Chapter 6 – Visions of Ice in Fire

Essos – Meereen
Main Palace

Scarlet alone on the bed in her room, lit only by a few dozen flickering candles. She didn’t spend much time here anymore… not since she had been spending almost all of her days and nights either with Jorah or arranging things for him. Still, she found it peaceful here… it was comforting to be surrounded by the flames. Even if the visions she saw were disconcerting. Usually they showed her the next steps, but recently, they had just shown her a battle in the snow. She could see Jorah, a flaming sword in his hands, battling an unknown enemy.

It was the Others… she was sure of it. The battle in the winter-to-come, the darkness of the second Long Night. Jorah would fight them, she knew it, she was sure… but why show her this now? How was she to get there? R’hllor was silent on the matter… or rather, he had been. Until tonight.

The letter she held in her hand, delivered by a sailor, was not from a friend. It was from a woman, if anything, that was a rival… and it was a letter of defeat. Mellisandre was writing the other priestesses to admit failure. That her King Stannis Baratheon was not Azor Ahai. That he had been abandoned by the Red God, and died at the hands of Ramsay Bolton and his army in the North.

The North. A battle in the snow. She read the letter through a second time, smiling. She had mentioned that there was a potential rightful heir to the role of Warden of the North with her… and he was the Lord Commander of the wall, a bastard named Jon Snow. If they were going to fight for the Iron Throne, she was going to need allies in Westeros… and if she was going to fight against the Great Other, she would need the men of the wall.

It was time for Jorah Mormont to return to his home.

Jorah pushed Scarlett against the wall, his weight pinning the smaller girl in place as he kissed her neck. She was like a toy in his arms, enough that he felt like he might break her, she was so fragile. She didn’t break as he pressed her against the stone, though… she arched her back against him, pressing her breasts more firmly against his chest even as she wound one hand through his hair, caressing him as she pulled him harder against her. She gasped as he kissed her, ran a hand down her body… he could hear the gasp through his lips on her throat.

Her other hand rested on his chest, sliding up under his shirt and tracing the edge of his muscles, making him shiver. He backed up, taking his her face, her hair already disheveled and strewn across her face. Firelight flickered across her face, casting her in light and shadow… there were always candles burning in his room these days.

What was he doing? He should be looking for Daenerys, shouldn’t be in bed with another woman… but those thoughts were unconvincing when he was in her arms. It was hard to even remember why he should want anything else… and as much as he wanted to think blame it on the priestess’s suspicious magic, if that was the case, why did he long for her when he was along? Why, whenever he thought of Daenerys, did his thoughts always wander to the beautiful redhead beneath his hands now?

She kiss him, hard enough that he could feel her teeth on his lips for a second before she began to slid down his body, shimming down him down to her knees. Jorah felt her hands on his pants, unfastening the belt… then her soft hands wrapping around his length. He groaned in the second before he felt her mouth envelope him, the warmth swallowing him.

Her lips wrapped around him as she pushed her head further down on length, holding him between them while her tongue flicked the underside of his head. Jorah groaned, closing his eyes… he didn’t remember making a choice to move his hands, but he had both of them holding the back of her head, his fingers holding onto her red hair. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked in, and the pleasure he was feeling doubled… he moaned something. It might have been her name… he wasn’t sure.

The beautiful priestess’s hands were on his shaft and balls as she pushed her head further down on his length, moaning around his cock while he swelled further inside her mouth. She gagged around his length occasionally as he he pulled down unconsciously, but she never flinched back… instead, she threw herself even more vigorously into pleasing him.

When she pulled off, she gasped in a breath, causing cooler air to rush against his spit-slicked dick as she gave the underside another affectionate lick before pushing two hands against his hips, pushing him back towards the bed. Scarlett couldn’t have budged him against his will, but he happily sank back against the bed. She began to pull at her own clothing, pulling the blouse over her head, loosening and stepping out of the skirt, letting everything pool on the floor. Then she climbed up on the bed, laying on her back and spreading her legs for him.

She didn’t pull him down… didn’t even beckon for him. She just smiled at him, slow and hungry, and look at him with intense, lusty eyes. She didn’t need to pull him down.

Jorah lay down on top of her, Scarlett’s body conforming to his as she wrapped both arms around him. She didn’t look away from the knight… she kept her legs wide as he took his rod in his hand and aimed it, rubbing up and down her gash before pushing against her pussy, his weight settling down on her, pushing inside. She was… so… tight… He hadn’t been with a woman before her for a very long time. Not since before he had met Daenerys… but it was hard to even think of Daenerys while she was wrapping her legs around him, keeping him inside of her while he pushed in and out, stroking inside her.

Her mouth was open, moaning openly… eyes wide as he met his gaze. He liked how she looked at him… always in his eyes, like she was trying to look behind him. It gave him all the excuse in the world to look at the beautiful girl. She was young… easily two decades his junior… but he thrilled in her company, in as beautiful as girl as her wanting to be with him.

He held her, the heat of her body enveloping him as they fucked beneath the light of the candles, watching the flickering light and shadow caress her body. It felt like her body was trying to keep him out, or perhaps keep him in… the way she clenched at him, it was like her pussy were trying to keep him in place. With the way her legs wrapped around him, he couldn’t pull out far anyway… he had to stay buried inside her as he moved, which suited Jorah fine.

He looked down at the priestess beneath his as she moaned. It was easy to imagine her sprawling hair as braids, to see the violet eyes he had fantasized about for so long… but even as the thought occured, the white hair kept being stained crimson as he looked on. He was doing this… all of this… for Daenerys… so why was it so hard to keep her in his mind?

He didn’t want to think about it… not now. Not the heat of the fiery priestess’ passion, not when her own eyes showed such fascination and devotion. Not when he hadn’t… ever… had a woman look at him like that before. He just wanted to enjoy being cared about, being desired… and right now, he had no doubts that he was both.

Jorah groaned as she began to squeeze him even harder, moaning in pleasure as her body did its best to milk the cum out of him. “I’m… I’m…” he grunted.

It was shocking how smoothly she squirmed out from under him, her hands flowing across his body like two torches of heat as he rolled off her and onto his back. Falling off the bed and onto her knees, she sank his cock deep into her mouth in a single gasping plunge, her throat convulsing around him while one of her hands caressed her balls. The clenching spasms of her throat, combined with the amazing image of the flame-haired priestess swallowing him whole was too much for Jorah. He gasped, shoving his hips forward as he hardened further in her mouth as he came, making her through seem even tighter as he swelled inside her before beginning to shoot.

The first shot of him cum went right down her throat, as did the second. By the time he shot a third time, she had pulled back enough that he was cumming into her mouth instead, and he could heard the gulp as she swallowed his seed. With a final few jerks that seemed to shake his entire body, Jorah lay on the bed like a limp doll, to exhausted to move as Scarlett began to bathe his cock with her tongue, moving slowly, ever so gently across his sensitive shaft as she cleaned up every last bit of his cum. Finally, she pulled away, looking up at him with a sly smile as she licked her lips, taking the last drop of his issue into her mouth and grinning in pleasure.

What a woman.

Sometimes, too often for Jorah’s taste, after Scarlett had finished with him… or more accurately made him finish with her… she retreated for the night, back to her own quarters within the pyramid. Tonight, thankfully, was not one of those nights. When she was finished she crawled back up his body to lay her head on his chest, one leg strewn carelessly over one of his.

He wasn’t sure how long they lay there, breathing in comfortable silence, but he had begun to think the Red Priestess had fallen asleep before he felt Scarlett’s hair trace paths across his muscled chest as she moved her head. “My lord… it is almost time to fight for the Iron Throne.”

Almost instinctively, Jorah looked to the side, finding the crimson Valyrian steel sword resting against the wall. He didn’t bother to scabbard it, usually… he had yet to find the surface capable of dulling its edge. She had called the sword Lightbringer, and he had look into the myth’s of the sword himself in the months since. The legends around the sword were dark… they claimed that it had been quenched in the heart of the wife of the mother who had forged it, after he had labored for a full hundred nights beating the iron into shape.

The blade was a dark thing… a sword born of sacrifice, wielded in the name of that sacrifice. A blade for which no price was too high a price to pay. It was the sword that Scarlett had told him would let him take the Iron Throne for Daenerys… but since the day she had given it to him, she had spoken no more of that grand destiny, no more of how it was possible.

She continued after a second. “The war begins in the North. The last Stark heir needs allies to reclaim his home. R’hllor has shown me you fighting in the snow of winter, fighting to reclaim ancient Winterfell. The Lord of Light has shown me the path we must walk towards your destiny. You offered yourself to his service, before…” she paused, hesitent… almost afraid. “Will you follow his will still?”

He breathed deep. He didn’t understand… but he had seen her magic, both in her masked disguise and since revealing herself to him. And he had spoken truly before… he didn’t have much to lose. “If it will bring me the Iron Throne… and bring Lady Daenerys back to me… I will do anything the Red God commands of me.”

She didn’t seem satisified with that answer… for reasons he couldn’t quite grasp, he wasn’t either. Still, she nodded. “We will leave tomorrow. The Unsullied will likely follow, as quickly as they can find boats, but the Second Sons will sail with you. I have arranged it with Daario.”

He didn’t ask how. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know what she had offered the mercenary to make him complient… there seemed to be only one thing the man wanted from women. “When do we leave?”

“Tomorrow,” she promised him. “You need do nothing else tonight, my Lord… we have all night.” There was a purr to her last words, and to his surprise, Jorah felt his loins stirring again as the silken caress of her thigh slid ever so slightly against them. He had been a far younger man the last time he was likely to be interest in a second round… but his body was proving surprisingly game. He looked down to see the Scarlett smiling up at him. “So you don’t have to sleep just yet…”

Scarlett stood at the stern of the First Star, watching the city of Meereen as it slowly grew more distant. OTher ships surrounded hers, ships filled with the mercenaries of the Second Sons. They had some ships of their own, and the city treasury had been sufficient to buy, barter, or steal enough merchant shipping to get the entire company across the sea. A few divisions of the Unsullied would be staying behind to protect Meereen… although with as thoroughly as Jorah had crushed the Sons of the Harpy protect it from what was an open question to her. The rest would be following as they could get shipping, heading for the Bay of Seals and Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.

She had lied to Jorah again… perhaps not technically, but in her heart. She had told him they were doing this to chase down the Iron Throne… and while that might yet be true, it would be the afterthought. He didn’t know that the dead were rising, wouldn’t believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. She didn’t think he would follow her down the path of an ancient prophecy knowingly… he had to be lead.

It was for the greater good. The world was in peril… it needed Azor Ahai, or the second Long Night would never end. The Great Other would rise up again, and conquer all in a blanket of never ending winter and death, snuffing out light and fire and life forever. Jorah would see that… eventually. But it would be too late if she let him realize it on his own. Too late for everyone. She had to lie to him…

No matter how much it made her heart ache.

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