POP/STARS – 6 – Evelynn (2/2)

“I love your ass…” the man currently raping her whispered into Evelynn’s ear as he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back. He pushed once again, finally burying the entire length of his cock in her tightest hole and cherished the feeling of having it there, surrounded by her resisting flesh, clenching around him as if she were trying to milk his dick. “I am sure going to fuck this whore’s ass often… very, very often!” He laughed as he began fucking her hard. Holding her hair like reigns, the man pounded Evelynn’s ass like a madman, his cock pistoning in and out of the sore hole at a truly agonizing pace. He laughed as he heard her cry out with each of his thrusts, knowing how much pain he caused the big-titted popstar. Her tits, still smeared with Kell’s copious amounts of sperm, swayed back and forth under his thrusts, thick droplets of fresh cum hanging off of them.

He was the third man in a row to rape her ass and he loved it as much as the others had, maybe even more so. Tears burned hotly in her eyes, running down her cheeks, smearing what little makeup she’d worn for the bus ride. Each thrust made another flare of agony rise within her invaded bowels. Man after man had forced her onto all fours and had ridden her brutally. Not one of them had spared a second’s thought about lubricating her tight, clenching asshole – their cocks had gone in dry, trying to rip scream after scream from her burning lungs.

For most of her first rape, Evelynn had cursed at them. In the during the second, she had gasped out threats. Now, during her third rape, all she could do was try and vent the pain she felt. Her knees hurt from the hard, uneven concrete floor and two of her nails had broken after she’d tried to dig them into the ground in a desperate reflex to the agony caused by the anal thrusts invading her.

“Man, I love fucking this bitch!”, her rapist, the Chinese man they had called Jing exclaimed as he slammed his cock all the way into her ass, staying there for a few tormenting seconds before pulling back, slamming his cock back in with full force, forcing another scream out of the raped girl. Evelynn would hate him, if she could care about anything but the fierce pain in her ass at the moment. More so than either of her two past rapists, this one ha shown terrifying stamina so far. For the last ten minutes or so he’d been keeping up his vicious assault on her ass, without slowing down or cumming. Neither of the others to rape her had lasted nearly that long. Thank all the gods even he was just a man… he couldn’t hold on forever. Finally, after twelve full minutes of brutal, violent assrape, Evelynn felt him stiffen, heard him groan… at last felt the horrible sensation of cum splashing into her in great amounts. Biting back a sob of pure misery, she hung her head, trying to banish the feeling from her mind.

But to no avail.

When he pulled out, she felt his hand smack her ass and half expected to have another cock slam into her hole. But no… of course there wouldn’t be. Not yet. A second later, just as the pink haired popstar had expected, her chin was grabbed, her head forced up. Even though the din of screams, pleas and slaps of flesh against flesh she could hear the meaty sound of a cock being jerked in front of her face. “Open your fucking mouth!”

She might not have seen this one of the rapists before, but it was obvious what he had in mind. After each of the other ass rapes, they had told her to open her lips for them, with the cock going into her asshole after she had refused. The threat, and the promise, was obvious. She was going to suck a cock… or get ass raped. Even with her ass burning like the sun, though… she would not. She could not bring herself to do that. Evelynn clenched her teeth and tried her best to turn her head away. There was nothing she could do to stop these monsters from raping her body, although she tried to make it as hard for them as possible. What she wouldn’t do was allow them to turn her into a slut for them. She could take pain, she could take humiliation. She wouldn’t take the degradation.

“I thought I told you,” the man insisted, slapping her cheeks with his almost fully erect dick. “To open your fucking mouth. What’s the big deal, whore? I’m sure you have plenty of experience sucking cock, popstar slut.”

Evelynn shivered. It was true… but she wouldn’t talk about it. Wouldn’t show it… couldn’t. She would NOT submit. In fact, resisting managed to give her her only sense of power in this nightmare. She could deny them, even if it meant another brutal rape of her already abused ass. She almost welcomed the pain – it meant that there was still fight in her. Some of the other girls weren’t so lucky. Akali was weeping pathetically as she had her final virginity stolen away from her. Evelynn was shocked to see how far Kai’sa had fallen already, the beautiful dancer trying to pathetically please her captors. Her dearest Ahri suffered the most heartbreaking crime… Evelynn’s heart ached to view what was done to her. Foxy, tears flowing down her cheeks, was surrounded by four men. They were brutally grabbing her head, holding the singer’s blonde hair and mercilessly fucking her face before passing her to another guy. And another. And another after that. Ahri was trying to push them away… but as overwhelmed as she was, there was no chance of succeeding.

A vicious slap brought Evelynn back to her own situation, to the man trying to force her to suck on his cock. “What’s wrong with this slut? She likes being hit?”

“She looks dumb enough for it,” another thug commented.

“If she won’t open her mouth we’ll make the best use of her other fuckholes.” The man slapping her face with his dick decided as he lied down on the floor. “Put the Deeva down on my cock.”

[“No! Leave me alone you freaks!”] Despite the exhaustion from rape after continuous rape, Evelynn still found the strength to start fighting again. It didn’t matter. Scratch, bite, scream… she was still powerless to stop the men. Many pairs of hands came at her from all directions, grabbing and lifting her body, moving her over the lying thug. [“No… no… don’t… not like this!”] she cursed and spat at them, as she felt them lower her body on the erect dick, its throbbing head already touching the hole which had until now managed to escape their attention… her tight, shaven pussy.

“Lower her down, guys,” he ordered.

“And I’m taking her ass!” another said, walking around behind her.

“And the rest of us… boys… let’s make sure the slut dances dice for them,” another said, hefting his belt. “Let’s see how long it takes for her to finally start begging for a dick in her mouth!”

“No! NO!” Evelynn struggled mightily, kicking and screaming, but they had plenty of experience handling difficult victims. Within a heartbeat, two held her legs, spreading them apart, two others had her hands and arms in a tight lock behind her back, pulling at them hard enough to make her groan with pain. Her heart thundered in her chest, her mind awash with dread. Her english wasn’t great, but she had heard them clearly, understood enough to know what they were going to do. And, despite experience in knowing how to handle pain and degradation, Evelynn still dreaded what was going to happen now, knowing all too well how painfully it would be.

Men showed showed no signs of mercy, not letting go of the lithe girl for a single moment. A shiver went down her spine as she felt the cockhead rub over her pussy, then spread her dry cuntlips as the men lowered the twisting, squirming girl onto the cock. Closing her eyes, Evelynn groaned again, feeling the pain of being spread without being ready for it. No matter how much she struggled, they did not relent until she was fully impaled on the thug’s cock. It was not as big as some of the others, but it still felt horrible. Evelynn had to bite her lip to keep from crying out the first time he moved slightly, his length shifting within her tight walls, stretched without even the lubrication of a previous rapists cum.

“Let gooo!” she screamed again, her voice thick with anger and pain.

The men merely laughed. “You brought this on yourself, cunt!” the man beneath her said, slapping her full tits, obviously relishing the sensation of her tight tunnel enveloping his cock. “You could have just sucked my cock… but no, you had to be difficult. Being a bitch comes with a price, Eve. Time for you to pay up.”

She had been planning to resist before. Now she needed to. No one called her that… no one but Ahri. She lunged at him with her hands, trying to claw his eyes out. The others grabbed onto her at the wrists pulling her hands behind her back.

“She didn’t like that,” the man behind her said. She felt his rough hands on her ass, spreading the cheeks. And, after a moment, there was the dreadfully familiar sensation of a cock pressing its way into her backdoor once again. Eve cried out, bucking wildly between the men as the one behind her began to force his cock in with short, brutal strokes, which rocked her back and forth on her other rapist’s cock.

He pushed her down a bit to make his entry easier. Oh god, it felt so horrible! Evelynn’s entire lower body was on fire now, pain radiating from both her unwilling fuckholes. The legendary singer screamed in a high pitch as, with one mighty thrust, the cruel man behind her rammed the last inches of his cock into her asshole, groaning as he enjoyed her squeezing tightness.

“Oh god, she’s still so tight!” he grunted, leaving his cock where it was for a moment before settling into a hard, unforgiving rhythm of pounding thrusts that had Evelynn scream aloud with each. “How is she still so tight after the rest of you fucked her? This slut has miracle holes.” Every thrust her rapist took sent her ass back and forth, making her lower body slide along the cock impaling her cunt, enabling the thug to just lie there without having to do anything.

“You have to try her cunt out too, Bill!” the man beneath her grunted. “Best cunt I’ve had in my life!”

“That is some recommendation, coming from you,” Bill responded as his thrusts kept rocking Evelynn’s body forward. “How many sluts you raped half her age?”

“Ugh… ugh… ugh… leave… me… alone…” Evelynn muttered between moans of pain. She could feel pain in her ass intensify with each brutal push. This also made her body move and sway on the hard dick impaling her, each shift of the cock inside her sending another wave of pain through her pussy.

“She still wants to fight, huh?” Bill laughed, slapping Evelynn’s ass “Still tight as a fucking gloooove,” she moaned, emphasizing his words with another slap.

[“You dirty… cowards…”] she moaned out, trying to hiss it, but the only reaction she got was more heartless laughter. Despite how unwilling to submit, Evelynn wasn’t sure how long even she could continue to put on a brave face. None of the other girls were still managing to fight. It was agonizing. While the dick buried in her pussy has been causing her extreme discomfort and pain, the one in her ass was far, far worse. One cock making the other hurt far, far worse. Not only was Bill mercilessly fucking her tightest hole, pounding her with all the savage brutality his thuggish body could muster. Ater previous rapes, her ass already was sore and each push of the hard meat into her fuckhole felt as if a burning knife was pushed her.

“Ready to open that cocksucker of of yours yet?” one of the spectators asked with a nasty grin on his face.

[“Ugh… nooo… noooo… you… aieee… bastard…”] more and more of Evelynn’s words and curses were being cut short with tormented cries of pain and anguish, the poor girl barely being able to keep her will to fight. With each thrust, each burning explosion of pain in her rear, it was harder and harder to remember why did she resist. She caught herself wondering whether it wouldn’t be better to submit… at least the merciless abuse of her ass might stop.

“Yeah, I’m becoming real familiar with how to say ‘no’ in Korean,” one of the men sneered at her. “She still wants to play, huh?”

Evelynn cried out loud as after pushing himself deep, Bill grabbed her hair yanking her head backwards, making her large tits stick out even more. The other rapist beneath her responded by sinking his teeth into her pink nipples. “Stopppp!” she cried again, unwanted and hated tears appearing in her eyes. [“Screw… ugh… you, bastard!] Evelynn shouted before clenching her teeth and turning her face away. Even if she found it harder and harder to remember why she resisted, she wasn’t broken yet. And even though now she was fighting powered only by her stubbornness, at least she was still fighting. She would never give them this satisfaction, she swore to herself.

“We’d rather screw you,” the Chinese man said with a laugh. The man beneath her stopped chewing on her tit, but her relief was short lived. The man mocking her brought up his belt and lashed it down on her firm tits. Throwing her head back, Evelynn let out another ear-piercing scream as pain now flared up in her tits. He had not pulled his punches, the belt hitting her with the full force he could muster. The men laughed and only a second later, the belt cracked onto her tits again.

“Fuck, yes! Keep on whipping her, Hai, she clenches down each time you hit her!” Bill laughed, pumping her ass even more wildly, spurred on by her pain and the sensation of her ass massaging his cock even harder with each smack of the belt.

[“NO! YOU FUCKING AAAAAAIIIGH!”] Again, her curse was cut short by her cry of pain as Hai let the belt crack down on her tits not once, not twice, but three times in quick succession, setting her chest on fire. Already, her tits were turning a bright red and the sting of the strikes would not fade. The men raping her holes groaned in intense pleasure as the strokes began to rain down upon her tits and her back. Over the sound of the belt striking her flesh, Evelynn could hear Hai grunt in pleasure as well as he used his other hand to jerk his stiff cock to her pain. Nothing came easier to her in this moment than contempt for these monsters, these animals, but the pain was too fierce to keep contained any longer. Under the whipping and the continued rape, she could no longer find words to hurl at them. All that escaped her mouth every time she parted her lips were screams now, venting the pain these men were putting her through. Wishing only to escape, she squirmed between them, pain overriding reason, making her forget that she was only giving them more pleasure and herself more pain by moving while they plowed her tight, warm holes.

Under those circumstances, it was no surprise that these two men did not last much longer within her holes. The first to get close to his climax was Bill, who, to her sudden surprise, pulled out of her ass and stepped around her, his cock only inches from her face as he grabbed her hair and made her look up. “Open your fucking lips!” he said, jerking his cock in front of her. Evelynn knew what he wanted from her, but she would be damned if she gave them even this. Gathering all the strength she had left, she forced her teeth together despite the constant pain and the rain of belt strokes that fell on her back. She would not scream… not now!

“Stubborn little bitch!” he cursed, slapping her face hard, but Evelynn scarcely felt the blow, not while there was still a cock stretching her unwilling cunt and Hai whipping her. Another slap hit her, but before he could strike her again, he was so close to cumming that he simply aimed his cock at her mouth, the stream of cum splattering over her lips, onto her teeth and over her chin, the disgusting, sticky fluid clinging to her features, its vile warmth reminding her once more of her shame. He grunted as he came, keeping his hand in her short, bright hair to hold her head in place and force her to take his cum over her pretty features. Some time during the short but revolting cum shower, she felt her second rapist spray his seed into her cunt.

A few moments later, the rapist finally shoved her off of him, so at least for the moment the whippings stopped. Panting, breathless, her face covered in tears and fresh sperm, Evelynn remained where she was, catching her breath and trying to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, rest was something they did not have in store for her. Hai nudged her with his foot. “Was that enough? Ready to suck now?”

Groaning, Evelynn shook her head weakly. What else could they do to her? “Suck… your… own…dick…” she spat out, slowly, one word at a time, carefully formed in English.

A second later, she doubled over in pain a second later as his foot connected with her ribs hard. “You really want this, don’t you? Alright, then…WHO ELSE WANTS TO DP THIS WHORE?” he called out into the room and from the cheers that followed, Evelynn knew they had still not given up…

“You should ask, who doesn’t want to,” a tall, handsome man said, a smirk dancing on his lips. “She’s one of the two real prizes here. There aren’t many things I don’t want to do to this whore.” H spat on her face, his saliva almost indistinguishable on the background of cum that was already covering the woman’s cute features. “You think you’re better than us, Deeva?”

[“I’m… twice… what you are… shit stain,”] Evelynn managed to say while breathing heavily, her large tits swaying in the rhythm of her breaths.

The man grabbed a handful of Evelynn’s hair and yanking her head back, forcing the girl to look at the rapes occurring everywhere in this damned place. And then spoke in perfect Korean. [”You think you’re better than them, too? All of them played hard to get too… now they’re nothing but pathetic fucktoys. Just a bunch of whores to rape. That all you are, too Deeva. You just haven’t realized it yet.”]

Eve was surprised, but she recovered quickly. [“I’ll die first,”] Evelynn barked at him, her eyes blazing, her flame reignited.

“Enough of this chit-chat!” another guy, much more impatient, interrupted. “I want to put a cock in the celebrity cunt.”

“Fair enough,” the man who had been speaking to her agreed with a nod. “Grab her, boys!” With that, Evelynn renewed her struggles against the hands that were holding her. The men were in no hurry. He slowly walked around behind the girl, his hand tracing over her enticing ass. “I wonder which hole I should pick…” he said and quickly slapped her ass a couple of times.

[“Kill you, you bastard!”] Evelynn shouted, trying to take her ass away from his touch, only dimly aware that this way she was only wiggling it in an even more enticing way. [”You coward!”]

Without even acknowledging the girl’s cries, threats and curses, Robb pulled out his dick and touched the entrance to the girl’s asshole with it. He smiled seeing as it was already reddened from her previous ordeal. Everything that would made the experience more agonizing for her was a welcome addition. Without further ado, he grabbed Evelynn’s hips and rammed his cock, with one powerful thrust, as far as he could.

[“Nooieeee!”] Evelynn wailed, her body thrashing and bucking against the hands holding her, her eyes going wide open with pain in a way that attracted only more merciless laughter.

“Damn but you’re a hot piece of ass,” Robb said, as with short, rapid thrusts he finally managed to overcome the resistance of his victim’s clenched muscles and bury his entire dick in her tight, sore anus. He didn’t keep on fucking her however, together with the rest of the men, they lifted the screaming, kicking Evelynn, the girl’s ass still impaled on the Robb’s rock hard member. He lay down on the ground, cock still impaling her, her lithe body resting on his chest. Soon the impatient man from before was standing over her.

With a satisfied smile he grabbed Evelynn’s knees and used them to force her legs apart, revealing her pink, swollen sex. “Ready for more dick?” he asked mockingly as he knelt between the legs, pulling out his erect cock. The member was massive, so wide that the very thought of having that monster rammed up her pussy was enough to make Evelynn cringe and breathe faster.

[“No… no…”] she whispered, again feeling her newfound resolve weaken.

”Shut up, you had your chance,” he said as he pressed his cock against Evelynn’s cuntlips, and then began to shove his way in. The massive organ caused untold agony as it was pushed inside her, stretching her already sore pussy walls. She tried to fight, kick but in her position, squeezed between two men, she had no chance.

Robb was lying below her, his throbbing dick in her ass, while the other guy was at first kneeling over her but then lied on top of her, squeezing her between their unwashed bodies. As they both began fucking her holes in unison, they could feel her youthful body shiver with pain and revulsion with each thrust of their massive tools. Evelynn felt her will to fight, her strength, drain away with each savage thrust into her already used holes. The pain and discomfort that came with having her cunt and anus stretched around the invading cocks eventually turned into a dull, yet nonetheless equally agonizing throb and with a sickening clarity, she noticed that her ass at the very least was slowly getting used to being fucked, to have a hard cock inside it. She felt fresh tears burn in her eyes and tried to blink them away, but to no avail.

Slowly, her screams died away into soft sobs. Evelynn felt her limbs grow heavy and her motions stop. For now, at least, the feisty popstar was well and truly defeated. She still had enough strength within her to deny them their final prize, her mouth… but for the moment, she had no further resistance within her. The men couldn’t really care less about her defeat. They thoroughly enjoyed her for what she was to them: a set of tight holes to sink their cocks in, again and again. Unlike before, this time, both men shared the effort of raping her, thrusting their cocks into her holes hard and mercilessly. She could hear them grunt and groan with utter pleasure while she sobbed between them, helpless and powerless. In a desperate attempt to not let them see her crying features, she turned her head to the side.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you want this?” the guy fucking her cunt asked, laughing while he pumped into her pussy, his massive girth stretching her unwilling, sore cuntlips wide. He fucked her with short, but brutal strokes, loving the way they made her tits jiggle.

[“Monsters…”] she whimpered in response, trying to voice the contempt she felt for these creatures, but her voice was almost choked with tears and little of her disgust showed. The men merely laughed, and they couldn’t even understand their words. Her tone was enough to show how devastated and defeated she was.

For her pathetic effort, she received a harsh backhanded slap, first to her face and then to her tits. “You should be nice to us, bitch!” the man beneath her mocked. “We own your ass now, after all!” To emphasize his point, he thrust upward suddenly, burying his entire length within her rectum, tearing another short cry from her tired throat.

“Yeah… right now, we’re your gods!” the other one said, spitting in her face before he continued merrily humping away at her poor, abused body.

Evelynn did not respond, knowing that, if she opened her mouth again, she would probably start crying uncontrollably and that little shred of dignity she’d would keep. So instead she remained between them, grunting and sobbing in pain as the men had their way with her, hard cocks pounding her cunt and asshole into oblivion as the men took their sick pleasure from her body and its holes. She barely felt them grope and squeeze her tits. That agony was secondary to the awful sensations in her lower body. Back and forth, back and forth, the cocks sawed, plundering her poor holes.

The two men came almost at the same time. Before she knew it, Evelynn felt the weight of the first man lift from her, a moment before a hot spurt of cum hit her tits, followed by more and more. Seconds later, the cock in her ass began to spurt, filling her sore hole with more cum. He yelled as he came, pulling her fully down onto his cock until it was finally spent and he pushed her off of him.

“So, what now?” the Korean speaking man asked, grinning down at the abused girl. “Ready to open those sweet lips now?”

Evelynn groaned. “Never!” she managed to spit out, the word carrying all the hate she felt for these men.

He sighed. “Alright, then… I hoped we could play nice with you… but if you can’t see reason. Hey, Miles! Bring the gag over here.” Evelynn had no idea what he was talking about, but it didn’t seem to matter. Right now, the thought of yet another round of abuse filled her with nothing so much as the urge to die, right here and now. Nothing could make it worse.

But the universe seemed determined to grant her no mercy at all. Hands grabbed at her chin and her mouth forced open. That at least reignited some tiny bit of her resolve and she began to fight, twisting her head back and forth as something was forced between her teeth. Something made of metal. “Ok, you little whore… let’s see how you keep that mouth closed now!” Something between her teeth began to push, forcing her mouth open inch by inch, heedless of the resistance she offered.

“Hnnghooo…” she screamed as she realized what type of gag they had been talking about… one that would keep her teeth apart and her mouth open enough for a cock to go in! “Nnnnn! Stppp!” Evelynn tried to scream again as they secured the gag in place, but instead of a cry only a long wail escaped her lips. The huge ring gag held firmly, forcing her jaw open. It has been there mere seconds and already she could feel her jaw hurt and could barely imagine how it would be if it remained longer. And by now… Evelynn knew these men enough to be sure that they would be leaving it in.

“Nnnnn!” she tried to wail again, struggling against those holding her – to no avail. The only thing she managed to do is to bring more smiles and chuckles from those who were watching her plight. [“Mnnn! Klll yyy!”] Evelynn moaned again, much to the amusement of the thugs.

“You really should get used to it,” one of the men said. “Because of your ungrateful behavior, you’re gunna have to spend quite a bit of time wearing it.” As he spoke, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his own dick, holding it directly in front of Evelynn, allowing her to see in great detail the precum oozing from the tip. “By the time we’re done with you, you’ll be lucky if you can remember how to close those cocksucking lips.”

Evelynn’s next wail was brutally cut short as without any more delay the grabbed the back of the girl’s hair and pushed his cock past the ring gag. He was tempted to facefuck the bitch right away but decided against it. As much as he needed release, he wanted the girl to feel every moment of it even more. That’s why he held his dick, buried only to one third of length, the tip dripping precum on Evelynn’s tongue. Overwhelmed by the horrible taste Evelynn tried to shake her head, move back, try anything to escape the invading organ but she was held too tightly to have even the slightest hope for the success of any such attempt… What was worse, her moves, especially shaking her head that teasing the cock, along with the pathetic muffled noises she was making aroused the man even more, with the cock growing even larger and dripping more of the vile liquid into her mouth.

She felt a wave of disgust but it wasn’t even aimed at those beasts that were abusing her but at herself… She tried her hardest to resist and what good did it bring her? She knew she couldn’t stop her from raping her but hoped at least to prevent degrading her by using her mouth… and now, after suffering terrible rape of her poor asshole, they were using her mouth anyway and in an even worse and more uncomfortable way for her. She hoped so much to be strong, to prove that she can resist someone but it was all for naught… she couldn’t spare herself, not from anything. Tears appeared in her eyes as she felt the realization of how worthless she was fall on her. She couldn’t protect herself, she was just a toy – for everyone.

Seeing tears swell in her already reddened eyes aroused her rapist even more. Laughing silently, he pushed his cock deep, burying the entire shaft in, leaving Evelynn’s head pressed against his unwashed crotch. The singer gagged as the intruding dick reached the back of her throat, her gag reflex messaging the meat to the great delight of her rapist.

“Fuck yes! I’ve been waiting for this!” he exclaimed happily, feeling her throat constrict around his cock as she gagged hard. The pain and discomfort of this intrusion made Evelynn’s eyes water again, her tears further smearing the cum on her face. “Oh yes, you little bitch… time to get a good hard cock down your throat, show you what your real place is!” Slowly, he pulled back, then slid his cock back in. Evelynn gagged once more, her predicament making it impossible to relax her throat enough to let him in without incident. She knew how to deal with her own gag reflex, how to overcome it and accept a cock down her throat, but right now, like this, it was as if she had never learned it. Around this invading dick, she gagged like a first-timer once more.

He went slow, sliding his cock back and forth at a very measured pace, gently but insistently pressing against the back of her throat every time he went in, loving the fact that she no longer could resist and had to let him in whenever he wanted. Each time he felt her lips wrap around the base of his cock, he groaned in pleasure, remaining there, lodged within her throat for a horrible while while Evelynn gagged and gargled around his cock, getting dizzy from the lack of air.

She tried to struggle, but he barely noticed, too enraptured by the sensations her tight throat provided him with, his cock leaking a steady trickle of precum into her mouth and down her throat, the taste making her stomach churn. With his weight half resting on top of her, there was no place she could go, no way to move her head to the side, nothing she could possibly do to avoid having to take the cock into her throat time and again.

“Show the cunt who’s boss!” one of the other men yelled, laughing with the others.

“Not so tough anymore now, are you?” Another laughed.

A second later a sharp whistling parted the air and Evelynn felt the sting of a belt slap against her thighs. Reflexively, she screamed around the cock as the pain bloomed within her, the vibrations of her throat granting even more pleasure to her oral rapist.

“Ah, fuck, this foreplay… time to pound that hole!” the man in her mouth finally decided… and then began to ram his cock down Evelynn’s throat at a manic pace, from one moment to the next, catching her completely by surprise. His balls slapped her chin as he drove in with a jackhammer’s force, now fully ruining any chance she might have had of getting used to the intrusion.

“Grlllgh… glllgh!” Evelynn gargled as the cock slammed into her, rocking her head back and forth, the tip pushing in and out of her constricting, massaging throat, cutting off her breath again and again and again. Dizziness accompanied the nausea that filled her at this abuse. Her struggles grew even weaker and weaker while she got facefucked for the first time since this nightmare had begun. Luckily for her, he could not last that long and soon, she felt his cock expand just as he pulled back, spraying the inside of her mouth with his disgusting seed. Evelynn gagged at the taste of his sperm, but there was little she could do as he filled her mouth with a prodigious dose of cum.

“Drink my cum, bitch… drink it all!” He slapped her face, and then grabbed her chin to keep her from turning her head. That way, she had no other choice but to swallow, not if she wanted to keep on breathing and get rid of the awful taste on her tongue. Crying and hating herself for it, she began to work her throat, gulping down the cum in two large globs, retching each time she felt it slide down her throat, sore after the brutal fucking it had just received. Sighing in pleasure, her rapist stood up, leaving her alone… only for her to hear the most awful words she could imagine.

“I’m next!”

Soon, she was completely used up. Crying, sobbing, fucked all all three holes, Evelynn was covered in cum, painting her face, her tits. In the middle of the three girls being raped, she suffered horribly for her resistance, for her defiance… and for the sheer pleasure of the men taking her.

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