Chapter 1 – Where the Wildlings Are

Contains modified works from Scene Stealer from ASSTR, used with permission

The North
4 Miles South of the Wall


Ygritte was angry, no, Ygritte was livid. Jon Snow had betrayed her, he had betrayed them all, but mainly he had betrayed her. He had ridden off, back to his precious crow brothers with some of her arrows in his back, but it was not enough. She didn’t really understand why, but she needed to know, why had he betrayed her. She knew he was conflicted, but he should have spoken to her, should have taken her with him at the very least. She suspected he was still alive, he was too loyal to the Crows to do anything other than make it back to Castle Black and they could probably save him with their southern medicine.

She suspected she would see him again, and she would get her answers, either from his mouth, or from the gods once the tip of one of her arrows was embedded in his liar’s heart.

Ygritte sat with her longish red hair whipping around in the cold wind, making arrowheads and new arrow shafts, hacking away at the timber, taking out her anger on the sticks. Despite the lack of her former suitor and her obvious beauty, not a single one of the free folk were stupid enough to interrupt the smaller, wild-eyed redhead as she prepared her vengeance.

Tormund stroked his hand through his thick red beard. The wildling was a large man, solid and tall and he was leading this raiding party. Jon Snow had been one of his men, a traitor to the crows, but it was now revealed it was the free folk and Mance Raider that he had betrayed. Yes Tormund was angry too, but he knew their time would come. Perhaps Jon’s escape would simply bring the fight on sooner… they didn’t care, the free folk were ready.

They had raided several small settlements on their way here, so surely by now the crows knew they were attacking the people the Night’s Watch were supposed to be protecting, but they had seen no sign of them yet. If they killed any more stupid villagers, the Thenn were going to be too fat to move quickly any longer, after gorging themselves on all the fresh southern meat.

“We tire of this,” Styr looked up at Tormund from where he was lounging alongside the campfire like a wild animal at rest. He licked his pointed teeth and grinned an evil grin, full of dark purpose.

“We should go and hunt some crows,” yelled one of the other Thenn from the nearby bushes where they were cleaning the meat for their meal. Tormund didn’t really want to know what they were planning on eating tonight.

With the thunder of hooves, a group of dark clothed Night’s Watch men descended upon the settlement, or what was left of it. “You see Alliser, they’re slaughtering the villagers for sport,” Endrew Tarth said, pointing at the bodies that had been strung up along the far wall.

Endrew was, like Alliser Thorne, one of the senior members of the Watch, he was also a trainer to the new recruits, and one of the few people who could speak their mind to Alliser with impunity. He had black hair and a beard, which matched his clothes, and he was exhausted… like everyone else at on the Night’s Watch. Once, he had been a fitter, more masculine specimen, but time, and the castle, had slowly taken their toll on him, eroding him away to leave the wiry man he had become.

“That’s all well and good. So the boy Snow was right… Good for them! The bloody wildlings can kiss my arse. We’ll find the bastards and shove a spear through them.” Alliser was cold and livid with rage as he stared intently at the dead bodies, his reigns gripped tightly in his hand. Alliser Thorne was a large stocky man, with piggy little eyes set within a head framed with curly hair. He wore a perpetual sneer on his face, and he delighted in introducing the new recruits to the harsh realities of the Watch. He was not liked by many, and had even fewer he might call friend, but he suspected that Endrew might be one of those few.

The other two rangers, newly appointed and still green, looked around and he could see the look on their faces. “If you’re going to throw up, don’t do it on your saddle, and for the sake of the gods, new and old, don’t do it on me,” Alliser grumbled.

The other men following on foot caught up with the riders and quickly scavenged their way around the scene of destruction. “The tracks lead off that way,” Grenn, squinted into the afternoon sunlight and pointed to the next valley. Grenn was not a new recruit; he had been around for a while and was one of Jon Snow’s circle of friends. This made Alliser snarl down at the bearded man on reflex.

“Up there, we’ll follow the ridge, stay in the trees, and we might be able to find them,” Endrew pointed towards the ridge.

“Good a plan as any,” grunted Alliser and spurred his horse onwards.

“There they are,” Endrew was laying flat on his stomach, peering over the edge into the valley below. They could make out the occasional flicker of a concealed fire, as the wildlings were making some attempt to conceal themselves. Endrew had been a ranger and he knew where the best spots to camp would be, and here they were.

“Do we have anyone who can shoot an arrow even remotely near the target?” Alliser wondered aloud.

“We’ve have a few lads good with a bow,” Endrew pointed out several of the newer members.

“There’ll be scouts along the ridge ahead, keeping watch,” Endrew pointed ahead of them, to where he expected the wildlings would be on watch for troops coming from Castle Black, not from behind them. “You,” he pointed at one of the newer recruits who he knew was fast with a small blade. “Come on, we’re going to dispose of a couple of wildlings.”

Following his lead, the greenhorn followed him quietly through the undergrowth and ahead of them, hiding in almost total darkness were two men in furs, concentrating on the distance.

Endrew mimed grabbing the mouth and slitting the throat and the greenhorn gulped and then nodded his comprehension. Quickly and quietly the two of them moved up. Luck was on their side… the wildlings expected, and heard, nothing. A moment later the two of them lay dead, their blood seeping out onto the hard, snowy ground.

The greenhorn stood staring at the man he had just killed, while Endrew looked around in case there were any other scouts nearby. A moment later he returned and gave the new recruit a warm grin. “Well done lad,” he whispered. “Back to the others now,” he nodded and set off through the trees without making a sound.

Endrew and Alliser positioned their archers as far along the ridgeline as they dared, getting as many bows up there as they could spare, and trying to get as many angles covered as they could. Then they led the remainder of the troops down the hill and along through the tree line, to the side of the camp. On the opposite side was a mound of earth, as though this area had once been a quarry, and at the base of the mound sat one group of wildlings around a fire. Alliser could see the large redheaded man who seemed to be leading the group. Four or five other men surrounded him, and a redheaded woman sat nearby, yet away from the others, she was making arrow shafts.

Endrew pointed further along the valley floor to another fire. A group of large Thenn wildlings sat around, eating something. Endrew could guess what it was… he knew the Thenn, and they were cannibals. Every man south of the wall had a natural dislike of the Thenn, and if they were smart, a healthy regard for how dangerous they were too.

“Fucking Thenn,” Alliser spat when he saw the bald men tearing the flesh off something he suspected was a man’s arm. He pointed to them with his sword. “They’re mine,” and without a further word he directed his group further along the tree line towards the Thenn campfire.

Endrew watched them until they had gone as far as they could before they had to exit the cover of the trees. Quickly he stepped out of the tree line and gave a downward motion signal with his sword, and an instant later the archers reacted as they had been ordered.

Arrows began to fly down on the camp, and a moment later the first of the wildlings fell. With a primal roar, the large redheaded wildlind stood up and turned left and right, searching out his foes.

Endrew gave him his answer by charging towards him, his men behind him, hoping they could catch them unawares and distract them from the deadly work of the archers on the ridge.

Alliser and his men charged at the Thenn who were distracted by Endrew’s group attacking the other wildlings. The first Thenn didn’t know what had hit him as Alliser’s sword sliced through him. “Fucking Thenn! Kill the bastards, kill them all,” he yelled at his men. The boys displayed a mixture of terrified fear, stupid, gung-ho bravery, and the weary readiness found from the older brothers of the watch. With a simple cry of “For the Watch!” they charged into the fray.

“Crows!” yelled Ygritte as she scanned the ridge looking for a target; she knew she could hit them with her arrows if she had something to shoot at. “There…” she grinned harshly as she let an arrow fly, imagining that Jon Snow was who she had aimed at. A moment later a satisfying and short grunt echoed out and then there were less arrows raining down on them. She lined up for another target.

“That’s enough of that,” Grenn slammed the hilt of his sword into the back of her head, and like a fallen tree she dropped lifeless to the ground. Quickly he snapped the string off her bow and used it to tie her hands, and then he quickly threw her quiver of arrows into the trees and turned to rejoin his brothers.

With a yell, he charged towards the group where he could see Endrew fighting a powerful struggle with the big man.

“Put your weapon down, I will take you prisoner,” Endrew promised as he circled the weary, and bleeding Tormund.

“Fuck off crow, I’m here to kill as many of you as I can, not surrender to you,” he lunged and was neatly parried by the well-trained swordsman, who then responded with another slash at the big man’s arm, causing a spray of blood to squirt across the clearing.

Tormund nodded his appreciation, looked at his new wound and then grinned at the crow in front of him. “Is that the best you’ve got? Come on then!” he charged at Endrew, who raised his sword ready to dispatch his foe.

“So be it then…”

“Fucking Thenns,” Alliser kicked the baldhead of the one he’d just stabbed as he tried to bite his ankle. With a quick flick of his wrist he sliced the head off, and turned to find a new foe. His shoulder ached now, he had been stabbed by one of them in a surprise attack while he had been concentrating on saving one of the fresh meat recruits from having his throat torn out by the teeth of another fucking Thenn.

Most of the recruits lay dead, a couple of older brothers remained, and there were only a few Thenn left creeping around in the dark, ready to spring out and attack.

“So you’re in charge,” a voice rang out from the darkness, deep and gravely, it was said in a mocking tone. “I wonder if you will taste any different to that fresh meat you’ve brought me over there,” it laughed at him.

“Come and find out, fucker,” sneered Alliser as he slowly turned looking for the inevitable attack.

There was a sudden movement to his left and he spun, a Thenn was lunging towards him, one of the ones he’d wounded earlier.

With a guttural roar, Styr also launched himself from on top of the nearby mound of quarry refuse and landed. Both his feet connected with the small of Alliser’s back as his hands locked around the crow’s shoulders and he lunged forwards and sunk his sharp teeth into the side of the man’s neck.

Alliser shrieked in pain as he realized he’d fallen for a trick. He tried to hit the Thenn who was biting him with the sword, and as he struck again and again he could not dislodge the feral man from his neck. He could feel the sharp teeth tearing into the flesh and the warm blood pouring out of the wound as it ran down his neck to soak his black tunic.

He began to rapidly strike the Then again and again in the head with the flat of the sword hilt, to no avail. A moment later two other Thenn lunged at him from both sides, he struck one with his sword as he was overwhelmed and fell backwards, hoping that at least this would dislodge the one on his back.

“Where is Alliser?” Endrew looked around the remains of the group. He had retained most of his men; only two had died, but several carried new battle scars.

Alliser’s men had not been as lucky; the Thenn had literally torn them apart. The two brothers that had survived were blood soaked, and looked quite shaken by the whole experience.

“Where?” he demanded again. One of them looked up and met his gaze finally, eyes flicking this way and that in terror. He pointed beyond the mound where the main Thenn group lay dead, along with the other brothers.

Endrew walked over and found amongst a pile of dead Thenn, Alliser’s lifeless body.

Two of them were laying on top of him, one of the brother’s had lodged an axe in the back of one of them and the other still had Alliser’s sword sticking out of his side. Endrew pulled them off and saw the gory gaping wound in the side of Alliser’s neck. Underneath Alliser he saw the larger leader of the Thenn, with the chunk of flesh torn from Alliser’s neck still in his mouth. The back of his head had been smashed in on a rock, so it looked like he had been killed as Alliser had fallen backwards.

“He’s dead,” announced Endrew to the group. “Look around, find any survivors. We need to burn the dead.”

Endrew sent Grenn up to bring down their archers and dispose of any dead, as the rest of them quickly dispatched any wildlings that had so far survived their mortal injuries. A few others were still alive, like the strong wildman he had been battling with and a few others. They ended up in chains.

“This one looks fine,” the greenhorn held Ygritte up by her red hair; she was unconscious but appeared to be otherwise unharmed.

“See she’s properly secured like the rest. We’ll take them all back for questioning… make sure she has no weapons on her.”

The greenhorn nodded and then began to grin a yellow, festering grin as he realized he was going to have to search her body for weapons. He allowed her to slump back to the ground and gingerly began to run his hands over her smallish breasts, not wasting any time in going straight for the heart of the matter.

“Here, let us show you how it’s done Titch,” said the other couple of lads nearby with a grin as they slid the smaller man out of the way to get to the unconscious woman.

“She’s very nice, can’t wait to interrogate her,” the dopey bald one said as they began to laugh.

Titch looked back and forth unsure, but he knew that if push came to shove, he’d like to get a crack at her too… being sent to the Night’s Watch meant that it had been far, far too long since his last taste of pussy.

Endrew watched as the funeral pyres burned, they had piled the groups of dead on makeshift piles of logs and had set them alight, the bodies needed to be destroyed before they could turn to walkers. The almost unstoppable walking dead that had returned from the pages of legend, and served to plague the nightmares of many a man at the Wall.

Ygritte was tied, on a leash and gagged, and yet the two men tasked with guarding her would almost swear they could hear the silent abuse she was directing at them as she watched her friends burn.

After half an hour or so, Endrew was satisfied the pyres had caught properly and there was no chance anything would be left to be turned to a white, so he decided it was time to get back to Castle Black and inform the others what had happened.

“So all the bodies were destroyed?” Aemon was visibly concerned with the thought of a group of white walkers wandering around on this side of the wall.

“Yes, we took care of it,” Endrew placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder, and sat down next to the old, blind man, who was passing as the leader of the watch for the moment.

“So you spared the girl… and brought her here,” he said almost questioningly.

“Yes, perhaps she can tell us something that Jon Snow doesn’t know. They may have changed their plans since he left them. Should we let Jon Snow speak to her?”

“Bad idea!” Yanos Slynt, a bald-headed weasel of a man said from where he had beside Aemon. Alliser’s body was barely ash, and already the former captain of the Gold Cloaks was trying to make moves towards taking over leadership of the Night’s Watch himself.

“I agree. I do not think that is wise at all. He is still healing, from scars physical and emotional… all inflicted by that young woman. We should not put him in that position again.” He sighed. “Question her, and make sure she knows nothing else. Then lock her in a cell. Perhaps she will be of some use in a barter. Under no circumstances should Jon know that she is even here in the castle.”

Endrew nodded in agreement as as Aemon rose. “I will leave her in your hands for questioning. Now… where is that Tarly,” Aemon mumbled as he shuffled off to find Samwell.

Endrew opened the thick wooden door to the cell. The pretty wildling girl sat on the floor, slumped up against the stone wall behind her, still chained but with a smug grin on her face. Endrew looked for the brother who had been watching her and found him unconscious on the floor, just out of her reach, the shattered remains of her wooden stool perched on the back of his head.

“Couldn’t quite reach him eh?” Endrew looked at the girl coldly. “Wouldn’t have mattered. He didn’t have the keys to your shackles anyway,” Endrew held up the metal ring with the keys hanging on it and smiled at her as he stuffed it back into the folds of his black cloak. “I think it’s time you and I sat down and had a nice quiet chat, and you can tell me what your friends are doing. If you’re a good girl, I might even let you see your friend Jon Snow.”

“Send ‘im in here and I’ll kill ‘im,” she snapped, suddenly on her feet at the mention of his name.

“Ahh, looks like that struck a nerve,” Endrew chuckled at her.

“Laugh all you want Crow, I’ll be the one laughing when Castle Black falls. I might even let you keep your not-so-pretty head,” she smirked and turned back to face the wall.

“We know all about your friends, the so called army of the ‘King Beyond the Wall’, the giants, all of it.”

“Told you, did he? I expected nothing else from that bastard,” she spat the words into the space between the two of them, her eyes blazed with the fury of a wronged lover.

“I heard he betrayed you, you stupid wilding bitch. Did you think he could ever love a creature like yourself? Did you think he was going to come and live with some wildling slut in a hut somewhere, and have little feral wildling babies? You’re a fool,” he laughed cruelly at her and sat down on another stool near the door.

Without warning she lunged at him, ready to tear his throat out if she had been able, but the shackles held her back, just feet from his face. Endrew showed no reaction, he did not flinch, he was not surprised, he had been goading her into responding after all, and he just smiled at her, which infuriated her even more.

“I will tell you nothing Crow,” she turned and sat facing the wall.

“Well, let’s see how a night here in the cold cell loosens your tongue eh?”

“I need you to keep watch on her, can you do that boy?” Endrew pointed at Ygritte, as he ushered a young member of the watch into the room. The boy was named Ulthan and he had perhaps seen twenty summers. The Watch had allowed him to join after a wildling attack on his village… he was sole survivor of one of the farms the Thenn had attacked, slaughtering and then eating his parents.

“She’s one of them, one of the ones who killed my family,” he was white, a mixture of shock and rage.

“Yes she is Ulthan, but I need her alive to tell us what else they have planned. Can you keep an eye on her, and if there’s any trouble, come and get me. Keep the door locked and don’t let anyone but me in. Can you do that? Can I trust you with this task boy?”

Ulthan looked back and forth between the redhead woman who glared at him and this knight who was giving him his first real task here.

“I’ll come and get you if anything happens,” he nodded and smiled back as Endrew smiled at him supportively.

“Good, well done lad. You’ll be a member of the watch by the time we’re done with you,” he patted him on the shoulder and left the boy to sit and stare at the wilding woman who glared back at him.

“I won’t eat you lad, you’re not old enough for me,” she laughed at him.

“Shut up!” he yelled back at her. “Don’t speak to me, I have nothing to say to you, murderer.”

“This is going to be a long night,” Ygritte curled up on the floor and relaxed, knowing that this would not be the only visitor tonight.

A loud thumping arose both Ygritte and Ulthan, who had dozed off on his stool wrapped in his furs. “Who is it?” hissed Ulthan.

“Let me in boy, it’s Lord Slynt,” the voice rang with the air of superiority that always hung over the tubby balding man it belonged to.

Ulthan knew who Yanos Slynt was; he had recently arrived here from Kings Landing and was one of the friends of Ser Alliser. “Ser Endrew told me to only let him in,” Ulthan hissed back, trying to keep the noise down in case someone else heard and he got in some sort of trouble.

“Well done lad, you’ve passed the test. I am here to relieve you now, go and get some rest.”

Ulthan thought about it for a moment, he could think of no reason why Yanos would be here otherwise, so he opened the door. The instant he had clicked back the lock then door was thrown open to reveal a large beast of a man, with the obsequious Slynt standing behind him.

Ulthan looked at Yarl as he almost stumbled into the room, the smell of alcohol permeated his clothes. Yarl was also new here; fresh form the cells of Kings Landing. Word had it that he was a murderer and possibly a rapist. No one had been insane enough to ask, he looked like a lunatic, and had enough muscle to give even the Mountain or the Hound a run for their money.

“Lord Slynt, he can’t be in here,” Ulthan backed away from Yarl, the oppressive stench of the man’s body odor seemed to almost ooze off the end of each hair on his unruly head of brown hair, his shaggy beard and his almost bear-like covering of body hair.

Yarl gazed at Ygritte and grinned evilly, the long scar that stretched from his left eye down to the edge of his jaw seemed to almost glow in response to his joy.

“It’s alright lad, run along,” ordered Slynt as he slipped into the room.

“No, I’ll get Ser Endrew, he can decide,” Ulthan turned to run, but Slynt grabbed his arm.

“Stop him Yarl,” demanded Slynt.

Yarl turned and sized up the boy and with the minimum effort he grabbed the boy, and with a quick swift movement, cleanly snapped his neck. The boy dropped lifelessly to the floor.

“What have you done?” Slynt was almost hysterical as he stared at the body of the dead boy.

“Don’t worry,” Yarl turned and stuck his head out of the door. “This wilding bitch has killed the boy!” he yelled down the corridor, trying not to giggle as he did so.

A moment later and the room filled with four other new recruits, enraged at the sight of the dead boy.

“We should gut her now,” demanded Titch, the most visibly shaken by the dead boy.

“No, I want to ask her about Lord Snow,” Yanos Slynt’s lip twitched as he thought of the damning evidence she had, the stories that could be used to get rid of Snow, making him, Yanos Slynt, someone to be feared and respected. “I want to see what she knows about the deaths of our brothers.”

Yarl looked at him, the other lads were behind him, and he could see that, it was like they were willing him to make the decision for them. In his drunken mind, there was only one answer.

“Fuck that, let’s screw the shit out of her and we can gut her later,” he turned and grabbed his crotch, thrusting it suggestively towards Ygritte who had been silently watching all of this play out.

“No!” Yanos could see he had lost control of the situation and he lunged to stop Yarl.

“Oh fuck off, are you a eunuch or something?” he threw Slynt to one side and moved towards Ygritte as they all laughed.

“Come near me with your tiny little ‘sword’ and I’ll rip it off with my teeth…” she grabbed her own crotch and cupped it. “…down here. Haven’t you heard the stories, wilding minge bites back.”

“Sure it fucking does,” he laughed as he grabbed hold of her and she tried to scratch at his face. “Come on you can do better than that, I’ve already been scratched once or twice before,” he ran his finger down his scar and leered lustfully at her.

“Ok,” she suddenly lunged and sank her teeth into his neck, and with a roar of pain he slammed her into the stone wall, causing her to let go.

“Oh you’ll pay for that, I’m going to rip your arsehole open with my ‘little sword.’ ” The furious Yarl wiped the blood from his neck, and glared at her. He motioned for the others to move and all five of them rushed her as Slynt watched impotently from the doorway.

She swung her shackled wrists like a club at the nearest man, and with a satisfying crunch, the metal connected with his nose, causing him to scream like a little girl and fall back.

“Come on ya pansies, she’s one stupid wildling slut. All together now…” Yarl surged forwards and deflected her swinging wrists with his forearm. The other guys rushed in too and grabbed her arms, twisting their legs around hers to lock them in place.

With a savage grin Yarl took a good-sized handful of her hair and gripped it tightly, almost pulling the roots from her scalp. He twisted her head to look at him, but held it in place so she couldn’t bite him or head butt him, as much as she tried. “Oh we’re going to have some fun with you, have some revenge for poor Ulthan,” he pointed at the dead boy, and as she started to protest he delighted in smacking her across the face, causing a trickle of blood to appear at the corner of her mouth.

“We don’t want to hear another word from your lying mouth,” and with a cheer from the others he produced a gag of sorts… a fetid looking strip of cloth, barely more than a rag, with a good sized knot tied in the middle. He gripped her jaw tightly, and pulled her mouth open, leaving her no doubt that if she resisted he would simply break her jaw trying to yank it open. She opened her mouth and he stuck the knot in behind her teeth and then tied it at the back of her head tightly, she flinched as he tied some of her hair into the gag too. The cloth was biting into the corners of her mouth and she could only grunt and mumble and she couldn’t close her mouth any further.

“Let’s examine our prize boys,” he yanked her hands up and dragged her towards the small window halfway along the cell wall. Above the window frame was an old iron hook set deep into the stonework. He lifted the chains and placed them over the hook, leaving her nearly suspended off the floor with only the tips of her toes able to touch the floor.

The group looked her up and down as she hung there before them, occasionally trying to lash out with her foot when one of them ventured too close.

Slowly Slynt moved further into the room. He was unsure what he had unleashed here, and this certainly wasn’t going to his plan. However, this appealed to something deep within his soul, his base desires. He was not sure he wanted to be involved… yet… but he certainly wanted to see what was going on.

Ygritte mumbled something through the gag, it sounded like some sort of insult, and all the boys laughed.

Yarl and these other recruits he had gathered were not former soldiers, knights or anything like that. These men were all criminals of one sort or another, forced here to the Wall with no prospect of a little human comfort at any time in their future. Each and every one of them saw this as possibly their last opportunity for the chance to touch some female flesh and they intended on utilizing the chance to its fullest.

With a laugh, Yarl shoved one of the younger ones forward and he easily dodged her kicking foot. She was becoming more tired as she was forced to stretch her feet out to stand up, and he stood within a hair’s breadth of her body. He grabbed hold of her britches and gave them a hard yank, and with the sound of her laces snapping, the pants gave way to the determined man and slid down around her knees. He lifted the front of her tunic to expose her pussy to the eager eyes of the men and they made loud appreciative noises. Her vivid ginger hair hair matched the hair on her head and the sight of it provoked snickers of joy.

“Come on you’re taking too long,” Yarl grunted as he pushed him out of the way. Yarl flicked his hand upwards and a dagger appeared in it from somewhere off his belt. He quickly sliced down the front of her tunic, parting the furs and hide to reveal her pale white flesh and rosy pink nipples, which were standing upright like small hard berries.

“Very nice,” he grabbed hold of the right hand tit and began to squeeze it firmly, kneading the flesh upwards in his hand as he slid it up the shape of her breast to her nipple.

With a howl of lust one of the other young guys jumped forwards and quickly latched onto her left breast in his mouth.

“That’s it boy, show that titty who’s boss,” Yarl was laughing as he stepped back to watch him, and watch the look on her face, allowing one of the others to begin molesting her right breast as well, and then with a sudden look of surprise on her face, he saw a hand had dropped down and was molesting her ginger pussy.

“Now boys, I did all the work here, so the first spoils go to me,” Yarl looked seriously from one man to the next, almost daring someone to challenge him, but none did. They all nodded in agreement and watched as he moved forwards. With a flick of his wrist and head to direct them, he made it clear to the younger guys that they should hold her. So a moment later she was lifted from the ground, her legs spread apart with her knees bent up and out to expose her lips even further.

Yarl moved between her thighs and quickly unfastened his britches. His cock was no small weapon, and he had terrorised several villages using his hungry cock as as one against the women-folk before they had caught him.

“That’s a lovely red puss… don’t see any teeth in there, though,” he nodded appreciatively as he patted her pubic mound gently, like he was reassuring a frightened child. “Can’t remember the last time I fucked a redhead,” he said thoughtfully as he lined the tip of his thick cock up with her pale pink lips. “I hope you’re more memorable,” he laughed as he thrust his cock inside her and her head snapped back with a grunt of pain. Ygritte was no virgin, but she’d never had one as big as that forced inside her before. She tried to twist her body away, to wriggle out from her captor’s grasp but the lads held her tight as Yarl gripped her hips and buttocks firmly as he began to thrust his thick manhood in and out of her.

As he fucked her he pulled her tight against him, mauling her butt cheeks before releasing them so he could reach up with one hand and maul her tits. “You are still nice and tight, you’re obviously not too much of a wildling slut… yet.” They all laughed and Yarl began to fuck her harder, and he kept changing his rhythm so she couldn’t get used to his thrusts and brace herself.

A thin little dark haired man, a former thief called Conrad, reached up and began to roughly manhandle her tits and squeeze her nipples until they were sore. He nodded happily as he heard her grunts and gasps from the pain he was causing her.

“This is for all the brothers that you wildlings have killed,” announced Yarl as he thrust into her again, and began to release his hot seed inside her.

“And this is for me,” hissed Conrad into her ear as stepped behind her, making her pinned between Yarl’s body and his own. He pressed the tip of his cock against her exposed asshole and he shoved his cock inside her as he sank his teeth into the rubbery flesh of her ear.

She groaned in pain as he tormented her, and the brothers held her flailing limbs in place so she could neither defend nor attack.

Conrad grabbed a handful of her red hair and used it like a rein, pulling down on it to force her back onto his cock. “Get used to this bitch, it’s all you’re going to be good for around here… keeping up our morale.”

They laughed as she glared at the men raping her with a mixture of pain, shame and a tiny, unwelcome bit of lust flashing across her face. He stood before her as he put his sticky cock back in his pants and watched his gooey white seed slowly begin to drip out of her abused red snatch. Yarl had barely stepped back from her before another one of the recruits moved forwards and entered her dripping pussy.

Yarl’s eyes were locked onto hers as she was held there and defiled in ones and twos by man after man. She glared back at him, trying to believe in her own defiance, believe that she would not break, but there is only so much even a wild creature like her could take. Conrad continued to fuck her arse, and he could see her flinch every time he did something painful. As he came inside her rear, and the fourth of the other young recruits came in her pussy, the fight began to ebb away from the wildling girl. She just wanted them to finish and leave her alone.

Yarl looked down at her, her head was slumped, her body hanging by her wrists as she panted in exhaustion, unable to stand. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so he could see her face. Her eyes were like glass, some kind of shock he supposed. She seemed removed from her own body as her mind tried to process her ordeal.

“Looks like she’s ready to come down boys,” he pointed to the hook and they quickly lifted the chain off which allowed her to collapse onto the floor.

“Ok, that’s enough for one night, we can come visit her again tomorrow, maybe bring her some other new friends,” Yarl ushered them towards the door past Slynt who stood there, frozen with indecision.

Yarl glared at him, which Slynt knew was a warning, and then left the room as well.

Slynt was bemused, he had watched the whole rape play out before him, they had used and abused her body and now she lay on the ground, the cum from multiple men leaking out of her pussy, her arse cheeks red from where she’d been slapped. Her head was buried into the cold stone floor as she desperately fought an internal battle to just shunt the whole evening’s memories into a locked box at the back of head, while the other side of her brain wanted to remember every last detail, let it fuel her anger so she could gut them all later on.

Slynt stood transfixed; he stared at her as she lay there on her stomach, her pale buttocks in the air. Finally he snapped and a moment later he was lying on top of her. He quickly fished his erect cock out of his pants and easily slid it into her abused arsehole.

“You’re a lucky girl, official whore to the Nights Watch,” he was chuckling as he was verbally tormenting her. He liked to talk, to humiliate people, and he found that he liked what he was doing to her even more. “I’m going to cum inside you too,” he grunted as he quickened his pace, slamming his cock into her asshole again and again. She grunted and exhaled each time he pressed down to force his cock back inside her, which also pressed her down into the stone floor.

With a groan of pleasure he pressed his cock in as far as he could and emptied his balls of their white-hot-load deep inside her arse. Ygritte lay there unmoving, the occasional whimper left her gagged lips but she said nothing else.

“We can dispense with this,” he untied the knot and pulled the gag out of her mouth, allowing it to drop to the ground behind him. The redheaded warrior gasped and tried speaking, but her mouth and jaw were too sore, her tongue too dry.

“Isn’t that better?” Slynt leaned forwards to speak to her.

With the speed of a snake, she turned her head and sank her teeth into his cheek. He screamed in pain as she did not let go and simply bit down harder. After a few moments of thrashing he broke away, a steady stream of blood running down his face.

“What did you do to me,” he screamed as he pressed his hand against the bloody hole in his face.

She grinned up at him from the floor and spat out the piece of flesh she had bitten out from him.

“You evil witch,” he roared and gave her a backhand across the face that just made her laugh more.

“Here, tell you what, I’ll make it up to you. Just put your cock in my mouth and I’ll make it feel real good too,” she licked her lips, tasting the blood from his face and laughing at his reaction.

“Witch,” he slapped her across the cheek again and then turned and left the room, locking it behind him. “We’ll see how clever and funny you are when there’s twice as many men lining up to make use of you tomorrow, and I’ll bring my whip,” he grinned maniacally at the thought of it and then turned on his heel and walked off to look for medical assistance.

Ygritte listened, lying on the floor as her cunt and ass burned from the abuse they’d endured. The hallway went quiet so she realized they had left… and she could relax. As she did so, she felt the emotions washing over her, tears were threatening to appear in her eyes, but she stuck it out and pushed the tears aside as she tried to reassemble her clothing… largely a lost cause, but at least she would wrap enough of the scraps around herself to try and stay warm.

She lay back against the wall, as far away from the door as she could get. She knew she would need her strength tomorrow so she decided it was time to sleep, but try as she might, sleep just didn’t want to come, so she sat and stared at the door… waiting for it to open, and her ordeal to begin again.

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