Chapter 2 – Only Lovers Left Alive

Essos – Meereen
Main Palace

Scarlett stared into the flames.

She liked how it danced, the flames flickering the waving in the dark room… sometimes, she could see patterns in the flame. The Lord of Light showing her things far away. Not tonight. Tonight, the R’hllor showed her only what she already knew… that Daenerys had gone to the South. Willingly at first. Then her dragon had abandoned her again… she was incapable of controlling it. After she was alone, she had been captured by a Khalasar… led by one of the men who had been a bloodrunner to her late husband.

Scarlett shook her hair. She couldn’t believe she had ever thought the woman could be the prince who was promised. She couldn’t even inspire loyalty here… the city she had ruled broken into open rebellion, and she had been captured by the army she had once hoped to take to Westeros’s shores.

Then her vision in the flames moved to Jorah, as they had been doing more and more recently. Sometime she found herself just… staring. Today though, as she watched, he was preparing to leave. To go after Daenerys and bring her back. The go to the South after her.

That was frustrating to her, and she wasn’t entirely sure why. This was good, wasn’t it? He need to be close to the dragonborn woman, in order for the prophecy to be true. For the same reason, she needed Daenerys recovered alive. Going to get her was a good idea… and yet it annoyed her to see him going after the woman who had spurned him, while he was so hurt.

Scarlett was used to trusting her instincts.

“Excuse me… you want me to do what?”

Daario Naharis was not famous for his kindness… or his charity… so when a pretty redheaded thing came into his room in the middle of the night, he had thought one of his men had sent her. Seeing the red robes hadn’t curbed his enthusiasm much… he had taken Red Priestesses to bed before. He had found that their upbringing as a slave had oft done wonders for the pleasure they could bring him… but she wasn’t interest in fun. No, instead she wanted him to do her a favor.

“You want me, personally, to take some of my army and ride South to find Daenerys… That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. I’m sure she’d reward me handsomely. Where you lose me isn’t even when you tell me she’s in the middle of an army of forty thousand savages… It’s that you want me to make sure she isn’t found. Not even to kill her, like a power seeker would. To bribe the Khalasar to sell her as a slave, rather than execute her, and make sure no one finds her.

He looked at the red haired girl. “That’s crazy enough that you have my curiosity… so I won’t throw you out a window or hand you over to one of the Queen’s fanatics. Yet.” He stood, making the slight priestess very aware of how much taller and larger than her he was. “Why should I do this?”

“For a start,” Scarlett said with a smile, “It’s the only way she’s ever going to bed you.”

Daario snickered. “There’s that. But I’m not about to give away a fortune in gold for a little pussy, no matter how well bred.”

“But you won’t be. You will continue to be paid your agreed upon fee from the city treasury, regardless of what happens to the Queen. With her gone, her Queensguard is taking over in her stead… and with Gray Worm and Selmy dead, the most senior member is Ser Jorah Mormont. Few enough even knew she ever cast him aside, and the city loves him after watching him fight back the Harpies. He will continue to pay you.”

“Even after I fail to return his Lady Love?” Daario snickered. “So the best you can offer me in the status quo?”

“No…” she said slowly. “I can offer you something far better.” As she spoke, Scarlet began to loosen the V part in her robes.

“Not that you aren’t a thing to look at,” the mercenary said, “But I’m not doing it for your cunt, either.”

Scarlett chuckled as she continued to spread her robe, eventually revealing a glistening ruby the size of her encircled thumb and forefinger on a golden broach, hanging from a chain. “How about immortality,” she said as he lifted it off her neck.

Daario had opened his mouth to speak already. He froze.

“Ah, so you do know the tales,” she said, smiling.

“Just stories,” he said, shaking his head, recovering his composure.

“Hardly. It can be done. I’ve done it…”

This time he openly sneered. “My arse,” he said, chuckling.

“I understand,” Scarlet said, voice smooth a silk, her voice unnatural in his seduction, the way her words could weave a spell. “You doubt us. You haven’t seen a priestess with power.”

“’Cuz you’ve got none,” he insisted.

“Then surely I don’t know,” she whispered, “That you killed that dwarf in the chaos. The one that the Queen was hoping to make her adviser.” She chuckled at the shock on the handsome mercenary’s face. “Too many rivals for power for you, Naharis?”

He stood up threatening, and she continued. “Oh, no one saw, beautiful. No one would believe me if I told, either… you covered your tracks far, far too well…” Scarlett said, voice flowing seductively still. This was a minor magic… one that all priestesses were taught, how to weave a spell with their words, to manipulate the will of others. She wasn’t sure if there was true magic in it or not, but people, especially men, she had always been able to… persuade… to see her point of view, given enough time. “And there was so much chaos. And no one cares for one dead dwarf.” She smiled.

“Then how-”

While he had been bound by the spell of her words, she had sauntered close, and silenced him with two fingertips against his lips. “I saw it in the flames,” she whispered huskily. “The Lord of Light is good to those who serve him. And I am… very… good…” She took the ruby from her other hand, and draped it around Daario’s neck. “The Flames of my Lord flicker in this Ruby,” she breathed. “And while you wear it, I’ll always be able to find you. And bring… you… back…” She had pushed him down to the bed now, and was sitting on his knee, breathing the words right into his face. Daario’s eyes were wide, and perhaps for the first time in the mercenaries life, he wasn’t in control at all.

Scarlett knew she had won before she even asked the question. “So will you find Daenerys for me my lord?”

Scarlett left Daario’s room and managed to make it down the hallway and out of sight before she let her breath out in a rush, sagging against the wall, shaking. She had… never… done something so brazen before. But it had felt right… and it had worked. The Lord of Light had been with her, even as she lied. The Last Kiss was a rite of her god since ancient times, but to her knowledge no performance of it had brought one back from the dead since the days of the Long Night. Rumors of an immortal in Westeros had reached the army some time ago, enough that she had heard the mercenaries whispering about it, and she had used it ruthlessly.

She supposed the good part of promising to bring someone back from the dead was that by the time they realized you were lying, they were also beyond doing anything about it.

The first part of her long plan had been taken… but the first step was easy. The next would require far more of the Lord of Light’s support… and if R’hllor did not walk beside her, would probably cost her life.

She hadn’t worn her mask for a long time… more than a year had passed since the last time she had been Quaithe. The last time had been appearing to Daenerys, after Scarlett had decided that she was the messiah she was waiting for. Before that, it had been in Qarth… to Jorah, when she helped him rescue his lady love as repayment for setting her free. It itched with her hair tucked beneath it, but it was important that Jorah’s first glance at her remind him of who she was, and what she had done for him… she needed him to hear her out.

Getting into Jorah’s chambers had been easier than she anticipated. She had been the presence of men like Hizdahr and women like Daenerys for too long, men and women who knew they were important. Jorah didn’t think of himself that way. He didn’t have servants surrounding him, or guards at his door. She got into the room with him by turning the unlocked handle and walking into the room.

Being in the room with him was… surprisingly distracting. It shouldn’t have been. She had been in his presence many times before… but all of those had been before she had learned that he was Azor Ahai. It was different now, and as he turned to look at her, feeling his eyes on her felt very, very different.

“You!” Jorah said, eyes widening. “You’ve come back!”

“I never left, my lord,” she said, her voice sliding into coy seduction as she stepped into the room. It was somewhat comforting, to slip into being a seductress… it was easier to rely on long training and practice than to actually think about what she was doing, to whom.

Jorah looked at her for a moment longer before he resumed putting supplies into his pack. “It’s good you’re here. You’ve helped her before… Now Daenerys needs your help again. Are you willing to lend your aid once more?”

“Of course I am, my lord… but you misunderstand me. I’ve never tried to aid Daenerys… I’ve always be here to help you. And I am here to help you still.” Jorah looked up as she lay one hand on his shoulder. “Always here to help.”

“Then you can help me bring her back,” Jorah declared, hefting his pack.

Closing her eyes and steeling herself, Scarlet grabbed his right wrist. Jorah froze as she held it… and she felt the hard, scaly skin beneath. “And how much good to you think you are going to be to her like this?”

They locked eyes. Scarlet appreciated that he didn’t ask the obvious questions… how she had known, or why she had done it. He knew she had power, had knowledge… at least thought he knew she had no fear. Knew that she had just touched Greyscale, even through clothing.

“How long do you expect to last, my lord? How far south can you make it looking for her before you lose yourself, or die? How long can you hope to go?” She continued staring into Jorah’s eyes… to deep, blue wells that seemed to swallow her. “You won’t make it… not like this.” She stepped forward, forcing him to step backwards towards his bed. “But the power of R’hllor… it can cure you.”

“But you can’t…” Jorah protested, trying to pull his wrist from her grip.

She didn’t let him. “I do not fear this plague,” she asserted, only long practice keeping her voice sultry, with no hint of the tremor of her fear. “What strength does stone offer against the fires of my Lord?” Only then she she release him, striding over to the lantern and pulling a sulfur match from the inner folds of her robe and striking it, staring into the flames for a moment, seeing her lying over Jorah in the flickering light before she touched it to the wick. “The curse of Valeria is of no import to the Lord of Light,” she whispered as walked to the other side of the bed, lighting a second lantern. She was silent, but met his eyes the whole while she lit the third, surrounding his bed with the light of the fire.

She walked around behind him, resting both hands on his shoulders. “Look into them, my lord,” she urged, pushing him towards the lantern. “Do you see what I see?”

Jorah was silent… perhaps shocked from her appearance, her forwardness, the sudden reveal of his plague. That was good. Him being off balance helped her, made him more receptive. He settled down, all but hypnotized by her words. “Do you see it, my lord?” she whispered into his ear. It was all she could do to avoid brushing it with her teeth and having a taste.

“I… see…” he said. He sounded surprised. “That’s… thats me. I’m standing in front of men… I have a sword. A red sword.”

“I see it too, my lord…” she whispered against his neck… his lips so close she almost brushed it. “And your wrist, my lord… What about your wrist?”

“No bandage…” Jorah whispered, almost unbelieving. “I’m… I’m whole. I swore I would be whole again, but… I never… believed…”

Behind him, Scarlett closed her eyes. Relieved. She had seen the same thing. It was why she hoped, she prayed, that she was right… that the Lord of Light would show them the mercy she needed. “R’hllor wills it, my lord… let me help you…” Slowly, she removed her mask, letting her crimson hair cascade down over her shoulders and neck. She moved him slowly closer to the bed… his steps soft and almost hypnotized, his eyes unable to leave the flame dancing in the lanterns.

Slowly she guided him down on his back, making him look away from the fire and into her face again. The blue of his eyes seemed to swallow her as she climbed up his body, onto him, looking down into his eyes without blinking. She settled her hips down onto his, feeling the bulge in his pants as she pressed herself down onto it and shuddered.

“But…” he protested, but weakly… with no conviction behind it.

“Shhh…” she leaned down and brushed his lips with hers. “This is for you… all for you… I will protect you. R’hllor will protect you.” One of her hands slipped between her legs to trace over the hardening bulge just between them. “Do you know what the difference is between the living and the dead, Jorah? The dead don’t love. Love is for the living… love is life made manifest.” She smiled again, just inches from his face. “Loving will save your life.”

Scarlett’s breath caught in her throat as she felt him harden. Her fingers stroked up and down in the space between their bodies, between her legs, before she found the clasp of her pants and undid them… and then she could feel the hard, heated flesh against her palm. She shuddered again in anticipation. “Only the living get to know love,” she whispered as she squirmed, her skirt riding up her legs until, at long last, she felt the brush of his hardness against her wet slit at her core.

“I’m not sure…” Jorah groaned, a gasp cutting him off as her hand closed entirely around his hard cock.

“I am,” Scarlett whispered as she flowed up, aimed… and pushed down.

She opened her mouth in a gasp as she sank down onto him, his thick shaft spreading her wide. She had slid almost all the way down onto him in a second… she was fairly sure her pussy had never been so accommodating before. He was… so big… her eyes watered from being stuffed so full, her petals never having been stretched so wide before. She ground her hips against him, listening to his groan of pleasure, feeling it shake through his body and into her. She swore she could feel the head of him deep inside her, impossible deep in her sex. “God… S-so biiig…” She gasped, tossing her head back.

“Dany…” Jorah protested softly… but no matter his protests, his shaft grew harder inside of her. How long had it been for him? Longer even that it had been for her? She lifted herself up with her legs before letting herself drop back down, letting out a tiny, throaty cry from the sensation. Scarlett’s cunt was gushing, soaking the knight’s heavy ball and the bed beneath them as she thrilled in the sensation.

“It doesn’t…” she gasped. “It doesn’t have to mean… more than you want it to…” She practically ripped at her own bodice to unlace it, letting her tits out before diving back down onto Jorah, kissing him even as he rose and fell on his cock again, her nipples scraping against his shirt… stoking the fires of both their lusts. Jorah began to kiss her back then, and she moaned into her lover’s mouth, tasting his pleasure and showing him her own. She felt it was his hands, healthy and cursed both, gripped onto her ass, feeling every bit of it through the thin skirt. She kissed him, fucking him, until she ran short of air and had to break off the kiss gasping. “Now fuck me, my lord… You aren’t dead yet. Show the world you are alive!”

Scarlett wasn’t sure if it was the sex, or her hypnosis and seduction, or just his own desires, but Jorah stopped holding back. He bucked his hips hard enough to throw Scarlett up into the air, roughly yanking her back down and slamming her back down on top of his cock. “Yes…” she moaned, his hips jerking and thrusting wildly beneath her as Scarlett bounced in the her promised one’s lap. “Nngh! Amazing…” Her eyes were wide as she looked down their joined bodies, cursing that she could see as his monster cock split her open and plunged deep. Grabbing onto her clothing and cloak, she roughly yanked upward, pulling it all off her in a messy tangle and tossing it aside, leaving her naked on top of the mostly dressed knight as he fucked her.

Her tight sex squeezed him like a vice, her muscles clenching like they were trying to resist the harsh intrusion. That “resistance” only only seemed to both of them on, inspiring Jorah to plunder her cunt without mercy. It wasn’t just the size, or the shape, or the man that was driving Scarlett insane. It was the heat. She could feel the promise of her lord in this, could feel his prophecy. He was Azor Ahai… he knew it. It felt like she was being fucked by a hot iron, and yet it didn’t burn… she had heard that women sometimes felt unclean in sex, but she felt purified. Sanctified. Her body existed to serve the Savior of the Word, and that was all she wanted.

Eager, she spread her legs wider, gingerly reaching inward between them. Two fingers brushed past her sensitive love button, she started rubbing her clit in circles and moaning loudly, playing with herself while Jorah pummeled her insides. Her hips worked, pumping along with Jorah, helping herself bounce in his lap as he thrust harder and faster. Her eyes were half-lidded, her fingers vigorously rubbing at her delicate clit, making her slit spasm and twitch from the pleasure. She was biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy. Jorah grabbed hold of Scarlett’s thighs and lifted them up, forcing her legs even wider apart. Using the priestess’ legs like handles, the knight hoisted her up into the air and then dragged her back down, impaling her hard, bucking like a horse as he hilted himself in Scarlett’s snatch again and again.

Slowly, her fingers trembling, she took her hands from between her legs and wrapped them both around Jorah’s cursed wrist. Coming a bit out of his fog, he tried to pull it away from her, but she grabbed on tightly, pulled on the cloth bandage and ripped… revealing the grey, cracked skin, the swollen plates pushing out from beneath the surface. Most would have found it disgusting… and in another time, she might have as well. Right now… it wasn’t disgusting. It was just an impurity to be cleansed.

Moving carefully, she brought his hand up to her throat. “Choke me…” she whispered. “Life for life, my lord… Take for yourself a little bit of mine.” Scarlett fastened both hands over the Greyscale, touching it with her bare hands… in her throes of passion and lust and religious ecstasy, she didn’t even feel a whisper of fear anymore. R’hllor was with her. “Harder, my lord,” she gasped as she slide her hips up and down on her length, over and over.

He squeezed… but not hard enough. “Harder,” she whispered, breathy. He squeezed harder. “Har… der…” she gasped out through open lips. She could feel the greyscale burning her fingers, thought she could see smoke as the edges of her vision went dark. As she was choked, her tight pussy did the impossible, squeezing even harder as Scarlett reached her peak. She thrashed and arched her spine, head thrown back and mouth gaping in a muted scream of bliss as came on Jorah’s cock. She gasped in an open-mouthed look of pleasure as she was choked.

The tightness was enough to push Jorah over the edge. As he groaned he grew even more stiff inside her, and a second later his cock began to jerk, his thick, boiling payload being pumped into the priestess’ waiting cunt. Scarlett never stopped cumming… it made it felt to the knight like her pussy was trying to milk his cock. His seed felt unnaturally warm to her, filled with the Fire of the Lord of Light… like being filled with molten lead, but her felt no burning, just heat and pleasure and bliss as his cum flooded Scarlett’s womb and painted her insides white. Grunting in release, still jerking his hips randomly, it felt like a minute before the flow of his seed seemed to taper off. Scarlett pushed herself down hard, making sure he fired the last few spurts directly into her core, feeling some of his seed slide out along his shift as his hand left her throat, falling to the bed as she collapsed on top of his, sighing in pleasure, whimpering softly.

They lay there for a long time, breathing hard, the naked priestess and the all-but-fully-dressed Jorah laying atop the bed while his wrists smoked in the light of the twin lanterns… and even with her head laying on Jorah’s chest, Scarlett couldn’t see a speck of gray upon it any longer.

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