Finding Avalon – Interlude – Mordred

There was nothing quite like getting a blowjob from a woman who hated you.

Mordred leaned back, relaxing into his comfortable chair as Yuki wrapped her lips around his length, bobbing her head up and down on him. Yuki hated him, he knew that – hated him with every fiber of her being. He could feel that hatred radiating off of her like body heat – but none of that stopped her from sucking on his cock like a cheap whore when he ordered her to suck.

That was the best part. If she didn’t hate it so much, then she would be boring… and she would have been dead centuries ago. Only her hatred, the fact that she still wanted to resist while being unable to do so, kept her alive.

The nogitsune pushed herself down on his lap, the head of his cock lodged deep in her throat… but even though she couldn’t breathe, she still worked her tongue along his length, working her lips on him, sliding her mouth back and forth while she sucked on him. She was beyond a master at this, not that he would ever give the whore even the very least of credit. She didn’t gag any longer…. Any gag reflex the nogitsune once had disappeared hundreds of years ago after he had started teaching her how he liked his cock sucked. And while she hated it with every bit of her personality he hadn’t raped out of her, his furry little fleshlight would never so much as consider resisting, not anymore.

Her life would be forfeit if she did. She knew that.

When she pulled back slightly, he caught a look of rage in her eyes, an icy hatred. Seeing her look at him like that, it made his lip curl up… peeling up to reveal one of his fangs. He slapped her across the face and her cheekbone broke beneath the force of the openhanded slap. Yuki gasped, squirming to the side… but she didn’t scream, and she never let her teeth so much as brush his rod. “Wipe that look off your face, whore,” Mordred scowled down at her.

She closed her eyes, but he knew that that was all she did… she was still glaring up at him behind them. Instead, she pushed her mouth down on his shaft a little further. The club owner reached down, grabbed one of the ears poking through her hair in his fist and wrenched her face backward, her eyes opening again in pain. Smiling, he spat onto her face, right into one of her beautiful blue eyes, watching while the broken bit of her skull shifted and popped back into place as it healed. As soon as it finished, he punched her and broke it again. “It never ceases to amaze me,” he said, voice smooth and hateful, “how after all these years you can still forget your place, even for a second.”

Already, she was healing again. It was just one of the things that made her a valuable cum-latrine… with most girls, the vampire had to hold back to avoid killing them by accident. With the nogitsune cunt, he only needed to be careful not to knock out of her teeth. Mordred sneered down at her as he listened to sound her bones made beneath her skin as they shifted. “You need a reminder, I see…” Before she could speak, he slammed the nogitsune’s face back down into his lap, impaling himself all the way down her throat, her nose pressed hard into his crotch. He knew she couldn’t breathe at all, and she still didn’t so much as twitch in resistance, even as her body shook with the restraint. One bit of true rebellion, and he could crush the life right out of her in an instant and she knew it… she knew she was utterly helpless against him, and hated him for that. Instead of showing her any mercy for her obedience, however, Mordred reached down and grabbed onto Yuki’s slender neck with her bulging throat, rubbing his cock through the pale skin of her neck.

Mordred had had a lot of practice with this. He took her until the very last second, right before she would have passed out before he yanked her back, letting his cock pop free of her throat so she could gasp in a breath of air around his throbbing shaft. He didn’t give her enough time to catch her breath entirely before he fucked his way back in – what kind of fun would that be? Instead, he let her draw a single ragged breath before he plugged her throat again, reveling in the tightness of her clenching throat and the way her tongue worked along his length, trying to please him even as he choked the life out of her with his dick.

Yuki was one of the most beautiful girls here, and certainly the most unique creature he had enslaved – a night with her cost a man nearly as much as this club would cost to buy without the girls, and several people… powerful people… had tried to buy the whore from him over the centuries. He could have traded her away for a mortal fortune, or favors from some of the most powerful being on the planet. Instead, Mordred treated her like a piece of trash… a cheap whore to do with as he pleased. Selling her would mean acknowledging that she was anything more than a disgusting, worthless fleshlight… one day, the cunt was going to die knowing that that was all she was. Her cruel owner happily yanked her back and forth by a grip on both her ears, slapping her face into his lap as he made her swallow his length. To most of the club, she was the face of the organization, the woman that would get you whatever you desired. To an annoying number of his customers, she was a chase slave, someone to pursue and want to possess. To Mordred, she was a cheap receptacle for any fluid he decided to pump into her and it was all she was ever going to be.

Moving one of his hands back to her throat, he squeezed, making her throat an even tighter, even better fuck for him as he ground her mouth up and down on his cock. Her tongue hung out of her mouth now, licking over his balls with each thrust down into his lap, but if she hoped going the extra mile would get her any mercy, she was horribly, miserably wrong. He less fucked her than he did jack off with her face, using her as hard as he could, pounding down her throat like she was a lifeless toy.

He glared down at her face, covered in spit and precum, and there was no defiance in her blue eyes right now… the struggle for air could rob even his stubborn bitch of her strength. He spat right into those eyes again, one at a time, and thought he might have gotten a rare tear from her. Then he leaned back and released a surge of bitter cum into her face. Shot after shot of it slammed its way down her throat, giving her no option of whether to swallow or not, force feeding it right into her, flushing his goo straight down into the broken nogitsune bitch without her being able to do a damn thing to stop him.

His body shuddered with pleasure. When he finally pulled out, he wiped his soaked and messy cock in Yuki’s sable hair. “Look at me, whore…” he commanded, and Yuki blinked her eyes clear of his spit, gazing up at him. Beautiful blue eyes. Hopeless eyes, filled with impotent hatred and not a speck of defiance. Perfect, sexy eyes.

Then he kicked her right between her spread legs. She coughed the filth all over herself, but didn’t cry out – she never did. Immediately she opened up again and looked up at him. “Say thank you, you dumb whore.”

“Thank you, Master,” she whispered… not out of shame probably, but because he’d bruised her vocal cords with the rough fucking. Her fault. If the bitch would remember her place, he wouldn’t have to do that to her. She stood, but he didn’t… he kept looking at her expectantly. Slowly, she extended her right arm towards him, palm up.

Mordred grabbed it with both hands, pulling her closer to him… and then bit her wrist. The fox’s sweet blood poured into his mouth, and he drank it down greedily… so hot, so sweet. He had never tasted anything like it before he had met her, and the fact that she hated this so much just made it better for him – it was like raping her for the first time all over again, each and every time. But she didn’t resist. Couldn’t resist.

He licked his tongue over the bite wound, licking up the last of the blood, seeing the fresh, pale skin beneath the blood. He could feel the trickles escaping from the corners of his mouth, and he started to lick them up as well… when he heard a great splash, and then roaring laughter and applause.

Mordred stood, looking down at the pool… and froze. It was impossible…

He shook his head. No, it wasn’t Briaca. It couldn’t be. That was one of his selkies, the new one if he wasn’t mistaken – but in person, she looked stunningly like Briaca. Just seeing her face took him back…

He had been with the XIV Roman Legion in Iceni the first time he had seen her. He had just been supposed to assist Paulinus in seizing the lands of the fallen king Prasutagus… but when he had first laid eyes on Briaca, that had changed. He hadn’t been able to get the beauty out of his mind. Like most soldiers of the Legion, he hadn’t joined for the pay, but for the chance at loot, plunder, fortune and land… and the plunder he most wanted in that second was Briaca.

And so he had taken her. As he stole the kingdom that her father had willed to her and her sister, he had raped her beneath a large, ancient yew tree on that hill. Like a man possessed, he hadn’t stopped, hadn’t been able to stop… He had raped her for three days and three nights until the beautiful redhead was entirely used up and more than half dead. Then he had tied her to that yew and crucified her.

That night, he had slept as she had died… and that was when he had learned that the Paganus beliefs of those primitive people were nowhere near as superstitious as he had assumed.

In his dreams, three women with the same face had stood over him in judgment, their hair as dark as the night as they weighed his existence… and found him wanting. They had cursed him that night, beneath that sacred tree, and he could do nothing to stop them.

He woke when the first rays of sunlight burned his skin, screaming in pain as the light touched his skin. He curled up inside that yew, the sun shining random rays through the great tree’s needles intermittent torture… but he had survived until the night fell again, and his torment ended. And he had ripped the young Briaca’s body apart to feast on her blood.

A goddess, a woman, had cursed him, turned him into the world’s first vampire. Ever since then, he had done his best to be a plague on women, any woman he could reach – but ever since that first night, until now, he had never been able to get one specific woman out of his head. Briaca… the woman who had gotten him cursed. The woman he had wanted most of all.

He looked up, more than 700,000 nights later, to find Yuki looking at him strangely, eyes flicking between him and the girl in the pool, pulling herself to the edge, water clinging to the selkie’s naked form as she tried to pull herself out of the pool. “What are you looking at, whore…” he growled, kicking her hard enough to send her flying until she rolled to a stop against the railing in a tangle of limbs and tails. “Bring that new cunt to me. Now.”


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