Finding Avalon – 5

Merielle turned around to look at the exotic beauty standing behind her, her tails flicking in an agitated way. “What?” the redhead asked softly, quietly… like she was afraid that if she spoke any louder, some of the men who had finished gangraping the other selkies would notice her, come to her, drag her into the pile as well. “Where did you…” She gulped. “What… are you?”

The woman stood relaxed against the railing. Her ears, poking up through her hair, flicked left and right, following various sounds moving through the club. Her tails hung almost straight down, just the tips twitching. She raised a single eyebrow over her bright blue eyes as she looked at Merielle. “You have no manners at all, do you?” she said, a small smile spreading. “I was letting it slide because it was your first day and you’re just a dumb faeling slut, but if you want to speak to me you need to do a better job. You will address me as Mistress if you open your mouth at all.”

“What… what are you… Mistress?” Merielle asked.

Yuki’s smile widened, then her eyes flicked over to where the gangbang was winding down, grinning more broadly for a split second before turning back onto Merielle with freezing intensity. “In a more civilized land, they called those like me nogitsune. Here… they generally just call me fox.” Her tails twitched again in annoyance before her gaze turned back on the men finishing up with their collection of selkies. “Not that it should matter to you. You’ll just be calling me Mistress. Did you watch? Did you see what they were doing?”

Yuki put her hand on Merielle’s chin and turned her back towards the other selkies. “They are tough ones. They’re survivors. See how calculating they are… did you see how my girls fought?” The dark fox purred. “They struggled… just enough to get the men worked up. Then those sluts go all liquid and helpless once their precious lovers dig into them, becoming submissive, serving. They know, on the same level they know how to breathe, what to do… they know every customer here wants to think he’s got that kind of power over a woman. Maeve is an expert at it. She makes them think what she wants them to – and as her reward, a group of men fully capable of fucking them to death just leave them beaten and exhausted.” Yuki chuckled. “Did you enjoy the show Did you learn anything? Maeve always cries so prettily.”

Merielle let out a tiny sob. “Please… just let her rest. They almost killed her…” Yuki growled, eyes narrowing, and Merielle jumped before she added “Mistress!”

Yuki stared at her for a few seconds, somewhere between a glance and a glare before she relaxed and smiled again. “Oh don’t worry,” she said. “She’s done for the night. It’s your turn.” Yuki held up a small white card between two fingers. “You’re not ready for general purposes yet, you’d be an embarrassment, but there’s been a silent auction going on all night for you,” she explained. “See who was going to pay the most to be the first to break in the new girl.” She shrugged. “Except for all the cock you’ve already taken, sweet thing… but he doesn’t have to know about that. He just wants to brag to all his rich friends that he got to fuck you, and they’ll probably all be dead before I decide you’re ready to be for sale.”

Merielle couldn’t help it… she began to cry again. “Please… don’t do this to me…”

The exotic woman narrowed her eyes to slivers of ice. “”Don’t speak to me like you’re some kind of person. You aren’t any more. You’re just meat now. Didn’t we already go over this Merielle?” she hissed. “You will do what I tell you, and without complaining… or we’ll have a bonfire in the middle of the club.” She reached out to grab onto the selkie’s chin, holding her face in place. “And it’s Mistress. I don’t have time to play around with you, whore. What’s it going to be?”

“I…” she whimpered. “I’ll do it, Mistress.” She began to weep openly. “Why… why are you doing this to us?”

Yuki released her… then looked away. “Better you than me,” she said, passing the card to Merielle. “Take that to the bar, where Maeve showed you. Get his order, and take it to the table number on the card. Then stay with him until he says you can leave… whether it’s five minutes or five hours. You make him happy. If he’s not happy, I’m not happy… and I might have to start lighting fires to cheer myself up.”

She turned and began to saunter away, her tails moving as one, swishing back and forth in annoyance as she left Merielle to her fate. Wiping her eyes, Merielle took one last look at where Maeve lay unmoving, then turned and walked to the bar.

The order was for food and drinks… clearly, the man who had purchased her wanted her to serve him, in addition to servicing him. Somehow, that felt even more degrading. The man behind the bar showed her no interest whatsoever, but he did get her the food and wine he had requested, stacking them on the tray. “Don’t fucking drop it,” he warned. “New girls always drop a tray… but I’ve never seen a girl drop one twice after the fox gets done with them. Don’t fuck it up on your first night.” Then he turned his attention away from her. She was still attracting attention from several men around the bar, and it terrified her – she could imagine them surrounding her like Maeve had been, holding her down, gangraping her… she quickly picked up the tray and carried it away, careful not to drop it.

Making her way up to the third-floor balcony, where her card told her to go, was a bit of an ordeal. The staircases were narrow – too narrow, narrow enough that she had to brush against everyone she passed. More than one man groped her as she went by, and Merielle froze, trying desperately not to drop the tray as she trembled and waited for them to finish passing before continuing up.

The man sitting at the table alone was looking at her as she approached, beginning to shake harder as she took step after step closer to him. She set the food and wine down in front of him, and then stood there awkwardly, unsure of what she should be doing as the man reached out and took the glass of crimson wine, raising it to his lips. The card identified him as Tom. He wasn’t a hideous man, but he was old – in his sixties perhaps, with salt and pepper hair. He was in excellent shape, however, and she didn’t doubt that he was significantly stronger than her. He began eating, and she looked away from him, eager to think about anything but the man who would be raping her in just a few minutes.

The pool in the center of the room, down on the floor, was no longer empty. The dryads that had been on the islands were gone, no doubt circulating among the men and selling their bodies, but a half dozen selkies were now swimming in the pool, putting on some kind of show. It made Merielle uncomfortable to watch – she didn’t want to think about how it would feel to swim, knowing that her skin was hidden away and she might not ever be able to get it back. She turned away, scanning the balconies… and her eyes found Yuki again.

The kitsune was on her knees before a man who lounged in a comfortable chair on the top balcony, her face buried between his legs – and even from this distance, Merielle had no doubt what kind of service she was providing. So – she truly was just as much of a slave as the rest of them. Then why was she so cruel?

“If you have time to stare,” the man sitting at the table said between bites, “Then you have time to serve me. Get your lips wrapped around my cock.” He pointed below the table.

Merielle swallowed. This was so much worse than just being raped… they expected her to help rape herself. What was worse was that she found herself inching forward. It was just until she found a way to get her skin back… just until she could get back her real form and escape. She had to do this… had to get through it…

She sank to her knees, then down to all fours, and Merielle crawled beneath the table. Slipping between his legs, she found him hard as she unfortunately expected. Her fingers traced over his length through his pants. “Don’t be an idiot,” the man sitting said between bites of food. “Take it out.” She pulled at the button, managing to get it loose, his hard length popping free of his pants. The smell of him – musk and sex… she shuddered in disgust. Then she closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

Merielle forced herself to take Tom’s member into her mouth graciously. She fluttered her tongue against his hot flesh and sucked eagerly, ignoring his foul taste. Anything was better than being fucked again, and maybe, just maybe, if he came in her mouth, he wouldn’t take the time to use her like that again. She could endure giving him oral pleasure if it kept her from suffering that fate. Part of her felt like willingly sucking him off was just another failure of her strength, but… what else could she do? Yuki had her skin. She had to do this… had to.

The selkie bobbed her head forward and back, sliding on his cock. She squeezed her lip muscles around the head of his prick, tonguing the underside as it sank into her, massaging the sensitive tip. Her pale cheeks hollowed out as she sucked hard on the head of his cock, her tongue flicking back and forth across the tiny slit at the end, her stomach heaving as she tasted his pre-cum.

Tom chuckled as he looked down at the new selkie whore sucking him so eagerly beneath the table. She was coming along. If she wasn’t completely broken yet, she would be soon enough. He stroked his fingers through Merielle’s soft, crimson hair. “That’s it, you bitch,” he growled at her. “Suck my cock.”

All Merielle could taste was the foulness of his cock, all she could hear was the wet slapping of a dick pushing into her mouth, all she could think about was how gross she felt, how weak. She felt a fresh wave of nausea wash over her. She didn’t have a choice… but knowing that didn’t make willingly sucking off her this rapist any easier. The taste was bitter, unwashed, disgusting. Putting her hatred and self-loathing to the side, she forced herself to suck on the cock, lifting her hands to stroke his shaft even as she hollowed her cheeks on him, just like Ciaran had painfully taught her. The actions were automatic, utterly unenthusiastic. The man scoffed. “I guess I can’t expect better from an untrained whore,” he groaned. “Still… even a shitty blowjob from a fresh face is worth the money. I guess. But enough is enough.”

Any semblance of talent Merielle’s mouth could have had was lost as her customer gripped her head tighter and slammed his way down her throat. Even after the brutal treatment she had already suffered through, the selkie still gagged when he began his brutal deep throating thrusts. Saliva burst from her stretched lips and ran down her chin, but even had she been inclined to bite, her terror of what Yuki would do to her kept her teeth from clamping down.

He gripped her hair with one hand while he kept eating, fucking her with steady strokes. Merielle did her best to apply as much suction as she could as the thick cock slid in and out of her mouth. She knew it was her job to please him… that if escape was even an option, it was one that she was going to have to wait for, and that if she didn’t work to be the worst kind of lowly whore her skin would be destroyed. If that happened, she would never, ever have any hope of escaping, so she did her best… but Merielle still gagged hard around Tom’s cock as he slammed down her throat. She winced as he pulled roughly on her hair. His rough thrusts battered into her, causing thick strings of saliva to spill from her stretched lips and run down her chin. Even with the added force, she didn’t try to pull away. She continued to work with him, sucking and licking as best she could as he rammed into her. His heavy balls slapped wetly against her damp chin with each forward thrust.

Tom pulled out of her mouth completely without warning, leaving Merielle gasping. He dragged his saliva-coated prick across her cheeks and forehead, making sticky smears over her skin – smearing the makeup that Maeve had so expertly applied. “I’m proud of you,” he told her as he whacked his cock against the bridge of her nose. “You’re an excellent little whore for such an incompetent cocksucker.” He pushed back into her mouth and yanked her head forward down his length.

Merielle’s scalp ached from where Tom was gripping her hair, yanking her forward and pushing her back. She glanced up at him and could see the strain on his face each time he plowed into her tight throat. She’d seen the look on more than one man’s face recently – she knew he wasn’t going to last much longer – and then Tom pushed himself fully into the selkie’s mouth and groaned as his balls tightened and his cock twitched. Thick, hot cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. She groaned in disgust and tried to drink him down as quick as she could, but some of the cum still managed to splash on her tongue and make her taste it, to squeeze past her lips and run down her chin. When his climax ended, Tom pulled free of her mouth, and she took the opportunity to lick up what she could, hoping to keep him busy just a little bit longer…

Tom yanked Merielle’s head back from his crotch. His cock popped free of her lips, a trail of saliva connecting them for a moment longer before the wet string snapped. “Enough,” he growled. “Time to see what I paid for.” He shoved her back, sending her sprawling out from under the table. Merielle got back on her hands and knees as he rose, but she didn’t move fast enough to please him. She cried out as his shoe slammed into her ass and sent her sprawling back forward, landing tits-first on the dirty floor.

Tom chuckled as he grabbed her hair, pulling her up, pushing her against the balcony rail as one hand caressed her ass over the dress. He grabbed it and pulled it up over the smooth curve of her flesh, reveal both of her holes as he pushed a pair of fingers into her dry cunt. Merielle gasped – it wasn’t near as violent as her past violations, but she wasn’t even remotely ready, and it hurt.

“Not bad,” Tom said. “Fairly tight. Not a bad hole at all… but it’s not my favorite…” Slowly, he pulled the fingers out and then began to push one of his fingers into her asshole, making her gasp loudly. He fucked that finger back and forth a few times, smiling. “Now that… that’s a tight hole. I’m told you’re a virgin back here… but who can say? All I care is that your hole is tight on my cock.” Tom chuckled. “Unfortunately for you, I’ll have to see if I can make it less tight for you.” When his finger came free, he gave the selkie’s perky butt another hard smack. “But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. It looks like someone already gave you a bit of a lashing,” he said as he traced a finger over some of the red marks from the whipping she’d received back in Ireland. “Let’s continue that, shall we? Now, we’re going to play a game – if you can be a good girl, and hold onto that railing and keep your ass in the air, after this, I’ll be done with you. Otherwise, you might disappoint me enough that I’ll spend all night teaching you better manners.”

Merielle gripped the railing, silent tears flowing down her cheeks as she heard him walk back to the table, heard the scrape of something against the surface, but she was afraid to look back and see what he was getting – Merielle was sure she wasn’t going to like it. By Manannan Mac Lir, please let this be over soon – all she wanted was her skin back, to return to the ocean…

Then the thick leather strap slapped against the tender flesh of her bare ass. Her scream was a blend of surprise and pain, the music carrying away her sounds of terror and pain, silencing her as her cries went hardly further than her own ears. Her first scream had hardly ended when the strap struck her a second time, even harder. Her ass was already burning, and she doubted her heartless first customer was anywhere close to being finished with his abuse.

“Look at that ass,” Tom said through his wide grin as he pulled the strap back for a third strike. “How does it feel?” he asked the selkie, spanking her ass again to get her answer. Another muffled scream of pain ripped its way from Merielle’s throat. She frantically shook her head back and forth, sobbing and trying to plead for mercy. Her words came out a jumbled mess of pain and pleas. “Don’t you let go of that railing,” he threatened.

Merielle tugged at the metal railing, desperate to not let herself let go of it. Her body tried to pull away anyway, desperate to escape the lashes falling on her bare skin. There was no stopping her tears now – they flowed thick and heavy as her knuckles grew white from squeezing her hands so tight. The sharp snap of the leather strap was barely audible beneath the pounding music, but she could feel the sound through her skin, along with the agony of the touch – and she could also hear Tom laughing at her, enjoying her suffering.

“You girls have such sensitive skin,” Tom growled as he kept cracking the makeshift whip back and forth against the swelling cheeks of the selkie’s reddening ass. “It’s like painting on a blank canvas.” He gave Merielle only a moment of reprieve before he continued his whipping. “Before someone else gets to destroy you. The training they do here is harsh, you know… they’re going to beat you until you’re covered in bruises and welts. Rape you until every one of your holes is stretched open and leaking cum. And they will break you, physically and mentally, until you don’t remember a life other than being a whore. Until you’re a willing cock slave eager to please any and every man who comes within a few feet of her. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice at anything to become an expert… they’ll make you spend that on everything. How to walk properly. How to dance. How to seduce… and how to use every one of these slut holes. That’s how they do it… they’ll teach you everything there is to know about pleasing a man, and if there’s not enough room they’ll push out everything else you are to make room.” He stopped, panting for a second. “And when you are… maybe I’ll still be kicking around, and that’s when I’ll crawl between your legs again, and you can remember I was your first. That’s worth all the money in the world.” Tom waited just long enough to catch his breath… then he began to beat her again.

Merielle had broken down into heavy sobs highlighted by sharp shrieks each time Tom used the paddle on her sore ass. A constant throbbing agony from her skin consumed her entire existence – She didn’t know how long Tom had been flogging her bare ass, but it felt like hours… long enough that her throat was raw from her screams. It hurt to do anything more than a whimper. She was still holding on to the railing out of sheer habit at this point – she was thinking of little else besides the darkness of bleak anguish that surrounded her. Tom cracked the strap against her welted ass again, sending a fresh streak of pain through Merielle’s body. She moaned as her head went woozy and she very nearly passed out.

Tom took note of the selkie’s state and stopped flogging her. He dropped the strap to the floor, clearly satisfied with the state he had put her in. “Sorry about that,” he said with a laugh, wiping a hand across his forehead to clear away most of the sweat beaded up there before stepping in close behind her, pressing himself against the tender flesh he had just finished whipping. “I think this is going to be wonderful,” he growled down at her as he reached around to grip her dangling tits firmly.

Merielle groaned as Tom pried her sore butt cheeks apart and spat a wad of saliva into the crack of her ass. Her throat throbbed, but she managed to scream louder as she felt the hard, firm head of Tom’s prick push between her ass cheeks and touch against the tiny, puckered entrance of her asshole. She tried to prepare herself for the pain of the violation, but she knew it wouldn’t do any good.

Taking hold of the selkie’s hips, Tom braced himself before yanking Merielle back and thrusting his hips forward simultaneously. He grunted as his cock pressed hard against the resistance of her tight rear, the spit proving all but useless to alleviate Merielle’s suffering as he forced his manhood into her. The selkie’s head fell back, and she released another scream through her raw throat as her asshole began to part for Tom’s thick member, the head of his cock popping into her ass, forcing the tiny ring of muscle to expand wide around his girth.

Merielle briefly hoped that getting him inside her would be the worst part. That hope was shattered as he roughly gripped her hips and, more brutally than any man had been with her yet, drove himself deeper into her. Another high pitched shriek roared up Merielle’s overused throat as her rapist drove several thick inches of himself into her. It took a few more similar quick thrusts before Tom’s cock was fully embedded in the selkie’s incredibly tight asshole, his hips resting against her reddened flesh. He stayed there for a moment, just to enjoy the feeling of Merielle’s unwilling flesh stretched tight around the girth of his pulsing cock.

“You like my cock up your shit hole?” he growled into the selkie’s ear as he slowly began to pump his way back and forth into her ass. He slid his hands around Merielle and gave her nipples a pinch each, getting an extra whimper from her. Merielle tried to block out his words. She tried to block out the stabbing pain in her ass. She found doing either to be impossibly difficult. Humiliation flowed through her. She’d considered herself a free spirit, a good person… but being a free spirit shouldn’t have led her to be a captive in a foreign land with a lecherous old bastard anally raping her. Tom’s hands gripped her tits harder, fingers digging into her soft breasts and using them as handles as he bucked against her. “You are nothing more than a hole to please me…”

Merielle had thought she’d shed all the tears she could, but she somehow found more. Desperately gripping the railing, trying to hold on, to hold onto the hope that he had meant it, that if she were just a good girl and held onto the rail when he was finished raping her ass he’d be done with her. That she could find her skin again. That she could go home. When Tom finally went tense against her and grunted out his climax, filling her bowels with his hot seed, Merielle prayed to every god she believed in, and every god she had ever heard of, for mercy… that he would stop abusing her. When he pulled free of her violated asshole, she could feel the orifice continue to gape open as it drooled his seed back out… and Tom laughed.

“Not a bad fuck. Mordred sure does supply some great ass,” he said laughing. Then she felt his foot against her burning, whipped ass, and he shoved. For just a second, Merielle held on… and then she went dangling over the balcony. She tried to hold on, but her sweaty palms couldn’t hold up her weight as it caught, and she slipped free, dropping into freefall, screaming – and then she hit the pool in the middle of the club’s floor, splashing down into it in full sight of the club. In her shock she breathed in some of the water, filled with chlorine and other chemicals that didn’t belong where she swam, and she gagged, choking. She came to the surface sputtering and gasping for breath, coughing the water out of her lungs – and she heard the laughter of the club and the applause as onlookers smiled at her degrading dive.

Merielle wanted to die.


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