting into her with short, hard motions that had her whimper and writhe beautifully underneath him.

[“Please… take it out… it hurts so much…”] Akali felt herself whisper, her voice wracked by sobs, her entire lower body aflame. There was nothing she could do. No matter how much she twisted and squirmed, he held her firm.

“Hey, King, make some space…we want to have some fun, too!” one of the men said. Akali had no idea what they meant but she was certain it would be something just as bad as what he was doing to her. She could feel and hear him grunt into the forced kiss, his hips slamming forward again and again, driving his fat rapetool into her.

Finally, he broke the kiss and leaned back just a bit. “Fine… but don’t stuff her mouth yet. This bitch screaming is going to make me cum!” The two others nodded and got down onto their knees next to her head. Then, they grabbed her wrists and, after King released them, placed one knee each on them, pinning them down. It was painful, but Akali barely felt it, the sensation eclipsed by the inferno raging inside her raped cunt.

Looking up through a veil of tears, she could see both of them loom closer, hard cocks in hand… and then they began to slap her face with their leaking pricks, laughing as she whimpered and tried to turn her head. No matter which direction she turned her face, however, there was a cock there, being rubbed over her pretty face, ruining her makeup, covering her world-famous features in a shining layer of precum. They hit her hard enough with their cocks that Akali thought they were going to bruise her, hard raperods sapping against her cheeks, her lips her nose… and while they did, their other hands grabbed onto one of her fat tits teach, squeezing them to rip a new series of pitiful screams from the helpless popstar.

There really were no words to describe the pain and shame that filled Akali’s heart and soul. She had always tried to be a good girl, if not in her attitude or her music, then sexually out of an obligation to her family, her band. She had never seen seen a man naked in the flesh before today, and what lusts her young life had inspired had met their end at the tips of her dainty fingers. Now she was covered in cock, it was inside her, ruining her. If they had cut her throat, she wouldn’t have felt more degraded than this.

As the men played with her face, though, King didn’t let up in the least. True to his words, her renewed screaming seemed to be making her harder still as he plundered and ravaged her cunt with his tool. Each clenching of her hole in agony, each scream torn from her sore throat brought her rapist a new wave of pleasure.

Suddenly, with a powerful groan he, pulled his head back. “I’m cumming… I’m cumming, you rich, K-pop bitch! You made me cum with your whore cunt!” Akali wailed bitterly as she felt him erupt inside her pussy, shooting the first few ropes of his sperm into her, then pulling out to spray the rest over her flat belly as she whimpered.

King stood up and stepped away from Akali, watching and admiring the state in which he left the poor girl. King was a cruel man… he got off of ruining his victims even more than he did the actual rape of them. The more devastated a girl by being raped, the more he enjoyed himself… and the more likely he was going to take her again. He looked down at her as her face was battered by dick, her lithe, cute body spasming and shivering from her cries and sobbing.

Then, almost at the same time, all three of her rapists saw the first tickle of cum leak out of her pussy and down to the bed, and there was no chance of any of them waiting any longer.

[“No!”] Akali gave a terrified cry as Les moved, grabbing her tiny ankle in one of his powerful hands. The other man got off her arm, letting him spin her around on the stained mattress where she had lost her virginity already, until she was in position to suffer for him as well. “Please… no… moreeeee,” she whined in English, shaking her head, her disheveled hair flying.

“Hate to break it to you, whore,” King said as he stood nearby, arms crossed over his chest. “But yes more. A lot more. In fact, for the rest of your life there’s barely going to be a time when one of your fuckholes isn’t being filled with a thick cock.” Akali just wanted to go home… not even just back to Korea. Back to her parents. She would have given up her music, her fame, everything… just to not be here anymore. “You’re never going to be free again,” he mocked her, grinning enthusiastically. “You’re going to be a rapedoll for us for as long as he want to keep you… and then we’ll sell you to someone who is going to use you the same way. The rest of your life is going to consist of you pleasing some man with those tight fucking slut-holes of yours.”

Akali couldn’t understand all of that… but she understood enough. And she wept harder.

“Awww, she’s crying. What’s the big deal, whore?” Les asked as he slapping his cock against her sore cunt. “It’s not like your a virgin anymore. Now you’re just a whore like any other. And whores get fucked!”

Akali tried to fight, to resist, but she was easily overpowered. “No, no, no, pleeeeaaaaa-Aaaaaagh!” Her plea turned into a misery filled wail of pain as his cock, even larger than King’s, forced its way past her aching folds and into her sore pussy, soaked with no more wetness that her virgin blood and King’s cum provided. Akali squeezed her eyes shut, feeling her cunt stretch around the invading tool, gripping it tightly.

[“Oh god, oh god, pleaaaase… no more.”] she whimpered, throwing her head from side to side, pain filling her lower body, with Les’s cock sliding deeper into her pussy.

“Damn she’s tight… I was worried you’d have busted her open, King. This cunt is amazing… you really know how to pick a girl,” Les laughed as his cock sawed deeper into her tight opening. Filled by pain and despair, Akali thrashed around in the men’s grip, but unlike King Les didn’t ignore her struggling. The back of his hand struck her across the face hard enough she saw stars. “Keep still and get fucked, bitch! That’s what you’re good for!” Her pale cheek was turned a deep crimson as she stared up at him, eyes wide. Her struggles did indeed stop then… but her wailing grew even more pitiful.

“Yeah, show the cunt who’s the boss around here,” the third man, the only one who hadn’t had his cock inside her yet, sneered at her. He leaned down to spit on Akali’s face. The popstar barely felt it, the spit mixing with her tears and sliding down her cheek.

“Shut your mouth Sam, I’m doing it. Your turn will be next,” Les grunted and groaned on top of her, growling in pleasure. “Shit, this bitch is tight!” Occasionally, he slapped her face again… but Akali barely felt it. The poor 18 year old was lost in her own world of pain and misery and suffering now, barely conscious of the man who was ramming his cock up her tight hole. When his hands were not slapping her, they were on her tits, squeezing and groping them without any gentleness, both orbs soon red from the efforts. But, like King, Les did not last too long. Eventually her tight body proved too much for him as well, and he grunted over and over as his cock shot its entire load up her aching cunt.

He slapped her one more time when he pulled out. “And that’s for being such a whore,” he mocked as he stepped back away from the crying girl. “You want a piece of this bitch Sam?”

“Sure thing,” the dark skinned man said with a cruel smile. “But I don’t think I’m in the mood for sloppy thirds. And if there’s one thing I know about these young Korean whores… if she was a cherry in her pussy, I’m sure her sweet ass has never been fucked yet.” He looked won at Akali, watching her lying on the bed, trying to keep her legs together as if to deny the men a view of her cum-filled pussy. He started stroking his cock again in anticipation. “Get your ass in the air, whore,” he ordered.

[“No… no more… you can’t… not anymore!”] Akali cried again, too hurt, too traumatized to think about speaking English, too hurt to make heads or tails of Sam’s words. She curled her body into a fetal position, trying to cover both her sex and breasts, by now knowing all too well that no amount of begging or pleading would save her from another brutal rape.

“Slut isn’t listening,” Sam huffed out in annoyance, grabbing the unresponsive popstar by one legs and flipping the girl over so that she was lying on her belly, causing more cum to drip from her sore cunt and down her thigh. Sam barely noticed… his eyes were on a different prize. He slapped her shapely asscheeks, bringing a yelp of pain and surprise from Akali’s lips.

“I’m going to enjoy ramming my dick up your ass sooo fucking much.” He told her as he kept squeezing her ass.

THAT she understood. “W-w-what?” she gasped. His words brought Akali out of her state of shock. “What?” she repeated. Surely, she must have heard wrong…

“I’m going to fuck your tight ass, whore!” Sam said, laughing as he knelt behind Akali, grabbing her ass with both hands now.

Never in her life would she have considered that. Not even once. “You can’t!” she cried, jerking her body around… and once again failed to free herself as she was immediately grabbed by the other two men. The way the girl’s ass moved in front of Sam as she tried in vain to move it away from his aroused Sam even more – as he knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape her fate.

“I can. That’s what you’re on this world for… to please men with all your holes,” he said as he rubbed the head of his dick against the virginal hole of Akali’s ass. “Welcome to the rest of your life!” he shouted as he pushed his dick inside.

“AAAAAAGH!” Akali wailed like a banshee, her body jerking forward so hard that even with her lithe stature the two men had to fight for a moment to keep her still.

“So fucking tight!” he commented before shoving again, burying another few inches inside. Ramming his dick into her tiny hole wasn’t easy, but it was a pleasurable effort, made even better by the obvious pain he was causing his victim.

[“No! Stop it! STOP IT!”] She cried again, burning white pain spreading from her ass, enveloping first her lower body and them radiating to every nerve and fiber of her body.

Sam laughed “I’m not even halfway in!” he laughed as he pushed even harder. That alone brought another pained scream from the teenage popstar. She couldn’t believe it. She already felt so full, so completely stretched and filled with hard cock, how could he go in any further? She couldn’t believe that pain that blazed inside her tormented ass could get any worse.

Akali was so wrong.

Sam grunted as he pushed in deeper, keeping one hand pushing down on her back to keep her in place while he worked his cock inside. It took quite a bit of effort to push it in and each small thrust was accompanied by an agonized wail from the girl underneath him. Reflexively, her ass clenched hard around his raging tool, massaging it and bringing him even more pleasure.

“Nooooooooo,” Akali wailed, her words bringing a new bout of laughter from the men.

“Yes,” Sam responded as he leaned down, and bit the side of her neck, making Akali howl again.

“Watching you fuck ‘em is almost as good as fucking them myself,” King said. “Making her suffer for our entertainment.”

Leaning back up, Sam kept his hand on her back and pushed down, crushing her huge tits flat against the mattress, her nipples painfully rubbing against the coarse fabric with each of his increasingly violent thrusts. With each thrust, he delivered a harsh smack to her ass, hissing, “Scream louder for me… show me your tender ass feels…”

Sam needn’t have asked. As he continued to work his cock into her delightfully tight, round ass, her screams grew increasingly more shrill and incoherent. The young girl was drowning in an ocean of pain and shame. The thought of her situation alone was enough to grip her heart with pure shame. She had lost her virginity…was fucked by strangers whom she had never before met…and now one of them was fucking her ass, of all things! She knew that a cock should not go there and her pain was the obvious proof of that. Unfortunately, right now, she was the only one in the room who cared about that.

Suddenly, the burning pain in her asshole exploded and she shrieked as she felt him slide the last few inches into her. “Fuck, that was hard,” Sam sighed, resting his cock completely inside her swollen hole. “But at least now I can really start fucking you!” And he did make good on his announcement. Pulling back until only the head of his cock was inside her, he then rammed it into her again, all in one thrust, driving Akali nearly mad with pain. And that was only the beginning. For the next five minutes, he violently pounded into her ass, his hips almost a blur as his cock slammed into her back door again and again and again, the rhythmic slap of skin against skin accompanied by his grunts of pleasure and her desperate, pain-filled howling.

“Oh yeah, you better get used to it, you little bitch! You’ll have more hard cocks up your ass than you can count!” He snarled, bottoming out in her again. Akali barely heard his words. Right now, she wanted to die, to have this all end. She never thought she could be in so much pain. But even this pain did end eventually. In her case, it ended with the sickening sensation of Sam’s cock spurting his load into her aching bowels, laughing as he did so. When he pulled out, she remained where she was, ass in the air, too exhausted to even move. Her abused, slim body trembled with heart-rending sobs.

“A damned great fuck,” she heard Sam say to his friends, “I’m sure she’ll sell well… after we’re all done with her. So. Who’s next?”

Akali just looked at them, eyes wide. But… they had all already… what? [“No…”] she whimpered, horror growing as she realized that they weren’t even close to done with her. “Her face is mine,” Les growled as the trio descended on the poor girl. Her screams were horrible… but cut off immediately.

Les crouching over her face, his cock buried so deep into her throat that from the exertion the girl’s face was growing crimson. The cruel man kept fucking her face with long and slow strokes, relishing in the sensation of Akali’s throat constricting around his shaft as well as of the girl’s choking on his long and thick meat.

“Nnnn!” Akali moaned, tears running down her cheeks as her mouth was fucked for the first for the first time in her life. So weak. So exhausted. So hurt. She was helpless to resist and could only lie there pathetically and endure her throat, already raw from screaming, being raped. Each time Les pushed, Akali’s eyes went wide as she tried to struggle for breath, her frantic movements bringing even more pleasure to the cruel man.

“And just like that,” her rapist sneered, “You’re not a virgin anywhere anymore, are you?” He shouted as he pushed his dick further in, burying Akali’s weeping face in his crotch. Over and over again. And on either side of her, King and Sam’s cocks were growing hard again, waiting for their next turn…

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