POP/STARS – 8 – Two is Company

Eventually the men finished with the captive popstars… for the moment, anyway. Too weak to move on their own accord, the four Korean girls were forced to their feet and half walked, half dragged to one corner of the basement of the broken down country club… obviously once a storage room of some kind. They were pushed into a dirty, small floor at the end of which a metal staircase led down into the darkness. “Get moving, cunts!” one man yell, the voice followed by the familiar sound of a belt hitting skin and a pained, half-sobbing yelp. They were pushed onward, towards the staircase and down.None of them wore any clothing anymore, but one by one the men held them in place while they tied them up, gagged them, and then left them trembling, sobbing and frightened in the makeshift cage.

The four girls looked at each other with terrified eyes. Ahri especially looked like she wanted to try to comfort the others, but she could barely move… much less speak. Each of them knew that their ordeal wasn’t over… not even close. They could do little but hope that some of their followers would realize what had happened, that the police would be able to find their bus and save them. But after what they had been through today… even that hope seemed dim and fading.

Naked, scared, and helpless, the women faded in and out of sleep. They often awoke with a jerk at the slightest noise, afraid the men were coming back to use them again. They’d be back eventually, they knew it. They could hear them elsewhere in the building… moving around, laughing, drinking, relaxing. Bruised, bloodied and covered in dried cum and blood, the women were still at the mercy of the criminals who had had them kidnapped.

Ahri couldn’t help but blame herself for all of this… she had brought the others here on tour. They wouldn’t even be a K/DA to be kidnapped if she hadn’t brought all the girls together. The metal felt cool to her feet and an uncomfortable chill surrounded her as she lay on the concrete ground. The other girls, naked just as Ahri was, shivered as well. It was probably intentional on the part of their captors, to keep them as uncomfortable as possible. Among other things, she thought as she felt her nipples stiffen painfully in response to the cold.

All four girls jumped up when the door banged open. Akali and Kai’sa pushed against the floor, curling as small against one of the walls as they could, their eyes wide and panicked. Evelynn turned to glare at the man like she was trying to melt him with her gaze, but the effect was greatly reduced by the open mouth gag she still had crammed into her mouth. Ahri tried to shrink into herself as much as possible.

The man who walked into the room first was a mountain of a man… one of the ones who had dragged Akali away when this nightmare had just began. Ahri had heard him called King, and the others seemed to defer to him… it looked to her like he was the one in charge. Others followed in behind him, but stayed behind him as he stood in the middle of the room, looking at the naked girls one after the other. “Now listen up bitches… I know you understand me. By now, even vapid, airhead slut like you realize what you are to us… pieces of fuckmeat! You are our toys until we find buyers for the four of you… but you are going to entertain us all first. I’d tell you what we expect you to do, but showing you is more fun anyway, so no real need to go through it all.” The men in the room all chuckled darkly at that.

Ahri pressed her body against Evelynn’s, seeking what comfort she could find in his hellhole. It wasn’t much. Both of them… all four of them, really… were horribly sore and still partially covered with cum, making the group a truly pathetic sight. “But first thing is first… I don’t much relish fucking a sewer.” He looked around at the men. “Get them upstairs.”

Men came in, two to a girl. Evelynn tried to fight them off, but with her hands bound behind her back, she could do almost nothing… but that didn’t stop them from slugging her in the stomach anyway. “Cut it out, whore!” a man snarled as Ahri tried to reach the gasping diva and comfort her. One by one, the four were forced up, to pad across the cold floor on bare feet and back up the stairs. Bright sunlight flooded in through the holes in the ceiling and the broken windows… had it really been a whole day already? The men marched them into the old locker room where Akali had been raped the previous day, shoving them all into the middle of the room as one picked up a hose attached to the water supply.

Apparently that still worked. He aimed the hose at the grouped up girls and grinned madly for a second before unleashing the water on them. All of them screamed through the gags as the torrent of ice-cold water hit their bodies. The man ‘cleaning’ them kept the hose on them for some time, switching between the four korean girls at random, loving the reactions of those young bodies exposed to the elements. Finally, when he decided that the last drops of cum were cleaned, he turned the water off.

He stepped back, watching as the girls, overcame by the cold began to shiver and tremble. And that made only what was going to happen even better. “Grab who ever you want,” King said from the door. “Have some fun, guys. Just don’t break the toys.”

Kai’sa was pushed forward by two men, not even bothering to hold her… just sending her staggering in a direction until she all but ran into a group of men surrounding a very frightened and clearly disgusted Ahri, groping the pop-queen’s body, squeezing her tits and her ass, pushing fingers into her unwilling cunt, drawing soft, agonized gasps and squeals from the teen as one of them ripped the gag out of her mouth.

Kai’sa went still, hoping she would be overlooked by the men intrigued by their currently fucktoy. She felt horrible for the young singer… but she was the reason they were here, and it was better Ahri than her. Ahri shivered, clearly just as much afraid as she was revolted. Every hair on her body stood on edge and she tried to move away from their questing fingers and groping hands, but no matter where she turned, there was already another man. Some of them had taken their cocks out, the leaking heads rubbing against her hips and ass.

One of the men backhanded her hard enough to send her to the floor. “Time you did some work for once in your life, K-slut,” he growled. Stay on your knees, bitch!” Ahri, still stunned by the sudden smack, could do little else but obey, staring at a multitude of cocks in front of her. The man, a guy she vaguely remembered as being called Mike, grabbed her chin and said, “Now you’re going to use these sweet hands to jerk us all off… and when we cum, you better aim it at your whore’s face, is that clear?!”

Without waiting for a response, he grabbed Ahri’s left hand and forced her fingers around his throbbing erection. When Ahri did nothing except hold her hand where it was, he slapped her again. “Stroke it, you dumb bitch! I know you speak English, so don’t fuck with me chink. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what to do…”

In fact, Ahri had only the vaguest idea, hesitating again before slowly starting to clumsily move her hand back and forth on the cock. “That’s better… but still not good!” He slapped her again, though that did little to help with her clumsiness. Nevertheless, the display was arousing enough for another man to grab her other hand and place it around his cock, watching as the young girl began the hated task of stroking it.

“Hey, tits,” Mike yelled at Kai’sa. “You want us to start whipping you again? Come over here… Give her some encouragement.”

The beautiful dancer jumped when he looked over at her, but she knew the degrading nickname was for her. The tiny flash of anger she felt at the degrading treatment was immediately overwhelmed by her terror of being hurt again, and she hurried over and knelt down behind Ahri, her tits pressed against her lead singer’s back. Her hands slid around the shuddering blonde, one cupping Ahri’s left tit, the other sliding further down. [“Please,”] Kai’sa whispered, “Please… Just do what they want, Ahri…”]

“No fucking gook-speak,” Mike growled, raising his hand and enjoying the way Kai’sa flinched away, her eyes wide as saucers. He grinned at her. “English, cunt!”

“Ahri, just please make them happy,” she said in her birth tongue.

For a moment there a number of feelings flashed on Ahri’s face, finally replaced by disgust by what she is forced to do for those beasts. She slowly kept sliding her hands up and down the lengths of the men. One of the men began taking of his belt and coiling it… something Kai’sa couldn’t help but notice. Squealing, she pressed herself completely against Ahri’s back, rubbing her tits against the singer in the hope of appeasing the men. “Ahri, open your legs…” she begged.

“Yeah,” Mike laughed. “Finger fuck the whore.”

“I’m not…” Ahri started to protest but she was silenced as he slapped her again.

“You’re not what? A whore?” said a voice from the door. King had walked into the room and was leaning against the door, pleased. “She has a point. Whores can say no. She can’t. No, what you are is a singer… so why don’t you sing for us?”

Ahri looked up at him. “What?” she exclaimed. A single tear dripped won her face to cover her trembling lip.

“I’ve been listening to your single… it’s all over the radio. We have a real talented slut with us… and I think you should sing for us while you grip that pair of microphones. Of course, if you refuse, we can make you sing a different way…”

Two men raised their belts with grins.

Kai’sa was quick to interrupt. “Do it, Ahri. For the love of god, please… do it…” She slid her hand entirely between her friend’s legs and pushed two fingers into her cunt… and in her haste, she wasn’t gentle about it.

They slid in deep, giving her no time to adjust or prepare. Deep. Without giving her any time. “Owww,”, Ahri whimpered, feeling the intrusion all too keenly in her sore pussy.

Kai’sa tried to pull back, but one of the men behind her grabbed her arm, stopping her. “No, slut… just like that. Or we’ll hurt you, instead.”

The dancer sobbed. “Sorry Ahri…” Kai’sa whispered. Desperate to keep herself from behing hurt or fucked again, she immediately began to roughly slam her fingers into her cunt, fucking her tender pussy at a hard and fast pace that had her leader and mentor cringing in pain.

“You’re still not singing,” King observed. “You can be a singer, or you can be a piece of fuckmeat who is going to get all her holes stuffed with cock again if she doesn’t cooperate! Pick one…”

“Yeah, otherwise we can always fuck your ass again, if you prefer…” another man casually mentioned. That was something Ahri would do almost anything to avoid. She was still sore from the brutal rapes she had suffered during the day before, and she was certain she just couldn’t take another.

Sighing, hating herself for complying with their demands, Ahri took a deep breath and began to sing. Her voice was choked in places, and she couldn’t keep herself from sobbing and interrupting the flow, but she did her best.

“So keep your eyes on me now… Mueoseul bodeun johahal goya… Daheul su eomneun level… sniff… Nawa daegyeol weonhan neol hwanshinhae. We got it all in our hands now… So can you handle what we’re all about? We’re so…” she sobbed. “Tough, Not scared to show you up… Can you feel the rush now?”

In her distraction suffering and singing, Ahri hadn’t realized that she had lost her grip on the cocks for a moment. A split second later, Mike hit her so hard she saw stars swim before her eyes. “What did I tell you, you useless cunt? Don’t! Ever! Stop!” Again, he backhanded her brutally until Ahri, her face red, her eyes swimming with tears, grabbed the cocks again and resumed her clumsy attempts at jerking the men off.

“And don’t stop singing,” King reminded her.

Ahri’s singing voice was filled with gasps as Kai’sa sawed her fingers in and out of her raw cunt and her head swam from the pain of the slaps, but she continued. “Ain’t nobody bringing us down, down, down, down, down, down… They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown.” She swallowed her tears as Kai’sa pinched one of her nipples, which the men hadn’t directly told her to do, but that the dancer was clearly hoping would please them.

“You could go another round, round, round, round, round, round, round… Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down. We go hard… ‘Til we get it, get it, We go hard… We so in it, in it, We pop stars… Only winning, winning now.” Sob. “Ain’t nobody bringing us down, down, down, down…”

As she finished the verse, she yanked on the cock in her hand. Mike was obviously aroused enough to cum. Grunting, he yelled at her over her singing, “I’m cumming… I’m fucking cumming you slut… aim it at your face!” Ahri hesitated, hoping that he would just cum and be done with it, but he grabbed her wrist and forced her hand up, his cockhead right in front of her just like the microphone would be as it began to spray her cute features with his sperm. Thick drops landed on her nose, a long line splattering across her left cheek and another thick drop landing on her upper lip, sliding lazily over her pretty lips, leaving a strand of slimy cum between them as it made its way onto her chin to dangle from there disgustingly.

The second man, Ken she though, looked over at Mike, who was sighed in satisfaction, and shook his head in disgust. “How can you cum from this? This fucking bitch is boring me to death!” He grabbed Ahri’s chin, eliciting a surprised gasp from the young singer. “You are going to learn and quick! Stick out your fucking tongue!”

Disgusted, Ahri did as she was told, her glare still a mix of nausea and anger. She knew she had to obey, if she did not want another cock to slam into her ass again… but that didn’t mean she had to be happy about it. Parting her lips, Ahri shuddered as her tongue broke the strand of cum between them, tasting the sticky liquid. The blonde K-pop star stuck out her tongue for the men to see, shame creeping up onto her cheeks in a red blush.

“Now keep it out there and rub my cock over it. Don’t lick it, just rub the head over it,” he spat, slapping her cum-stained cheek lightly. Turning to Kai’sa, who shivered again at his gaze alone, he said “This whore doesn’t know anything… you tell her what to do. And shove a third finger into that useless excuse for a cunt.”

“Ugh…” Ahri gave a small moan as she felt third finger enter her pussy. Kai’sa’s hands were slender, but it did not matter much…inside of Ahri’s abused hole they felt as if they were made of fire. Each time the trembling dancer pushed them in, it made her flinch in pain. Still, Ahri had to concentrate hard enough to obey the commands she was given… and from the way King was glaring at her, he still expected her to sing. As much as she hated it, she was willing to trade away some of her pride and dignity if it meant postponing being raped again.

Guiding Ken’s cock with her delicate hands, she began rubbing it against her tongue, still sticking out as if she was licking an ice-cream cone. Even despite her efforts being classified as ‘pathetic’ by Ken, the pitiful situation of the popstar, combined with the sight of the reluctant but obedient and terrified Kai’sa forcefully pumping the girl’s pussy was enough to make the man’s cock glisten and ooze with precum… a fact which Ahri become all too soon as she felt its horrid taste while the cock was rubbed against her tongue.

And between licks, she choked out the words to her song… the single that had put her new band on the map that now tasted like poison on her tongue, worse than the rapist’s cock.

“So keep your eyes on me now… Mueoseul bodeun johahal… slurp… goya… gag… We’re so tough, Not scared to show you up… sob… Can you feel the rush now? Ain’t nobody bringing us…”

The sound of a whip crashing down ended the song… but it wasn’t on Ahri. Kai’sa screamed. “I thought I told you to tell the whore what to do,” Ken snarled at Kai’sa, who flinched at the attention. “Next time you make me repeat myself, you’re going find your bonds replaced with barbed wire.”

Kai’sa gulped, her eyes still fixed down. Her hand was still pumping, fingers with long nails digging into the soft flesh of the insides of Ahri’s pussy. “Ahri… you better put both your hands on him…” She started speaking, her voice quiet but with her mouth near Ahri’s ears, the korean girl girl could hear each humiliating word.

“Hold his balls in one of your hands,” Kai’sa said and seeing as Ahri hesitated she gave her slight encouragement by pushing her fingers harder into the girl’s pussy. If the girl didn’t do as she was told, the dancer had no doubt that they would punish her. She felt ashamed of hurting Ahri by choice… but she was desperate to avoid that fate herself.

“Ugh…” Ahri yelped as sharp pain erupted from her pussy, thankfully not seeming to notice that Kai’sa had done anything different. She did, however, do her best to comply, her one hand wrapping around Ken’s balls, wrinkling her nose at the feeling of them.

“Gently!” Kai’sa spat out, terrified she would squeeze too hard and get her beaten or killed. “Now keep massaging them… like… like you would do to Evel…” She cut off, swallowed her words. She knew the secret. “Like you would do to your own clit, when you play with yourself.” She swallowed nervously again. “You… have masturbated, right Ahri?”

None of the men raping Ahri and Kai’sa seemed to notice the near slip… but across the room King narrowed his eyes. What had that been about? He meant to find out.

Ahri’s face flushed crimson, but her hand began to caress Ken’s balls, rubbing in gentle, circular loops. “Ain’t nobody bringing us down, down, down…” With the tip of the cock rubbing against her lips and tongue, with each moment being pushed a bit further, Ahri realized all too well that her modesty meant nothing to these men, except for one more thing to use to humiliate her, break her… hurt her.

Ken groaned and nodded to Kai’sa. “That’s much better. You make a good mentor for others whores, chink slut.” He paused a second, then grinned and nodded to a man who brought the belt down on her back again, making her scream again. “I just gave you a compliment… what do you say?”

“Thank you!” she all but shouted. “Thank you thank you thank you. I exist to please you, thank you.” Kai’sa sobbed out the words, going over the top, anything to prevent another stroke… it hurt so badly on her sensitive skin.

Ahri shuddered, disgusted and horrified by how far the other girl had sunk. What had they done to her? It terrified her to think that she might end up like that… right now she was disgusted and terrified and angry and humiliated, but she wasn’t a frightened wreck the way Kai’sa already was… but what about after today? Tomorrow? After what they had already gone through, she was not sure she could take another day of this.

And besides… wasn’t she obeying already like the whore they said she was? Here she was, kneeling, naked, her face covered in sperm, her tongue out, rubbing some rapist’s cock over her tongue while kneading his balls with her other hand… a disgusting cock. Shame rose red on her cheeks, but she did not stop… Ahri wished she was brave enough to stop, but she wasn’t.

Kai’sa’s hand kept on pumping, her fingers sending jolt after jolt of burning pain through Ahri’s lower body. The broken dancer leaned forward again and spoke into her friend’s ear. “Squeeze his shaft harder than that… but not much more…”

Ahri did as she was told, slowly tightening her grip on Ken’s cock while rubbing the leaking head back and forth across her quivering tongue, her stomach wracked by waves of nausea at the awful taste of the engorged cock.

“She’s a quick learner,” Ken muttered, fully enjoying the sensation. He’d been part of grabbing and selling other women before… no one as famous or as hot as these sluts, but plenty of other sexy pieces of ass. Compared to some of the others girls once they were trained, this slut was still terribly clumsy, but the look of misery and pain on her face as she did something she abhorred to do while being tormented by another slave was more than making up for it. He felt himself close to cumming and knew it would not be much longer.

His gaze fell upon Kai’sa again, who was fully engrossed in her task of fingering Ahri’s cunt and groping at the other girl’s tits. “Make sure she keeps it all in her mouth!” He barked and, to Ahri’s relief, Kai’sa withdrew her fingers from her aching cunt. The slavegirl’s hand rose to close around her neck, which made the petite girl tense up in fear, but Kai’sa did not close her grip.

The disgusting taste flooded her mouse as the flow of precum increase, and then was abruptly replaced by a flood of seed that flowed over her tongue and into her mouth, Ken’s cock spurting torrent after torrent, painting her tongue and the inside of her mouth white. Ahri immediately gagged as the taste overwhelmed her, reflexively trying to spit the cum out. Before she could, however, Kai’sa’s other hand came up, clamping over her mouth while the slavegirl’s grip on her throat tightened. “They… want you to keep it in your mouth”, Kai’sa whispered to her, “Do you hear me Ahri? Don’t swallow… do you understand?”

Ahri, still suffering from retching and gagging, managed to nod, but Kai’sa did not release her grip. She did not want to take the risk. If Ahri swallowed or spit out the cum, they would both be punished.

King grinned to himself. This was well in hand. Time to check on some of the others whores. He turned and left the room, leaving Ken giving more instructions. “Now, sweet Ahri… why don’t you thank Kai’sa for all her hard work teaching you to be a good piece of fuckmeat… give her a kiss…

Kai’sa started to move around her, but as she did one of the men kicked her feet out from under her, forcing her to hands and knees while they pushed the gagging and heaving popstar to the same position. “Kiss her, slut,” someone ordered.

Ahri didn’t need to be told twice. If it offered at least some chance to get herself rid of the horrible taste filling her mouth, she was almost eager to do it. Slowly she opened her mouth and Kai’sa, afraid that further delay would anger the men even more, kissed her hard on the lips, pushing her tongue into Ahri’s mouth, taking and tasting the sperm held in the girl’s mouth.

She kept on kissing Ahri as the latter returned the kiss, ashamed of what she was doing but determined to get rid of the cum… and she had to admit, Ahri was a good kisser. It shouldn’t surprise her. Ahri’s eyes were closed tight as the girl tried to imagine that she was just kissing someone, that the men weren’t here, that her mouth wasn’t full of cum… The two girls kissed, oblivious to what was around them. Each time their mouse broke contact even a little, a line of cum drizzled from between their lips to paint their chins.

Behind then, a man had his cock out, kneeling behind Kai’sa. Without a warning to the beautiful dancer he grabbed Kai’sa’s hips and drove his cock into her cunt, pushing hard. Then he withdrew a bit and rammed the entire length of the meat in.

“Ugh… UGH!” those soft muffled moans were all the reaction Kai’sa gave, apart from the way her beautiful body shivered feeling the hated intrusion. She did not stop the kiss for one moment, even as the man found his rhythm and began fucking her cunt in earnest, already being so aroused that he wanted just the release, to fuck her as hard as he could and dump his load inside her fuckhole.

Meanwhile another man was behind Ahri, grabbing her hips and pulling to him, placing her in position. He also put his cock at the entrance of her pussy, taking few moment to rub it against her pussy lips. “Here it comes, whore!” he said as he pushed.

“Ah… Ugh… Ahhh…” Ahri moaned into Kai’sa’s mouth, feeling blazing pain erupt in her abused fuckhole as he pushed. Then she screamed. “Aieeee!” the blonde singer finally broke her kiss, screaming wild as the man managed to wrestle his entire cock into her extremely tight and sore pussy. As she shouted, spit and sperm landed on the dancer’s face but soon the man raping her grabbed a handful of Kai’sa’s hair and forced her mouth again towards Ahri.

“Nnnn… mpfff…” Ahri moaned as her slim body bucked and rocked to the rhythm of the man’s brutal thrusts, each push causing more and more pain spread from her abused pussy. Kai’sa did her best to silence the new girl, her tongue getting into Ahri’s mouth, her own lips silencing the petite girl even as she moaned at her own rape, just praying that they wouldn’t lose interest and start hitting her again…

Meanwhile, on the other side of the broken down building, a different sort of abuse was beginning as the other two popstars were dragged there together. The beautiful Evelynn fought fiercely for each step, kicking so furiously that she basically had to be carried… which just gave a good excuse for them to feel her up. Akali, perhaps inspired by the legendary Siren but more likely horrified and desperate to avoid her own fate, fought nearly as fiercely. Her gag had been taken out while Evelynn still wore her open ring, so she lashed out with her tongue, alternatively cursing and begging in Korean… which none of them understood.

As brave and furious as they were, none of them was a match to the lust of so many men. Soon they were tossed to the hard floor of an old parlor, Akali giving a soft wail of pain. Evelynn’s immediately tried to rise, trying to curse through her own gag… it burned, still stretching her jaw too wide. After hours and hours of wearing it, it felt as if her entire face of on fire and each attempt to scream made it even worse… but she was afraid that with what was in store for her, she won’t be able to contain her screams very long.

Six men circled the two women, watching as Akali tried to crawl towards Evelynn for what little mutual comfort the two of them could provide to one another. comfort the unruly girl. As arousing as this could be for them, this time they had something different in mind. Not allowing any such gesture of sympathy, one of the men grabbed Akali’s leg by her ankle and dragged her away from the singer, Akali’s big tits scraping the floor as she cried.

‘Missed me, whore?’ the men asked the rapper. Akali did, of course… she would remember Sam’s face until the day she died… the first man to brutally rape her dry asshole. and at that instant Akali recognized the voice of Sam, the accursed driver who brought them to this place. “Listen bitch… Honestly, we just were going to fuck you again… but you had to fight. Probably learned it from this older bitch,” he hissed as he kicked as Evelynn, making her let out a low groan. “And when you fought, well… you pissed us off. So now you’ll get fucked, she’ll get fucked, and you’re going to get punished for your insolence. So later, you can thank the whore for making your life all the harder.”

Evelynn tried to respond, to curse and yell at them, but with the gag still in place, all that came out was a weak howling, followed by another few drops of saliva that leaked over her stretched lips. Akali barely understood them, but it was enough to get the horrifying gist of it. [”Don’t do this,”] the young rapper protested, but she was quickly silenced by a backhanded slap to her face from Sam.

“Shut the fuck up, you cunt! No one speaks your shitty language.” the driver yelled at her, grabbing her hips and dragging her onto all fours.

Akali, knowing what was to come now, tried to struggle and escape, but just as she wanted to get up, Sam pressed her back down, and one of the other men used the opportunity to step onto Akali’s hands, crushing them flat to the ground and ripping another pained scream from the youngest of the popstars. “You’ll stay right where you are!” he hissed, applying more of his weight, sending flares of pain through her hands.

“Now, back to you,” one of the other men, a brute named Les, said while he made himself busy fondling Evelynn’s tits. He and two others grabbed the struggling singer by her shoulders and dragged her back into an upright position, each holding her wrist while another approached with a pair of manacles connected by a chain.

Without giving her much in the way of wiggle room or a chance to escape, they unbound her hands from behind her back and clamped the new manacles on her wrists, throwing the chain through a ring in the ceiling and forcing the diva to stand up on her toes, giving her no leverage or any way to cover herself. Even covered by lash marks, even at more than a decade Akali’s senior, her body was perfect, youthful, impossibly desirable… and now all of it was exposed to the men and their twisted desires.

“And now that punishment…” he continued, stepping behind her, his hand running over her round ass, using the other to free his cock while another men took out his belt and took up position in front of her, grinning as he saw the expression of hatred and utter fear in her eyes. Eve knew what was coming… and she had no way to prevent it.

“Aaaargh!“ Akali screamed, as the man in front of her put his entire weight onto her hands at the same second that Sam’s cock slammed right into her dry and tight pussy. “Haven’t… gotten… any less… tight…” Sam hissed into her ear. “Virgin… fucktoy…” Without mercy, he proceeded to fuck her cunt with hard strokes, throwing her entire body forward with his momentum each time he pushed into her.

Smiling cruelly he kept fucking the beautiful girl, watching her entire body rock with the rhythm of his thrusts. He was a big man,and he used his size and weight to his advantage… each time he pushed in, Akali’s body was painfully shoved forward by the power of it. “Silly… little… whore thought that… she could… fight?” he kept whispering in pleasure as he fucked the tight Korean slut. He might be one of the leaders of this crew, but he had had his doubts with King had proposed this idea… even with a contact on the inside, he couldn’t image how they would manage to kidnap these famous cunt. He was so glad he had gone around with it. He never would have been able to get pussy this good any other way.

Sam watched as the others surround Eve, who was still struggling even in her strict bondage… the chains rattling as she desperately tried to squirm away. It was a wonderful sight and Sam knew, it would only get better. The thought alone drove him to slam his cock into Akali even harder, making her scream so delightfully as she was raped. Her throat wonderfully unwilling, clenching and trying to force him out as she screamed around him. Her ass, being broken in for the first time, was impossibly tight… but there was something special about this bitch’s cunt. Maybe it was how she squirmed… she seemed to hate being fucked her the very most… she was dry, utterly unwilling, and her hole gripped his cock like a vise as he plowed her depths…

Seeking an escape from the horrid feeling of Sam’s cock being pushed into her pussy, Akali looked around for something, anything, to save her. From where she knelt on hands and knees, the only thing to focus on other than the pain in her pussy was what was happening to Evelynn.

The man behind the pink-haired singer nodded to the other thugs and, without further hesitation, they began to brutally whip Evelynn’s impressive tits with the belts. Immediately, the Deeva howled into the ring gag, twisting, trying to get away, but the man behind her held her fast, his hands gripping her asscheeks tightly as he spread them and proceeded to push his cock into her tiny, clenching asshole.

“Oh yeah… god what an ass! People will stand in line for a go at this fuckhole,” he said approvingly, sighing in pleasure with each inch he forced into the screaming, writhing girl, who cried bitter tears at the blazing pain that erupted within her rectum and her tits, the belts slapping home again and again without mercy. Each time the belts struck, she clenched her muscles, massaging the cock that was anally violating her without really wanting to. “That’s… the fucking… price… you pay for disobedience… you see that? All your fault!“

“Focus on yourself, slut,” Sam yelled at Akali, grabbing a fistful of her short hair to force her head back just so he could spit into her face, the force of his thrusts fueled not just by desire but by sheer viciousness as well.

Evelynn’s punishment continued unabatedly. The girl was constantly whipped, her tits already red from the smacks with the belts while the other man kept drilling into her asshole, enjoying her tight opening to the fullest, the slaps of flesh against flesh filling the room, together with her and Akali’s screams.

“Stubborn sluts like this… only learn by being hurt,” Les growled as he fucked Evelynn. “I think… she needs… more pain…” He pulled back until only the tip of his cock rested between Evelynn’s perfect asscheeks, then slammed his entire length back in, enjoying how she went rigid at this new wave of pain.

“Whores always do,” King agreed as he walked into the room, glad to see that these two were suffering plenty. He took his lit cigarette away from his lips, breathing smoke and grinning as he watched Evelynn get whipped. “So, I think I heard something interesting about you and the young, blonde prodigy… care to shine any light on that Evelynn?”

Evelynn just turned to glare at him, spitting as best she could through the gag. A second later she screamed again as her tits were lashed.

“Don’t think she can understand you boss,” one of the others standing around with his cock in his hand said. “These whores are too dumb to speak properly.”

“I think she understands more than she lets on,” King said with a smile, enjoying the magnificent sight of the two popstars getting raped. Waiting for the three men to pause for a second in whipping her tits, he grabbed her left tit and, grinning soullessly, pushed the lit end of the cigarette against her nipple. Hard.

“Ghhhh! Mpffff!” Evelynn’s scream was incredibly loud, even with her mouth and throat so sore, even with the gag forcing her jaws wide open. At the moment she didn’t even care that screaming made her mouth hurt even more, all she could feel was the terrible hot pain of the cigarette tip being pressed against her sensitive and already aching nipple.

“That’s great!” Les exclaimed as the popstar’s body jumped, straining against the bonds, basically impaling the poor girl further on the man’s cock, shoving her own ass deeper onto him.

“Yeah, what a sight…” King said with a grin, stepped back to watching Evelynn breathing heavily, even more tears flowing down her cute face. The tears made her seem much more soft than defiant… something the bitch would have probably hated if she had the presence of mind in her current state to even notice. “We’ll get the truth… if not out of you or Foxy over there, then I’m sure your dancer friend can be persuaded easily enough… some bitches just can’t handle pain.”

“Mpfff! Nnnn! Nnnn!” short muffled grunts escaped her mouth as her body rocked in the rhythm of the huge dick savaging her sore asshole.

“I think she needs more,” Les suggestion, and King was only too happy to comply. the man raping her and his friend was moving so slowly that Evelynn couldn’t help but follow his every move, he took out another cigarette, lit it, and puffed on it, all the while staring right into Evelynn’s eyes.

The beautiful singer was was unable to avert her eyes from the burning tip of the cigarette… already wide with terror, they could do nothing but watch as the man brought the cigarette closer and closer. “Nnnnn! Plssss! Nnnnn mrrrrr!” She shook her head frantically, her bravado slowly crumbling in face of more torment. Her terrified moves aroused the man behind her even further, as he grabbed her hips and began ramming his cock up her ass even faster.

However, he could have spared himself the effort. As the burning tip of the cigarette touched Evelynn’s other nipple, even if they had packed her mouth full of a rag it wouldn’t have been enough to contain her long and piercing wail of pain. “Nnnnnnnnn! Gdddd!” Evelynn wailed, screamed, sobbed… she choked on tears and on her own screams while the ringleader of her torment took his time grinding the cigarette into her tit. Slowly, painfully, he kept putting it out on her soft flesh and on her sensitive nipple, relishing in the almost inhumane sounds the poor girl was making.

That was all Les needed. Grabbing the girls other tit and squeezing her burned nipple, he began pushing in even further and harder, loving the feeling of her unwilling body bucking against the chains, trying to escape the burning torture, basically fucking him back. “Yes, you whore!” he yelled as he deposited a large dose of his cum straight to the girls ass. Stepping back he noticed some of the cum dripping down her thighs.

Despite the hateful feeling of being defiled and having another load of cum being forced into her, Evelynn gave a small sigh of relief as the cigarette was tossed away… but her relief was short lived. “She’s mine next,” King declared, and while there were a few groans from the men whipping her, no one complained much. Being the boss had its privileges. Sliding behind her, King grabbed onto her rear and began forcing his cock into her ass.

“Mmmm…” he moaned in pleasure as he forced his rock hard dick into her still extremely tight fuckhole. Evelynn screamed again, as he grabbed both of her tits, squeezing them hard.

“Plenty of the whore to go around,” one of the men who had been whipping her declared as he grabbed Evelynn’s leg and raised it up, rubbing her exposed cunt with cock, sandwiching the legendary singer teen between him and King.

Evelynn, her ass still impaled on the other cock, started to kick out in her desire to fight, her foot almost hitting the thug in front of her. Her motions, however, did little but please King… every movement she made caused his cock to shift inside her tight rear. The man trying to get into her from the front, however, was not amused. He responded to her struggles with a vicious backhanded.

He grabbed onto her chin, forcing her face towards him and spitting right onto it. “Listen to me, you dumb fuckslut! You’ve been trying to fight every since your ass got here and it’s got you nothing! You will get fucked everytime we want to and there is NOTHING you can do about it! But if you keep this up, I won’t have any problem whipping and burning you till dawn and then jerking off over your bruises! Do you understand?! Time to be a proper fuckslave!“ He snarled these words right into her face, his foul breath slamming into her… followed a second later by his cock, drawing a shriek from the bound singer.

Still fucked violently by Sam, Akali was forced to witness as the tension went out of Eve’s sexy body while the two men rutted away at her, spearing both her cunt and ass with their large cocks. The singer, a mentor to everyone in the band, had half-closed her eyes, and while still screaming bloody murder each time one of the men plunged deeply into her, her struggles had ceased. Whatever had fuelled her fighting spirit for so long… it was gone for now. In all honesty, it had been a miracle that it had lasted this long… fighting non-stop. Akali had enough heart to feel for the other girl, who had fought so hard for little little gain. She could do nothing but watch as the resistance was fucked out of the beautiful older popstar, even as she was raped herself. Sam watched too… but for him, there was no emotion save a savage delight in his heart while he rammed his cock into the young rapped time and again.

Fortunately, he did not last much longer. Akali cried out at the disgusting, degrading and heart-rending sensation of his vile seed splashing into her cunt. “Take it… take it, you dumb whore!” he grunted happily, while his balls churned with his seed. He slapped her ass as he came, pushing in a few more times before pulling out.

Akali slumped down, trembling and exhausted… but she did not get too much rest. The man who had raped Evelynn only moments ago was apparently turned on enough to make him want to go another route. Without any words, he stepped behind her and pushed his cock up her tight, sore asshole, grunting while she whimpered in pain.

The violent rapes went on for hours. Both victims soon lost all sense of time. Evelynn was whipped and poked with lit cigarettes a few more times, but more for fun than to enforce discipline. She barely resisted anymore, hanging limply in her chains, weeping in silent misery while she was fucked over and over in her lower holes. Akali had all three of her holes fucked, serving as a the gangbang slut of the two for this party until the men were satisfied.

When they finally let them return to the cells, they removed the ring gag that had held Evelynn’s mouth open, but the feisty Deeva, her face smeared with sperm and her eyes red from tears, spoke no word. Neither did Ahri, who had been taken back to the room a few hours before. Kai’sa wasn’t there… Evelynn felt sure it was because they were prying the secret out of her, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Instead she just crawled into Ahri’s lap, resting her head against the beautiful blonde as they tried to hold each other for what little comfort they could take in silence.

They fell into an exhausted sleep, waking only briefly when Kai’sa was pushed into the room hours later, covered in lashes. “Sorry,” she murmured as she withdrew into a corner, ashamed, hugging herself as she wept.

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