POP/STARS – 4 – Evelynn (1/2)

Cover of People Magazine

[“So, tell us, Evelynn… you’ve been on top of the world for twenty years. What has it been like?”]

The pop star laughed, adjusting her glasses on her face. [“Is that where I’ve been? I thought I’ve been on top of billboards.”] She learned forward on the couch. [“Really Hai… it’s humbling.”] She adjusted her glasses again, against the glare of the camera lights while the audience laughed. [“I’m just glad people enjoy my music. It’s been one thing I’ve been consistently passionate about since I was a girl. I’ve always wanted to share it with the world.”]

[“That’s what I’ve heard. 13 million records sold over your tenure, and thirteen singles at the top of the charts. You must make people reconsider it a lucky number.”] The audience laughed again. [“But seriously… you also have a bit of reputation. I hear they call you Deeva behind your back.”]

[“And to my face, Hai,”] she said with a smirk. [“I don’t apologize for high standards.”]

[“And high standards you have,”] he said, turning to the camera, raising an eyebrow and smiling sideways, making a lecherous face. [“You’re the oldest girl in your new band… but you don’t look it. I’ve seen some of your old pictures…”] As he spoke, he reached under the desk and picked up two photos of her as a teenager, putting them on the desk. [“You barely look like you’ve aged a day. Women all around the world want to know… what’s your secret?”]

Evelynn sighed. [“Hai, Hai… I talk about my music. My art. I don’t talk about my lifestyle. That’s personal. If the magazines want to know so badly how I eat, they can go through my trash.”]

[“I’m just saying miss… a workout routine that keeps you looking like that… Probably worth at least as much as this new album.”]

The popstars eyes narrowed. [“My personal life,”] she said, slowly. [“Is personal.”]

[“Well then, is there anyone you share your life with? Outside of your band, that is? There’s more than one person who’s wondered about your close connections with the young prodigy you have for a lead singer.”]

Evelynn tilted her head. [“And just what are you implying?”]

[“Nothing the papers haven’t said before, miss,”] he said with a grin, and the audience laughed again. [“You’re notoriously hard to catch with a man. The only hunks anyone takes pictures of you with are other celebrities, and most of them end up missing.]

Eve was getting annoyed. [“They weren’t my boyfriends, I’ve never known them, and just because some perv with a camera can’t keep it in their lense-cap doesn’t mean I had anything to do with them.”]

[“Oh I’m sure you didn’t… Are foxy blondes more to your taste then?”]

Evelynn stood, huffing. [“You know what? This is done. Get out of my face,”] she snapped as a camera moved closer to her. She stormed off the set, to the sound of outragous applause. This, after all, is what most of them had come to see… the drama.

[”Ladies and gentlmen,”] the host said with a grin. [”I present to you the famous Deeva.”]

[“Let the fuck go of me, you ugly fucks!”] Evelynn snarled, fighting. She had managed to squirm herself free of one of the men holding her. Their pawing hands had already torn open her tank top and a part of her bra, allowing one of her well-formed tits to jiggle free. The Korean girl’s expression was one of equal parts anger and fear, but layered over both was sheer defiance. Her victory was short lived, though. Still held by one man, the other was quick to reaquire her, grinning as he yanked her forward.

“Grab the dumb bitch,” he said, and two other men got their hand on her as well. “The fun is just getting started!” Then he began to slap Evelynn’s exposed tit over and over.

[“Eve! EVE! Don’t leave me!”] Ahri screamed as she was pushed against a wall.

[”Ahri!”] she cried out. A second later, she was pushed out of sight of the girl.

It seemed that the attackers were surprised with the resistance that Evelynn could provide. She was the smallest of the girls, but her lithe body packed for strength than it looked like. Fueled by anger, rage, and no small amount of fear, pop diva fought fiercely enough that it required no less than four men to grab her and hold her down.

Still she kept struggling, fighting with all of her strength. Unfortunately, it seemed that this only aroused those pigs even more. It was as if the world herself has gone suddenly mad. All over her she could see her friends, her bandmates, being stripped, groped and pushed around in something that could only be a prelude to a vicious gang rape. Even when she couldn’t see it, she could hear it. Even as she fought to save herself, she could hear the desperate cries and pitiful pleas of others… and even now she couldn’t stop thinking that it was pathetic. Pleading and begging wouldn’t help.

However, when the men moved far enough out of her way to see Ahri being shoved to the ground, she still felt horrified for the girl. Already the girl was choking on tears as someone knelt behind her, grabbed her hair and yanking her head backwards as he pulled the skirt up to the crying woman’s waist. The man, a viciously and brutish looking latino, reached forward, grabbing Ahri’s perky tits and twisting the nipple so viciously that the blonde let out a long scream of pain.

Maybe it was for the best than a man moved into her line of sight and she lost sight. He ran a finger through her pink hair. “What a dye job,” the big black man mused, smiling cruelly as he ogled her tits and the shapely legs poking out beneath her shorts. “Wonder if she dyed her pubes too.”

She didn’t speak English great… but she understood it fine, mostly. [“Leave me alone you pig!”] she spat at his face, which earned her a vicious backhanded slap to the face. As she cried in pain, the man grabbed the front of her already ripped tank-top and tore it off. For a moment he was kneading her breasts, both the exposed one and the one with the ripped bra, and then tore the rest of it off. And as he did, Evelynn kicked him in the stomach.

Two more men grabbed her and forced her back down. [“Leave me the fuck, alone!”] Evelynn cried, trying her best not to cry in pain the man she had kicked returned to slapping her tits, making her breasts burn with pain. As they’ve pushed her hard to the ground, she managed to get a glimpse of Kai’sa, pushed to her knees with a cock in her face.

“Shut the hell up gook!” the black man snarled as he knelt above her waist, slapping her face until it was burning with pain as much as with rage. He grabbed the remains of Evelynn’s tattered clothing and ripped it apart. He knelt there, kneading and mauling her tits as another man grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, making the tits stand out even more. “I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun sticking my cock between those fuck-bags,” he smirked as he began unbuckling his pants.

Evelynn closed her eyes shut, trying to escape the horrible situation, at least in her mind. She couldn’t stop hearing the cries and cheers all around her… some men mocking Kai’sa, Ahri’s terrified scream, the sound of Akali’s voice.

“I say leave fuck alone!” Evelynn shouted in broken English, struggling against the hands holding her. Despite her desperate attempts she had no chance. Her legs were held securely, each by one strong man, while her hands were still pinned to the floor above her head.

“Shut. The fuck. Up!” the man who was kneeling on top of her belly yelled, slapping Eve again. The girl’s cheeks were already burning red, after the slaps but still she tried to at least bite the hand that was hitting her – much to the hearty laughter of the men holding her. “What an ungrateful bitch!” he said, spitting in Evelynn’s face.

“Give it a rest Kell,” the guy holding Evelynn’s hands said, chuckling to himself. “I like them fighting. Makes for a better fuck.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kell lifted his body, standing above the girl as he pulled out his belt and started taking off his trousers. When he took a step sideways, he revealed a horrible scene occurring in front of the girl’s eyes. Kai’sa was getting face fucked by a cruel man, slapping her as he did. She had heard the cruel sounds, seen the pain… but watching one of her friends get raped made it real.

“Aaah!” Evelynn’s observations and thoughts were cut short as Kell landed a vicious lash of his belt on the girl’s considerable tits.

“Take it you whore!” he laughed as he kept hitting the girls tits, watching as they quickly became red. Evelynn’s bucked and thrashed harder, her body squirming, but despite all of that she was however unable to free herself.

As she shook her head wildly, her brightly colored hair flying wildly, she caught a glimpse of Akali, bundled off away from the others, surrounded by some of the men who looked like they were in charge. Eve saw her petite young body spread out on a mattress, her legs spread so widely that the formed almost a straight line. Evelynn could imagine the muscles in the cute girls legs straining as she was forced. A men was kneeling between them, fucking her in vicious brutal strokes, each time driving his full cock into her, filling her virgin pussy completely. Her body rocked in the rhythm of these thrusts, tormented shrieks escaping her mouth.

She lost her vision as Kell knelt once again over Evelynn’s body. He grabbed her sore reddened tits and squeezed them hard, making a small whimper escaped the girl’s mouth. [“You bastard!”] she yelled. [“Does it take four of you weaklings for one girl?”]

“Shut the fuck up with that ugly chink language,” Kell snarled. [”I’m not gonna say it again!” The big man twisted Evelynn’s nipples viciously, making her cry out in pain.

The other man turned to one of the others. “What did she say?” he asked the darker skinned Asian man.

“Something about four of us,” he said, shrugging. “I’m Chinese, not Korean.”

The man snickered. “Trust me slut… more than just four of us are going to rape your sexy body.”

“Now I’m gonna play with those funbags” Kell said, kneading her tits. Finally he pushed his hard dick between them and squeezed them hard around his length. “So soft,” he exclaimed as he started moving his hips, moving his cock between her breasts, titty fucking her. All the time he was pinching and kneading her tits, smiling loudly each time a sigh of pain got past Evelynn’s clenched teeth. His cock hard far enough up her tits to brush against her chin. “Lean down, slut… Lick my cock!”

“I bite it off!” she snarled back. That protest earned her only a hard slap before her nipples were pinched and twisted so hard as if Kell was trying to tear them from her tits.

“Aaaa!” she yelled, cursing herself for this weakness. Hating the pain. How she hated herself for being in this situation, reduced to a mere fucktoy. She was under no illusion at all… all of these men were going to take her body. Her mind already was creating horrible images of how her body will be used and abused, what ordeals she will suffer.

“Lick me slut! And if you try to bite I’ll knock your fucking teeth out” Kell yelled, but Evelynn clenched her teeth, moving her face away, as much as she could. “Fuck you whore!” he spat angrily. “You’ll learn!” His hands became even more brutal as he kept torturing the girl’s already sore tits. He began breathing heavily, his cock smearing precum on the mounds of her breasts. Suddenly he lifted himself up and jerking his cock rapidly he began covering her tits with sticky white jizz. “Ah… don’t you look so pretty now,” Kell said in admiration of his work. “From one artist to another, Evelyn… what do you think of my masterpiece?”

Temporarily satisfied, Kell stepped back from Evelynn, who shuddered in disgust at the sensation of cum all over her tits. “Get off!” she spat in English.

The men just laughed. “I’m pretty sure he just did,” one said snickering. “Now it’s my turn.” As if for emphasis, one of her friends… she was pretty sure it was Ahri… screamed a tortured scream.

Still, she kicked and squirmed, trying to break free from the grip of the man holding her hands. Every second made her feel more and more helpless… a feeling she wasn’t used to. A feeling she hated with ever fiber of her being, as much as she hated the sensation of the black man’s warm cum splattering against her skin.

The other man stepped forward and knelt down next to her head, his thick, long cock already out, the head glistening with precum. “I want those lips around my cock. Now!” he yelled at her, delivering another slap just for good measure.

Glaring at him, Evelynn hissed through clenched teeth, [“You try to stick that in me, you’re going to lose it!” There was absolutely no way she would allow them to make her take part in her own rape. No chance.

He looked over at the Chinese man. “I take it that was a no,” he said to general laugher. Again, he slapped her, furious at the refusal. “You dumb little whore! What’s the matter? Think your throat is too good for us? Your lips only useful to sing?” He sneered. “Oh trust me… before I’m done with your, that talented, award winning throat will be entertaining us plenty, you can count on that.” Eve didn’t yield, though… she simply turned her head away. He slapped her twice more, then sighed. “Fine… you don’t want to play, K-slut? Trust me… sooner or later you’re going to take cock into that slutty mouth of yours. More cock that you ever dreamed of! But first… let’s get our pretty Deeva on all fours like a proper whore!”

Evelynn struggled hard as the men grabbed her and turned her around, forcing her onto hands and knees. They were going to fuck her now… that much was certain and inevitable. Hands were all over her again, tearing her tight, short shorts off, exposing her black thong underneath for just a second before the tiny thing was roughly torn off, harshly enough to make bite her tongue to suppress a whimper. The fabric dug painfully into her pussy before it gave way, snapping on her like a whip. She felt thick cumdrops sliding down her tits, hanging from her nipples in disgusting, long strands.

[“Leave me alone!”] she yelled again but, of course, no one listened… even if they understood, they wouldn’t have.

As she waited for them to do whatever they would like to, she had little choice but to witness some of the other violations being committed. Ahri, Akali, Kai’sa… all three were already being raped. Fucking screaming and crying… mouth, ass, and cunt. Evelynn closed her eyes. No matter where she looked, there was no hope. Just pointless pleading, brutality and violation… no point in watching this, but she could feel it all anyway. The suffering was practically heavy in the air, it was a wonder she couldn’t taste it. Her eyes flew open a moment a second later though, when she felt hands spread her asscheeks and a cockhead push against her tightest hole.

“NO! Leave alone!” Evelynn shouted angrily, yanking her body, trying to free herself from the hands holding her.

“We’re way past that, whore,” the man chuckled. “You’re going to get fucked hard now. Should have sucked my cock when you had your chance.” He spread her asscheeks a little more as he began forcing his cock into her ass.

[“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”] Eve shouted, her eyes blazing hatred and fear in equal amounts. [“Pull it out! Stop!”] She cried out in agony as she felt his bulky cockhead spread the her ass even more. She gritted her teeth, knowing that what she was feeling now was only mild discomfort when compared what was in store for her…

“What a tight fucking hole,” her rapist complimented her, slapping her ass as he kept his cock pushing into her, feeling her ass gripping his meat. “So wonderfully tight… It must hurt a lot, doesn’t it? Don’t worry… I don’t believe I’ll be able to keep it up for long!” he smiled as he suddenly pushed his dick, overcoming the resistance of her clenched muscles and tearing an agonizing scream of pain from Evelynn’s lips.

“Aaaieee!” she wailed like a banshee, her body bucking desperately, her bright pink hair flying wildly as she shook her head, trying to free herself. [“I’ll kill… yaaaaeee!”] her last threat was left unfinished as the man behind her pushed his dick even deeper and then again… and again… pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside her.

“Oh yeah! I live to make these whores scream!” he commented as he grabbed her hips and began fucking her tight hole in earnest, the screams of his victim sounding in her ears as the most precious music and the best aphrodisiac. “And I love them fighting!”

And Eve did fight… viciously. The men surrounding her were thugs, hardened criminals, no stranger to violence and rape both, and every one of them was caught off guard by the resistance of the small popstar. She twisted her body, tried to free her hands to hit them, even tried to kick them as impossible as it seemed in this position. For Evelynn, this was more than merely a matter of life and death. It was about her pride. She could feel the burning agony in her ass, the pain of her rapists fat dick pushed into her and spreading her ass far beyond what seemed possible, But the real worst part to Evelynn was the feeling of humiliation as she was raped… and again… and again…

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