Chapter 10 – Pride of Lions

Westeros – Crown Lands
King’s Landing

Scarlett had been warned plenty about Fleabottom. It was only when she stood in the streets did she realize that the warnings had fallen far short of the truth.

More than anything else, the smell was the worst part. It smelled like the worst of humanity. Unwashed body, uncleaned sewage, dirty clothing and mud and other assorted filth. It smelled like despair, and poverty, and sickness, and she hated it. “What is a Baratheon heir doing here?” she asked.

“I had to hide him somewhere,” Davos said, moving out of the way as two dirty dirty merchants carried a loaded cart part them, down the street just barely wide enough to fit them and it. “Both Melisandre and the Lannister’s were looking for them.”

“So you hid him from the Lannisters in King’s Landing?” she said with a small smile, despite how her nose was wrinkled. “That was bold.”

“Last place they’d look,” Ser Davos agreed. “Are you sure about this? I’d hate to get him hurt for no reason. There really aren’t any Baratheon Bannermen left to inspire, no throne for him to realistically lay a claim to.”

“The Baratheon name still holds some weight,” she answered. “Especially with the Lords of the Vale. You assured me of that yourself, my lord… and that he was the spitting image of his father.”

“All true,” Davos agreed. “I’m just worried. He seems like a good kid.”

They worked their way towards the hammering of a blacksmith, and as they walked in, Davos gasped when he caught side of the man. Scarlett couldn’t blame him. From what he had told her, the last time he had seen Gendry, the man was a young man, not yet having seen fifteen summers… but that had been nearly four years ago. He had grown since then.

Scarlett raised an eyebrow. If that was how Robert Baratheon had looked in his youth, she could understand how his charisma had made him king when the dust had settled.

The Baratheon bastard had barely had time to see Davos when he had turned and grabbed a helmet off the shelf, reaching also for a warhammer hanging from the wall. “I’m ready,” he said shortly.

Davos chuckled, looking at Scarlett. “You haven’t even heard where we’re going.”

Gendry shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. I’m ready. Let’s go.”

Scarlett shrugged at Ser Davos. “Not everyone requires convincing, my lord.”

Queen Cersei Lannister

By the time the three of them made it back to the port and onto the Nightwatch ship, there was a surprise waiting for them below decks. A beautiful, golden haired woman stood restrained by a pair of Second Sons mercenaries in black armor and black cloaks, restraining the captured Queen while she struggled against them.

Gendry stopped in his tracks as he saw her. “Is that… Is that really the Lannister slut? Here? I saw her as she was marched through the city naked… could pass up an opportunity to see the woman who murdered my father. Never thought I’d get to see her again, though…”

Scarlett chuckled. “Yes… it’s her. You searched her for weapons, I assume? And for poison?” The men nodded.

“I’ll have your heads on spikes for this!” Cersei yelled. “Guards! GUARDS! My brother will hunt you down and kill you all!”

“Unlikely,” Daario said with a chuckle. “He’s too busy banging his new girl. Guess whats between your legs isn’t as special as you hoped, oh great Queen.”

“Your brother,” Scarlett continued, agreeing, is back in the Red Keep even now, finding loyal members of the Queens Guard and eliminating those who won’t work with us. Qyburn is already dead by now. Soon, he’ll be rallying the Lannister army behind him and heading North to the wall to pledge his loyalty to the defense of the realm and the Wall from the threat of the Others.”

“Preposterous,” Cersei scoffed. “Dead men fighting.”

Scarlett shrugged. “You don’t have to believe me. But I did promise your brother I’d try to convince you to go peaceful. To willingly submit to the defense of the realm, and relinquish your fraudulent claim on the throne.”

“The Iron Throne is mine!” she claimed, indomitable. “And no others!” She spat at Scarlett, a glob of spittle landing on her cheek.

Scarlett took a handkerchief and and wiped it off, then discarding the cloth on the ground, as though it had become unmentionable unclean, too filthy to touch. “Very well. Can’t say I didn’t offer.” She turned to the men. “She’s useless to us. Let her go.”

In unison, the two soldiers released her. This was the touchy part. Would she go for a weapon? In the end, Cersei was a coward. Hesitating only a second, she turned and ran for the staircase up to the deck of the ship.

“You’re letting her go?” Gendry asked.

“If she can make it,” Scarlett said, shrugging.

A loud exhale of breath came from the top of the stairs, and Cersei went tumbling back down right afterwards. Jorah walked down the steps after her. “That was for trying to have Daenerys killed,” he said.

Scarlett smiled. “Guess she’s staying our guest,” she agreed. “Gendry… she killed your father. The Lord of Light has a sense of fair play. The Queen in yours, if you’d like her.”

Gendry’s eyes went momentarily wide as he understood what she was offering, his gaze turning to Cersei’s heaving breasts as she tried to catch her breath. The two mercenaries again grabbed her and dragged her up to her feet, forcing her arms behind her back and making them thrust out even more. For a woman of her age and a mother to three children already, she was undeniably lovely still, beautiful by any standard… from the outside, at least.

Gendry spat. “I wouldn’t let my dogs fuck the whore.”

Daario chuckled, as did the other mercenaries. “Fair enough. We’ll find another use for her. Take her to a cell,” she ordered the mercenaries, and they moved to obey. Davos and Gendry continued down together as well, talking quietly as they filled in each other on what had been happening.

“That seemed unnecessarily cruel,” Jorah said to her when they were alone. “Pretending to let her go like that.”

Scarlett shrugged, feigning innocence. She hated lying to Jorah, but she hated even more than she had gotten good at it. She barely hesitated any longer. Was this how Melisandre had become how she was? Scarlett hoped not. “She deserved the punishment, and you deserved to repay her for what she did to your Queen,” she lied easily. “Perhaps it was cruel, but it was a small cruelty by her standard.”

Jorah couldn’t disagree. Scarlett smiled at him. “I’ll join you shortly. First, I need to pay our assassin.”

He… or she, Scarlett supposed, had changed face, standing against the railing of the ship as the crew worked to cast it off… she now wore the face of a young girl, maybe fourteen. She was staring out at the sea, not watching any of the people as Scarlett approached her. She didn’t look away. “Do you have it?” The assassin asked.

In response, the Red Priestess pulled out a promisory note. “For the Iron Bank in Bravos,” she said, probably unnecessarily. “They’ll make the appropriate offering to your god.”

“And yours,” the assassin said back. “They are the same, after all.”

“My god spreads life, not death,” Scarlett disagreed.

“They are one and the same,” the Faceless One said, distractedly as she kept looking out to sea. “Life and Death are just two sides of the same coin. Valor Morghulis, priestess. To encourage one is to encourage the other.” She changed the subject abruptly. “Do you intend to let the Queen live? She will never stop fighting you.”

Scarlett shrugged. “I think it’s likely she’ll be executed,” she admitted.

The assassin pocketed the promisory note. “I’m going to stay and wait to see that. All men must die… but it can’t come soon enough for some.”

Two soldiers marched Cersei off of the ship and into the mess of Night Watch and Second Son soldier waiting for them… the ravens they had sent ahead had clearly gotten their attention. The Queen had her hands tied behind her back and she had a knotted gag in her mouth, but otherwise her long blonde hair was neat and tidy and her long flowing dress was in as good condition as could be expected after having being dragged from the Red Keep across beaches, oceans, ships, and rocks to arrive here.

Their chants and cat calls rose as she was dragged down the gangway and and onto the docks in the cold. Scarlett stepped out after them, listening to the roar of the army, of Jorah’s army to defend the world. “Hold her still,” she ordered as she produced the long handled dagger with a glittering ruby glazed into the hilt. The priestess grabbed Cersei’s chin and stared intently into her eyes, as Cersei shot a death stare back at her.

“The Lord of Light has a plan for us all, Cersei,” she said, refusing to use her title. “I have seen yours in the flames. Soon, you will see it as well.” She grabbed the front of Cersei’s fine embroidered yellow gown. “You will be naked before the Lord, as we all are anyway,” she said as he pulled it away from her skin and and sliced down from the cleavage towards the waist. She then continued down to the ground, neatly cutting the dress in two.

Scarlett pulled the front of the dress open like parting the lapels of a coat; to expose the Queen’s breasts to the chill air of the Northern winter. “Remove it,” she instructed the men and quickly the guards pulled the dress down the arms of the struggling woman, untied her wrists, and let it drop in a heap on the ground behind her.

Cersei tried to struggle against them as they held her in place, now only dressed in her jewelery. Almost like they were taking a collective breath, the army was silent and they and Scarlett both took in the sight of the naked woman, noticing her berry-like nipples and her blonde haired thatch.

Scarlett ran her hands over the woman’s buttocks and then grabbed hold of her hips, gripping them tightly. A second later, she reached down with her right hand and allowed her index finger to disappear between Cersei’s thighs, parting the woman’s pussy lips and sliding between them to plunge slightly inside her opening.

Cersei groaned behind the gag in surprise, she hadn’t expected this. She had known, or at least suspected, that she would be ravaged by all manner of the men here, but she hadn’t expected the first one to lay a hand on her would be some kind of priestess. Cersei had no idea what this mad woman was going to do next and she struggled, but to no avail.

“You will serve the Lord of Light in defending the realm you seem determined to doom, Cersei… if not as its Queen, then another way.” Absentmindedly Scarlett reached out and pulled the gag from Cersei’s mouth.

“You will all pay for these indignities,” she spat at them once she cleared her dry mouth enough to speak. “My armies will hunt you to the ends of the seven kingdoms if need be. All your heads be on spikes by the end of the week!”

“Shush child… the Lord of Light is calling you,” she smiled at the blonde woman, taking a hold of Cersei’s breast in her hand, fondling it and kneading it, pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger. “He has chosen a way for you to serve.” In front of the viewing army, Scarlett bent forwards and took hold of Cersei’s nipple between her lips, sucking on it momentarily and then releasing it so that her tongue could play over it.

“You won’t take another life from him,” Scarlett declared as she ran her hand over both breasts, down the relatively flat belly to the blond mound of hair, and then slid her hand down to cup and fondle Cersei’s pussy. “But nor will you create it. That isn’t your place either, and R’hllor would not let you take another life to the abyss with you when you go…”

Scarlett moved back behind the queen, gazing over the blonde’s shoulder as the assembled men who stared at her naked form. Men who had largely be exiled by her or her guards to these Northern wastes. Men who had lost family to her wars, and the games she had played for the throne. Scarlett pressed herself hard into the blonde’s back, and wrapped her arms around her, almost in a tender embrace, pulling Cersei in tight against her body, feeling her breasts pressing hard against the Queen’s naked back through the fabric of her own dress. Both Scarlett’s’s hands were now roaming over the Queen’s body, cupping her breasts, fondling her nipples and playing with her pussy. The Red Priestess slipped a finger between Cersei’s pussy lips and plunged it deep inside her, she began to slide it in and out, finger fucking her.

Cersei groaned at the stimulation, a look of confusion played over her face as her mind was being overrun with the sensations. “Whatever sick ideas you have for me…” Cersei shifted her weight as she squirmed in Scarlett’s arms, “…Will pale in comparison to what will happen to you when my brother gets hold of you,” she threatened.

Scarlett shrugged. “If that’s what the Lord of Light intends, I submit to his desires… but I doubt your brother will be doing anything else on your behalf. You freed him from your prison when you burned the Great Sept of Balor… and I have locked the door behind you.” She leaned forward, giving both of her tits a savage squeeze as she rested her lips on Cersei’s ear. “Have fun with them, you highborn whore,” she whispered. Then she pushed Cersei down into the waiting men.

Scarlett sat and watched as the last few men enjoyed the Queen. She had little enough personally against the woman, but the things she had done in the pursuit of power disgusted her. That wasn’t why she watched, however… she took no particular pleasure in Cersei’s punishment the way she had Melisandre’s. She just needed to make sure the woman survived her “fun.”

She didn’t watch alone, either. While even other interested men like Gendry and Davos has lost interest and gone in pursuit of her own entertainments, she caught a glimpse of the assassin behind her, still on the ship, watching every second. She half expected him or her to take a turn, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he or she just… watched the whole thing with unnerving intensity as she stared right at the face of the blonde woman, at the spittle and cum of soldiers covering her.

The queen had tried biting at first. It hadn’t taken them long to break her of that habit. The right side of her face was swollen and bruised, one of her lips bleeding, and Scarlett wouldn’t have been surprised if she had spat out a tooth or two after the beating she had been given afterward. There wasn’t much trouble getting her to suck on their cocks after that.

By the time the assembled crew was almost done, it had been hours. Cersei was alternating between a semi-conscious state and returning to burst of furious anger when the rage inside her was rekindled. Neither state stopped the soldiers. The men holding her laughed, and encouraged their comrade, who had drawn the short straw, and was going last.

Her ass was awash with a steadily dripping stream of cum by now, but the thought of raping the arsehole of the bitch Queen Cersei Lannister was more than enough to make him not care about the mess. With a grunt, and a forceful shove, he plunged his cock into her one last time as he spurted his seed out to mingle with the rest of the sperm gooily oozing out of her abused hole.

“She’ll be shitting white for a whole week,” the Night Watch guardsman laughed as the last of the queen’s rapists wiped his filthy cock on her leg and pulled his britches up. They began to walk away, and Scarlett rose, walking over to the woman where she lay sprawled on the ground, too exhausted to move.

“There now, wasn’t that fun,” Scarlett spoke down to her as Cersei’s watery eyes managed to focus on her. Cersei glared at her, and then coughed up some sperm to clear her throat.

“I loved it, can we do it again after breakfast!” Cersei spat out with a ragged voice, as defiantly as possible.

“Yes, actually,” Scarlett chuckled. “We can.”. At the look of surprise on her face, Scarlett laughed openly. “Oh queen, did you think you were finished? That wasn’t but a tithe of the soldiers here… I won’t be satisfied until they’ve all had you. It is good you still have spirit… but you aren’t nearly done yet.”

She smiled. “Hold onto the spirit. It will be better if you keep it until the end.” She motioned to a pair of Second Sons mercenaries to lift Cersei to her feet, where she stood unsteadily. The men were all that was holding her up, as her body was wracked with pain, and she could feel the small river of cum slowly glugging its way down the backs of her thighs.

“Take her to the dungeons of Winterfell… and be careful. This one’s a Lion… give her half a chance and she’ll kill you with your own britches.”

She looked over at the wall then, hovering just to the north. Impossibly large, impossibly tall… and yet it seemed so insufficient. “I have the Lion, my lord…” she whispered. “Will it be enough?”

Scarlett hoped so.

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