A Pirate’s Life Chapter 7 – Mutiny

Raudur pulled the hood down further over his head, keeping the rain off. It was pouring, and cold… even in the warm south seas, the storm bought a bone deep chill with it. At least it kept his attention off the screaming of the girl.

He shook his head. Two weeks. They had been sailing, nearly straight south, for two damn weeks. No landfall. No break. No resupply. Damara was sure that they were still being chased. Not that she bothered to ask him. Not like they had only escaped the armada in the first place due to his orders, his preparations, and his clever sailing. No, she was furious, and still running scared… and had grown more insular since Tahm had died in Sabreport, shot by a marine during the raid.

Celia screamed again, and Raudur was growing more angry every time. She still hadn’t let him, or anyone else, at the girl since Eliana’s escape. She had been intending to sell her to Kiera… but the Navy had interrupted that plan. To Raudur’s eyes, it looked like she was intending to torture the girl to death… like the blonde had been the one responsible for her string of bad luck.

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen.

Just because he was the officer on watch didn’t make him the only one awake at this time of night, of course. Damara was clearly still awake in her cabin, as he could hear the evidence. Several sailors were working the rigging, keeping them going through the rain… the winds were nowhere near bad enough to make this a real storm. And below decks, the Witch Women would be hard at work, protecting the ship.

That was why he needed friends.

Rashet climbed the ladder to the top of the castle, where Raudur stood along with the current helmsmen, Baldeg. He had, more than week ago, created the duty schedule to make sure these two were up topside tonight, and that Bart would be below decks. The only one he needed to know about was…

“Thomas picked the lock,” Rashet said. He kept his voice low, and the wind carried it off almost before it reached Raudur’s ears. It was the news he had been hoping for. The Butcher had been a sailor with him and Rashet for years before he had met Damara, and if Thomas had managed to secure the payroll, then that was the last thing they would need. Rashet was clearly thinking the same, because a large smile crossed the dark skinned man’s face. “It’s happening tonight then?”

Raudur nodded, smiling himself. “As long as you can do your part.”

“I’ll take Thomas and we’ll handle the Witch Women. I’ll send him back up soon as we’re done, and he can help Broadsides secure the rest of them,” Rashet assured him. “I’ll stay down here and make sure nothing eats us.”

He nodded. Raudur didn’t question if Rashet was capable of doing it by himself… he already knew the man was. It was one of the reasons that he valued his long time friend so highly… and why he’d never told Damara why he had wanted him brought onto the crew. Witchmen were rare… but Rashet was the best he had ever seen. He turned to Baldeg. “Get the sailors topside to strip the sails. We’re not going anywhere until this is done. Then arm yourselves and hold the deck. No one interferes.”

The man saluted, and Raudur smiled. Barely more than 20 of the crew of more than a hundred knew what he had in mind… but the moods of the entire group were already dark, listening to Celia’s sexy screaming for two weeks with no treasure and no cunt. If everything went well, it would mostly be finished before anyone woke up. They would wake to find his mutiny already achieved, a bonus paid to them, and… assuming everything went well… some fresh pussy.

“You have five minutes, Rashet. Get Thomas and get down to the Witch Women. In five minutes, I’m going to break the bad news to Damara while Thomas and Broadsides take out the loyalists downstairs and get the girls. Let’s move.” Rashet lunged for the ladder, excitement in his steps. He had been waiting a long time for this, concealing his abilities, taking the abuses heaped on him as a junior shipman by Damara and Annabelle and Tahm. Raudur was only barely less excited himself. They would kill most of the pirates he had noted as personally loyal to Damara in their sleep… and then it would be his turn to cut off the head of the snake himself.

His cock was hard already. He was counting every second of the five minutes while Baldeg and the other sailors took down the sails, locking the hatches from the top and preventing anyone else from reaching topdecks. Then, after the five minute head start he had promised Rashet, he drew his sword, heading for Damara’s cabin… and really hoped the woman wasn’t about to make him kill her.

Finding his way to Damara’s cabin would have been easy even if he had no idea where it was… all he had to do was follow the screams. For now, the only woman screaming was in her cabin, and he could follow the sound of Celia’s agony with ease. He paused with his hand on the handle to the door, listening as the screams in the room changed tenor and stopped a few seconds later. This was the point of no return. He wasn’t hesitating because he was unsure of what he was doing, though… he was just appreciating how much life was about to change. How much the last six months of planning had lead to this moment… the moment when the game ended, and there was a winner and a loser.

Raudur smiled and opened the door.


Celia caught his attention first. Damara had her stretched and bound spread-eagle across the captain’s desk, her tits and belly and thighs all crimson from a thorough whipping. The poor marine couldn’t do much of anything as Damara straddled her head. The beautiful captain knelt on the desk over her head, bringing her hairless pussy down onto the raped blonde’s face, grinding her crotch against her. Damara was undressed below the waist, her pants crumpled on the floor… wearing a top but with one of his tits out, cupping it with one hand while she bounced with rising speed on top of Celia’s head, smearing her hot juices across her captive’s scrunched-up face. With her other hand, she brought a flogger down on her body over and over. Raudur could see now that Celia hadn’t stopped screaming… they were just being muffed as she yelled the into Damara’s wet twat.

When the door opened, the captain froze, looking over, her eyes furious. “Raudur! What in the damned abyss…”

Raudur didn’t pause. Damara was unprepared, vulnerable. With her pants off, she wasn’t wearing her gunbelt or her sword, but he couldn’t let her gather them from the floor. He took three quick steps towards her, grabbed her dangling black hair and yanked her to the side and off the desk, tumbling towards him and away from her chair, her pants, and any weapons she might have. He smirked down at her. “It’s my duty to report to you, captain,” he said as she looked up at him with deadly, enraged eyes, “that some of the crew is… dissatisfied with how you’ve been running things.”

Damara sprang to her feet and took a swing at him. He took a half step backward, and her fist swished by an inch in front of his face. Raudur stepped right back into her and drove his fist into her stomach… once, twice, three times, quickly. She stayed up through the first hit, but sagged at the second. The third landed while she was already on the way down to the ground, and she all but collapsed.

“We’ve been sailing around for months, stopping at tiny, worthless islands with nothing to pillage, nothing to loot,” Raudur accused her. Damara was gasping for breath, so he continued. “Then, out of nowhere, you decide to attack a god damn Empire signatory. Constantos was small, but sure, maybe it had something worth our while. But we focus on the fortress instead. And have to leave before we’ve taken more than scraps.”

She tried to rise again. Raudur drove a foot into her side. “And even then, it wasn’t all bad. At least we had some some captives, right? And the crew was happy and entertained for bit. But when you decided to plot a course through a damned hurricane. And just like that, both of the girls were gone… not that you paused to consider you were rubbing it in all our faces, did you?”

Damara was scrambling for her weapons, amusing him as he watched her bare, glistening cunt between her legs as her ass wagged back and forth as she crawled. Raudur grabbed her hair and yanked her back, tilted her head up so he was looking down into her face. “Raudur, you bastard, what are you…”

He slapped her and threw her back down to the floor. “And all that was before you took us into a firestorm, through an entire Empire armada. We lost more than a dozen men. And now we’re running with no destination in mind, no supplies, no loot, no plan. You have no idea what you are doing… captain. And now you aren’t my captain anymore.”

“You son of a bitch,” she spat. “Let me go… or I’ll kill you!” Damara hissed with fury, but it was obvious to Raudur that her anger barely covered up her fear. “I’ll use your balls for Leviathan bait! I’ll…”

Raudur slapped her face twice, hard. “Shut up already, bitch!” he hissed as he drove his hand between her struggling legs, pushing one of his fingers into her warm, soaked cunt. She was in the afterglow of her arousal from abusing Celia, certainly not from his own attention, but he still snickered as he slid effortlessly into her. “Not as tight as I’d like, maybe… but we can work on that. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll know to clench.”

“Stop it! I’ll kill you!” Damara shouted. The effect was ruined a bit as her voice broke a little, trembling as she felt the unwelcome intrusion, the man who until a few seconds ago had been her first mate’s finger probing inside her sex. “You’ll… aaaa! Stop!” she cried in pain as Raudur pinched her clit but her cries were interrupted as the man grabbed her neck and squeezed hard, choking her for a second.

“We had two cunts to play with,” Raudur hissed. “Because of you, we lost them both. Now we’ll have two again. Celia here will be returning to her duties,” he snickered, looking down at the girl with the glistening, pussy-coated face. She was looking at them both, paying close attention but being absolutely silent. “And since you’ve been so eager to be her lover since you took her away, you can replace her lover for us.” He dragged her roughly to her feet and in the same second pushed her down on top of Celia’s belly on her back. Holding her down, Raudur took a rope from his belt and grabbed at Damara’s wrists while she kept fighting him. It didn’t do her much good… after the beating she’d suffered, she couldn’t fight effectively.

After her hands were tied, he took a minute to continue tying the struggling deposed captain down, her legs just as spread as Celia’s were, her hands off the back of the desk and run down to the legs of the desk. “You know, Damara… you’re not half bad. Pretty as a button… and with a nice rack, too.” He grinning, leaning down, licking her neck. “Shame your body has gone so unused for its proper purpose… but we’ll make sure it gets proper attention from now on.”

Raudur pushed three fingers into her pussy, finding it tight and squeezing as she struggled. Damara threw her head back, a cry of pain escaping her lips as the man rammed all three fingers into her unwilling cunt, brutally stretching her. “Aghhh! Stop it you bastard… let go of me or I’ll kill your myself!” Damara was immediately silenced by first another slap to her face, and then a second later by his mouth pressing down over her lips, his tongue invading her mouth as he forced a kiss on her. Damara probably would have bit him if she wasn’t so surprised, but Raudur pulled off her before she could think about it, continuing to pump his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Gasping for breath and wincing, Damara’s eyes were surprisingly wide and panicked as he abused her nice cunt. He had expected her to give him more trouble than this. Idly, Raudur began to unbuckle his belt, opening his trousers and pulling out his already hard cock, stroking it in front of her. “I am going to enjoy this,” he said slowly, smiling. “You’re wet as a two copper whore. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too… but in truth, I really don’t care.”

“No… you can’t…” Damara began to protest, but as Raudur raised his hand to slap her again, she cut herself off. Surprisingly easy. What a weak bitch… no wonder she wasn’t much of a captain.

He glared at her, staring into her eyes, seeing the weakness and fear in her blue eyes. She was trying to be strong, trying to be tough… but she wasn’t. She was already terrified of him. The thought made him smirk as he began to lower himself down on top of her and slowly pushed his thick cock into her pussy, spearing her already slick and helpless hole without mercy. “Yes… I can.”

“Aaaaaaggghhhh!” Damara screamed as she was penetrated, his shaft plunging all the way into his new rapetoy in a single long, hard thrust. Damara hadn’t been fucked for a while… most of her abuse of Celia meant that her pleasure was self-service. She had been planning to find someone to take a roll in the sheets with when she was at Sabreport, but that had gone to hell. With it being so long since she had deemed someone fit to share her bed, she really wasn’t ready for a man of Raudur’s size, no matter how wet her cunt already was. Blinking tears of pain and rage from her eyes, she squirmed and writhed on top of Celia as Raudur began to rape her with long, deep strokes, enjoying the tightness of his deposed captain. Damara whimpered breathlessly as she was overwhelmed by pain, her single exposed tit shaking while he took her violently, laughing.

“Does it hurt, bitch?” Raudur mocked. “Weren’t you just doing this to the marine beneath you? What’s the matter… can dish it out but you can’t take it?” He reached down and grabbed the hem of your corset, ripping it down and exposing her other tit. “What made you think you were any better than her? At least she put up a fight. You’re being used like all you bitches should be, now…” He grunted as he kept pounding her already sore cunt, squeezing her tits with his hands so hard it felt like he was trying to crush them.

“God…” Raudur moaned. “You really are one hell of a good fuck. Better than I’d hoped.” The pirate continued pushing his hard cock in her tight pussy over and over, his hunger insatiable as he made the helpless woman scream in pain. Then, a second later, another scream… and it wasn’t Damara’s or Celia’s. He smiled. “Hmmm… that sounded like Annabelle, didn’t it? Gee, I sure hope nothing happened to her. Who’s going to rescue you?” He saw the horror grow in her face as he raped her, her prideful face twitching with pain each time Raudur pushed himself into her. He crushed her tits down to her body as he rocked her with the force of his rapid pushes. “Yeah, that’s great,” Raudur chuckled. He loved the feeling as she twisted on his cock. “Every time I squeeze your fat tits, you squeeze my cock. If you are going to make it this good to fuck you every time you get hurt, I am going to have a fantastic time with you whore.”

His moves were becoming even more frantic, each push making his whole cock enter the former captain cunt entirely, stretching it and filling with even stronger pain as Raudur got closer and closer to his climax. He thrusts became more fervent, making Damara twist her body, jerk around in a last hopeless attempt to protect herself from having his disgusting seed sprayed inside her abused pussy. But it was all in vain – Damara could only moan and cry as Raudur laughed maniacally, grabbed the pirate’s hips and shoving his entire length into the hilt in a single thrust. “Here it is, ‘captain!’ Take it ALL!” His cock started to spray wave after wave of cum inside her, making her gasp wordlessly each time she felt his huge load being shot in her.

While she lay there in total despair, Raudur pulled out, leaning down to push his tongue into Celia’s mouth, tasting Damara on her lips. “Mmmm. And you’re even sweet. Well worth the effort.”

He walked around to her face, pulling a ring gag off her wall from where it hung after she’d used it in his presence earlier. “Open up, bitch.” Damara looked like she was going to protest but she quickly realized that would give Raudur what he wanted. She twisted her head away from him, and he laughed. “You want to play games, slut? Stop wasting my time.” He grabbed the quirt off the deck where Damara had dropped it when he attacked her, and slashed it down between her spread legs.

“AAAAAGH!” Damara howled.

An instant later, Raudur pushed the steel ring into her mouth, tightening the strap around her head beneath her braided hair. He shrugged. “It’s what you get for making this harder than it had to be. I told you already, cunt… stop wasting my time.” Raudur held his cock, already beginning to regain its stiffness, and pushed it past her lips, into her mouth.

Raudur didn’t waste a second trying to get her to suck him off. That would come later, after he had had time to… properly communicate his expectations… to his new captive whore. He fucked her with long, deep strokes, raping her face. He slashed her between her legs again with the whip, striking her aching, tortured cunt, making her utter a gargled scream around his cock. “Next time you make me go out of my way, you’ll get worse,” he warned her, holding her head steady so he could drive his cock all the way down her throat, making his balls slap against her nose as he fucked her face. He pushed his length in deep, relishing the pleasure her mouth and gagging throat provided. It was enough to bring the new captain over the edge. He began gasping and moaning heavily as he held her head, shooting wave after wave of his cum into her warm mouth, making the pirate whore gag at the taste of his seed in her mouth.

“You failed as a captain,” Raudur mocked, pulling out as he idly twisted one of her nipples, making her whimper around his cock as it slowly was dragged free her mouth. “Hell, with the looting you’ve been missing out on, you pretty much failed as a pirate, too. At least you’re good for something, Damara… you can suck the cum from my balls anytime.” He chuckled as he came free and she started caughing, a bit of him cum slipping down her hanging face, mixing with her drool.

When she stopped caughing, Damara lay there listlessly on top of Celia. The woman hadn’t said as word as he had raped her tormentor on top of her. Raudur wouldn’t have been able to help mocking the woman in her place. Just one more way the blonde was a better person that the dark haired failure he had just filled with cum twice.

He pushed his cock into Celia’s mouth, looking down at the bound girl. “I’m sure you remember what I’ll do to you if you give me trouble, don’t you dyke?” Raudur grinned as the blonde started to slowly suck his shrinking length, working him back to hardness again. “Good… that’s what I thought.”

Raudur raped Damara four more times before he couldn’t get hard again. He had slapped the blonde around a bit for her failure, but his heart wasn’t in it… he knew it wasn’t her fault, and he was too busy basking in his victory to get properly upset. When he couldn’t manage to rape the captain again, he untied Celia, leaving Damara bound in his new cabin, and dragged the blonde woman out onto the deck. The rain had stopped at some point, but the sun wasn’t ready to come up yet… he had been at Damara for hours, but not all night.

Baldeg stood at by the hatch with a trio of armed men… Raudur’s men. All three of them nodded to him and smiled as he dragged the blonde out. “Any problems?” Baldeg asked.

“None at all,” Raudur said with a grin, whistling as he dragged Celia towards the hatch. “Undo the lock. We’re good here.” He waited while his trusted helmsman unlocked the chain he had bound around the hatch handles, and dragged Celia down the stairs, and forward into the crew’s quarters… into the scene of a gangrape.

Annabelle was the first girl he saw. The blonde gunnery officer had been one of Damara’s first recruits, probably the captain’s friend. She had been one of the only officers on the ship to have been there longer than Raudur himself, and she had been as demeaning and cruel as she could be when Raudur was new to the ship. She probably thought that had all been forgotten over the six months or so since he had become the first mate. She was wrong about that, and he grinning now to see her being mistreated. The arrogant bitch was being fucked, facing away from her rapist as he slammed her curvaceous body down upon his burly cock. Her face cringed and convulsed and shrieked as one of the pirates… not even one of the ones who had initially been in on the mutiny, Raudur noted… hammered her cunt while she was forced to watch her fellow female crew members be just as brutally raped just as she was. Her ample breasts swung and wobbled all over her shaking frame as she was bounced like a ball down the full-length of his rod, shaking hypnotically as she was fucked with wild commotion.

While Raudur watched, he pulled her down on his cock, grabbed and squeezing her big tits in the palm of his huge hands. He squeezed and crushed her jugs in his orgasmic fury as cum spilled out of the corners of Annabelle’s soar pussy. While the women screamed, the man added his cum to her already sloppy cunt, her cum-drenched face twisted in agony through the entirety of her rapists orgasm. Even after his cock had stopped jerking in her and he had let go of her tits, Raudur wasn’t sure her black and blue tits would regain their perky shape for a little while yet.

Next to Annabelle, Elizabeth’s fate was even worse. The brunette was one of the two water witches that Damara had had protected the ship. Now, she was bent over a bench, prone under the weight of a huge pirate bruiser smothering her down. From his vantage point by the door Raudur couldn’t even see Water Witch’s torso… all he could see was her limp head and arms, jerked with each thrust. The huge pirate grunted as he humped into her backside, raping her ass from behind. Using short jabs and pokes with his thick dick he kept driving himself into her tight hole, each thrust hard as a battering ram against her tiny hole.

To Raudur, Elizabeth looked barely alive. Covered in cum, her eyes were glazed over, and the girl barely moved. The only definitive life signs were how her arms and head vibrated dully from each power-thrust the pirate pumped her already well-raped ass. Her tanned face was plastered with the remains of dried, translucent cum. Her mouth hung loosely open, her tongue sticking out and lolled freely in the air. She still leaked out a river of cum from the depths of her throat, coughing weakly… a testament to her earlier face fuckings. Behind the layer of spunk, Raudur saw her eyes were alarmingly vacant. She hadn’t taken her rapes well, he thought. saw that her eyes where alarmingly vacant. Yet

Raudur barely recognized the last girl. The other Water Witch, Tera… even compared to the other girls it looked like she had been through a long, arduous rape. Her entire body was coated in several layers of fresh and dried cum. Not even her long blonde hair showed any of its original color beneath the gooey mess of white. If he didn’t know who the whore was, he never would have recognized her. She had been a beautiful girl… but she didn’t much look like it right now. She was spoiled, looted, totally deprived of her beauty beneath the spoils of her previous rapes.

The cum covering her hadn’t dissuaded the men from continuing to rape her, though. On her arms and knees, Tera was roughly double-teamed by two cruel pirates, holding her limp body up by her skull and hips as they drove their cocks into her throat and cunt in time with one another. They showed no consideration of the state she was in… jamming and stuffing their cocks into her with such enthusiasm that it was clear they didn’t in the least about the girl’s health. Her currently unfilled asshole sputtered out cum each time she was jerked between her rapists, dripping down a seemingly endless stream of rapeseed. It was easy to imagine her insides were just as coated as cum as her skin was. As if that wasn’t enough, a pairs of pirates stood over her, waiting for a whore to fuck, masturbating as they watched her rape. It was easy to imagine where some of the cum covering the girl came from. A few moments later, the pirate swapped from her pussy, switching effortlessly into her loose asshole. With each pump, her yawning pussy leaked cum the way her ass had a few moments ago.

Just like Elizabeth, Tera’s blue eyes where vacant and unfocused… completely emotionless as her body was violated. The two Water Witches must have been exhausted before this even started, with the storm churning the sea, but now she was absolutely battered beyond fatigue. Her rapists didn’t care. They continued drilling her with uncaring speed and reckless power. The body between them was just a tool to make them cum.

Celia gasped to see the state the women were in… even worse than she and Eliana had been. Raudur wasn’t surprised, given how the crew had no doubt been worked up by listening to Celia scream for weeks without any release. He pounded on the wall three times, holding a bound Celia with his other hand. “Hey! Listen up your apes!”

His voice got attention, even through the sounds of the mass rape. Slowly everyone’s attention focused on him. “As I think you’ve realized… things have changed around her.” A few chuckles. Raudur continued. “We have a new captain now… me. There are going to be a lot of changes, but we’re going to be on the hunt for gold again… plenty of gold, and some fresh pussy while we’re at it.” A few cheers. “Here’s the deal. I run this ship now. You all get to enjoy these bitches until morning. After that, you work your shifts as scheduled… but the bitches stay down here.”

He paused. “Now, some of you might not be happy about this… or at least might be a bit concerned. The way I see it, you have two options.” Raudur began ticking off his fingers. “One… you can enjoy the new order. Get your dicks wet. Get rich. Continue crewing my ship.” He held up another finger. “Two… you can keep your mouth shut. Do your job. Next time we make port, you’ll get your shares and you can get lost. No one will lay a hand on you.” He drew those two fingers across his throat. “Or you can cause trouble. Resist. Try to be loyal to a couple whores and a few corpses. And get your throats slit and tossed overboard for your troubles.”

He pushed Celia at the crew, and she squealed as she stumbled into them. More than a few cheered to see the blonde returned to her. “Here’s a little something to sweeten the pot. Make your decisions. Team 1 on deck in three hours.” And he claimed back up the stairs, nodding to Bart and Thomas “Butcher” as he did. They would keep order here… and make sure the four sluts lived. Rashet would mind the waves, keep the Leviathans from noticing them. That would do for now… he was eager to get back to Damara. Watching the three women get gangraped had gotten him hard again… and he knew just the whore to use it on.

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