A Pirate’s Life Chapter 8 – Just Business

It had been six weeks since since Raudur had taken over command of Banshee’s Wail. These days he rarely heard screams from bellow decks… Use of the women had grown less energetic, if no less frequent, and while they were in port he didn’t want to draw any attention to his ship. Still, not all was well.

He relaxed back in his cable, enjoying the feeling of Damara lapping at his cock. She looked up at him with wide, terrified eyes as she caught him looking down at her, fearing she was about to be punished, and she threw more effort into enthusiastically stuffing his cock down her throat. The angle wasn’t great for that kind of sucking, but she was willing to work to overcome it. Now.

She had tried to bite at first, but he had beaten that particular habit out of her early on. It turned out that ripping out the backmost four of her teeth had been a sufficient warning, but just to make sure he had had her wearing an open mouth gag for two weeks… leaving her completely unable to control how he fucked her face, and stopping her from eating any solid while he did it. After that, Damara had learned that there were worse things than sucking a little cock.

But for as much as he enjoyed having his former captain at his beck and call, Raudur was worried. So far, the crew was happy… but they wouldn’t stay happy. These were poor pirating waters… the South Seas always had been. Most of the islands here were primitive with little trade like that enjoyed in the North and West seas, but they lacked the stunning natural resources of the islands to the West as well. There was little merchant traffic to rob.

But as bad as it had always been, it was worse now. The seas were crawling with Navy ships in the wake of the raid on Sabreport… twice they had stalked some sails on the horizon only to have to flee after discovering that they were no merchant ship but a frigate.

So far, the crew was too distracted by pussy to notice they weren’t making any money… but that couldn’t last. And then he would be in trouble for the same reasons that his mutiny against Damara had succeeded.

So, he had started smuggling. It was boring, hardly the kind of work that he lived for, but the work was in demand in the Southern Seas, and profitable… especially now with so many Navy ships patrolling the waters. It wasn’t risk free work, but it was profitable enough.

But boring.

Raudur reached down and grabbed the back of Damara’s head. She whimpered, but started sucking harder. She had learned that too… before he had ever considered taking the ring out of her mouth, he had responded to any lack of enthusiasm on her part by choking her on his cock. She had passed out gagging on his length more than once… and if there was one thing he knew about Damara it was that the bitch was a coward. Any doubts he might have had on that front died the moment he looked into her eyes when she woke up from gagging on his cock that first time, still alive. The look on her face told him that she would do anything he asked, anything at all, if he kept her alive.

Not that that helped her now. Raudur appreciated her slutting herself on his dick, but he was frustrated. He began masturbating with her face, gripping her and yanking her back and forth on his cock while she wretched. Even then she didn’t stop sucking, still working her tongue on his length like a good little traumatized fuckdoll. His crew had let them of the girls escape today… Annabelle was nowhere to be found. Some of his men were scouring the port, but he already knew they wouldn’t find her… the former deck officer was no fool, and they didn’t have more than a few hours before his cargo was loaded and he had to leave Rathre to meet his buyer… she was gone.

It might not be noble to take out his frustrations on Damara… but that was what she was good for, and it was exactly what he was going to do. “Mpfff!” she groaned as she gagged, his length cutting off her air almost completely. As he stared down at her, her eyes beginning to swell with tears, Raudur only grabbed her head in both hands and started fucking her mouth as if it was her cunt.

He made a point to facefuck her at least once a day, but she never got used to it. Raudur’s cock slammed down her throat as forcefully as he could, his hands gripping her head tightly enough that she couldn’t pull back far enough to catch a breath, no matter how hard she might try. Wihin seconds her throat, already so well used, became sore and Damara began crying, tears running down her cheeks as the lack of air began to fill her head with terror. She knew that she had to make him cum… it was the only way he was going to let her breathe normally again.

Raudur pounded her poor, sore throat for what seemed like hours but in reality were only seconds while she looked up at him… he liked that. He had beaten that into her in the first week, and she knew that it made him cum faster… let her breath sooner. She needed everything she could get. Already Damara was feeling dizzy, her throat filled by cock and gagging so hard she could not breathe a whisper. Black spots were dancing before her eyes and she hoped that maybe he would fuck her into unconsciousness again so she wouldn’t have to feel this anymore… but then she feared she might never wake up.

Only when her gagging began to slow and her eyes roll back did he relent, pulling his cock free of her clogged throat a second before she would have fainted. Gasping, a thick stands of precum and her own drool connecting that awful cock to her chin, Damara gasped in greedy mouthfuls of air, desperate to catch what breath she could before…

Raudur slapped her. “Worthless whore,” he spat. She gasped in pain, and the moment her lips parted he rammed his cock past them again, pushing it deep down her throat without pause, making her gag harder than ever before. “You deserve this, cunt… and you still haven’t learned to take my cock. Soon I’ll stop giving you a spare breath, and then you’ll be just one more dead little whore floating on the sea until a shark finds you.”

Raudur fucked her throat in a frenzy, his thrusts becoming even more brutal. Every inch sliding in and out of her throat hurt, long strands of drool hung down her chin and she was gargling desperately around his shaft… Already his brutal fucking had robbed her of most of the air she had managed to steal, and she suffocated on his brutal thrusting, trying to lick him, to stare at him, pleading for him cum with her eyes, begging for breath…

His frenzy reached a crescendo as he growled, shoving himself deep as he groaned loudly. The pleased sound was followed immediately by an eruption of cum that flooded her throat, her mouth and, when it spilled out between her lips, her face. More than she could keep up with. She coughed around his length, trying to keep it down. Raudur kept on raping her throat even as she coughed and gagged on his seed, trying to swallow it down before it drowned her. Only when his last shot was out did he stop, pulling out, several strands of cum bridging the distance between his cockhead and her trembling lips.

“What do you say?” He growled at the gasping, coughing girl, still looking up at him.

“…Thank you captain,” Damara whispered. The moment she had finished catching her breath, she began to lick at his softening length, knowing she would be punished if she couldn’t get him hard again… that he hadn’t told her to stop. No matter how bad her jaw and throat hurt, she had to keep going until he had some small shred of mercy on her…

Raudur sighed and leaned back in his chair. By sundown, his cargo should have arrived. He would leave the port tonight, down one of the crew’s slaves, and one of his trophies. At least he had Damara to keep him occupied.

Caine led the group of pirates through the streets. Even in the rough sea port like this, they stood out… larger men than most, with more scars and better weapons. They carried pistols too, which almost no one did. Everyone knew they were pirates. No one said anything. It wasn’t done. He and the others were unsettling company… people moved out of their way when they walked.

They had been hunting for Annabelle all day, and it had left them in a foul mood as th ey decended on the tavern. It wasn’t hard to notice that the inn was almost empty… not a lot of merchant ships in these water, and a lot of legitimate traffic was staying away in the wake of the pirates being chased around the South Sea after Sabreport. What merchants there were had largely left the town with the tiny island with the tide this morning, rather than waiting sundown like they were… Caine was not even sure what the name of this Empire-forsaken place was.

Most of the people in the tavern was clearly drunk, drinking in silence to drown their sorrows or their ill fortune… Caine counted five, and he doubted any of them was sober enough to stand straight without help. Most didn’t even raise their eyes when the trio of pirates came in. The bartender was an older man… no threat. Caine noticed all of this by habit, taking in how easy the place would be to rob… but there was likely to be very little of worth. Maybe ten gold worth. Another twenty if they managed to cart off all the alcohol. They could do it… but it didn’t seem worth the trouble.

Caine deposited tiny pile of coins on the counter as he walked past, the trio settled onto a table against one of the walls as the bartender began to pour. “Fucking slut,” one of his companions, a man named Krogg, grumbled.

“Had to run…” agreed Simmons, or Sim for short. “Had to be so fucking slippery. Just like the eel of a captain. She might have fallen, but she slipped through our fingers pretty good too, eh?”

“Three less holes for us,” Caine agreed, taking out a dagger and spinning is idly between the fingers of his right hand. The network of scars on his paid tribute for the price he’d payed to learn the art, and how proudly he displayed them showed how little he cared for that cost. “Elizabeth and Tera are going to be half dead by the end of the week at this rate,” he growled.

“Not to mention that Empire cunt,” Krogg said with a dark chuckle. “She’ll probably go first,” he wagered. “Empire women are soft. Even whores like Tera and Elizabeth were pirates first… They’ll last longer than the Marine will.”

“You’re out of your mind,” Sim said with a chuckle. “You must not have fucked her recently. She’s still tight as fuck, and the fire in her eyes… she’s going to outlive me, out of sheer spite.”

Krogg sneered. “You forget she was here for months before the other two? She has one hell of a headstart to Fiddler’s Green.”

“You forget she fought her way through half the crew?” Simmons countered. “I think the captain might actually be scared of the bitch.”

“Bet on it?” Krogg asked.

“Five gold if Tera goes before her,” Simmons agreed. “Ten if both of them do.”

“Easy money,” Krogg said with a laugh.

“What do you think, Caine?” Sims turned to the biggest of the three…

But Caine wasn’t paying attention. He had noticed the cute serving girl as she had come out of the back, picking up the three mugs of booze off the counter and beginning to talk them over, and he was ogling her. She was lovely… Fresh, young, petite with long brown hair… and god damn she seemed innocent. It made his cock hard to look at her.

As she dropped off the mugs, Caine reached out and grabbed at her ass through the thin dress she wore. It was good that he waited until she had put them down, because the girl jumped, yelping in surprise before running away. “Ah, but she’s adorable,” Sims said with a grin.

“Sight for sore cocks,” Krogg agreed. “How much you think she’d need for a roll in the hay?”

“Doubt you have enough,” Sims said, picking up his mug and drinking deeply before wincing at the taste. The were bits of things floating in the mug… probably barley that hadn’t been filtered properly, or so he prayed. “Just like mom used to make,” he said with a frown before drinking again. “But it goes to the head.”

Not looking away from the girl as she moved across the room, Caine raised his own glass and drank. Then he looked around the room. Five men, drunk. One bartender, old. Unarmed. Three of them. And the serving girl. He drank slowly as he considered, barely paying attention to the others as they bantered. He drank the foul alcohol until his glass was empty, and he banged it on the table, meeting the barkeep’s eyes and getting a nod.

Then he waited for the next mug.

The serving girl approached more reluctantly the second time, but not really warily. She wasn’t worried, just resigned. She moved to set the mug down as quickly as she could and walk away… and Caine grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward, until she all but fell into his lap. The serving girl shrieked, and the bartender and the patrons looked over. “Get off me!” she shouted. “Roger, help!”

Krogg and Sims weren’t expecting the move but backed his play immediately. Sims pulled the pistol off his belt, leveling it at the old bartender where he started to walk around the bar. “No, no, you stay right there,” he warned. “Krogg, bar the door,” he said.

While the third pirate rose to do that, Caine held the struggling girl in his lap, one hand holding her arms while she flailed and the other wrapped around her body, curling around to grab and maul at her tit through the fabric of the apron she wore, grinning to himself. “Quit fighting, cunt,” he growled. “Bitches should know when they’re beaten.”

“Let go of me!” she called. “Get off! Get off of me!”

“Have those manacles we planned on using on Annabelle?” Caine asked Sims while he kept the pistol trained on the bar.

Without taking the gun off the only sober man in the tavern, Sims reached down to his belt and unwound the pair of irons, dropping them loudly onto the table. “He’ll get off you, slut… after he gets off.” He grinned. “I’m a bit tired of sloppy pussy myself.” He eyed the patrons. Two of them had turned back to their drink, all but oblivious. The others were watching with drunken expressions of lust, but no one seemed inclined to try to be heroic. “In the corner, old man,” he gestured at the bartender, pointing with his pistol, making the gray-haired man walk away from them.

Krogg returned a second later, and working with Caine the two pirates easily twisted the serving girls arms behind her back even as she struggled, forcing them into the manacles. “Got you, bitch,” Krogg said triumphantly. “Now we’re going to have a little fun with you… good idea Caine!”

“Please… let go of me,” the serving girl begged.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” Caine asked, now groping her tits with both hands while she struggled in his lap. The bonds made her struggles hopeless even without her being pinned between the table and the big pirate, but her thrashing was grinding her ass against his crotch, and he had began to grow hard as a rock.

“Mera,” she said with a cry as he wrapped one hand around her neck. “Oh god don’t hurt me, please…”

“Struggle all you want, bitch… But you’re not going nowhere. You’re just loot now… and I’m going to enjoy showing you what we do to pretty girls.” The cuffs they had put on her arms had very little chain between them… they held her arms rigidly in place. Caine grinned and tossed her onto the top face down. She kept thrashing, so Krogg had to pin her down while Caine began stripping her, pulled off her boots and then the apron. She fought against this, but her movements only served to arouse Caine even more than he already was. Her legs were long and pale and beautiful as they kicked, and as he began cutting through her dress with a dagger he found her magnificent ass no less lovely.

Over in the corner, Sim was tying up the barkeep. None of the patrons in the bar seem like they were going to object at this point… it seemed like the ones sober enough to even understand what was going on were too fascinated by it to stop. Caine wondered how many of them had dreamed about taking the lovely Mera to bed before. The idea of her being tied down and shared between the entire bar almost inspired her to take her right then and there, but he wasn’t ready yet. Working with Krogg, he flipped Mera face up… he wanted to look the bitch in the eyes while he took her. “Hold her legs,” he commanded.

By then Sim was back, and the other men enjoyed the process of grabbing one of her legs each and spreading her wide while she heaved in a desperate and useless attempt to prevent what was being done to her. Caine grabbed the sliced ribbons of her dress from between her tits, grabbing it and yanking it off her, exposing her breasts to the eyes of the men. “A perfect a pair of tits,” Caine said with a smile. They had hypnotized him from across the room, and they didn’t disappoint at all… her breasts were large, rounded, and perfectly formed with jutting pink-tipped nipples. He clamped his hands over the soft, firm flesh and squeezed them brutally, enjoying the way she cried out as he did. “Stop it stop it stop it!” she begged. “AAAGH! STOP!”

Caine laughed. “That’s nothing… We’ll how much it hurts with me inside you.”

“Oh god,” Mera wept. “You can’t… you can’t!”

He unlaced his breeches revealing a swollen shaft that would have been the envy of almost any man and the horror of any woman. The way her eyes widened in terror at the sight was certainly exciting to him. Mera lay invitingly open, held firmly by his men to stop her struggling from amounting to anything, so he took a minute to slap his cock against the slit of her cunt, feeling the satisfying give of the tender flesh. And then, without warning, he took her hard.

“No no no no no nnnAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” she screamed as he split her open. Without any gentleness Caine thrust past her nether lips and inside of her. The serving girl was tight, just as tight as a girl looking as fresh as her should be… when combined with how unprepared she was for cock and his size, the pirate had to work hard to get himself into her. The cries of pain and terrified screams were excellent motivation, however, and pressed him onward, pumping at her, forcing himself into her one bit of at ime. “TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT, please god take it out, no, no, no, please…”

If she expected her pleading to inspire mercy, it had the opposite effect. Caine fucked her harder until he had hilted himself entirely in her, and then he began forcing himself all the way in and out with each thrust, relishing the way her tight hole squeezed him… putting as much violence into every movement as he could. Raping the pretty girl with steady, harsh strokes while his grip on her tits tightened further. “Take it you slut…” he growled. “Waving these fucking tits in my face, strutting around… Can’t believe it took this long for someone to give you the raping you deserve… the men of this island must all be eunuchs. Don’t worry though… where you’re going, there’s plenty of cock to go around.”

“Let me goooooo!” Mera wailed in pain, her voice peaking with each new thrust into her.

Caine hammered away at her, his pace growing more frantic until he finally came, causing new distraught wails from the girl. “Slut wasn’t even a virgin,” he mocked as he pulled out and let his seed drip out of her. “What’s the big fucking deal?” He slapped each of her tits, one after the other.

If Mera had any hopes that the men were done with her, they were quickly shattered. “My turn,” Krogg said with a grin.”

“The hell it is,” Sim said with a grin. “You locked a door. I had to take care of the bar. I’m next.”

“No, no, please… you’ve already raped me… let me go…” Mera sobbed.

“Shut up,” Caine said, annoyed. “You can both go. Turn the whore over.” The three pirates quickly did so, and Caine moved her so she was bent over the table, both her ass and her face sticking off the sides. “You can have her ass, Kross. And since you seem incapable of shutting up Sim, you can shut the bitch up instead.”

“Fine by me,” Simmons said with a grin.

“No no, please, no, ple-Uuurk!” Mera’s attempts to bargain ended abruptly when Sim took advantage of her open mouth, crammed his cock past her lips. She gagged and spat and tried to pull back, but Krogg pressed against her ass from behind, leaving her body with nowhere to go, nothing to do but gag on his dick. Then she started screaming around his length as Krogg began to force his way into her.

Mera’s tight sphincter was never intended to receive anything as large as the pirate’s shaft, and Caine watched with a grin as it stretched around his length, and her screaming grew louder with every passing second, even muted by her gagging and wretching on the other pirate’s cock.

While those two were finishing with Mera, he walked over to the bound bartender, who looked terrified. He smiled down at the older man, and dropped a single gold coin onto his lap. “For the mess,” he said, grinning. “Buy yourself a new barmaid.” When the roars from Krogg and the grunts from Sim told him that the two had finished with the pretty wench, he turned his gaze to the drunk patrons, the three that weren’t all but passed out drunk. “So. Any of you want a turn? Five silver each.”

They all did.

Raudur watched as his grew unloaded the barrels of whiskey out onto the beach from boats, smiling despite himself. His boys had showed some initiative… they hadn’t found Annabelle, but they hadn’t returned empty handed either. Listening to the new whore scream below decks… and seeing the increase in moral that came with it… had done wonders for his own mood.

He waited as the buyer appeared on the beach, escorted by five of his own thugs. That didn’t worry Raudur… he had twice as many, and the risk of a doublecross was small in his estimation. Wogim couldn’t afford a reputation for not paying his smugglers any more than Raudur could afford a reputation for those he sold to ending up dead… there just wasn’t enough business to go around in the South Seas to overlook things like that. Still, the number of men was more than he had expected… last time he had only brought two.

“Twenty barrels, as promised?” Wogim said as soon as he was within easy speaking distance to Raudur, approaching with a grin.

“All twenty,” Raudur agreed. “Clean bills of sale included. Customs would need to trace the deed all the way back to the cooper to figure out its not valid and you never paid your taxes on them.”

“The way the Empire’s squeezing us, its like they’re trying to wring the alcohol right out of our blood,” Wogim groused as he pulled out a coin pouch. He tossed to Raudur, letting the pirate bounce it in his hand, testing the weight. Half the gold he would have payed to customs and the empire’s vice tax.

“I’m sure they’d like to,” Raudur agreed. “Too bad for them. More business for me. See you next week.”

“Wait,” Wogim said. “Before you go…”

Raudur tensed, and he mentally began taking stock of the man’s guards… what they were doing, what weapons they had. Who would die easy, who had to go down hard.

“I received a bird from the brewer to let me know the cargo was on the way… but he told me my spirits weren’t the only thing you took from Rathre. Some of your men got a little excited, I think… stole a serving girl.”

Raudur shrugged carefully. “What’s it to you? We docked under a false name, false flag with normal canvas. Nothing links back to you.”

Wogim laughed. “You misunderstand me,” he said, chuckling. “I’m not concerned. I’m curious if she’s half as hot as he says… if she is, I want to buy her.”

That set Raudur back. “Really…” he mumbled thinking. “Oh, unless he said he her tits were made of gold I doubt he set your expectations too high. She’s gorgeous.”

Wogin brought out a second pouch, as heavy as the first. “I’ll pay the same for her. My boys here are a bit eager.” The thugs behind him laughed, and Raudur understood now why there we so many. He thought for just a second before holding out his hand for the second pouch.

“Kennem,” he called, and one of the men rolling the barrels into place on the beach looked up. The pirate wasn’t one of the ones Raudur had originally recruited, but he considered the man reliable. He had certainly shown much greater enthusiasm following Raudur’s orders than he ever had Damara’s. “Take two men and row one of the boats back to the ship,” he instructed him, tossing him both bags of coin. He wasn’t concerned about the gold… pirates didn’t steal from this own crew, if they knew what was good for them. “Talk to the Butcher. Thomas will get that new whore Mera for me and bring her here.” He grinning. “Maybe dip her in the sea a few times on the way back… clean her off. I’m sure her new owners would appreciate that.”

He paused for a second. “And get Baldeg to show you where I keep my charts. Bring those back with you, too.” Raudur had some thinking to do… but this sounded like a lot more fun than smuggling.

Itarian was the perfect island to hit.

Raudur had poured over his charts, considering, thinking. He couldn’t risk hitting too big of an island… for one, they might be too well defended to take quickly, and the Navy was still all over the place. He needed to do this quickly. Itarian wasn’t so much a city as it was a village… a small island that might one day become a colony, but for now probably had less than a hundred people living on it. He nearly had more on his ship… and that was the point.

There village had probably nothing more than than a single marshall to defend it and keep the law, because there was no reason for a pirate to prey on the village. They probably had less real wealth there than he could find on a random, uninhabited island. But he wasn’t there for loot, no gold or jewels. He was after their women.

“The rules are simple,” he said to his crew of raiders. 60 of them had come ashore during the night. Banshee’s Wail was anchored on the far side of the island… At sunset, Baldeg would bring her into the cove that sheltered this community for them to transport their spoils on board. “If you would pay hard stolen gold to fuck it, we take it with us,” Raudur stated. “No one too young… we’re not looking to raise the slut until they can make money. No one too old that they won’t sell. And no men… No one except Raban over there is likely to want to fuck them.”

The group chuckled darkly. “We don’t kill anyone we don’t need to… no sense giving the Navy more incentive to track us down once they figure it out, but no one risk your life for it. Kill anyone who gets in the way of getting the sluts and getting back onto the ship safe.” The crew was nodding in agreement. “Check if they’re a virgin first,” he warned. “Virgins sell for more. If they’re a virgin, they stay a virgin… get it?”

A few men complained, but no one loudly. They all generally agreed. Raudur decided to cheer them up. “By all means, break their other holes in though,” he said, and they laughed again. He grinned at them. “Lets go get paid boys,” he said. Then he drew his sword and began moving through the final few yards of jungle and out into the village.

For Raudur, it was business before play… while his men began rampaging their way through the little town and the screams started, he made his way to where he had scouted the Empire Lawkeeper. He needn’t have bothered. The man was passed out drunk, no threat to anyone. Snickering, Raudur took his weapons and locked the man in one of his own cells… no doubt some of the men of the town would have words with him later. “Enjoy the show, friend,” he said with a grin. “I know that I will.”

Barely minutes had passed, but when he began walking about through the town, it was like stepping into a war. A few homes were already starting to burn, and half-dressed women were running through the street, fleeing from pirates chasing them. Already some men lay on the ground, bleeding from swords or gunshots, and the air smelled of cordite and powder.

A pretty blonde girl tried running past him, fleeing from a trio of pirates. Raudur grabbed onto her arm as he pass, tossing her to the ground in front of them. The crew members caught up quickly, grabbing onto her. “Thanks captain,” one said.

“Don’t mention it,” Raudur said with a grin as he walked on.

“No, please don’t…” the girl begged. “What do you want?” Raudur scoffed as he walked past. It was quite clear what they wanted… her innocence and youthful body. She was less than twenty, desirable, slender, and with full, blonde hair… She wore simple clothes: a white blouse, grey skirt and flats. Absolutely no makeup, of course… no one in this backwater would be wearing a painted face, but the beauty of youth required none. Besides, her lips were naturally as red and full as any whore’s lips. She would bring them plenty of money after she was sold into slavery. Not that, at the moment, his men cared about that. They just wanted to rip into it.

“Remember… if she’s a virgin she stays that way,” he warned.

One of the men was already working at his pants. “We know, boss. I want that mouth on my cock,” he said, looking around at the others. “It’s absolutely fuckable.”

The girl was terrified, her eyes flicking between the group of them, but they were bigger than her, stronger, with swords and guns… She gasped as the man’s penis came out. She had no idea that such a thing existed, or that all men came with them. He laughed coldly as he approached her. “Come on, cunt,” he said. “You know what to do.”

She shook her head. No, she had no idea what to do. She had never so much as considered doing anything like this before… her parents had chosen to come out to a new colony to raise a child to get her away from what they thought of as the depravity of the large Imperial cities… but the pirate didn’t care about that. He was pushing her down and she smelled the rank odor of his cock. She struggled, but he took her hair and forced her face down toward it.

“Suck it, bitch,” he said. She gagged at the thought, but he kept pulling her head down, pushing the nasty, greasy thing against her lips. “Suck it, cunt,” he ordered again. He reached down and slapped her across the face, a stinging slap that brought tears to her eyes. “Suck it,” he repeated.

Rauder had already moved on. He heard screams throughout the town, other girls throughout the small settlement. Everywhere he looked, there were men dying or women being raped. Around one corner, another girl, a red haired pretty thing, had a cock lodged as deep down her throat as the blonde behind him did while she gagged and fought. She pounded her fists on his thighs, trying to resist, but the pirate was having none of it as he pushed her against the wood of the home and raped her mouth. In the middle of the street, an even younger girl with pitch black hair was being held down in the street while sailors pawed at her, pulling at her proper skirt, ripping her panties off, pushing into both her pussy and her ass.

“The little cunt’s virgin,” one of the men laughed. “Shame we can’t show her what she’s been missing… but we’ll give her a taste elsewhere.” The pirate spat in his hand and spread it on her ass… and then she was screaming in pain like she had never known pain before. She screamed like she was being murdered as her ass was raped for the first time, face down in the street of the town she had been raised in. Raudur could image what her tight ass must feel like around his cock, and how horrible it must be for the sexy bitch as her inside were torn up by the eager, fat cock forced into it.

Further down the street, there was a raised platform… probably for town addresses. A girl was being held down on top of it, raped from both ends… her mouth and cunt both filled with cock. Raudur hoped she hadn’t been a virgin, but the way she was screaming around the dick in her mouth made her pain clear as she was helpless to stop them from preying on her. The man in her mouth grunted and suddenly she was squeeling and gagging as her mouth was filled up. It looked to him like she nearly vomited, and he pirates surrounding her were laughing at her fear and disgust and the pain they were inflicting on her.

All around him, it was happening. Girls being dragged out into the streets and onto porches, assault in doorways or in their bedrooms, screams echoing out of buildings he passed. Free cunt for the taking, and violence was the order of the day. Many of the women he saw getting fucked were young… clearly many of the colonists had chosen to come to Itarian to raise a family of their own, because there was no lack of young, fuckable daughters here. It wasn’t all them, though. The violence extended to their parents as well.

Raudur hear the sounds of fighting from inside a home, and saw a girl screaming out one of the windows, bent over it. He decided to stop in and see what was happening. The body of an older man, probably the father, lay in the entryway, stabbed repeatedly. A pretty woman, perhaps in her late thirties or early fourties was backed into a corner of the room. Petite and brunette, she was very pretty… nicely curving hips, short but well formed legs beneath her prim and proper clothing and exceptional breasts that she was trying to hide from sight with her hands. On the other side of the room, a girl who looked almost exactly like her was already being fucked, half out a window… clearly the woman’s daughter.

“Please, no. Please, leave my daughter alone!” she begged softly, her eyes welling up with tears.

“Oh, I’m going to leave your daughter alone,” the pirate cornering her said. “I’m much more interested in you.” He adjusted his hard cock in his pants. “Pull off the clothing bitch.”

She shook her head, her eyes wide and uncomprehending. Ten minutes ago, her life had been normal, wonderful. How could this be happening? What… what had… It couldnt’t… but she had seen it. Women being raped in the streets with horrible nonchalance. Then she tried to run for her daughter.

The men in the house laughed, and the mother screamed as the one cornering her grabbed her hair, jerking her head back. Then he and two others were on her, ripping at her clothes, tearing open her dress, feeling her, groping her. One ripped at her panties and she felt his fingers penetrating her. She cried out in disgust and horror, but that just seemed to spur him on. His fingers forced their way into her tight pussy and, when they could go no further, he shoved hard, tearing at her tender flesh. She screamed in pain as the soldier forced all his fingers inside of her, forming a fist that it seemed would rip her open. Then he was jamming that fist into her vagina, tearing the skin. The pain was immense and she barely noticed as the other men exposed her large breasts.

While she was fisted, another of the pirates laughed, pressing himself against her from behind. Raudur could see her ass cheeks roughly forced apart… and then she was screaming anew as her ass was violated, ripped brutally open as the pirate leaned his entire weight onto his cock. It ripped into her, her ass all the tighter for the fist still filling her cunt, and she wept.

All throughout the town, the women suffered this fate. Raudur didn’t join in… he could have his pick of the lot later, after he knew which girls they had taken and who was the most appealing to him… and besides, he had already emptied his balls in Damara. Right now, it was more important to make sure the men didn’t get carried away and burn the entire town to the ground, or damage any of the goods too severely to sell.

The orgy of rape lasted all day until the sun began to set, and the crimson sails of Banshee’s Wail appeared in the cove, along with the dark forms of boats rowing to shore. The men of the town that still lived, the children, the elderly… he locked them all in the church as his men began to manacle all the women they were taking with them, forcing them onto the boats in twos and threes, ferrying them back to the ship where they would be in for a rough few days entertaining his men before he got them to a market. Raudur smiled to himself as he saw them loaded… all in all, twenty three captives that men would pay good gold to fuck for themselves. If the price he had gotten for Mera was at all indicative, he would make more from this one raid that he had in the last 6 weeks put together.

His jaw hurt from smiling. It was a good day.

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    1. I am thrilled you are enjoying. This story is being actively written… it is on a VERY brief hold while I knock out a commission and finished Finding Avalon’s final chapter, but within 2 or 3 weeks you will see sails on the horizon once more 🙂


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