POP/STARS – 5 – Ahri (1/2)

“I’d like everyone to welcome my next guest! Fresh off the release of her newest album and visiting state-side, put your hands together for the Queen of K-Pop, the magnificent Ahri herself. Welcome, Ahri, welcome!” The audience clapped as the beautiful blonde, crystalline tail swaying behind her as she sauntered into the room. Ahri had the kind of smile that shone brighter than the lights, and the audience was very receptive as she smiled and waved pack, swaying her way over to the couch, taking just a moment to brush her tails out of the way before sitting down.

“Welcome to the States Ahri!”

Her smile continued to shine. “Happy to be here, Jimmy.”

The host grinned back at her, leaning closing. “I have to admit… we talked for a while before coming out here, and you surprised me with how good you speak English.”

“How well I speak English,” she said with a grin. The popstar laughed along with the crowd. “I’ve been speaking English since I was six, Jimmy. I’ve had a ton of time to practice.”

They chatted for about ten minutes… it was comfortable to Ahri. Easy. Simple. She had done interviews like this for most of a decade. After a while, though, Jimmy asked a question that didn’t leave her so comfortable. “So… and I’m only asking on behalf of all of the bachlors in the room wondering…” Everyone in the room laughed again. “Any men in your life, Ahri?”

Ahri tried to smile, she really did. But it wasn’t as magnificent as the rest of her smiled had been. “No, no Jimmy. I’m just not read to have someone in my life yet.” It was a standard answer… a standard lie. One she had told a hundred times on behalf of her label.

“And we’re all very sorry to hear that,” he said, and the audience laughed again. Mostly the men. She wanted to wince. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Ahri and K/DA are on tour in the states until the end of summer. Tickets are on sale now!”

The men who had planned this mess had gone for the youngest girl, their lovely Maknae Akali. The largest mob had gone for the most famous member in Evelynn. The ones who just wanted to fuck a pretty dancer had gone for Kai’sa. All of the rest had grabbed at Ahri.

Ahri hadn’t been given a moment to think since she had been pushed off the bus, not even a second to think of try to run. She barely could scream… the first moment she tried, tried to plead, tried to beg, she had been slapped across the face by a huge, bald black man who stared at her with deadly eyes. She had been pushed into the crumbling country club and pushed around against one of the walls by four men, overpowering even the athletic young girl’s resistance. As she did, she could hear her bandmates already screaming as the horde of men began to do unthinkable things to them.

She couldn’t believe it. She had been enjoying herself, having a perfectly lovely tour, enjoying herself. Now it felt like her blood was freezing, an icy hand squeezing her heart, suffocating her blood inside of her. As she was shoved against the wall, her back resting flat against the peeling wallpaper, she began to hyperventilate from raw panic as she looked out at the dozen men surrounding her already.

“So… this bitch is their leader?” One asked, a thin white man with dark eyes and an even darker glare. She could see scars on his neck, his cheek, his lip, like he had been dragged over a series of razer blades as a child. “It’s her voice I heard on the song?”

“Yeah,” another man said, eyeing her and down… undressing her with his eyes. “She’s the one. Filthy slut.” Ahri brushed as he looked at her. She was used to being barely dressed, even to being objectified… it was part of the business, and it had long stopped bothering her. This, though… this was different. There was no control to it. It felt… filthy.

The young queen of K-pop certainly was a sight to look at. If you held a gun to most of the men’s heads, most would agree she was the most beautiful of the four, and she had always been proud of her body. Her golden blonde hair stood out on the Asian woman too, such an unusual natural color contrasting against the dyed hair of her bandmates. Thanks to a lifetime of training, dancing, exercising, and dieting, Ahri looked absolutely stunning. Thin and lithe, her body had nevertheless managed to develop curves in all the right places. Most boys growing up in Korea had her picture on their wall, and Ahri wasn’t naive enough to think that more than a few didn’t stare lustful at her long legs, the curve of her firm ass beneath a skirt, or imaging what her full tits looked like just beneath the thin clothing as they pleasured themselves.

“Can’t wait to hear what that voice sound like screaming,” yet another of the men surrounding her said, staring at the ears she had clipped into her hair. “Why does the slut wear those?”

“Because she’s foxy,” the black man laughed. “It’s her thing. Leave em in… I think they’re adorable.”

“They’ll be adorable covered in cum,” the thin man said. He rubbed between his legs, and Ahri could clearly see the bulge in his pants… and that he wasn’t close to the only one. Without another word, he stepped towards her and gripped the front of her shirt up at the v of her neck and the exposed midriff, and ripped forward, tearing it open with just one tug of arms. The man was far stronger than she thought, and she stood there in just a black bra and her skirt.

The men whistled as they looked onto her tits. “Hell of a rack,” one said with a chuckle.

“All these whores have a pair of tits on them,” another laughed. “I thought these chink bitches were supposed to have mosquito bites.”

“Nah man,” the black man laughed. “Tiny tits or massive ones. That’s how these gooks are.”

Ahri was stuck between fury and fear. How could they talk about her this way? But her indignity was outweighed by the terror of the situation. “Please… don’t do this… We have money. We will pay you… I’m sure… we can make some kind of agreement?” Ahri asked, truly desperate.

The chorus of laughter was overwhelming, and made Ahri shiver. The black man, however, nodded and smiled. “Oh, we can make some kind of agreement, alright. How about this… get down on your knees for us. We’ve already heard you sing… lets see what else you can do with that million dollar mouth of yours.” He didn’t wait for her to actually obey the command, not like she was likely to do it. Instead, he put one hand on her shoulder and began to push her down, even as he grabbed at her tits with the other hand, yanking up on the bra and exposing her breasts the men’s greedy, lustful eyes.

Ahri found herself kneeling on the dirty carpet, facing ten men who had already taken their cocks out… slowly stroking them as they looked at the girl. “I’m guessing a slut like you knows what to do from here?” he asked mockingly. “Had a bit of fun on the casting couch in the past? Fucked an agent or two?” He chuckled. “Yeah, I’m sure you did.” He was grunting as he stroked his cock, growling. “Yeah… you’ve got some money, alright. I wonder how many cocks you had to swallow to earn that money. How many producers did you make happy with your mouth you slut? How many of your fans did you keep interested in your slutty little display?” A moment later, he groaned, aiming his cock right at her, just in time to let a load of cum splatter all over her pretty face, slimy drops landing on her cheek, her chin, her now-exposed tits, even messing up her the bangs of her hair.

Ahri gagged at the smell and sensation, both of which were less than pleasant. “Ew…” she whimpered. Cum… it was fouler than she had imagined.

The black man grinned. “There, slut. You should put that pic up on twitter,” he said as he lifted the phone he had taken from her on the bus. “In fact, I’ll do it for you.”

As he began to fiddle with the phone, Ahri heard Akali scream, her agony echoing through the hall even through the corner they had dragged the young girl into. The screams, cries of pain and male grunts and laughter created a cacophony of terror so loud and horrible that Ahri actually wanted to cover her ears with her hands… but she had more important things to do with her hands. She raised one of them to wipe the disgusting jizz of her face, but as she did one of the other men grabbed her wrist, yanking it away so violently that she squealed in pain. “Now that’s a foxy sound,” he laughed. “You get to wipe that cum away when we say you can, whore. I think you look pretty like that.”

“And I need more pictures,” the man with her phone laughed, her phone’s light flashing.

“Enough of this, god damn. Now get to work!” another man snarled, stepped forward. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock against her trembling lips. The smell of his cock alone made her gag. She knew some girls liked doing things like this… not that she would have ever considered it. Just visualizing a cock made her sick… it was the stuff of her nightmares. Already, the head of the cock touching her lips was glistening with precum, a testament to the man’s arousal. Ahri’s face scrunched in disgust.

The media expected their idols to be available. Their fans, likewise. Both wanted them to be someone they could imagine being with. The perfect beautiful girl… innocent, virginal, untouched… and straight.

Ahri was good at pretending to be all four.

The thought of being with men in general was horrifying to Ahri. The thought of a sucking a cock had a special type of horror for her. Some darkness out of her imagination. It was disgusting, made her shudder to even think about it. The mere thought of the man trying to force her to do it was enough to make tears well up in her eyes. She tried her best to keep them back, to remain strong, but Ahri already knew she would not be able to keep herself from crying for much longer.

“Open your fucking mouth!” the man yelled, keeping his grip on her head painfully firm, unwilling to give her any opening.

“Get… it… away… I’ll… bite…” Ahri hiss the threat out between clenched teeth, trying to preserve even just a shred of her dignity as she knelt topless on the dirty floor.

“Not if you want to live you won’t,” another man said. He held a knife while he kept on jerking his cock.

From the dark look in his eyes, she doubted that the man would hesitate to use it on her. She was horrified… but she didn’t want to die. Swallowing a sob, the popstar slowly parted her lips and teeth, allowing Brian to slowly slide his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Again, she gagged as the taste of his precum hit her, the soft head of his cock smearing it across her tongue. “Start sucking!” the man commanded. “Come on, don’t pretend you haven’t done it before.” She hadn’t, of course… but it wasn’t like they would have listened, even if her mouth wasn’t too full to tell them.

“She can do more work,” another man said, grinning. He grabbed her left wrist just as another, the thing man with the scans, grabbed her right, still aching from being grabbed by one of them earlier. Ahri had no need to see what they were doing. The moment her fingers were forced around the hot, throbbing cocks of the rapists, she knew what was expected of her. Even though she was not crying in earnest yet, the first tears began to run down her cheeks, mixing with the sperm drying on them.

“Suck!” the man commanded again as his friends forced her hands up and down their disgusting cocks, precum coating her fingers after the first few strokes already. God, they were really enjoying this immensely… that alone made Ahri feel sick to her stomach. Clumsily, she started to suck on the cock sliding back and forth across her tongue, hating every single second. Brian kept her head in place, pushing it back against the wall as he thrust his cock in and out at a slow but steady pace, not going too deep, merely allowing her to caress his shaft with her unwilling tongue as her cheeks caved in, the young Korean girl trying to suck him off.

“Harder…” he growled through clenched teeth, obviously annoyed at her lack of experience in oral sex… But what could the disgusted popstar possibly do? Desperately, she began to caress the tip of the cock in her mouth with her tongue, slurping on it loudly. That at least brought a groan of pleasure from her rapist, but quickly, his expression turned into one of annoyance again. “You have no earthly idea how to do this properly, do you? Not just a slut, but a lazy, incompetent one.” He looked at the men on either side. “Keep her hands busy.”

The other men tightened their grips on her wrists, pumping her hands up and down on their throbbing cocks. “And as for you, Foxy… if you can’t do this right, I’ll just take my share of the spoils from you my own way.” Without any further warning, the man abruptly rammed his cock all the way down her throat, laughing as her eyes bulged and she gagged hard. He immediately began to throatfuck the poor blonde so hard her gagging grew so loud that she couldn’t even hear the sounds of Evelynn’s misery any longer just across the room.

“Glug! Glurk! Urk! Mpfff! Nnnn! Glak! Plsss, stpppp!” Ahri moaned but the cock in her mouth turned her cries and pleas into a pathetic whimper. “Mmmm!” she gagged on the huge dick as it was rhythmically thrust into her mouth, as the man in front of her fucked her face like crazy. Her unwilling throat was already sore as he used her, the tight tunnel squeezing around her rapist’s meat as she gagged and choked on it, the sensation adding even more pleasure for the man. He loved how she choked, how her warm mouth felt, with the girl’s wet tongue unwittingly teasing his shaft each time he buried it in her mouth.

“Yeah, slut… That’s better! You just needed a bit of help!” he laughed as he grabbed the girl by the back of her neck and pulled towards him, at the same time driving his cock deeper. He smiled widely as his entire organ was stuffed in the poor girl’s mouth, the blonde’s face literally buried in his crotch, pressing against his balls and the hair coating his groin.

“Nnnn!” Ahri would have vomited if not for the fact that Brian’s dick now completely cut off her airway, touching almost the back of her throat. She fought desperately to control her stomach, using every breathing trick she knew from singing, sure she would suffocate if she didn’t. “Mmmmm!” Ahri opened her eyes wide, her tears flowing down her cum covered face as she tried to desperately catch some air. Held down by the three men, the popstar was powerless to free herself. As she fought for air, she couldn’t hope to concentrate on jerking the other two men off, but they still kept her hands on their dicks, as the whole girl’s body shook with desperation and fear.

Finally the man pounding her throat stopped fucking her, pulling out ever so slightly, leaving half of it still buried in her mouth and making the muscles of Ahri’s face ache as she strained around the wide shaft. She gasped down air furiously, using the respite for all it was worth. The feeling of the gorgeous singer desperately sucking air around his dick brought another wave of pleasure to the rapist. He watched Ahri’s face, red with exhaustion and shame with open delight, allowing her for a brief respite before resuming the vicious rape.

“Nnn!” Ahri still begged, as he felt the cock being plunged in her mouth again and again, the distinct and horrible taste of precum getting stronger and stronger in. She tried to protest, beg… but it was no use as he fucked her face as if it was her pussy. He pushed his dick in rapid, vicious thrusts, time and time again stabbing the back of her throat with it.

“Don’t get lazy whore!” one of the men yelled at her from the side. In her distraction, she had loosened her grip on the cocks they made her hold. Not knowing what else do do, Foxy closed her fingers around the men once again, fully aware that at least if the men came, they would take some time to recover before they could rape her. And rape her they would… she had no illusion. She could hear the pain of Kai’sa, Evelynn, and poor, screaming Akali as they were used. She was pretty sure she was the last one not to have a man between her legs. It was just background noise to the unwashed dick raping her face, but she couldn’t help but pay attention.

“Hell yes!” he laughed again as he pushed his cock all the way in for the second time, keeping it buried in Ahri’s sweet mouth as if he was trying to suffocate the poor girl.

“Nnnn!” the blonde singer’s pleas became even more frantic and desperate as she realized that she might actually die here… she thought the men had bigger plans for her than to kill her, but she was worried about being killed by the sheer, horrible neglect as they took their pleasure, suffocated by some disgusting brute’s smelly dick. Thankfully the man soon withdrew once again to let her breathe for a second before he resumed the rhythmic fucking. Over the lightheadiness she was feeling, Ahri began to realize that his pushes are becoming faster and faster and that he is breathing more and more heavily. She had a dire guess what that meant, but still gasping for air she wasn’t able to even moan a protest.

“Oh yes!” he yelled as he grabbed the girl’s neck harder and began moving his cock in long strokes, each time he pushed, shooting a wave of cum directly to the girl’s mouth.

“Nnnn!” Ahri moaned, retching as she felt the disgusting salty taste of the man’s sperm filling her mouth and covering her tongue, feeling the cock still moving inside and shooting dose after dose of cum. She barely noticed that the man pulled his cock out, still too disgusted by the taste to think about anything else… the idea of a man coming in her horrifying to Ahri. The cock spat the last strings of cum onto her cheeks. Gagging loud, the Korean tried to spit the jizz out of her mouth but as the sticky liquid stuck to her tongue. She only managed to cover her chin with it, making it drip out onto her naked tits.

“That was great!” Brian laughed and stepped aside. “She just needed a bit of encouragement…”

He stepped to the side and barely a second passed before one of the men that she was jerking off took his place, unceremoniously ramming his cock down her throat, making her gag anew. “Then I’ll be sure to encourage her plenty. I’m gunna cover this whore’s tits with my cum,” he promised as he began to fuck her face.

“Mmmm! Nnnn!” Ahri moaned around the cock gagging her. She couldn’t endure it again, she just couldn’t… but she knew that he was going to have to. Plenty. As disgusted as she was by the thought of serving men, she understood enough… more than enough to know that there was no chance these beasts would grab onto a celebrity such as her and not use her.

“Fuck… You were right, her mouth is great!” the man exclaimed in pleasure, rocking his hips, pushing his meat, already shining from pre-cum into the cute fox’s mouth. He could feel her warm breath, her moans and her tongue teasing his shaft, sending waves of pleasure down his cock.

“Nnnn!” the girl wailed again, as the man rammed his cock as deep as he could, once again choking the poor girl. Tears began flowing down her cheeks, mixing with the cum staining her contorted face as Ahri desperately fought for breath. She could no longer concentrate on jerking the third man off and let go of his cock… but he didn’t seem to mind much, stroking it himself lazily. Clearly he was confident that with the way his friend was fucking her mouth his own turn would come before too long.

He wasn’t wrong. If not for the taste of cum filling Ahri’s mouth completely, she would have noticed that the man’s cock was already glistening with pre-cum. He was already aroused enough by the show and the handjob that all he wanted was to ram his dick down her throat and start fucking, and that’s just what he did. Again and again the man kept ramming his cock, watching how Ahri’s mouth was stretched to accommodate his thick erect prick. With brutal thrusts he was basically stabbing the back of the girls throat, each push forcing her to gag on the invading organ, her unwilling throat massaging it even more.

Ahri was the face of a cosmetic company… even on a casual day, riding a bus, Ahri always had to pay close attention to her looks. She didn’t fail to use makeup, eye shadow, lipstick… and now the man was reaping the reward, seeing her make-up smeared from her crying, mixing with the cum on her face. The sight of his dick being buried between those sensuous red lips was also almost enough to make him cum right away.

“Nnnn!” Ahri tried to beg again, feeling his moves becoming frantic and hearing him breathe more and more rapidly.

“Oh yes whore… You’re getting a shower here in a second,” the man laughed, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pulling her hard, making her almost choke on his meat. Listening to her gargling noises he just kept her like this, her face pressed against his crotch… before finally pushing her, removing his cock from her mouth. “Yes, you whore!” he yelled, stroking his cock rapidly aiming it at her face. The man moaned loudly as the first wave of cum erupted from his dick, landing on Ahri’s nose and lips, aiming it at the fuzzy ear on the right side of her head. A second later he did move his cock, aiming it lower. Ahri’s tits, already spluttered with some drops of cum were tempting targets. Wave after wave of sticky jizz landed on them, covering her pink nipples and soft skin.

“That’s nice…” he finally said, looking at the girl. The beautiful popstar was kneeling topless, sobbing uncontrollably, her make-up smeared on her face, lips inflamed, a mask of cum covering her face, neck and tits with a thick layer.

“It sure is!” the man with her phone laughed. He flipped it around, revealing a series of pictures of her choking on a cock, covered in cum, crying. The comments rolled by in a wave of both Korean and English. “Ten thousand likes already. A thousand retweets. I wonder how much longer it will last before twitter takes it down… I wonder if they’ll be slow because of how popular it is?” He chuckled. “Nice to know your fans are so happy to see you.”

“Your turn, bud,” the man who had just finished with her said to the third man, wiping his cock clean with the strands of Ahri’s golden hair, forcing her to break down into even more desperate cry.

“I’m sure I can think of something,” he said, glaring menacingly, his grin twisted into a leer. The man stepped closer, stroking his massive cock, grinning at her miserable expression. “Let’s see how we can make her suffer…”

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