POP/STARS – 3 – Kai’sa

Kai’sa felt her heart thud wildly in her chest as the panic started to overwhelm her. Desperately, the young dancer with the long, purple hair tried to kick her attackers away, but the men simply away from her, taking her kicks to the sides of their own legs with muted grunts. She was strong, fit, feisty, but she wasn’t a fighter, no martial artist. One of them rewarding her with a backhanded slap across her face that made her stumble back against the wall. Immediately, one of the men threatening her was on her, his hand clamped tightly around her throat, his fist slamming once into her stomach, punching the air out of her lungs. “Hold still, whore!” he yelled at her while two of the others grabbed her arms and held them tightly, leaving only her legs for defense.

She gasped, his hand around her throat keeping her from hunching over at the brutal blow. If the fear wasn’t enough, the punch brought tears to her eyes, leaving her without the ability to speak for a few precious moments… not that the men would have likely noticed, given the screaming of her band-mates around her.

Between the men, she could see Akali being dragged away, Ahri being slammed down against one of the padded benches in the lounge. Both girls were thrashing around, screaming for dear life, but that meant nothing to the men. She thought she saw a hand of Ahri’s skirt, ripping at her panties… then one of her own attackers eclipsed the scene. Kai’sa had seen enough… she knew what was happening to them, and what was about to happen to her too.

Kai’sa frantically shook her head, trying to tear herself free from the men holding her, but they were stronger. She wasn’t weak by any standard, the dancer was fit and fairly strong, but she was no match for their numbers, their strength, or the raw lust she could see on their faces. That expression terrified her beyond words. It promised her pain and degradation. It promised her rape. And Kai’sa had always been deathly afraid of that.

She had never had any experience with sexual violence before… but her mother had. It was one of the reasons they had moved so much… each time she grew uncomfortable somewhere, she had fled. Her mother never talked about it… but Kai’sa knew enough. She had seen her mom’s scars, from where she was whipped. Had seen the way she jumped at every loud noise. The very thought of some day becoming a victim had always held a special horror for Kai’sa. She’d always been careful. Her band-members had laughed at how her house had three locks on the door, and how she always deadbolted the doors. She’d been so, so careful And now, despite all the caution she exercised in her daily life, she would about to be violated.

The thought spurred her on to try harder, to kick and struggle, but it was all in vain. Even as she writhed in their grasp, she could feel their hands on her, groping her shapely breasts through her shirt, squeezing them hard, already hurting her.

“Let me go!” she cried out, trying to bring up her knee into one of the men’s crotch, but all she managed was to hit his thigh.

He barely noticed. “I said hold still!” the man still holding her throat yelled, squeezing enough to make her see little black spots dance before her eyes. Taking advantage of her temporary weakness, the man she’d tried to knee grabbed the hem of her shirt and tore it open, exposing her breasts to their greedy eyes. She had been stretching in the bus, relaxing in casual ware… she hadn’t been wearing a bra. She wished she had now, as little good as it would likely do her. “Nice tits!” one of the others exclaimed, squeezing the left one again, hard enough to force another cry from her.

“Tits like these should never be covered, you whore… They should be on display every second of every day.” He slapped her across the face, three times. “Now, let’s get down to business,” he snarled, letting go of her throat and pushing her to her knees where she suddenly found herself facing his large, throbbing cock, only inches away from her trembling lips… and as another man grabbed her head from behind and began to push her lips against that hard cock, Kai’sa whimpered in fear.

Presented with the cock pushing against her lips, Kai’sa tried to turn her head away, the smell of the erect organ already making her nauseous. But, the men would have none of it. One of the men gripped her hair and forced her to look straight, the cock pressing against her soft lips once more. her quickly grabbed her head and forced her to look straight ahead again, the cock pressing against her lips once more. “Open up, you stupid whore!” the man snarled, spitting in her face, making her flinch. Kai’sa didn’t open her mouth, however. She trembled with pure fear and growing horror as the shock of her situation slowly wore off, but she absolutely refused to part her teeth and let that vile shaft be the first to rape her mouth.

The men did not take her reluctance well, with the one forcing his leaking cockhead against her lips yelling at the others, “Come on, make the bitch scream. I don’t have all day!” A second later, Kai’sa heard the sounds of a belt on fabric… and then something smacked her right tit. The pain was incredible, doubly so for its surprise… it tore a scream from her lungs even before she knew what had hit her.

The moment her lips parted, the cock slid in. Immediately, the young woman gagged at the taste. The man was unwashed and already so aroused that his cock freely leaked precum onto her reluctant tongue. Kai’sa had had a few boyfriends before, had played around before going into music and wasn’t permitted to date anymore. She’d given head before, but she’d never really enjoyed tasting a man’s cum. Unfortunately, she had little choice now… her head was held in a tight grip, preventing her from moving away even as the man in front of her began to slowly slide his cock in and out, force-feeding her a generous length of his shaft. He didn’t start pushing it down her throat, yet… but even so, the sensation was bad enough.

“I love fucking a whore’s mouth,” the man inside her said, groaning. “There’s just something so special about raping the hole closest to her empty ditz brain.”

“She any good?” asked the man holding her head as he stepped behind her so that he could grip her more firmly. He must have pulled down his pants, as well, because she could feel his hard cock rubbing against the back of her head, leaking disgusting precum into her violet hair.

“No!” the man snarled. “This dumb slut isn’t sucking!” He glared down upon her, and a second later, his hand came down, landing on her left cheek hard enough to make her cry out around the cock still stretching her lips. “Suck on it, you dumb bitch! Or do you like pain?” He nodded to the man beside him, and once again the belt landed on her tit, tearing another scream from her lips. Already, Kai’sa felt the first tears run down her cheeks, a testament to her pain and degradation, her utter humiliation. It had been so long since she had last given head to a guy… two years almost… but she did not want to be whipped again by the belt. Slowly, clumsily, she began to suckle on the cock fucking her mouth… at least well enough to spare her another lash. The man grunted as he kept on pushing his cock into her mouth, but he was content to leave it at that.

From the sounds of loud retching and gagging Kai’sa heard elsewhere in the room, she guessed that at least one of her friends wasn’t so lucky. She could hear other sounds, too. Screams, desperate pleas for mercy, hard slaps, fearful and agonized crying, men yelling, groaning, the disgusting sound of flesh against flesh as her close friends and bandmates were raped all around her.

Still, the cock slid in and out of her mouth, and if anything the taste was getting worse. “Better… but this whore still has a lot to learn,” the man fucking her face said, and then, much to Kai’sa’s horror, he nodded to the man to his right again. And once more, the belt cracked down on her tit, her agonized screams sending pleasuring vibrations along the shaft between her lips. Kai’sa was learning an awful lesson, that pleasing her captor didn’t necessarily mean she could avoid the pain. Still, she had to try. The pretty Korean dancer cast a pleading look at the man in front of her, even while she kept sucking his cock. “Hrm… you can do better. Oh yes, whore, you’ll do better… or you get the belt again!” he snarled, slapping her cheek once more before resuming his thrusts.

Kai’sa blinked quickly, shooting a glance at the man raping her face. “Did you not hear me you dumb slut? Suck. My. Cock!” the man yelled, his moving hips pushing the cock deeper in her mouth, urging her to obey… but what really made Kai’sa obedient was the constant threat of being hit again. Kai’sa feared pain, more than most women did… she had seen her mother’s scars. The way she had suffered. The way it never stopped hurting her. She was terrified of pain… and these men knew how to cause it. The belt burned horribly on the sensitive skin of her breasts. Desperate to avoid further torture, the dancer threw herself into sucking on the man’s cock in as sluttish a matter as possible, trying to remember ever shred of past experience with oral sex, everything she had ever seen in porn or heard one of her girlfriends mention.

For Kai’sa, licking on a man’s length had just been a form of foreplay… never the main event, and not a favorite type of play either. She hated herself for it, but she wished she had done it more often now… wished that she had been a bigger whore. They were making her act like one now anyway, and maybe it would have let her avoid punishment… and scars. She threw herself into as best she could, closing her pretty violet eyes and started running her tongue all over the shaft, licking and sucking it, gently moving her head, still held by the man standing behind her, forward and backwards, allowing the man’s cock to enter the wetness of her mouth even deeper.

“Yeah, that’s better…” the man made a sigh of pleasure, which for a moment relieved the poor popstar, even more than it embarrassed her. Unfortunately, her relief was short lived. With her eyes closed, Kai’sa didn’t see the man gesture again to his friend, didn’t see the belt rise and wall. She certainly felt the sting of it as it felt on her left breast, though.

“Mmmm! Nnnn!” she moaned in pain around the cock in her mouth, trying to shake her head in vain, powerless to free herself from the viselike grip she was held in.

“Open your fucking eyes!” he ordered and as she obeyed, she saw his heavy ball sack, only mere inches before her face. “I want to see them. Don’t take your eyes off me you whore. And keep sucking!” The man with the belt emphasized the command with another vicious stroke, this time landing on her back, marking it with a red stripe… and then another and another.

“Nnnn! Plsss!” she moaned, trying to plead against the dirty organ gagging her mouth, the sensation of her crying with his dick inside her mouth making the man moan in pleasure. She was horrified… it hurt so much. She was sure that her back and tits were bleeding already, that they were cutting her open, that she would leave her with the scars. Her rapists breath came faster, the moves of his hips more and more frantic. He pushed his dick deeper and deeper, at times making Kai’sa almost choke and gag on the invading tool… more pleasure for him.

Still, even despite him literally fucking her face, Kai’sa was not allowed to stop her “cooperation.” She kept sucking, trying to concentrate as much as she could despite the occasional lashes falling on her shapely back… desperate to avoid being whipped, hoping for mercy. She licked and sucked, slurping on the dick, trying to tease it with her tongue… with more enthusiasm than skill, true, but fear and pain were good motivators for her efforts.

“Oh yes… Oh yesss!” the man began shouting, her desperate efforts bringing him closer to climax. As tears began flowing down her cheeks, he pushed his dick deep, ramming it against the back of her throat. Her eyes widened and Kai’sa gagged as his cock began shooting cum, spraying it directly into the back of her mouth. Soon he withdrew his cock a few inches, allowing Kai’sa to suck down air… along with waves of disgusting liquid. Finally he withdrew it completely, wiping it clean in her violet hair.

“Ugh…” she coughed. With her mouth filled with the disgusting taste, Kai’sa started coughing the foul liquid out of her mouth, trying desperately to get rid of it… only to be rewarded by a heavy backhanded slap.

“What are you, fucking stupid?” her rapist yelled, slapping her again. “You never spit my cum, whore! You take whatever a man gives you, and you like it, you fucking understand?” he yelled.

Kai’sa however couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying, though… she was too busy trying to catch her breath and not choke on the cum and suffer a humiliating death. As her rapist stepped back away from her mouth, she caught a glimpse of Evelynn across the room… completely surrounded by men, getting raped viciously from behind. A few seconds later, she had bigger problems that what was happening to her friends as one of the men grabbed her sweat pants and aynked the down, exposing her tight, panty-covered ass. “No!” she protested weakly, still short of breath. “You can’t! You… ca-” As the beautiful dancer tried to protest, another smelly cock was pushed against her mouth.

From her position, kneeling on the floor, the man could not pull down her pants much more but given his whistling, seeing her plump, barely covered ass was enough for him. “Very nice!” he exclaimed, reaching down to slap her left asscheek harshly. And just as Kai’sa yelped in pain, the new cock was pushed past her lips and into her mouth. “You remember what to do, cunt!” the man yelled at her, grabbing her long hair as he began to force her head back and forth on his tool, expecting her to suck on it.

And Kai’sa, hating herself, did as she was told… sucking on his smelly cock just like the whore they insisted she was, still tasting the cum from the man who had raped her mouth a moment before. That thought brought fresh tears to her eyes. As he pushed his dick deeply into her, the head pushing against the back of her throat, making her gag, the one behind her suddenly lashed out again, this time aiming the belt at her left asscheek, making her yelp again, much to the enjoyment of the man whose cock was throbbing between her quivering, unwilling lips.

“Suck harder!” the man yelled at her, at the same time forcing her face against his crotch, making her deepthroat his cock, groaning at the sensation of her gagging throat massaging his rapetool. To make things even worse, the man behind her took that command as an encouragement to resume whipping her with the belt, aiming for her shapely back and her inviting ass in turn, tearing choking, gargling cries and sobbing from her.

Kai’sa’s misery was absolute. Her back screamed in pain and her cheeks were crimson with her humiliation, her throat sore from cocks forced down it and her own screams, the taste of cum still on her tongue and her lips… and she understood that things were barely getting started. Her entire body trembled with fear at the very notion of what else they might do to her.

“I’m next,” she heard the man with the belt demand. “My arm’s tired, and I’m horny as fuck!”

The man currently raping her face grunted in acknowledgment. “Sure… you want her mouth, too?” He had grabbed her hair with both hands and was now slamming her face into his crotch again and again, having already stopped caring whether she sucked him or not, merely raping her throat with fast strokes that had her gag and slobber down her chin, banging her nose against his pelvis which each thrust.

“No, I’ve got a better idea,” she heard him say and then felt the belt slap onto her ass again. His words made her heart freeze in her chest. She’d known this moment would come, but the thought still terrified her beyond words. To know she might soon share Evelynn’s fate… pinned down, helpless, screaming out her pain while one of these thugs grunted on top of her, plunging his hard cock into her cunt… it was horrible to think about.

“I want her pants off,” he said. “Take it easy on the cunt for a second. I need her to stand.”

With a disappointed sigh, the man in front of her let go of her head and withdrew his cock from her tormented throat, leaving her to gag on the horrible taste and try to choke down air. Kai’sa tried to draw breath, opening her mouth to beg them to stop… but all that came out was another pitiful whimper when the belt found its mark again on her back again. “Stand up, bitch!”

Weeping pathetically, Kai’sa forced herself up on trembling legs, ashamed at her compliance but too afraid to resist. Her back already hurt terribly, and she was deathly afraid… she would have done nearly anything not to be whipped anymore. The man in front of her made sure she stood still, holding onto her roughly, one hand on her shoulder, the other on her left tit, squeezing the big orb painfully and grinning at her mewling whimpers.

They did not wait long once she stood. Immediately, the man behind her tugged her pants down fully and, encouraging her by lashing her legs, made her step out of them, allowing him to kick them aside. Her panties followed next, any thought of resistance at her forced exposure snuffed out by a series of vicious lashes he gave her right before, so painful she almost collapsed into the arms of the rapist holding her, his cock resting against her stomach, still wet from her spit.

He almost tore her panties off of her in his enthusiasm to pull them down, exposing her ass and pussy both to their views. “Nice landing strip there, whore!” the rapist holding her whistled, looking down at the little lavender shade of hair above her cunt, now a source of even further shame for her. He handed the panties to the man holding her. Releasing her tits, he wrapped Kai’sa’s panties around his dick and began to jerk it, grunting as he finally came, spilling his loud into her panties. Grinning, he held up the disgusting article of clothing soaked full of sperm up to the popstar’s disgusted face. “Open your mouth, bitch!”

“What… why… aaa!” she glanced at the man and the panties he was holding until another lash to her legs made her cry out loud. Fearing to get whipped again she opened her mouth, only for the man to grab her neck and push the cum covered panties into her mouth. “Mpfff!” she gave a muffled cry, trying to spit them out, the taste of cum in her mouth already more than she could stand.

“Don’t fucking drop them, chink,” the man kept the panties in her mouth, pushing it with his finger, making her gag on them. He let them go and with satisfaction he noted that the terrified girl complied, holding them in her mouth, not trying to remove them. “Good bitch.” He complimented her, wiping the cum of his hand into the dancer’s long hair.

“Mmmm!” Kai’sa gave a muffled, pitiful sob, glancing at the laughing man. Her mouth has already been filled with cum, but now, being forced to keep her cum-covered panties in her mouth… it was more than she could take. They had already raped her… made her a willing accomplice in her own degredation… and they were still planning to take it further, find new ways to humiliate the poor popstar. Then she was suddenly shoved from behind. “Ugh!” Kai’sa gave a grunt of pain as her knees hit the floor, almost completely muffled by the panties in her mouth. The rest of her kept falling… she had to catch herself on her hands to not fall onto her face, putting her perfectly on her hands and knees… just how her next rapist wanted her.

“Nice…” the man said with a grin, staring at her cute, firm ass, raised up into the air like an invitation. Just for fun, he slashed his belt across her ass once, cherishing the muffled cry that his victim gave. Her pain was such a turn on to him, but he didn’t want to just whip this bitch forever. Thankfully, he knew more than one way to make a whore scream. Unceremoniously, he pushed two fingers up her completely dry and unwilling snatch, probing her, filling her.

“Nnnn! Stppp!” Kai’sa cried and yanked her body forward, trying to escape.

The man only responded by reaching forward and grabbing her long, dangling hair, yanking her head backwards by it like reins. “Listen bitch!” he started, still pumping his fingers in the girl’s pussy, listening to her sobs and whimpers. “I’m gonna fuck you now. Everyone here is gonna fuck you. And if you know what is good for you, your gonna keep those panties of yours in your fucking mouth… understand? You fuck it up, I swear I’m not going to stop whipping you until every single inch of your skin is red.” He punched the inside of her tender cunt, and let go of her hair “You hear me?”

“Mmmmm! Yyyysss!” Kai’sa gave a loud moan and began nodding her head desperately, willing to submit just to escape the pain.

“But since you clearly object to having your cunt used, that’s fine by me. I don’t need your pussy to get me off,” he mocked as he released his iron rod of a cock from his pants.

“Nnnn!” Initial relief was quickly supplemented by terror as Kai’sa felt the head of his cock touching the entrance to her ass.

“Fuck. Yes!” the man laughed, grabbing her hips and pushing his dick inside, stopping for a moment and then ramming it, as hard as he could, overcoming any resistance of her clenched muscles.

“Aaaaaa!” Kai’sa’s wail was ear piercing, despite the disgusting gag. “Nnnn! Nnnn! Plsss!”

“How’s that ass, bro? As tight as it looks in the video?” Another of the men crowding around asked.

“Great! Better than great! God damn this whore’s god a tight, tight ass!” her rapist said with delight as he began fucking the girl with short, brutal thrusts. With each thrust more of his dick disappeared in the woman’s fuckhole, until the entire meat was buried inside. Then he removed most of it and rammed it back, all in one thrust, listening to the music of cries Kai’sa was giving. The woman’s body yanked and bucked, trying to escape the assault. Kai’sa felt as if she was being split open, burning hot pain searing her entire body, intensifying each time her rapist rammed his cock home.

“It’s time for this Korean bitch to learn her place,” the man fucking her leaned forward. “You’re nothing, chink. Just a set of holes to be fucked… all of them, you understand? Every hole in your body is just a place for men to dump a load.” As if to emphasize his point, her rapist pushed his hand back into her pussy, pushing one finger, then two and three fingers into her, sawing back and forth. And evidencing a health disregard for Kai’sa wellbeing and health, he began to push the rest his hand into her dry pussy… then he made a fist inside her cunt and began fucking her with it… pushing his dick into her virgin ass the whole time.

And Kai’sa wailed, screaming into her panties loudly enough that one of men clapped a hand over her mouth as well, her cheeks crimson with shame and agony. The pain… it was like nothing she thought possible. Together, the fist and cock stretched her holes further than they were meant to, causing every nerve ending within her lower body to scream in white-hot torment. “Hmmmpfffarrrhmmmmph!” The inarticulate, wordless scream was all Kai’sa could get out as she was raped more thoroughly that she had ever imagined in her worst nightmare. Her holes were aflame, her head shaking back and forth in denial and agony, the taste of her cum-stained panties staining her tongue with each drop of her spit that soaks them.

The other men crowding around her laughed at the popstar’s plight, their cruel amusement audible even of the screams filling the abandoned country club. “Yess… fuck that chink bitch!” one of them cheered, reaching down to grab and squeeze her full tits as they swung invitingly beneath her with the force of each thrust, her entire beautiful, lithe dancer’s body thrown back and forth while this monster raped her. He timed his fisting of the Korean girl with the thrusts of his cock so her holes were never empty, one of them always deep in her, not allowing her any mercy. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for the man to rape her in to keep fisting her while he fucked her ass, but Kai’sa’s screams were worth the extra effort.

Her rapist laughed in cruel joy, reaching out with his free hand to grab a fistful of her pretty hair and using it to brutally yank her head backwards, eliciting another pained scream from her. “I’m going to ride you harder than anyone’s ever done before!” he promised her, turned on by the sight of fresh tears spilling down her reddened cheeks as he forced her face into his line of sight.

Kai’sa moaned and howled into the makeshift gag, terror and pain almost completely overwhelming her. All she wanted right now was for this nightmare to end. In all honesty, at this moment, if she could have escaped… even if it meant leaving her close friends behind… she would have done it. She needed to escape, needed to be left alone… without anything inside any of her holes. Her own pain and horror at the rape she had been having nightmares of since she was a preteen eclipsed any feeling of pity or compassion she might have left in this second. While at first, she had tried to move back from the violent thrusts, weakly squirming in an attempt to escape, it wasn’t long before she simply gave up, not even moving her head anymore… just screaming and crying into her cum-soaked panties.

There was nothing she could do…nothing but pray that this horror would be over soon, even though all the evidence suggested otherwise. What had her rapist said? “Everyone here is gonna fuck you.” In despair, she hoped it would just be this group and not every single man in this whole gang… she was not sure she would survive that. But somehow, she suspected the worst.

But a harsh lash on her back brought a new flash of agony through her, her rapists finding a way to make it worse. She wept as they whipped her. Everyone here is going to fuck you, he had said. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone here was going to fuck her, everyone was going to rape her and by now she knew better than to hope she will be able to fight them off. But they also said that if she cooperated they wouldn’t hurt her… so much. So if she was going to be raped either way, she will at least try to be an obedient victim, trying to protect herself from at least some of the suffering.

With all this in mind she gritted her teeth, braced herself for pain she knew was coming and pushed back against her rapist, fucking his back, impaling both her holes further. A dozen men laughed. “What a whore!” They laughed. But the lashing stopped as they laughed. Her ass hurt worse… but at least the whipping stopped. She gave a audible moan around the panties in her mouth, the taste of cum consuming the entirely of her taste as the burning agony in her tight pussy and ass growing as he helped him to fuck her harder.

Her entire lower body was aflame, pain from her ass and abused cunt radiating, becoming one, enveloping her that she could only tremble and moan… but still, she knew she had to keep going. Just a part of her mind wondered what worse tortures they had in mind for her, but Kai’sa really didn’t want to think about it, didn’t want to imagine it. Just wanted it to stop. She moved, swaying her body, her tits swinging to the rhythm of her moves.

At least the extra pain her holes wasn’t as bad as the pain of the belt… although it was far more demeaning. At the moment, though, Kai’sa decided to trade what was left of her dignity for even the tiniest relief in pain.

“Oh yes… I’m close you bitch…” her rapist growled out. “God you’re such fucking slut. I knew it the moment I saw your shaking your ass in that video of yours. You’re going to be one of my favorites.” He emphasized the dubious compliment by slapping her asscheeks. “Make me cum you whore. Wag that ass… dance on my dick!”

Kai’sa had to swallow a sob as she did as she was told. Slowly, she began to move her hips in circles, even though every nerve in her ass screamed each time the huge cock inside her was made to shift and slide deeper into her. His moans soon rewarded her with the horrible knowledge that she was actually doing a good job. Tears spilled freely down her cheeks as she continued to help in her own rape, nearly making herself scream into her makeshift gag whenever she moved too fast or allowed the cock to drill too deep into her tight, unwilling asshole.

“That’s a good girl!” the man behind her said, finally pulling his fist out of her poor, abused cunt. It was a tiny mercy… he immediately started using it along with his other hand to slap her ass, adding another notch to the torment of the K-pop star. The terrified girl sobbed and whimpered constantly as she attempted to pleasure him with her clenching ass, and all the men there loved every moment of it.

“Oh yes… so close… you’re… making me cum, you stupid cunt!” he groaned, grabbing her ass tightly and then, suddenly, ramming his entire length into her again so hard her shriek briefly eclipsed the sounds of the other rapes happening around them, even muffled by the cum-soaked panties. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her shortly before releasing a huge torrent of cum into her bowels, the sensation being nothing short of awful. Hanging her head, Kai’sa sobbed in absolute misery, feeling more worthless than ever before.

And she knew that this had only been the beginning.

The man kept his cock buried deep inside her until the last drop of cum had left his balls. After that, he finally pulled out, grinning happily. “That was great! I’m thinking we got a real prize here!” Again, he slapped her ass, then stepped around, grabbing a fistful of her short white-blond hair, forcing her teary face up. “I hope it was as awful for you as it was good for me,” he said, laughing at her obvious misery.

“Now… I thought I told you that your holes were for cock. But you’re not fucking anyone right now, are you?” He snickered… and then one of the men began to strike at her back and ass mercilessly, making her howl into her panties time and again. He was striking her as harshly as he could without leaving a permanent mark, but she didn’t know that… she felt like he was cutting her to ribbons. She could see his hard cock throbbing in his pants as he caused her pain though… the sadistic whipping getting him hard.

Her rapist grabbed her hair again, making her look up at him. “You want it to stop, cunt? Better crawl to a man and hope he puts his cock in you!”

Kai’sa was barely managing to support herself on all fours, but she desperately kept herself up, sure that if she collapsed, it would only give them another reason to punish her. She crawled frantically over to the man whipping her. Unsure of what to do, she reached up and nuzzled at the mound in his pants, dragging her cheeks over it, hoping to inspire him to stop whipping her… even if it meant being raped again.

They laughed outrageously at her sluttish behavior. “That’s a good girl,” her abuser mocked. “Fine slut,” he said, stopping whipping her. “I guess its time for me to have a go at her holes. I want her cunt.”

Another man chuckled. “Alright, Luke… you take her cunt, I’ll have her ass. Let’s see how much she has learned so far.”

“Yeah! And for her sake let us hope she did learn a lot,” Luke said with a wide smile as he got down on the ground, laying down.

Kai’sa had only a moment to look around, to see the terrible orgy around her, to hear the cacophony of screams around her. At this point she couldn’t even care about anyone else but still she took a heartbeat too long to watch these scenes in horror.

“Aaaa!” she screamed in pain against the gag, as a hard lash landed on her back, another man pulling a belt and beginning to whip her

“Climb that cock and fuck him good! You forget your place again, you brainless chink?” the man with the belt ordered.

“Nnnnn!” she whined quickly and, on all fours, she crawled towards him. Hesitantly at first she put her leg over his body.

“That’s more like it!” Luke smiled, seeing her whipped perky tits dangling above him. He reached out, grabbing them and squeezing hard, making the poor woman whimper pathetically in pain. “Start fucking!” he said, twisting her nipple hard.

“Aaaieee!” Kai’sa cried, took a breath, and still holding the cum covered panties in her mouth lowered her body, touching his rock hard pole with her sore cuntlips. After a not so gentle encouragement in the form of another vicious squeeze of her tit, she moved down, impaling herself on his cock.

“Mppfff!” she whimpered, her sounds still muffled by the disgusting gag in her mouth, the stench of the cum filling her. She stopped for a moment, the cock despite being only halfway in, hurting her as if a knife was buried in her.

Luke didn’t want to wait. He grabbed both of the girls nipples and yanked downward. Squealing in pain, Kai’sa lowered her body further, her tight dry pussy gripping the huge meat in her. The man with the belt assisted in encouraging her, bringing down another lash on Kai’sa’s back, making the woman twist and jump on the cock in her, much to Luke’s pleasure. Afterward, the man knelt behind her, pulling out his dick and bringing it to the entrance of her tight brown hole.

“Nnnn!” Kai’sa whimpered, looking pleadingly at Luke.

“Here it comes!” the man behind her laughed, grabbing her hips and ramming his cock in, overcoming the resistance of her clenched muscles, bringing another muffled cry from her mouth as Kai’sa’s entire body rocked forward on the cock in her. The woman’s already raped and abused ass blazed with another wave of searing pain. The man raping her ass resumed pumping, each his thrust bringing another groan of pain from her mouth. Her entire body felt as if on fire and each push made her move on the cocks in her. After one of the more brutal thrusts, Kai’sa gave an ear piercing scream.

“We know she’s a whore already,” another man said. “She’s gunna fuck these two as well… Hey, dancer bitch. You have two minutes to make these gentlemen come in your filthy holes.” He took his phone out of his pants, looking at the time. “And if they don’t… you’re gunna wish you did.”

Gritting her teeth, gathering her strength, as once before, she pushed her body backwards, impaling herself on the two dicks. Each move made her give a silent, muffled cry of pain as her abused holes were pierced by waves of torment. Pathetic whimpers escaped her gagged mouth as the man behind her used her beautiful hair as a harness and Luke kept playing viciously with her abused titties, twisting, squeezing them.

Her entire body trembled, her hands barely supporting the weight of her body, as she tried to comply with their cruel wishes. She kept trying to fuck them back, feeling two massive organ shift and move in her, the sensation of two hard poles in her body becoming beyond unbearable.

She didn’t know whether to be grateful or curse when the men behind her began to throw their own efforts into fucking her unwilling body, the one behind her driving his fat dick deep into her tight asshole, making her fuck the men lying below her. Still she tried to comply as well as she could, trying to move, to fuck them back, all too aware of the time limit that was set, imagining the pain that that would follow if she failed to meet their arbitrary demands.

“Just one more minute, cunt!” the man in front of her said, Her entire body was trembling, every nerve feeling as if it was on fire. Her ass and cunt were both stuffed so full of hard, throbbing cock she could not even think clearly over the raging pain within her sore, abused holes. The one behind her kept on fucking her ass hard, his cock pistoning in and out of her tight ass, making her howl and wail into the panties.

Luke, on the other hand, barely moved, wanting her to do all the work, delighting in the sheer humiliation this very act meant for her. Instead, he busied himself with slapping her ample tits or her face. “Not good enough, slut!” he yelled at her, “make me cum already!”

Crying bitterly, Kai’sa tried her best, even going so as as to clench her muscles, even though the agony of that alone made her cry out with pain, forcing her to feel the two dicks moving inside of her all too keenly. Her tits were red and stung from Luke’s continuous abuse, as did her face. Her cheeks were crimson, glistening with tears while she gagged on her own panties, taking two cocks at once against her will and even assisting her rapists despite the pain they were causing her, fearing what else they might do if she would disobey.

It was a truly pitiful sight.

“45 seconds,” the man announced, almost shoving his phone into her face, the time appearing to her like a doomsday clock, counting down to yet another horrible punishment they would visit upon her. Again, she clenched her anal muscles, wailing into the gag, the pain nearly driving her insane. Insanity might have been a mercy, given what they were forcing her to go through.

She felt the man behind her grip her hips more tightly, his fingers digging into her skin painfully, as he did not care the least bit about her, then push harder, ramming his cock into her asshole as hard and fast as he could. Maybe he was close to cumming, his thrusts tormenting Kai’sa even more now, his balls slapping against her skin, each thrust pushing her forward, making Luke’s cock within her shift, much to his delight and her torment.

“20 seconds,” the man announced, grabbing a fistful of her short hair and forcing her to look at the clock. Behind him, she could see Evelynn and Ahri being raped just as brutally as she was. It looked like Ahri had given up fighting… the smarter move, she thought… while Eve still resisting, kicking and screaming and earning only slaps, whippings or even more brutal rapes as a result.

Again, she screamed loudly into the gag as she forced her body backwards, meeting yet another brutal thrust from the man raping her ass. And then, suddenly, when she had almost lost all hope, he suddenly groaned loudly and she felt the first spurts of cum shoot into her ass. Grunting, he kept on fucking her for a few more seconds, his cock spraying more and more sperm into her, before pulling out, spurting the remaining drops onto her ass and back.

Unfortunately, her ordeal was not yet over. Luke was still inside her, his hands alternating slapping her tits or mauling them brutally, yelling at her to make him cum already. And she did, wiggling on top of him, moving up and down on his cock, despite the fact that her sore insides screamed with white-hot pain each time his massive cock shifted within her.

” 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… And the whore loses!” the man with her phone yelled at her, slapping her hard across the face. Luke nevertheless kept on abusing her, making it very clear that she was to continue her work. He came not too long after, making it clean he had been trying as hard as possible to hold out, the sensation of cum spurting into pussy, disgusting as it was, almost making her collapse with relief.

“We are going to have so much fun with this slut,” Luke said, finally allowing Kai’sa to remove the panties from her mouth.

“Please!” Kai’sa cried, looking at the cruel faces of the men, despite her better judgment hoping to see some pity. “I…” She wept with her own degradation. “I made one of them cum. Please… hurt me… less…” she begged. She would never have thought that she could be force to try to pleasure her rapist and then to beg to be punished anyway. Yesterday, she never would have thought it possible.

“Shut up!” Luke barked, slapping her so hard that she fell to the ground.

“You truly are pathetic, cunt,” the man in front of her smiled. As Kai’sa tried to get up, he grabbed her neck and shoved her back to the ground. “Lay down and spread your fucking legs, spread them wide.”

Kai’sa obeyed, already breathing hard.

“Oh don’t worry,” Luke said. “We won’t whip your back again. We will whip your fucking cunt and tits, whip them until you are hoarse with screaming!”

Kai’sa couldn’t even respond to that. She just broke down crying completely, trying to beg but only some unintelligable sounds escaped her mouth.

“Now spread up those legs… and if you force us to do this for you, it will only be worse,” Luke ordered.

Kai’sa couldn’t, just couldn’t do this. How could she obey, knowing she will be exposing her pussy to their harsh blows? But she knew better than to resist at this point. Slowly, hesitantly, she spread her legs, revealing her reddened ,abused fuckhole to their eyes. She felt someone grab her hands over her head, while two other men grabbed and held her legs in position.

[“No…no…no,”] Kai’sa kept on whimpering, slipping into Korean in her panic, sobbing with fear and misery as she saw the men look down on her with pure sadistic glee, holding belts, their cocks hard with arousal. They loved this, loved every moment of it, enjoyed seeing her panic even before the first stroke had fallen. All around her, Kai’sa heard the sounds of rapes and whippings… and yet, she was somehow certain that none of the other girls were treated as horribly as she was. She had tried to please her captors… and had failed.

Trembling, she waited for the first lash to land, staring up at the men with pleading eyes, knowing they would now hurt her even more than they had by raping her holes. But even though they had announced their plans for her, Kai’sa was totally unprepared for the pain when the first strike fell, hitting her directly between the legs, her already sore cunt ablaze with pain. “AAAAAGH!” she screamed, gasping as one of the others kicked her in the side. Immediately, another lash landed on her cuntlips. Kai’sa arched her back, screaming to high heavens once again. This time, the man at her right side did not kick her again but immediately slammed his belt onto her tits, tearing another scream from her. “Suffer, you dumb piece of fuckmeat!”

Another lash, this time across her tits again, aimed for both her nipples. “Hnngaaaargh!” she wailed, pain filling her chest. Once more, she saw the belts rising and gasped, [“W-wait… mercy!”] Her voice was hoarse and weak from the constant crying and screaming and she hated herself for obeying their orders, but it was the only way for her to get out of this without making it even worse… she hoped.

“Scream for us!” Luke said… and proceeded to lash at her cunt again. “AAAAAIIIIEEEE!” Kai’sa howled. She immediately received another brutal lash at her cunt, followed by another across her tits. Again and again the lashes cracked down, sobs and screams escaping her mouth as pain flooded her senses. Having her cunt whipped was even worse than being raped. She had long since lost count of the whippings. The added kicks to her side were just a spice on top of the agony. The men laughed at her plight, loving every second of it.

They whipped her, not only on her cunt and tits but also across her flat belly, over and over. “It’s so fucking hot. I love it when a whore screams their lungs out!” Through a fog of tears, Kai’sa saw his cock looming over her face, rapidly being jerked. She knew what would come soon and did not look forward to it. Then, suddenly, another lash hit her cunt, making her close her eyes as pain flooded her again. “Oh, god, please, stop… I can’t take anymore…” she whispered, even though the only one who could hear her was too busy jerking off over her face to listen, and the abused dancer was completely certain he would not care what she could or could not take.

When she opened her eyes again, panting heavily, another man had joined in. Now two cocks loomed over her teary face, the men grunting as they stroked themselves closer and closer to orgasm. “Make her scream harder!” one of them encouraged the others and suddenly, a torrent of lashes landed on her cunt and tits, wanting to cause her as much pain as possible for the enjoyment of their comrades. Amidst the pain now gripping her, Kai’sa barely noticed when the first drops of cum landed on her face, only retching when some of the sperm slid into her mouth, still open from panting and screaming. The man next to her groaned loudly as he covered her cheek, chin and mouth in a generous load of cum, followed by his comrade, who covered the other side of her face. All the while Luke and the other man kept on whipping her brutally, only stopping when the two others had finally finished cumming.

“What a slut!” Luke muttered. “So. Who’s next?”

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