Chapter 8 – Leaving Light Behind

Westeros – The North

Scarlett walk through the halls of Winterfell, a single exposed candle held in both of her hands. She walked without fear… Ramsay and the Boltons were dead, and all the soldiers had been captured or killed by the combined armies of the Night’s Watch, the Free Folk, and the Second Sons and Unsullied. After bringing Jon back to life and reunited him with the lover he thought had been long dead, he had already been inclined to listen to Scarlett and Jorah. Learning that Ramsay had raped and murdered his sister had been more than enough motivation to make him seek his vengeance.

For her part, Scarlett walked with new purpose. She had been sure of her purpose before, certain that Jorah was Azor Ahai, that R’hllor walked with her, was guiding her steps. Now she was beyond certain… The Red God had returned a man to life on her request, to reunite with his lover. She had had her faith in the nature of her deity confirmed… R’hllor protected life, light, and love in the world, and right now she was her god’s hand in unfolding events.

So when the flames had shown her herself, walking down to the dungeons beneath Winterfell, Scarlett hadn’t hesitated for a second. R’hllor would not lead her into danger… or if he did, it was a necessary sacrifice for the good of Azor Ahai. She was where she needed to be, and although she didn’t know why yet it wasn’t hard to guess. She had united Jon Stark with his lady love to bring him into the Army of the North she would need to defend the wall, and she knew the sorts of uses Ramsay had for women… she was expecting to find another.

She was not disappointed.

The blonde knight was stretched out on a rack, where she had clearly been being put to use when Ramsay had been called away to defend his castle. She was an athletic woman, clearly strong and fit, but her time in the dungeon had already caused her to begin to waste away some… the tall knight was clearly slimmer than she should be, malnourished and much abused. Her entire body was covered in whip welt and cuts, like someone had danced over her skin with knives on their feet. The blood and other fluids crusted on her made it clear she had been raped plenty since she had last been bathed, and Ramsay’s absence hadn’t left her much of a mercy. She was stretched painfully out, her limbs taut, but her ass was filled by the hilt of a sword… a crimson sword, she noted.

The woman seemed unconscious, so Scarlett approached, holding the candle up to take a look at the sword. It wasn’t pure crimson… the dye in the metal hadn’t taken as well as the smith must have hoped, but the attempt to forge a crimson blade was obvious. Taking a hold of it, Scarlett gentle eased it out of the abused woman, causing an unconscious groan from the blonde woman.

This wasn’t just any weapon… it was Valyrian steel, a masterpiece in its own right, but while the steel was old, the cast was new. In her search for Lightbringer, she had learned more about Brightroar and the forging of Valyrian steel swords than she had ever thought to know before. Someone had made this recently, within a year or possibly two at the most. And crimson… this had been an attempt to recreate Brightroar. A Lannister blade.

Scarlett looked at the blonde woman again. The Boltons were allies of the Lannisters, or so she understood… and while the woman had the blonde hair and fair skin of a Lannister, the armor she could see in the corner was lacking any Lion sigil.

The Red Priestess walked to the pitcher of water and poured a cup, bringing it to the groaning, slowly waking woman. She caressed her face gentle with one hand until her eyes fluttered open, and then pressed the cup to her lips, letting her drink deeply. She helped wipe the woman’s mouth when she was finished. “Ramsay is dead,” she began.

The blonde woman spat the taste out of her mouth. “Good,” she hissed. “And who has taken this damned speck of land now that the Starks are gone?”

“Another Stark,” Scarlett answered. “Eddard’s middle child Jon, made an heir by Rob before his death I understand. He had taken back the castle and executed Ramsay for the murder of his brothers and sister.”

“No less than the bastard deserves,” she whispered, lifelessly.

Scarlett winced. The way the passion had just… vanished… from the woman when she mentioned the death of the Stark children was abrupt and unmissable. The depression and loss on her face, only slightly less so. Time to try another tack. “What is your name, lady warrior?”

“Lady Brienne, of Tarth,” she said softly.

Not a mercenary or a rebel fighter then, but a noblewoman and a warrior. Women knights were all but unheard of in Westerosi history, or so she’d been lead to understand. This woman was something special, alright. “House Tarth… if I recall, your father is a bannerman to Lord Tyrell in the South. Quite far from the Lannisters to the West. Where, if I might ask, did her Ladyship come into a blade such as this?”

“Oathkeeper was a gift,” she said simply, her demeanor making it clear she would say no more on the subject.

She didn’t need to. Valyrian steel was only offered for one legitimate reason… being a vassal of the giver. That wasn’t a gift. It was a token of allegiance, and it made no sense for the Lady Knight to be a vassal of the Lannisters. That meant it was given from one wielder of the blade to another, not between houses, and while there were as many reasons that could be done as there were stars in the sky, some were far more likely than others. And as the Lord of Light had guided her here, Scarlett was pretty sure she knew why she had been given the precious sword.

It had been a gift from one who loved her… and there just weren’t many Lannister’s it could have been. She could find out the rest on her own. She smiled at the blonde as her fingers moved over the ties of her cuffs. “Then the sword is yours,” she said. “Unless I miss my guess, the Oath you have sworn to keep is to the Stark children. There is one left for you to pledge your sword to, Lady Knight… but I wouldn’t have you meet him like this.”

“Tell him!” Davos yelled… or at least, yelled as loud as he ever did. Ser Davos was a quiet man, but right now, he was furious. “Tell him who it belonged to!”

The Red Woman stood in the hall between him and Jon, her head hung low. The mysterious Mormont warrior stood against the far wall, observing without speaking. She looked… pathetic. For another, that might have inspired pity… her crestfallen demeanor at Castle Black after his King’s death had, for a moment, inspired sympathy from the too-kindly knight. No longer… any pity he might have felt now or even had ended when he had found the stag, carved by his own hand, in the pyre. “The Princess Shireen,” she said in a whisper.

“Tell him what you did to her. Tell him!”

She looked up and met his eyes. A bit of the old fire was there in them… a bit of the old certainly that had hypnotized King Stannis. “We burned her at the stake.”

Davos has known the truth, but to hear it, from her own lips, spoken that way… enraged him. “Why?” he hissed.

“The army was trapped,” she explained, voice unsure, lacking her usual seductive grace. “The horses were dying. It was the only way.”

“The only way!” he spat, disbelieving. “You burned a little girl alive!”

“I only do what my Lord commands!” Melisandre protested.

“If he commands you to burn children,” Davos words burned like fire in his throat, tears of both fury and mourning filling his yees, “your Lord is evil!”

“We are standing here because of him,” the Red Priestess insisted. “on Snow is alive because my Lord willed it!”

“I loved that girl like she was my own!” Davos choked out around the sobs trying to break loose. “She was… good. She was kind. And you killed her!”

“So did her father,” Melisandre pointed out. “So did her mother. Her own blood knew it was the only way.”

Her words tore a tortured laugh from Davos. “The only way for what? They all died anyway.” He paused, getting control of his breathing, his sobbing. “You told everyone Stannis was the one. You had him believing it, all of them fooled. And you lied.”

“I didn’t lie… I was wrong.” She had never looked so defeated in her life as when she said those words.

“Aye…” Davos agreed. “You were wrong. How many died because you were wrong?” The knight turned to Jon. “Your Lordship, I ask your leave to execute this woman for murder. She admits to the crime.”

Jon had been injured in the fighting, and was obviously in some pain, but Ygritte sat beside him, watching the proceeding with interest. The exhausted Stark boy leaned forward slowly. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” he asked her.

“I’ve been ready to die for many years. If the Lord was done with me, so be it… but he’s not.”

“Yes he is.”

The voice came from the hallway. Davos turned to see the other woman walk in… the other Red Priestess. Her face was locked in an expression of icy calm, a mask concealing her rage… but her eyes seemed to almost glow with it. “You have forgotten R’hllor, priestess… the Lord of Light wants you to spread light… to spread life. You have spread nothing but darkness and death in his name.”

“Only my Lord can judge me,” Melisandre said.

“And he has… when your got your king killed. When your army deserted you. When he sent me to clean up your mess.”

Melisandre cried out in surprise as Daario stepped up behind her and grabbed her arms, yanking them behind her back. Scarlett turned to Jon Snow. “Lord Warden, I appreciate your justice… but she isn’t yours to judge. She is a priestess of the Church of R’hllor, and her fate belongs to us… to me.”

“Unacceptable,” Davos protested. He could see Shireen burning in his minds eyes, a horrifying visions of pain and death that haunted his every thought. He couldn’t let this witch escape her crimes! “She means to let her escape justice.”

“I do not,” she said, meeting Jon Snow’s eyes. “She will be punished for her crimes. And in fact, if you look closer, you will notice that the collar around her throat is not decorative.” All eyes moved to Melisandra’s neck, and the ruby that hung from it before turning back to Scarlett, unable to avoid noticing the identical Ruby of R’hllor that hung from her neck on the same collar. “She is slave, owned entirely by the church in Asshai…” She turned to look at Ser Davos, “…and as such, her fate really is not for you to decide. She isn’t a criminal you can behead… she is a piece of property to be returned to its owner for discipline.”

“Westeros does not permit slaves!” Davos argued.

“But she is not a citizen of any province, kingdom, realm or city beneath your Iron Throne,” Scarlett answered back. “And Westeros does not deprive visiting assistance of their property, either.”

“This is outrageous… we are going to let this murderess escape because one of her sisters claims she can’t be punished for her crimes?” Davos sputtered, clearly furious.

“We will do no such thing,” Scarlett answered calmly. “Your lordship is requested to witness her punishment himself. And if he is not satisfied, I give my word, here and now before my own lord, the Lord Warden, and the Lord of Light himself, that I will turn her over to Westerosi justice.” She gave a small smile. “I’m sure my Lord Jorah would vouch for my word… and I believe your Lordship Stark knows well the value of the word of a Mormont.”

“I do,” Jon Stark agreed, nodding. “And what say you Jorah?”

Her lord met her eyes from across the room before nodding. “Her word is good.”

“Very well then,” Jon agreed. “I will leave this criminal in your hands, until such time as Ser Davos has decided if he is satisfied with your justice or not.”

Davos watched as Melisandre was dragged out of the room, struggling against the larger mercenary holding her. Scarlett approached him, smiling. “My Lord Seaworth,” she said softly. “The Lord Warden has seen fit to give me the room that once belonged to his younger brother, on the second floor. If you would come there in one hour, you can witness her punishment.”

Davos narrowed his eyes. “This had better be good,” he warned.

“Oh, it will be,” she promised with a smile.


Scarlett wasn’t sure which she preferred… the look on Ser Davos’s face, or the one on Melisandre’s.

Davos stood in the door, staring with wide eyes at Melisandra. The beautiful redhead was chained up on her knees, naked as the day that she was born. Her body was perfect, augmented, Scarlett knew, with magic, her breasts with no sag at all despite their size as she glared at the knight as he entered. She probably would have loved to shout at him, to work her silver tongue or spit poison at him, but she couldn’t… her mouth was held open by a metal ring wedged behind her teeth. One of the many fascinating things that Ramsay had had in his dungeon.

Davos, for his part, seemed lost in shock. “What is… what is this?”

“This is punishment, my lord,” Scarlett purred as she slipped around the bed. “I am allowed… broad… leeway in deciding the punishment of a wayward priestess… and I have decided on something appropriate for this seductress.”

“I… don’t understand,” Davos said slowly, but she noticed he had a hard time taking his eyes off the helpless Melisandre’s body.

“Seduction is manipulation based on denial,” Scarlett whispered, kneeling beside the other priestess and running a hand through her hair. She tried to flinch away, so Scarlett grabbed onto it instead, evoking a small cry from the other woman as she held her in place. “Manipulation on the fear of missing out on something. It’s a tease, a game… a con.” She smiled wider. “What better punishment for a seductress than to no longer be able to deny herself? To be revealed, all the time… nothing to tease, nothing to hide. Her manipulation laid bare and naked upon the stone…” Scarlett’s voice had trailed off to the whisper as she spoke. “It’s perfect.”

Davos narrowed his eyes. “It’s not enough.”

Scarlett laughed. “Of course not,” she said, smiling. “It’s just a start.” She gestured over at the bed, and Davos turned to see a dozen whips laying out on the sheets. “I took the liberty of having a few promising ones brought up… the Bolton bastard had quite a collection. Any of these appeal to you?”

Davos was looking at them with some shock… Scarlett didn’t blame him. Some of them were incredibly unique… she had never seen their like before. Whips with shards of glass embedded in them. Whips with barbed wire. Thick oxen-leather cables with frequently knots. One that she was pretty sure was made of barely-tanned shark hide. “If none of them please you, my Lord, he has more…”

Moving like he was in a daze, Davos picked up one of the more normal ones, a nine tailed cat. Scarlett wasn’t surprised. She had brought up that one along with the more extreme ones in the hope he would pick it. To her reading, Davos wasn’t a bad man, or a cruel man… just an angry one. One who’s sense of justice and fairness had been badly wounded, and needed to be healed.

“I know what you’re doing,” Davos said, holding the whip in his hands, hefting it.

“You have no idea what I’m doing,” Scarlett promised him.

“You’re fucking with me,” he said. “You’re trying to manipulate me.”

“I’m not, actually,” she promised. “I’m not trying to make you trust me. I’m trying to show you that you can… there’s a difference.” She knelt down behind Melisandre and grabbed onto her breasts from behind, making the woman yelp. Scarlett put her hands beneath them, lifting them up further, presenting them. “She’s a murderer…” she whispered. “Don’t you want to see her punished? Don’t you want to make her hurt?”

Davos looked down at the whip like it was going to bite him. “You’ve…” he swallowed. “You’ve earned this and worse, you witch. You’ve left me no choice.”

“She’s earned so much more than you know, sir…” she mumbled. “She defied the will of our lord. She spread pain and darkness for her own advancement instead of doing the will of R’hllor and spreading light. Punish her for it…”

And crying out, Davos brought the lash down on Melisandre’s breasts.

Scarlett had to remove her hands after the first few lashes, but it was worth it for her fallen rival’s screams. Melisandre screamed like the possessed when the whip left red marks across her tender breasts, crimson welts spreading to cover her smooth skin. Davos didn’t keep his lashing to her tits, either… he let the leather of his whip kiss the tops of Melisandre’s kneeling thighs, then her belly and shoulders and sides as well. Melisandre kept screaming through her rin gag, but slowly her screams became sore sobs and whimpers.

Davos stopped whipping, breathing hard. “You… “ he said between breaths. “She was like my daughter. And you killed her.”

“Take her, my lord,” Scarlet breathed.

Davos looked up. “What. I could never…”

“But you can, sir,” she promised. Slowly she sank down to her knees before him. “She’s not a person, my Lord… she’s an object. Our god owns her, body and soul… the Lord of Light decides what her punishment should be, and he has chosen to give her to you, however you would choose to use her.” Davos was breathing hard, uncertain… but she could see the swell in his pants. “My lord… Melisandre doesn’t represent my values… my gods values. Let me prove it to you.” He smiled up at him from her knees… and then reached out to his crotch, tracing her finger tips over his shaft through the pants. “You can have me as well if you like. R’hllor is light, and love… Life itself.”

She began to pull out his length from his pants while Davos, uncertain, didn’t protest. She held his cock in her hands, stroking it softly, making it harder. “Do you see your masters cock, Mel?” Scarlett teased. “This dick represents your chance at redemption. You are going to make amends to Davos, and you are going to keep doing it, until he decides your punishment is sufficient you can be lived. Otherwise, he’ll take your head… so until you earn his forgiveness, you’re going to take a lot of cock.”

Scarlett put her hand on the back of Melisandre’s head… and pulled her forward, gripping her, dragged her mouth onto Davos’ thick cock. It was a tight fit for the gag, but her drooling mouth was more than up to taking it through the gag, no matter what she wanted. While Davos just groaned, unsure, Scarlett moved around behind Melisandre and smiled up at the knight. “I said… take it!” she hissed as she grabbed her head in both hands and shoved forward. The other priestess wretched as the man’s dick was buried all the way down her throat. “That’s a good whore…”

Gripping onto her hair, she began to yank her off of his cock before shoving her back down. Up and down. Up and down. Melisandre wretched and gagged, but she was helpless… unable to bite, unable to pull away, unable to turn her head. Davos moaned again, so Scarlet knew he was enjoying himself. Forcing her head to move, she helped him fuck her all the way down the priestess’ throat to see her gag over and over again. She didn’t start going all that quickly, but slowly Scarlett increased her pace until she was violently fucking Melisandre’s mouth on her, holding her by her fiery locks so she could make her take Davos all the way to the hilt with each thrust.

Melisandre moaned and gagged, fresh tears steaming down her pretty face. Davos was breathing harder now, grunting wordlessly as he reached down to grab her head as well, beginning to assist in fucking the priestess’ face while Scarlett reached out to caress his balls, feeling them swelling and churning as a load built up.

She lowered her face to whisper into Melisadre’s ear. “You can either swallow the load he had for you,” she warned, “Or you can choke on it. I really don’t care which, whore…” Davos grunted, and she felt as he began to shoot… even if he was silent, she would have known by the squeals that Melisandre began to make as her mouth was pumped full of cum, some of it leaking around his cock and out of the gag to drip down her chin.

There was silence then for a bit, with only the sounds of the whore-priestess swallowing and Davos catching his breath. “Did you like that, my Lord?” Scarlett breathed out huskily. “Did you enjoy showing this little slave cunt her place?” Ser Davos staggered back to slip down into a chair, dropping the whip he hadn’t realized he was still holding as he did so, and Scarlett used the opportunity to help Melisandre to her feet before shoving her down to the bed on her belly on top of the other, harsher whips. Maybe laying on top of them with her whipped tits would teach her how lucky she was that Davos was merciful… she wouldn’t have shown him that much mercy, she was sure.

She made sure her legs were splayed out, binding them to ropes tied beneath the bed earlier. “Did you enjoy that, Ser Davos?” Scarlett asked again, running a hand over Melisandre’s ass up in the air.

Davos was holding his head in his hands, not looking at her or the bound priestess. “What are you doing to me?” he whispered.

“I told you, my Lord,” she said with a smile. “I’m not doing anything to you. I’m just trying to show you you can trust me. I’m trying to show you what my Lord actually stands for…”

“What, rape?”

“Life,” she said, shaking her head. “I hope you enjoy her body, its well worth not letting go to waste… but fucking her is for her benefit, not yours…”

“How?” Davos asked, but his voice wasn’t as unsteady anymore. Perhaps he was warming up to the idea, perhaps the Lord of Light’s magic was wrapping around him, reassuring him, guiding him onward.

“She cost life, rather than helped to nourish it. Isn’t she responsible for the deaths of your King? Your own Son? And the girl you thought of as your daughter? She had a responsibility to replace them.” Scarlett slapped her right between her legs, making her cry out against the bed. “That is why the Lord of Light will let her live, my Lord…” she whispered, putting two fingers in her mouth and beginning to finger Melisandre’s pussy with them. “She still has a role to play to redeem herself.”

That seemed to convince him. Scarlett didn’t know if the idea of knocking up Melisandre had interested him, or if just getting the reminder of all she had cost him had motivated him to hurt her further, but Davos pushed himself to his feet, climbing up onto the bed. He didn’t take any further convincing as he fell to his knees behind her, pushing his cock into her tight, smooth hole. Melisandre cried out, but it sounded pathetic coming through the gag… it wouldn’t have convinced a septon to give her mercy.

Melisandre cried out as her hole, barely prepared, was split wide by the knight’s thick cock. Scarlett watched, enjoying the sight of her pussy spread wide as Davos fucked her from behind, grabbing her hips and pushing forward in a trio of rapid, brutal thrusts until he was buried all the way into her tight cunt.

Scarlett saw Melisandre trying to squirm beneath him, so she moved across the bed, putting her foot down on the bound priestess’ head and holding her in place on the bed. Slowly, she moved one hand idly between her legs as she watched Melisandre get what she deserved, playing with her own pussy while the other girl got fucked in hers. Davos seemed to be enjoying himself, loving the sensation of her cunt clenching on him with each thrust. “This is what you deserve, Mel,” Scarlett told her as she was raped. “It’s time you brought some happiness into the world for once. Maybe then our Lord will have mercy on you.” She didn’t specify if she meant R’hllor or Davos. Either. Both.

Watching her body get rocked was making Scarlett want to get fucked herself. Maybe she could get Jorah to fuck her soon… in the meantime, she pulled her dress off her head, shameless in her nudity against the backdrop of Melisandre getting raped. Smiling, she slid in front of the bound priestess, spreading her legs as she grabbed onto her hair once again, pushing her own cunt. “Start licking, slave-priestess,” Scarlett ordered as she slapped the woman. “Or else I’ll start using one of those whips your laying on.”

She obeyed. Scarlett shuddered at the touch of Melisandre’s lying tongue against her cunt, shivering with pleasure as she pushed her further into place, feeling her get rocked back and forth by Davos’ thrusts into her from behind. “Yes, you pretty thing… lick me.”

Scarlett moaned. “Do you remember, Melisandra… when you made me do this for you?” She chuckled darkly. “Even then, in the temple, you were a cruel bitch. You always wanted to dominate everyone you could, control everyone.” She moaned again. “Now you have no control left. Oh, my Lord… she’s screaming into my pussy. Keep fucking her just that that…”

Davos did, railing her harder, obviously excited. Scarlett thrilled in her triumph, in Melisandre’s defeat, in beginning to gain Davos as an ally. It made her breathe faster and faster, enjoying as each of his thrusts buried her nose all the way between her legs, pushed her tongue deeper into her wet pussy. How often, in younger years, had she fantasized about revenge on the other priestess… and now, R’hllor had answered her prayers, making Melisandre pay for her crimes, and making Scarlett her gaoler.

Scarlett cried out in pleasure as she came, and from the grunting of Davos, he wasn’t far away either. “Fuck her, my lord…” she groaned. “Fill the slut’s womb. Knock her up, yessss.”

“Fuck you, you damned bitch,” Davos grunted, finally letting loose. “Fuck you. You can’t ever replace my children… but you will give me new ones, you whore!” Melisandre squealed against Scarlett’s thigh as he pumped her full, coming into her… with R’hllor’s blessing, knocking her up.

Scarlett looking up at Davos and smiled. “Wasn’t that fun? She’s yours now,” she promised as she reached down to take the gag out of the woman’s mouth.

Davos stopped her. “No,” he said. “Her tongue is evil… its the weapon she uses to spread her hate and death. She’ll have to earn the right to have it back, once I’m satisfied.”

Scarlett smiled at him. “As you wish, my lord,” she said as Melisandre whimpered. “Sorry slave. Your master has made his decision. Spend a few years making him happy, and maybe he’ll let you speak again someday.”

She rose, began to dress while Davos did the same. She slapped Melisandre on her ass once as she began to lead Davos from the room. “I’ll have her delivered to your quarters,” she promised. “Along with any of Ramsay’s things you fancy.”

“For how long?” Davos asked.

Scarlett looked over at the pathetic looking bound priestess… no longer a queen of manipulators, no longer an advisor to kings. Now just a bound breeding slave. “Probably until she’s replaced everyone she cost you, from her cunt,” she mocked at she took him from the room, closing the door behind them.

Davos looked at her, eyes intense. “You know she is probably to blame for the deaths of all of Stannis’ men, don’t you?”

Scarlett smiled. “Yes.”

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