Finding Avalon 3

Merielle was in misery. Not only had she been captured, raped, and placed into this strict bondage, covered in stinking cum, and still without her skin… but it was also incredibly hot in the darkness of her prison. It made her sweat enough to make a disgusting layer of liquid between her and her prison. It meant she could squirm a bit more freely than she could when she had first been bound here, but not nearly enough to escape.

It was some time in the darkness before she realized that the devices that the men had put into her were… alive, somehow. They began to move inside of her. In the silent darkness she was trapped in, the fake cocks inserted into her began to buzz, shaking her with powerful vibrations – enough to make her scream into her gag. They were stunningly powerful. It was like her body was being picked up by a giant and rattled back and forth, except it was almost a pleasant feeling – if it was welcome in the slightest, she might have enjoyed it.

But it wouldn’t stop. The sensation just kept on growing and growing and growing, making her sweat. Merielle had never had an orgasm before – she had been sexually innocent until this morning and had no idea what was building within her, making her rapidly gasp into her gag. The powerful rods inside of her quickly brought her right up to the first orgasm of her life – And then stopped, leaving her at the very edge of release. It felt wrong. It felt horrible. Confusing. She was left panting in the darkness, bound and helpless and… frustrated.

She wasn’t sure how long she was left to squirm in the darkness and silence with nothing but the vibrations of movement coming through the crate to hint at anything going on, but it was long enough for her breathing to slow again. Then intruders within her sprang to life again. Once more Merielle was forced slowly but surely towards her first orgasm – a climax that was once again denied her. And as she lay on her back in the darkness, panting once again, the helplessness and frustration and pain welled up in her like a dammed stream.

It happened again and again as she endured her isolation. She wasn’t sure if it was accidental, how it started and stopped, or if it was controlled somehow, but each time the stop was perfectly timed to leave her denied and yearning for more of the hated sensation, confused by what she wanted. After the fourth time, she started straining against her bonds again, yanking her wrists against the iron bracelets, trying to free herself and rip those hated things from inside of her, but her attempts were futile and succeeded only in making her more sweaty, more exhausted. She screamed and screamed in the darkness, but no one could hear her, and even if they could no one would have cared.

Merielle didn’t know how long her torment in the crate lasted. She became increasingly exhausted, drifting in and out of sleep only to wake up when the damned cocks started to vibrate again and shook her from her fitful slumber, leaving her screaming. Then they would fade again, leaving her back in a semi-conscious state of exhaustion once more.

This went on until the box she was in was dropped unceremoniously to the floor, jarring her awake. Then she heard the sound of splintering wood and straining metal – someone prying open the lid. The light was blinding as the dark layer enclosing her was removed. She blinked, frantically, unable to see. Two pairs of arms grasped her by her torso, under her arms, and she was lifted out of the box. The warm, inside air felt frigid on her sweaty skin after the hot confinement. Then she was half dragged, half carried across the floor before being dumped onto something soft, something that felt much like grass. The shadows above her slowly resolved into two men – two of the same men that she had seen before going into the box.

Merielle blinked away the glare, eyes adjusting she took in the room – what looked to her like a palace. Luxury like she had never seen before. Padded furniture, carpeting as rich as thick grass, electric lanterns. It was a beautiful room. The box she was dragged out of lay in the middle of it, looking out of place in the luxurious lounge. The two men were standing in the center, holding her… but immediately, her eyes were drawn to someone else. Sitting on one of the plush seats was the exotic looking beauty who had negotiated with Cieran, wearing the same sharp-lined clothing as she had before. Merielle’s eyes were attracted to her no less magnetically than they had been on first meeting.

Hands held onto her head, and the gag was loosened around her mouth. One of the men pulled it out and – to her embarrassment – Merielle found that she couldn’t close her mouth. That it felt like it was stuck open… that she couldn’t stop drooling. She shook herself, wishing her hands were free of the bracelets so that she could rub her jaw, coax some feeling back into it. Slowly she closed and opened her mouth again, stretching it… it felt odd. Alien.

The woman on the lounge sat there watching while she recovered, looking at her with cold blue eyes. “Welcome to America, selkie,” she said, her voice low and smooth. “I hope you had a pleasant flight.”

Merielle didn’t know what she meant by flight, but with her holes still filled with the strange, buzzing contraptions that had been harassing her, it was one of the last of her worries. “Why are you doing this to me?” she said softly. She was stunning, certainly… but there was something fascinatingly wrong about the woman; she was sure of it. When she looked at her out of the corner of her eyes, the lines of her seemed to blur. Merielle recognized faerie glamour when she saw it, but she didn’t recognize her as any type of the fae she had ever seen.

“Because you’re valuable,” Yuki said, as emotionless as a calm sea. “Plenty of men will pay to fuck a woman as gorgeous as you, and mortals just don’t often come this pretty.”

Merielle’s mouth opened in shock. She had been sold for other people to… to… do that, with? Cieran was bad enough. They couldn’t possibly mean to keep her as a… a prostitute, could they?”

Yuki continued as if Merielle hadn’t reacted. “And when you find one, they get old a year or two later. Waste of time training them. Plus the authorities look for beautiful missing girls. But take a faerie girl from the sea – no one looks for her. She lives for centuries, every day as pretty as the last. She’s the perfect whore.”

Merielle’s eyes widened. “But I’m not… I’m not a…”

Yuki’s blue eyes flashed. “I think you’ll find that you’re a whore if we say you’re a whore, girl. You’re right, though. Right now, you’re just a piece of clay to be beaten into shape. One day, you might aspire as high as to think of yourself as a whore. What is your name?”

“M – Merielle…” she answered hesitantly.

“That’s a pretty name. Well, Merielle,” Yuki said, uncrossing her legs and recrossing them the other way. “I say if, and when, you’re a whore. Until then, you’re something even lower… just raw ingredients, yet to be given shape. You stopped being a person the moment you were pulled from the sea, and now you’re bought and paid for… and when I decide you’re well trained enough not to embarrass me, and that your body is ready for other men to enjoy, you’ll do it.”

The selkie shook her head slowly. “I won’t do it,” she said softly. Fearfully.

“Then we’ll burn your skin,” Yuki said, ice in her tone.

Merielle couldn’t have been more shocked if she had stabbed her. “You… you can’t!” she stammered. If her skin were destroyed – gods, she’d be trapped in this form forever! She’d never be able to return to the sea. She would forever be feeling the painful longing to return home, and forever be unable to. She began sobbing.

“We can,” Yuki said. “And we will if you don’t do as your told. So you had best obey like the good little whore you should aspire to be. Do we understand each other?”

Merielle sank to the ground, her crying stealing the strength from her legs. Yuki stood up, standing over her, and slapped the woman across her face. “I said,” she repeated. “Do we understand each other?”

“Y… Yes…” Merielle blubbered out.

“Then say it,” the cold woman said callously.

“I’ll… be a good… little…” she choked. “W – Whore…”

“Yes, you will…” Yuki gave her a tight little smile as she stared into her eyes. “Someday. I’m so glad to see we understand each other, Merielle.” Yuki stood. “Her sponsor is going to be here to pick her up in two hours. Have her cleaned and ready by then.” She looked down at the sobbing selkie. “As long as she’s clean and ready to go when Maeve shows up, I don’t care what you do to her.”

The men behind her, the men that Merielle had all but forgotten about, chuckled. “Yes, ma’am,” one of them said, and she could hear the sickening grin in his voice as the cold, blue-eyed girl strode out of the room. She could feel their eyes on her as they hovered over her, looking down at the cute selkie with a wide grin on their faces.

“Please…” Merielle whispered. “I beg you… leave me alone…” Turning her head, she saw how pointless her pleading was – their dicks were already out, being stroked by the men and hard as stones.

“You want to beg,” the taller of the two, the blond one, said with a chuckle. “You should be on your knees. That’s where all good begging is done.”

“Russ is right,” the other man said with a leer. “Get on your knees and ask us nice.”

Merielle was naive – not stupid. She was sure they had no intention of leaving her alone – but she had to hold onto hope of some kind of mercy – some way to escape this hell. Slowly, she sank to her knees on the soft carpet. “Please… you’ve already done enough,” she whimpered. Her eyes slunk down.

“We’ve barely touched you,” Russ laughed. “Not yet.”

“Didn’t you just finish agreeing that you were gonna be a whore?” the other man said. “Sure you can do better.”

“Please…” she said, tears running down her face. “I’ll do anything – anything you want…”

“You know? I’ve changed my mind. There are better uses for your mouth than begging.” He pushed his cock against her lips, letting the precum leak across her lips. “Now, if you’re going to be a whore, you need to practice. Enough with the babbling. Get my cock in your mouth – now!” His dick throbbed in her face in anticipation of what was coming.

When she hesitated, Russ wrapped his arms around her from behind, squeezing her tits. “Or if you prefer,” he said, tracing the lines over all of her welts one by one… they had almost faded by now, but she could still feel them. “We could use the time to go over every one of these with another whip instead. Does that sound better?”

Merielle desperately shook her head, in denial. No – anything but that. Not the whip again. The selkie reached out with trembling hands, her nimble fingers closing around the root of the cock presented to her. She might have been forced to suck a cock before – but she had hated it. And she still hated it. Her stomach lurched as she thought of what the cum had tasted like as Cieran painted her mouth white and forced her to swallow it down. Her lips trembled as she leaned forward and, urged on by Russ’ insistent weight pushing her from behind, slipped her ruby lips over his erect cockhead.

Russ wrapped one hand in her hair. “Suck on it, slut – suck it like you’re trying to clean it off.” Merielle wept, her cheeks hollowing out as she started to suck on the cock and tried to ignore the awful taste that hit her tongue.

“How’s she doing?”

“Much, much better,” Russ groaned, thrusting slightly, cramming more of his length into her.

“Grlllg” Merielle gagged on the cock being pushed into her mouth, her eyes going wide open as she desperately tried to get some air and sucking more on the cock in the process. For a moment she has been so naïve that she thought that the fact they wanted her to suck them would mean that she would be doing the work – and as degrading and humiliating as it was, at least it meant she would be the one controlling the pace.

But even that small mercy was denied her. Russ clearly couldn’t care less. Seeing the humiliated selkie willing open her mouth for him made him so hard that he was already eager to cum, and looking at the insanely beautiful girl naked on her knees only made this desire stronger. Instead of letting her work her mouth on him at her own pace, he grabbed the back of Merielle’s head and thrust his hips forward, pushing the entire length of his cock into the girl’s warm, wet and thoroughly unwilling mouth. The redhead, her hands still bound, could do nothing to struggle, and even if she could have, she would have been little match for the man’s ferocity.

“Grrlllg! Mpfff!” Merielle gagged and wretched as the cock forced its way down her throat, trying to shake her head, get rid of the meat in her mouth – but Russ held her tight, cherishing the panicked expression on the girl’s face. She had been facefucked already, but then she’d had less trouble breathing – at least Cieran had stroked in and out. Instead, this man just buried his way all the down her throat and stayed there. This cruel man seemed to be determined to make her pass out with his cock in her mouth. The more she fought, the more she desperately tried to catch air, the more Russ drilled in her throat and her gag reflex massaged his cock. And finally, after too long, he released her head.

She immediately moved back, gasping and coughing, her spit mixed with disgusting precum and spilling down her chin. Russ stood there waiting, watching the helpless girl cough and gasp, for the moment her suffering proving hotter than his need to cum – but not for long. “No, no, no, not like this, no noompfff!” Merielle tried to beg frantically as she saw him crowd over her again – in vain. Once he got ahold of her hair again, he immediately began to push hard, this time burying her face in his crotch, holding her there, listening to the muffled gargling sounds that were escaping her mouth.

“Oh yes,” Russ groaned, slamming his hips against her teary, red face, then backing up just a bit. Not enough to let her breathe again, though – just enough so he could thrust in again, to make it even worse for her. Merielle’s throat constricted, gripping his shaft hard in a fruitless attempt to expel his dick from her. But all it did was to bring him new shivers of joy while the inhumanly beautiful selkie suffered, slowly choking on his massive cock.

Panicking, Merielle tried to push him away, her hands pressing against his thighs, but to no avail. Russ crowded in behind her again, pinning her in place, stopping her from even squirming. All she got for her troubles was a hard slap to her cheek which she barely felt, the pain and discomfort in her throat a hundred times worse. She felt the other man’s cock grinding against her ass from behind. Russ groaned softly, the sound eclipsed entirely by the gargling and gagging sounds coming from the tight, vulnerable throat he was invading.

Merielle was drooling freely around his cock, her chin slick, droplets landing on her tits and her bare knees. “Just like that you dumb cunt – yeah. Just like that – like the whore you are!” Russ groaned, his balls resting against her chin as his hands gripped tightly at her crimson hair, holding her head in place again, feeling her gagging throat, enjoying as her struggles grew more feeble now that she began to choke in earnest.

Merielle’s mind swam with fear. Would he just stay there and let her lose consciousness like that? Or worse? Was this how she was going to die – far from the sea? Weak and helpless? She tried to pull away once last time – it would have been surprising if he noticed. If anything, her fear and desperation gave him just one more tiny push towards climax.

It finally came just seconds before Merielle would have fainted from lack of air. With a loud grunt, he slammed her head into his crotch again, his balls tightening shortly before his dick began to shoot his massive load down her throat. Merielle gagged and tried to pull back, the eruption giving her little choice but to swallow. Her throat worked hard, forced to either swallow it all down quickly or choke on it, Russ keeping his cock just where it was until he had fully finished cumming. Only after her trembling lips and spasming throat had milked the last drop of his seed out of his shaft did he pull out with a satisfied sigh, letting go of Merielle’s head once his cock had cleared her mouth. Thick strands of spit and cum connected the shiny cockhead to her trembling lips. Barely a second later, the other man also let go of her, and the raped selkie doubled over, coughing and gasping, her entire body trembling in the aftermath of her near suffocation.

Neither of these men cared. Her helplessness and trembling, her coughing and soft, sweet weeping was like a siren’s song to them, too sweet to ignore. The one who’d been behind her barely gave her half a minute to recover before his hands gripped her scarlet hair, forcing her head up and towards his waiting cock. She was barely able to mouth a breathless, choked, “No, not again…, ple-” before his dick was rammed into her mouth and down her throat. Unlike Russ, he didn’t leave his cock inside her throat – instead, he began with violently fucking her face, filling the room with beautiful gargling and smacking sounds – until he came as well.

But by then, Russ was hard again. Seeing his partner one-up him on violence drove him to be even more violent as he took her the second time, ramming his cock past her lips. And then the other man again. And then Russ a third time, facefucking the crying selkie over and over. And so her abuse continued, Merielle being tossed around, passed between the two men like a toy, or perhaps a bottle of wine. Each rape was trying to be more violent than the last. Soon, sobbing and gargling were all that could be heard as Merielle did not have any strength or breath even to beg. The vicious assault continued until, eventually, she collapsed – and there was no new cock waiting for her. The time that they had was over.

Merielle lay on the soft floor, eyes unfocused as she stared at the strange fibers that made it up. It was strange – grass made of woven cloth like this. It absorbed her tears well, though, and the cum she coughed up.

“You were supposed to leave her clean!” A woman’s voice. Protesting. Meek. Musical.

“And we did,” Russ laughed. A jingle. Keys tossed and caught. “Clean as a whistle and ready to go.”

“Who they going to believe, whore…” the other man mocked. “You or us? Have a great night.”

The door closed, and a second later Merielle whimpered as she felt a soft hand on the back of her neck. “It’s ok,” Maeve said. “It’s ok. Poor thing…”


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