Pirate’s Life: Cast of Characters and Atlas of Locations

Pirate is a rather broad spanning epic, which includes a lot of people and places. Given that the story is updated periodically, I thought it might be helpful to have a quick reference for who people are as they move in and out of the story.

Faction: Raudur’s Pirate Fleet

Crew of Banshee’s Wail:

Raudur – Male – Captain

Celia – Female – Former Marine Garrison Commander of Constantos, Slave

Damara – Female – Former pirate captain, Slave

Rashet – Male – Raudur’s old friend, Witchman

Thomas – Male – Raudur’s friend, Bosun and Quartermaster. AKA “The Butcher.”

Baldeg – Male – Raudur’s friend and Helmsmen

“Broadsides” Bart – Male – Gunnary Officer

Elizabeth – Female – Former Witchwoman, Slave

Tera – Female – Former Witchwoman, Slave

Gospar – Male – Medical Officer

Caine – Male – Crewman of Windows Wail, sadist.

Krogg – Male – One of Caine’s cronies

Sims – Male – Simmons. One of Caine’s cronies, likes arguing, talks a lot

Kennem – Male – One of Raudur’s enforcers.

Faction: The Empire

Eliana – Female – Commodore commanding the flagship Implacable, escaped slave.

Alayne – Female – Young Marine who reminds Eliana of Celia

Stantis – Male – Eliana’s former classmate and friend, Officer in the Navy

Holt – Male – Imperial fleet admiral

Faction: Other Pirates and Underworld Contacts:

Annabelle – Female – Former gunnery officer of the Banshee’s Wail, escaped slave

Wogim – Male – Fence and Smuggler, has dealt with Raudur in the past

Keira – Female – Pirate Queen, one of the two de-facto rulers of the South Seas.
Captain of the Gorgon’s Gaze

Tevin One-Arm – Male – Pirate King, one of the two de-facto Rulers of the South Seas. Captain of the Kraken’s Call.


Constantos – Island raided by Damara, seeking not treasure but a small, golden amulet. Celia and Eliana were captured here.

Sabreport – Home port of the Pirate Queen Kiera. Was raided by the Navy and burned to the ground.

Felarin – District capital of the southern Empire, primary Navy port city and shipyard. Holt commands the fleets from here.

Itarian – Fledgling Imperial Colony raided by Raudur to begin his career as a slaver.

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