POP/STARS – 7 – Ahri (2/2)

Over and over, the horde of men fucked her face. Shoving their cocks down past her lips and down her neck, holding her hair and coating her face and body with their disgusting cum. Her full lips were long since inflamed and bruised, swollen by all of the cocks that were shoved down her throat… the very sight kept inspiring more and more than to take their turn. It wasn’t the only ideas they were getting, either… watching her tits sway with each thrust, the cum dripping down onto her skirt and slicking it down to her legs gave them plenty of other ideas of how to abuse her body, but so far she had been spared. The other girls weren’t so fortunate… even though the men pounding into her face over and over she saw glimpses of the horror show befalling her bandmates.

Right after the last man had finished using her face, the bald black man knelt down next to her. Over the last half hour, she had heard his name was Michael. “Listen, whore… you want to live through this? You aren’t doing good enough of a job. I was sure you were just nervous, but it turns out, you can’t suck cock for shit. So if you don’t start putting some effort into it…” He lifted one one hand, and showed Ahri what he carried… a huge, metal ring with leather straps on either side.

If there was any chance Ahri might not have known what it was, those doubts were removed by looking over at Evelynn. Her heart broke to see her. “No…” Ahri’s friend and… mentor… was being held as she still tried to struggle, her jaws held wide open by a very similar ring gag. Already a man was fucking her face as if it was her pussy and a line of other guys was forming behind him.

“If you don’t want that to be you,” Michael said, “You better start acting like the whore you are. If we shove this into your moth, we’ll be leaving it there at least the rest of the night. I know you can do it,” he threatened with an ominous grin.

“Y-yes…” Ahri choked out, her spirit sinking, feeling impossibly degraded already. Now the men expected her to degrade herself further. She wanted to fight, to refuse, to do anything but make herself a toy for their amusement… to be like Eve. But she saw what was happening to Eve.

There were worse fates than being so ashamed she wanted to die. She could actually be dead.

“Good”, Michael said, practically shoving his cock into her face. “Then go ahead. And don’t be a lazy slut… I want some enthusiasm! Start by licking it!” Still holding the back of her head, he slapped her lips with the engorged shaft, making her cringe underneath her cum-mask. With trembling lips, Ahri leaned forward, sticking out her tongue, the tip severing the strands of sperm connecting her lips. The cock stood straight directly in front of her, large and intimidating. She hated these men, hated what they wanted her to do, but she had no choice. Not if she did not want to end up like Eve.


She couldn’t help but keep flicking her eyes over to the pink haired girl every time she could. It was horrible to watch, but she couldn’t look away. She was suffering horribly, wretching and gagging and screaming as she was fucked in all three of her holes at once, battered between the three rapists. She wanted to make it stop. Would have done anything for the men if only they would stop it… but they didn’t want her money. They had made that abundantly clear. She had nothing to offer them… nothing they wouldn’t take otherwise.

“Start with the balls,” Michael barked, lifting his cock slightly to expose his large, hairy balls. Ahri whinced, but forced herself to calm down, trying her best to ignore the waves of nausea that overcame her. She just… needed to not… think… about what she was doing. Cum dripped from her face, running down her features in disgustingly slow drops, dangling from her chin in thick strands. She hated every single moment of this… and her own powerlessness made her disgust even stronger.

Leaning forward, she noticed that Michael’s hand merely prevented her from moving away. He did not steer her, wanting her to do everything on her own, to fully force her to join in her own degradation. “Finally the chink bitch is learning,” Michael said when her tongue touched his sweaty, smelly balls, licking over it rather clumsily, bathing them in her saliva while she shuddered and gagged at the taste. She gagged but kept up her efforts. “I’ve had better… but she’s not bad. When she tries,” Michael mocked, but he did not stop her.

Ahri tried her best to please him, given her horror at what was happening to her and her starkly limited knowledge, lapping at his balls with clumsy eagerness to avoid further punishment. His impatient sighs soon showed that she wasn’t really managing to perform well. “Boring… lick the shaft!” He slapped her lightly, presenting his erect cockhead to her.

Again, Ahri did as she was told, running her tongue along the shaft, up and down, slurping on it, but lacking true enthusiasm. She did not want this, did not want to learn the first thing about how to lick a cock… and it showed. “Keep the gag nearby. She might need it after all,” he said calmly, the words making her stop and stare up in fear. That, above all things, she did not want. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught another peek at Eve, drooling freely around the gag as her throat slammed by a new cock. The older popstar’s cheeks were red with effort and the cock of the man fucking her face was creating a huge, visible bulge in her throat.

“You really can’t do any better?” Michael barked angrily. He glared down at her, obviously still unsatisfied. She tried to imagine it. It wasn’t as if the feeling of her warm mouth on his cock wasn’t arousing and he sure would be content enough with just fucking her throat… but he expected a real blowjob. Not the shit he was giving. She didn’t know how to bring pleasure to a man or have any desire to, and the first moment she did something right she quickly broke it off.

“Maybe you’ll do a better job of deepthroating,” Michael snarled. “Take it deep now…”

Ahri blinked, unsure how she was supposed to do what he asked. She tried to move her head forward, to envelope more of his cock but as soon as she took half of the meat in, her gag reflex kicked in, preventing her to go any further. “Yeah, that’s nice,” Michael groaned, feeling her unwilling gagging throat caress his cock. “But you still. Aren’t. Doing. It!” he yelled down at the crying Korean. Ahri tried, she really tried to comply. She pushed her head as much as she could, but simply couldn’t bring herself to swallow the cock.

Finally, Michael seemed to realize that it wasn’t going to happen. He rapidly yanked his dick out of her mouth. “This is pointless. Slut can’t suck.”

“Thank… thank… you…” Ahri gasped, still fighting for breath, grateful that at least for the time being the assault on her mouth had been postponed… but she couldn’t be more wrong. Out of nowhere a hand grabbed her neck and when she opened her mouth to cry the ring gag was jammed into her mouth, holding her mouth open wide, open for anyone to use. “Ghhh… Nnnnn…” Ahri tried to plead or beg, her face already becoming red as she felt her jaw being held open.

“Much, much better,” she heard Michael say as he stepped back in front of her, his spit-slathered cock glistening in the dim light. His hands roughly grabbed her head, holding it in place as he put the head of his massive dick against her lips, now held open by the gag. “Pay attention whore… maybe you’ll learn something,” he laughed. Ahri, already breathing rapidly in fear, felt his grip tighten even more and then he pushed forward. His cock slid deeply into her mouth, pushing against the back of her throat and driving deeper, overcoming the meager resistance of her throat and sending her into a gagging fit.

“Gll…grlg…” she retched from deep within her throat, attempting to pull back. Her throat stretched around his shaft while Michael gleefully pushed deeper, quickly drilling his cock more deeply than she’d managed to take it before. To her shocked surprise, Ahri suddenly found her airway completely blocked by the cock once again, furthering her panic even more. He had fucked her throat like this before… but before, at least she had been able to defend herself. It would have cost her dearly, but she could have tried to bite rather than suffocate to death. Now she was helpless while Michael thoroughly enjoyed her unwilling attentions, her gagging throat massaging his cock in the most pleasing ways.

“I’m honestly shocked she’s so incompetent,” Michael mused, pulling back just far enough to allow her to take a quick breath before slamming his length down her gullet again. “How does a popstar not know how to suck a cock properly? There’s just no proper education for starlets these days.” He laughed, watching Ahri’s eyes tear up while the poor girl gargled helplessly around his shaft.

“Maybe we could change that,” another man chimed in, gesturing over to where Kai’sa was sucking a cock without a gag. “Looks like there is at least one qualified whore on site.”

“Oh I think that’s inevitable,” Michael said, not once stopping his assault on Ahri’s gagging throat, slamming his cock into her with ever-greater speed. “We’ll have to make sure all these cunts are well trained before he sell them.” His balls slapped against her chin, already slick with her drool. “We’ll have the competent ones teach the idiots like this blonde k-pop bimbo… though I’m not sure if this whore can learn a thing.” Michael grinned as he watched the desperate, crying blonde take his cock, helpless to prevent the invasion of her throat as he trembled and gargled so sweetly.

“Speaking of being fucked… I think she has the last untouched holes here. Let’s get her on all fours and fix that.”

“Agreed,” Michael replied, and suddenly Ahri’s mouth was free of cock. Her relief lasted less than a moment as she felt strong hands grabbing her, forcing her to the floor, raising her ass high and before she knew it she was on all fours. Even distracted by the screaming, her gagging, her humiliation, Ahri had heard the conversation… the popstar knew exactly what was in store for her. Her luck had run out… it was time for her to join her friends. Her body would be fucked without any thought given to her comfort of pleasure, raped as if she was some celebrity fucktoy…

Which, to these men, was all she was was.

She felt a hand caressing her ass in an almost gentle way, admiring her curves… before pushing up two fingers up her dry pussy. “Mmmm!” she moaned in discomfort, the only effect being her drooling even more through the gag forcing her jaw wide open. “Nnnn!” she tried again as the men kept pumping his fingers into her, before finally pinching the insides of her cunt hard and withdrawing his hand.

She knew what was going to happen next. “Nnnn! Plssss!” she tried to beg, shaking her head fervently.

“Shut up whore… your mouth has better uses.” Michael stepped back up to her, grabbing the pretty blonde’s hair and holding it still as his cock approached her opened but unwilling mouth.

“Nnnn- glllurk!” Ahri’s pitiful attempts at pleading were cut off short as the cock was pushed passed her lips, smearing its precum once again all over her tongue, as Michael began fucking her face once again… and even then the unfortunate Ahri was all too aware of a second cock that began rubbing against her pussy lips. “Nnnnn!” she moaned once again, against the cock moving in her mouth.

“Let’s get started…” a voice said from behind her, making a chill go down her spine. “Here it goes, whore!” With no further warning, the man grabbed her hips and pushed his hard dick into her pussy.

“Aaaaaa!” Ahri’s wail was long and pitiful despite the gag and the cock in her mouth, her warm breath caressing the man in her mouth.

“Damn, this whore is tight! I think she’s a virgin man!” the second rapist grunted as he pushed once again, causing another muffled scream escape Ahri’s mouth and making her tits move in the rhythm of his push. Even though he pushed hard, the cunt was so delightfully tight that he managed to bury his meat only halfway in. He wasn’t going to surrender though. With short rapid thrusts, he began fucking the poor popstar, determined to see his entire dick rammed into her young and dry fuckhole.

Virgin. Ahri didn’t think of herself as a virgin, but she guessed she was, as far as the man was concerned. She never had slept with one of them… her pussy had been unused that way. She hadn’t even thought of it. Now she wished that she had broken her cherry at some point… if only to avoid giving these monsters the pleasure. It meant nothing to her, either way.

Her rapists were having the time of their lives. Each time Michael’s companion thrust into Ahri’s cunt, her entire body rocked forward, impaling her poor throat farther on his cock, forcing scream after scream from her throat, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through his dick. Meanwhile, he was forcing the last few inches of his length into her with another powerful thrust, her canal snugly gripping his rapetool. “I love me some young cunt, man. Especially slant cunt. Hands down they make the best fucktoys.”

“Yeah… though most of them are not exactly good at it.” Michael growled. “This bitch is going to need some education in how to use her body before she can make us some money. He kept fucking her throat in rhythm with his comrade, making sure that she always had both cocks fully impaling her at the same time. Ahri did not really wasn’t paying attention to their words. The pain in her cunt and her gag reflex going into overdrive, robbing her of any care for her environment despite the frantic wish for this torment to stop.

“That’s fine… the process of teaching her will be a pleasant one,” her rapist chuckled.

“Her throat has some natural talent, though. Dunno how good she’ll be at singing after this though…” Michael laughed as he continued ramming his cock all the way into Ahri’s spasming throat, listening to her gargle around it. Now that her airway was completely blocked, the poor girl was panicking again, trying to pull back from his length, but his comrade’s thrusts and Michael’s tight grip did not let her. “Oh no, you little bitch… no shying away this time.” Michael snickered at her feeble attempts to save herself. “The cock stays where it is until we both cum!”

He made good on his threat, keeping his massive dick where it was, being massaged by her gagging throat while she slowly felt her consciousness slip away from her while the other man pumped into her cunt wildly. “No going to sleep on us!” Michael warned, pulling back his cock just a bit to let her breathe and delivering a massive slap to her cheek. “You’re supposed to be learning something here!”

The mockery and pain only served to increase her weeping even further, and it was her pain and misery that brought both men over the edge. First, Michael jammed his length down her throat again, shooting a massive load right down her gullet, forcing the crying girl to swallow or choke. She both did in equal measure, a wave of cum floating down her chin since she could not close her mouth. A second later the rapist behind her came as well, shooting his entire load into her tight cunt and watching in delight as she shuddered at the awful sensation.

“Next up?” Michael asked, moving out the way for the next man…

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